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Learn a local lady’s handcrafted soap company that makes vegan and sustainably-sourced bath and body products for all lifestyles and skin types.

The Oakley Soap Co sells products that are full of sustainable ingredients and are handcrafted.

Laura Pipitone is the owner and founder of The Oakley Soap Co, a soap company that creates vegan and sustainably-sourced bath and body products, with an emphasis on palm-free, artisan bar soaps handcrafted in Cincinnati.

Long before she launched her own business, and for as long as she can remember, she’s been interested in handmade soap.

“At stores and markets, I gravitated to handmade bath and body products,” she explains. “After a few years of being a stay-at-home mom, I was feeling the itch to start creating. At first I decided to try my hand at making soap so I could have a hobby that would supplement my soap buying habit.”

But Pipitone was hooked from the beginning. She says that what she really enjoyed was learning how different oils and butters produce different properties and soap, and how she can apply that knowledge to write recipes that create soaps.

And more than just the science behind soap making, Pipitone says that she finds an artistry within it as well. “Every bar of handcrafted soap is different and I find it so satisfying to create both the perfect look and perfect scent for each bar,” she says. “Being able to make something both beautiful and useful fulfills a desire in me that wasn’t being tended to during those first hectic years of motherhood, when I didn’t have the time or energy to pursue that creative itch.”

However, after making several hundred bars of soap, Pipitone began to ask herself if there were other bath and body products she could start making in addition to soap. So, using her knowledge of how ingredients work on skin, she started to create those products such as body whips and sugar scrubs.

“I find immense joy in creating beautiful products that impart a little extra happiness into someone’s day,” she adds. “Hearing that someone went into their shower cranky and came out of the shower feeling better because of the sugar scrub I made feels so good and inspires me to keep creating. I gain energy when someone tells me my product provides relief from a lifelong skin condition.”

Pipitone is the one-woman show behind The Oakley Soap Co, although she says that she gets a helping hand from her husband and two children. “My kids love to earn a small allowance assisting in packaging products and making deliveries,” she says. “And, of course, my family is always the first to test new products and give brutally honest feedback.”

Before she became a stay-at-home mom and opened The Oakley Soap Co, Pipitone says that she worked in non-profit healthcare, so giving back to the community is important to her. That’s why she has a rotating “Bars that Benefit” program, in which part of the proceeds from each of that specific bar of soap sold goes to different organizations. And she also donates some of the soap to the program serving seniors at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries.

When asked what makes The Oakley Soap Co unique, Pipitone says that its the variety of products available that suit all types of lifestyles and skin types.

“I like keeping our blend of oils and butters in our soap simple and all our products are free from the detergents that you would usually find in commercial soaps,” she adds.

That’s why there are a variety of soaps made with natural colorants and are scented only with essential oils. But there are also soaps available for those who enjoy bright colors and unique scents that can’t be found in nature.

All of the ingredients used in the products offered by The Oakley Soap Co are free from parabens and phthalates, and the company is committed to working with suppliers with fair trade and sustainable practices. “The Oakley Soap Co products are 100 percent vegan and we work with suppliers to make sure we aren’t inadvertently using any ‘hidden’ animal byproducts in our ingredients,” says Pipitone.

Education is also an important part of the mission at The Oakley Soap Co, and Pipitone uses her social media platforms to share interesting information on the soap making process and what happens when soap making goes wrong.

“Our company mission is to teach people about the science of soaps and how handcrafted soap is different from products that are commercially made,” she says. “For such a ubiquitous product, most people don’t realize where soap comes from so I love passing along my soaping knowledge.”

You can purchase products from The Oakley Soap Co on the website. They offer free local delivery inside the 275 Loop. Pipitone says they can also be found at various markets and shows around town, and you can find a schedule on the website and Facebook page. There is also a selection of products available at the Fathom House Art Gallery in Northgate Mall, and Pipitone hopes to expand to other stores soon.

Pipitone says to keep your eyes out on the future of The Oakley Soap Co as they introduce new, more environmentally-friendly packaging for products. She says that they’ll also be releasing new autumn soaps, holiday themed soaps, and whipped body butters as the cooler weather approaches. She’s also tinkering with new product ideas and aims to introduce new skin and body care items soon.

