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From fashion mogul to stay-at-home-mom and back again, one local fashionista’s journey has come full circle with a new styling business. Click for details.

Local designer and fashionista Amy Kirchen launched a new styling business.

Amy Kirchen is no stranger to styling. She’s a former high-end designer and boutique owner before she closed up shop to stay home with her three children. 

Ready to dip her toe into the fashion world again, Kirchen launched Amy Kirchen Style, a styling business that is all about helping you achieve your ultimate style goals. “My goal is to help you feel confident about your style,” she says. “When you look good, you feel good and vice versa!”

Kirchen says she was inspired to launch her business by the women who supported her as a designer and as a boutique owner. 

There are a variety of services available from Amy Kirchen Style including event styling, closet makeovers, capsule collections, personal shopping, and style makeovers.

With a new business comes a lot of excitement, which Kirchen says is overflowing right now. She says that she loves the energy and excitement that is generated when she works with clients. “Fashion runs in my veins so it feels natural to me,” she says. “I’ve realized that my purpose is to be in the fashion world in some way.”

While building her new brand, Kirchen has used her previous experience to ensure that she gives clients the highest-quality service. “I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, so I have an expert eye for style and fit,” she adds.

Kirchen says she’s also helping women to save money through her business. “In about an hour I can create an entire collection of wearable pieces from their existing closet,” she explains. “The amount of money you spend on clothes that don’t work far outweigh my small fee.” 

In addition to her new styling services, Kirchen says she is working on curating a mini collection of exciting pieces to offer to clients. “The pieces will be unique, beautiful, and similar to what I carried in my boutique,” she says. 

To learn more and follow along with Kirchen’s new business or for styling tips, fashion recommendations, and trends, visit

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Read on for a look inside the life of a local woman who designs and sells one-of-a-kind patterns for a world of fascinating uses.

Eileen Fleming lives a creative and colorful life. Every where she turns, she says she finds inspiration for her next pattern design.

That’s why she launched Eileen Fleming Pattern Design LLC, a business that focuses on primarily selling surface/pattern designs. 

What makes surface/pattern design so unique, according to Fleming, is that it is artwork created by a designer that is applied to a variety of products such as packaging, textiles, apparel, table top, gift ware, stationery, etc. The designer enhances the visual appeal, communicates messages, and drives sales of consumer products, Fleming adds.

“Eileen Fleming Pattern Design, LLC is my long-time dream and I’m 100% dedicated to seeing it succeed,” she says.

Fleming recalls few available resources when researching the intricacies of pattern design, so she decided to go back to college to take a deep dive into her passions. In 2004, she applied to UC DAAP, was accepted, and began her journey in graphic design. 

“It wasn’t exactly pattern design, but it got me a great design background, taught me to use Adobe Creative Suite, which was huge, and got me thinking as a designer,” Flemming explains, adding that she finished her degree in 2009. 

Even with the college degree, Fleming says she still didn’t learn how to design patterns, so she began looking to books and the internet where she eventually found Michelle Fifis and the Textile Design Lab. Over the next two years, she took every course offered until she had felt confident in her new abilities. From there, she kicked off her business with the first generation of her website. 

Her business, as a B2B model, sells and/or licenses her designs to manufacturers, fashion houses, and other consumer product companies. She offers a full service design package from concept through production. That package includes: trend research, trend boards, custom designs to the client’s creative brief, technical repeats, color-way development, advising clients on best printing methods, communicating with factories to assure the finished artwork meets the factory’s production specifications, ordering samples or proofs, creating and sending the finalized artwork files to production upon final approval. 

Fleming also offers each of those services individually on an hourly contract basis. “For example, if a client has purchased artwork from another designer and needs technical help to put it into repeat, and prepare files for production I can do that for them as well,” Fleming says. “I actually love the challenges of the technical side of the work so I welcome these types of jobs.”

Fleming adds that when she’s not designing for work, you can find her designing for herself. “If I’m not designing to a client’s creative brief, I design from my heart. Meaning I design what I love, what strikes me in the moment, from inspiration around me, etc.,” she explains. “It sounds corny but I strive to design colors, textures and motifs that — when the elements come together — make my heart sing.”

