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As thousands of young athletes are at such high risk for developing skin cancer, a University of Cincinnati (UC) dermatologist says he dreams of the day "when sunscreen is right up there in the locker room next to the Gatorade."

050707BEAUTY.jpg What's more, says Brian Adams, MD, a sports medicine specialist at UC and a part-time high school coach, the risks are so high that sunscreen use should be compulsory in outdoor sports.

Adams says he applauds one rowing coach who benches any crew member who appears for practice sunburned. That, he believes, gets the message across.

According to the American Cancer Society, most of the more than 1 million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer diagnosed yearly in the United States are sun related. Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, will account for about 59,600 cases of skin cancer in 2005 and about 7,800 of the 10,600 deaths due to skin cancer each year.

Unfortunately, says Adams, a study he did recently with medical student Erica Hamant revealed that most young athletes ignore the danger.

Reported in a recent edition of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, the study showed that 85 percent of 186 NCAA soccer players and cross-country runners at four Cincinnati-area colleges used no sunscreen during the previous seven practice days. Ninety-four percent admitted they used sunscreen on fewer than three days during the previous week.

"The NCAA has medical guidelines for wrestlers, football players and others," says Adams, "but using sunscreen in outdoor athletics, which is very, very important, just isn't part of the culture.

"The well documented consequences of not using sunscreen all point to the fact every locker room should have sunscreen right up there next to the Gatorade."

What is part of the culture, Adams laments, is "the tan."

Although a tan wasn't "hip" in earlier times, he says, "unfortunately today if you have a little color you're perceived as being healthy or better looking.

"The problem is that a tan is a bad response. It's the body's last attempt to protect itself against ultraviolet (UV) light damage and the subsequent mutations that UV rays induce in the skin cells. It's your skin's way of saying please stop the madness!"

Forty-six percent of 139 athletes who gave reasons for not using sunscreen blamed lack of availability, and 33 percent thought they didn't need it because of various misconceptions. Others says they didn't consider the weather hot enough for sunburn.

However, says Adams, only 1 percent of the athletes says they didn't use sunscreen because it hurt their eyes, commonly thought to be the reason they ignore it.

The American Academy of Dermatology Web site recommends avoiding sun exposure from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., "exactly the times when most teams are out practicing, be they soccer players, long-distance runners, or tennis players," Adams pointed out. "They're getting an enormous amount exposure to UV light."

Outdoor athletes are also in double jeopardy, because sweating exacerbates their risk, Adams says. Perspiration on the skin lowers what's called the minimal erythema dose, the lowest UV exposure needed to turn the skin barely pink.

"You've already set yourself up for trouble by not using sunscreen," Adams says, "and now by sweating you're making it worse. Think about that the next time you see all those men jogging around town without their shirts on.

"Nearly 20 years ago when I was in college running at 3 p.m. and getting burned and tanned, there wasn't as much knowledge about the risks as we have now, and there weren't as many sunscreen products – especially for sports enthusiasts.

"Today there are plenty, so there's no excuse for this risky behavior, on or off the sports field."

Skiers have it even worse, Adams says. Not only is 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. prime time for lift tickets, but UV light on the high slopes isn't "filtered" by the pollution found in the atmosphere at sea level, and it's even intensified by the white snow.

Studies have shown that sun exposure at noon in Vail equals that at the same hour on a Florida beach, says Adams. "Because it's cold on ski slopes, people who typically have their face and hands exposed tend not to wear sunscreen. Whereas on the beach they feel hot and are more aware, and they're influenced by the fact that everyone around them is using sunscreen."

The solution, Adams suggests, is relatively simple and could cost organizations like the NCAA – with its 250,000 outdoor athletes – very little or even nothing.

"All the NCCA and the other conferences, colleges and clubs need to do," he says, "is install a huge container of sunscreen in the locker room, where it's impossible to avoid. Manufacturers would probably donate product for the promotional value."

Infrastructure is already in place through the various sports organizations for educating outdoor athletes about the risk, Adams says. Preventive programs could easily be integrated into daily practice and competition regimes.

And enforcing a sunscreen rule should be a snap.