To learn more about The Oakley Soap Co, visit You can also check out products, the soap-making process, and Pipitone’s life as a small business owning mom on Instagram and Facebook.

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See how two brothers are creating quite a buzz as they carry on the family’s barber shop legacy with a new concept: an espresso bar inside a barber shop. 

Brothers Tony and Austin Ferrari opened Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. in downtown Cincinnati.

Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. on Garfield Place is one of the oldest barber shops around, but its new concept is creating quite a buzz. 

Owner Tony Ferrari took over the space from his great uncle and grandfather, who came to Cincinnati from Italy. “When they came to this country, it was their first job and they bought it from the original owned and continued it for 60 years,” explains Ferrari. “For them, it was the American Dream and a way to provide for our family.”

Ferrari’s grandfather passed away a few years ago, and his great uncle Fausto retired. That’s when he and his brother Austin felt that it was their responsibility to keep the family shop, legacy, and tradition going.

“We couldn’t bear the thought of not being there anymore,” adds Ferrari.

Ferrari and his brother cleaned the place up and added an espresso bar, making Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. what it is today: a men’s salon equipped with an espresso bar.

To keep their family’s legacy alive at the shop, Ferrari and his brother are keen on preserving the craft of barbering. “It’s one of the oldest professions around and it’s important for us and generations after us to respect these professions and their family’s history, and try to embrace is rather than forget it,” says Ferrari. “We also love coffee and hanging out at places to meet new people, so what better place than a barber shop?”

The barbershop also features an espresso bar for clients and passersby.

The two say they have too many people at the shop to give it up, and they also take pride in giving others the opportunity to become successful. “Leasing out the chairs to barber to showcase their craft, style, and name means so much to us, it’s about giving back and building community,” Ferrari says.

Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. prides itself on providing service, hospitality, and helping people look and feel good – and that’s really what it’s all about at the shop: taking care of people.

At Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co., you can find traditional barber services including hot towel shaves, trims, beard shaves and cuts. Ferrari adds that they also hope to bring back neck massages after a cut. “It’s an amazing touch and puts you to sleep,” he says.

Then, over at the espresso bar, you’ll find that things are pretty traditional there as well. There’s espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano, and a Gilbraltar, which Ferrari describes as something similar to a cortado, a tough to find sanbitter, which is a red bitter Italian soda. And the coffee in the shop is roasted by Deeper Roots.

According to Ferrari, they also have a small line of retail goods including cups, hats, coffee to take home, postcards, and barber books, with a line of barber products on the horizon as well.

Ferrari says that many people are still figuring out the concept of coffee inside a barber shop. “Everyone is welcome into our shop for coffee,” he adds, “and we hope more people pick-up and embrace this new idea and concept, it really goes hand-in-hand.”

You can learn more about Ferrari Barber & Coffe Co. at To stay up to date on news and information, follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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Inspired by her daughter’s health struggles, a local lady opened a wellness center focused on bringing you the best possible quality of life. Read on for more.

Chill Zone Cryo aims to improve clients’ quality of life.

After her daughter developed lymphedema at age 16, Lesa Smith decided to take matters into her own hands to help her heal. She did this by opening Chill Zone Cryo, a wellness center aimed at giving clients a customized experience to help improve their quality of life. 

Chill Zone Cryo opened on June 17, 2016 offering cryotherapy services to help and heal your body in a multitude of ways. Cryotherapy is a technique which utilizes extreme cold to heal a variety of medical issues. 

Smith describes some of the medical issues that cryotherapy targets and how Chill Zone Cryo can make a difference: “Our goals are always about finding what works for someone. We can help inflammation based issues and help stimulate repair processes,” she says. “Our new unit called a Cryo T-Shock is great for reducing inches without being invasive and not causing tissue damage.”

Certain products and services offered at Chill Zone Cryo are the Full Body Cryo Sauna, which aims to safely lower skin temperature for about 2-3 minutes to enrich skin and muscles, Spot Cryo, which uses pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors to decrease pore size, make the skin tighter, more even-toned and improve blood circulation. Other services include the ARRC EDGE LED Bed, AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, NORMATEC Compression and more.

