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A new versatile experience venue on The Banks is a multi-functional space that can be customized to bring any idea to life. Read on for more.

Any idea can become a reality if you set your mind to it. That’s the inspiration behind Sample Space, a versatile experience venue that features a multi-functional space that can be customized to bring any idea to life.

“Sample Space provides an opportunity for companies, brands, and creators to get closer to their target audience through authentic human experiences,” says Josh Heuser, Founder of Sample Space.

Sample Space is part venue, part event space, and part gallery that operates as a reimagined platform to transfer ideas and knowledge through experiences and storefront retail by utilizing vacant or un-used properties.

Heuser says that he launched a concept like Sample Space because of today’s digital world. 

“As the world moves more and more digital, the value of the human experience inherently increases,” she says. “This is especially true as consumer shopping behaviors and their information gathering actions evolve.”

Through Sample Space, Heuser is able to offer a fresh, unique way for business owners to work hand-in-hand with those evolving shopping behaviors. 

“Sample Space helps to create a buzz and economic impact for emerging communities and markets,” he says. “Through Sample Space, we have a unique opportunity to imagine forgotten spaces, create for communities, and bring energy and commerce to historically underutilized spaces.”

Sample Space is located in The Banks but Heuser says he sees the opportunity to expand this idea across the United States.

“Through programming unforgettable experiences at Sample Space, we look forward to helping create commerce and growing culture in Cincinnati and beyond,” he says. 

To learn more about Sample Space, visit

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Cheers! A local lady recently turned her extensive hospitality expertise into a mobile bar concept that can bring libations to any special occasion.

Taylor Beach saw a need for an on-the-go bar company that could cater to special events around the city, so she launched Queen City Mobile Bar, which provides a portable bar along with beverage catering and professional bartending services.

“We offer multiple types of packages to cater to any style of event and budget,” she says. 

When asked why she was inspired to launch a mobile bartending service, she says she saw a gap for something just like what she could offer through Queen City Mobile Bar.

“I wanted to fulfill a need and the desire to provide a high level of service for anyone, anywhere,” she says. “We want to provide the same level of service that you get going to a fine dining establishment or a top-rated event venue at your in-home party, wedding venue, office party, etc.”

Beach also wants to take the stress off of those who are given the task of providing alcoholic beverages for a group of people. “Some people wouldn’t know where to begin,” she says. “That is where we come in to play. We take the hassle off your hands and bring the party and professionalism to you.”

Beach, who is the founder and owner of Queen City Mobile Bar, has been in the food and beverage industry for 9 years, and has given a hard focus on fine dining. She also has her Level 2 Wine Certification through the Wine & Spirits Education Trust.

“Through this level of experience, I started the mobile bar service in 2016, covering events such as the Western & Southern Open Release Party, the @580 Apartments Grand Opening, and mayoral campaign fundraisers,” she says. 

There are a variety of events that Queen City Mobile Bar can help you out with. “We will provide services to any private function, whether that be a wedding, rehearsal dinner, company party, fundraiser/charity event, or an in-home party,” she says. 

Aside from its unique on-the-go services, Queen City Mobile Bar was built by and made for bartenders. “Ultimately, the bar is efficient – with 2 ice bins, storage shelves, full speed rack, built-in cutting boards, and a fruit caddy,” says Beach. “The bar is made to handle a crowd along with having a professional appearance for any occasion.”

If you want to check out Queen City Mobile Bar for yourself, you can find the bar and Beach at the Greater Cincinnati Bridal & Wedding Expo in November. “We will have a booth set up showcasing our services and offering a special one-time offer discount to attendees,” adds Beach.

Queen City Mobile Bar mainly covers Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, but is willing to extend services to Dayton, Columbus, Lexington, and surrounding areas.

To learn more about Queen City Mobile Bar and to stay in touch, “like” them on Facebook or visit their website at

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Interior design looks fun on TV, but can be overwhelming in reality. See how one local design firm aims to make it an effortless and enjoyable experience with results you’ll love for years to come.

Amy Holt spent years working as a kitchen and bath designer, but she also had a burning desire to pursue interior design. After getting her name out in the industry, winning awards in local home shows, and building a brand of her own, she launched Designs on Madison, an award-winning interior design firm based in Cincinnati.

