Virtual Vision Board Workshop: Manifest in Quarantine

Virtual Vision Board Workshop: Manifest in Quarantine

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Priorities, goals or career unexpectedly changing? Learn about a free virtual event next week that aims to help you refocus and re-energize while also helping local healthcare heroes.

Melissa Kirkpatrick, Founder of Find Your Own Drive

Priorities, goals or career looking a little different than they did a few months ago? One local expert wants to help you get refocused and re-energized with an upcoming workshop, while also supporting an important cause.

Melissa Kirkpatrick, Cincinnati-based Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, author and Founder and CEO of Find Your Own D.R. I.V.E., created the “Virtual Vision Board Workshop: Manifest in Quarantine” event to help participants get the most out of these unprecedented times. 

“I am donating my time and expertise to help you leverage #QuarantineLife to set clear intentions and goals with inspiration, transformation, growth guidance and support when it’s needed most,” Kirkpatrick says. “Creating your life by design is so much fun when you can tap into the tools, tips and tricks that will ignite the magic and using a vision board is a great place to start. And if you didn’t create a physical vision board, I know you have a vision of what you want for your life and business/career. So, you too are welcome to join us because the value of what is offered in this workshop will offer ways to amp the energy and manifest more effectively.”

The content of the workshop involves teaching you how to make an effective vision board. “Many have used vision boards to create their next best version of self and life. Vision boards are great if you know how to create them effectively and use them correctly. Yes, there is a right way. Two things with a vision board is the frequency you are on at the time you create the board and the action steps you’ll take following the creation,” Kirkpatrick says. 

Through creating the vision boards, she wants to put an excitement in people about their future. The workshop will teach you that a vision board is more than cutting stuff out of magazines and putting them on a board. “An effective vision board requires thought connection, intuition and high energy to be aligned with what your heart desires to experience in this lifetime,” she says. “I will also be sharing six areas that have the most power connection when creating your vision for the future (board or not)-our mind is a powerful thing and it is programmed every second of the day, so learning to use conscious language and empowering thoughts to create your life by design because you make it happen.”

The vision of the workshop is for people to experience community, since this pandemic will teach us how to live and experience the world differently. “My hope is that opening the space to bring community together, and engage in creativity with a vision board activity, will support one another in finding balance and offer peace of mind as we see a more abundant and prosperous future for ourselves not only in the mind, but making it our reality,” Kirkpatrick says.

The workshop is important for the community because it is a way to provide support and help to people in the midst of these trying times. “For me, it seems appropriate to bring a community together, virtually, from all over the world, to collaborate in creating what’s next,” she says. “The workshop offers a relief from the day to day thoughts of the current circumstances and begins to bring hope into the future with excitement and clear vision for what’s next.”

Kirkpatrick’s favorite part of working on the event has been the thought of people’s lives being changed. “The excitement I am feeling about how this workshop can really change people’s lives through a new perspective for what’s next for them is priceless. My vision is so clear, with an outcome that is a game changer. Being able to offer this for free, along with a copy of my ebook and a complimentary follow up call for those who have registered, brings even more excitement,” Kirkpatrick says. “My favorite part is knowing the impact this will have on those who say, Yes, to be part of the workshop, learning to visualize and painting their future with joy, happiness, flow and ease. Priceless.”

This event will on Tuesday, April 28, from 8-9:30pm online via Zoom. “The link and additional details and materials will be provided through email to those who registered at: Registration includes access to the live workshop (and the ability to access to replay later) with step-by-step instructions for creating the most empowering and effective vision board for you,” she says. “It also includes a free copy of my 5 Steps to D.R. I.V.E. ebook and a complimentary 1:1 Activation Call.”

This workshop is going to be supporting The Christ Hospital Foundation’s COVID Relief Fund. It “directly assists our local healthcare heroes. The foundation will use the donations to support our caregivers and provide resources that are needed. We are asking that you join us in assisting those who put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good. The fund will cover needed supplies and will also assist our front-line employees with their greatest needs,” Kirkpatrick says. “This is a Cincinnati-based foundation, so we are encouraging those participating in the Vision Board Workshop to feel free to donate to any other foundation that may be in their area. However, donations are optional. You are still welcome to join us for the workshop for free.”

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