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Now located in the former Girls World storefront in the heart of Montgomery is a new luxury consignment shop. Read on for details.

Your World is a new luxury consignment and resale shop located in the former Girl’s World storefront in Montgomery.

There’s something for everyone at Cincinnati’s newest luxury consignment store. Your World is located in the heart of Montgomery in the former Girl’s World Boutique.

“Girl’s World was such a cute boutique for girls and everyone loved it,” explains Owner Kate Mel. “I worked there for a few months before the previous owner decided to close its doors and I just didn’t want to let this place go. I used to be a regular customer there and loved buying clothes for my daughter from Girl’s World.”

Mel says her inspiration behind the luxury consignment boutique is her strong belief in recycling. “Fashion is so fast-paced now, so why not go with consignment,” she says. “Consignment shops are so trendy now and it’s actually cool to shop at them!”

Plus, she adds, kids grow up so fast, sometimes that they only wear an item once. “Or you buy a dress for a special occasion and end up wearing it once,” she says. “And it’s just sitting there in your closet.”

Kate Mel, Owner of Your World

Rather than let these only-worn-once items sit in your closet, Mel encourages customers to bring their items to Your World to sell.

“We carry all sizes for ladies and girls,” explains Mel. “And we added clothes for men and boys as well! We even have few small beautiful home decor items!”

What makes Your World different from other consignment shops around the city is that it’s half consignment half resale store.

“Since I bought the remaining inventory from the former Girl’s World and Pink Tulip Club, we are now selling it at the discounted price,” says Mel.

She adds that there’s a mix of high- and low-priced items, ranging from anywhere between $3 up to $500.

Your World is located at 7819 Cooper Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, give them a “like” on Facebook or a follow on Instagram.

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The bridal store trifecta is now complete and continues to bring new, fresh ideas into the largest bridal district in North America. Read on for more.


Photo: Green Peas in a Pod Photography

When Kelly Hill opened the doors of her first bridal boutique in2011, “Yours Truly, Kelly,” she only had six wedding gowns in inventory. Today, she owns three unique stores, Lace Bridal Couture, Love Bridal and the newest edition, Cincy Bridal in the Reading Bridal District. 

“I have always wanted my own business, but never in a million years would I have thought that I would own three bridal boutiques I love what I do and couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else. It’s definitely not out of the question to us opening other bridal stores in other locations. We have lots of plans for the near future,” says Hill.

The couple’s most recent venture reigns as one of the only luxury bridal boutiques in the Cincinnati area. “Cincy Bridal caters to the high-end fashionable bride and is by appointment only. When the bride is in her appointment, we actually lock the front door and the whole boutique is just for her and her bridal party,” says Hill. “The store holds well-known designer brands that cannot be found anywhere else in the tri-state area such as Anne Barge, Sareh Nouri, Muse by Berta, Antonio Gual, and Atelier Pronovias.”

The success of any business is not only in the product, but the people as well. The foundation of love and passion for brides-to-be that Kelly and her husband have laid is evident in not only Cincy Bridal, but in all of their locations. So much sothat they travel to New York and Chicago twice a year to handpick gowns for each of their stores. 

“I am on the floor in one of the stores almost every day alongside my bridal consultants and love to work with the brides to create their dream vision of their wedding gown. I love watching my consultants grow and develop into amazing sales people who truly care about the bride,” says Hill.

Green Peas in a Pod Photography

Cincinnati has the Largest Bridal District in North America. In the heart of Reading, Ohio, you can find 10 bridal boutiques, all within walking distance of each other. The Queen City truly strives to makes every bride feel like a queen. 

As for awards, Lace Bridal and Love Curvy Bridal have won “The Best of Knot” every year since opening up their doors. Lace Bridal Couture has also won the “Couples Choice Award” by Wedding Wire and holds a spot in “The Knot Hall of Fame”.The future is bright for Cincy Bridal, seeing as it offers a brand-new atmosphere that has never present in the Cincinnati area.

Lace Bridal Couture is located at:  100 West Benson St. Cincinnati, OH 45215

Price points at Lace start at $1,000 and go up to $3,500.

