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Learn about a local lady who makes it her job to find your best career path and opportunities. Read on for all the details.


Dana Glasgo, a local career coach

Dana Glasgo is a Cincinnati-based career consultant on a mission to assist individual clients who are seeking a career change or are out of work and guide them to their next career move.

With 20 years of consultant experience behind her, Glasgo decided to branch out and start her own business in 2006 based on the process she had developed as a Senior Career Consultant for Lee Hecht Harrison (a global career management services company).

Glasgo assists professionals at all levels, from doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, manual laborers, and everything in between, and also provides coaching services that are applicable to any career. Glasgo’s coaching service topics range from finding a marketing strategy to resume and cover letter preparation, as well as interviewing and negotiating skills.

Recently, Glasgo has begun offering career counseling and assessments to high school students who are looking for more direction on what to do after graduation and college graduates who are unable to find that first job.

The student career counseling process starts with two specialized assessments of personal interests and personality characteristics followed by a face-to-face meeting to explore different possibilities for future career paths.

Glasgo’s passion for making a difference in people’s lives is what she says is her strongest motivation.

“I enjoy equipping clients with skills on how to write strong marketing documents, interviewing (how to ask for the sale or job) and the importance of networking,” says Glasgo. “I get a thrill when a client finds what he/she wants to do.”

For those looking to start their own new business, Glasgo offers a “quick and dirty” assessment and valuable resources to help take charge of your career.

Glasgo tells those who want to make the jump to becoming an entrepreneur to not quit their day job (at first).

“Get the business started and then see if it is sustainable,” says Glasgo. “Have a business plan, know when to stray from it and hire smart people.”

For more info about the Cincinnati Career Coach, visit Contact Glasgo at 513-260-0454 or

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A recently-opened Covington based co-working venue is celebrating the solo entrepreneur with the launch of a new Solopreneur Program. Read on for more.


Tracy Doyle Photography

Platform 53 is a co-working environment located in Mainstrasse Village in Covington that provides not only a meeting and work space, but a platform for entrepreneurs to share ideas, connect with others, get inspired, learn, and support each other.

Co-working, as Platform 53 Founder Stacy Kessler defines it, is more than just a desk, it’s about about community and choosing to invest in your happiness, productivity, and business success.

As working from home becomes an increasingly popular trend, Kessler says many don’t realize the slump it’s possible to sink into when you spend endless days without leaving the house.

“Working from home as an entrepreneur, you’re not exposed to other people who can inspire, encourage, and support you on a regular basis,” explains Kessler.

That’s where Platform 53 comes in.

From reservable meeting rooms to coaching and consulting, Platform 53 strives to create an environment that enables independent professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mobile workers to do their best work.

Platform 53 has been open for more than three years helping to reduce isolation for people working from home. During that time Kessler has realized that the solo entrepreneurs a.k.a “solopreneurs” is a group that she wants to better serve.

Kessler describes solopreneurs as the solo service professionals who are making a living off of their own expertise and passion.

“This solo approach to work creates awesome opportunities and flexibility, but also has its challenges, something I know all-too-well as a solopreneur myself,” says Kessler. “Platform 53 wants to make it easier to connect with other solopreneurs and find ways to combat the pitfalls of working independently.”

This January, Platform 53 is running a one-month beta of their new Solopreneur Program.

During the beta, Platform 53 will be testing out new monthly plans that include not just co-working and meeting rooms, but also coaching and consulting from Kessler herself, workshops, community activities, and various other resources and forms of support.

Kessler says her goal is to make Platform 53 the go-to hub in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region for solopreneurs by helping them to run and grow their businesses, connect with like-minded professionals, and make a positive impact in the world.

Platform 53 is encouraging work-at-home professionals to invest in themselves and not continue to let working at home hold them back.

“Our members have told us they feel like they take themselves and their businesses more seriously,” says Kessler. “They start to see business growth. They start collaborating. They start to launch new ideas. They stop feeling stuck and start feeling momentum. They gain confidence and start charging more. All because they made one simple change and decided to co-work.”

Platform 53 is located at 503 W 6th St, Covington, KY 41011. To learn more about Platform 53 and its Solopreneur Program beta, visit and To contact Platform 53, email


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See how one Cincinnati woman's LinkedIn group turned into a national organization that empowers minority women to overcome workplace challenges.


