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Summer sale season is upon us! Check out these tips for scouring the sale racks for fall and winter transition pieces from Styling with Amy and Amy!

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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Learn about an upcoming event that offers local ladies a night of fun, shopping and supporting future generations.

The second annual St. Jude Sip ‘n Shop Ladies Night Out is scheduled for November 3.

The second annual St. Jude Sip N’ Shop Ladies Night Out is coming up Nov. 3. This year’s event will feature more than 30 vendors under one roof — plus cold refreshments available for purchase and complimentary light appetizers — so you can enjoy a fun night out, get some holiday shopping done, and support St. Jude Elementary School, a private middle school in Bridgetown.

Andrea Mette and Angela Durepo are the co-coordinators and founders of the event. They became friends while planning last year’s inaugural Sip N’ Shop, and they have found that they’re kindred spirits. They attended Mother of Mercy together and had met through a mutual friend at St. Jude. They were casual acquaintances, but their mutual love for shopping and doing good for others brought them close together. 

“In the Bridgetown area where St. Jude is located, there wasn’t an evening event like ours at the time, and we saw a chance to try something new and exciting!” says Durepo.

Durepo and Mette wanted to showcase area vendors and provide the lovely ladies at St. Jude and all over the West Side of Cincinnati a chance to have a night out, just having fun and doing some shopping. Durepo and Mette found that they could accomplish these goals and raise money for the St. Jude PTO’s Spirit Scholarship (which assists students in need) all at one time. 

“It was a win-win no matter how we looked at it,” Durepo adds. “Whenever you can help kids while shopping and laughing with your girlfriends, it’s bound to be fun!”

Durepo and Mette work very hard to try and secure as many unique vendors as possible for the Sip ‘n Shop. They have nearly 40 vendor spaces, and unlike many other shows those spaces are filled with both direct sales types vendors (such as Tastefully Simple, Magnolia & Vine, Lula Roe, and Mary Kay) and artisans and crafters (such as jewelry artisans, cookie and cupcake designers, clothing boutiques, and crafters.)  

Durepo says that they love finding a good mix of vendors so that they can offer more choices to those who come to shop, and it gives the vendors a great chance to get their product out there and make a name for themselves.

“We were just so pleased that the first Sip ‘N Shop was a success in the eyes of both our vendors and our shoppers,” says Durepo. “Because it was so successful, we had 13 vendors sign up that night to be a part of the event again this year!”

Durepo and Mette try to make sure that there is something for everyone at the Sip ‘n Shop. Their goal is that no matter what woman comes to shop, she will find a vendor to meet her needs. They have jewelry designers, skin care experts, crafters, clothing boutiques, cookie and cupcake designers, makeup experts, home decor vendors, and so much more. The vendors are also very gracious and donate one item each to the raffle which in turn raises more money for the PTO’s Spirit Scholarship. 

“I loved seeing my fellow moms last year not just shopping, but also laughing and having a wonderful time with each other!” says Durepo. “I’ve been to many craft shows and vendor shows, but our Sip ‘n Shop felt special because it was at night and offered the ladies in the community a chance to have a nice night out that was designed with them in mind.”

Durepo and Mette excited to announce that they’ve added several new vendors to the lineup this year including, two boutiques in Too Qute Boutique and Boutique Bellini. They are also excited to announce some new vendors, such as Torchlight Armory, L’Bri Pure & Natural, Sunshine & Sandpaper, Sugar Mommy, Tupperware and more, in addition to the vendors from last year, such as Clever Girl, Vintage Creations, Jamberry, Fire God Glass, Dougherty Designs, ELK Home, Fenno Fashion, Lipsense, Perfectly Posh, Usborne and many more. 

In addition, the cost to get in this year will only be $2 and will include a split the pot ticket (although you can buy more split the pot chances!) All proceeds from the cost to get in, split the pot, and raffle will benefit the St. Jude PTO Spirit Scholarship. 

“It really does take a community to make something like this work, and Andrea and I are very grateful for all the help and support we get,” says Durepo. “We can’t thank everyone by name, but we hope they all know that we recognize their support and help and are so grateful for it.” 