“Designs on Madison is home to nine talented designers with a kaleidoscope of styles and years of experience, and provides residential and commercial interior design including kitchen and bath design,” says Office Manager Lauren Olthaus. 

Olthaus says that Holt opened Designs on Madison to continue to offer clients a design process that is both effortless and enjoyable.

“With a variety of designers, our clients can be placed with someone who reflects their style,” she says. 

Designs on Madison recently celebrated its 9th year in business and moved from a studio in O’Bryonville to a historic home in East Walnut Hills.

The firm is looking forward to the future as they will continue to offer clients a unique variety of designers who specialize in different areas from new home construction to interior design to kitchen and bath design. 

“We are able to provide multiple services and also sell items from custom furniture and window treatments, to area rugs and accessories,” says Olthaus.

Olthaus says Designs on Madison is currently prepping for Citirama 2019 in September and will also be a part of the HBA’s Demo Home. “We are also starting designs and plans for Homearama 2020,” she adds.

You can learn more about Designs on Madison at There you can see photo galleries and projects. Designs on Madison also has weekly posts on Facebook and Instagram showcasing current projects and offering design tips.

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Read on as we chat with a success story from an innovative and intensive three-month coaching experience offered for women.

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s WE Succeed is an intensive three-month coaching experience that aims to provide resources to women leaders in the city that allows them to navigate their own thoughts, questions, and situations in the workplace. 

One of those who is a WE Succeed alum is Jennifer Nenadov, Vice President of Client Services at Paycor. 

Nenadov says that she’s someone who has had the opportunity to work alongside inspiring people throughout the course of her career. 

“There have always been a few “stand out” leaders at each company I’ve been a part of that I could look up to and learn from,” she says. “With each organization – Charles Schwab, Fifth Third, BMO Harris Bank and now Paycor – I’ve sought out opportunities to learn new skills and be mentored. As I sought to gain new experience, I crashed head-on into project management and the skills I developed in leading large-scale initiatives helped me move into new roles, new industries and new challenges. In the past few years, it’s been rewarding to start shifting to the mentor role myself as I lead large teams in the Client Services division at Paycor. We all have experiences to share with each other and this is how I approach each new and growing relationship.”

Jennifer Nenadov, WE Succeed alum. Photos by Erin Jackson Photography

The fulfillment Nenadov finds in her career is something that comes from home. She is a first generation American, as both of her parents were born in the former Yugoslavia, and knows first-hand that the opportunity to get an education and have a career in the United States isn’t something that is all to common in other parts of the world. 

That’s why Nenadov says she is motivated to do the best that she can and take advantage of the opportunities that are laid out in front of her – including participating in WE Succeed.

Nenadov was nominated to participate in the WE Succeed program by the leaders at Paycor. “Part of the fabric of Paycor is to invest in our talent, and I was fortunate to be nominated by our leadership team to participate in WE Succeed,” she says.

Now that she has participated in the program, Nenadov says that what she enjoyed the most was its intentionally intimate setting.

“WE Succeed pulls together a handful of female leaders from various local companies to talk about the challenges we’re each facing in this season of life,” Nenadov explains. “I was surprised how much work and personal life blended in this program, which I believe speaks to how we’re wired – we like the idea of compartmentalizing our lives into clean categories but, the truth is, they all blend together. What’s going on at work shows up in my personal life and vice versa. It was refreshing to be able to be authentic with other women and talk about what we face in all aspects of our lives.”

Following the program, Nenadov says that she walked away recognizing that she was at a pivotal point in her career where her comfort zone was living just off the radar screen and that with more responsibility she was going to have to take more risks.

“Shortly after finishing WE Succeed I was promoted to my current role,” she says. “This program helped me realize there’s so much that I will continue to learn and that only by taking chances I experience the reward of those lessons.”

Nenadov says that she thinks WE Succeed is an important program for the city’s women who serve in leadership roles. 

“I think women can be our own worst critics,” she says. “We can be self-critical and critical of women around us. I’m a firm believer that if we learn more about each other, we’ll want to do all we can to support each other. It’s very likely that our aspirations all look a little different, which is how it should be. We’ll only know how to support each other by participating in the opportunities and relationships around us with open ears and open hands.”

