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From pet grooming to massage therapy for horses and dogs, see how these local experts aim to make life easier for you and your pet.

For the animal owners in Cincinnati, Pampered Paws and Claws has one objective in mind: to make your life easier. 

The range of services include: Cat & Dog Grooming, Dog Training, Pet Sitting, Dog and Horse Massage Therapy. Grooming procedures typically take approximately 60-90 minutes unless a specialty is required. Special requests are welcome and encouraged, says owner Angela Sexton, who adds that she enjoys customizing the experience for each client.

“Appointments must be made, no walks in are allowed,” Sexton explains, “because the professionals here do not want animals waiting around in cages for their appointment or for a slot to open up.”

According to Sexton their range of services include: dog grooming, cat grooming, and massage therapy for multiple kinds of animals such as horses and dogs. 

I am a Certified Feline Master Groomer and a National Certified Master Groomer and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, Certified Canine Massage Therapist, Certified Equine Massage Therapist, and a Certificate in Professional Pet Sitter,” Sexton says. “I am the only [local] groomer who is Certified in Cats and Dogs and the only Certified Dog Trainer who grooms. I am the Vet recommended for those dogs who have issues being groomed.

Sexton says she loves that grooming not only helps pets look and feel better, but it also helps owners battle excessive animal hair at home. has also rated Pampered Paws and Claws their favorite of 2018, Sexton says, and in 2017 they were voted the Best of the West by Cincy Magazine readers. 

I have loved animals all my life, that is why I attended the Cincinnati Zoo School,” Sexton says. “I treat your fur kid like my own.” 

Pampered Paws and Claws is located at 5327 Foley Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238. To learn more, visit or “like” them on Facebook.

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Learn about a blossoming new beauty business in Northern Kentucky featuring natural and responsibly sourced products for your hair, body, and home.

Industry Salon is an Aveda salon in Northern Kentucky. Photo by: Brittany Bays

There’s a new Aveda salon and spa in Northern Kentucky featuring natural and responsibly sourced products for your hair, body, and home.

Newport-based Industry Salon offers men and women’s haircuts, hair color, and facial waxing. They also sell Aveda products for healthy hair care, skin care, and body care for those who’d like to continue their salon and spa experience at home.  

“These natural products are flower and plant-based, responsibly sourced, and have amazing aromas,” says Project Manager Mallory Muddimen. “We also use Aveda hair color too, which can be completely customized for each guest, and it is made of up to 96% all natural ingredients.”

Photo by: Brittany Bays

Muddimen says the most popular Aveda products at Industry Salon are the Cherry Almond Shampoo and Conditioner. “They have been flying off the shelf thanks to the incredible scent and their hair softening properties,” she says.

Industry Salon is locally owned by Kate Moeves who is a Newport native. The salon is operated by Moeves, as well as General Manager, Heather Sams, who also hails from Northern Kentucky, in Taylor Mill. 

Industry Salon has a sister salon in Bellevue, Kentucky called 501 Salon, which Moeves and Sams also manage. According to Muddimen, “Both of these women are warm, welcoming, and dedicated to providing a contemporary and education driven business for their employees and guests alike.”

Industry Salon is located at 846 Saratoga Street, Newport, Kentucky 41071To learn more, visit You can also follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

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Read on about a new small batch skincare line made from natural ingredients.

Pälish features a line of beauty products that are good for your skin.

Finding the right skincare products for you can be a pricey and time consuming task. Heather Gray was on a mission to find the right products for her, but couldn’t find exactly what she needed that worked the way she needed it to. 

That’s when she decided to launch her own product.

“The first product I created was the sugar scrub,” says Gray. “I wanted a product that would exfoliate my skin, moisturize it, and scent it in one step.”

Once she got that scrub the way she wanted it, she liked it so much and thought others would enjoy it too that she decided to launch her own skincare line called Pälish. 

“Pälish is a skincare line made in small batching from natural ingredients,” explains Gray. “the ‘Au Naturale’ line of Pälish products consists of unscented products or products scented naturally by the ingredients.”

There is also a scented line that features essential oil combinations to create scents that are unique only to Pälish. 

Gray says she’s someone who takes great care to maintain herself physically and watches what she puts in and on her body. 

“I like to feel polished and put together, but don’t have hours to spend or an endless bank account to do so,” she says. “I was so tired of so many cosmetic companies suggesting that if I didn’t look a certain way or use their products that I wasn’t ‘enough.’ So I created my own line with a focus on helping everyone feel great in their own skin.”