The St. Jude Sip N’ Shop will place in the undercroft of St. Jude Church located at 5924 Bridgetown Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45248 on November 3 at 7pm

To learn more about the St. Jude Sip N’ Shop, visit or contact them at

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Turn up the heat this summer with a white dress! Watch this episode of Styling with Amy and Amy for tips on how to style this wardrobe staple for work, play and everything in between.

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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There’s a new contemporary women’s clothing boutique in the heart of downtown Miamisburg. Keep reading for all the fashionable details. 

Blush ‘n Grey Boutique is a new boutique located in Miamisburg.

Blush N’Grey is a dream come true for owner, Ashley Biederman. 

She chose the name and style based on her own values and important parts of her life: a love for fashion and a passion for connecting with others through a personal shopping experience.

Biederman says Blush N’Grey Boutique features the latest fashions and accessories, hand picked and styled by women. There are many services offered at Blush N’Grey Boutique such as a personal shopping experience in-store and online, with a social media presence to allow for customer connection. Other services also include: Facebook live sales, sip and shop events, and handmade accessories by Cincinnati-based jewelry designer Megan Fenno.

Ashley Biederman, Owner of Blush ‘n Grey Boutique

“Blush N’Grey is founded on the premise that shopping and style don’t have to be the same for everyone, but everyone can benefit from the personal touch we have to offer,” says Biederman. 

The ever changing styles, accessories, and gift items allow for a fresh journey every time customers enter the store or get an update from the social media pages, Biederman adds.

“The local, real feel, as well as Blush N’Grey’s ability to cater to their followers in all states has been the most important,” says Biederman. “Real women, helping real women to feel beautiful and confident in hand-chosen pieces.”

Blush N’Grey Boutique is located at 36 S Main Street Miamisburg, OH 45342. Learn more on Facebook, Instagram, or visit the growing website at

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Learn about a new branding platform that brings creative people together to help them on their professional journey.

Livlocal helps creatives in the city find a community of support.

Livlocal is a branding platform that was created to help creatives of all types — musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs alike — build a brand and a strong community of support.

Livlocal often brings people together through fashion, but the true heart behind the brand is to inspire others to chase their own creative dreams.

The inspiration of Livlocal came to be in a very organic manner. Lonnie Kai, owner of Livlocal, wanted to help others believe in themselves after coming out of a seven-year-long depression. Kai says he’s always aspired to be a business owner, even since he was a little boy. So, he decided to start a contracting company after working in the construction field for eight years, and it took off. 

“At that point I began realizing for myself that each person carries the potential to do things they never thought they could do,” he recalls. “Four years later the contracting company is going great and my brand Livlocal has been doing great as well. It’s all about inspiring the people who don’t believe their dreams are tangible, or those who haven’t been supported, and Livlocal is that support.”

The Livlocal team is expanding every day, Kai says, and he attributes that to strong community support, as well as a strong Livlocal team. Amy Sheeter designs the graphics for Livlocal while Alli Simms coordinates the wardrobe for shoots and fashion shows. Kai says he takes the lead for most events, lunches, meetings, and talks.

Livlocal services range from clothing, modeling opportunities, photoshoots, sponsorships for the individual or a collaboration with other brands. Kai says he enjoys working side by side with other brands to help everyone shine. 

“If you’re needing someone that’s been through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial lifestyle,” Kai says, “I’ll often sit down with new business owners and just share my experiences to help them along in their journey!” 

Kai believes that Livlocal is unique because money isn’t the focus, but rather, the focus is on the people, their growth, and helping people realize their identity in their desired trade. The people involved have grounds to share their input and ideas on what could make Livlocal better.

While Livlocal doesn’t current have a physical store, they do sell merchandise on and are stocked in Goods on Main in Over the Rhine. To learn more about Livlocal, follow them on Instagram or “like” them on Facebook

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Learn about the Florence-based design showroom that loves making your Pinterest boards come to life on any budget.

Wiseway Supply offers electrical, plumbing, and lighting supplies.

For over 45 years, Wiseway Supply has lead the industry in the distribution of name brand electrical, plumbing, and lighting supplies in the Cincinnati area. Wiseway is owned by a family that a lot of northern Kentucky residents are familiar with. Now owned by John Cain, his father, “Biz,” started the business at the same location as the Florence showroom.

