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A local lady took her passion for helping others and turned it into a business that's making people feel empowered in their own homes.


Balancing it all isn’t easy. Between home life, work, and everything in between, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s where Deborah Ginn can help.

With a passion for lending a hand to others, Ginn launched Nowhere But Up, a professional organizing company, in 2003. “We specialize in home organization and hoarding situations,” she explains. “We assist individuals and families who struggle with clutter, time management, schedules, and routines. We teach and transfer skills that can be used for a lifetime.”

Ginn says that many who struggle with organization in their home have often dealt with other issues such as trauma or loss, were never taught the skills as a young child, or live with some type of disability or mental health illness – so for her, her inspiration is people.

Deborah Ginn, Owner of Nowhere But Up Organization.

Ginn became a board-certified professional organizer in 2008. “I started by using the knowledge gained while running a relocation business for over 15 years, along with raising my family as a single parent,” she says. “I know all too well what frustration and stress can bring while running a household. Managing a home is a full-time job in itself, add a full-time job outside the home, inflated schedule, and lack of routine and you’ll soon find yourself dealing with the feeling of defeat.”

Organization services at Nowhere But Up are well-rounded. They include hoarding consulting and cleanouts as well as decluttering and home/business organization like downsizing, relocation preparation, unpacking, space management, time management, office filing and paper organizing, taskmaster, clutter management sessions, and serving as an accountability partner.

Ginn’s insights into home organization helps the company stand out, and what she uses as her tools. “My main focus is my client, not just working with clutter,” she says. Ginn offers non-judgment and is supportive of everyone she works with. She aims to encourage and build up those who feel lost and wants to teach people how to process and organize in a way that works for them. “I know first-hand, from a personal level that common methods do not work for most. I throw out the ‘rule book’ and help clients find something that actually works for them.”

Ultimately, Ginn wants to make clients feel empowered in their own homes.

Ginn will be staying busy for the time being. She says she’s recently taken on work involving large-scale hoarding cases. “This is new and I’m still learning new ways to help families and individuals who live with a hoarding disorder,” she says. “I help families establish aftercare plans involving needed services for a family member. These cases help keep me grounded and humble. Some say I’m crazy for doing it. I say, I do it because I feel led and have compassion for those who struggle. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of trust on the client’s part.”

To learn more about Nowhere But Up, visit their website or send Ginn an email.

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