Smith states she found these services by searching for a better way to deal with her daughter’s lymphedema and ended up finding more benefits for countless other individuals.

“Our daughter’s lymphedema caused massive swelling in the hand and forearm. She was told she needed massage therapy and compression sleeves,” explains Smith. “The swelling went up into her bicep and I was very concerned where she might continue to swell. My husband was working at Cleveland Clinic when I noticed that her swelling had increased and I called to tell him he had to find something, that there had to be something we could do,” she says. “He watched a news report that night on the Cleveland Cavaliers and how the month before they had installed a cryo sauna for their athletic and lymphatic recovery. He called the company that did the install and a week later we went to Texas for a seminar.”

The research of the Smith family has allowed them to offer certain Cryo services at their facility that are unique from others offering Cryo in the Cincinnati area. These include the LED bed, NanoVi and cold lasers, Cryo T-Shock and Celluma. 

Chill Zone Cryo is located at 7466 Beechmont Ave. To learn more, visit

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A local makeup artist is bringing her services right to your front door so you’ll look fabulous without the fuss.

Adele Durrum offers makeup services for any occasion, including weddings, like the bride and maid-of-honor pictured above.

Adele Durrum wanted to do things in the beauty industry a bit differently. After realizing the retail makeup world was not for her, she jumped on an opportunity to provide makeup services at the location of the client’s choice. 

“I realized that at that time (in 2008), there was a shortage of artists willing to do this, so I decided to start marketing my services while keeping my retail makeup job,” she recalls. “Eventually, I had enough business that I was able to retire from the retail world.”

Durrum provides makeup services for any and all occasions. “I provide makeup for dozens of weddings a year, which is currently my favorite event,” she says. “Theatrical and editorial makeup is a close second.”

Adele Durrum, Founder of Adele Durrum Makeup

Being passionate about art and beauty since she can remember, Durrum aims to help her clients achieve a look that they desire while also enhancing their beauty that lies beneath the products.

“My goal is to create a stress-free collaborative makeup experience. If my client is unsure of the look they want, it is my job to help them figure it out and bring that look to life,” she says.

Durrum uses all professional products including favorites such as RCMA, Cinema Secrets, Makeup Geek and MAC. She has a variety of experience providing both freelance services and professional services.

“I did my first on location wedding in 2008, but worked for MAC several years prior, so I’d say I have been doing makeup professionally for about 13 years,” explains Durrum. “I have been interested in art and makeup since I was a toddler. There are dozens of pictures of me painting and I am pretty sure I did not own a stuffed animal that wasn’t wearing lipstick.”

After turning her lifelong passion into a career, Durrum is thrilled to be able to help fulfill her client’s cosmetic needs. “I love meeting and connecting with people through art. I love that I have a new canvas every time I work. I feel very fortunate that I am doing something I truly love,” she says.

As Durrum’s services are only on-location right now, she is planning to open a home studio based in Dayton within the next year, as well as offering services in Columbus.

To learn more about Adele Durrum Makeup, check them out on Facebook.

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Read on to learn about a new business that permanently recreates makeup for cosmetic purposes while also fulfilling medical needs.

After having a positive micro-blading experience of her own, Genevieve Rosales wanted to give clients that same satisfaction. She decided to launch Rose’s Permanent Makeup, a business which specializes in producing the permanent enhancement of re-created makeup.

Offering services such as permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip color, micro-blading, freckles and beauty marks, Rosales hopes to help clients feel safe and comfortable in their own skin, no matter what they have endured. “My main goal is to safely and artistically re-create the look of makeup, hide or camouflage imperfections and restore lives affected by a variety of traumas, medical conditions and illnesses,” she explains.

Rose’s Permanent Makeup had its grand opening on May 18, but Rosales discovered her passion for the beauty industry long before that. “I have been doing freelance makeup on the side for about 8-9 years so I have always had a passion for beauty,” she says. “I was trained and certified in permanent makeup as well as micro-blading. I hold the CPCS (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Specialist) credentials.”

