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Read on as we chat with the local lady who created a product line featuring vegan, organically sourced ingredients to make your daily beauty routine feel like a high-end spa treatment.


The Black Label Spa Products offers a natural and organic skincare line.

Inspired by her own sensitivities to beauty products, Adrienne Z. Windham is putting her background in chemistry to work to perfect a natural and organic skincare line. 

In November 2014, she launched The Black Label Spa Products, and has just relocated from Dallas to Cincinnati to look for a retail space. The business is also launching a retail website on May 30. 

According to Windham, all of The Black Label’s spa products are vegan and organically sourced. These products include whipped body butters, emulsified sugar scrubs, spa bath salts, cuticle oils and clay masks that come in three signature scents: lavender, mango and Moroccan lux.

Windham aims to make every day feel like a spa day for her customers. She explains the nature of her products and the importance of organically sourced ingredients: “All of our products are plant-derived with no chemical synthetics,” she says. “Every company that we purchase our raw materials from are certified organic and certified vegan. We wanted to make sure we had vegan raw ingredients because some animal based ingredients in products cause people with eczema or psoriasis to have allergic reactions. We also do not use water in our products which helps them act as a sealant for the moisture in our skin.”

The Lemongrass Sugar Scrub is good for softening legs and arms.

Windham is passionate about all natural beauty products and utilizes that aspect to differentiate her business in the industry. “I saw a need for all natural/vegan products for people with chemical sensitivity and allergies. I myself am allergic to a lot of products. So, one afternoon God gave me the idea to put my skills to good use and start this company,” she explains. “We want our customers from every walk of life to feel like every day is a luxurious spa day in the shower, and that their skin is healthier and in better shape overall from using The Black Label products.”

Windham hopes to eventually open a boutique spa and retail store to build a larger customer base. She is currently working to become a licensed esthetician at Define Institute of Beauty to be able to physically give spa, facial and body treatments with The Black Label Spa Products.

“I love that I can assist people in having healthier, smoother skin whether they are a customer who has a skin condition to someone who has just finished chemotherapy treatments to the everyday person,” Windham says. “It allows me to put my God given skills and expertise to good use helping people.”

To follow the countdown for the website launch, click here. You can also like them on Facebook.

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A camper re-modeled from the inside out is now a mobile beauty salon that brings beautification and convenience to your doorstep.


Glam on Wheels is a mobile nail salon that offers makeup and nail services in Cincinnati.

Deborah Burchett has been a licensed Nail Tech and Esthetician for 17 years. She always knew she wanted to have her own salon, but wanted to stand out in the industry. After two years and a remodeled 1976 motorhome, her salon was born.

Glam on Wheels is a mobile salon that offers makeup and nail services as well as packages for a girl’s night, birthday girl and bridal party. Burchett says she travels around Cincinnati parking in front of businesses, weddings and other events. 

She licensed with the state of Ohio last May and was officially open for business in July. “I put it in storage for the winter and used that time to do marketing and get events lined up,” explained Burchett. Now she is preparing for her first full season with events on Mother’s Day, a pop-up event at a brewery and even more weddings. 

Burchett also explains that she loves teaming up with her girlfriends to do these events. She and local hair stylist Jessica Kong have worked together to do various weddings.

“When I do weddings I never double book. In this business, you have to prepare for the unexpected and give the bride your undivided attention. It’s almost like I am on call,” says Burchett.

According to Burchett, her business is one of a kind, especially here in Cincinnati. “I know there is one person doing something similar in Toledo and one person in Cincinnati doing this but with hair services. I am the only mobile licensed nail salon,” she says. It is such a new concept and I am trying to open some closed doors.”

While starting a business that is a new concept has perks, Burchett says it does not come without challenges. “It is definitely a learning process. It has taken time and a big challenge is figuring out where you can and cannot park it.” 

Glam on Wheels aims to be as convenient as possible while giving customers the pampering they deserve. “Everybody is always so busy and no one really has time to go sit in a salon and get their nails done anymore,” she explains. “This is especially true for moms who have a hard time getting a babysitter. Also for brides trying to get their whole bridal party into a salon and the salon not being able to accommodate them. I want to give them a stress free experience while making them feel great about themselves.

As for the future, Burchett hopes to make Glam on Wheels a full time business and eventually be able to franchise it. 

I really love the interaction I get to have with my customers. I like making it a personal experience that sometimes cannot be achieved in a regular salon. The artistic side of it and being able to use creativity in my work is something I value.

To learn more, visit or like them on Facebook.