Sherry Sims, Founder of Black Career Women’s Network

Sherry Sims has more than 14 years of experience in Human Resources and specializing in Talent Acquisition. Sims saw that there was a lack of access for professional black women when it came to peer support and mentoring in her own career, so she set out to create the Black Career Women’s Network as a LinkedIn group.

Hopeful that this group would start a dialogue and allow group members to share experiences and career advice, she found that the group quickly gained traction and that there were other professional black women, like her, who were experiences similar challenges in the workplace.

Sims took her LinkedIn group and turned it into a national organization, the Black Career Women’s Network.

“Black Career Women’s Network is a national career development organization dedicated to fostering the professional growth of African American women,” says Sims.

The organization is dedicated to helping women overcome challenges in the workplace and progress in their careers by providing the tools and resources they need to do just that.

“Our tools help women to gain career savvy in order to handle challenges with clarity and confidence, navigate the workplace, and manage their careers to thrive professionally,” says Sims.

At Black Career Women’s Network, you’ll find that the organization offers coaching, conferences, webinars, courses, workshops, events, podcasts, resume and job search strategies, and mentorship, according to Sims.

The organization founded and run by Sims is unique in that it specifically bridges the gap of support that minority women encounter in the workplace when it comes to professional development, mentor access, and leadership training.

There will be several new things coming to the Black Career Women’s Network in 2018, including the launch of the organization’s Career Smarts Professional Development cohort that includes local workshops, online courses for virtual members, which includes smarts guides.

Sims says that on March 24 they will also host their 4th annual LeadHer Mentor Summit, bringing women together from all levels of their careers for power mentoring sessions, panel discussions, and more. Their 3rd annual conference will be held in the fall of 2018.

To learn more about the Black Career Women’s Network, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Two local entrepreneurs are opening a new co-working venue that offers creatives, small business owners, and non-traditional workers a place to work, connect, and grow.


The Space Community Workplace is a space professionals can go to work, create, and network.

From freelancers to small businesses, many professionals are turning to shared workspaces as an alternative to the traditional office — and its accompanying lease.

That’s why Claire Krawsczyn and Rachel Murphy, both Cincinnati-based small business owners, joined forces to open The Space Community Workplace. It’s a professional work environment that’s designed for those who need a space of their own to work, create, and network.

“[The Space] is ideal for people who typically work out of their home office, but are missing a great, inspiring space to meet other professionals or host client meetings,” says Krawscyzn.

Krawsczyn and Murphy were fed up with the distractions of working at home or in noisy coffee shops. While in search of a getaway office that provided all their wants and needs, they designed The Space: a quiet, productive environment for anyone who wants to get work done along with a place for networking, social interaction, and business-building events.

“Together, we decided to open a space that would fill in those gaps for our own businesses and we recognized that there are lots of other business professionals in the area who crave the same thing,” says Krawsczyn.

Membership opportunities range from daily drop-ins to annual commitments. General membership includes Wi-Fi access, printing, daytime reservations of an eight-person conference room and presentation system, coffee, light snacks, and office supplies. There are a limited amount of memberships available to ensure that every member has a great experience working there, according to Krawscyzn.

In addition to providing a professional work environment, The Space offers monthly educational, networking, and social events, including happy hours, lunch-and-learns, tech support sessions, business round-table discussions, and more.

“[The Space] is ideal for people who typically work out of their home office, but are missing a great, inspiring space to meet other professionals or host client meetings,” says Krawscyzn.

The Space officially opened December 11, 2017 and is currently providing new-comers special pricing. From now through January 31, 2018, rates are: Full time Monthly Membership: $350/month, 10-Day Pass: $250/pass, and daily drop-in rate: $35/day.

Krawscyzn and Murphy do have plans to expand their workplaces to the Forest Park community in spring/summer of 2018, but for now, they say they are using their current location to learn what does and does not offer value to their members.

The Space is located at 9405 Montgomery Road. To learn more, visit

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Learn about a local service that offers clarity, guidance, and helpful workshops to help you turn thoughts and ideas into a published book.


Your Literary Prose is a service provided by M. Colleen Wietmarschen that helps anyone realize their dream of writing, publishing, and seeing their book in print.

