When are FR Work Boots Necessary?

When are FR Work Boots Necessary?

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If you are working in an industry or factory, it is very important to protect your body from fire or extreme heat. But it is also important to protect your feet from getting exposed to such an atmosphere or environment. Most industries and their employees might overlook this factor.

The FR work boots help to protect the wearer against burns or explosions caused by harmful chemicals. Also, if you use heavy cutting tools like chainsaws and machinery, that safety footwear protects you from getting injured. 

The hazardous conditions when and where it is necessary to wear FR work boots are enlisted below:

  • When working at Fire Places:

As the name FR itself suggests, i.e., fire resistant or fire retardant, the main motive of these shoes is to protect you from fire. No matter in whichever factory, company, or industry you work, there are fire risks everywhere.

Especially those whose business is to play with fire all day long, for them it is a necessity to protect not only their body from fire but feet as well. Just life the FR clothing/suits, these shoes also provide you time to get away from the hazardous situation and protects your feet from burning by creating a barrier between your feet and the flames.

  • During usage of Heavy Objects:

If you work in a steel or metal industry, then there are 100% chances of hurting your feet very often. As there are possibilities of heavy objects might roll onto your feet accidentally. Well, you might not stop such sudden accidents, but you can keep your feet safe during those times. 

FR steel shoes are designed especially for such people, who work surrounds with heavy metals or objects. You can also surf through several FR outlet steel toe work boots to select the price, type, and design you wanted for yourself or your employees if you own an industry. 


  • In Slipping, Falling, and Tripping Areas:

There are maximum chances to fall, slip or trip over while working in a hurry in a factory. It can lead to a giant accident or cause serious injury not only to you but others as well. Hence, to protect yourself and other fellow employees from such situations, you can opt for FR boots that will help you to stick properly in the ground. So if you work in an oil or petrol industry, then you should adopt those safety shoes that won’t let you flip over.

  • Electrical Hazards:

Getting shocked or injured from electricity is one of the very common accidents that one gets to hear. One might protect their body from open electrical wires by wearing FR clothes, but what about one’s feet? There may be open wire lying in the floor, and one might step on it without unknowingly. Ordinary shoes or boots are unable to protect in such situations. 

In such places, FR shoes are there to protect you from getting indulged in any serious injury. And these are not only for the workers who deal with electrical stuff but for everybody from higher to lower rank employees as high-voltage electricity and wires more or less used in every industry or factory.

  • While using Dangerous Chemicals:

Commonly, there will be thousands or hundreds of chemicals present in a laboratory. And with hundreds of harmful chemicals, there are a hundred percent chances of accidents. FR coats can easily protect you from such chemicals or huge chemical explosions. So as that, the FR shoes take the responsibility of securing your feet from getting burnt or injured from a different type of harmful chemicals.


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