"Young athletes are at the right age to learn good habits that they can take into adulthood," he says, "and most kids heed their coach more than they do their parents."

– University of Cincinnati


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1. Runners and other athletes, male and female, should clean their faces daily. "During summer outdoor activities such as running, athletes should clean their face with an exfoliant containing lactic acid (milk)," explains Yolanda Webb, CEO of E'LON Cosmetics. "This will remove build up from dull congested skin cells, which result from open pores and sweat glands." She says E'LON's Non-Fat Dry Milk Deep Refining Cleanser is great for this.

2. And as you hit the pavement, don't forget your hydrating toner with cucumber. Webb shares a pearl of skin care wisdom: "Put toner in a spray bottle and chill overnight before the big race. Carry it with you and mist yourself as you run. This makes a great skin hydrator."

3. Before that sun beats down on you, make sure you protect your skin with a moisturizer containing SPF. "Marathon runners and other athletes should use oil-free daily moisturizers with silk proteins," explains Webb. She says E'LON's Oil-Free Moisturizers and their signature Veil Primer work to create an invisible barrier for the skin and both have an SPF 15.

4. There are few things worse than chapped lips, and one of them is having chapped lips when your chap stick is MIA. "Don't forget that lips should be protected as much as the rest of the skin," explains Webb. She says E'LON's Vitamin E Sticks protect the lips from the wind and sun and they contain an SPF 15.

So, to avoid dry, cracked or uncomfortable skin, which can take your focus off of the race, don't forget the four most helpful ways to replenish your skin while protecting it from the sun.



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This search can be hard, so I suggest you find the perfect dress first and then find a hairstyle that compliments you and your dress.


The best way to find a formal hairstyle is to look in hair magazines or fashion magazines.

When it comes to formal hairstyles or updos, simple is better. This year, sleek and classic styles are making a huge comeback.


A simple hairstyle will show off your gorgeous dress and beautiful face. Best of all, it won’t make you look overdone.

My favorite look of the season is the classic ponytail. A low, sleek ponytail looks great on everyone and looks great with any outfit.042307UPDO2.jpg


For a younger and fresher look, you can wear a low side ponytail with a full crown and curled ends. This look works well with the fun patterned and brightly colored dresses that are popular this season.

Another look that I think looks great is long loose waves. This look is a throwback to the old glamor days of Hollywood.


Wearing "down do" hairstyle that sweeps the shoulders looks especially great with strapless or spaghetti strap dresses. Wearing your hair down can make you feel as if you are not showing as much skin especially when you are wearing a dress with little or no straps.
If you have short hair and you are looking for a special style, think about Marilyn Monroe when you are picking out a hairstyle. Curl your hair all over and use your hands to loosen the curls for a very sexy look.


If you have short hair and want to go for a more sophisticated style, you can also comb all of your hair away from your face.

When choosing a hairstyle for the big day, you should always consider these three things:

  1. Will my hair texture work with this style?
  2. Will this style overpower my face or my outfit?
  3. Do I love this hairstyle?

In the end, all that matters is that you love your hair and it makes you look and feel your best.





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To get these rockstar eyes, you'll need the following: M.A.C. eyeshadow in "Forgery," "Frankly Scarlet" and "Black Tied." Then, "Fuschia" eyeshadow by Ben Nye, Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner in "Blackest Black," M.A.C. Zoomlash mascara in "Zoomblack," Smashbox shimmer overlay in "Lux," an eyelash curler, an eyebrow pencil to match your haircolor and a black kohl eyeliner (I find that Wet N' Wild works the best).

Start by applying the "Forgery" to the entire lid, from lashline to eyebrow.

Starting at the lashine, apply the "Frankly Scarlet" from lashline to the crease of the eye.

Using an eyeshadow brush, blend the "Fushia" from the crease half way to the eyebrow. This will give a very blended, airbrushed effect.

Taking a smaller brush and the "Black Tied" eyeshadow, make a "C" shape starting at the middle of the crease, ending at the beginning of the bottom lash line. Then blend out. Making a reverse "C" shape, do the same to the right eye.

