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Read on for all the picture perfect details about a local photography company with a desire to simply to document the details.


CsFolio focuses on creating relationships through documentary-style photography.

Csfolio is a Cincinnati based boutique studio whose primary focus is creating relationships through documentary style photography. Founded in November 2016, Csfolio recently opened their first studio in Glendale, Ohio.

The company is run by Sharon Snow and Casey Burns, two women who are in love with photography and the way it can capture a moment. Both artists and photographers themselves, the two women balance each other out through their own unique strengths and ideas for the company.  

But how did they know that this was what they wanted to do? Well, when asking Sharon Snow where the inspiration for Csfolio comes from, she gave a few reasons. “The company was inspired by a shared passion for photography, a shared dream of a boutique style photography business, and a shared desire for giving back and helping others,” says Snow.

That idea of helping others is accomplished when Csfolio gives their clients the happiness of reliving beautiful memories through their photographs. Most of their clients are currently found by referral base and/or social media. Being able to capture relationships and special moments is what Csfolio aims to do, and clients are drawn to the style in which they succeed in that.

This style can include anything from wedding shots to shots of exterior spaces; Csfolio does it all. Below is a rundown of some popular editorial styles they offer:

Headshots and Company Photos. The goal here is to create unique and true to life workplace photos. Csfolio aims for a more candid headshot style, not just the typical stiff shot. They want to give an artistic touch to the picture.

Branding and Stock Imagery. This includes anything from beauty to commercial goods. The goal for these images is to create compelling graphic images for website or social media needs of clients.

Events and Entertainment. If you have a specific event coming up Csfolio is happy to help! From company meetings, guest speakers, parties, or charity events, anything and everything can be covered.

Exterior and Interior Spaces. This style was created because many industries today have a necessity for showing spaces. This includes real estate, interior design, commercial properties, and restaurants, just to name a few.

While there are these specific styles, Csfolio is also always open to unique client opportunities and is always willing to help. If you want to reach out for a quote or just want more information about Csfolio, visit

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Want to stay on the cutting edge as a business woman in the ever-changing digital marketplace? An upcoming event will help you do just that. Read on for more.


Women in Digital is a rapidly growing organization committed to working with women to further their careers within the digital marketplace. The idea is to help women build powerful local networks that will encourage great power exchanges to happen between members and therefore build a strong future.  

“We strive to create powerful and local networks of women in digital.” That is the motto of Women in Digital. Through their event, the Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference, that motto is able to truly come to life.

The first Cincinnati-based Women in Digital Conference is an event that hopes to inspire and empower the women who attend. The conference is centered around keeping one another knowledgeable about respective digital areas of expertise, to embolden each other to stay strong in the fight towards gender equality, and to affect change in the community.

The Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference is not meant to be a typical networking event, but instead, it’s meant to create a network. Exclusive to women, this event calls on those in both the agent and client side, who have a focus in digital media and marketing and want to further their career. Through various talks and activities, this event brings local women together to find common ground in the digital world.

The day of the event will begin with a talk from Alaina Shearer, who is the mastermind behind Women in Digital. This talk is designed as a “tell-all” where Shearer will explain how she began the company and set the stage. This talk is followed by an empowering discussion on communicating confidence from Kelsey Pytlik, the CEO + Co-Founder of Gild Collective.

After the two main talks, all the attending women will go into one of two groups: the executive track or general track. These tracks will determine one’s schedule for the day. The ideas for both tracks can range anywhere from what’s next in the digital world to how to sway powerful influencers in Cincinnati.

Aside from the great influencing talks, women who attend can also expect lunch in the trendy Findley Market/Over The Rhine area and workshops throughout the day, including a hands-on project with the Gild Collective. These events really give the women a chance to build relationships with one another and have fun. The day will end with a happy hour full of engaging small talk and Rhinegeist’s best brews.

The Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference takes place Thursday, April 6 from 8am-6:30pm at the Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati.

Although early bird tickets for this event aren’t available anymore, more tickets, including general admission, are currently on sale until April 6 and can be purchased here.


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A new technological advancement allows you to ensure that your children are staying safe online. Keep reading to learn more about the company’s proactive, preventive, and crisis management solutions.


KidGuard helps keep your children safe in today’s digital world.

At KidGuard, there’s one mission in mind: To protect your children online.

The team at KidGuard spends their time thinking about and developing ways on how they can bring awareness and inspire solutions on issues of cyberbullying, online predators, teen suicide, and childhood depression in the age of technology.

“As the age of children who use mobile phones decrease, parents need tools to cope with the multiple challenges of a digital world on their children,” says KidGuard Founder Lawrence Ng.