Love Curvy Bridal is located at:  133 West Benson St. Cincinnati, OH  45215

Love caters to our plus size bride with sizes starting at 16 – 32.  Price points start at $695-$2,500.

Cincy Bridal is located at: 307 West Benson St. Cincinnati, OH  45215

Cincy Bridal is a luxury bridal boutique catering to our high-end bride with price points starting at $3,000 up to $9,000.

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Read on as we chat with Tessa Clark, a Cincinnati-based designer competing for a $250,000 grand prize on the next season of Project Runway.

Photos by Brooke Shanesy

DAAP graduate, entrepreneur, boutique owner and fashion designer Tessa Clark, can now add a new title to her resume: reality television contestant. 

As a contestant on Project Runway Season 17, Clark will be competing against 15 other designers for a $250,000 grand prize. “I have watched Project Runway for years,” Clark says. “After I applied, I binge-watched the show and came to terms with what would happen if I got in or not. It is still so surreal the fact that I will be able to watch myself on television.”

Clark’s passion for fashion first sparked in early childhood. My upbringing wasn’t the norm, so it provided me with a lifetime of inspiration to pull from, I often think back to where I grew up and describe it as magical,” she explained in a previous Cincy Chic interview about her eco-friendly clothing line, Grind and Glaze. “Every day, I lived in my own universe and playground.”

Since then, she fostered her childhood-like wonder and applied it to her career. “I have learned that fashion is not just a ‘frilly’ career; it has real opportunity within a large industry,” Clark says, now the owner of Idlewild Woman, an OTR-based boutique, continuing to grow her own clothing line, Grind and Glaze, and serving as a proud member of Sew Valley.

Tessa Clark

While each day holds a different adventure, especially since Project Runway, Clark says it’s important for her to stay loyal to her roots. “Throughout the whole process of being on the show, I found myself making my strongest work when I remained true to myself as a designer. I pulled roots of inspiration out of everything and anything, and I am finding myself doing that now in my day-to-day life. The show really reinforced what my own personal morals and values are as a designer for me.” 

One value in particular that is extremely important to Clark is the power of sustainability and eco-friendliness within garments. One of my passions is to educate consumers –that’s everyone– about this topic,” she says. “The textile industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, after oil. That is largely due to the fast fashion industry. Most consumers are not educated on the destruction that the fast fashion industry has on earth.”

Project Runway is known for bringing talented designers from all different backgrounds together to compete on one platform“Competing on the show was a blast because getting to know the other 16 designers was so amazing,” she says. “They were all from different walks of life and each held such a diverse background. Designing alongside them while we filmed in Brooklyn was a dream come true.”

The cameras may have stopped rolling, but that hasn’t stopped Clark from diving deeper into the world of fashion. “In the future, I see myself eventually wholesaling my garments in places other than IdleWild Woman,” she explains. “I would love to take my garments to market and eventually have a showroom in NYC, maybe even spot my garments at fashion week. I want to represent Cincinnati well and bring national light to our fashion-forward cityAs far as sustainability in fashion, I strive to make it a standard, not just a trend.” 

You can watch Tessa compete during the television premiere of Project Runway Season 17 on March 14th at 8pm EST on Bravo.

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A one-of-a-kind art event returns to Cincinnati. Read on as we get an exclusive look into what’s new this year. 

The Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show is returning to Cincinnati March 3.

For fun and funky art — ranging from wearable art, yard installations and home décor — the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show is coming back to Cincinnati for its second annual appearance.

The event takes place March 3, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center. Admission is $3 to public, and free for 12 yrs and under.

Since last year was our first year in the Cincinnati market, we only expect the show to grow and become bigger every year. We promote our events through tons of media outlets and are always finding new ways to get the word out there about our shows,” says Amanda Look, the show’s event coordinator.

This is not just your average craft show, Look says, as all of the artwork featured will be handcrafted by more than 80 local artisans in the Cincinnati areaAccording to Look, the range of items featured at the event will include: apparel, rustic home décor, jewelry, woodwork, and more.

Personally, the best thing about being a part of the Avant-Garde show line is being able to connect with and see all of the incredible local talent,” Look says. “Each and every vendor brings something so unique and special to their craft and they truly love what they do and it shows in their pieces.”