With a mission to make authors’ lives easier, Colleen Wietmarschen and son, Peter, founded Your Literary Prose in 2015. Your Literary Prose was the product of rebranding Wietmarschen’s business that she has owned and operated since 1996. In 2015, Wietmarschen won a scholarship to take the Certified Author Assistant course, a demanding examination covering all aspects of book publishing. After Wietmarschen achieved her certification to become an Author Assistant, the rest, she says, was history.

By providing an author assistant and coaching services, Your Literary Prose makes it so authors are better prepared and organized on their journey to publication. Wietmarschen says working with a service like Your Literary Prose will save you time and money when it comes to publishing your book. “[The authors] aren’t bogged down working on the tasks and details they don’t know how to do or waste their time learning how to do,” explains Wietmarschen. Some of the services that Your Literary Prose can provide are organizing author’s source documents, researching the author’s ideal reader and sending potential publishers the author’s book proposals.

As a victim of book publishing scammers, Wietmarschen says her misfortune was the driving force in creating a reputable and safe service for authors. “Our goal is to truly provide authors with the best information and the best knowledge to help them make the correct decisions and goals for them and their book.”

At the beginning of 2018, Your Literary Prose will begin a new program, “Write with the Pros,” that is geared towards those with busy lives who struggle to find time to write their book.

Weekly trainings and coaching calls will help keep the author on track, but what makes this course special, Wietmarschen says, is that each course begins with a three-hour VIP day with both her and Peter that helps the author become clear on their goals and aspirations.

As a special offering for the holiday season, Your Literary Prose will be taking 18% off for 2018 and offering the three-month “Write with the Pros” program for $1,845.00 (offer good through December 31, 2017).

For those who aren’t sure where to start in the book writing process, Wietsmarschen says to get with someone who is experienced.

“The best advice we give someone who wants to write a book is to find an expert or a mentor who knows the publishing process and can help the author reach their goals,” says Wietmarschen.

For more information, contact Colleen via email at or via phone at 513-675-1286. Their rebranded website, is being completed and will be ready soon.

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Learn about a career center and young professional program that’s empowering women in transition to achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency.


New Directions Career Center (NDCC) was created by a group of women in 1980. These women were either divorced, widows, or single parents who were unsure of how to support themselves. Originally known as the Displaced Homemaker Association, these women decided it was time for a change of direction and wanted to empower other women to follow their lead.

The vision of the NDCC is to assist their clients in gaining skills, information and resources vital to securing and retaining meaningful employment with fair compensation and benefits. “We use a holistic approach to help women become the best that they can be,” says Amy Roberts, NDCC Development Director.

More than 60,000 of lives have been touched by NDCC. The center aims to support and guide women of all ages and backgrounds through new chapters of their lives. “We help women who have retired, but are not yet ready to retire. Women who have had to downsize or who struggle financially. Or even, women who are say to themselves ‘I want to change, but I don’t know how’,” explains Roberts.

New Directions Young Professionals (NDYP) was founded in 2012 with the purpose of engaging a younger demographic in Ohio to further the mission of NDCC. “Young Professionals was created as a volunteer opportunity for those who want to get involved with non-profit work,” says Woliver.

NDYP helps plan and execute their own events such as this year’s Holiday Hearts, an annual gift-giving campaign ran through the holidays to purchase gifts for the children of clients at New Directions.

“We really wanted to make the holidays a little easier for women going through the program,” says Caroline Woliver, Director of Outreach and Program Management.

NDCC selects single-parent families whose mothers graduated from a NDCC program and helps support them by purchasing gifts for their children.

This years’ Holiday Hearts evening of gift-giving and networking will take place on Thursday, December 7 at 6 p.m. at Red Door Tavern, 1736 W 5th Ave, Columbus OH.

New Directions Career Center says they are focused on helping women embrace their authentic self. 71 percent of NDCC annual survey respondents actively seek employment and or education after NDCC graduation, according to the 2016 report. Of that percent, 91 percent of women said they experienced at least one or more financial improvements.

“When you change your direction, you change your life,” says Roberts. To learn more, click here.

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We chat with the woman behind an important organization that’s giving people better access to local food, boosting business for local farmers, and promoting a more environmentally sustainable region.


Thanks to the work of one local organization, the Ohio Valley Region will soon enjoy better market opportunities for local farms while people and institutions will have better access to fresh, healthy, local food.