Fleming loves vibrant colors, rich textures, and geometric themes. Her work entails many different styles, mediums and techniques. She says her designs range from fully graphic and digital, hand painted watercolor or monotype printed. “My favorite technique is traditional Turkish Ebru,” Fleming explains. “A pattern design may start with an original photograph, or it may be good old fashioned gouache or chalk pastels.” 

Fleming says her goal is to use all of her education and skills to do what she loves and to contribute to the world. “I would love nothing more then to be able to train and employ people that need jobs and want to do great work,” says Fleming, adding that she has hopes of being able to sponsor more children through World Vision and to be able to help the local homeless community more than she does currently.

Right now she is working on bringing her designs direct-to-consumer under the name GoMIngo. She is working with print-on-demand companies, as well as sourcing other products herself to put her art in front of consumers. “I will roll out some new products in time for the Christmas shopping season,” says Fleming.  

She says she will be out in the community at various art fairs and vendor expos across town, “as well as finding my expanded product line on a dedicated e-commerce site” she adds.

To learn more, visit  

Check out her surface/pattern designs here ; her fabrics here; and her latest online shop at:

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A luxury wardrobe styling agency launches a new collection of authentic, hand-picked vintage pieces to add some flair to your fashion.


Photo by Andrea Sabugo

The Style Resolution is a luxury styling agency that concentrates on image consulting, closet editing, personal styling and the creation of in-home styling solutions.

“What we do is simple,” says Sydney Murdock, the founder of The Style Resolution. “We remove the difficulty associated with locating and styling outfits consistently to guarantee that you never have to spend hours on a shopping trip again.”

Murdock is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a background in retail management, visual merchandising and wardrobe styling. “I have experience in personal, editorial, commercial and product styling, which has been a benefit to all of our clients,” she explains. “My mission is simple – to employ stylists in the Greater Cincinnati Area. I believe our city is growing and the needs of our city are growing as well. I am happy to create solutions for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes right here, in our city.”

Murdock has been working as a wardrobe stylist in the commercial and editorial realm in Cincinnati for more than 10 years. She says women would often ask her how they could style themselves at home, which led her to realize that there was a huge gap of women who were not being served. She began by focusing on everyday women, to ensure that they looked and felt their best. 

“It can be extremely difficult for women to get dressed and love what they’re wearing – With demanding corporate careers, growing businesses, active children and husbands, it’s easy to lose focus of themselves,” Murdock explains. “So, The Style Resolution was born to remedy that – by alleviating the stress of shopping, the frustration with maintaining a signature look, and the worries of not being prepared for any event due to wardrobe.”

 “After becoming a member of The Style Resolution, you’ll receive clothing that reflects you, you’ll understand styling techniques that enhance you,” Murdock explains. “Most of all, you’ll have a stylist who knows you.”

The Style Resolution provides a luxury experiences for all of their clients, according to Murdock, adding that she aims to make women feel amazing, while also wanting the process to reflect that as well. “We go the extra mile by bringing styling solutions to our clients with full closet editing and organization sessions, in-home shopping appointments, and personalized look books that are catered toward their specific taste,” says Murdock.

The goal for the Style Resolution is to provide luxury and elevated styling services that are ongoing, stress-free and convenient for the everyday woman, Murdock says. She says she hopes to build a larger team of stylists in 2020 to expand to larger corporate projects, which will enhance the lives of women and men in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Style Resolution will be presenting an in-person styling and workshop series called The Style Studio, where they will teach and work with women to develop and maintain their Signature Style in an intimate group setting. 

Murdock also recently launched an online, luxury vintage shop called The Closet of Style. “The shop creates monthly collections that are hand-picked, class and authentic vintage pieces that will remain relevant in your closet,” she says. 

In 2020, The Style Resolution will be launching a Signature Styling Membership, that takes the burden of styling, shopping and wardrobe maintenance off of the hands of women and men for a full calendar year.

“We are prepared to reach women at any level to ensure they are prepared with the tools to look and feel excellent each day,” Murdock explains.