Rosales strives to not just re-create makeup looks, but also re-create the feeling of inner beauty she obtained through her personal experience with these services. 

“Since I had such a positive micro-blading experience, I discovered that making others look and feel more beautiful is such a rewarding experience and I wanted to contribute more of that to society,” she explains. “I also previously worked in cosmetic surgery and wanted to help others more not only cosmetically but in a medical sense as well.”

Genevieve Rosales, Owner of Rose’s Permanent Makeup.

Rose’s Permanent Makeup services are customized to each client’s personal needs and overall benefit, according to Rosales. “Each session will be specially designed for your needs and expectations. We will carefully discuss, design and plan your beauty goals. Safety and comfort are what I aim for, for every client,” she discusses. “I enjoy the freedom of catering to my clients’ busy schedules to implement a memorable experience during their session. I love making others feel beautiful and happy about themselves.”


Rosales hopes that Rose’s Permanent Makeup encourages clients to feel confident in their own skin. She aims to become a successful business owner providing beautiful work to others by using her own creativity and desired skills.

Rose’s Permanent Makeup is located at 830 Monmouth Street Ste. 108 in Newport. You can like them on Facebook. 

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Read on as we chat with the local lady who created a product line featuring vegan, organically sourced ingredients to make your daily beauty routine feel like a high-end spa treatment.


The Black Label Spa Products offers a natural and organic skincare line.

Inspired by her own sensitivities to beauty products, Adrienne Z. Windham is putting her background in chemistry to work to perfect a natural and organic skincare line. 

In November 2014, she launched The Black Label Spa Products, and has just relocated from Dallas to Cincinnati to look for a retail space. The business is also launching a retail website on May 30. 

According to Windham, all of The Black Label’s spa products are vegan and organically sourced. These products include whipped body butters, emulsified sugar scrubs, spa bath salts, cuticle oils and clay masks that come in three signature scents: lavender, mango and Moroccan lux.

Windham aims to make every day feel like a spa day for her customers. She explains the nature of her products and the importance of organically sourced ingredients: “All of our products are plant-derived with no chemical synthetics,” she says. “Every company that we purchase our raw materials from are certified organic and certified vegan. We wanted to make sure we had vegan raw ingredients because some animal based ingredients in products cause people with eczema or psoriasis to have allergic reactions. We also do not use water in our products which helps them act as a sealant for the moisture in our skin.”

The Lemongrass Sugar Scrub is good for softening legs and arms.

Windham is passionate about all natural beauty products and utilizes that aspect to differentiate her business in the industry. “I saw a need for all natural/vegan products for people with chemical sensitivity and allergies. I myself am allergic to a lot of products. So, one afternoon God gave me the idea to put my skills to good use and start this company,” she explains. “We want our customers from every walk of life to feel like every day is a luxurious spa day in the shower, and that their skin is healthier and in better shape overall from using The Black Label products.”

Windham hopes to eventually open a boutique spa and retail store to build a larger customer base. She is currently working to become a licensed esthetician at Define Institute of Beauty to be able to physically give spa, facial and body treatments with The Black Label Spa Products.

“I love that I can assist people in having healthier, smoother skin whether they are a customer who has a skin condition to someone who has just finished chemotherapy treatments to the everyday person,” Windham says. “It allows me to put my God given skills and expertise to good use helping people.”

To follow the countdown for the website launch, click here. You can also like them on Facebook.

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A camper re-modeled from the inside out is now a mobile beauty salon that brings beautification and convenience to your doorstep.


Glam on Wheels is a mobile nail salon that offers makeup and nail services in Cincinnati.

Deborah Burchett has been a licensed Nail Tech and Esthetician for 17 years. She always knew she wanted to have her own salon, but wanted to stand out in the industry. After two years and a remodeled 1976 motorhome, her salon was born.

Glam on Wheels is a mobile salon that offers makeup and nail services as well as packages for a girl’s night, birthday girl and bridal party. Burchett says she travels around Cincinnati parking in front of businesses, weddings and other events. 

She licensed with the state of Ohio last May and was officially open for business in July. “I put it in storage for the winter and used that time to do marketing and get events lined up,” explained Burchett. Now she is preparing for her first full season with events on Mother’s Day, a pop-up event at a brewery and even more weddings. 

