What’s Next?

What’s Next?

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A new event series launched for local female entrepreneurs to connect with the resources, people and support they need to keep building their brands.

Monica Tuck, Founder of Undbridled Studio.

Monica Tuck, Founder and Creative Director of Unbridled Studio, is helping women live out their dreams and awaken their brand through creative problem solving and storytelling. Monica, aka “Mo,” created “What’s Next” – an event series sponsored by her studio where women can come to converse, drink, and build relationships in the work place.

“Women and business can be tricky at times. We all overthink, over analyze ourselves and what others may think about us. That in the end can get in the way of being productive,” says Tuck.

She wanted to create a space not only for herself, but for all women who want to let out their grievances and struggles from work and get positive feedback in response. She encourages all participants to come as they are, without any pretensions or judgments.

The series is held the third Thursday of every month at Myrtle’s Punch in the Rathsteller Room. Each What’s Next event tries to follow the same guideline with two featured guest speakers, cocktails, and food provided through either Myrtles Punch House or their sister company, Bottle and Basket. For the guests attending the February 16 event, they can expect an acoustic set from local solo artist Jeannie Marie during cocktails as well as a discussion from Brewing Arts Lead Creative, Q Kinebrew.

“The speakers are randomly chosen. Unbridled Studio prides itself on being open to any woman regardless of race, sexual stance, social class or religious background. I want to showcase all women from all walks of life and all types of businesses,” explains Tuck.

Tuck’s passions in life have always been women, design, consulting, and business. Through this monthly event she gets the chance to share these passions with the women of Cincinnati, in hopes to inspire and devote their work.

“In a time like today we need each other more than ever. The What’s Next event series plans to remain what it is, an authentic space where all feel welcome. I hope that the take away from each event is what the mission of Unbridled Studio stand for.”

For more information about Unbridled Studios visit http://www.unbridledstudio.com/.