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From eyelashes and waxing to a hydro vacuum facial and detox sauna therapy, learn about the Tri-State’s newest beauty mecca.

Jonae Tye, owner of The Beauty Lounge

Whether you just need a quick pick-me-up last lift or a full-blown spa day, a new local beauty studio offers an array of options.

“The Beauty Lounge is a full-service salon where upscale meets beauty,” says owner Jonae Tye, adding that her idea behind the concept is to offer every client who walks through its doors a seat in any chair that offers nothing but the best service. 

“We want clients to unwind and relax while receiving the highest quality of service and indulge in the most up-to-date products that promise glamorous results,” says Tye.

Hair, skin, and beauty services are available from the Beauty Lounge and range from eyelashes and waxing to microdermabrasion and even a detox sauna therapy.

“The sauna blanket uses radiant heat to reach fat deposits and break them up,” explains Tye. “Sweating then occurs from the sauna blanket helps remove fatty waste from the body.”

Tye says that the most effective way to remove fat and cellulite is through diet and exercise, but the sauna blanket is a way to help fat loss occur faster. 

There are also a variety of eyelash services available from the Beauty Lounge including full sets, mink sets, and hybrid sets. 

One of the more popular services is the lash lift. “The lash lift is an eyelash procedure that curls, lifts, and shapes natural lashes,” says Tye. “Your lashes are extended upward from root to tip, creating a longer lifted appearance that opens up the eyes if you are lucky enough to have a good number of eyelashes that lengthen easily with mascara. If this is the case, it may be that you don’t actually need lash extensions.”

Other services include a hydro vacuum facial and extractions to help clear out pores and brighten your skin. 

In addition to these beauty services, the Beauty Lounge offers classes on microblading and eyelashes. 

The Beauty Lounge is located at 9880 Springfield Pike in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit You can also check out special offers and last-minute availabilities on Facebook and Instagram.

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Give the gift of wellness this holiday season with a locally based apothecary that offers herbal and homeopathic products.

What is now Green Feather Homestead + Apothecary is a story that goes back to 2012 and what was known as Phoenix BodyWork & Apothecary, launched by Lindsay Hastings. 

She started her business in 2012 after becoming a licensed massage therapist. Then, in 2018, she received her practitioner certification in BowenWork, a bodywork modality she uses for rehabilitation, pain management for Ehlers Danos and connective tissue disorders, and sports injuries. 

“Since then, I’ve branched out into herbalism and started my formal education with the Science and Art of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar,” she explains. 

Now, she’s branching out the brand that was Phoenix BodyWork & Apothecary into Green Feather Homestead + Apothecary. 

“Green Feather Homestead + Apothecary will be launching in 2020, now that we have acquired our property to grow our herbalism and heirloom produce business,” Hastings explains. 

The inspiration for Green Feather Homestead + Apothecary date back to way before 2012. Hasting’s mother is a holistic practitioner now, but as a child Hastings learned, along with her siblings after her sister became seriously ill, how to care for their bodies in a complementary way. 

“We focused on diet, homeopathics, herbs, emotional wellness, and bodywork,” she says. “We found this to be highly beneficial and as people who love education and teaching others it was a natural fit to become a practitioner myself and then an herbalist.”

Hastings gets help running Green Feather Homestead + Apothecary from her family, as they all play a part in creating products, growing the homestead, and offering general support. 

All of the products offered from Green Feather Homestead + Apothecary are made by Hastings and her family. 

“We create personal care products such as tinctures, balms, salves, and flower essence blends; personal adornment in the form of gemstone therapy jewelry and hand-crocheted items; heirloom produce grown without toxic chemicals and using sustainable practices coming in 2020; and cottage foods such as elderberry syrup and fire cider,” Hastings says.

In addition to the new launch coming up for Green Feather Homestead, there is an Herbal Community Supported Agriculture coming in 2020. While there was a soft launch in 2019, Hastings says she plans to grow the CSA in the coming year. 

“An Herbal CSA works similarly to a farm CSA, but instead of a weekly produce share you receive a seasonal herbal share,” explains Hastings. “Green Feather Homestead + Apothecary offers a box every season to support, nourish, and help you transition from one season to the next with good health as the goal.”

To learn more about Green Feather Homestead, follow along on Instagram.

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Look and feel your best without the downsides of surgery at this Cincinnati-based beauty practice. Click here to learn more.

Want to look your best without going under the knife? DermaLounge wants to help you do just that. 

“DermaLounge is a beauty practice specializing in results-driven, minimally invasive, cosmetic derm treatments, IV hydration, and vitamin and antioxidant therapy,” explains Co-Founder Santrina Fletcher. 

Although many people associate DermaLounge with the increasingly popular med spa, Fletcher says her business is nothing like that. 