With an eyebrow pencil matching your haircolor, use short sweeping motions to fill in and shape eyebrows. Blondes, to be bolder, use a darker color like dark brown or black.

Apply shimmer overlay in "Lux" to top lid. Use sparingly a little goes a long way!

Apply the black kohl eyeliner to the bottom lash line, using your finger to smudge out harsh lines.

With the liquid liner, start at the inner lashline, work your way out, letting the liner end in an upswept fashion.

Using eyelash curler, press only top lashes gently for five seconds. Finish lashes by applying two coats of the "Zoomlash" mascara using an over and under movement. This creates a thicker looking lash.

All products listed above can be found online, or locally in Kenwood Mall at M.A.C. and Sephora retailers.

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It’s your skin. Your lifestyle, hormones and heredity determine the look and feel of the skin your in. Keeping your skin clean and protected from the sun will help you maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. Deep cleaning your skin should be a supplement to your daily skin care routine. You can deep clean your face a couple of times a week by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells through exfoliation.

Exfoliation can be done professionally, or at home. The Plastic Surgery Group, with offices in Ohio and Northern Kentucky, offers several methods of exfoliation to encourage cell turnover and reveal new skin cells.

The Micropeel® is a three-step process that removes a micro-thin top layer of skin and clogged pores. The procedure is accomplished in 15-20 minutes, and tests show that it lessens the appearance of fine lines and brown spots.

The Micropeel® Plus is a 15 minute in-office procedure that helps smooth fine lines, helps even skin discoloration and reduces the appearance of acne scars. In addition, once the dead cells are removed, the MicroPeel® Plus stimulates the new, living cells in your skin to reactivate the renewal process.

Microdermabrasion combines pampering with an intense dermabrasion. It uses a velocity of crystals, followed by an aloe facemask and an ultra sound treatment. I had a microdermabrasion treatment from Joyce Dickman, skin care specialist at The Plastic Surgery Group.

And of course, being the good editor that I am, I had to experience a Microdermabrasion procedure so I could explain it to the best of my ability. Plus, I've been wanting to get one ever since I took a trip to New York City in December and saw a Microdermabrasion Boutique at every corner. Up there, Microdermabrasion Boutiques are the new Starbucks!

Here's what I experienced: step one felt like my cat, Lakeisha, licking my face; steps two and three were cool and refreshing. After the dermabrasion, my face felt smooth and I had a healthy glow. I have sensitive skin, too, and it didn't aggravate it. The experience was totally relaxing.

Do it yourself. Exfoliation can be as simple as mixing baking soda or sugar with water to a pasty consistency and rubbing it over your face for about a minute. Do this a couple a times a week and your face will feel like silk.
Skin exfoliation is a natural process where dead surface skin cells slough off. But the natural process can be helped along. It’s good for both oily and dry skin. Oily skin has difficulty sloughing off dead skin because of the sticky nature of oil. With dry skin, dead skin cells pile up on the surface quickly. This gives your skin a dull appearance. 

Spring clean your face. No matter what method you choose to get rid of the old and show off the new, deep cleaning your face should always be part of your regular skin care regime.

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All women deserve to be treated to a day of pampering at the spa any time they wish. Unfortunately, a spa day ties up several hours, and will usually can put a nice little dent in your bank account. So, unless you are blessed with hefty funds and lots of free time, you may have to settle for a day at the spa only once in a blue moon.

But don’t get discouraged. You can now fit in a spa-style treatment on your busy schedule from the comfort of your own private sanctuary: your bathroom.

You'll need these tips most when you feel that all-too-familiar feeling of stress, irritability and "unpretty-ness" rush over you. You may look down at your month-old toe nail polish and unruly cuticles and realize that you haven't had much "you time" lately. That's the day you need to set aside at least 20 minutes for yourself. Begin by setting up the perfect spa scene. Gather all the items you want to accompany you in your relaxing journey, and place them in and around your tub.

Penny Dunlevy is a consultant for both Arbonne and Heaven Essence, two companies geared toward pampering women and their bodies. Dunlevy is also a massage therapist who uses the products she promotes in practice. She suggests having at least one massage oil candle on or around your tub.

