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A local makeup artist is launching a new makeup class series and is kicking it off with confidence. Read on for all the details.

Kelly Neaves is hosting a serious of makeup classes called “Makeup of a Confident Woman.”

Kelly Neaves, a Professional Makeup Artist and founder of Cincimakeup, is helping women look and feel their best through expert makeup techniques. So much so, she’s teaching clients how to apply her techniques at home so they can always look and feel their best.

“I like to teach the more realistic everyday makeup,” says Neaves.

Cincimakeup is one of three event vendors based in the 915 Monmouth Street Studios in Newport. This venue functions as an office space for Cincimakeup, Five Dot Design, and Marti Heard Designs, and also a unique event and meeting space. While Neaves is an “on location” makeup artist for weddings and other venues, she enjoys hosting events in the 915 Monmouth Street studio space. In fact, she will be launching a new Master Class event series, where women can book appointments to learn tips and tricks by professional makeup artists while enjoying refreshments and friends.

The first in the series will get started on March 16, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., with a “Makeup of a Confident Woman” theme. Neaves is taking bookings for eight women total at $45 per person, which includes your makeup lessons, drinks, food, and a free gift.

“Special classes with smaller groups like this is much more effective,” says Neaves. For example, Neaves says, the artists will be able to teach women how to apply liquid eyeliner to their specific eye shape, match foundation to their skin tone, how to contour, and use under eye brightening tools.

Neaves says attendees of these classes will get a personalized experience because they’ll not only learn specific tips and tricks, but will also get to address any specific makeup concerns during their one-on-one time with their makeup artist.

“Every woman has their own concerns,” says Neaves. “That’s why the Master Class is made up of smaller groups- it’s more intimate, and much more fun.”

While Neaves works with a variety of high-end makeup brands, experts from Trish McEvoy will be on-hand at the March 16 event to work with the women one-on-one. “Trish McEvoy comes in a few hours early to set everything up for that night, and I set up the wine and champagne,” says Neaves. “Once the class shows up, we will hang out with some drinks, talk about what we want to achieve, and get started.”

Neaves not only offers pre-scheduled sessions, but customized ones as well. “If someone wants to bring a group of 6-8 people in, and can set a date and time for everyone to be here, I am more than happy to work with them,” says Neaves. “Customized classes, as well as pre-scheduled classes are $45.”

To learn more about Cincimakeup, or to book a class, click here.

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A local all-organic salon and spa recently launched a new service: Reiki. Click to learn how it helps both your physical and mental health.

Reiki sessions are now being offered at Alba Beauty Studio to improve your mental health.

From eco-friendly beauty products, to organic hair treatments, Alba Organic Beauty Studio has kept women, and the environment, looking and feeling good.

And now, Alba Organic Beauty Studio is offering a service – Reiki – that will improve your mental health as well. Reiki is a simple way to relieve stress and stimulate a more positive mental health state, according to Eva Borho, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner, who was recently added to the staff at Alba Organic Beauty Studio.

Borho says this stress relieving service boosts the flow of energy in the body, which in return, allows it to function in a holistic manner. Reiki was originated in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, and has since been making people feel more positive, and has promoted wellness.

Borho says she loves teaching others about Reiki, and how much it can help bring positivity to ones’ life. “It really helps to become the best version of yourself,” she says. “We all have blocks in our life, and we need to work through them and get rid of the negativity that clutters our minds.”

While there are more than 200 ways to perform and learn Reiki, Borho says her style is the most original. “It is very normal during a Reiki session for one to feel different emotions, and see different images,” she explains. “Whether it’s a flash of color, or a vivid picture.”

“Reiki increases energy levels and mental clarity,” Borho says. “It gives off a sense of balance, reduces stress, tension and anxiety.” She adds that many of her clients leave with the feeling of reduced physical tension and a decluttered mind. “Reiki’s main purpose is to make an individual more positive, mindful, and grounded,” says Borho. “And that’s what’s so great and unique about Reiki; it’s tailored to the individual.”

While there are many benefits of Reiki, Borho says the hardest thing about the service is getting the word out about what it is, and how it helps. “It does seem to come off a tad bit eccentric, but yoga and Reiki go hand-in-hand, and if you can do yoga, you can do Reiki.”

Alba offers one hour sessions for $75 with Borho, and for the whole month of February, you can book a Reiki session for $60.