Green Umbrella, the leading alliance working to maximize the environmental sustainability of Greater Cincinnati, was recently awarded a USDA Local Food Promotion Program grant to increase sales for local farm producers through the region’s largest food hubs by 65% by 2020.

Green Umbrella helps increase sales for local farm products.

“We drive collaboration to fuel measurable improvements in key areas of sustainability,” Kristin Weiss, Executive Director of Green Umbrella, says. “Our vision is to have the region recognized as one of the top ten most sustainable metro areas in the nation by 2020. Our vision was actually realized this year, when Greater Cincinnati was ranked the nation’s #1 metro area for sustainability in Site Selection’s 2017 Sustainability Rankings.”

The Green Umbrella project, which was originally launched in 1998, has been relaunched under the Collective Impact Model. “It was the first time our region agreed on a shared vision and success indicators for the environment,” she says. “It was a key turning point, too, that our region was recognizing environmental sustainability as a significant path for making Greater Cincinnati a highly desirable place to live, play and work.”

There are a variety of different projects that Action Teams in Green Umbrella are in charge of, which drives progress toward their sustainability goals, and they include: Red Bike, Outdoor Adventure Clubs, Produce Perks, Ohio Valley Food Connection, Tri-State Trails, Greater Cincinnati Food Policy council, Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit, and Great Outdoor Weekend.

For the third time, Partners for Places is providing Green Umbrella and 11 other cities with grants, and Cincinnati is receiving the largest one.  Partners for Places is “a national matching grants program, which pairs city governments with philanthropy to support sustainability projects that promote a healthy environment, a strong economy, and well-being for residents,” Weiss explains.

The grant will fund strategic, and collaborative activities to prevent, recover, and recycle food waste. “Locally, this project will help address two community issues-the need to improve access to healthy food for the one in four residents that are food insecure, and the need to reduce the amount of  ‘waste’ going to the landfill-currently averaging more than five pounds per person per day,” Weiss says. “Specifically, the grant will be used to expand sharing tables in schools, work with institutional kitchens to reduce food waste and recover surplus food, foster neighborhood composting through policy advocacy, and educate the public on best practices related to food waste issues.”

Weiss says this is her dream job and it’s helping her have the exact impact she wanted for her hometown. “When I was starting my career, my dad passed away quickly of brain cancer, and that taught me to appreciate the time I have, and spend it with people and doing work that I love,” Weiss explains. “I know that I can make a significant difference working on this project, and that’s what gets me excited for work everyday.”

With nearly 400 members, over 6,000 email subscribers, and 10,000 social media followers, Green Umbrella is growing. To learn more, visit or “like” them on Facebook. For information about how to source locally this Thanksgiving, visit

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A local lady took her passion for helping others and turned it into a business that's making people feel empowered in their own homes.


Balancing it all isn’t easy. Between home life, work, and everything in between, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s where Deborah Ginn can help.

With a passion for lending a hand to others, Ginn launched Nowhere But Up, a professional organizing company, in 2003. “We specialize in home organization and hoarding situations,” she explains. “We assist individuals and families who struggle with clutter, time management, schedules, and routines. We teach and transfer skills that can be used for a lifetime.”

Ginn says that many who struggle with organization in their home have often dealt with other issues such as trauma or loss, were never taught the skills as a young child, or live with some type of disability or mental health illness – so for her, her inspiration is people.

Deborah Ginn, Owner of Nowhere But Up Organization.

Ginn became a board-certified professional organizer in 2008. “I started by using the knowledge gained while running a relocation business for over 15 years, along with raising my family as a single parent,” she says. “I know all too well what frustration and stress can bring while running a household. Managing a home is a full-time job in itself, add a full-time job outside the home, inflated schedule, and lack of routine and you’ll soon find yourself dealing with the feeling of defeat.”

Organization services at Nowhere But Up are well-rounded. They include hoarding consulting and cleanouts as well as decluttering and home/business organization like downsizing, relocation preparation, unpacking, space management, time management, office filing and paper organizing, taskmaster, clutter management sessions, and serving as an accountability partner.

Ginn’s insights into home organization helps the company stand out, and what she uses as her tools. “My main focus is my client, not just working with clutter,” she says. Ginn offers non-judgment and is supportive of everyone she works with. She aims to encourage and build up those who feel lost and wants to teach people how to process and organize in a way that works for them. “I know first-hand, from a personal level that common methods do not work for most. I throw out the ‘rule book’ and help clients find something that actually works for them.”