To learn more, visit or follow along on Instagram or Facebook.

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We all agree that there is no other attire like Saree. It is one of the most traditional yet sensational looking Indian ethnic wears that will never go out of fashion. Indian women have an undeniable love affair with this incredibly stylish Indian wear. Whether it’s a festive celebration, a wedding, a traditional ritual, or a regular day at work, this garment will never fail you. It is the epitome of elegance and unparallel regal charm. 

For centuries, this garment has been staple wear for women from different parts of the country. However, over the last few decades, it has evolved as a fashion wear. Saree has undergone a major transformation and have adopted various contemporary patterns to suit the needs of the modern Indian women. If you are looking for some interesting styles and gorgeous sarees, you can shop sarees online at 

Trends keep coming and going, but this outfit never goes out of fashion. It continues to be the queen of all Indian attires. Meanwhile, the fashion designers are experimenting and exploring the saree trend like never before. They are bringing back some classic styles and creating some fresh saree looks for their star-studded fashion shows. They are setting new trends and creating a fashion stirrup. If you are a fashion-conscious person and you like to keep your fashion game forward, here are some ramp-shows inspired trends to wear sarees this season.

  1. Unique Blouse designs: There is a major shift in the fashion world. Not only the draping unit but also the blouse gets equal attention. It is all about how it looks as an ensemble. Therefore, paying extra attention to the blouse is important. These days designers and regular girls are playing with different patterns of blouses. This does not mean simply teaming the saree with a contrasting blouse. In fact, it is all about statement blouse with unique designs and textures. You can experiment with the blouse sleeves and create a fashionable attire with ruffled sleeves, off-the-shoulder sleeves, strappy studded sleeves or more. You can even experiment with the necklines and opt for a backless blouse, knotted blouse, brooch blouse, sheer back or more. There are numerous options to explore. So, start researching and look for the idea that will make you outshine the crowd. 
  1. Use Different shade of same colors: The latest trend is all about colors. While pairing up contrasting colors may not be a raging trend anymore, women are looking using different shades of the same colors in a palette. Pairing up soft and dark shade of your favorite color creates a gorgeous impact and gives the ensemble a modish appeal. It’s a suave way of styling your saree and look graceful. 
  1. Bring back the Traditional Sarees: Well, if you thought traditional Indian sarees are out of fashion, you are wrong. This is the best time to bring out your treasured sarees and adorn them in the most stylish way. Whether it’s Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Patola, Paithani, kalamkari, Tanchoi, or any other typical traditional Indian saree, it is best to bring them out from your wardrobe and flaunt it. The trends hint at the revival of traditional designs and patterns this summer. The designers are making dedicated efforts to resuscitate these fashion trends that are an embedded part of India’s culture. Styling them well with ethnic Indian jewelry is the key to wear these sarees with old-world charm in a fashionable way. 
  1. Sheer sarees: Sheer sarees have been here for a while and it seems this trend is still hot on the ramps. There is nothing more glamorous than a sheer saree paired with an intricately designed blouse. Sheer sarees with shimmer and sheer sarees with vintage embroidery are making the rounds and creating some serious fashion splendour. You can choose from some new-age colors like mint green, gold, icy blue, powder pink, tangerine, metallics, grey, ombre shades, lemon yellow, dusty pink and more to create this look. There is a whole new range of colors to explore when it comes to sheer sarees. 
  1. Keep up with the pastels: While there is a whole new range of trending new colors, pastels remain the favorite. Women and fashion designers are not yet over pastels and still exploring its potential. The pale versions of eccentric colors are a must for the summer season. Sarees in pastel shades like lemon yellow, dull pink, sage green, sky blue, and peach are perfect for summer wear. Whether it’s a big formal event or a regular day at work, these colors are perfect to keep your look chic and trendy.
  2. Bold Prints: Apart from these colors, what is hot is prominent bold prints. Edgy and contemporary style prints with floral motifs, nature-inspired patterns, foliate designs, bird prints and more are trending, and women are loving it. These bold prints are all you need this season to look your sensational best. Make sure you opt for a light fabric when it comes to bold and opulent prints on a saree. Keep it minimal with makeup and jewelry and maintain a sophisticated look for these sarees. 
  1. Fabric play: While cotton still remains among the summer favorite, sarees in linen and khadi fabric are a raging trend. It’s a hit among working ladies who like to keep it stylish even in their ethnic wear. Also, these fabrics are easy-to-carry during summers and are perfect to wear it all day long. These two fabrics are considered summer-friendly and keep the body cool. 