The Cincinnati Chamber is now accepting applications for its Fall 2019 WE Succeed session. Deadline to apply is August 23. The format of the WE Succeed leadership program provides a “just in time” coaching experience for executives taking on new challenges in their organization, and allows busy senior leaders a chance to reflect, refocus and re-energize their professional passion. Participants leave this program feeling empowered and ready to take their career and company to the next level. More

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The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is hosting a Members Benefits 101 event tomorrow. Click here to learn more!

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is hosting a Members Benefits 101 event on July 23 at Infintech in Cincinnati. 

The event, from 8:30 am to 10:00 am, will showcase the benefits of joining the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber alongside breakfast. It also provides new members and established members who attend with the opportunity to meet the Chamber’s Bottom-Line Benefit partners, and to learn more about how these partners can help their business.

The interactive section will have nine Bottom-Line benefit partners there, including host and Bottom-Line Benefit partner Infintech. 

“Infintech is excited to host the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s new member benefit session and showcase the value that the Chamber and its partners brings to members,” says Marcy Bok, Marketing Director. “Our goal is to share our expertise and educate Chamber members on how payment services can be utilized to better add to a merchant’s bottom line.”

The Bottom-Line Partners attending the event have a group buying power that has helped over 2,500 Chamber members save more than $35 million on everyday expenses. 

The Chamber says that those who want to attend the event should bring current statements with them and sit down with one or more of the Cost-Savings Partners for a savings evaluation. On top of getting a savings evaluation, you’ll also be entered to win a fun night out.

“When you engage with our partners, you can unearth potential savings for your business and you also win a chance to receive two FC Cincinnati Club tickets to the August 3 game,” says the Chamber. “The more partners you meet with the better your chances are to win.”

The perks of being a member with the Chamber allow businesses and their employees to connect with others, as well as give them access to programs or additional benefits that allow them to help make the world a better place. 

Matt Flynn, who does HR and Risk Management Consultant, says that the Chamber has connected him with people to give employers benefits they may not have otherwise been able to access.

“The Chamber and these events have been able to connect me with some employers who I have helped get large discounts on their Ohio work comp insurance through our Cincinnati Regional Chamber sponsored group programs,” he says. “I have also been able to connect with employers eligible to utilize Ohio BWC grant money to help them set up safety, drug free, and transitional work programs.

You can learn more and RSVP for the Chamber event tomorrow here<>. 

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A local lifestyle coach is giving you the tools you need to bring out your inner beauty, strength, and passion. Keep reading for more.

Ann Tabor, left, founder of By Design

Anne Tabor died. It was nearly 10 years ago when she went into Sudden Cardiac Death. With an 8 percent survival rate, even when CPR is administered, she was lucky to wake up.

“When I awoke from a medically induced coma, I was in a fog of fear, and no comprehension of what had happened to me,” she explains. “Nine days later I was released from the hospital with a pacemaker/defibrillator, and continuing treatments for double pneumonia.”

As she continued to recover at home, Tabor began thinking about the world around her. “I turned my thoughts to the beauty of the world around me,” she says. “I was surrounded by the gorgeous pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds of flowers. It was mid-March and things were coming back to life. Not only had natured bloomed, I too was given a second chance to bloom.”

When she left the hospital, Tabor also took with her a reboot on the view of her life. In that new shift in personal perspective, she determined that she wanted to help women come into their own skills in their everyday experiences in order to live a fuller, more joyful life. And with that, she launched By Design, a lifestyle strategist company with a focus on faith, food, and fashion through coaching.

By Design helps women experience personal growth while also offering up whole food healthy strategies and even personal stylist guidance.

“When we focus on the harmony of our mind, body, and spirit, we create a purposeful intention of how we want to show up in our life,” says Tabor. “You were created to shine, and our Reboot Camp shows you how to Shine by Design.”

By Design has been a work in progress for Tabor for the last three years, and she continues to focus on helping women.

“I was in the right place at the right time when all of my works came together this past May,” she says. “When strong women in your life are able to lift you into your purpose, magic happens. I launched my dream work in August of this year.”

There are multiple ways in which women can work with Tabor and her coaching business By Design.

She offers a 12-week guided program called Reboot Camp that focuses on helping you discover your personal beauty and how you can bring out your shine. The three components cover faith, food, and fashion, and is a home study with weekly phone sessions. There are also speaking engagements with women’s groups, corporate women’s initiatives, local churches, and chamber or networking events with a focus on self-improvement. The Guided Closet Cleanse brings you and Tabor together to establish a working wardrobe of clothing that fits your lifestyle, including creating beauty bundles of your existing fashion to style new ideas and outfits, and designing a list of new items that would round out your wardrobe. And then the guided personal stylist shopping helps you find the colors, styles, and fit that look best with your energy and personality.