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A local skincare expert, hair stylist and fitness trainer are teaming up to pamper you in a unique atmosphere while supporting a worthy cause.


Sweaty Ready is an event being held May 7 to benefit No Child Wet Behind.

Leslie Young, Tara Wood and Josh Garrett have very different careers and knowledge in various industries. They have one thing in common, however, they are all teaming up to host Sweaty to Ready, an event aimed at giving tips and tricks on how to get post-gym ready, while supporting a cause that helps children in need.

Sweaty to Ready is taking place at Cincy 360 Fitness, where Garrett utilizes his knowledge about health and wellness to help people feel confident in themselves. Attendees will complete a 45-minute workout circuit led by Garrett. 

Young, an Executive Specialist at beauty line EVER Skin, will then be giving makeup tips while educating people about the products they put on their skin. “So many people are going to the gym and don’t know how to go back to normal life after,”she says. “We want to show them how easy it really is to achieve a great look in a short amount of time. This is a great way to jump start people as we are going into summer and getting them looking and feeling great.”


According to Young, EVER is a mission-driven beauty line that gives clinical grade results and uses natural ingredients“Everyone wants transparent ingredients in the products they are using. The products we use on our face go into our bloodstream, so it is important for people to be educated on the ingredients in those products. EVER is a forward thinking and transparent company that gives results.” Young will be educating people on this topic and sharing more about EVER products at Sweaty to Ready. 

Wood, a hair stylist at CoCo Creative Wellness, will be giving tips on post-workout hair styling. Free samples will be given out as attendees are being pampered after their workout.

No Child Wet Behind provides diapers to needy families.

This event goes beyond getting post-gym ready. All who attend are asked to bring a package of diapers to benefit the non-profit organization No Child Wet Behind. This organization provides diapers for children in need. “Diapers are a huge need and Cincinnati has a big challenge with this,” says Young. “This is a risk to the well-being of these kids. Our goal is to get as many diapers as possible.”

The only entry fee to the event is a package of diapers. Even if you are unable to attend the eventyou can still donate at

Cincy 360 Fitness is located at 3833 Eastern Avenue. To learn more about EVER Skin Care, visit RSVP for the event, click here.

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A national organization with a focus on entrepreneurial moms is launching a Cincinnati chapter this week. Read on for all the details.


The Cincinnati Business Among Moms chapter is officially launching on May 2.

Business Among Moms is an organization with 30 other chapters around the country. Its focus is female entrepreneurs who are also balancing motherhood and need some peer support. A Cincinnati chapter is launching this week thanks to Rachel Murphy, owner of Rachel Lynn Studio, a Cincinnati-based wedding and event design firm.

Hosting monthly meetings and events, Business Among Moms aims to build a community of moms who are also business owners. Murphy and her partner both own personal businesses, and realized how necessary it is to have a network of women to share experiences and stories with.

“A lot of the time, if women are in a business setting, they are usually timid to talk about mom-related things because they don’t want to seem like they are not professionally minded,” she explained. “It’s all about balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship and that is what we are trying to help moms do. We want to build a community where different moms with different experiences can network with each other and support each other.”

The monthly meetings are centered around business topics. Attendees can bounce ideas off of one another, discuss their businesses and families all while learning how to build a team, grow and market with other women who can relate to them.

The Cincinnati Business Among Moms chapter is officially launching with an event to celebrate on May 2, alongside the chapter’s first meeting. The launch party is free to attend and those interested can come out, network and learn about Business Among Moms. They will discuss membership opportunities, monthly meetings and there will be a Q&A session.

The launch event will take place at The Space Community Workplace at 9405 Montgomery Road from 5:30-7:30pm. You can get tickets here.

Murphy is focused on building a community of these women in Cincinnati. “We want to connect women who are professionally minded and want to talk about business just as much as motherhood,” she said. “These kind of women often feel like they are the only one balancing business and family, and we want to show them that they are not alone. Some women are a part of different mom groups or different business groups, and it is rare that the two ever combine. Business Among Moms aims to connect these two important aspects.”

The organization connects these women to help offer a wide array of support, ideas and businesses. According to Murphy, they want moms with different experiences. Whether their kids are young or old, or they are just thinking about entrepreneurship, all women are welcome and encouraged to come out and support each other.

To learn more about Business Among Moms, visit

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There’s a new permanent makeup and esthetics studio set to open in May. Read on for all the details.


Beaute Blvd is a new permanent makeup studio that will soon open in Norwood.

