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A spa-like dentistry and aesthetic practice downtown aims to build your self-esteem through a smile that shines from the inside out.


Seven Star Dental offers a spa-like environment for customers.

Seven Star Dental offers their services in a spa-like environment with a special focus on customer service and patient care. From veneers to crowns to regular cleanings and even Botox, Seven Star Dental uses the latest technology to offer a one-of-a-kind dental experience, according to Office Manager Maria Heuser.

It’s a general practice, she says, but they are known for restorative work such as crowns, particularly same-day crowns. “Usually, crowns are a process that take multiple appointments,” says Heuser, “but we have technology that allows us to perform them on the same day they come in.”

Heuser has been at Seven Star Dental since the practice opened in 2014 and was joined by Dr. Maria Bustamante who took over as the owner in March of 2016. Bustamante is the primary dentist and performs all of the other services as well. 

“My main goal is to reach out to the community and offer high level services that exceed expectations. We aim to be a different kind of dentistry and create the perfect atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and confident,” says Bustamante. 

The practice uses their services to help clients feel more confident in their smile. They achieve this through teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, dental implants or a simple cleaning. As well as these various services, they also offer Invisalign and cosmetic injections which smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, according to Bustamante. 

Dentistry is a special profession because people need our professional skills and the education about the various services,” says Bustamante. “You can usually tell when someone is not confident in their smile, and if we can help change that then their entire demeanor will change. Impacting them in that way makes me proud and keeps me going.”

Bustamante says she wanted to take over the practice because they have a great philosophy. “Our number one priority is patient care and comfort level, Heuser says, adding how she loves that, as a small practice, they are able to above and beyond. “We give tours to all customers and we really talk to them to find out what they might not be as happy about regarding their smile and their goals. Bigger practices do not really get to do this.”

Seven Star Dental is located at 7 West 7th Street Ste 1, in downtown Cincinnati. To learn more, go to

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From acne to aging, all-natural to high-powered, one local skincare expert offers a variety of products and treatments to get results at her Hyde Park spa.

Melissa Berens, Owner/Master Spa Specialist at Spa Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen is somewhat of skincare guru. With a background as an esthetician, massage therapist and nail technician, she has experienced numerous sides of the beauty industry. In 2014, she took advantage of her years of experience and opened her own spa. 

Spa Melissa Allen offers services such as facials, hydra-facials and waxing. Specific facials include chemical peels, oxygen facials, facial lymphatic drainage and more. 

While these terms may sound a bit unfamiliar, they all incorporate advanced skin treatments to make women feel amazing in their own skin, according to Allen.

“I believe in products that work with the skin instead of against it. Injectable treatments are known to kill the nerves to muscles and end up hurting your skin rather than helping. All of our treatments take a more natural approach and strengthen your muscles,” Allen says.

Allen also describes why and how she transitioned from being an employee to an employer, “I wanted to move away from doing nails and massages. Cincinnati is such an odd animal, there are so many people craving larger market services and not a lot of businesses offer them,” she explains. “I was very interested in higher level skincare and wanted to offer that to customers. I want to focus on what brings the most joy to our customers and makes them feel amazing.”

Spa Melissa Allen utilizes three different skincare lines for their treatments. The first is Skin Script, a natural, yet medical-grade, line that allows custom treatment for any skin type. The second line is HydraFacial MD, with products such as eye creams, cleansers, spot correctors and more. The final line is DMK which specializes in an Enzyme Therapy Treatment which is also referred to as a “zombie facial.” Spa Melissa Allen is the only local spa that carries the DMK line, according to Allen. The spa also sells Young Living essential oils.

“If someone buys one of these products, I write a letter to them to make sure they’re getting the results they hoped for,” says Allen. 

Allen also discusses how it can be a bit of a struggle to characterize skin type and how she tries to help customers do that. “A lot of people misdiagnose themselves,” she says. 

Acne is not a common problem among adults. Usually, it is diet or products that people use that are causing skin breakouts. We try to help with that by having them answer on an intake form how they would characterize their skin,” she explains.

Allen says she has something large in the works for 2020, but the current location in Hyde Park is where customers can find Spa Melissa Allen.

“I truly love all my guests and I care about their happiness. Seeing before and after pictures of their skin makes me feel so good and that I am doing something worthwhile. I want customers to know that if they have any skincare concerns, they should not hesitate to reach out to an esthetician,” says Allen. 

Spa Melissa Allen is located at 3848 Paxton Ave # 11, Cincinnati, OH 45209To learn more, visit

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One local lady opened a beauty bar to help you feel relaxed and pampered in a unique atmosphere. Read on for more.