“KidGuard employs a team of researchers and writers to educate parents on solutions to digital parenting problems and also runs a popular child cell phone monitoring software to allow parents to stay involved in their child’s life online,” according to Ng.

KidGuard understands the internet can be a scary place, and to help curb this downward spiral of Internet trolls and other digital dangers, the company is dedicated to not only providing helpful information for parents, but they create proactive monitoring solutions, preventive solutions, and even crisis management solutions.

“With close to 20 years of technology experience, serial entrepreneur Lawrence Ng and his team has decided to focus their data and technology expertise to help parents deal with risks associated with their children being online,” the KidGuard website states. “His amazing team has a wide range of breadth and depth across technology, Internet, and date-driven businesses.”

Ng says KidGuard is a unique venture in that it is the only solution that provides detection and also offers prevention and response capabilities. “With our team of technology and law enforcement expects, we aim to raise awareness and educate parents on solutions to digital parenting problems through resources and informational content,” he adds.

KidGuard recently published a free how-to guide to educate parents on the importance of developing their children’s digital citizenship and safe online behavior. “The Parents’ Survival Guide to Online Safety emphasizes on parental knowledge from facts and statistics to preventative steps and warning signs of various cyber risks,” adds Ng.

The Online Survival Guide shares information on how important it is that parents make sure their child fully understands why rules regarding internet use must be followed as well as how, specifically, online predators can compromise one’s safety. The fast-paced lifestyle that will be normal to today’s children is a modern invention to many parents. Children today will grow up with the world at their fingertips, and while it is a convenience, it’s also a reason why a parent needs to know how the digital world operates, how kids use it, the lingo that’s used in online spaces, and everything else that pertains to digital socialization.

KidGuard also released an online guide for monitoring and looking after your child’s text messages. Keeping an eye on children’s text messages will allow you to know who they’re talking to, what they’re saying, ensure that they aren’t getting distracted from schoolwork and other responsibilities, know they aren’t saving or looking at inappropriate content, and build a relationship based on trust.

While KidGuard is focused on helping keep your children safe, it also wants you to be able to build a trustworthy relationship with them.

KidGuard is currently available on all iOS and Android devices. To learn more about KidGuard, visit


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Learn about a new Covington-based incubator kitchen that’s helping local start-ups cook up success.


Looking to start or grow your own food-based business? There’s a new 5,000 sq. ft. commercial incubator kitchen in Covington now available for rent.

Kickstart Kitchen, located in the basement of the CovWorx building, offers a variety of rental options – from hourly to monthly – for start-ups looking for commercial kitchen space.

The idea came to founder Mavis Linnemann-Clark from her first-hand experience launching her businesses. Her first company, The Delish Dish, was launched through the spring class of Bad Girl Ventures. That same year, she joined the Northern Kentucky Incubator Kitchen and launched her artisan jam line, Made by Mavis. “I started my company from an incubator and I thought it was a great way to start a business,” she says. “Now I want to help others do the same.”

Linnemann-Clark says she offers more than just the kitchen space, too. “As a business we offer commercial kitchen space and complimentary business services for our clients,” she adds, “we offer them a community.”

Mavis Linnemann-Clark, Founder of Kickstart Kitchen.

To many new businesses, Kickstart Kitchen acts as a mentor of sorts and brings these businesses into a community full of people who want to help. People in the community can then grow from each other and their lessons learned.

Linnemann-Clark says the process of Kickstart Kitchen begins with one-on-one discussions between her and potential clients, and then they discuss the rental details and develop a plan that will help the client and their business grow. After that, it is up to the individual to create their own success story.

Kickstart Kitchen is located at 1032 Madison Ave, Covington, KY 41011. For more information visit or


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With the annual DAAP Fashion Show just around the corner, we chat with the director to see what’s new and get an exclusive preview!


The annual DAAP Fashion Show will be held April 28.

The annual DAAP Fashion Show hits the runway April 28, and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.

So, what can one expect from this year’s show? Show director, Laurie Wilson says the show will include a 92-foot catwalk, LCD panels, along with a live DJ, over 30 runway models with original hair and makeup from Aveda Institute, hundreds of original outfits, complementary swag bags and an After Party. It’s also the 66th anniversary of the show and the 12th year Macy’s is a presenting sponsor.

This year will feature an even deeper look into the work behind the show, Wilson says. Through photo documentation, attendees will get an inside look at how hard the DAAP students have worked in the studio over the past year.

With 1,500 seats available to the public, the show always sells out, so Wilson suggests snagging your tickets quickly. Attendees have the option for VIP tickets or regular sale, which go on sale to the general public March 21. For those who can’t attend the show, or are looking to get even more immersed in the DAAP world of fashion, there is a Reality Rehearsal Experience on April 27, the night before the actual show.