Launched nearly a year ago, the current line-up of products from Pälish features six unique scents of sugar scrub, face oil, toning and cleaning pads, makeup remover, and body oil. She says she will be introducing scent roll-on, dry shampoo, facial cleanser, and a face polish soon.

Gray says that what makes her business unique is that the products are simple yet effective and are created to maintain the overall health and wellness of your skin, and in many cases, improve it. 

“I believe that everyone wants to feel great in their own skin and just as they are,” adds Gray. “It is the largest organ in the body and we should be taking care of it.”

Each scent is unique to Pälish. I played around with dozens of scent combinations before narrowing it down to the six that are available currently.

Gray says that throughout 2018 she will be adding a few new things for Pälish including sponsored events and athletes, Pälish educational skincare events, and new “au natural” and scented products.

To learn more about Pälish, visit You can also check out her blog for collaborative articles with a skincare professional on the benefits of natural skincare. You can also follow along on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. The Pälish Instagram is updated daily and features discounts, contests, Pälish athletes, and testimonials.

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A local luxury makeup studio is now offering new interactive experiences that’ll refresh your look in-person and online. Read on to for all the eye-batting details.

Pout Studio offers Makeup 101 workshops and works with local photographers to offer headshots.

Opened in February of 2017, Pout Studio is a luxury makeup studio which specializes in bridal makeup, commercial/event makeup and headshots. 

Owner Trina Paul has 27 years of experience and an extensive list of client work from doing makeup for designers at New York Fashion Week to working on-set for films, to working in Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and more, as a traveling national makeup artist for a variety of high-end cosmetic brands.

Today, Paul owns Pout Studio, which is a makeup studio nestled in a historic mansion in Newport, where she offers traditional makeup services as well as makeup 101 workshops and headshots in collaboration with local photographers.

Once a month, clients can come to Pout for a two-hour workshop to learn all her makeup basics as well as brow mapping, contouring, highlighting and false lash application. Attendees also receive a 10-piece brush set, mascara, a makeup bag and a professional photographer is there to capture all the fun while also providing clients a professional headshot at the end.

“I wanted to start this business to help women with their makeup without having to sell them the cosmetics,” explains Paul. “We have done 12 of the workshops and they sell out every time. Women want to learn how to do their own makeup.”

The workshops have a limit of 20 people and the cost for them is $85. Paul posts the dates of them on her Facebook page and her Instagram.

In addition, Pout Studio recently started offering eyelash extensions in both classic and Russian volume. “I started lashes about five months ago because my clients kept complaining that no one in Northern Kentucky was doing them,” says Paul, which she says is also reason for launching the workshops. “No one really offers this or anything like it in our area so I thought people could really benefit.”

She says her favorite service is doing lash extensions. “I absolutely love seeing my clients faces after I give them a full set of gorgeous new lashes and they can’t stop looking in the mirror,” she says. 

According to Paul, Pout Studio is in full-blown growth mode. For the new year, she says, the studio will continue to expand with new services such as microblading and skincare services such as dermaplaning and facials.

Paul says she really just loves the feeling of helping women feel good about themselves, whether it’s for their big day, or just helping them have a better day. “I get to help women have a better day, get through a breakup, a divorce, a death, etc. just by pampering them with makeup,” she says. “I love my clients truly and they feel that. I get so much satisfaction from this business it never ever feels like work.”

Pout Studio is located at 821 York Street in Newport. You can learn more at and follow along on Facebook.

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See how two local ladies teamed up to open a salon that provides an experience that pampers your hair, face, brows and lashes.

Natalie Lickert (left), Owner of The Blonde Fox Salon.

Natalie Lickert remembers perfecting her skills with a curling iron and crimper on herself when she was six years old. With all those years of practice, fast-forward to today, as she recently opened The Blonde Fox.

Officially opened on June 5, 2018 in the heart of Downtown Montgomery, The Blonde Fox has one goal according to Lickert: giving customers a comfortable and quality salon experience.

It’s a hair and beauty salon made up of Cosmetologists and Beauty Entrepreneurs. Lickert makes up one of the four salon chairs, while the others are for rent for other beauty entrepreneurs looking to provide their own style and salon experience. The services and prices offered vary depending on the individual stylist, but as a whole the salon specializes in hair color, hair cutting, hair smoothing treatments, facial waxing, lash and brow tinting, hair extensions, eyelash extensions and natural eyelash enhancements.

