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Learn how one local lady was inspired to launch a new style blog after losing 50 pounds and gaining a new sense of confidence.

EverythingWithEmily is a blog that focuses on making readers feel supported and inspired.

EverythingWithEmily isn’t your typical style blog. Emily Robbin’s New Year’s Resolution was to create a space where people feel supported and inspired. She got a head start on this goal by launching her blog not in January, but in December of 2016.

“I want EverythingWithEmily to promote self confidence in other girls. That will come out a lot more once launches and I share more about my personal story,” says Robbin. She recently lost over 50 pounds, and this blog has been a way to help her gain the confidence she has been missing for years.

Although her stylish photos are already creating a following, Robbin says EverythingWithEmily is still a work in progress. “My story is unique because I love style and blogging, but I am also focused on my career. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with an MBA in 2015 and began a career in automotive manufacturing, so you could say that I’m trying to bring a little more style to the corporate world,” says Robbin. will go live this spring.

Her inspiration is found in everyday occurrences and in the people she meets day to day. While browsing through stores, Robbin enjoys spending as much time “people-watching” as she does looking at the clothes. “Everyone has their own style and it is always fun to combine other ideas and trends into my personal style,” she says.

Robbin posts photos featuring many designer pieces set against iconic Cincinnati scenes. “My favorite photo shoots are in or around Mt. Adams. The architecture and views are so gorgeous and the residents are so friendly. Anytime I can get great sunshine and a good view of Cincy in my photos, I consider it a win!” says Robbin. She mentions and tags the designers featured in the looks so any curious fashionista knows who she is wearing and from where she purchased the piece.

Follow along with Robbin’s fashion on Instagram.

This spring, look out for to go live. Robbin hopes to use the website as an outlet for others to communicate, support each other and gain self-confidence while learning more about her own journey. “Not only have I recently lost weight through diet and exercise, I have picked up new hobbies, joined a new company, and have gotten more comfortable sharing my personal style with others. I want young girls to know that you can work a corporate job and have great style without sacrificing who you are,” she says.

For now, you can keep with Robbin’s style tips by following EverythingWithEmily on Instagram.

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A local woman with a passion for vintage fashion recently opened up an online shop featuring a curated collection of high-end finds. Read on for all the details.

Styled and Photographed by Hon; Model Elaina Haehnle

Marcie Hon has always been complimented on her unique style. Working at a high end costume shop as a costume designer has given her an eye for curating one of a kind looks. Hon is constantly surrounded by ornate gowns, costumes, and a selection of vintage pieces which has inspired her to create her own business selling high-end vintage clothing, Down To Mars.

Hon has always had a quirky, vintage style and in the fall of 2016, she launched her Etsy shop. She loves searching for gems and hand chooses each of the garments that are sold, setting her apart from other vintage shopping options. Not only are her pieces high style, but high quality is guaranteed. Her experience in the costume store has made her familiar with vintage cuts and sizes, which greatly differ from those of today. She has an eye for visualizing what a piece on the hanger will look like and knows how to personally style her clients.

Styled and Photographed by Hon; Model Elaina Haehnle

Hon recalls the moment that her love of vintage fashion was solidified. When her grandparents passed, she wanted to keep their clothes. She specifically remembers her grandfather’s members only jacket; some may have thought it was ugly but she felt it was special and soulful. That is where her passion for vintage clothing comes from: the memories that are brought to life through the pieces.

The brand name Down to Mars happened in one of those epiphany moments while driving. She has been called “Mars” by most of her peers growing up, short for Marcie. “The thought of people referring to a potential store like, ‘Hey, let’s go down to Mar’s’ or ‘I got this down at Mar’s’ was something I always liked,” says Hon. “On a deeper level of meaning, I have always been connected to astrology and my zodiac sign, Aries. Planet Mars is the Aries ruler. It all seemed to fit and so in literal terms I really am a down to mars girl.”

Hon at the Cincy Chic 10th Anniversary Celebration

Hon is also a fashion designer and hopes to incorporate this aspect of her expertise into Down To Mars. As a creative person, she wants to live out her own creative vision by integrating old and new styles for clients. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and did not know how it was going to manifest itself until she was inspired to create her own vintage boutique. She plans to provide exclusive, appointment based consultations and fittings for both her own personal designs and fabulous finds.

Currently, her curated collection is for sale on Etsy and you can follow Down to Mars on Instagram. She also attends pop up shops and other fashion events.