Burchett also explains that she loves teaming up with her girlfriends to do these events. She and local hair stylist Jessica Kong have worked together to do various weddings.

“When I do weddings I never double book. In this business, you have to prepare for the unexpected and give the bride your undivided attention. It’s almost like I am on call,” says Burchett.

According to Burchett, her business is one of a kind, especially here in Cincinnati. “I know there is one person doing something similar in Toledo and one person in Cincinnati doing this but with hair services. I am the only mobile licensed nail salon,” she says. It is such a new concept and I am trying to open some closed doors.”

While starting a business that is a new concept has perks, Burchett says it does not come without challenges. “It is definitely a learning process. It has taken time and a big challenge is figuring out where you can and cannot park it.” 

Glam on Wheels aims to be as convenient as possible while giving customers the pampering they deserve. “Everybody is always so busy and no one really has time to go sit in a salon and get their nails done anymore,” she explains. “This is especially true for moms who have a hard time getting a babysitter. Also for brides trying to get their whole bridal party into a salon and the salon not being able to accommodate them. I want to give them a stress free experience while making them feel great about themselves.

As for the future, Burchett hopes to make Glam on Wheels a full time business and eventually be able to franchise it. 

I really love the interaction I get to have with my customers. I like making it a personal experience that sometimes cannot be achieved in a regular salon. The artistic side of it and being able to use creativity in my work is something I value.

To learn more, visit or like them on Facebook.

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A local skincare expert, hair stylist and fitness trainer are teaming up to pamper you in a unique atmosphere while supporting a worthy cause.


Sweaty Ready is an event being held May 7 to benefit No Child Wet Behind.

Leslie Young, Tara Wood and Josh Garrett have very different careers and knowledge in various industries. They have one thing in common, however, they are all teaming up to host Sweaty to Ready, an event aimed at giving tips and tricks on how to get post-gym ready, while supporting a cause that helps children in need.

Sweaty to Ready is taking place at Cincy 360 Fitness, where Garrett utilizes his knowledge about health and wellness to help people feel confident in themselves. Attendees will complete a 45-minute workout circuit led by Garrett. 

Young, an Executive Specialist at beauty line EVER Skin, will then be giving makeup tips while educating people about the products they put on their skin. “So many people are going to the gym and don’t know how to go back to normal life after,”she says. “We want to show them how easy it really is to achieve a great look in a short amount of time. This is a great way to jump start people as we are going into summer and getting them looking and feeling great.”


According to Young, EVER is a mission-driven beauty line that gives clinical grade results and uses natural ingredients“Everyone wants transparent ingredients in the products they are using. The products we use on our face go into our bloodstream, so it is important for people to be educated on the ingredients in those products. EVER is a forward thinking and transparent company that gives results.” Young will be educating people on this topic and sharing more about EVER products at Sweaty to Ready. 

Wood, a hair stylist at CoCo Creative Wellness, will be giving tips on post-workout hair styling. Free samples will be given out as attendees are being pampered after their workout.

No Child Wet Behind provides diapers to needy families.

This event goes beyond getting post-gym ready. All who attend are asked to bring a package of diapers to benefit the non-profit organization No Child Wet Behind. This organization provides diapers for children in need. “Diapers are a huge need and Cincinnati has a big challenge with this,” says Young. “This is a risk to the well-being of these kids. Our goal is to get as many diapers as possible.”

The only entry fee to the event is a package of diapers. Even if you are unable to attend the eventyou can still donate at

Cincy 360 Fitness is located at 3833 Eastern Avenue. To learn more about EVER Skin Care, visit RSVP for the event, click here.

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A national organization with a focus on entrepreneurial moms is launching a Cincinnati chapter this week. Read on for all the details.


The Cincinnati Business Among Moms chapter is officially launching on May 2.

Business Among Moms is an organization with 30 other chapters around the country. Its focus is female entrepreneurs who are also balancing motherhood and need some peer support. A Cincinnati chapter is launching this week thanks to Rachel Murphy, owner of Rachel Lynn Studio, a Cincinnati-based wedding and event design firm.

