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Learn about this Cincinnati-based doggy daycare business that uses outdoor and indoor play training to make sure you come home to a happy (and tired) pup.

Tailwaggers owners Lynn, Derrick and Denali, their dog.

Tailwaggers is a doggy daycare business that launched in Wisconsin, and moved to Cincinnati in 2014.

“We established a solid foundation of customers at our new location regardless of the fact that we were far from home,” says owner Lynn Burroughs. 

Much of that success, Burroughs explains, comes from what makes them different. For example, she adds, the professionals at Tailwaggers uniquely use both outdoor and indoor play training methods 

Tailwaggers also offers grooming services. Burroughs says Tailwaggers is different from other doggy daycare places because, “We use positive reenforcement with our dogs and we love our Packleaders to give lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day. Our boarding dogs rest in their own private suites at night. There are no added or hidden costs for special diets, medications, rest times, or hugs and kisses.”

Tailwaggers charges by the day and has rates for the half day. A full day of daycare starts at $25 and a half day, which is five hours of play or less, is $15. There is a $15 fee added for every additional pet brought in. Tailwaggers also provides daycare packages that helps customers save money since they would pay for more than one service at time. They also offer overnight boarding packages.

Burroughs recalls when her family decided to get a new puppy in 2008 and how stubborn the dog was. She knew she had to do something, so she visited the Tailwaggers branch in Wisconsin with her partner Derrick Ayers. Their pup made immediate and continued improvements. Burroughs and Ayers tried to find a place similar to this in Cincinnati to now avail, so they decided to open up their Cincinnati location. 

Tailwaggers is located at 4528 Summerside Road, Cincinnati, OH 45245. You can also “like” them on Facebook.