Women in Business

Women in Business

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Celebrate International Women’s Day and female entrepreneurship at an upcoming Women in Business event!

Women are making a splash in the business world and the Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is helping them continue to break the glass ceiling. 

SEA is a national organization with a Greater Cincinnati chapter that aims to help enterprising nonprofits, social purpose businesses, and educates to help promote sustainable social innovation through networking, educational activities, partnerships, and legislation. 

One of the ways the Greater Cincinnati chapter of SEA is doing this is through their Women in Business event coming up March 14 at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  

The event celebrates International Womens’ Day to celebrate women’s empowerment in entrepreneurship, leadership, and how the feminine spirit can be applied to all organizations. 

“An equal world is an enable world,” says SEA. “Come connect with like-minded professionals in the social enterprise, non-profit, conscious business, and entrepreneurial space as as explore stories of how business can collectively help create a gender equal world.”

According to David Gaines, CEO La Terza Coffee and SEA member, the event will include stories, speakers, art, and a gallery area highlighting several great, empowering women organizations in the region.

The day is intended to be a day that inspires others with hope and real actions that everyone can take an apply to work and advocacy for a more equal world. “The day will be a progression of talks and topics, from self-care and rest, implicit bias in gender, and unpacking feminine and masculine narratives,” says Gaines. “I’m most excited about our panel of amazing women from throughout our city, representing many different intersections of race and work experiences.”

In addition to its Women in Business event, SEA is continuing to introduce ways for its members to engage in the field and with one another in meaningful ways. 

“Affinity networks will allow members across the country to knowledge share and create community with others in the field who wake up everyday thinking about the same problems and solutions,” says Gaines. “Working committees will enable members to work together on issues important to the social enterprise field as a whole. In addition to these changes, SEA members will have many more opportunities to learn and contribute to one another and the field as whole, with more webinars, partnerships, and an annual Summit.”

Gaines says that all are welcome to attend the event, whether they are a business leader, work at a non-profit, or want to start a social enterprise one day. “SEA members and non-members are invited, so bring a friend or colleague,” he adds.

To learn more about the upcoming event or to get your tickets, click here. Gaines says that many of the sessions from the day will be recorded, so those who cannot attend will have an opportunity to learn from the speakers in a podcast platform a couple of weeks after the event. You can find announcements for the podcast and other future events here.