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One local mom and registered nurse is using her trials and tribulations to find success and inspiration to launch a business.

When it comes to running gigs and side hustles, Lindsay Morrison knows how to handle it all. The 30-something, work-from-home professional, personal trainer, new-ish mother to 6-month-old Rori, and wife to Kyle is the founder of The Sisu Shop, an at-home boutique that she runs out of her 1,500-square-foot store, ahem, basement. 

“Our goal with The Sisu Shop is to provide affordable, trendy, and, most importantly, comfortable clothes for all people of all shapes and sizes,” she says. 

The inspiration for The Sisu Shop goes back to the store’s name “Sisu,” a Finnish concept that’s described as “stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness,” and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character.

“Sisu is a grim, gritty, white-knuckle form of courage that is presented typically in situations where success is against the odds,” explains Morrison. “It expresses itself in taking action against the odds and displaying courage and resoluteness in the face of adversity. In other words, deciding on a course of action and then sticking to that decision, even despite repeated failures.”

From there, Morrison found that ‘gutsy’ is a fairly close translation of the word ‘sisu’ that uses the same metaphor and is derived from the word ‘sisus,’ which means ‘interior’ and ‘entrails, guts.’ 

But the story behind the word sisu is more personal to Morrison, who first heard the term when she was at an event for Huntington’s disease, which her father battled for over 20 years.

“He passed way in March 2015 and since then almost every part of our lives have changed, but I feel very deeply that I relate to the term more than most any other concept I’ve heard,” she explains. “From becoming a young caregiver to both my dad and mom, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, putting myself through college to become a registered nurse while working full-time, starting a clothing business to now branching out on my own terms – I feel like everything that has led me to this place has required guts, courage, and going against the odds.”

Because of all her trials, tribulations, and success, Morrison hopes that all of her customers who visit The Sisu Shop will find a little more courage and strength against whatever odds they may be facing that day when they wear a piece of her clothing.

When you visit The Sisu Shop, you’ll find a variety of tops, bottoms, dresses, layering pieces, and accessories for those sizes small to 3XL and denim in sizes 1-24W, showing that there really is something for everyone. Price points for items from The Sisu Shop range from $25 to $50. 

Since the stay-at-home order was issued, The Sisu Shop is offering free shipping or porch pick-up from her home just outside the Lebanon/Mason/Monroe area of 741/63. 

“First-time shoppers can also use the coupon code WELCOME15 for 15 percent off any purchase from our website or The Sisu Shop app, available on the App Store or Google Play,” Morrison adds.

To learn more, visit You can also find The Sisu Shop Community on Facebook and see more styles on Instagram.

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A local stylist is helping clients use their extra time at home to reorganize closets and refine wardrobes. Click here to read more.

The Style Resolution is a luxury styling agency that concentrates on image consulting, closet editing, personal styling and the creation of in-home styling solutions.

“What we do is simple,” says Sydney Murdock, the founder of The Style Resolution. “We remove the difficulty associated with locating and styling outfits consistently to guarantee that you never have to spend hours on a shopping trip again.”

Murdock is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a background in retail management, visual merchandising and wardrobe styling. “I have experience in personal, editorial, commercial and product styling, which has been a benefit to all of our clients,” she explains. “My mission is simple – to employ stylists in the Greater Cincinnati Area. I believe our city is growing and the needs of our city are growing as well. I am happy to create solutions for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes right here, in our city.”

Murdock has been working as a wardrobe stylist in the commercial and editorial realm in Cincinnati for more than 10 years. She says women would often ask her how they could style themselves at home, which led her to realize that there was a huge gap of women who were not being served. She began by focusing on everyday women, to ensure that they looked and felt their best. 

“It can be extremely difficult for women to get dressed and love what they’re wearing – With demanding corporate careers, growing businesses, active children and husbands, it’s easy to lose focus of themselves,” Murdock explains. “So, The Style Resolution was born to remedy that – by alleviating the stress of shopping, the frustration with maintaining a signature look, and the worries of not being prepared for any event due to wardrobe.”