Lickert describes what made her want to take the leap and co-own the new salon: “My business continued to grow and I was adding new services to my menu. I had completely outgrown my prior space and I didn’t feel like I could provide the experience that I wanted for my clients,” she explains.

The “experience,” she says, “is a stress free environment where customers can obtain high quality beauty services. One thing that was really important to Sally and me was that the salon chairs not be too close together. We were used to having our own spaces and so were our guests, so we still wanted some privacy so that everyone still felt comfortable in conversation and some personal space. We also didn’t want it to feel like a traditional salon. We wanted to create a happy, laid back, feel-good environment where people would feel good vibes walking in the door and feel ready to relax. We are constantly seeking out education and fun ways to improve the client experience. I feel like these things combined make us stand out from other salons.”

Lickert explains some of the unique, “feel good” aspects of the salon. “Our main goal is to provide the best experience possible for our guests when they come for a visit. We have a pretty non-traditional waiting area with some really cool chairs and fun décor. We have a full beverage bar with water, coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and wine,” she says. “A full stock of magazines and cool stuff to read while they kick back and relax. We will constantly be striving to improve that the best we can.”

Lickert believes she is doing what she was born to do and one of the things she enjoys most about it is the relationship-building aspect. “One of the coolest things about this industry is the relationships and bonds we get to build with everyone who comes through the door,” she says. “I’ve shared in some of the most exciting, happy, sad, stressful, heartbreaking times in my clients’ lives. From engagements, weddings, job promotions, babies to shaving the heads of clients with cancer or taking care of clients for their own or loved one’s funerals. I feel pretty lucky to be trusted with the task of taking care of their physical appearance, but also being chosen to participate in their personal lives.”

As for the future, Lickert hopes to rent out the other two salon chairs and build a team of hardworking stylists as well as continuing to expand the salon services.

The Blonde Fox is located at 7817 Cooper Road, Suite A Montgomery, OH 45242. To learn more, visit

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One local lady is building a skincare brand focused on not only bettering your skin, but your overall well-being and state of mind. Read on to learn more!

Selfcare Beauty is a luxury skincare brand that takes a more mindful approach.

After Kara Lockwood found herself in a state of chaos in her professional and personal life, she knew something had to change. She decided to incorporate more self love into her skincare routine, and Selfcare Beauty was born.

Selfcare Beauty is a luxury skincare brand with a more mindful approach. The focus of the brand is providing products that are kind to your skin, your mind and the earth. “Our serum is paraben, sulfate and phthalates free,” explains Lockwood. “Committed to being kind to the earth too, our serum is cruelty free, vegan and made in the U.S. with recyclable packaging.”

Lockwood has worked on many luxury beauty brands as a creative director, as well as a popular YouTuber reviewing beauty products. After her many years of experience, she set out to create what she thought was missing in the luxury beauty industry, products with non-toxic ingredients that provide a more well-rounded experience for your skin and your mind.

Kara Lockwood, Founder of Selfcare Beauty

Lockwood wanted to provide this experience to others just as much as she wanted it for herself. “My self-care started to take a hit, I wasn’t present with my family or at work, something needed to change. We are in a time of constant demand for our time and attention. It’s time to step away and recharge,” she says. “I started to focus on being mindful while doing my skin care routine, it was my self-care. Not only was it great for my skin, it was a great reset for my mind, morning and night. I knew [that] was something special and I wasn’t alone, I had to share this with the world. I set out to create a luxurious skin care line that would elevate self-care in our existing skin care regimen.”

Lockwood describes her favorite product from the brand, “Our Clear Crystal Multitasking Serum is a do-it-all product. It can be applied for a 10-minute mask or left on as a serum. It works great as a base layer under makeup while also protecting from UVB and free radicals,” she explains. “Clear Crystal’s radiance boosting, lightweight, anti-aging serum has a cooling gel texture. It absorbs quickly without feeling oily while balancing and toning complexion. Skin is left looking balanced and bright, minimizing the look of pores and improving firmness. Clear Crystal is suitable for sensitive skin and perfect for all skin types.”

As Selfcare Beauty’s products are not yet available to purchase, they have gone through the prototype stage and are looking to produce their first serum product soon. To learn more, visit

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Learn about a local lady who launched a business focused on creating natural skincare with a conscience, inspired by a long family history of making soaps, lotions and herbal remedies.