There are a few unique things about these massage oil candles. They are made from 100 percent soy and natural oils, and go from candle to massage oil or lotion. They have pure cotton wicks so they become warm enough to melt but won’t burn your skin. The melted candle pours directly onto skin – in or out of the bath – to deeply moisturize. The candles should be lit for at least three minutes before using, in order to melt sufficiently.

Bath salts are another must-have for a serene spa day in your bathroom. Aromatherapy unwind bath salts by Arbonne, create a relaxing environment by blending natural oils with ylang ylang and chamomile. Also in the same line, there is body lotion, bath and shower gel, massage oil and mist. The ladies say it's even good to spray your robe and slippers with the mist to keep the aromatics with you after the bath.

040207beauty.jpg For the women who think a good book or trendy magazine is an essential part to any relaxing day, Heaven Essence provides a great little device to help you do just that. Their adjustable bathtub book rack adjusts to fit almost any size tub and is placed in front of you while you unwind. By the name, it's obvious that this book rack has places to hold books or magazines. Not so obvious however, is that it also has place for wine glasses, tumblers, candles or other items you might need nearby to help you relax.

A spa day wouldn't be complete without the classic clay mask to deep clean those pores. As a helpful tip, steam from your bath can help the effectiveness of the mask. There are a few products out on the market to help you get the feeling of a real spa facial. Lisa Massa, an Arbonne consultant, suggests NutriminC RE9 RElease deep pore cleansing mask from Arbonne. Not only is it a cleansing mask, it’s also anti-aging and completely organic. You'll come out feeling and looking like a baby! Well, maybe it won't take the anti-aging to that extreme, but it will help to firm up those problem areas for you.

So, chill some wine, set a plush robe and slippers next to the tub and light the candles. Run the water, add the bath salts and don’t forget your favorite reading material or relaxing CD! Once the tub is full, step in, lie back and enjoy your very own spa!

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Looking for some excitement in your life?
Join the Team of Heaven Essence Consultants!

Heaven Essence has outstanding career opportunities:

  • Earning potential of 30 to 50 %
  • Incentive travel
  • Flexible hours
  • Fun

If you are interested, please contact,

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Heaven Essence


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Sleeping with Your Makeup On
Your skin needs room to breathe if you wear makeup, and your eight hours of beauty sleep is just the time to give it a break. Remove the dirt and grime of the day and re-apply your skincare products. As you sleep your body repairs itself – including your skin – so give it the nourishment it needs. Besides, your clean pillowcase will thank you!

More Years, More Coverage
Not true, as we get older, the texture of skin changes. Larger pore size, fine lines, age spotting. The more coverage, the heavier the product. This can actually draw attention to what you are trying to minimize because it settles in the larger pores and fine lines. Tinted moisturizers are a great alternative to foundation.

Over Plucking/Shaping your Brows
Groomed brows give the eyes support and frame the face; however if brows become sparse, try filling in the brows using an angle brush and a matte shadow the same tone as your hair rather than a pencil. You will achieve a more natural look.

Dark Lip Liner with Pale Lips
Lip liner should enhance your lips and provide longer wear to your lip color. Begin by lining the upper lip from right corner to center then left corner to center so both sides match, and the same on the lower lip. Then, feather the pencil across the whole of your lips to avoid the two-tone effect as your lipstick wears off.

032607BEAUTY.JPG Products with Mineral Oil
Eliminate products that contain mineral oil. Mineral oil actually occludes the skin, resulting in trapped sebum and debris, causing blocked pores and breakouts.

Not Keeping Your Makeup Brushes Clean
Cleanliness is important for your makeup brushes. Think about it: You apply your makeup to the delicate skin on your face, and the very susceptible, sensitive areas around your eyes and lips. Your brushes should be cleaned regularly with a gentle cleanser in hot soapy water. Be sure to rinse well to remove the cleanser. Dry Brushes flat, not upright as the water can seep into the handles and potentially ruin the wood.

Rinsing Hair with Hot Water
Always rinse your hair with cool or tepid water as it will seal the cuticle and smooth the hair.