However, there’s been a significant shift in our reality in the past two weeks: COVID-19 and social distancing. 

The shutdown of in-person transactions means that Murdock has shifted parts of her business to Virtual Styling Services. Although it was a new service she recently started offering clients, it’s a service that is now coming in handy due to social distancing. 

“Our Virtual Styling Services range from Virtual Closet Edits to Virtual Styling + Outfit Planning,” she says. “With the client’s needs in mind, we have structured virtual services that are easy to tap into and apply to their wardrobes and closets. We conduct the exact same services in person, and we are able to guide the client through each process.”

In terms of COVID-19, Murdock says the virtual services are keeping her in business through it all. “As a service-based business, this is a very trying time where we cannot actually visit clients,” she says. “The Virtual Services allow us to prepare our clients for our lives after this situation and is a fraction of the cost versus in-person. We are all still trying to make a way to provide great service and make a living at the same time.”

Additionally, The Style Resolution offers a new gift card feature that will make it simpler for clients who know they’ll need services, workshops, or coursework in the future.

“They’ll also make great gifts for birthdays and the holiday season,” adds Murdock. “Clients simply grab a gift card on our website and it will be applied ot their next session with us.”

To learn more about The Style Resolution, visit You can also purchase an online gift card here.

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Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Bridal helped to change the face of Covington in 2005. Learn about the store’s recent relocation and exciting new chapter ahead.

Thinking back 15 years ago and you may remember that Covington, Kentucky, wasn’t quite the thriving business scene it is today. But when opening her business Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Bridal, Donna Salyers took a leap of faith in November 2005, although she wasn’t sure the whole idea was starting off on the right food. 

“In fact, a week before our scheduled opening, a car drove into the Sixth Street side of the building and we prayed it wasn’t an omen for what lay ahead,” she says. 

Luckily for her, that incident wasn’t a sign of things to come. It was the complete opposite. Fabulous-Bridal soon became a place for brides from all over the country – not just the Tri-State. 

“Fast-forward 14 years when, a few months ago, a Cincinnati bank looking to expand into Covington’s rapidly growing economic scene approached us to buy the building housing Fabulous-Bridal on Madison at Sixth,” explains Salyers. “That ask prompted us to consider the possibilities and we began exploring options.” 

Once figuring out what would work best for her business, Salyers has now decided to move Fabulous-Bridals into the Fabulous-Furs headquarters – and offer her customers even more than she already does. 

“The move has many implications benefiting our customers,” she says. “There will be plentiful and free parking and large dressing rooms to name a few. Today, the time feels right to combine the two businesses into one glorious space, tapping into the history of our 110,000-square-feet space and creating a magical, transportive setting.”

With Fabulous-Bridal and Fabulous-Furs now housed in the same space, Salyers and her team can offer customers an exciting environment that offers luxury, warmth, and beauty. “While distinctly different, both businesses share beautiful products along with special and unique occasions,” she says. “Seeing beautiful things linked with emotional moments in a fabulous setting is very appealing, and we’ll have great fun executing!”

Salyers describes now offering her clients a storefront where they can walk into a space that is full of beautiful designs that you can touch as they take your breath away without making the journey to New York or Chicago. “In fact, do it on your lunch hour,” she says. “Creating an approachable, beautiful, and convenient retail destination is very exciting to our team.”

Salyers says she’s got a lot more up her sleeve than this new move, but for now she’s focused on opening up the new space.

You can learn more about Fabulous-Bridal at You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram

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Learn about a local woman who creates unique, handcrafted accessories for women of all ages that bring joy and life to their wardrobe.

Katelyn Lloyd has always considered herself creative. As a maker, she loves to create and make things she knows others will love and enjoy. And she was doing just that with a few of her own little shops up until 2018 when she had a not so great market experience. 

After that experience and having a baby, she decided to take a step away from the makers industry. 

“Then, one day in early 2019, I sat holding my newborn baby and felt God putting the word ‘abundance’ in my heart, then I read John 10:10, which says ‘the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly,’” she says. “I really did feel like in that season, I was finally recognizing the abundant joy that was in front of me. I suddenly got the urge to begin creating again and felt passionate about sharing my creations with women around me.”

