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Looking for a job transition or to future-proof your next step? Want to enhance your current career path or better market your business?  

One of the many things the pandemic taught us is the importance and vast capabilities of technology. It was already a fast-growing, in-demand field with a tech talent shortage. Now, even more so. While jobs are getting cut across the job market, the technology field instead now has even more openings than ever. 

That’s why Cincinnati-based Kable Academy is amping up their programming to fill that technology talent gap. The program, which has courses that are 12 or 24 weeks long, offers students the opportunity to successfully graduate and immediately put their knowledge to the test in a full-time job. 

“The Kable Academy is a high-intensity, 12 or 24-week program that teaches comprehensive material with over 400 hours of live learning,” says The Kable Academy’s Director of Learning Chris Ellison. “On top of learning, we work with each student on job assistance into a secured job that has a starting salary between $45,000-$55,000.”

There is a team of instructors that keeps The Kable Academy running, including a lead instructor for each course as well as a teaching assistant. Ellison serves as the Director of Learning and has years of previous experience with building a program from the ground up. Paige Brockhoff works as the Admissions Coach, and the first person each student interacts with when they begin their enrollment. 

There are three different options for class at The Kable Academy. There is a 12-week, full-time route for Web Development and Cybersecurity. There’s also a part-time, 24-week option in Cybersecurity. 

The team at The Kable Academy wants to change the lives of each student who walks through the door. “From their first day to graduation, we want to do everything in our power to help each student find a secured job after graduation,” says Ellison. “Even though nothing is guaranteed, our team is dedicated to each student and giving them the best learning experience possible. If our students don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.”

While 12 weeks may not seem long enough to learn what needs to be learned for a tech program, students are exposed to the same amount of hours that would be acquired in a 2 or 4-year program. “Our professional tech instructors and teaching assistants focus on each student,” says Ellison. “Our recruiting support team prepares them for the job market, provides interview and resume assistance, along with business advice to help students best determine what type of position is the best fit for them.”

The Kable Academy is hosting a virtual event to learn more about their program and hear from an entrepreneur who boosted her career and business through these courses. Learn more about it here.

Kable Academy is also hosting an in-person event on Thursday, September 24, for “Codes & Cocktails.” The event will be held at 16 Bar + Arcade in Over-the-Rhine from 5:30-8:30pm. The first part-time program will begin on October 5. 

To learn more about The Kable Academy, visit There you can learn more about the programs, Kable Academy partners, and the timeline for fall courses. Additionally, there is a course catalog on the website that readers can view and find more details about each program. You can also apply for the programs on the website. You can also stay up-to-date with The Kable Academy on Facebook and Instagram.

Cincy Chic and The Kable Academy have also teamed up to do a Women in Tech Survey. One participant of the survey will win a Tech Swag Bag valued at approximately $75. You can participate here.