So, are you ready to take your saree look several notches up with these ramp-inspired trends? 

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A local 12 year old entrepreneur and aspiring fashion designer recently launched an eccentric fannypack line. Read for more!

At only 12 years old, Erikka Franklin already has fashion designer and entrepreneur on her resume.

Franklin recently designed and launched Fannysofab, a fannypack line she says is based on uniqueness, creativity, individuality and fun.

“I was very crafty when I was younger,” Franklin recalls. “One day my cousin gifted me a small sewing kit, which consisted of small fabric patches and a needle and thread. As I started to experiment with the kit, I learned that I had a love for crafts and fashion. I used the fabric patches to make doll clothes.” 

Her passion for fashion runs deeper than a sewing kit, though. “I learned lots of tips for sewing from my grandma, YouTube videos and my mother,” Franklin explains. “As I got older, I started to create fashion pieces for real people. My favorite clothing piece to design are skirts and shorts.” 

She says she also loves to upcycle clothing. 

Fannysofab is currently a ready-to-wear and custom-made fannypack line. “I make them according to your liking,” says Franklin, adding that she has several pre-made designs as well. “I use pins and patches and lots of rhinestones to make it unique.”

Franklin currently has an online storefront where she receives orders for her custom and pre-made designs. She says the feedback she receives from customers is what fuels her. 

“I love to design because it shows a creative side of me,” Franklin explains. “It is a way to express myself and make me feel good.” She adds that the part that she loves most about designing is that her pieces can boost someone‘s confidence or or make them smile.

As for Franklin’s future, she says she will continue to pursue fashion design, but she also wants to be a lawyer and a gymnast.

To learn more, follow along on Instagram or visit her online shop.

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A regional resource for Cincinnati's fashion designers is joining forces to create new jackets for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Conductor John Morris Russel gets measured. (Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Symphony)

Sew Valley and Cincinnati Pops are teaming up to create a new look for the group’s talented musicians. Cincinnati Pops is a group at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra that strives to be a dynamic orchestra in the heart of the city with an ambitious and diverse group of musicians.

Then there’s Sew Valley, an organization that offers regional resources when it comes to helping designers and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry build a brand for a sewn product or fashion line.

Together the two groups will work to design and manufacture new Pops jackets in their signature Pops Red color.

Although it may seem like a long way off, the jackets will be revealed, new look and all, at the Pops Holiday Concerts on December 13, 14, and 15. 

The jackets are still in the pre-production stages but you can follow along with their progress and see the jackets as they come to life on Instagram and Facebook.

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A company expanding to the Cincinnati market is focused on empowerment and development of women to find their diamonds within. Read to find out more.

Diamond Companies Limited, the parent company to various brands focusing on the empowerment of women, aims to empower and develop women by engaging in acts of community service, self-awareness and networking. Diamond Companies encompasses both for-profit and non-profit sectors.

“Currently, we are focusing on our ‘Ladies Night Out’ initiative where we take the concept of a ladies night and create a space for women from all walks of life where we gather on a set evening with food, conversation, networking, and uplifting,” says Dayona Turner, CEO and Founder of Diamond Companies Limited. Turner has had her focus on the engagement of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. She has a strong passion for building youth and women.

“Motivated by own life experiences and the experiences of others, I developed this brand to serve women in more ways than one,” Turner explains, adding that her educational background is a bachelors in Sociology and Psychology, a Master of Arts in Human Services and she is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

The concept of Diamond Companies came to Turner when she began to reflect on her personal life experiences, and how a Diamond’s journey of development and discovery is similar to her own. 