Blush Beauty Bar and Spa offers a range of services from makeup application to massages and much more.

Becky Walter opened her salon, Blush Beauty Bar & Spa, just three months ago. Walter says she now has 16 employees and countless loyal customers. 

Walter rented booths for eight years offering some of the same services before starting her own spaBlush offers services from makeup application to massages to spray tanning and even more. 

Located at 7569 Bridgetown RoadWalter says the salon offers a variety of different services in a unique atmosphere. Walter discusses how she tries to differentiate Blush from other beauty spas, We don’t want to look like every other spa. We have many antique pieces in here and try to take the old and make it look new,” she says. “We touch on just about everything here and people have responded well.”

In addition to the numerous services provided at Blush, there is a boutique wall where customers can purchase fun girl gifts such as bath bombs, soaps, jewelry dishes and more. 

A visit to this spa does not have to be a quick trip alone, as they can accommodate groups of any size. “Whether it’s for a bridal party or a ladies night, we are able to host them and we love having them. Most of our customers look forward to coming back with their moms or sisters,” Walter says. 

Walter also discusses her reasoning for opening a salon like this one and her goals with the new space. “I wanted to create an intimate space with just about everything that still makes people feel like they’re coming to a professional salon. I wanted a comfortable place where people can get pampered,” she explains. 

Blush also sells the products that they use for haircare and makeup application. “We sell Lanza hair products and Circadia skincare so if customers really liked what was used in a treatment they can take it home,” explains Walter. 

“The education and products are awesome. Our employees are well-trained and great at what they do so they are able to answer questions and explain how and why the treatments work,” she says.

Blush also plans to host several events in their space throughout the year. According to Walter, they hosted a fun shopping event for Christmas and they are working on something for Mother’s Day where moms can be treated for the day with deals and specials. “I think this aspect will also separate us from other salons and help us stand out,” Says Walter.

To learn more about Blush Beauty Bar & Spa, you can find them on Bridgetown Road or find them on Facebook at

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From medical student to yoga teacher to skin care guru, one local woman started her own skin care line to help you heal from the inside out. Read on to learn more!

Arkadiance Integrated Skin Care is a wellness-based line that focuses on healing from the inside.

Ami Kulkarni began a skin care line for consumers after her own life-long search for effective beauty products with natural ingredients. Having spent over 20 years researching, marketing and designing in the beauty industry for companies including Procter & Gamble, Olay and Origins, she was motivated to take a more natural approach to skin care with her line Arkadiance.

Arkadiance is a wellness-based skin care line which focuses on healing from the inside to reveal outer radiance. The products are derived from natural ingredients with high impact formulas. 

The brand launched in 2016 with a range of natural products — some used internally and others externally — such as a facial cleanser, face cream, Omega 3 capsules, teas and more with the idea of creating health and beauty from the inside out. 

Assistant Brand Manager Taylor Carter explains why Kulkarni left the corporate world to begin her own line: “Her motivation was that no one was answering to the consumer who wanted natural products. Ami wanted to serve that customer,” she says. “P&G is such a large corporation so it is harder for them to produce all natural products. As a startup, we can afford it.”


Arkadiance founder Ami Kulkarni

There are numerous skin care lines on the market, but Arkadiance does things quite differently, Carter says, above and beyond using high quality ingredients with proven results. “What we do differently is the personal connection. We send hand written notes to anyone who orders a product and we follow up with them afterwards,” she explains. 

Arkadiance aims to educate their clients as well as fulfill their skin care needs. “Ami has a medical background so that allows us to be an outlet for questions and concerns as well,” Carter says. “If someone comes to us with a skin concern we make it a goal to educate them about things. We are here to answer questions and provide a natural solution to any issues they may have.”

Not many consumers today are aware of what is actually in the products that are labeled “all natural.” According to Carter, a product has to consist of 70% of natural ingredients to be deemed a “natural” product. The average percentage of natural ingredients in Arkadiance skin care products is 95, Carter says.

Along with selling products such as facial toners and creams, Arkadiance also sells supplements including omega-3 capsules, multi-strain probiotics, and rainbow antioxidants. 

These products can be found in-person at HighStreet boutique at 1401 Reading Road. Or you can buy online at

To learn more about Arkadiance and see our Editor-in-Chic’s personal review of using the products, watch the video below.

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A local entrepreneur is leveraging the healing power of salt to take her business (and clients' health) to the next level. Read on for more.