Blow-drying or Diffusing
If you currently blow dry up, or diffuse the hair upward or upside down, consider changing your ways. Blow drying down the hair shaft will seal and smooth the cuticle. When diffusing, diffuse down and scrunch up. Finish your blow dry with a cool setting.

Not Moisturizing Your Body Daily
We lose as much as half a pint of water daily simply through skin evaporation. Drinking water replenishes your body, and moisturizing your skin helps to seal in the moisture.

First Signs of Aging
Your hands, neck, décolleté and eyes often show the first signs of aging.
Always wear an SPF! It can be in your moisturizer, foundation, lip balm or anything that offers at least an SPF15. The sun is the biggest factor to premature aging. You don't have to be a sun worshiper, or spend hours in the sun to get incidental sun exposure – you just have to be unprotected. So wear your sunscreen, even the winter!

For your hands, use a hand cream with or followed by an SPF15 daily.
For your face, when cleansing or applying moisturizer and/or treatment products to your skin, don’t ignore your neck and décolleté. Massage the product into your skin with upward strokes from the bottom up, around to the back and even behind your ears.
For your eyes, be faithful to an eye cream with plant-based ingredients. Eye creams are very refined and will address the needs of the delicate skin in that area. Apply a small amount with your ring finger and tap in around the orbital bone.

Picking, Biting, Filing and Peeling

  • Picking: Picking any part of your skin is a bad beauty habit. If you pick at your face (i.e. pimples), it causes a breakdown of the follicle wall and will cause damage to collagen therefore leaving and indented scar on the face over time. Resist the urge to pick and let pimples, bumps or scabs heal on their own time.
  • Biting: Biting your nails not only makes you look nervous and your nails look unkempt, it wreaks havoc on the nail plate and surrounding areas of your skin, as well as introduces bacteria which can cause infection. Try keeping your nails polished and manicured. That way, if you put all that work into making them look nice, you'll be less likely to bite them.
  • Filing: Never file back and forth in a sawing motion across the free edge of your fingernail. This can disrupt the layers of the nail plate and cause splitting and peeling. The correct way to file your nails is from right side to center then left side to center.
  • Peeling: Peeling or picking your nail polish will often remove layers of your nail. This will result in damage and weakening of the nail plate.

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In crop terms, “organic” means the products were grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. For animals, it means the edible byproduct was reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones.
Now, organic foods are becoming much more widely available. In fact, according to a recent MSNBC report, organic food sales within the United States have enjoyed 17 to 20 percent growth for the past few years while sales of conventional food have grown at only about 2 to 3 percent a year.

With this new move toward organic products that go in the body, more and more people are looking for organic products for the exterior as well. Origins Skincare is one of the many companies meeting this growing demand.

In skincare terms, according to Lynn Mazzella, vice president of Origins’ global product development, organic ingredients are grown and harvested in a very specific manner. The use of pesticides, herbacides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms are not permitted in organic farming.

“The USDA/National Organic Program regulates organic farming and livestock practices for the food industry,” Mazzella says. “There is a voluntary program in place for personal care products with the National Organic Program.”

Consumers should look for organic certification on their personal care products to confirm that they are truly organic.

And there’s an important distinction between “organic” and “all natural,” says Mazzella. Organic skincare products use organically harvested ingredients. All natural products can be sourced from agriculture, sea, earth, etc. “Currently in the US, there are not specific guidelines to growing or sourcing all natural ingredients,” she adds.

While both all natural and organic products have proved effective in addressing consumers skincare concerns, it’s really a consumer choice. “Just as a consumer can chose to buy fresh carrots in the grocery store or organic carrots,” Mazzella says. “Both have health benefits.”

So, when you walk in the Origins store at Rookwood Commons, you’ll find that most Origins products are all natural, but there are two collections of organic products.

When asked if the all natural and organic products are more expensive than traditional skincare products, Mazzella says, “Organic and natural ingredients can be more expensive based on availability season, weather conditions, etc.” But a growing number of consumers are willing to shell out the little extra for natured-based personal care products.

“At Origins we feel that nature has always provided the solution to many skincare concerns,” Mazzella says. “Nature has provided us with many cures for common ailments and has provided the starting point for many of today's pharmaceuticals.”