“When we think of a diamond, we think of the process that it goes through; to the core of a diamond its carbon, the heat is turned up and then there is intense pressure, at the end of the process the diamond rise to the surface to cool,” says Turner. “So is the same with the human experience. We go through life experiencing the heat and intensity of our journey but after that experiences we rise to the surface with more value than what we may have started with.”

The mission of Diamond Companies is to maintain a solutions-oriented enterprise where they empower and develop women by engaging them in acts of self-awareness, community service, and networking. Diamond Companies strives to provide strategic consulting services for individuals, business, corporations, non profits, and more.
“What makes us unique is that when we come together, we solve problems. Our women not only get the chance to network with one another but when we are together, we are strategizing about life, family, and business,” Turner explains, adding that her participants leave with solutions, as they not only address life’s experiences, but also find ways to overcome, enhance, and build on life to become the best individuals they can be.

Turner says she is currently in the process of expanding into creating a staffing agency. “By creating a sound business model for an employment agency, we can develop and grow the economy of our city and providing capable individuals with opportunities for employment,” she explains, adding that the agency will specialize in assisting women and youth, but they will provide opportunities for everyone. 

To learn more, follow along on Facebook or send an email to

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Sneakers can be extremely stylish, as long as you don’t decide to wear them with a gown of course! Nevertheless, the stylish fashionista can pull off a pair of good sneakers at any casualevent, and even some semi-casual occasions effortlessly. In order to do that though, she needs a proper collection of sneakers to choose from, which is why we have this list of five sneakers for five different occasions that you will appreciate.

Veja V10

Veja is a Brazilian brand which prioritizes sustainable production above all. Therefore, you won’t have to feel guilty about wearing their gorgeous, but functional leather Nauticosneakers. While being stylish and of high quality, the V10 sneakers are also perfect for hikes, tennis and light exercise.

Nike Air Max 97

If you know anything about sneakers, you probably knew that this one was going to make it onto the list, because how can a pair that’s so beautifully feminine, and yet athletic in typical Nike fashion, not make it in here? The Air Max 97 is the perfect combination of both, and you need to have it in your collection.

Gucci GG Screener Sneakers

You know you can’t really go wrong with a pair of Gucci sneakers, and sites like SSENSE have the whole collection. Whether you like the Black Ace, the White Ace or the GG Screener we are suggesting here, SSENSE probably has it in your size.

In case you are curious as to why we are suggesting the GG Screener, then that’s because it will add that all essential variety to your collection. Other than that, Gucci sneakers are among the most premium in the entire industry, so feel free to choose any pair that catches your fancy, or that you think would be more appropriate for your needs.

When you want a pair that will attract instant attention due to its sheer brand value, while keeping you stylish and comfortable everywhere, this is the sneaker you just need to have.

Golden Goose Superstar

The Black & White Superstar is a popular choice, but feel free to choose them in a different color combination. The deliberately old-ish look has a subtle charm to it, and the pair looks classy. It would be a unique addition to your sneaker collection and they are quite sturdy.

Converse High Top

Let’s end the list with a pair of sneakers that became extremely popular about three years ago, and is also the most affordable one on this list.

Quite simply put, the Converse High Top is a simple, white sneaker, with the brand logo being the only break in the white. Can it replace any of the sneakers we have mentioned? No, it can’t, but the High Top from Converse still looks amazingpaired with a simple pair of blue jeans and a washed, white top.

Each time you decide to buy a pair of sneakers, make sure that it serves a different function or comes in a different color or design than any of the sneakers you have already. It will give more value to your shoes, and your options for each attire will be much wider.

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This ethical and sustainable clothing, art, and home goods store has big goals to impact the fashion industry. Keep reading for more.

Want your purchases to support independent artists and woman-owned businesses while also being eco-friendly and sustainably made?

Wolfpack, a new store in Over the Rhine, carries ethically and sustainably made clothing, art, home goods, and gifts. “We focus on supporting independent artists, woman owned businesses, and other creatives trying to make the world a better place,” says Katherine Dalton, owner and operator of Wolfpack.