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See how a passion for fashion ignited in the eighth grade inspired this local woman to launch her own jewelry line.

FINOLA Zaira Necklace

From sorting beads and supplies to teaching classes and designing jewelry for displays, Veronica Bucher has always been hooked on accessories. Now, she spends her time doing what she loves: creating her own jewelry line, FINOLA.

“It is the most satisfying feeling- being motivated and having a real impact on the success of something. Every minute that I put into this business, it puts back into me,” says Bucher.

Because she creates all of her pieces by hand, Bucher is not limited to using inexpensive materials or only designing things that can be mass produced. “When I buy jewelry from small businesses or individual artists, I always feel good about the fact that they aren’t mass producing and skimping on quality. Handmade items have so much meaning to me, they’re intimate and special,” says Bucher.

When she travels, Bucher always tries to purchase a piece that was handmade by a local artisan. She loves how it captures the experience of her trip and brings back memories when it is worn. She feels inspired when thinking about other people connecting with FINOLA designs in this way as well.

FINOLA Isabella Earrings

All of the jewelry Bucher creates are pieces that she would enjoy wearing herself. She finds inspiration in taking the time to make every piece high quality and unique. “It’s me, and if I’m putting my energy into something, I want it to count!” she says.

Bucher uses 14 karat gold-filled wire which is hypoallergenic and extremely gentle on almost any skin type. It’s more expensive than gold plated materials, but less expensive than real gold, which helps keep the prices reasonable without sacrificing quality. You can feel secure knowing jewelry that uses 14 karat gold-filled wire won’t fade or tarnish, and with the right care, will last a lifetime, Bucher says.

Lapis Lazuli and tassels are two of the trends Bucher predicts are going to be huge this spring. She has a thing for tassels because of their femininity and quirkiness, and also for their ability to turn any outfit into a bold statement. She creates each tassel by hand using silk embroidery thread, a tedious and time consuming process that adds to the excellence and craftsmanship of her work.

This spring, Bucher will debut her new line of Wedding Jewelry. She is experienced working with brides and their bridal parties, and finds it especially rewarding knowing she is making the jewelry someone is going to wear as they begin a new chapter in life! The pieces will be adorned with antique and Swarovski pearls, and vintage crystals that compliment all sort of wedding styles. She hopes to launch the new site in a few weeks!

In the meantime, you can purchase her pieces on and find her booth at City Flea. Follow FINOLA on Instagram and Facebook.

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One woman’s dedication to improving the lives of area foster children has become a city wide campaign to collect items for those in need. Learn how you can help, too.

Sweet Soles For Love gives donated shoes to foster children in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton.

Sweet Soles For Love is a community outreach campaign requesting donations of shoes to be given to foster children throughout Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton.

Julie Phillippi-Whitney of Phillippi-Whitney Communications came up with the concept during the summer of 2014. She was watching a television broadcast about foster children in Virginia that had to carry their belongings in trash bags when they moved from home to home. This inspired her to collect suitcases for foster children in our region making 2017 the third year the organization has collected items for area foster children.

“Julie reached out first to Hamilton County Job & Family Services to confirm the need for suitcases. She then contacted Sibcy Cline as a partner since she thought we conveniently located branch offices for drop offs. We immediately said yes,” reports Susan Knabe, an employee of Sibcy Cline. With a goal to collect 500 suitcases, the organization ended up with over 10,000 pieces of luggage through the Cases For Love campaign. The next year they collected over 6,800 mittens, hats and scarves for Gloves For Love. This year, they are less than 50 pairs of new shoes away from meeting their goal of 500 pairs with the Sweet Soles Shoe Drive campaign and plan to exceed their goal as they have in the past.

“People have been very generous by donating everything from the smallest of baby shoes, to kid-sized Star Wars sneakers, to larger-sized athletic shoes and boots. It has been thrilling looking at all of the different shoes coming into our offices. We know the foster children are going to love their new shoes,” says Knabe.

One heart-warming story of this campaign comes from a family whose little boy is having a birthday party and does not want any gifts. Instead he has sent out special Sweet Soles For Love party invitations requesting his friends and family come with new shoes to donate towards the Sweet Soles Shoe Drive!

You can get involved by dropping off new, closed toe shoes at any Sibcy Cline location Monday-Friday from 9-5 pm. They are collecting new shoes of all sizes now through Valentine’s Day. If you or someone you know would like to collect shoes through an organization or individually organize an effort, Sweet Soles For Love and Sibcy Cline are happy to provide a digital flyer for the cause.