Laurie Wilson, Show Director of the DAAP Fashion Show.

Attending the Reality Rehearsal Experience allows for a deeper look into the actual development of the fashion show itself, Wilson says. “Attendees will be watching the ‘inner workings’ of a run through for the show and get behind the scenes action,” she adds.

Whether attending the Rehearsal Experience, or the Fashion Show itself, both are world-class fashion events with a front row seat to the next set of great fashion designers, Wilson says.

Come celebrate the future of fashion on April 28 at UC’s Campus Recreation Center. Click here for ticket info and inside looks from previous shows.


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They may have their roots in Cincinnati, but this eco-friendly company can take you global. Read on to see how.

Mark Sund, Director of Sund + Co.

Sund + Co was founded in 1998 as an advertising, branding, and website building company for small, growing brands and companies in the Cincinnati area. By valuing customer service and attention to detail, Sund + Co works to bring each company to its highest potential.

Director Mark Sund works alongside designers Sarah Crawford and Jennifer Powers to provide powerful branding for their clientele. “For all clients we offer a personal experience, data-driven practices, and nearly two decades of experience,” Sund says. “Cincinnati is often referred to as the customer science capital of the world and we’re happy to be part of that.”

Sund + Co not only works to build a successful future for their clients, they’re working to do the same for the environment, too. “Our studio is fully powered by green energy: electricity is 100% wind-generated, purchased from Cincinnati Bell Energy, and natural gas is carbon-neutral through offsets purchased from NativeEnergy. Of course we recycle and walk to lunch too,” Sund explains, who adds that being an eco-friendly company came to be a main priority quite naturally. “Individually we all feel this way. It was a natural progression to start the discussion and take steps to make the company more eco friendly.”

Sund describes his company as “creative and innovative, but also organized and disciplined,” which are all qualities that smaller companies often appreciate. “Smaller companies are growing and always looking for new opportunities, and they’re more interested in new ideas. So we can be a bigger part of guiding and establishing their brand across all channels,” Sund says. “We focus on our clients’ needs, where they’re starting from, and where they want to go.”

To learn more about Sund + Co, visit and see the love of what they do.

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Learn about the locally-based graphic design studio that specializes in creative stationery that perfectly embodies each individual client.

You only have the blink of an eye to get it right. And that’s why Loon + Co loves what they do. 

Loon + Co. creative stationery is a graphic design studio that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind invitations for weddings, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, or any truly special celebration. Creative of the company, Cindy Loon works together with a team of talented individuals who make up her “Co.”

“I am extremely grateful to play such a personal part of the event planning process. I believe I have a graphic designer’s dream job, doing what I love! I started this business shortly after designing my own wedding invitation. I fell in love with all things wedding: the details and the possibilities to make something completely special,” Loon says.

Loon + Co creatives custom, creative stationery for your wedding needs.

Loon’s initial love for wedding invitations grew into a much broader passion for all things stationary, from weddings to corporate events, menus to ceremony booklets and more, Loon + Co. does it all.

When it comes to invitations, Loon makes sure her customers are involved during the process. “We work together with your event planner to bring your vision to life. The invitation of course, is your guest’s very first impression of the event you are announcing. It must reflect the look, feel, and flavor of that special day. The process starts with a conversation with the planner, client and myself. We discuss likes/dislikes, colors, textures, Pinterest boards, etc.” explains Loon.

After the initial consultation with the client and planner, Loon works her magic.

Usually creating 2-3 completely different design concepts based on research, she presents them to the client with exact specifications. At that point Loon expects the concepts to be tweaked and made unique, and after a final design is decided, Loon + Co. handles and organizes all of the remaining details for an exquisite invitation.

Loon + Co. offers a beautifully designed invitation as unique as you are. By using fine printing techniques, exquisite paper, unusual materials, attention to detail, and a true passion for design, the perfect invitation is created specifically for you. Its all in the details.

To learn more about Loon + Co., visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Learn about a new event series that allows you to network and socialize with others while exploring and developing your own creativity.

Abby Hofrichter is launching Queen’s Creative Collaborative to bring the city’s creatives together.

Abby Hofrichter aims to provide helpful and enriching resources to others, especially creative types.

That’s why she launched Tallulahish, her personal blog and website. This locally-based online resource consists of photography by Hofrichter herself, and a blog where she delves into the personal and creative issues people have today.

“I wanted to create a space where no conversation felt unwelcome- even if a bit uncomfortable at first,” she says. “I think writers and story tellers are given so much power in opportunity with the ability to welcome new words and perspectives. The site is my attempt at harnessing that power and opportunity.”