Today her little shop is called Abundant Life Co., and it’s a shop that offers unique, handcrafted accessories for women of all ages that bring joy and life to their wardrobe.

At Abundant Life Co. you’ll find hand-crafted clay, fabric, and resin earrings and hair accessories, as well as some apparel and home decor using graphic designs that Lloyd has created and hand-lettered.

Katelyn Lloyd, Founder of Abundant Life Co. Photo: Emma McMahan Photography


Products from Abundant Life Co. aren’t just for grown-ups, Lloyd says. “For younger girls, we have accessories ranging from $5-$15 while the larger earrings and accessories average more around $20,” she adds. 

Lloyd says that all of the items she creates for Abundant Life Co. are put together with love, care, and attention. “Picture me in my kitchen after everyone else has gone to bed, dining table covered with clay, jump rings, fabric, and a half-consumed coffee, 90-pound golden retriever sitting at my feet,” she says. 

With that care and attention comes uniqueness. Lloyd’s earrings are small-batch, which means that she doesn’t make 100 pairs of the same style and oftentimes each pair is unique to the others. “And while most of my earrings are ‘big, statement’ earrings, they are extremely lightweight, which makes them comfortable enough to wear all day long,” she adds. “It’s often hard for me to sell some of my favorite pairs because I end up loving them so much.”

Lloyd says that you can find Abundant Life Co. at local shops this year as there are many exciting things happening for the business. 

To learn more about Abundant Life Co., follow along on Instagram or shop the site we “I’ve made it a goal to blog more in 2020 so be sure to check out that page on our website, too,” she says. 

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An activewear brand with local ties launched a year ago and has experienced tremendous growth. Read on for more.

MEAS got its start back in 2019 when Erin Roddy launched her brand. With a year of accomplishments behind her, she’s looking forward to 2020. 

“Since March 2019, MEAS was able to raise $30,000 with a Kickstarter campaign to bring the brand to life,” she says. “This success allowed MEAS to go into our first production run on 5 of our staple, performance lead styles including the Evie Sports Bra with front stash pocket, Zola leggings with 5-pocket storage, Naoko Biker short with 3-pocket storage, Flojo run short with 2-pocket storage and inner lining, and the Mary Mesh Tank.”

In addition to launching the brand, MEAS also made their first public appearance at the 2019 Cincinnati Flying Pig Expo to showcase some of the pieces from the line.

In December 2019, Roddy says the brand launched the collection Lux-leisure, which she says is an assortment of high quality, fashionable pieces like a trendy sherpa jacket and a fleece cape. 

“These pieces can be used to elevate your activewear look from post-workout to post-brunch,” she says.

The brand aims to empower women along their health and wellness journey, while also giving back to non-profit organizations with similar missions. “We are a brand owned by women, for women, offering high-quality, fashionable activewear that celebrates and empowers women,” she says.

As the brand continues to expand, Roddy says she’s excited to launch the newest MEAS Active collection, Studio to Street. “It’s our fashionable, low-impact activewear line,” she says. “This bridges the gap between our original Performance collection that is fashionable, high-function, and run-focused, and fashionable activewear that can be worn from barre class to brunch.”

The line will be showcased at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Expo in May, Roddy says. 

To learn more about MEAS Active, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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Learn to love your wardrobe again with fashion and style tips from a local fashionista.

Photo: Emma McMahan Photography

Throughout the years, Stephanie Sheard has always been there to help her friends look and feel good. Whether it was showing them what to wear, how to style certain pieces, or organizing their closets, she was there. 

Over time, she decided to take that help she was offering friends and turn it into a much bigger platform to help clients of her own. That’s when she launched StephStyle101, a fashion blog and social media account that’s aimed at providing practical and affordable fashion tips and styling advice that is fitting for any budget.

“My goal, through StephStyle101, is for women to look and feel their best, without the need to take out a second mortgage,” she says. “When a woman is confident in her clothes, everything changes – attitude, posture, and self-esteem.”