Hosting monthly meetings and events, Business Among Moms aims to build a community of moms who are also business owners. Murphy and her partner both own personal businesses, and realized how necessary it is to have a network of women to share experiences and stories with.

“A lot of the time, if women are in a business setting, they are usually timid to talk about mom-related things because they don’t want to seem like they are not professionally minded,” she explained. “It’s all about balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship and that is what we are trying to help moms do. We want to build a community where different moms with different experiences can network with each other and support each other.”

The monthly meetings are centered around business topics. Attendees can bounce ideas off of one another, discuss their businesses and families all while learning how to build a team, grow and market with other women who can relate to them.

The Cincinnati Business Among Moms chapter is officially launching with an event to celebrate on May 2, alongside the chapter’s first meeting. The launch party is free to attend and those interested can come out, network and learn about Business Among Moms. They will discuss membership opportunities, monthly meetings and there will be a Q&A session.

The launch event will take place at The Space Community Workplace at 9405 Montgomery Road from 5:30-7:30pm. You can get tickets here.

Murphy is focused on building a community of these women in Cincinnati. “We want to connect women who are professionally minded and want to talk about business just as much as motherhood,” she said. “These kind of women often feel like they are the only one balancing business and family, and we want to show them that they are not alone. Some women are a part of different mom groups or different business groups, and it is rare that the two ever combine. Business Among Moms aims to connect these two important aspects.”

The organization connects these women to help offer a wide array of support, ideas and businesses. According to Murphy, they want moms with different experiences. Whether their kids are young or old, or they are just thinking about entrepreneurship, all women are welcome and encouraged to come out and support each other.

To learn more about Business Among Moms, visit

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There’s a new permanent makeup and esthetics studio set to open in May. Read on for all the details.


Beaute Blvd is a new permanent makeup studio that will soon open in Norwood.

Breyanna Matthews has loved beauty and fashion ever since she was a child. However, it wasn’t until she became a makeup artist at a luxury cosmetics store that she realized her passion for eyebrow design. She turned this passion into an entrepreneurship opportunity with her new permanent makeup and esthetics studio, Beaute Blvd.

Beaute Blvd will open in May and offer microblading, brow waxing and design, facials and makeup application. Matthews specializes in microblading and leverages this knowledge to differentiate her business from the others in the industry.

“At Beaute Blvd, micro-blading services are uniquely designed for each individual. There aren’t any ‘standard’ eyebrow designs that I use with each client,” she says. “I take my time with my clients to ensure that they are comfortable with their brow design before I start the service. Also, I like to offer my client’s eye and lip masks while I am microblading their brows. I like to pamper my clients even if they do come in just for one service.”

Matthews hopes to help women enhance their natural beauty in order to feel their best from the inside out. 

I never want my clients to feel that my services change their entire look,” she says. “This is why I spend a lot of time during the consultation. I like to get to know my client, their lifestyle, their beauty goals and inspiration. There is no “one size fits all” brow design at Beaute Blvd. I strongly believe that when women look their best, they feel their best.”

As microblading is the primary service Beaute Blvd plans to provide, Matthews will be learning more techniques later this year. She hopes to expand to offer skincare treatments such as micro-needling and eventually Botox services. Also, she would like to open a Beaute Blvd cosmetic store where she could sell luxury makeup and skincare.

“My goal is to ensure that every client receives impeccable service and a desirable experience. I want to connect with women and help them feel their best,” she explains. “When my clients leave Beaute Blvd, I want them to leave feeling empowered and feeling like they can take over the world.”

With the opening of Beaute Blvd quickly approaching, Matthews prepares by reflecting on why she chose to open her own business. 

I love that I am helping others and that I get to interact and connect with different women through beauty. It is so gratifying,” she says. “I love microblading! Brows are a very important part of your face. I love the transformation of your brows after micro-blading, and the fact that you are able to save time during your daily beauty routine is a huge plus.”

Beaute Blvd will be having a grand opening special for $100 off of microblading services until the end of July, according to Matthews. To book an appointment or set up a consultation, you can email You can also like them on Instagram and Facebook. The studio will be located at 2260 Park Avenue.