Tabor says that what makes By Design unique is that most health coaching don’t include fashion as part of their education. “Most personal stylists don’t include nutritional education with their wardrobe consultations,” Tabor laughs. “I have found most women need help in three different areas of their life: personal growth with daily strategies for their self-image, concrete education and direction of how to eat and exercise for health, and how to put the finishing touches on their wardrobe to create a unique personal style. At By Design, we create a look that’s authentically you through faith, food, and fashion.”

Tabor’s Reboot Camp continues to grow and she says she plans to offer workshops and webinars as a way to connect like-minded women. She’s also working on a book that is stand along with its content, but focuses on joyful living.

To learn more about By Design, visit You can also follow along on Instagram or “like” them on Facebook.

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This summer, it’ll cost you more to rent a car in Cincinnati than it will to rent a vehicle anywhere else in America, except for Cleveland, according to If you routinely rent cars when you need to travel for business, you may be better off turning a personal vehicle into an office on wheels. Yes, your personal vehicle will get used more often, which means more wear and tear, but lots of female entrepreneurs are using the latest tech to turn their vehicles into convenient and cost-effective moving offices. If you’re interested in learning how to turn a vehicle into an office on wheels, you’ll appreciate these tips.

Consider buying a newer vehicle

You may have a newer vehicle already. If so, that’s good news, because newer models tend to convert to offices on wheels easily, since they have outlets for electronic devices. If your vehicle is a bit out of date, you may want to compare different makes and models and find one that has all the bells and whistles. If you’re not ready to invest in a new auto, research aftermarket parts, which will make it possible to plug in your electronic gear with ease.

Invest in a wireless router

When you buy a portable wireless router for use in your vehicle, which is placed in a trunk or a glove box, you’ll be able to link to a wireless network. This will make it simple to connect your laptop, printer and/or copier to the Web, via a Wi-Fi connection. Whether you want to have webcam meetings or make Skype calls, you’ll find that your wireless router never lets you down. This piece of equipment will help you to make calls via the web, in places where your smart phone might not work. You’ll also know that the web is accessible, no matter where you roam. Many wireless routers have USB slots for flash drives and other forms of external media. These high-tech devices help businesswomen to stay in the loop while they’re on the road.

Install a Bluetooth stereo

There will always be times when you want to answer calls on your smart phone, rather than using Skype with the help of a wireless router. When you install a Bluetooth stereo which allows you to sync your smart phone to the sound system, you’ll love the options that your new system gives you. Once the Bluetooth stereo is installed, you’ll be able to talk to callers via your car’s speakers, play music from your phone through the Bluetooth stereo, and access new alerts on your car dashboard. Hands-free performance will make it simple for you to take care of business.

Renting cars has its place. However, renting vehicles in Cincinnati is currently costly. If you need to travel in a vehicle for business, purchase a new car (maybe you’re overdue for a new vehicle, anyway?) or modify yours if it needs some aftermarket parts to handle your electronic toys. Then, purchase a wireless router and install a Bluetooth stereo. Once you’ve turned your vehicle into an office on wheels, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. 

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Learn about the upcoming networking event that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and pitch their businesses to the crowd. Read on for more.

Social Enterprise Alliance Cincinnati is hosting an upcoming Networking & Pitch Night.

Social Enterprise Alliance Cincinnati is bringing together the community through its upcoming Networking & Pitch Night on August 6 at March First Brewing and Distilling.

The night will provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with other like-minded professionals in the social enterprise, non-profit, conscious business, and entrepreneurial space.

Abigail Davidson, Administrative Support for the Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) Cincinnati says that the upcoming Networking & Pitch Night gives attendees the chance for free networking time as well as the opportunity to give and/or hear 60-second pitches to share their business with everyone all at once.

When asked what inspired the Networking & Pitch Night she says that it’s the organizations and individuals in the area who are making an impact on communities around the world.

“We believe there is strength and opportunity in connection and collaboration,” she says. “So a big part of the goal of SEA Cincinnati is to provide a space for that to happen.”

Davidson says that any and all social impact businesses as well as non-profits, individuals, or entrepreneurs are welcome to attend the event at March First Brewery. 