To learn more about Reiki Sessions, or to book and appointment, visit

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A struggle to find hair care products that worked for naturally curly hair inspired one local lady and her husband to launch a business of their own to help themselves and others find a stylish solution.

Tywana Smith and her daughters.

For 15 years, Treasured Locks has specialized in providing customers with products for those who have kinky, curly, wavy, and textured hair.

Twyana Smith and her husband Brian started the online boutique that specializes in hair, skin, and body care products. They were inspired to launch a business while searching for products that Smith and her two daughters could use.

“As an African American mom looking for hair products for myself and our two daughters, I found it difficult to find hair and skin care products that fit our needs,” explains Smith. “There were only a few companies that offered quality products so my husband and I figured that if we were having this problem, there must be thousands of others in the same situation.”

And with that Treasured Locks became just the avenue Smith was searching for to solve her problems, and the problems of others in search of the quality hair, skin, and body products.

Smith holds a degree in telecommunications from The University of Kentucky while her husband Brian holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University. By combining their skills and the desire to create something that can help people, they’ve made it their mission to supply quality hair care products to people across the country.

“We believe that all people should embrace the beauty and uniqueness of their hair,” says Smith. “Our products are designed to enhance your hair’s natural texture and composition and make it more manageable, so you can look your best while remaining true to yourself. We also offer customized expert advice and education.”

Smith says that products from Treasured Locks are unique because they solve the problem of finding the right products for those who have naturally kinky, curly, and curvy hair.

The family-owned and operated company offers exclusive, high-quality products that are also affordable. “We help our customers have a polished and professional ‘salon look’ without the salon price,” adds Smith. “We offer more than 200 quality products from 20 brands, including our in-house brands Treasured Locks, HumiNature, and Ajuven.”

Although they’ve been around for 15 years, Smith says Treasured Locks will continue to expand. “Our focus continues to be bringing in quality products that can be used by a broad span of individual,” says Smith.

Treasured Locks recently launched a couple of new products including Treasured Locks Knot No More, Treasured Locks HydraCap, and Treasured Locks Enhanced Henna for Gray Coverage.

“These three products are designed to enhance the at-home hair experience all while giving that salon polished look at a fraction of the price,” says Smith.

To learn more about Treasured Locks, visit You can also like them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram, and Twitter.

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Ready to look fab with the blowout that keeps on giving? Learn about the local blow dry bar that’s turning heads in the Tri-State.

BlownCity offers a range of beauty services in Mason.

Every once in awhile, two people will me at just the right time in their lives. Those two people will share a passion, and if the rest of the world is lucky enough, they’ll create something amazing.

That’s the story behind Amanda Fuller and Raisa Baysal’s journey to creating BlownCity, a blow dry bar. The two met in beauty school, and with pasts in education, they both decided to make their dreams a reality.

“Raisa saw how much passion I had for styling and knew that with both of our skills, we could create the perfect salon,” says Fuller. BlownCity officially opened its doors in Mason on May 2, 2016.

The vision behind BlownCity was to create a place that feels like home for its clients. “Where everyone can walk in the door and feel as if they have been here many times before,” says Fuller. “We are easy-going, everyday gals who just want to share our passion for hair and beauty.”

BlownCity is a blow dry bar that offers a shampoo followed by a stylish blowout of your choice. “A blowout is the gift that keeps on giving,” says Fuller. “You will look fabulous when you leave BlownCity, and professional blown out hair stays in place, so you’ll keep that look for longer than if you’d done it on your own at home. It’s just another perk of leaving it to the professionals.”

In addition to blowouts, every customer is offered a complimentary beverage with each service. Other services offered by BlownCity includes brow design, waxing, haircuts, tone restoring shampoos, and makeup to name a few.

Blowouts range for $25 to $75 depending on the style you’re looking for and your hair type. BlownCity also offers one-on-one classes for $60 to $75. Haircuts for men, women, and children range from $10 to $60, makeup from $14 to $75, and facial waxings from $10 to $12.

BlownCity also does bridal everything, and can be booked for your upcoming nuptials. “Hair, makeup, parties, updo, lashes – you name it, we can do it,” says Fuller.

Searching for a blowout membership? This unique idea is offered by BlownCity, as are blowout packages and even private parties. “We will come to you if you can’t come to us,” adds Fuller. The salon also offers personalized or group classes for braiding, curling, and round brushing, which is a free class if you purchase a hair tool at the salon.