Sheard says she was always happy to help her friends, and enjoyed the joy they felt themselves when she was able to help them dig through closets and find new ways to wear their clothes, and continues to help others find that same joy in their closets. 

Sheard is the one-woman show behind StephStyle101. As a one-person team, it took a lot of courage to launch StephStyle 101, an idea that came about several years ago but didn’t come to fruition until nearly 3 years ago, when she really started pouring her energy into growing her brand through Facebook and Instagram.

Through StephStyle101, Sheard offers closet cleansing, personal shopping, and style inspiration services. 

“Prices vary depending on what is requested, but my fees are very reasonable, and my clients are always pleased with the results,” says Sheard. 

Not only do you get fashion and styling services from StephStyle101, but you’ll also find someone who really cares about you and the way you see yourself. 

“I do not push my clients or followers on social media to constantly feel like they need to be spending all their hard-earned cash,” says Sheard. “It’s so easy to get trapped into the idea of buying all the brand new seasonal-released fashions that most retailers promote.”

Sheard encourages her clients to utilize their current wardrobes to help recreate a style that they enjoy, way before she takes them to any stores. “Oftentimes, similar items exist in their closets and not a dime is spent,” she says. “But, through StephStyle101, I promote and teach individuals how to shop sustainable fashion – consignment stores, retail-resale, and yes, even thrift stores.”

While she continues to help clients, Sheard says that she’s been working to expand her business through public speaking engagements, where she shares her expertise on closet cleansing and shopping in a fiscally responsible manner. 

“I also cover where to snag the best deals, and talk about some of my favorite, budget-friendly purchases,” she adds. “Most individuals, I have discovered, are not even sure how to navigate a thrift or consignment store, so I share my tips for success, where others can learn to find those hidden fashion gems.”

To learn more about StephStyle101 at You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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Kendra Scott just released several new designs just in time for Valentine’s Day. Scroll through to see some great gift ideas — for yourself, a galentine or loved one.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to show some love than with some super chic Kendra Scott jewelry. From new releases to classic designs, here are a few of our faves.

Kendra Scott Presleigh Ring Set of 3 in Mixed Metal for $58 and the Presleigh Hoop Earrings in Gold for $68. 

The perfect gift for the February baby in your life is the Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace in Amethyst for $50.

Also available at Kendra Scott is sterling silver and gold Vermeil, which is available online and in select stores. This includes the Ari Heart Stud Earrings in 18k Gold Vermeil for $78 or the Elaina Delicate Chain Bracelet in 18k Gold Vermeil for $128. 

Want to honor the initial of your loved one or a mini fashionista in your life? Try the Diamond Letter Pendant Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold for $595. The Heart 14k Yellow Gold Stud Earrings in White Diamond are available for $350. 

Getting together with your galentines to celebrate the holiday? These make for fun gifts, perfect for any style: Poppy Gold Pendant Necklace in Abalone Shell for $88, the Ellie Gold Stud Earrings in Ivory Mother-of-Pearl for $60, or the Kenzie Gold Wrap Bracelet in Nude Abalone Shell for $58. 

You can visit to see the full Valentine’s Day collection.

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A local boutique is focused on curating looks you’ll want to keep wearing (and wearing and wearing). Read on for more.

Ever have a favorite outfit you wish you could wear every day? Those are the types of pieces Courtney O’Bryan aims to curate for her boutique Repeat Styles.

“Repeat is essentially a shop, as well as a lifestyle brand. For now, we currently sell our items online and at pop up events,” says O’Bryan, founder of Cincinnati-based Repeat Styles. “I don’t like to have a clear definition on what Repeat is because I like for the brand to adapt with us and those who love it as we continuously grow together. We like to offer style inspiration to others because they enjoy it as do we.”