In addition to medical gear, Scrub Hub also sells shoes and offers Halotherapy.

What started out as a medical supply store has turned into much more under the ownership of Jacqui Pelzel, who works especially hard in memory of her former business partner and husband. 

Together, in 2013, they opened Scrub Hub  in Harrison selling products such as scrubs and medical devices. With the hopes of expanding their brand, they moved to a larger space in 2017 and began selling shoes as well as offering halotherapy.

Halotherapy is the use of salt fumes to treat respiratory ailments, kill bacteria, and clear the mind. It dates back all the way to the 12th century when European monks noticed that treating respiratory illnesses in salt caverns led their patients to a faster recovery. A Polish doctor in the 1800s also noticed that workers in salt mines had better overall health than average people, as well as those working in metal and coal mines. 

At Scrub Hub, customers can pay $30 to sit in a relaxing room for 45 minutes while inhaling medical salt fumes. Plus, the first visit is half off, according to Pelzel.

“If I wake up feeling sick I can just go in and get a treatment and I feel good as new,” Pelzel says of how she utilizes halotherapy. “I used to be a substitute nurse and I saw all of the children’s issues that dealt with their nasal cavities, halotherapy treatments help so much with that,” she explains.

Pelzel explains that she loves being a part of Scrub Hub because she feels like she is making a difference in people’s lives. We genuinely care about if you’re happy,” she says. “I love how friendly we are and how comfortable the environment is. I have so much confidence in the employees here. I think that is really unique for a store like ours.”

Pelzel hopes to open more Scrub Hub locations in the near future.

Whether you are in need of high quality scrubs, shoes, or just interested in trying halotherapy, Scrub Hub makes it a primary goal to fulfill those needs, Pelzel says.

Scrub Hub is located at 10548 Harrison Ave., Ste 1500 in Harrison. To learn more, visit

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Learn about a new on-demand massage service that brings relaxation to your front door with the ease of an app.

Zeel massage now delivers massages to your doorstep.

Ever wanted a massage but didn’t want to deal with scheduling one at a busy spa and traveling to get there? Thanks to Zeel, an app with service now available in Cincinnati, you can get on-demand massage services delivered to your home, work or events.

“Zeel is the leading and largest on-demand massage provider with over 10,000 licensed massage therapists serving over 80 US cities, explains Public Relations Director Jillian Sanders. “With best-in-class security protocols, Zeel offers on-demand, at-home massage in as little as an hour, 365 days a year, with start times as early as 8 am and as late at 10:30 pm.”

Zeel launched in Cincinnati in early February, following an earlier launch in Columbus. According to Sanders, customers order a massage via the Zeel app or via by selecting their session time, length, and location. You can also choose the gender of the massage therapist as well as the type of massage you’d like to receive such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, couples, and sleep massage. She adds that there are customizable options available like reflexology and aromatherapy.

“Our in-home massage app transformed the way people book massages,” says Zeel’s CEO and Founder Samer Hamadeh. “We’re thrilled to bring Cincinnati residents and visitors the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy, with the ultimate convenience and best-in-class quality and service.”

Worried you don’t have supplies on-hand for a massage at your house? They bring the massage table, music, and all other supplies needed to deliver a spa experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Sanders says Zeel’s goal is to make it easier for people to get massages regularly and incorporate them into their wellness routines.

When you opt for a Zeel massage membership, Sanders says, you’ll find there are perks such as monthly massage at a discounted rate, a free professional Zeel massage table, and a deluxe sheet set to match. “There’s no initiation fee to join and sooth your muscles,” says Sanders. “Members can access a 90-day trial options, and accounts can be shared with other household members.”

The cost for a 60-minute massage is $111, however, Sanders says that Zeel massage members pay $92 for a 60-minute massage. And she says payment is easy with a cash-free process that always includes tax and gratuity on every receipt.

To learn more about Zeel Massage, visit You can also use code CINCINNATI for $20 off your first massage.

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Read on for an inspiring story of a corporate ladder climber who followed her heart to the beauty industry, where she recently launched her own full-service salon. 

Before/After Beauty is a full-service salon that offers a variety of beauty services from facials to hair coloring and more.

Wallis Doyle’s career wasn’t always in the beauty industry. In fact, she graduated from Ohio University in Athens with three Bachelors degrees before entering a career in telecommunications.

Despite the success many saw on the outside, however, she didn’t quite feel that way on the inside.