Our area’s foster children have a great need for new shoes! Many times these children have very few belongings and sometimes lack the basics such as sturdy shoes. Sweet Soles For Love hopes the public reaches out and gets involved with the Sweet Soles Shoe Drive.

Follow the cause by clicking here or find a Sibcy Cline office here.

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A DAAP grad gained couture training in Paris and launched her design career in Cincinnati with a fashion-forward, refreshing take on the classic slip dress.

Designer Calle Evans in her classic silk slip dress.

Ready to pursue her dream of becoming a designer, Calle Evans graduated from the UC DAAP program armed with an arsenal of knowledge in high-end fashion and couture. Through an internship with Marchesa, a designer known for beautiful embroidery and fabrics, Evans learned about École Lesage, an embroidery school owned by Chanel located in Paris. “This is really where my love and passion for couture blossomed- there I earned my professional training certificate in Haute Couture embroidery,” says Evans. “Studying in Paris truly shaped my elevated eye as a designer.”

Lookbook photographs by Claudia Hershner (@claudiahershner), Model Abbey Bridges

Ignited by her experiences with Marchesa and École Lesage, Evans set forth to begin her brand. It took about a year for her to research and learn more about the business aspect of fashion and how labels are developed before her first collection was launched. “I think when you start a business at a young age you can be a little naïve, which can be an advantage. I still have such an energy and passion for constantly creating and learning. Being an emerging designer you are everything: I am the marketing, business, design, patterning, everything department,” says Evans.

Evans is a one woman wonder, and will meet you wherever requested. “I have always wanted to bring something special and exclusive to my clients. When I work with them one on one, it creates a lasting relationship because they are valuing the amount of time that goes into creating their piece,” says Evans. She collaborates with her clients to create the perfect custom, one of a kind, original design.

“I value the artisanal craftsmanship behind couture garments. Watching and realizing the hand work that goes into couture is such a beautiful thing. I hope that more and more people value keeping traditional craftsmanship alive,” says Evans. Inspiring her to create such intricate garments is her sense of wonder about red carpet couture, beautiful gowns in movies and traveling to magnificent destinations.

Lookbook photographs by Claudia Hershner (@claudiahershner), Model Abbey Bridges

She also finds inspiration within her clients. “I often think about the woman I design for and the places she’d go and events she would wear a CALLE EVANS piece to. Designing for this woman excites me and is an endless stream of inspiration,” says Evans.

The CALLE EVANS woman is a modern, yet sensual woman. She loves a fresh take on flattering silhouettes while remaining contemporary, with a bit of romance. The CALLE EVANS woman also values quality and attention to small details, which includes elevated beautiful pieces. “I believe all women should be able to embody their own seductive side,” she says, “while being a modern, strong female.”

One thing she cannot live without is her silk slip dress. The CALLE EVANS slip dress is cut on the bias, which means it has this way of falling beautifully on any body type and allows for a lot of movement. They are easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion and the silk fabric feels seductive and elegant against the skin.

See all of Evans’ collections here and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Attention art lovers and fashionistas! A new contemporary art jewelry gallery just opened its doors. Keep reading for all the designer details!

Ombre Gallery offers vibrant pieces of contemporary jewelry.

The first thing you notice when walking into Ombré Gallery is the vibrant pieces decorating the otherwise white interior. Jenna Shaifer, owner and curator, recently opened Ombré Gallery to expand Cincinnati’s contemporary art jewelry experience.

After working in the fashion industry for over 12 years for designers such as Isaac Mizrahi, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, and Talbots, Shaifer focused her love of design on contemporary art jewelry. She moved from NYC to DC after being accepted into the Smithsonian/Corcoran College of Art + Design’s program for a Master’s in the History of the Decorative Arts. While in school, Shaifer also held a graduate internship position with the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Her internship offered her the opportunity to work with the Curatorial Department where she helped bring in the traveling exhibition, “Ornament As Art: Avant-Garde Jewelry From The Helen Williams Drutt Collection.” Shaifer credits this experience as the first time she became aware of contemporary art jewelry in theory and practice. “I met artists, collectors, and educators from around the world. And it was love at first sight!” says Shaifer. This is also when she began working at Jewelers’werk, one of a handful of contemporary art jewelry galleries in the United States.