For the past seven years, the Avant-Garde Art & Craft shows have been cultivating handmade artisans and crafters around the Mid-WestNot only do the artists and buyers benefit, but a local charity does as well. While part of their mission is focused on the arts and crafts, another aspect is their charity work and reinvesting back into the community, supporting more than 20 different charities. 

This year’s spring show will benefit the Dragonfly Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting young cancer and bone marrow transplant patients and families to find their joy again. Based in Cincinnati, the Dragonfly Foundation offers assistance in many different ways, from Adopt-A-Family and gifting programs to fun, Dragonfly hosted events for patients and their families.

It is so important to shop our local artisans and crafters because when you shop local you’re supporting your community, a family, a person,” Look says. “Not only are you keeping more money within your community but each item you get has its own character and passion behind it, and that is not something you can find in a department store.”

For more information on this year’s event and for special sneak peeks, check out their social media or visit their website at

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A local DAAP graduate launched a line of bows and scrunchies featuring high-quality fabrics and designs. Click for all the fashionable details.

Bardot Bow Gallery sells quality hair scrunchies and bows.

Emily Mayer is all about the celebration of femininity and self-confidence. In fact, it’s at the foundation behind the designs she makes for her business Bardot Bow Gallery.

“Bardot Bow Gallery is a branded collection of upscale hair accessories that are locally made,” she says. “I refer to them as ‘Hair Ware,’ styling essentials that take you through day or night. They are a modern revival of retro bows from the 60s and 70s, and scrunchies from the 90s.”

Mayer says that when it comes to her brand, her main inspiration came from a personal mission to re-discover her own style and femininity after having children.

“I love the juxtaposition of casual dress while adding a feminine touch – it’s a fun way to self express and ‘romance the ordinary,’” she says. “Just like a new hair cut or new tube of lipstick, these are a small and affordable way to add a little fun and make you feel fresh. They span a wide range of age, from the young to mamas in messy buns or women in their prime.”

Bardot Bow Gallery is comprised of special pieces, each one designed with purpose. Each of the collections offered are made with unique, high-quality fabrics.

“Some of them are geared toward specific needs: for example, the Sweatproof Series are made with a super soft bamboo jersey that is moisture wicking and antibacterial,” explains Mayer. “Or, the Scarf Series is extremely versatile and can be styled in multiple, unique ways. The Upcycled Series is a collection of styles using reclaimed fabrics from linings, retro scarves or retro printed fabrics that haven’t been put to use.”

Mayer says that for Bardot Bow Gallery, she makes a major effort in eliminating fabric and garment waste. “I do my best to make meaningful use of every scrap,” she adds. “I have a passion for textiles and I really enjoy shopping fabrics and ribbon that have a vintage feel and combining that with modern silhouettes.”

Thanks to the revival in bows and scrunchies in fashion right now, the long Velvet Bow Series is popular among customers. The Knot Scrunchies offered by Bardot Bow Gallery are also a staple while Mayer says that many clients purchase several colors in the Crepe and Silk Series.

Mayer says that she’s the one who takes on most roles when it comes to Bardot Bow Gallery. These roles include product development, production management, graphic design, photography, and marketing. She did recently hire a student part-time who is studying fashion design at DAAP and she works with a local sewing company.

“I enjoy working with other local creatives with pro photography and cross promotion,” she says. “It is an excellent growing community for creative entrepreneurs and I’m really proud to be a part of it.”

Mayer is looking forward to the future for Bardot Bow Gallery as she prepares to launch the Spring collection as well as more headband designs.

She is also ready to grow her online presence and participate in more local pop-up shops and markets.

“After several requests, I’ve just released a wholesale catalog,” she adds. “I’m excited about the relationships I’ve established and I’m so thrilled with how it has been received in several local small businesses. I hope to expand my production locally to keep up with demand as the line continues to grow.”

To learn more about Bardot Bow Gallery or shop the products, click here. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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Starting a fashion blog takes more than picking out the right heels to go with your earrings. You need to be able to express your knowledge, know-how, and be the first to recognize upcoming trends. If your friends always ask for advice or steal your style, you’re probably on the right track.