“After take a leap of faith with a huge amount of support from my family and my friends, I decided to go to cosmetology school and that was the best decision I have ever made,” she says. “Before I didn’t feel like I was fully myself, but couldn’t figure out what was missing. But after taking a risk and following an instinct, I have found me.”

And helping people find and become the best version of themselves is exactly what she does with her full service salon called Before/After Beauty.

Before/After Beauty originally started out as a bridal beauty company that traveled to on-site locations for hair styling and makeup services,” explains Doyle.

But her traveling beauty business hit a major milestone when she opened up her own salon location in December 2017.

“Now, Before/After Beauty is a full-service salon that offers everything from hair services, skincare, and makeup applications,” she says. “We are a consultation and customer focused salon that is committed to giving our clients the exact look they want.”

Doyle has received formal training from Paul Mitchell, Bobbi Brown, Vivienne Mackinder, MAC, and more, she says that the salon is able to provide clients with extensive knowledge of the beauty industry in order to help them feel unique, radiant, and camera-ready.

Doyle credits her team of freelancers for coming together and making the “dream work” for the last few years of her business. She also credits Beezer Bright with creating beautiful up-dos that compliment the makeup applications Doyle does for clients.

“The rest of my amazing support team includes MArgot Hisle, Kayleigh Rado, Chloe Mills, Kate Skelton, Kelsey Brown, Katie Cawley, Ashley Gill, and so many more,” she adds.

There is a wide variety of services available at Before/After Beauty, including women’s and men’s haircuts and styles, blowouts, event styling, hair extensions, highlights/lowlights, all over color, balayage, ombre, traditional makeup application, airbrush makeup application, makeup lessons, facials, micropeels, dermaplaning, and eyelash extensions.

When asked what makes her salon unique, Doyle says that it’s their commitment to continuously learning about their craft and clients, as well as their focus on understanding their clients’ needs through consultations.

According to Doyle, Before/After Beauty will be traveling to its first international wedding in May, adding that those at the salon enjoy traveling to destination weddings and have previously traveled to places such as Myrtle Beach, Boston, Las Vegas, Lexington, Columbus, and Cleveland, in addition to the Cincinnati weddings they’ve done.

Before/After Beauty is located at the corner of Erie and Marburg, in the Oakley/Hyde Park area at 3610 Marburg Avenue in Cincinnati.

You can book an appointment by clicking here or by visiting the salon’s page on The Knot.

To learn more about Before/After Beauty, “like” them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

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Local mixologist Molly Wellmann and a local skin care guru are mixing up some fun with good-for-you ingredients at a free upcoming event you won’t want to miss. 


Cincy Chic will host Punch & Prettification on March 15 at Myrtle’s Punch House with mixologist Molly Wellmann and EVER Skincare consultant Andie Wafzig.

Molly Wellmann and EVER Skincare’s Andie Wafzig are teaming up for a free and fun event filled with good-for-you ingredients. So, mark your calendar and grab your gal pals for “Punch and Prettification” on Thursday, March 15 from 6-9 pm at Myrtle’s Punch House.

The event will feature a variety of punch recipes created by nationally-recognized mixology Molly Wellmann, and Wafzig will also be there to pamper guests with the products sold by the EVER Skincare line.

Wafzig says she’s excited for the event featuring the good-for-you products from EVER alongside Wellmann’s healthy cocktails.

“When Amy [of Cincy Chic] told me that Molly was launching her own simple syrups and mixing-up healthy cocktails, I thought it would be a perfect partnership to share EVER’s healthy skincare and beauty line,” says Wafzig.


Wafzig says that she will be bringing EVER’s full line of clinical grade, good-for-you skincare for guests to try at the event. “And I am thrilled to be able to launch our brand new color cosmetics in the Cincinnati market,” she says. “EVER officially launches color on March 3, so our event guests will be some of the first in the country to sample our new makeup items.”

The cosmetics are all infused with some of the brand’s key skincare ingredients so they aren’t just providing makeup coverage but are also helping to improve your skin’s health as you wear them, which is why Wafzig says the company calls it “more than makeup.”

EVER Skincare’s Andie Wafzig

When it comes to the event, Wafzig says she’s looking forward to introducing EVER’s line of skincare and beauty products, and trying Wellmann’s cocktails.

“So many women are on the hunt for beauty products that will help them look and feel good, but without all of the harmful ingredients,” she says. “EVER is that product line we’ve all been looking for, but since we’ve only been on the market for 2.5 years, and we’re not sold in stores, not many people know about it yet. I can’t wait for women to come in, sip a great cocktail, and sample EVER’s healthy products.”