Breyanna Matthews has loved beauty and fashion ever since she was a child. However, it wasn’t until she became a makeup artist at a luxury cosmetics store that she realized her passion for eyebrow design. She turned this passion into an entrepreneurship opportunity with her new permanent makeup and esthetics studio, Beaute Blvd.

Beaute Blvd will open in May and offer microblading, brow waxing and design, facials and makeup application. Matthews specializes in microblading and leverages this knowledge to differentiate her business from the others in the industry.

“At Beaute Blvd, micro-blading services are uniquely designed for each individual. There aren’t any ‘standard’ eyebrow designs that I use with each client,” she says. “I take my time with my clients to ensure that they are comfortable with their brow design before I start the service. Also, I like to offer my client’s eye and lip masks while I am microblading their brows. I like to pamper my clients even if they do come in just for one service.”

Matthews hopes to help women enhance their natural beauty in order to feel their best from the inside out. 

I never want my clients to feel that my services change their entire look,” she says. “This is why I spend a lot of time during the consultation. I like to get to know my client, their lifestyle, their beauty goals and inspiration. There is no “one size fits all” brow design at Beaute Blvd. I strongly believe that when women look their best, they feel their best.”

As microblading is the primary service Beaute Blvd plans to provide, Matthews will be learning more techniques later this year. She hopes to expand to offer skincare treatments such as micro-needling and eventually Botox services. Also, she would like to open a Beaute Blvd cosmetic store where she could sell luxury makeup and skincare.

“My goal is to ensure that every client receives impeccable service and a desirable experience. I want to connect with women and help them feel their best,” she explains. “When my clients leave Beaute Blvd, I want them to leave feeling empowered and feeling like they can take over the world.”

With the opening of Beaute Blvd quickly approaching, Matthews prepares by reflecting on why she chose to open her own business. 

I love that I am helping others and that I get to interact and connect with different women through beauty. It is so gratifying,” she says. “I love microblading! Brows are a very important part of your face. I love the transformation of your brows after micro-blading, and the fact that you are able to save time during your daily beauty routine is a huge plus.”

Beaute Blvd will be having a grand opening special for $100 off of microblading services until the end of July, according to Matthews. To book an appointment or set up a consultation, you can email You can also like them on Instagram and Facebook. The studio will be located at 2260 Park Avenue.

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Learn about a local stylist who’s going from hair and makeup for Good Morning America and the Rio Olympics to behind your chair at her new salon. 


Jessica Kong offers hair and makeup services at Salon Lofts in Anderson.

Jessica Kong has considered herself an artist ever since she began studying art education at the University of Cincinnati. She practices a different kind of art today, though. Kong uses her creativity and artistic ability to make her customers feel beautiful when they sit in front of her in a salon chair. 

Having been a stylist since 2003, earning her certification from Aveda Frederic’s Institute, Kong specializes in hair and makeup and has various unique experiences in the industry. “My former boss and I began doing contract work with P&G. We styled people for Good Morning America appearances and started doing VIP makeup for Pantene,” says Kong. “We then heard about an opportunity to do makeup for the Rio 2016 Olympics and applied for that. We ran family home salons, styled for photoshoots and gave haircuts to athletes from everywhere.”

Today, Kong runs a Salon Loft-based salon, which she opened three years ago. There, she says, she leverages her vast knowledge and one-of-a-kind experiences to give each of her personal clients a customized beauty experience.

“Ninety percent of my customers have been with me for 11 plus years,” she explains, adding that she strives to differentiate herself in the industry by building relationships with those clients. “The looks I do depend on the specific client. Everything is customized to their wants and needs. Whatever they want, I listen and try to give them a creative look based on that. I want to give them an achievable look they can try on their own if they are not necessarily good at doing hair or makeup. My goal is to go farther than today’s trends and take my own artistic approach.”

Kong does hair and makeup for specific events as well as regular colors, cuts and waxing. Customers can also purchase some of the products used in styling. 

In her spare time, Kong considers herself an outdoor enthusiast. She hopes that in the future she can do hair and makeup for various outdoor brands. Kong also wants to focus on building her own brand, she adds, “I hope to continue to expand and use my creativity in new ways.”

Find Jessica Kong at Salon Lofts in Anderson Towne Center at 7454 Beechmont AveTo learn more about her and her services, visit

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A local entrepreneur, with years of experience in both the medical field and the beauty industry, opened a new business that offers eyelash extensions, eyebrow fills, microblading and more.


 La Face Beauty Lounge offers a variety of beauty services including fills, microblading, and more.

From being a nurse to working in multiple salons to owning a boutique in Clifton, Stephanie Powell has years of experience in the medical, retail and beauty fields. Today, she’s leveraging that unique combination of skills at her new studio, La Face Beauty Lounge, where she offers eyelash extensions, eyebrow fills, microblading services and more.