Jewelry by Luana Coonen created using real butterfly wings and gold leaf

Even before relocating to Cincinnati, Shaifer knew this city had a strong sense of art history. “I see gorgeous murals on buildings by Artworks, and Oakley has the amazing Brazee Street glass blowing studios. This city was just waiting to be adorned. I noticed that there wasn’t a gallery dedicated to contemporary art jewelry in the area. So, the timing was right to open a space,” Shaifer says.

“What is wonderful about studio jewelry in a gallery setting as opposed to jewelry placed in a museum, is that you can not only look at it, but touch it and try it on and feel the weight of the piece. As much as I love contemporary painting or glass sculptures, I can’t wear them,” says Shaifer. She sees Ombré Gallery serving as a place for people to be able to learn about the jewelry and the artists who make the work.

To Shaifer, the pulse of art is living and breathing. She says, “You can feel it when you find an artist who is passionate about their work. I also attend exhibitions and shows happening across the country and around the world. My job as a gallerist is to show the depth and breadth of what is going on in the Contemporary art jewelry world.”

Currently, the gallery is showing over 28 artists, but new artists will be added every week, doubling the number of artists in the gallery by this time next year. Starting this March, Ombré Gallery will begin featured exhibitions.

The first exhibition is called “Jewelry Edition” which is a group show featuring seven artists including Laura Wood, Kat Cole, Erin Gardner, Anna Johnson, Lindsay Locatelli, Barbara Minor, Bryan Parnham, and Georgina Trevino. The gallery will continue to have exhibitions throughout the year while also hosting artist talks and lectures.

Additionally, themed kids craft events for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will be held for the whole family to enjoy. Ombré is also available to be reserved for private events. Ombré Gallery is located on 4011 Allston Street in Oakley.

For more information on upcoming events or featured artists, go to their Facebook page or follow Ombré Gallery on Instagram.

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Learn about a local fashion designer who’s on a mission to change the world - one beautifully designed dress at a time.

Geetha Minton, Founder of GKM Design
Geetha Minton, Founder of GKM Design

Geetha Minton believes you can have a uniquely-designed dress, featuring luxurious materials from around the world, while providing a new life for a woman in need.

Minton is the founder of GKM Design, a fashion line that not only creates beautiful, culturally-inspired dresses, but products that help save modern day slaves from the realm of human trafficking.

When she launched GKM, Minton says she started out with one goal: To employ as many women as possible. “The more we sell, the more women we can help,” she says.

To help expand her brand and reach more buying customers, Minton partners with production companies in India and Moldova. Those companies hire survivors of human trafficking, allowing GKM to employ those women.

Minton says she hopes to inspire other women through the work she’s done in three ways. She wants to inspire them to live without the “what ifs.”

“It doesn’t matter what you went to school for or what you think other people want you to do in life,” she says. “Absolutely anything is possible. No matter how many people tell you you can’t do something, you absolutely can.”


She wants everyone around her to attempt whatever it is they have their sights on, so at least they can say they had the guts to try.

Minton also wants to inspire others to surround themselves with supportive people.

“I’m not talking about people that will urge to go on American Idol even if you suck,” she laughs. “People that will tell you if you’re idea or dream makes sense or how to tweak it to make it work. I’m my own worst enemy and if I didn’t have the squad that I have surrounding me I would never gone as far as I have. Particularly my husband. He is my biggest support and my rock of Gibraltar. So having that support at home in incredibly important!”

Minton says that she believes anything is possible when you have the best intentions behind it. “You will absolutely receive help and blessings as long as you’re serving, working, and persevering with purpose,” she adds.

Dresses designed for GKM Design by Minton.
Dresses designed for GKM Design by Minton.

She doesn’t want you to give up when things get tough, because they will get really hard, she wants you to keep going with your purpose because things will work out.

Minton says that in the new year she will be bringing new designs to her line. Be on the lookout for five long dresses coming to the collection as well as a jumpsuit. “I’m super excited about these,” she says.

To learn more about GKM Design, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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Learn about a local lady who's channeling her passion for fashion through handcrafted pieces of wearable art, now available online and a pop-up shop soon coming to OTR.


Although Dawn Grady’s passion for jewelry just sparked within the last decade, she’s been fanning the flames to create an empire out of her talents ever since. Today, she is the owner of Junebug Jewelry Designs, a jewelry business that she describes as Bohemian, eclectic, modern, funky, and earthy. 

“You could use any of these words to describe the bold, eye-catching statement jewelry from Junebug Designs,” says Grady. “Made especially for fashionably fearless women, each intricate design is a timeless work of wearable art made with natural materials and lots of love.”