Those products include a range of items, including some of Wafzig’s favorites such as the Overnight Facial Cellular Renewal Oil, the REVEAL Biomimetic Peel Pads, and the LAVISH Ultra Rich Body Butter. She says the Overnight Facial Cellular Renewal Oil is a product that will reduce pore size, plump up wrinkles, and make your skin look brighter and more even, all overnight. The REVEAL Biomimetic Peel Pads are a fan favorite and peel off dead skin cells while smoothing your skin’s texture. It’s also the winner of the ALLURE Best of Beauty award for two years in a row. Then, lastly, the LAVISH Ultra Rich Body Butter that moisturizes even the driest skin, helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars, and firms the skin. “The smell alone will have you swooning,” Wafzig says of the LAVISH body butter.

Myrtle’s Punch House is located at 2733 Woodburn Avenue in Cincinnati. You can RSVP to this free event at Learn more about Wafzig’s EVER Skincare on Facebook and Instagram and learn more about Myrtle’s Punch House on Facebook and Instagram.

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We take a look inside this O’Bryonville-based salon that does things differently than the rest with the tools you need to feel your best.

Toolbox Studio Salon offers a variety of hair and beauty services.

Heather Cooper has been in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years, working in salons she says put the hair department first, while everything else came second – including customer service.

That’s why, three years ago, she decided that she wanted to bring a hair salon to Cincinnati that was innovative and cutting edge, yet relaxed and calming that treated its customers like people, not numbers. So she launched Toolbox Studio Salon, a boutique and eclectic full-service salon located in the heart of Cincinnati’s O’Bryonville neighborhood.

“Toolbox Studio Salon was developed as exactly the opposite of other salons,” says Cooper. “We are a team of independent, cooperative salon professionals sharing the goal of success in the industry. We love to listen to our customers and provide the best and most knowledgeable treatments possible. We have the tools you don’t have to create the look you want!”

As a full-service salon, Toolbox Studio Salon offers color, cuts for men, women, and children, keratin treatments, balayage, highlights and lowlights. But that’s not all, Cooper says, as they also offer full body and facial waxing, threading, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, microblading, facials, dermaplaning, manicures, and pedicures.

Aside from being a full-service salon, Toolbox offers a quaint, warm, and comforting vibe. “It’s bright and comfortable and everything that stops in leaves feeling more relaxed and calm,” she says.

Cooper says that growth has allowed the salon to add a second stylist to bring the best of the best to their customers when it comes to its services.

The salon also focuses on continuing education and refining their skills, so they can stay on top of the latest trends and tricks to continue offering high-quality services.

As for 2018, Cooper says that she will soon be offering lash lifting and scalp tattooing at Toolbox.

To learn more about Toolbox Studio Salon, visit, “like” them on Facebook, and follow along on Instagram.

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A local makeup artist launched a subscription service that brings box of unique products you'll love to your door each month. Keep reading for all the details.


Makeup artist Chenese Bean is launching her own subscription box of products from her Glam by Chenese Bean line.

Chenese Bean wants her clients to feel glamorous, and to help them “go glam,” she created her own line of cosmetic lip products called Glam by Chenese Bean.

“Glam is a cosmetics lip collection filled with various lip glosses, lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, and lines,” says Bean. “The motto behind the line is ‘Be You. Be Free. Be Glamorous.’”

Bean says she was inspired to launch her cosmetics line after working with clients who were always looking to her to help them choose makeup.

“And whenever it came down to lip application, I’d always get asked ‘what color is that?’”

That “color” was typically a combination of 2-3 shades, so Bean thought it better to create her line rather than sending clients to the mall to purchase several different products.

Now, along with her own product line, Bean is also launching the “Glam Box,” a monthly subscription box.

“Each little black box will be presented as an elegant Christmas or birthday gift to yourself each month,” says Bean. “And it’s reusable, unlike other boxes, which helps our carbon footprint.”

The box is $25.99 per month and is filled with 3-4 various full-size lip products from the current Glam by Chenese Bean collection in addition to a few other surprises as well, and will launch later in 2018.

“We’re excited about making the world glamorous,” adds Bean. “A product card will be included with each box to give a description of the products as well as an ingredient card all wrapped up nice and cute.”

Bean says the boxes are tailored to the wants and needs of each client, and are based off their results from taking a short profile quiz.

To purchase products from Glam by Chenese Bean, visit Currently, Bean says her subscription box is in launch phase, but those interested in learning more about the box can click here to join the mailing list for additional information and for a product launch date!