The inspiration behind starting the business came from her love of visuals. “I’ve always had a natural draw to anything visually appealing to me, which has led me to become an avid shopper collecting clothing and accessories that I felt expressed myself. As I see big retailers crumble and expensive designer labels defining whether someone has good style or not, I felt that I would be able to help people attain style and confidence in a fun, affordable way. I’m very serious about making my items affordable to just about anyone,” O’Bryan says. “I have a nice range of pricing on amazing items that I have hand selected that can satisfy any shopper. I want people to know they can rely on Repeat to be their go to destination to find unique staple pieces that reflect their own style and know that they didn’t waste their time or money on a hyped-up item they will forget about in a week.”

Repeat Styles will be a vendor at the upcoming O.F.F. Market’s monthly marketplace that takes place at Madtree Brewery. “This is my first time participating in the O.F.F. Market, so that alone is special,” she says. 

There are a variety of items sold through Repeat Styles, and they include: vintage tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories and housewares. These items are available online and through pop up events. “Since Repeat is only available online at the moment, whenever customers can physically shop our items, I like to call it a pop up to let them know we will be at a certain location for them to shop,” O’Bryan says. It is not just O’Bryan working on this event, she has a team. “There are a lot of local vendors that will also be in attendance. As for my space, I will have my boyfriend help me set up and my older sister, Alex, will be the only one working the actual event with me,” O’Bryan says. “We have invited a lot of our friends and family to check us out, as well as the other vendors for a fun day of local shopping.”

With the event, she defines success by whether or not customers are impacted. “Whether that’s selling them an item they love, meeting a new friend or helping someone develop their own sense of style,” O’Bryan says. 

As with this event, or any event she has a pop-up shop at, O’Bryan’s goal is to make the space inviting. “I always have a pretty clear indication on what I like my events to look like. I’m very serious about making my space visually appealing and easy to shop for customers,” she says. “I want them to feel invited and inclined to check things out and to create conversation.”

O’Bryan enjoys interacting with and getting feedback from customers at pop-up shops, as she doesn’t have the opportunity for those experiences with online shopping. “I have a serious passion for shopping, as you might be able to tell. Since Repeat is only available online at the moment, I love to have the opportunity for customers to be able to physically shop our products and interact with us as well,” she says. “It truly makes me happy to see others happy.”

Repeat Styles loves to work with other members of the Cincinnati community, as well. “I have heard of the O.F.F. Market for some time now and I’ve only heard great things. They pick amazing local vendors from the community, while hosting the event at a local Cincinnati landmark,” O’Bryan says. “Whether you’re a beer drinker or not, you’ve heard of Madtree and it’s just really amazing that we can all come together and support each other.”

Her favorite part of working the event is the rush she gets from preparing for the event. “I really love everything about working these types of events. I love the rush of the set up, I love having customers check out the items and most importantly, I love getting to know customers,” O’Bryan says. “It’s so cool to positively impact people. Being able to connect with people through my items is so special to me.”

To keep up with Repeat Styles, follow them on Facebook and also Instagram, which is “thebirthplace of Repeat Styles,” she says. “We will be posting stories, maybe a live story as well, and of course, pictures documenting the event. Our upcoming events will always be on Instagram, as well as our Facebook.”

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Cincy Chic’s annual Lady in Red event is coming up February 7 at Tri-County Macy’s. Click for a sneak peek inside the event.

Cincy Chic is hosting its annual Lady in Red event to support the National Go Red for Women Campaign on Friday, February 7, from 6-9pm at Tri-County Macy’s. The event will feature exclusive store-wide Macy’s discounts, a fashion show featuring the season’s hottest trends, pop-up shops, music, swag bags, refreshments, a fun photo booth, and fundraising activities. 

A front row VIP ticket to Lady in Red is $25 and includes a front row seat along the runway, a swag bag, three drink tickets, and store-wide Macy’s Discounts. A VIP ticket is $20 and includes a seat along the runway, a swag bag, 3 drink tickets, and store-wide Macy’s discounts. General Admission tickets are $10 and include a swag bag, 2 drink tickets, standing room viewing of the fashion show, and store-wide Macy’s discounts.

Proceeds raised during the event will be donated to the Cincinnati American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Campaign.

