Virtual Leadership

Virtual Leadership

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How do you stay connected and grow professionally in a socially distanced world? Learn about this organization’s virtual conferences for women leadership all over the country.

Women are essential to the workforce, and Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD) wants to ensure that women are developed and advanced to help strengthen the economic prosperity of the communities it serves. 

“WELD is a national 501(c)(3) organization and builds programs, events, and a community to support the leadership development of women and drives business growth,” explains National Chapter Management Officer Deepa Keller. 

The founders behind it organization wanted to establish something that would accurately represent female leadership in the community. And they didn’t want to just help women in typical roles, but they wanted to increase the number of women leaders, promote and elevate other women to get a seat at the table and provide programs and connections to advance women to the top. 

WELD is a volunteer-based organization that provides opportunities for women to build strong community connections while also paying forward their success. “These connections foster new careers and business-building opportunities for our volunteers and help women find mentors and sponsors,” says Keller. “We are governed by a volunteer board of directors and we have a national office team that executes the operational aspects of the organization and its chapters.”

The Southern Ohio/Cincinnati chapter of WELD launched in April 2018 before being officially recognized as a chapter in September 2019.

At a time when it’s exceptionally important for businesses to remain afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, WELD is helping its members to stay connected during this crucial time. 

“It’s easy to neglect short and long-term goals during times of uncertainty, but staying focused is extremely important in your leadership development,” says Keller. “WELD is grateful for the outstanding leaders who will be delivering excellent sessions for our members and supporters in the upcoming weeks.”

There are a couple of WELD events just around the corner: 

On Wednesday, September 2, is the 2020 WELD Pittsburgh National Webinar. This virtual event from 12-1pm is on “Negotiating the Undone: How to Take the Fear Out of Saying ‘No’ to More Work.” The speaker for the event is Suzanna Malausky and you can register here.

The 2020 WELD National Special Webinar will be held on Thursday, September 10, from 12-1pm. Christy Walsh and Regan Walsh will serve as the speakers on “Power Play: How to Lead with Confidence and Style in a Virtual World.” You can register for that event here

There is another 2020 WELD National Special Webinar with Meghan Day on September 15 from 10am-11am. This webinar will teach you how you can be part of a new network of diverse directors and rising directors, including access to view and apply for board opportunities at leading organizations worldwide.

On September 16 is the 2020 WELD September Leadership Series Webinar from 11:45am-1pm with Sandy Harbrech Ratchford, CEO and President of Paul Werth Associates for the fifth of a six-part leadership series for the year. 

“In this discussion, Sandy will focus on defining power and how to use power and persuasion together to effectively and constructively achieve results and what pitfalls to avoid,” says Keller. “It’s about defining your own power and using it to back your ideas while persuading others to believe in them, helping to set you up for success.” 

To learn more, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can find a list of other upcoming WELD events by clicking here