Fletcher has a background as a nurse practitioner dating back 10 years. Throughout her career Fletcher has had a focus in cosmetic dermatology, neurology, and primary care as well as health care management. 

And a passion for caring is what helps to inspire her business. “DermaLounge was created to raise the bar with not only providing top notch procedures, but to do it within a caring environment,” she adds.

Fletcher isn’t the only one behind the scenes at DermaLounge. Avery Martin serves as a Nurse Practitioner and Danielle McGraw is an esthetician for the practice.

DermaLounge operates under a “if it doesn’t glow, it doesn’t go” motto when it comes to its procedures, which include: Laser Hair Removal, Skin Resurfacing, Laser Facials, Skin Tightening, Botox/Dysport, Dermal Filler, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Microneedling, Sun Spot laser treatments, and Vitamin/Antioxidant IV hydrating drips. 

Fletcher says that what makes DermaLounge stand out from other beauty practices is that they take a “no pressure” approach to educating patients and helping them to feel comfortable about the procedures they are receiving. 

“Our prices are realistic and designed for [budgets] of every size,” she adds. “We will always provide services that are results driven to make the patients look and feel refreshed.”

As for what’s next at DermaLounge, Fletcher says the practice plans to add PDO thread lifts and PDO filler. 

To learn more about the services offered at DermaLounge, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram or call at 859-360-5842.

DermaLounge is located at 723 Buttermilk Pike in Crescent Springs, Kentucky. 

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Learn about a local makeup artist who provides on-location makeup for brides with special occasions, makeup lessons, permanent makeup, and eyelash extensions.

Natalie Ramirez is a freelance makeup artist specializing in traditional makeup, on-location makeup for brides, special occasions, production, and makeup lessons, permanent makeup, and eyelash extensions. 

Her story, she says, began about 30 years ago. “Ever since I was a little girl I have always had a love for makeup,” she says. “I got my first makeup palette when I was 6 years old. It was $2.99 from Walgreens. It had the brightest blue and green eye glitter shadows and deepest orange blush. I painted my face over and over again and my little brother’s too.”

As Ramirez grew older, she says that she was always doing makeup for herself and her friends as they turned into teenagers. In high school, she did her makeup before school and applied makeup to her friends in the bathroom between classes. “I loved having a brush in my hand but more than that I liked making other girls feel beautiful,” she says. “Although, let me be clear, as I tell all my students: makeup is simply here to enhance our own natural beauty.” 

Ramirez spent several years in retail before traveling an an artist and climbing the corporate ladder to become an executive in the cosmetic world. Then, last year, she decided that she wanted to go back to her artistry roots and launched Natalie Ramirez Makeup Artist.

Currently, makeup offerings include on-location for bridal and special occasion, makeup lessons for groups and individuals, eyelash extensions, and permanent cosmetic makeup. 

Ramirez says that to her, what makes her business feel unique is the versatility in her artistry skills. She can offer traditional and permanent makeup. “I am essentially a one-stop-shop,” she says. “I pride myself on taking the time to educate my clients, listen to their concerns, and eliminate any worry they may have, all while giving them the perfect look.”

She also wants to put her skills to use as she plans to launch a non-profit artistry organization to provide permanent brows and lash extensions to cancer survivors while also preparing to announce a collaboration project with local photographer Steph Keller Photography.

Ramirez is offering an exclusive offer to Cincy Chic readers who are new clients: Mention this story and get $50 off any permanent makeup service. Plus, follow Ramirez on Instagram to learn more about how you can enter to win a free permanent makeup session.

Natalie Ramirez Makeup Artist is located at 915 Monmouth Street in Newport, Kentucky. To learn more, follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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A local beauty guru specializes in permanent makeup, microblading, ombre powder brows, lash extensions and lip blush. Read on for more!

For ShaTerra Jenkins, making others feel beautiful is a passion and profession. Jenkins Is the owner of Dayton Powder Brows, an upscale permanent makeup studio located in the heart of Oakwood near downtown Dayton. 

“We specialize in powder brows, ombre brows, microblading, permanent eyeliner, and velvet lip blush,” she says. 

The goal and mission of Dayton Powder Brows is to share a passion and talent with clients to help them achieve their maximum beauty and confidence.

The story behind Dayton Powder Brows dates back to 2011. 

“I constantly had clients asking me if I did or planned to do permanent makeup,” she explains. “I was honestly not interested at first. After many of my clients kept asking me and stating they would come to me if I did, I started researching microblading and permanent makeup training – the rest is history!”

ShaTerra Jenkins, Owner of Dayton Powder Brows

Dayton Powder Brows offers permanent makeup including microblading, ombre powder brows, eyeliner, and lip blush. She also offers lash extensions and makeup services for bridal and special occasions through her other business ShaTerra Jenkins Beauty Studio, which she operates separately from Dayton Powder Brows.