We will feature an inspiring heart disease survivor in the fashion show, and also hear from local physicians about the latest developments that have come from recent research. Fundraising activities include silent auction and balloon pop, where participants will get their chance to win designer handbags, fragrance sets, jewelry, spa certificates, and more. The American Heart Association will have a “Pressure for Prizes” activity where attendees who get their blood pressure checked will be entered to win a variety of prizes at the event. The fashion show will feature the latest spring and summer trends for a range of body types, ages and activities for women, men and children.

Sponsors for the event include:

Presenting Sponsor: Amy Brenner MD and Associates, LLC

Supporting Sponsors: The Christ Hospital Health Network, Lexus RiverCenter, Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate

Vendors include: Mary Kay with Tiffany McMillon, Paparazzi with Bonita Harrison, DeGroot Handbags, Sweet Jazz Treats, KIS, LLC Independent Consultant for ColorStreet, Massage Therapy Technology, Rapid Results Cryo, The Business Barista, PHARM CBD, Hamall Oils and Wellness, My Bookworm Box + more!

Tickets to the event can be purchased here<>. 

Tri-County Macy’s is located at 11700 Princeton Pike in Cincinnati. To see other upcoming Cincy Chic events, visit

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A new Westside boutique carries unique, handmade gifts with a personalized touch. Read on for more!

Love giving special gifts, shopping local and supporting independent artisans? That’s what you’ll find at JC Boutique, a new boutique on the Westside of Cincinnati.

“JC Boutique is a new and unique shopping destination on the Westside of Cincinnati that offers a wide variety of handmade gifts, décor and apparel, most of which can be personalized and custom made,” says Jessica Castellini, Owner of JC Boutique. “We showcase over 15 local artisans and brands to give our customers a great selection of gifts for any occasion.”

The path that Castellini had for herself did not start off as a starving artist. “I went to college and earned my BA in Graphic Design. Fast forward close to 20 years, I have worn many hats and worked with some amazing clients and brands,” she says. 

Castellini got to experience working on the digital and print side of graphic design, while creating gifts on nights and weekends was her true passion. “From sewing a pillow from a lost loved one’s clothes, to designing and printing a personalized blanket for a newborn baby, I get to be part of my clients’ most treasured moments and there just aren’t many local options for folks wanting that extra special gift or item. So we decided to create a space to fill that void,” she says. “Your own personal Etsy, right next door! I handpicked each and every artisan in the shop to give customers a wide variety of items outside what I make myself and together we are a creative powerhouse able to give customers a level of service you just won’t see anywhere else.”

JC Boutique opened at the beginning of 2020. “We opened on January 4 of this year, but have been selling online and at various shows for about eight years prior to opening a storefront,” Castellini says. 

Castellini uses her passion of handcrafting to create one-of-a-kind gifts for her customers. “We offer a wide variety of handmade gifts, décor and apparel, many of which can be personalized and most custom made. We also offer custom apparel and promotional item options for businesses, teams and organizations,” she says. “Some of the many specialties we offer are embroidery, custom cut vinyl decals and signage, screen printing, woodworking, just to name a few.”

The vision for JC Boutique is to be the place people go to for the perfect gift. “When they want something special that you will not find at a box store, something they know was made with love and care right here in our hometown, I want JC Boutique to be where they come,” Castelli says. 

The boutique is unique because they personalize their items for the customers. “I think our ability to provide personalized and custom-made items for our customers, based on their specific needs and wants vs. just wholesale/retail lines you find in many boutiques is really what sets us apart,” she says. “We also offer gift wrapping and handmade cards so we hope to be a one-stop shop for all of our customers gift giving needs.”

JC Boutique is a community of people. “When you shop at our boutique, you are not just supporting our business, but also all the other local artisans here with us, over 15 right now and that is huge! When you purchase at locally -owned businesses, rather than nationally owned, more money is kept in our community,” Castelli says. “It helps grow other businesses, as well as our local tax base. And truthfully, our area doesn’t have many options like what we are offering and we want to fill that missing piece on the website.” 

JC Boutique Is located at 5104 Crookshank Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238 (between F & N Goode Chicken and Lutz Flowers). To learn more, follow along on FacebookInstagram and their website.