Wolfpack carries mostly women’s clothing, though they do carry some unisex tees. “We have a wide range of clothing, from graphic tees to dresses, jumpsuits, denim shorts, blouses, sweaters, and one of a kind vintage finds,” says Dalton.

Everything they do has a purpose behind it, Dalton says, as all of their clothing and art is ethically made. “Many people don’t know what that means, but the quickest way to explain it is that all of our goods were made by people who were paid a living wage and worked in a safe & fair work place,” Dalton explains. “It is sad to say that this is something we have to distinguish, because most people probably assume the people making their clothing and home goods were treated with basic human dignity, but unfortunately that is not the case.” 

Dalton says they strive for sustainability as much as possible in the products they sell and their business. “Whether that means reusing packaging to reduce waste, sourcing clothing that is made from eco-friendly fabric, stocking reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes, or selling vintage and second hand clothing and home goods to help slow the cycle of over consumption, we are constantly aiming to take the best care of our environment as we possibly can,” Dalton explains.

”Wolfpack is more than just a shop – it’s a mindset. It’s looking out for one another, it’s taking responsibility, it’s accepting that we are all beholden to our earth and our fellow human kind. because the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives,” Dalton adds.

After reading about the fashion industry a few years ago, learning how people were treated in the garment industry, and how it impacted the environment, Dalton says she was inspired to do something about it. Enter, Wolfpack.

Dalton says Wolfpack has lofty goals rooted in sustainability and making a change. “I hope that we can empower people to be more conscious consumers – to care about their impact on their fellow man and the home we all share, and to have that change the kind of consumers they become,” Dalton explains. A few of the business goals she has for Wolfpack is to carry more size inclusive styles, carry more men’s clothing, to one day have their own line of original clothing, and to aim to bring sewing and production jobs to Cincinnati to support the local economy.

Wolfpack is located at 1342 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. To learn more, visit, or follow along on Instagram.

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Creativity, adventure and style is what you’ll find with this local blogger. Read on for all the fun details.

Coming in Clutch is a fashion blog that showcases creativity, adventure, and style by Bryanna Bach.

You can never have too much creativity or adventure in life, according to Bryanna Bach. That’s why she launched Coming in Clutch, a Cincinnati-based lifestyle blog full of creativity, adventure and style with breathtakingly colorful and spontaneous photography at an array of locations.

“Coming in Clutch is a destination for creative introverts to have more fun, to trust their creativity, and be confident in themselves,” Bach says. “This site covers fashion and travel minded topics on styling, trend forecasting, branding and life adventures.”

Bach says the most unique thing about Coming in Clutch is the willingness to think and step outside the box. With a desire to help you reach you your inner most creative self, Bach likes to practice what she preaches. Mix that in with a quirky and innovative style and showcasing outfits with a backdrop of unique locations – many of which from around the Tri-State – and you have the secrets to success for Coming in Clutch.

Bach is a content creator, blogger, fashion merchandising graduate, digital marketing specialist, stylist, adventurist, and self-proclaimed millennial creative introvert. The blog, she says, is always encouraging her to explore new places and meet new people. “I’m always down to explore the local beers of Cincy, so don’t be scared to give me a holler!” says Bach.

Coming in Clutch provides a variety of content for its readers. “The materials covered on offer creative tips on channeling inner creativity and showcases these tips through the hidden gems of Cincinnati, blog posts, tutorials, travel guides, and visual storytelling,” Bach explains. Plus, she adds, with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, she shares her fashion tips with posts about what to wear, how to wear it, where to find it, and how it incorporates your wardrobe.

“Coming in Clutch’s mission is to be that creative cheerleader to help you find you inner-most creative self,” says Bach. 

With a love for travel, Bach says she loves to go on spontaneous road trips. Whether she is embarking on an international adventure or jumping in the car and exploring the Midwest, she always enjoys bringing her virtual friends along. “Factor in some more video content — cue the visual styling guides, fashion hauls, clutch finds roundups and travel journals — and you just might find the fresh inspiration that you didn’t even know you needed in your life,” says Bach. 

To learn more about Coming in Clutch, check out her website You can also follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. You can contact her at