Do you fall asleep thinking about the latest Isaac Mizrahi runway looks or Willi Smith vintage dresses? If so, you may make a marvelous fashion blogger. And why wouldn’t you want to be? Fashion does miraculous things to us. Clothing helps us build our personas and express our personalities. Research actually shows that clothes transform the way you act and how you see yourself.

If you’re looking to impact Cincinnati and the world, consider sharing your advice, opinions, and hottest outfits with an audience of fashion blog readers. Here are five steps to getting you started on the road to a groundbreaking blog with loyal followers and fan.

  1. Curate Your Brand and Choose a Name

All great fashion personalities have their ‘thing.’ While you don’t need to be the next Joan Rivers or be eccentric at all, you want to focus in on what makes your style, taste, and eye unique. Do you have an excellent knack for matching colors or do you find patterns irresistible? Whatever you’re good at, capitalize on it.

Next, name your blog. Naming your blog is like naming a baby, but a with a little more emphasis on sounding memorable. You want the title of your blog and your domain name to be both catchy and straightforward. Make the spelling simple so people aren’t mistaken. Avoid numeric characters, symbols, underscores, and hyphens–these can be difficult to type or spell-out.

As strange as it may sound, avoid the words “fashion” or “style” in your name. These are too expected and kind of boring. Instead, think about that niche you’re filling. How much better does “Plaid and Polka Dots” sound compared to “Jenny’s Fashion Blog”? 

  1. Setup a Fashion-Foward Website

Ok, you have a great name, you’ve thought about your niche, now start building your empire. Well, at least start building your blog. You’ll need to find a hosting service and cross your fingers that your blog name isn’t taken. Then you can register your domain name and design your blog.

Try to find a service that has premade templates so you don’t spend forever trying to figure out how to format your blog. Choose a basic format because once you start adding pictures of outfits or spring collections, you don’t want to clutter the page.

3. Put Your Thoughts into Words

The first part of your website you’ll want to form is your About page. While people may click on one of your posts from a Facebook link, almost every visitor to a blog will click on the “About Us” before committing to reading more than one blog post. Readers also follow people they like or think have interesting perspectives, so make sure you can express what makes you and your fashion aesthetic unique on this page.

Your next focus should be on your first blog post. This will sound strange, but in the future, people will go back and look at your first blog post more than almost anything else you write. So, think of it as an introduction to who you are or the first stone in the foundation of your blog.

4. Keep Your Content Lively and Up-to-Date

What makes blogs different than any other written form is that you can treat the content like a time capsule of what’s going on in fashion rather than a perfectly composed editorial on Pyer Moss.

Be personal and honest in your blog, and your readers will appreciate you for it. Remember that your readers will look for you for expertise. Do some research and be the first to inform your readers of the latest trends or what you can predict for the upcoming season. 

Use plenty of bright images that make sense with the season. You’ll want to post free high-quality love stock images for Valentines Day or wintry images during December. Readers want to know that your blog is current and aware of what’s happening.

5. Promote Your Blog and Share the Love 

Once you have your first post done, you can share your blog with your friends, family, and those fashion-forward people you cross paths with. Don’t be embarrassed to post your hard work on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You have the opportunity to inform others and make the world a bit more beautiful. The better your posts, the more likely your friends will repost what you have to offer. 

You may even gain enough notoriety to enjoy some of the benefits associated with fashion blogging. If you’re trying to get a job in the industry, you can use your blog as a portfolio of your skills and a way to network with other fashion professionals. You can also gain access to some fashion events or make a little money.

So, you’re on your way to fashion blogging greatness. Use your voice to promote worthy causes like Grace B Bold and the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. You have a platform to make a difference and make the world better.

Don’t forget to have some fun and laugh a little at your fashion faux pas. We all have them and they make us lovable and human. Keep your eyes on the runaway and your mind on the future and you’ll do just fine.

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Miami University Fashion and Design is prepping to host its annual fashion show in April. See what’s new at this year’s event.

Miami University Fashion & Design will host its annual fashion show on April 27 at Millett Hall on Oxford’s campus.

