Rebel Pilgrim Creative Agency 

Rebel Pilgrim Creative Agency 

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See how a local creative agency turns stories into success stories for businesses large and small.

Rebel Pilgrim Creative Agency uses creative storytelling to tell the stories of other businesses.

At Rebel Pilgrim Creative Agency, it’s all about telling a good story. This locally-based creative agency helps businesses large and small shape a narrative — for their customers and employees — about what makes the company special.

The mission of Rebel Pilgrim is simple, according to Content Developer Laura Buffington, “Rebel Pilgrim is a creative agency committed to helping organizations and companies tell their story. Our primary is video production, but we also offer consulting and training for storytelling and creating story-driven work cultures.”

Buffington says Rebel Pilgrim believes that helping others is not a one-size-fits-all formula, and stories are the best way to get a product or an idea from one place to another. 

We offer Story Dives for companies who are trying to zero in on the story they’re telling and how it shapes their branding,” Buffington explains. “We also create story-driven events for companies that want to get better at talking to each other and to their customers. We lead people through company-wide events that educate, entertain and inspire people. Employees become better engaged in the mission and vision of a company and they gain tools to work better together.

Buffington says video content production is an increasingly important medium for companies to leverage when fulfilling the fundamental needs of their customers. She adds that Rebel Pilgrim’s recent work includes “Rookwood and the Cincinnati Zoo to produce a local Super Bowl commercial celebrating the story of Fiona and vulnerable heroes everywhere. We have produced a series of Connection videos for Cincinnati Bell. We have an ongoing partnership with 84.51 to train all of their employees in our storytelling methodology. We’re also finishing production on a documentary about the opioid crisis in southwest Ohio and the creative ways people are helping each other and their communities through this crisis.” 

CEO Joe Boyd has a background in improv comedy and Buffington says he finds ways to use that in his work and training. He started Rebel Pilgrim six years ago along with Chief Creative Officer, Brad Wise, and Chief Operations Officer, Isaac Stambaugh. 

Rebel Pilgrim Creative Agency is located at 708 Walnut Street, #750 in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit their website, or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram