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Platform 53

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A recently-opened Covington based co-working venue is celebrating the solo entrepreneur with the launch of a new Solopreneur Program. Read on for more.


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Platform 53 is a co-working environment located in Mainstrasse Village in Covington that provides not only a meeting and work space, but a platform for entrepreneurs to share ideas, connect with others, get inspired, learn, and support each other.

Co-working, as Platform 53 Founder Stacy Kessler defines it, is more than just a desk, it’s about about community and choosing to invest in your happiness, productivity, and business success.

As working from home becomes an increasingly popular trend, Kessler says many don’t realize the slump it’s possible to sink into when you spend endless days without leaving the house.

“Working from home as an entrepreneur, you’re not exposed to other people who can inspire, encourage, and support you on a regular basis,” explains Kessler.

That’s where Platform 53 comes in.

From reservable meeting rooms to coaching and consulting, Platform 53 strives to create an environment that enables independent professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mobile workers to do their best work.

Platform 53 has been open for more than three years helping to reduce isolation for people working from home. During that time Kessler has realized that the solo entrepreneurs a.k.a “solopreneurs” is a group that she wants to better serve.

Kessler describes solopreneurs as the solo service professionals who are making a living off of their own expertise and passion.

“This solo approach to work creates awesome opportunities and flexibility, but also has its challenges, something I know all-too-well as a solopreneur myself,” says Kessler. “Platform 53 wants to make it easier to connect with other solopreneurs and find ways to combat the pitfalls of working independently.”

This January, Platform 53 is running a one-month beta of their new Solopreneur Program.

During the beta, Platform 53 will be testing out new monthly plans that include not just co-working and meeting rooms, but also coaching and consulting from Kessler herself, workshops, community activities, and various other resources and forms of support.

Kessler says her goal is to make Platform 53 the go-to hub in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region for solopreneurs by helping them to run and grow their businesses, connect with like-minded professionals, and make a positive impact in the world.

Platform 53 is encouraging work-at-home professionals to invest in themselves and not continue to let working at home hold them back.

“Our members have told us they feel like they take themselves and their businesses more seriously,” says Kessler. “They start to see business growth. They start collaborating. They start to launch new ideas. They stop feeling stuck and start feeling momentum. They gain confidence and start charging more. All because they made one simple change and decided to co-work.”

Platform 53 is located at 503 W 6th St, Covington, KY 41011. To learn more about Platform 53 and its Solopreneur Program beta, visit and To contact Platform 53, email