Ultimately, Ginn wants to make clients feel empowered in their own homes.

Ginn will be staying busy for the time being. She says she’s recently taken on work involving large-scale hoarding cases. “This is new and I’m still learning new ways to help families and individuals who live with a hoarding disorder,” she says. “I help families establish aftercare plans involving needed services for a family member. These cases help keep me grounded and humble. Some say I’m crazy for doing it. I say, I do it because I feel led and have compassion for those who struggle. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of trust on the client’s part.”

To learn more about Nowhere But Up, visit their website or send Ginn an email.

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Living a life of clutter? Learn about a local lady who launched a business that’ll have you saying, “Hello Organization” when you walk into your home or office.


Hello Organization helps you get your home organized and better utilize its spaces.

Sarah Barker loves organization. She also loves helping others and finding ways to better utilize spaces. That’s why she launched her own home organization and moving services company called Hello Organization, LLC.

“Hello Organization helps busy individuals and local families live a stress-free lifestyle,” says Barker. “Our motto is ‘goodbye clutter, hello organization,’ because at Hello Organization we believe your home should be an enjoyable living space, not stuffy storage space.”

Barker was inspired to launch Hello Organization because organization is a big part of her life.

“Organization has always been a passion of mine and now as a mother of two, I also fully understand the importance of it,” she explains. “After being told by family and friends that I had a skill, I finally decided to turn that skill, and passion, into an exciting business adventure.”

Barker herself is a Cincinnati native who attended the Ohio State University. After spending nearly 10 years in Columbus, she returned home to the Queen City, where she is now a wife, mother, pet lover, and coffee enthusiast. “I thoroughly enjoy helping others love their home and getting the most from their spaces,” she says. “I am a firm believer that a home should always be functional, unique, and beautiful, and our services help set clients on the path to achieving those things.”

Hello Organization currently offers six services, although residential declutter and organization are their most sought-after services. The business also offers item haul away, packing and unpacking, and organization guidance services.

When asked what makes Hello Organization unique, Barker says that it’s the company’s willingness to go the extra mile for their clients. “We genuinely care about every client’s needs and want them to truly love their space for years to come,” she says. “What sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client. We go into every project with the mindset that no two projects or clients are alike, therefore we tailor our services and skills to reflect this.”

You can follow along with Hello Organization by visiting their website and by “liking” their Facebook page, where Barker is constantly updating customers and sharing new and exciting information.

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A local boss lady is transforming her media company into a full-service creative studio. See how her entrepreneurial spirit is helping to propel several big projects for clients.


Ray Ball, Founder of BallR Media

Ray Ball, the Founder behind BallR Media, always wanted to take her idea for a media business and turn it into a full-service creative studio. In just about two years of being in business, she was able to do just that.

Today, BallR Media is a full-service creative studio that specializes in creative marketing campaigns, public relations, social media, website design, photography/videography, graphics, and events.

“The plan was always to expand to a full creative studio, it just happened sooner than anticipated because there was a need for it,” explains Ball. “I was getting so many requests for photographers, and if I knew any graphic designers, and were there any good videographers out there. And there are! So I asked them to join the BallR team!”

The thought process behind bringing people onto her team, says Ball, was that she could turn BallR Media into a one-stop shop for creative service needs rather than send potential clients all over the city to find a reliable contractor that could help them fulfill their needs.

Ball says she was inspired to go through with her expansion of BallR Media sooner than expected because of the people she interacts with on a daily basis. “I work with mainly small businesses and entrepreneurs,” she says. “I know those budgets can be tight and I wanted to be able to give them great service within their budget.”

Now that her full-service studio has officially launched, and her business is only two years old, Ball says that the main goal of continuing to help grow small and local businesses is still there. “I’m finally at a stage where I can be a little more creative and now I have a team that can help also carry out those ideas,” she says.

Ball knows that in her line of work she is up against some of the big boys when it comes to creative services, but she’s different. “What sets me apart is that because BallR Media is smaller, I’m able to really develop some creative campaigns without a lot of corporate bureaucracy,” she says. “Small businesses feel comfortable coming to me because I understand them and have been where they’re at.”

Learn more about BallR Media at or sign up for their monthly newsletter. You can also contact Ball directly at