Fuller says the team at BlownCity will go out of their way to make sure customers get what they need and want. “Need a product we don’t carry? We’ll get it for you,” she says. “Need your hair done during closed hours? We will make it happen. Whatever it takes to make our guests happy!”

Fuller says that the team at BlownCity will continue to grow and add services in 2017, adding that they will be offering hair extensions and color services in the coming months.

To learn more about BlownCity, visit You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram. BlownCity is located at 4764 Fields Ertel Road near the Kings Auto Mall.

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We chat with a local eyelash aficionado who launched a business that helps take your lashes from drab to fab without batting an eye.

Looking for a small beauty tweak that will have a big impact? Ayesha Holliman launched her business, Artistic Lashes and Company, to help you do just that.

“I absolutely love the ‘WOW’ effect achieved from the artistic and skillful application of a lash set of semi-permanent lash extensions that are so natural it leaves people guessing if you actually grew them yourself,” says Holliman, a certified semi-permanent lash extensionist.

Holliman offers three types of lash extension services at Artistic Lashes: Classic Look, Flirtatious Girl, and Glamorous.

The “Classic Look” full set of lash extensions includes 30-70 eye lashes per eye and costs $199. The “Flirtatious Girl” full set of lash extensions includes 100+ eye lashes per eye and costs $265. Lastly, the “Glamorous” set of lash extensions is $297 and includes more than 130 lashes per eye.

Because the eyelash sets are semi-permanent, you’ll eventually need refills. Holliman offers three types of refill sessions: a 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute session. Ranging from $40 to $90, the length of refill sessions depend on which set of lashes you have.

Artistic Lashes and Company is located at 3848 Paxton Avenue in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit

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A local woman’s skin issues inspired her to launch a luxury line of holistic skincare products. Learn more about them, their impressive results, and how they’re getting ready to go global.

Elle Skincare Co. offers luxury skincare products for those suffering from skin issues.

Those with sensitive skin understand the delicate balance: Finding skincare products that are gentle but effective enough to work. The struggle to strike this balance, especially with holistic products, inspired Lauren Davis to launch her business, Elle Skincare Co.

“Our unique treatments incorporate holistic benefits of botanicals to offer a complete well-being solution for the mind, body, and spirit,” explains Davis.

The handcrafted, natural skincare products from Elle Skincare Co., are free of parabens and chemicals, which are perfect for those who deal with skin issues. “Our high-performance products are designed for men, women, and children who have sensitive skin or prefer an alternative to chemical-based skincare products,” she adds.

Davis launched Elle Skincare Co. in January 2013 after she spent years researching different ways on how to naturally treat sensitive skin effectively and with herbal remedies. Time passed and she found that she wanted to be the one to provide those alternatives for the people she knew needed something different.

“As time went on I have continued to research, travel for education, and have realized there are so many people suffering from skin issues who need natural alternatives,” she says. “I am inspired by the lives I have touched and will touch in the future.”

Currently, Davis and Elle Skincare Co. offers a variety of products that are safe on skin including activated charcoal soap, oatmeal soap for sensitive skin, cleansers, serums, moisturizers, toners, face and eye creams, and a sensitive skin cream for damaged skin and a full men’s beard line.

When asked what it is that makes Elle Skincare Co. unique, Davis says that it’s the nutritive benefits products provide for your skin. “Our products utilize vitamin-rich ingredients,” she says. “We carefully select ingredients, with proven remedial and skin-soothing properties, and keep our products free from irritating chemicals and alcohol.”

Davis says that Elle Skincare Co.’s products are also formulated to address skin issues naturally, without harsh chemicals.

This year is looking bright for Elle Skincare Co. Davis says the company already sells nationwide but will be going worldwide this spring. She’s also excited about the new stores that will carry products from Elle Skincare Co. this year as well.

To learn more about Elle Skincare Co., visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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Whether you’re looking for a fresh haircut or a full-blown spa day, one local salon and spa has the services you’re looking for. Read on for more of the relaxing details.

Alverno Salon and Spa in Delhi is a full-service salon and spa servicing the Tri-State.

Located in Delhi, Alverno Salon and Spa is a full-service salon and spa offering a variety of services for both men and women.

Owner Kathy Grady says the salon and spa aims to give all of its customers what they’re looking for in a salon and spa experience.