The students behind Miami University Fashion and Design are preparing to host their annual fashion show this spring.

“We are one of the largest student organizations on Miami University’s campus and we put on one of the largest, fully student run fashion shows in the nation,” explains Alexandra Bogut, one of the PR/Marketing Directors for Miami University Fashion and Design (MUF&D).

The inspiration behind the annual fashion show comes from the desire to show just how much MUF&D has grown as an organization.

“We have grown by 39 percent as an organization in the last year,” says Bogut. “And each member has provided value to our upcoming show. We cannot wait to reveal our show theme on March 13 to the public and convey our vision to the masses.”

While MUF&D will be showcasing its talents to the masses, there will also be masses working behind the scenes to ensure the night not only runs smoothly but is enjoyed by everyone involved – from spectators to those working behind-the-scenes.

Bogut says that there are 19 student designers and 59 student models who will present their year-long hard work during the show.

“In addition, we have an executive board of 14 leaders,” she adds. “This includes positions for two public relations/marketing directors, a graphic design director, two event planning directors, two strategic partnerships directors, a finance director, two design directors, and two modeling directors.”

The student-run organization features student designers and models in its show.

The executive board at MUF&D is lead by President Rachael Steed and Vice President Sarah Craig. “The board works to create not only the annual fashion show, but also a vast amount of events for social bonding and/or career development for MUF&D’s 484 members.”

While 484 members may look like an overwhelming number, each of those 484 individuals are able to bring something to the organization that is unique and powerful.

At the 2019 show attendees will see 20 collections made by 19 student designers.

“Each piece will be worn by one of our 59 student models,” says Bogut. “MUF&D prides itself as being entirely student run, and in the past our attendees are shocked to hear that fact considering its size, professionalism, and overall well-run experience.”

Not only does the event showcase the works of student designers, the show also focuses on bringing something new to the table each year.

“Whether it’s new faces, new designs, or new concepts, MUF&D continually strives to impress time and time again,” says Bogut. “This year, we are excited to plan our show as a more immersive experience than is has been in the past.”

This year, the event will be held on April 27 at Millett Hall on Miami University’s campus in Oxford. The doors open at 6:00 pm with the VIP toast at 7:00 pm and the 13th annual fashion show at 8:00 pm.

To learn more about the annual fashion show, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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A local company with a purpose is working with local businesses to support women with post-mastectomy clothes that are comfortable and stylish.

With Grace B. Bold offers post-mastectomy wear for breast cancer patients.

Megan Sullivan’s business With Grace B. Bold was launched to help women who are dealing with post-mastectomy drains feel like their clothing could be both fashionable and functional. In the time since the brand’s launch With Grace B. Bold was able to successfully reaching its Kickstarter campaign goal.

“Our collection officially launched after our first round of production and was completed this past November, almost exactly a year later, and our products are now available for purchase,” says Sullivan.

Since Cincy Chic last spoke with Sullivan, she says the brand has created partnerships and grown in more ways than she could imagine.

“We’ve had incredibly positive feedback from our hospital partners, and are growing those partnerships to expand outside of the Cincinnati region,” she explains. “We’re continuing our organic outreach and are moving out of Cincinnati into neighboring cities like Dayton, Columbus, and Indianapolis with the the hopes of moving toward national expansion.”

Sullivan’s dream for the brand is to ultimately become a nationally and even globally recognized fashion company.

When it comes to her products, Sullivan says that With Grace B. hold has seen overwhelming success in selling The Eileen, the top without the post-surgical drain pocket.

“So many women have wanted to buy The Eileen to support our mission, and because they love the style,” she says. “I’ve also found that The Eileen has so many uses for reasons outside of breast cancer, such as other upper body surgeries and other mobility concerns.”

Not only has the style of the products enticed customers to purchase products, but the bamboo fabric they are made out of has been key in contributing to the brand’s success.

“One of my clients specifically mentioned how amazing it was after experiencing radiation burns that left her with literally no options for clothing other than The Eileen,” says Sullivan. “Other fabrics irritated her skin, and nothing looked appropriate to wear without a bra underneath. The Eileen solved all of those issues.”

With Grace B. Bold is no longer just available online, it’s also sold in stores.