Queen City Alchemy sells all natural products to help you take care of your health and wellbeing.

2018 is the year that Queen City Alchemy celebrates their tenth birthday. Lead Alchemist Emily Little has worked extensively throughout these years to build a “company with a conscience.”

Queen City Alchemy sells products such as sugar scrubs, facial serums, lip balms, all natural deodorant and much more. You can also design a gift box of your own choosing your own soap, serum, mask and lip balm for $65.

“We believe that taking great care of your skin shouldn’t mean sacrificing your own health and wellbeing or the wellbeing of animals,” explains Little. “Queen City Alchemy is committed to providing extremely high quality products using ONLY safe, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients. We don’t use fillers or other non-essential ingredients because we know that toxins in skin care products can absorb into your skin in a matter of seconds.”

Little started Queen City Alchemy because of a strong passion for all natural products, but also because of necessity. “The business was originally inspired by the recession in 2008,” she says. “The job that I had at the time ended and I just wasn’t sure what was next for me. I had always dreamed of being an herbalist and going into business myself, and I think the difficult economic climate pushed me to take the leap. Sure, starting a business was scary, but when you lose everything you’ve got at such a young age I think you figure you can onlu go up from there.”

Emily Little, Founder of Queen City Alchemy

The company has become somewhat generational as well. Little’s family roots run deep in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and her family has been making these herbal remedies and natural products for as long as she can remember. “Now I have a daughter of my own and she is a budding herbalist in her own right. She loves to help in the business where she can and interact with customers in the shop.” says Little.

In May, Queen City Alchemy opened up a brand new location at 1808 Race Street in the Findlay Market District in OTR in partnership with another woman owned business, The Evergreen Designs. They offer all of their products in store along with a number of other products from makers in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond. “We are also hosting all kinds of DIY workshop sessions from the shop taught by both Brittany (The Evergreen Designs) and I as well as other expert makers in the city,” explains Little. “Over the next couple of months we’ll be hosting sign painting, calligraphy, clay planters with succulents and mask and serum making workshops.”

“I love that I get an opportunity to serve our community alongside a growing number of incredible female creative entrepreneurs, and that I get to call many of these amazing women friends. I love that I get to be a living example to my daughter of what it looks like to have a dream realized.” Says Little.

You can shop for products online at or at their location in OTR.

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Struggling with fertility or other women’s health issues? Learn about a local business that leverages healthy foods and lifestyle practices to boost and balance hormone levels naturally.

Peaceful Bodies + Bellies helps women with health issues such as fertility reconnect with their bodies.

While infertility is fairly common — one in eight — conversations around it aren’t. The struggles and success stories of becoming parents, along with other corresponding women’s health issues, including pelvic pain, are often journeys walked in solitude.

That’s where Danisha Ware hopes to help with her fertility and therapy business, Peaceful Bodies + Bellies.

“Peaceful Bodies and Bellies is a coaching and bodywork program for women who either want to conceive naturally or through assistance, or for women who just simply want to find relief from pelvic pain and other women’s health issues,” says Ware, who is a fertility coach and mercier therapist.

Ware adds that through her coaching and bodywork program, she is able to help both types of women incorporate the right types of foods and lifestyle practices so that they can boost and balance their hormone levels naturally.

“And this works whether they are trying to conceive or just trying to normalize their monthly cycle and get out of pain and bloating,” she adds.

Ware says that she was inspired to launch Peaceful Bodies + Bellies after seeing a significant need for women to reconnect to their bodies, fertility, and pelvic health.

“In today’s society we’re so busy and disconnected from our feminine and our bodies,” says Ware. “The belly is a place where so much emotion and trauma is often stored. And when my clients reconnect with this part of themselves, through bodywork, mindfulness techniques, and holistic nutrition, I’m often told that they feel lighter, re-energized, and reconnected with who they are as a woman.”

Ware’s experience in this area makes her an expert when it comes to helping women. As the self-proclaimed Chief Fertile Babe of Peaceful Bodies + Bellies, she’s been practicing massage therapy for 17 years and specializes in women’s health, fertility, and prenatal and postpartum care. She’s also a certified yoga teacher who practices positive psychology and energy work.