Grady says that at Junebug, she likes to keep things original, creating only one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces. “This ensures that customers never see their unique accessories on anyone else,” she adds.

121916fashion1The story behind Junebug starts with a bead stringing class at the University of Cincinnati. It’s where Grady made her first necklace and earring set. From then on, making jewelry became an obsession for Grady. 

“I started gathering tools and supplies, and absorbed ever jewelry-making tutorial I could,” she recalls. “I took classes from renowned metalsmiths and jewelry artisans to master the skills needed to produce my vision of wearable art.”

Grady says the name for her business comes from her father, as he gave her the nickname “Junebug” when she was younger. 

“I loved to be creative as a young person, and that’s when I heard the name the most,” she says. “So, when I created my business, I couldn’t think of a better name.”

She says the name “Junebug” represents a time in her life when she feels she was very creative, and is a level of creativity she taps into when designing her jewelry.

Junebug officially launched in 2012, when Grady began primarily selling her jewelry online, at craft shows, and through her own pop-up shops.

Grady says buyers love that they’re getting a hand-crafted piece like no other.  “Junebug Jewelry Designs is unique because each piece is a work of wearable art that is timeless and often a conversation starter,” says Grady. “The fact that my designs are one-of-a-kind makes them extra special. When you buy Junebug pieces, you’re not just buying accessory, but a handcrafted work of art that will be unique to you.”

121916fashion2Each piece from Junebug is made by Grady’s own hands, and meets her high-quality design standards.

Junebug designs are mostly copper and Argentium silver statement jewelry. Grady says that she loves working with copper because of the unique way that it antiques, while Argentium silver is highly tarnish-resistant and stays brilliant without much effort. Grady says one of her favorite designs are the copper cuff bracelets.

There are a number of finishes available through her Fiyah Collection of bracelets, statement necklaces, and earrings that have been finished with a fire or mustard patina. “And, yes, I mean mustard like the kind you would put on a hot dog,” Grady laughs. “The acid in the mustard reacts on the metal and delivers a beautiful finish.”

Grady says that one of her favorite parts about Junebug is challenge herself to create unique finishes on her jewelry. Whether it’s using a torch to create a fiery look or mustard to deliver shades of bronze and turquoise.

Grady also enjoys using natural stones in her pieces, to incorporate their beauty and energies into the designs. “I created the Innerjee Collection of beaded gemstone designs that combine the stones to deliver specific energies,” says Grady. 

The first three designs are titled “Prosperity,” “No More Drama,” and “Time for Change.” “The stones in Prosperity help attract good fortune, while those in No More Drama help absorb and block negative energy,” she says. “The stones in Time for Change help you identify the right path in life and embrace change as it comes your way.”

The Argentium designs allow the brilliance of the metal to take center stage. “It is such a gorgeous metal,” says Grady. “I work primarily with Argentium wire and use it to hand-forge chains, create unique earring designs (particularly hoops) and statement necklaces, and design cocktail rings.”

You’ll soon have a chance to see Grady’s designs in person. She will open her pop-up boutique, Fiyah & Glow, on February 10-12, 2017. The boutique is located at 1329 Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine, but Grady says you can also shop the designs any time online at

Grady says that she is excited about the upcoming pop-up boutiques, which will be open monthly throughout 2017. “There’s nothing like having that face-to-face time with my customers to explain the vision behind each piece,” she says. “A picture online can only do so much. It really makes a difference to be able to offer customers a chance to touch the pieces and try them on. They can see the extra care that has been taken to not only make a beautiful piece, but also one that is comfortable to wear.”

To learn more about Junebug, visit You can also follow Junebug on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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It’s every fashionista’s dream: showcasing your personal style through a boutique to call your own. Learn about a local woman who recently made that dream a reality.

Trendy Tags is an online-only boutique
Trendy Tags Boutique is an online-only boutique founded by Amy Broermann.

Trendy Tags Boutique began when one woman decided to sell her style. Amy Broermann says family and friends would always ask about her outfits and where to purchase pieces she was wearing, and that’s ultimately what inspired her to open an online shop, Trendy Tags Boutique. Broermann is a speech language pathologist and mother by day, successful boutique owner by night. Trendy Tags Boutique is an online-only store with new fashions for sale every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.

The store recently celebrated its first anniversary, and Broermann says over the past year, Trendy Tags Boutique has become an outlet for her creativity and fashion sense.