Powell’s Clifton boutique focused on selling select clothing pieces and makeup. However, she also offered 15 minute lashes and brows beyond the storefront. Powell realized her passion for these services and wanted to expand them.

After teaching her cousin the art of eyelash extensions, they teamed up to open La Face Beauty Lounge in Feb. 2018. Their customers are also able to take part in this learning experience. “We do offer lash extension training. No one seems to be really educated on lash growth and damage caused by some lash extensions,” says Powell. “We wanted to create a place where people can get natural enhancements that look great.”

Powell says she and co-owner Takara Clark pride themselves on offering a unique experience that is personalized to every customer. “We are very focused on quality over quantity,” explains Powell. “It’s important to apply natural and quality lashes over a million lashes that look fake and end up hurting your eyelashes.”

Also, it’s important to know your options when it comes to the look of your lashes, and which ones will best complement your features, Powell explains. “No two sets of lashes are alike. Every set is customized to the client,” she adds. “We actually take the time to study your face and eye shape and give you the best option. It’s so much more than just applying lashes, it is a process that takes time and care.”

Powell and Clark are both in the process of receiving certification for lash lifts as well. “Lash lifts are a natural way to enhance your eyelashes. They are done to your actual lashes so nothing is fake,” explains Powell. 

The atmosphere at the studio is unique as well, according to Powell. “We encourage self-care through a relaxing environment,” she adds. “It’s a relaxing breakaway as customer can lay under a warm blanket with dim lights as soft music is playing.”

As for the future, Powell and Clark are already planning even more. “We plan to add the lash lifts and more services, as well as utilize makeup a bit more,” Powell says. We are already seeing we need a bigger location. Further down the road, we also may open a Columbus location,” she says.

“We do this for the people and we really love what we do. Customer service is always our number one priority.”

La Face Beauty Lounge is located at 592 Clock Tower Way, Suite 12 in Crescent Springs, KentuckyTo learn more about their services or to book an appointment, visit

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A local health and wellness center is teaming up with an area winery to serve you bubbly with a side of Botox if you’d like. Read on for all the wrinkle-releasing details.

Your Wellness Center and Revel OTR Urban Winery are teaming up to host Beauty and Bubbles.


Your Wellness Center is partnering with Revel OTR Urban Winery to bring you a fun afternoon of just what it sounds like, beauty and bubbles. 

The event will feature Revel exclusive bottles of wine, lite bites such as fruits, breads and chocolates, and live Botox demonstrations by Your Wellness Center Nurse Practitioner, Katelyn Hunter. It is taking place on Saturday, April 14 from 12-3 pm at Revel. 

Your Wellness Center focuses on weight loss, hormone replacement therapy and Medspa services. They offer treatments such as HydraFacials, Botox, chemical peels and much more. Beauty & Bubbles offers a chance to obtain these treatments through a raffle. 

According to Josh Lehenbauer, the Digital Media Manager for Your Wellness Center, $40 will get you the sparkling wine flight, treats, and three raffle tickets to win an abundance of high-demand products and prizes. These tickets can be put towards a HydraFacial, lip filler, Botox, high-grade skin peel, skincare package and a “grand prize” of a Vampire Facial. All of these treatments are valued at over $100, according to Lehenbauer. Guests will also receive a free swag bag featuring a Your Wellness Center gift card and other goodies. 

“We wanted to create a classy, fun afternoon similar to a brunch but instead of avocado toast, you get Botox!” says Lehenbauer. 

The event will also feature live cosmetic demonstrations by Kaitlyn Hunter, the Your Wellness Center Medspa Nurse Practitioner. She will be giving Botox to customers who have previously received it so guests can physically see the process and have their questions answered. 

“No one has really done anything like this here. This is common in places like New York or Los Angeles and Cincinnati is on the uphill of just getting comfortable with stuff like this,” says Lehenbauer. “We are just trying to break the barrier and break the stigma of cosmetics. We are very focused on natural products and treatments.”

Attendees will also be able to buy three specific Revel wines at discounted prices. 

“We are hoping this event goes well and that we can do more with Revel in the future, as well as other businesses. We want to expand our brand and maybe next year do a big open house of our office. Also, we hope to do more events like this one with giveaways and food trucks.”

Revel Urban Winery is located 111 E. 12th St. To get tickets or learn more about the event, visit To learn more about Your Wellness Center, visit

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What is a Woman? See how local ladies, with a specialty in storytelling, are uniquely answering this existential question while highlighting Cincinnati's movers and shakers.