“There are a lot of networking opportunities in the Cincinnati area, but this one is different because it’s specifically geared toward those who are using their work to make the world a better place in some way – or those who would like to in the future,” she says. 

Davidson says that SEA members and non-members are invited to attend the event in August, and are welcome to bring a friend or colleague. 

To RSVP for the event, click here. You can find additional information on SEA at or on Facebook and Twitter.

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A global company headquartered in Cincinnati is hosting an upcoming hiring event. Click here to read more about the positions available.

When it comes to payment technology companies, Worldpay is at the top of its game. The company offers a unique capability to power global integrated omni-commerce with industry-leading scale and an integrated technology platform.

“Worldpay offers clients a comprehensive suite of products and services globally, delivered through a single provider,” the company states. “Worldpay processes over 40 billion transactions annually through more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies.”

With a growing global economy means the need for growth within the company. Worldpay aims to expand into high-growth markets and customer segments including eCommerce, integrated payments, and business-to-business.

To help with its expansion, Worldpay is hiring for jobs in the Cincinnati market. They will hire 30-40 Call Center and Tech Support agents at an onsite hiring event on Thursday, July 11 from 11am to 6 pm. The positions will start in the August 12 new hire classes.

The 2nd shift Associate Customer Service Specialist offers a $1,500 hiring bonus. This position requires employees to deliver quality customer service to customers and partners. Associate Customer Service Specialist typically requires less than 1 year of experience.

The Tech Support agent is responsible for resolving customer and partner issues that often have more complexity. This position needs 2-4 years of related experience.

You can learn more about Worldpay at You can also watch the video below for a glimpse at the company’s culture.

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There’s a collective effort to expand the reach of minority-owned businesses in the Tri-State. Read on to hear the story of one local business owner who’s finding the benefit in the collaborative.

The mission behind the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative is to work to positively impact the growth, development, and success of minority small businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area. 

There are several enterprises that come together to make up the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative, which states that it provides capital and customer readiness support to high-potential minority businesses in the region.

“The collaborative is not a new organization, but a new concept and a new way for existing organizations to work more effectively together to help grow our community’s minority business enterprises,” the website states.

Additionally, the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative provides no-cost programmatic assistance by experienced and industry-specific business coaches and professionals, all of whom help with a wide range of subject matter expertise to help prepare those in the collaborative for raising capital. 

One of those minority-owned businesses working with the CMBC is Michelle Morales-Denisoff, the CEO of Liona Enterprises.

Liona Enterprises is an IT professional services company that prides itself on being a collaborative business partner that offers business, technical, training solutions, and resources to the challenges of helping government and commercial clients become more effective and efficient fulfilling their goals.

“The core values of Liona Enterprises include trust, loyalty, respect, hard work and perseverance,” says Morales-Denisoff. “We help leverage the potential of technology in the workplace by providing comprehensive professional services for our clients (government and commercial). We will find ways to help streamline the acquisition process by offering a wide range of contract vehicles to choose including small business supplier diversity programs, 8a STARS, GSA, and various state contracts. And with the help of our PMP certified project managers, we get your projects completed on time, on budget, and on target.”

Liona Enterprises became involved with the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative through the Chamber of Commerce and a referral from Patrick Griffis, who works at The Accelerator.

Liona Enterprises works with Jilson Daniels and Griffis to expand its outreach in Cincinnati and found that the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative has been an advocate for the company.

“They have helped us a lot in terms of marketing and getting our name out there so companies will know who we are and what we do,” says Morales-Denisoff. “The majority of Liona’s business is coming from the Federal Government (DOD and Non-DOD) so it’s good to have someone like Daniels from CMBC to help promote our company so we can start gaining some traction in the commercial space.”

Morales-Denisoff says that other businesses who want to expand their reach and gain new customers should turn to the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative.

“If you want an organization to help develop your business and advocate for you, CMBC is the right organization to be a part of,” she says. “They provide, at no cost to small businesses like Liona, highly experienced and industry specific business coaches and professionals and most of them have real world success stories to share as small business owners, entrepreneurs, and  corporate executives. Most importantly they help small business in raising capital and providing expert advice that focuses on strategy, operations, infrastructure, and financial planning.”

You can learn more about the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative or find additional information about joining the Collaborative at