One of the ways Hofrichter hopes to harness this is through a new event called Queen’s Creative Collaborative (or QCC). According to Hofrichter, QCC is a space for people to come together in a welcoming environment with aims to share and lift up each others ideas, both creatively and personally. The talk of the event can be based on anything in the world from entrepreneurship to self-care and everything in-between that is considered “creative.”

Hofrichter created the event in hopes to provide people within the community opportunities to meet new people, build connections, and gain both perspective and feedback on ideas.

“My goal is for QCC to turn into a community of femme folks who meet regularly to explore what it means to be creative, maybe do some fun activities,” says Hofrichter, “but most importantly, to create space for support and idea sharing and building.”

QCC is launching for the first time this month and those attending can expect a relaxed format. “I want to start off slow and really hear what all of us creative femmes feel like we’re missing and what we need,” continues Hofrichter. “This isn’t my group, it’s a community.”

The event will include beer, complimentary La Terza coffee, snacks, and creativity. Along with those essentials, guests will also get to discuss what it means to be “a creative” in the community today, how QCC can be a catalyst for growth, and even try a hand at some needlepoint/embroidery.

All the talk and activities of QCC events are meant to help people reconnect with themselves and the community and leave feeling inspired and re-energized.

“As I say on the event description, it has always been important immerse ourselves in strong, inclusive communities that affirm our goals and aspirations, but it feels so necessary these days with all that’s going on in the world,” concludes Hofrichter.

The Queens Creative Collaborative event will take place this month at 6pm on February 28 at the Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House in Lockland.
For more information, click here.

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Want to learn about marketing techniques, branding tips, social media marketing, and how to create your content on the go? If so, this upcoming event is for you!

Social Grind 101 will focus on new techniques for social media and other types of marketing.

BallR Media is a full service boutique social media and marketing agency that specializes in working with small businesses, creatives, entertainers, and athletes. Founder Ray Ball hopes to expand its audience even more through the agency’s new interactive monthly class called “The Social Grind 101.”

Ball says the event is available for anyone to attend, whether that be a marketing pro who wants to learn new techniques socially, or a small business owner who is looking to get the most out of marketing. The class itself is centered around being pretty hands on, from worksheets, presentations, and even group activities, BallR Media wants its attendees to make the most of their time together and truly build relationships.

“We’ll be teaching marketing techniques, branding tips, social media marketing, and even how to create your content on the go! We’ll also be going over the top social media platforms, how to find the right voice to speak to your demographic, and creation of social ads,” Ball explains.

Anyone who attends the event can expect all those helpful tips and techniques plus a light brunch followed by a mimosa bar and two guest speakers; Danielle Morris, a social expert, and Josh Kelly of The ¥€$ Life whom will discuss social media trends and compelling content in even more detail.

“I want students to leave feeling empowered so there will plenty of open dialogue. At the end we’d love for people to network and see how they can help each other’s businesses,” Ball says.

The Social Grind 101 takes place in Cincinnati on Sunday, March 5 from 12pm-2pm at Prenuer in OTR, located at 1333 Walnut Street in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit

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A new event series launched for local female entrepreneurs to connect with the resources, people and support they need to keep building their brands.

Monica Tuck, Founder of Undbridled Studio.

Monica Tuck, Founder and Creative Director of Unbridled Studio, is helping women live out their dreams and awaken their brand through creative problem solving and storytelling. Monica, aka “Mo,” created “What’s Next” – an event series sponsored by her studio where women can come to converse, drink, and build relationships in the work place.

“Women and business can be tricky at times. We all overthink, over analyze ourselves and what others may think about us. That in the end can get in the way of being productive,” says Tuck.

She wanted to create a space not only for herself, but for all women who want to let out their grievances and struggles from work and get positive feedback in response. She encourages all participants to come as they are, without any pretensions or judgments.

The series is held the third Thursday of every month at Myrtle’s Punch in the Rathsteller Room. Each What’s Next event tries to follow the same guideline with two featured guest speakers, cocktails, and food provided through either Myrtles Punch House or their sister company, Bottle and Basket. For the guests attending the February 16 event, they can expect an acoustic set from local solo artist Jeannie Marie during cocktails as well as a discussion from Brewing Arts Lead Creative, Q Kinebrew.

“The speakers are randomly chosen. Unbridled Studio prides itself on being open to any woman regardless of race, sexual stance, social class or religious background. I want to showcase all women from all walks of life and all types of businesses,” explains Tuck.

Tuck’s passions in life have always been women, design, consulting, and business. Through this monthly event she gets the chance to share these passions with the women of Cincinnati, in hopes to inspire and devote their work.

“In a time like today we need each other more than ever. The What’s Next event series plans to remain what it is, an authentic space where all feel welcome. I hope that the take away from each event is what the mission of Unbridled Studio stand for.”

For more information about Unbridled Studios visit