Through Peaceful Bodies + Bellies, you’ll find that Ware is there to help women prepare their bodies for pregnancy through fertility coaching, fertility massage, Mercier therapy (a specialty massage technique that works to rehabilitate the reproductive organs), and fertility yoga. Additionally, Ware works with women who are experiencing pelvic pain and those who are seeking relief from painful periods.

On top of her fertility services, Ware offers a six-week workshop series that shows women how to incorporate the best supplements for fertility as well as what lifestyle changes can help to impact their overall hormone health.

“We also work on creating a fertile mindset; releasing negativity and doubt about their ability to either get pregnant or release disease or trauma held in the reproductive area such as PCOS or endometriosis,” says Ware. “At each session we incorporate yoga poses that help to enhance fertility and balance hormones. The women who attend these workshops have a community bond and kinship, which in turn helps them amplify their dreams and desires. Many women who attend these workshops have gone on to conceive their miracle babies and get control of their fertility-related issues.”

Peaceful Bodies + Bellies strives to help the woman who is ready to empower herself with the right tools, practices, education, and confidence. “She is ready to go beyond traditional avenues of women’s health,” says Ware. “This is for the woman who believes she is more than her diagnosis, that her desire of being a mother or a healthy, happy, radiant woman is non-negotiable.”

Ware says that she’ll soon launch a new program called Activate Your Fertility. It’s a six-week, live immersion where the group will learn to let go of the negative thoughts and body believes that often keep women stuck in fear and worry. “You will learn how to step into your new role as a mother and design a healthy lifestyle that allows your fertility journey to be filled with love, joy, and ease no matter what,” she adds.

The class begins September 22 and will be comprised of an intimate group of eight people.

To learn more about Peaceful Bodies + Bellies, visit their website. On the website you can sign up to receive a free gift and “3 Essential Steps to Boost Your Fertility.” You can also contact Ware by email at or by phone at 513-205-1672.

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Two best friends turned business partners create customized looks for brides on their special day, while also coming right to them. Keep reading for more about this dynamic duo.

Best friends Haley Cator and Logan Renee launched Studio LH.

After meeting at Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School, Haley Cator and Logan Renee discovered they were exactly what the other was looking for. 

As Cator specializes in makeup and has had a passion for it for as long as she can remember, Renee is a hair expert “who has been styling hair ever since she could hold a brush.” Once they realized they both had similar passions and visions for their careers, Studio LH was born.

Studio LH is a traveling hair and makeup business focused on weddings and giving brides customized looks. It launched in 2017 but their true focus came in April 2018 when they both went full time in the industry.

Cator describes why she and Renee are the perfect fit. “Makeup is definitely a passion of mine, but I struggled for several years to find a reliable and equally talented hairstylist to go with me to weddings or other events,” she explains. “Logan and I hit it off right away. She was interested in starting with the wedding industry and I was looking for a hair partner. Logan and I both have similar dreams of what Studio LH will look like as we become more established. It is very difficult to have a business partner who is also your best friend because if you do not see eye to eye, there could be conflict. Studio LH does not conflict with our friendship, which is why I feel so fortunate to have Logan!”

Cator and Renee utilize their hair and makeup skills to help brides feel as special as they deserve on the day that they will remember forever. “We want to be unique and we want to make brides feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin on their wedding day. It is one of the most important days and we want them to remember it that way,” says Renee. 

“Most often we are dealing with stressed out brides who are making ridiculous decisions about the color of a napkin ring, so when it comes down to hair and makeup we are the fun ones,” explains Cator. “We get to be the breath of fresh air, the ones who say, “How do YOU want to feel on your wedding day?” she will think about it for a minute or two and then reveals the vision she has for herself. And then we get to work. And then we reveal our work…and it’s magical.”

The two business partners travel around Cincinnati catering to their client’s every need, but that isn’t all that’s on their minds. “A location is definitely in the future. We are hoping to eventually find the right spot and have a studio,” says Renee. 

Cator also describes that giving back in other ways is very important to them as well. “One of the founding principles of Studio LH is giving back to others. Without spilling all of our secrets, one of the big things we want to do next is offer a fundraising program for surrounding schools!” she says. 

Cator and Renee have various expansion plans in the books, but for now they are loving the work they get to do for their clients. 

“Sometimes it’s challenging, but it’s always satisfying to look back at pictures later — our favorite part — and see how much of an impact we really have in this industry.” says Cator.