While it may feel like the beauty industry is over-saturated with microblading services, Dayton Powder Brows helps itself stand out. 

“We offer an array of services to give clients options and [we excel] at each one,” she says. “We take our time in educating clients and helping them figure out their best fit. We are also very adamant about continuing our own education to be the best for each client by keeping up on the newest styles and techniques.”

Dayton Powder Brows is making a name for itself in more than just the services it offers. The studio has also started offering affordable permanent makeup training options for those who have considered learning permanent makeup. 

“We accommodate each student, we are keeping our class sizes small, around 4 people, so that each student can receive individual assistance,” says Jenkins.

Visit to learn more, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram. You can also learn more about the training sessions by clicking here

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This local blogger wears all her hats - from gospel singer to makeup artist - with style, while documenting each adventure one post at a time.


Olivia Collingsworth loves to blog about fashion and beauty, and she’s dedicated to her family’s gospel singing group – The Collingsworth Family. 

Collingsworth is no stranger to the road, and because of all the places she gets to see and the people she’s able to meet, she thought there was no better way to showcase that than on her Instagram account

On her account, you will find outfit details, beauty tips, and even a bit of home decor ideas as she shares her adventures as a touring musical artist. 

The passion for fashion is something that Collingsworth has always had and she enjoys sharing what she’s wearing and where she got it with her more than 22,000 followers. 

The beauty tips offered on her account come from her love of all things beauty. In fact, Collingsworth is the founder of Timeless Beauty, a makeup business located in Cincinnati that travels to where her clients need her. “I’m trained in air brush technology as well as standard makeup application,” she explains. “My passion is to make you look like the best version of yourself by naturally enhancing the beauty that you already have. My goal is to make you feel beautiful for your wedding day, photo shoot, or special event.”

Collingsworth travels around the country with her musical family sharing their love for Jesus through music, which has previously earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Roots Gospel Album at the 2018 awards for their album Mercy and Love.

When asked how she enjoys working with her family, she says that her mother and her sisters are her best friends. “Something I’ve been learning recently is to make sure that I’m nurturing my family relationships,” she says. “Of course it’s super important to have close friends outside of your family, but there’s nothing more special than a mother/father and sibling friendship.”

To learn more about Collingsworth, click here, and visit for more information on her makeup business.

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New cosmetic procedures are emerging on a daily basis, and one of the newest treatments (which is already making noise in professional circles as well as amongst celebrities) is AquaGold therapy. Dr.Numb, the leading anesthetic cream brand, is getting up close and personal with this new trendy procedure.

In short, AquaGold Therapy is the new, revamped, and upgraded microneedling. It uses the same principle, with one significant difference: the AquaGold needles hollow and filled with a cocktail of revitalizing substances, to be precise Botox, Hyaluronic Acid and patient’s PRP. During the procedure, the dermatologist makes thousands of microscopic punctures in patient’s skin, which itself generates collagen, and the additional ingredients are being delivered directly into the skin through hollow needles.

This sounds like dream for a skin, honestly. 

Just like with any microneedling procedure, it is important to prevent any painful sensation for the patient. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to apply a numbing cream before the procedure.  Dr.Numb Topical 5% lidocaine cream is a perfect choice for numbing during any cosmetological treatments. Due to its unique formula, it takes only 15-20 minutes to fully numb the face, with strong effect lasting for about 3 hours – just enough to finish the treatment. This product also contains Vitamin E and a moisturizer for a maximum comfort of the skin.

Any microneedling procedure involves skin-pricking, which is why the highest level of hygiene must be preserved at all times. In case drops of blood appear, it is recommended to use Dr.Numb Topical Anesthetic Disinfectant Foam Soap with 4% lidocaine, which effectively cleans the skin and renews the numbing effect as well. The formula amplifies the use of benzethonium chloride, a powerful antiseptic and anti-infective agent synergized by aloe vera leaf juice, well known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, intensified by leuconostoc-radish root ferment filtrate, an ingredient capable of restricting the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying its environment.

The end results of AquaGold treatment may be seen around a week after the procedure. In the meantime, remember that the skin is very sensitive after any cosmetology treatments, so the patients have to be very gentle to it all days following their visit to aesthetician.

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A local makeup artist is helping your beauty shine with her wedding makeup and new tutorial classes. Read on for more.

Wedding days are stressful between hair, makeup, photos, and the celebration. However, they don’t have to be with Shivali Gaba Makeup Artistry.

Shivali Gaba Makeup Artistry offers makeup services for brides, but it’s about much more than just doing makeup for business owner Shivali Gaba. 

“Often wedding days are stressful, rushed, and all about timelines,” she says. “But for the 30-40 minutes that the bride is in my chair, my goal is to bring her calm and make her feel like the most beautiful woman, who is about to have the best day of her life.” 