Today, Wiseway is the only showroom in northern Kentucky to offer Kohler plumbing. In late 2016, Wiseway was reopened after a complete renovation. The showroom’s inspiration is derived from wanting customers to have a better, stress-free experience when choosing their lighting and plumbing.

They offer one of the most complete plumbing and lighting showrooms in Greater Cincinnati with over 4,000 square feet. ​Wiseway is lead by a highly experienced team of design professionals to ensure all of the customer needs are met on time and with accuracy. ​

“We see a lot of people wasting their time at big box stores when they could be getting expertise and better customer service,” says Caitlin Skaggs, the Showroom Manager. Skaggs has been at Wiseway for just over two years. “I lead a wonderful team of design consultants,” she says, “Our most veteran consultant is Karen Schultz. She has many years of experience working for builders and brings that knowledge to Wiseway.”

In the showroom, Wiseway offers whole-house lighting and plumbing appointments. Even if someone is simply looking for a new kitchen faucet, the staff of Wiseway can steer them to a faucet that fits their budget and taste. With their own fleet of trucks, they can deliver materials to a customer if needed. Wiseway offers name brand lighting such as Progress, Kichler, and Feiss among many others. Also offered is name brand plumbing such as Kohler, Moen, Delta and Hansgrohe. ​Wiseway provides one-on-one consultations with experienced specialists to help you through your entire design process. One of the many things that make Wiseway unique is the experienced staff. The working displays let customers experience luxury shower heads and stunning chandeliers before buying.

“We are excellent at taking the stress off of homeowners who are remodeling or building a custom home,” says Skaggs, “Our staff knows what customers need and when they need it. We are excellent at taking an idea seen on Pinterest or Houzz and making it into reality for any budget.”

According to Skaggs, Wiseway’s customers are like family. “Since we are a family-run business, our service is more personal, and we can take care of any problems quickly,” Skaggs says, “We cater to custom builders who need to save time and money. It may sound strange, but many customers love how we display our lighting in our showroom.” The lighting in the showroom, even chandeliers, are at eye-level which make it easy to touch and feel before customers purchase.

Wiseway has big plans for the rest of 2018. They already provide lighting and plumbing for many home builders in the greater Cincinnati region such as Drees & Fischer to name just a couple. “We strive to become just as well known for walk-in customers,” Skaggs says, “We want customers to know that we’re the best resource if you’re building a custom home or just need a new dining room chandelier or powder room sink faucet.”

Wiseway is located in the newly renovated showroom on 8301 Dixie Hwy Florence, Ky 41042. To learn more about Wiseway, visit their website or “like” them on Facebook.

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To tuck, or not to tuck? That is the question we’re answering in this week’s episode of Styling with Amy and Amy! Keep watching for lots of tucking tips and tricks.

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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We chat with the fashion designers behind a new line of accessories that celebrates a growing love for bourbon. Cheers!

Bourbon Cousins designs bourbon-themed products for bourbon lovers.

Bourbon Cousins designs original bourbon-themed patterns and products for bourbon enthusiasts everywhere. In March of 2018, Bourbon Cousins debuted with a line of bourbon bow ties & neckties. Bourbon Cousins’ line of ties has really captured the attention of bourbon lovers everywhere. They will have ladies’ scarves and a few more products that will be ready in the fall.

Pam Houston and Claudia Sandman, the co-founders of Bourbon Cousins, set out to match the consumers’ growing enthusiasm for bourbon by designing original, bourbon-themed patterns, which are ultimately made into products for the marketplace. 

“Our region’s love of bourbon has grown into an impressive global love affair,” says Sandman, “As cousins raised in Kentucky, we take much pride in the state’s rich bourbon heritage.”

Sandman and Houston are designing cousins who share a studio, a love of bourbon, and the sweet love of their now 101-year old grandmother. Bourbon Cousins rose out of a love of both family and creativity, two essential fibers that fold both inspiration and authenticity into daily work life.

In addition to the bourbon-themed products they offer, Bourbon Cousins also collaborates on custom design projects with distilleries and event support for large groups looking to host bourbon-themed fundraisers. Bourbon Cousins modern and refined design style highlight recognizable bourbon bottles and the iconic copper pot still. 

Bourbon Cousins operate out of warehouse-studio space located in the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine. Products are sold to consumers on the website and sold wholesale to independent retailers.