The founders behind Women of Cincy are bringing a new podcast to town called “What is a Woman?”

Women of Cincy was founded by Kiersten Feuchter, Chelsie Walter and Kelsey Johnson after they talked to some inspiring women at the Women’s March and realized those stories deserved to be heard. Their goal was to create opportunity and empathy for women everywhere, but specifically here in Cincinnati. 

They tell these stories by interviewing women all across the city and learning about their experiences and celebrating their differences. “We want to find a way to connect accomplished women,” says Feuchter. One way they are doing this is through their new podcast.

“What is a Woman?” is a podcast series that aims to explain the countless different perspectives that go along with this question. The series is be made up of hour-long seasonal episodes all asking a different question. The first one being, what is beauty?

“A podcast gives an extra level of intimacy that you can’t get with a written word,” explains Feuchter. The episodes consist of real conversations with real women discussing questions that do not have answers. Some of these questions include “what is wellness?,” “what is government?,” “what is family?,” and many more.

“With the first episode asking “what is beauty?” we hope to get many different perspectives that represent different approaches to beauty,” says Feuchter. “We talk to many different women with diverse backgrounds and they all have different answers. One is a slam poet who discusses body image, racism and cultural expectations that go along with beauty. One is a sociocultural anthropologist who has more experience and a diverse perspective on the actual definition of beauty. Then we speak to a makeup artist and a teacher, so these are real people who can talk about these topics in a real way.”

Another topic Women of Cincy is passionate about is gender inclusivity. “We have monthly events and one of them was a night at the theatre and the play featured a transgender character,” says Feuchter. “We want to do workshop training on gender inclusiveness and focus on that education aspect as well. It can be an intimidating topic in a way and we want to talk to people about that.”

The main goals of Women of Cincy with this podcast are to broaden perspectives of numerous topics and make a social impact via building community. 

“We have writers who do interviews so that is expanding the perspectives of the interviewers. We just want to achieve a cohesive feeling,” says Feuchter.

Feuchter touches on what makes the organization and the podcast so unique and why it is important to her. “I think the community driven aspect is so special and the fact that we were started on accident just because we were trying to tell women’s stories. We are very organic and we keep growing because people are happy about what we’re doing,” she says. “There are 50 plus women on our team and they are there on a volunteer basis. They do it because they believe in it.”

Feuchter says moving forward she hopes to expand on the multimedia side of things and have more variety within the podcast. 

“What’s really missing in 2018 is human connection and we hope to encourage that change and helping people see one another as people.”

To listen to the first episode of “What is a Woman?” or learn more about Women of Cincy, visit  

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A spa-like dentistry and aesthetic practice downtown aims to build your self-esteem through a smile that shines from the inside out.

Seven Star Dental offers a spa-like environment for customers.

Seven Star Dental offers their services in a spa-like environment with a special focus on customer service and patient care. From veneers to crowns to regular cleanings and even Botox, Seven Star Dental uses the latest technology to offer a one-of-a-kind dental experience, according to Office Manager Maria Heuser.

It’s a general practice, she says, but they are known for restorative work such as crowns, particularly same-day crowns. “Usually, crowns are a process that take multiple appointments,” says Heuser, “but we have technology that allows us to perform them on the same day they come in.”

Heuser has been at Seven Star Dental since the practice opened in 2014 and was joined by Dr. Maria Bustamante who took over as the owner in March of 2016. Bustamante is the primary dentist and performs all of the other services as well. 

“My main goal is to reach out to the community and offer high level services that exceed expectations. We aim to be a different kind of dentistry and create the perfect atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and confident,” says Bustamante. 

The practice uses their services to help clients feel more confident in their smile. They achieve this through teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, dental implants or a simple cleaning. As well as these various services, they also offer Invisalign and cosmetic injections which smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, according to Bustamante. 

Dentistry is a special profession because people need our professional skills and the education about the various services,” says Bustamante. “You can usually tell when someone is not confident in their smile, and if we can help change that then their entire demeanor will change. Impacting them in that way makes me proud and keeps me going.”

Bustamante says she wanted to take over the practice because they have a great philosophy. “Our number one priority is patient care and comfort level, Heuser says, adding how she loves that, as a small practice, they are able to above and beyond. “We give tours to all customers and we really talk to them to find out what they might not be as happy about regarding their smile and their goals. Bigger practices do not really get to do this.”

Seven Star Dental is located at 7 West 7th Street Ste 1, in downtown Cincinnati. To learn more, go to