This small makeup business takes on 30 clients a year and is headed by Gaba herself. She’s been the one-woman show behind it all for 7 years and aims to make a small difference for every woman she crosses paths with. “I have been and always will be a very hands-on artist,” she adds. 

While her heart belongs to wedding, Gaba says there’s nothing more that she loves than teaching women how to do makeup themselves so they have the tools they need to feel their best whenever, wherever. 

That’s why she started offering lessons and classes on Sundays, which can be paired with makeup merchandising.

“I will spend time with you at Ulta or Sephora to play with products to find what works best for you,” she explains. “This includes foundation matching, basic skincare consults, and technique training.”

She says that what makes her business unique is that she doesn’t look for the imperfections in clients. “I see beautiful smiles and glimmering eyes and all the things that make a woman beautiful,” she says. “This helps me focus on what is amazing about you and highlight that.”

Makeup is personal, and Gaba helps the beauty of all clients shine with her “your kind of beautiful” approach that she provides. 

In addition to makeup tutorials and consults, she also offers pro courses for aspiring makeup artists. 

All-in-all, she wants to help everyone shine – whether they’re the client or the artist. She says that anyone who is interested in one-on-one time or getting a group of girls together for an evening of bonding in a masterclass can reach out to her directly via email.

The website for Shivali Gaba Makeup Artistry is currently under construction, but you can still follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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After 20 years in the makeup industry, a local beauty guru took a leap of faith into the microblading business and has been on the rise since she opened her doors 3 years ago.

Honour Hook, Founder of Brow OTR

Microblading isn’t going away any time soon and Honour Hook is helping her clients look and feel better with her microblading business Brow OTR. 

The inspiration behind the business came from Hook’s own desire to find a brow solution for herself and found microblading on Instagram.

“As a makeup artist of over 20 years I was immediately intrigued to learn more,” she says. “I researched businesses offering the service and then decided to find a certification program.”

Hook went through two certification programs – with Occhi Lash and Brow in Chicago and PhiBrows Academy. “The rest is history,” she says. “Microblading is one of the most challenging skills I have ever learned. I went into the program believing I would be immediately offering service but little did I know how extreme the learning curve would be.”

Today Brow OTR offers a European style of microblading created by the famous PhiBrow Academy, microshading, and lash extensions. 

Hook says all of the artists at Brow OTR are Phi certified, which she adds is a big deal in the industry. 

The services, skills, and customer base you’ll find at Brow OTR are a big accomplishment for a studio that’s been around for three years, and just recently grew into a new stand-alone studio space.

“I started by offering services to friends, family, and clients I knew from my years in the makeup industry,” she explains. “I was working out of BRIDEface, the owner Nancy is a friend of mine and gave me the space for free to help me get up and get running. I branded the business separately in hopes of eventually growing and moving into my own studio.”

And Brow OTR found the growth it needed. “There were very few businesses offering microblading services in Cincinnati so I feel that I was a bit ahead of the curve,” she says. “Business grew by word of mouth and I was booking out a month in advance by the end of my first year.”

Since then, Brow OTR has opened its own studio on Court Street in the heart of Over-the-Rhine, which Hook says is the heart of the city.

Hook says that she wants her studio to be known for offering exceptional service to its clients. “While I don’t anticipate a huge menu of offerings, we are constantly looking into adding services we feel would benefit our clients while keeping consistent with you brand – so stay tuned for more,” she explains.

To learn more about Brow OTR, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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See how a local hair and makeup pro, who grew up in the industry, now offers on-location services for special events and classes.

Celeste Blandon Makeup Artistry offers on-location makeup and hair services.

Celeste Blandon wants to empower others to embrace their beauty and grow in confidence. Plus, hair and makeup is in her blood. That’s why she launched Celeste Blandon Makeup Artistry, a business that provides on-location makeup and hair artistry services for special events, weddings, photoshoots, film/video, editorial shoots, and even classes.

Blandon is the daughter of a professional makeup artist, so she grew in the industry. And she wanted the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of her idol – her mother. 

“As a little girl, her makeup brushes were some of my favorite toys and I was always begging to use her lipstick,” she says. “So I guess you could say that beauty has always been a big part of my life.”

Blandon’s expertise in hair and makeup doesn’t just come from her childhood, or from working with so many clients as a professional. As a model, she’s also been in front of the camera – not just behind it. “Because of this I know what will look great on camera and whether you’re getting ready for a photoshoot or wedding, there are bound to be lots of photos,” she says. 

Additionally, Blandon provides only on-location services, so clients don’t have to travel to her, making things more convenient for them.

To learn more about Celeste Blandon Makeup Artistry, follow along on Instagram. Blandon also has a YouTube channel and Facebook page. To book with her, send an email to