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The Garage Group

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Learn about this new kind of strategy firm that helps enable brands to innovate and grow like startups. Keep reading for all the inspiring details.

The Garage Group
The Garage Group helps companies – from startups to established brands – with strategy, ideation and insights.
As competition now comes not only from the “big guys,” but also from startups and small, nimble companies that seem to move faster than the speed of light – corporate teams are under pressure like never before.

At The Garage Group, they hang out with startups, but also work with established brands and big companies on strategy, ideation and insights. More than anything, they strive to bring corporate teams back to the heart of that entrepreneurial hunger, drive and agility that builds initiative, brands and companies.

Five years ago, The Garage Group was founded and based on two major forces coming together. “The business landscape has been changing for awhile now, and big businesses are quickly being overtaken by smaller companies that are moving faster,” says Ann Thompson, Co-founder and Innovation & Growth Strategist at The Garage Group.

“There has also been a huge shift in terms of how people want to work, especially amongst the Millennial generation,” she continues. “Younger talent wants to work in a more entrepreneurial environment, so not only are large companies being overtaken by a business standpoint, but they also aren’t able to attract and retain talent like smaller, more agile companies do.”

Since opening, The Garage Group has been able to help clients across multiple industries – nonprofits, household products, beauty care, food and beverage, financial services, athletics and décor. Some of their clients include Fortune 1,000 companies like Heinz, Staples and Reebok, and brands like Pringles, PediaSure and Yankee Candle.

“Our ideal clients are the change-makers within large companies who want to drive a new approach to strategy and innovation,” Thompson explains. “We’re always looking for like-minded thinkers who want to be part of a movement to make corporate America more entrepreneurial.”

So what makes The Garage Group approach different? They introduce large companies to a broader external perspective, blend getting business results with teaching the organization new ways of thinking, and make startup-inspired methods practical for use within a corporate environment.

“We are also authentic, approachable and super passionate about driving our clients’ business challenges,” says Thompson. “Our team really goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied and that the final takeaway strategy can sustainably help their business over time.”

Aside from impacting more companies and individuals, Thompson expresses that she hopes The Garage Group will also continue providing a great place for their employees to work. “We hope to continue impacting entrepreneurs through our ‘do good’ efforts across the country (and, eventually, the world),” says Thompson.

“On the horizon, we are taking our own medicine by innovating and growing in the same way that we teach companies in our process,” she continues. “Recognizing needs and finding creative, new ways to solve them is very much ingrained in our personal company culture – and we hope to keep living out those values.”

To learn more about The Garage Group, check out their website at or visit them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. They are located in Cincinnati, based out of Longworth Hall.

“We are so excited to be a part of the startup ecosystem in Cincinnati at such an energizing time in our city,” says Thompson. “Every day, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to be a part of something that’s helping create a collaborative, impactful, entrepreneurial spirit throughout our city, across both startups and corporates.”