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Creatives have a new co-working space that provides access to private offices and workspaces while also using professional production equipment at no extra cost to them. 

Joshua Reid (center) is the founder behind the newly opened StudioCincy, a space for creatives in Cincinnati.

Joshua Reid is the Founder and CEO of StudioCincy, a photo and video rental studio and co-working space that is designed for creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and those who are looking for an affordable and motivational environment where they can work.

Reid’s entrepreneurial career often encountered the same obstacles: loneliness and a lack of funds.

“Way too often on the journey of chasing your dreams, you’re the only one with a true passion to bring that idea to a reality,” explains Reid. “For most, there’s also a barrier for not having access to the funds or capital to fuel that idea.”

Little by little Reid was able to create the space he’d always envisioned for himself – a space that was just for people who want to chase their dreams and have a vision to do great things without feeling lonely, discouraged, or unsupported.

“This desire then birthed StudioCincy, a place where we not only provide the space, but also the equipment at no extra cost, to bring those ideas to a reality,” he says. “Our belief is that a creator’s vision should not be blocked by the lack of equipment, and/or the finances to purchase or rent the equipment needed to bring that vision to a reality.”

The space at StudioCincy includes a 1,200-square-foot photo and video rental studio that works for photography, videography, team meetings, workshops, and small events. Equipment included with each booking also includes 3,800-square-feet of private offices, work stations, and a fully-equipped professional podcast room.

The idea behind StudioCincy makes it unique in itself, but the services that come along with the organization add to its uniqueness.

“We provide all camera, lighting, and sound equipment for our studio rentals at no extra cost,” says Reid. “We have a hub of computers equipped with the full Adobe Suite for editing, at no extra cost. Our podcast room is equipped with professional-grade podcasting equipment at no extra cost. We also have a Members Only lounge for our members, with free snacks and beverages, as well as a full kitchen for our hourly rentals.”

The goal at StudioCincy is to accommodate the needs of the customers by eliminating the barriers often faced by entrepreneurs. Other amenities at StudioCincy include 24/7 access, 24/7 on-site security, 24/7 free parking, online booking, free high-speed wi-fi, photography and videography studio, private offices, workspaces, professional equipment rentals, controlled environment for creatives, game/lounge room, and free snacks and beverages.

Reid says that although the ribbon cutting and grand opening for StudioCincy was recently held the team is already looking at opening location No. 2.

You can learn more about StudioCincy at or by following along on Instagram or Facebook.