When it comes to its spa packages, Alverno has a lot to offer. Whether it’s relaxation, renewal, a special occasion, or the full package, facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures are plentiful.

“Our microdermabrasions are a non-invasive, exfoliating procedure that improves your skin’s tone, appearance, and texture while stimulating collagen production,” says Grady. “We also offer mini facials, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a mask, a European facial that leaves you feeling hydrated as well as a sinus relief facial, which uses Shiatsu pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage around the sinus area to help relieve sinus pressure and headaches.”

Other facial treatments from Alverno include aromatherapy facials, an anti-aging facial, and a vitamineral power facial, which works to infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals to help firm, strengthen, smooth, and clarify your skin.

A variety of massages also help clients to feel relaxed when they visit Alverno. Pregnancy massages are also available to help all moms-to-be gain a sense of well-being while also relieve the common discomforts, aches, and pains of pregnancy.

Waxing and hair services are available in addition to the spa packages and services offered at Alverno.

“We offer a variety of color services ranging from a virgin color to corrective color and everything in between,” says Grady. “We also offer permanent waves, design wrap, zone and partial perms, spiral perms, and straighteners.”

Skin care options and nail services round out the services from Alverno. From manicures to pedicures and even a basalt hot stone pedicure, Grady says you’ll leave the salon and spa feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Alverno Salon and Spa is located at 5169 Mt Alverno Road. To learn more visit or like them on Facebook.

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A local blowout bar is ringing in the new year with a new service: Cincinnati’s first mobile blow-dry, hair styling and makeup service. Read on for more.

Blown Away is Cincinnati’s first mobile blow-dry studio.

Cincinnati-based BLOWN blow dry studio is bringing the salon to you with their new mobile concept, Blown Away.

Sarah Brown, who started BLOWN with her business partner Jayne Heekin, says they were inspired to bring a similar concept they’d see in other cities to Cincinnati, thus the launch of Blown Away.

Blown Away, like BLOWN, offers hair styling and makeup as Cincinnati’s first mobile blow-dry service.

Brown suggests scheduling an appointment at BLOWN or Blown Away to help you start the New Year off right. “Prioritize you,” she says. “Choose Blown Away when you need to multitask or manage work or family tasks while getting your hair styled and makeup applied, don’t have time to drive to the salon, know a round brush blowout lasts longer than doing it yourself, or want the very latest looks in makeup and hair design that are suited for you,” says Brown.

For those who like the salon experience, visiting BLOWN for a makeup or braiding class with your daughter or girlfriends. “Or start your day off with a relaxing scalp massage or deep conditioning treatment with your blowout,” adds Brown.

All of the staff at BLOWN and Blown Away are licensed cosmetologists who go through extensive training when they are hired so that they can provide blowouts and makeup to everyone.

“No matter your hair texture, yes, we style natural, and completion, we got you,” says Brown.

Brown also attributes Blown Away’s mobility to its uniqueness. “Modern women are always on the go – from home to work to a night out, with a stop at the gym or an overnight trip where their hair needs to look its best – we’ll bring you beautiful, stylish looks combined with convenience, so you can get where you are going without having to make a stop,” says Brown. “It’s a service that frees up your time so you can feel your best no matter where you are.”

When you visit BLOWN or Blown Away, you can choose from a variety of services. Choose a round brush blowout with any style of your choice. Textures of all hair types can also be styled in addition to men’s hair. Makeup services and classes on makeup are available as are tape-in and clip-in hair extensions.

Brown says her favorite part about running BLOWN and Blown Away is her ability to serve others. “At BLOWN we are all about confidence and if one man or woman walks out feeling more confident than they did when they entered, then we did our job,” she says.

To learn more about BLOWN and Blown Away, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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From skincare and beauty treatments to de-stressing and detoxifying through cutting edge treatments, learn about the local woman who offers it all at her new facility in Mason.

Mason Skin Float Center
Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center uses a holistic approach to heal the body and mind.

Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center takes a holistic approach healing the body and mind, enabling clients to leave their stress at the door. From skincare to body therapy treatments this local clinic has all your bases covered.

Owner and founder, Julie Kline has a passion for beauty that runs much further than skin deep which is why she started this practice eleven years ago. According to Kline, Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center is all about personalized care and this is reflected in their unique and versatile treatment options.

