WE Lead at the Cincinnati Chamber

WE Lead at the Cincinnati Chamber

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The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is now accepting applications for a program that helps prepare women for the next step in their careers. Read on to learn more.

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is taking on leadership development with its 10-month WE Lead program

According to Tamara Lang, Women Excel Programs Leader at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, WE Lead is a 10-month executive leadership development experience for high-potential, goal-oriented women who are preparing for the next level of their career.

“Participants are high achieving women who are being assigned increasing levels of responsibility within their organization,” explains Lang. “Through a combination of professional development and executive coaching, WE Lead prepares, positions, and empowers talented women to move into higher leadership roles at the senior level.”

WE Lead dates back to 2005 and the Pulse Study on the Status of Women & Girls in Greater Cincinnati, which was completed by The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

The study found that there was a lack of women in senior leadership positions within the Cincinnati business community as well as a lack of resources available to help high-potential women prepare for those senior leadership positions – ultimately affecting the talent pipeline.

“The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber reviewed the data and decided to address the problem through Women Excel, a platform of programs designed to provide networking, education, and leadership development for women in business,” says Lang. “WE Lead is the flagship program of Women Excel.”

The program, which is a competitive program, runs for 10 months, beginning with a kick-off and two-day overnight retreat in September. Lang says that there are five, full-day sessions every other month when participants engage in experiences and presentations around various leadership topics.

“On the alternate months, participants meet for half-day mastermind group coaching sessions led by a professional executive leadership coach,” she explains. “Participants also enjoy two private sessions with the coach – and graduate in June.”

Ideally, candidates for the program a high-potential, goal-oriented women who are actively preparing for the next level of their career.

“The ideal candidate has been identified by her organization as being on track for promotion within two years or less; or has herself identified a leadership role to which she wants to ascend,” adds Lang.

Applications for WE Lead opened up on February 28 and will be available for submission through May 24, 2019.

Although competitive, the program maintains its focus on both the personal and professional development of its participants in order to help them grow as an overall individual rather than just a professional individual.

“Most leadership programs focus solely on the professional – relationship leadership, negotiations, executive presence, etc.,” says Lang. “But we bring our whole selves to work. We don’t leave the personal at the door when we step inside an office. It is important to have a whole-person approach for leadership development.”

WE Lead focuses on the whole woman rather than just what she does from 9-5. “Having the mastermind coaching groups, the executive leadership coaching, and the professional development creates a comprehensive leadership experience that positions and empowers women for the next step,” says Lang.

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