“Everything I sell is something I would wear. The clothes are a reflection of my personal style!” says Broermann, adding that Trendy Tags Boutique showcases pieces she personally chooses. “If you put on a cute outfit, you’re going to feel good about yourself! And I like helping women feel confident.”

In addition to giving women confidence, comfort is another aspect of clothing Broermann values. The pieces she stocks are cute and trendy while also being low maintenance and easy to wear. Broermann says Trendy Tags Boutique has an outfit for every woman. Whether you’re a teenage girl looking for the trendiest fashions, or a chic woman needing a winter wardrobe update, the online boutique is an affordable and convenient way to find that perfect piece.

The black and white striped poncho is one of the boutique’s best sellers, Broermann says. With its classic color palette and relaxed fit, it is the perfect piece to pair with anything already in your closet. Plaid is a holiday season staple and the boutique offers a wide range of items in different colors and patterns of plaid, including the red and black Buffalo plaid infinity scarf. Pair that with the hunter green bomber jacket and a black t available at Trendy Tags Boutique and you’re ready to go!

By steering women to pieces they would not typically gravitate toward, clients are encouraged to push their style comfort zones. The majority of shoppers are returning customers which gives Broermann the opportunity to get to know her customers and their personal style very well.

One of the best aspects of owning her own online boutique, she says, is setting up a booth at expo events. There is limited interaction with the customer during online purchasing, whereas the expos allow Broermann to have quality face time and interact with women that love shopping and fashion. Check out the new pieces that will be for sale at Trendy Tags Boutique throughout the week at their Facebook page and shop every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on their purchase page!

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Learn about a new, high-end intimates boutique in OTR with everything you need to feel feminine and fashionable.

Vintage Kimonos sold at Swoon Intimates.

Swoon is a new intimates boutique in OTR that began with the idea that simple, high-quality underwear and basics should be available all in one place. “Swoon exists to offer Cincinnati a way to express its sensuality,” says Swoon Owner Melissa Lieb. “We want every woman to feel empowered and beautiful.”

Helping people find pieces that fit their bodies, reflect their personalities and give them confidence is a rewarding aspect of owning Swoon. “There are times when a customer may enter with the assumption that our size offering doesn’t include them but with a little encouragement and selective suggestions they find something complementary,” says Lieb.

Items from the Miss Crofton collection.

In relation to other intimates shops, Swoon focuses on soft styles of undergarments which means no underwires, no whale bone, and no cup sizes. According to Lieb, “The shift towards soft bras is, in our eyes, a beneficial one. Complimenting, rather than contorting, our breast shape is a shift towards self-acceptance and re-defining beauty standards that’s long overdue.”

The boutique also strives to provide brands that are exclusively represented in the Midwest at Swoon so there is no overlap of products with other local competitors. The labels chosen to be featured in the boutique take a thoughtful and progressive approach to design and construction: production is smaller-scale and sustainable, and each piece is made to be worn season after season making them good for your body and the planet!

Swoon seeks out independent, female owned brands with an eye for playful modern style. Pansy’s line of organic, domestic cotton pieces offers three simple silhouettes: a bralette, a bikini and a high-waisted panty, all of which are effortlessly sexy and come in a rich range of timeless colors. Baserange offers a more sleek variety of basics made from organic bamboo jersey. Soft as knit silk, bamboo jersey has a wider range of benefits from being anti-microbial to being naturally deodorizing. Both brands are best-sellers and organic which is beneficial to our absorbent bodies – the fewer chemicals used in the production of the undergarments the better! Lieb’s preferred line is Marika Vera: with a nod to S&M styling, once you slip into one of the strappy sets she says you instantly feel like a boss.

Items from the Baserange Collection.

To complement the array of intimates, Swoon also offers a selection of vintage silk kimonos. If you’ve never worn a kimono, we suggest you give it a try. “In the bedroom or on the street as outerwear, the winged sleeves of kimonos make you feel like an angel floating through a dream,” says Lieb. In addition, plant based body care, soaps and candles round out Swoon’s offerings to assist you in creating a thoroughly sensual bedroom experience.

Choosing OTR as the location for Swoon was a “no-brainer” says Lieb. Joining with a community of small businesses and like-minded individuals who are working collectively to revitalize the city and create a shopping district has fit seamlessly with the mission of the boutique. “We are planning a few charity events including a bra drive for the Free The Girls Foundation and hope to donate a portion of holiday sales to organizations supporting women and minorities,” says Lieb.

Swoon is located at 1421 Vine St. in OTR. To learn more, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.