To learn more about their prices and services, visit You can also like them on Facebook

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Learn a local lady’s handcrafted soap company that makes vegan and sustainably-sourced bath and body products for all lifestyles and skin types.

The Oakley Soap Co sells products that are full of sustainable ingredients and are handcrafted.

Laura Pipitone is the owner and founder of The Oakley Soap Co, a soap company that creates vegan and sustainably-sourced bath and body products, with an emphasis on palm-free, artisan bar soaps handcrafted in Cincinnati.

Long before she launched her own business, and for as long as she can remember, she’s been interested in handmade soap.

“At stores and markets, I gravitated to handmade bath and body products,” she explains. “After a few years of being a stay-at-home mom, I was feeling the itch to start creating. At first I decided to try my hand at making soap so I could have a hobby that would supplement my soap buying habit.”

But Pipitone was hooked from the beginning. She says that what she really enjoyed was learning how different oils and butters produce different properties and soap, and how she can apply that knowledge to write recipes that create soaps.

And more than just the science behind soap making, Pipitone says that she finds an artistry within it as well. “Every bar of handcrafted soap is different and I find it so satisfying to create both the perfect look and perfect scent for each bar,” she says. “Being able to make something both beautiful and useful fulfills a desire in me that wasn’t being tended to during those first hectic years of motherhood, when I didn’t have the time or energy to pursue that creative itch.”

However, after making several hundred bars of soap, Pipitone began to ask herself if there were other bath and body products she could start making in addition to soap. So, using her knowledge of how ingredients work on skin, she started to create those products such as body whips and sugar scrubs.

“I find immense joy in creating beautiful products that impart a little extra happiness into someone’s day,” she adds. “Hearing that someone went into their shower cranky and came out of the shower feeling better because of the sugar scrub I made feels so good and inspires me to keep creating. I gain energy when someone tells me my product provides relief from a lifelong skin condition.”

Pipitone is the one-woman show behind The Oakley Soap Co, although she says that she gets a helping hand from her husband and two children. “My kids love to earn a small allowance assisting in packaging products and making deliveries,” she says. “And, of course, my family is always the first to test new products and give brutally honest feedback.”

Before she became a stay-at-home mom and opened The Oakley Soap Co, Pipitone says that she worked in non-profit healthcare, so giving back to the community is important to her. That’s why she has a rotating “Bars that Benefit” program, in which part of the proceeds from each of that specific bar of soap sold goes to different organizations. And she also donates some of the soap to the program serving seniors at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries.

When asked what makes The Oakley Soap Co unique, Pipitone says that its the variety of products available that suit all types of lifestyles and skin types.

“I like keeping our blend of oils and butters in our soap simple and all our products are free from the detergents that you would usually find in commercial soaps,” she adds.

That’s why there are a variety of soaps made with natural colorants and are scented only with essential oils. But there are also soaps available for those who enjoy bright colors and unique scents that can’t be found in nature.

All of the ingredients used in the products offered by The Oakley Soap Co are free from parabens and phthalates, and the company is committed to working with suppliers with fair trade and sustainable practices. “The Oakley Soap Co products are 100 percent vegan and we work with suppliers to make sure we aren’t inadvertently using any ‘hidden’ animal byproducts in our ingredients,” says Pipitone.

Education is also an important part of the mission at The Oakley Soap Co, and Pipitone uses her social media platforms to share interesting information on the soap making process and what happens when soap making goes wrong.

“Our company mission is to teach people about the science of soaps and how handcrafted soap is different from products that are commercially made,” she says. “For such a ubiquitous product, most people don’t realize where soap comes from so I love passing along my soaping knowledge.”

You can purchase products from The Oakley Soap Co on the website. They offer free local delivery inside the 275 Loop. Pipitone says they can also be found at various markets and shows around town, and you can find a schedule on the website and Facebook page. There is also a selection of products available at the Fathom House Art Gallery in Northgate Mall, and Pipitone hopes to expand to other stores soon.

Pipitone says to keep your eyes out on the future of The Oakley Soap Co as they introduce new, more environmentally-friendly packaging for products. She says that they’ll also be releasing new autumn soaps, holiday themed soaps, and whipped body butters as the cooler weather approaches. She’s also tinkering with new product ideas and aims to introduce new skin and body care items soon.

To learn more about The Oakley Soap Co, visit You can also check out products, the soap-making process, and Pipitone’s life as a small business owning mom on Instagram and Facebook.