Megan Sullivan, Founder of With Grace B. Bold

“As part of the partnerships we’re creating, we’ve had great success in marketing the brand to local clothing boutiques,” explains Sullivan. “So far we’re offering our products at LouLou’s and Leeta Ruth, and have more partnerships soon to debut.”

Sullivan says that when With Grace B. Bold gets to partner with local boutiques and other brands is that the business is able to support the local maker community.

“With so much talent is coming out of Cincinnati, and it’s amazing to come together to support each other and our missions,” she adds.

With Grace B. Bold recently completed a successful fundraising round on Kiva, a loan program that helps to fund start-up companies with social purpose.

“We successfully raised $10,000, which will help to supplement our second round of manufacturing and development of a few products we aim to debut soon,” says Sullivan. “We’re always looking for fundraising opportunities, and though we don’t have any more on the calendar as of now, we’re always keeping an eye out.”

Sullivan says that she’s most excited about the products With Grace B. Bold is working on debuting.

“We’re working on a few tweaks and enhancements to our current pieces, and hope to launch a few new products in 2019 as well,” she says. “Stay tuned!”

To learn more about With Grace B. Bold, visit, where you can find frequent updates on progress and news. You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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A father-son team wants to bring affordable diamonds to the Tri-State. Read on for the dazzling details.

Gold and Diamonds is a family-run business that offers customized jewelry for customers.

Looking to add to your jewelry collection in 2019? Locally-based Gold and Diamonds is a Cincinnati jewelry store that is owner-operated and specializes in diamond jewelry.

The father-son team was inspired to open a jewelry store because of their love of diamonds. “We wanted to share our love for diamonds with the community,” says Aaron Youkilis, who co-owns the store with his father Mike.

Mike, the father behind the father-son team, is a second generation jeweler, and has been working in the industry for more than 60 years. His son, Aaron, is third generation and has been involved in the business for 15 years.

Gold and Diamonds opened to the public in 2008, and the duo says they’ve been striving to make a difference in the local jewelry industry since.

“We carry a large variety of diamond jewelry including earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants,” says Aaron  “We also carry some of the hottest sterling silver fashion lines, including Lafonn.”

Custom work from Gold and Diamonds is popular among customers, especially when it comes to bridal pieces.

When customers visit Gold and Diamonds wanting a piece of custom-made jewelry, the team allows them to sit down and design anything they can imagine using the store’s high-end computer software.

“If you can dream it, we can make it,” Aaron says. “The difference between us and the competition is that we are the manufacturer of the diamond merchandise.”

Because Gold and Diamonds manufactures their own merchandise, this allows them to price it lower than what can be found at the average retail jewelry store.

Gold and Diamonds, with 11 years of business under its belt, is looking forward to the future, Aaron says. Currently, they are working on increasing the bridal line, including new engagement rings, wedding bands, and a large selection of loose diamonds.

Gold and Diamonds is located at 4440 W. Lake Forest Drive Suite 114 in Blue Ash.

To learn more about Gold and Diamonds, visit Or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

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A Madeira-based business has been specializing in embroidery services long before it was a chic new trend. See how they’ve expanded over the years to offer even more services.

Just Add Embroidery offers personalized products and quality customer service.

Therese Hunolt, Owner of Just Add Embroidery, wants to know every customer by name. Along with that goes exceptional customer service, which Hunolt feels is just as important as the quality products she sells those customers.

“For over 15 years Just Add Embroidery has been embroidering everything from baby gifts to linens to apparel and carries a unique selection of fine gifts with personalization in mind,” says Hunolt.

At Just Add Embroidery you can find traditional embroidered monograms, hand-beading, and knitting.

All of these options provide customers with several methods to choose from when it comes to their gift giving as well as a unique look that sets those gifts apart.

What began as a full service embroidery shop has become so much more than that over the years.

The store offers in-house embroidery, custom artwork, screen printing, promotional merchandise, and fulfillment services – going far beyond what is traditionally found in an embroidery store.

Just Add Embroidery is located at 7754 Camargo Road, Suite 6, in Madeira.

To learn more, visit or check them out on Facebook.