The practice is split into three unique parts; the skin clinic, floatation therapy and infrared sauna detoxification, complimenting each other in order to maximize the benefits of each treatment.

The skincare clinic offers a large variety of services such facials, collagen induction therapy, acne treatments, LED light therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and dermaplaning.

Julie, Owner of Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center
Julie Kline, Owner of Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center

A service that is unique to the Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center is floatation therapy. In their customized float room there is an extra-large, enclosed pod with over 1,000 pounds of medical grade epsom salt dissolved in filtered Kangen water that’s heated to 94 degrees. Kline describes the service as “feeling free from gravity and external stimulation that lets you relax in a meditative state as sensation from the outside world melts away. Floating offers a multitude of benefits for both mind and body. It is safe, all natural and therapeutic,” she says.

Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center’s Infrared sauna is a specialized detoxification treatment room that uses infrared light to turn up the heat which can help rid the body of built up toxins that lead to common illness. According to Kline, this service coupled with float therapy is incredibly helpful for chronic pain and sports injures. She also asserts that infrared sauna detoxification assists with weight loss, improved circulation and reduced blood pressure. New clients receive the first session half off.

For Kline, her entire practice is a dream come true. “I love getting to know our clients on a personal level. I love having a relaxing atmosphere where our clients feel like they are at home. We truly care about their whole health, wellness and skin, she says.

Mason Skin Care and Float Center has a variety of new client specials. They’re offering flotation therapy services at a reduced price, one float for $45 or two for $89, regularly priced at $89 per session. In addition the Skin Clinic is offering new clients a $59 facial service. Another skincare special, not limited to new clients is three facials for $200. You can choose from microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, chemical peels or a microcurrent facial.

Mason Skin Care and Float Center is located at 1066 Reading Road in Mason. To learn more about their services stop by their website. Booking an appointment is easy, just reach out to Julie directly at 513-913-7373.

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Local makeup artist and British import creates romantic wedding looks that rivals the softness and beauty of an English garden.

English Rose Beauty
English Rose Makeup Artistry provides on-site professional makeup services for all occasions.

English Rose Makeup Artistry is an on-site professional makeup service for all ages and occasions that specializes in romantic bridal looks, perfected by Temptu airbrush makeup.

Temptu is a high end brand of makeup that focuses on airbrush products and according to them is widely used amongst Hollywood insiders and is responsible for some of the red carpets most iconic looks.

Owner of English Rose Makeup Artistry, Helen Tropiejko, says she chose Temptu because it works particularly well in the humidity of wedding season. “The benefit of any airbrush foundation is staying power” Tropiejko explains. “I like to apply a fine mist over a layer of thin foundation applied with a brush. Thin layers always outlast one thick layer.”

According to Tropiejko, she is often sought out for her soft and romantic style of bridal makeup but she also offers makeup sessions for photoshoots and beauty sessions as well. Tropiejko also offers makeup lessons to assist clients in perfecting their everyday makeup application.

English Rose Makeup Artistry specializes in romantic makeup looks including bridal makeup.
English Rose Makeup Artistry specializes in romantic makeup looks including bridal makeup.

When it comes to bridal, Tropiejko offers the trial session at her home studio and is on location for the big day. She acknowledges the choices for bridal makeup looks can be overwhelming so she is always ready to consult and customize with her client. It’s all about finding the right look for you, she says.

“There are so many beautiful looks and it totally depends on the individual and feel of the event,” Tropiejko adds, “but I love to leave her looking like herself only enhanced, glowing and radiant,.”

Tropiejko moved to the States 10 years ago with her husband and brought her love of makeup with her. “For as long as I can remember I have always loved makeup, from playing dress up with my mums, to finally being allowed to wear it for parties,” Tropiejko says. “I love the colors, textures and makeup’s ability to enhance your beauty and mood.”

She started her career like many makeup artists, practicing with family and friends but things quickly grew from there. Soon Tropiejko was being asked to do weddings and photoshoots. While she was confident in her skills it wasn’t until she moved to the States that she decided to go pro.

English Rose Makeup Artistry was launched in 2013 and Tropiejko’s approach is all about customization. “Every individual is different and I want to enhance their natural beauty but make sure they still feel like themselves but glamorous. All while having a fabulous time,” she says.

To learn more about English Rose Makeup Artistry you can visit them on Facebook. For booking inquires contact Tropiejko at or reach her by phone (859) 620-8783. Her website will be launching in early 2017.