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Flowers, tuxedos and caterers, oh my! A wedding day mean there are a million and one things to get done before the bride and groom say “I do.” The last thing the bride wants to do is worry about is a costume change throughout the big day.

With so many events from rehearsal to reception, there can be anywhere from five to 10 outfits that must be prepared to create the blushing bride everyone expects.

Thanks to a line at David’s Bridal called Galina, a bride can go from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony and directly to the reception without any pit stops for a wardrobe change.

Galina wedding dresses offer brides a simple and elegant dress, perfect for the walk down the aisle and a fancy night out with the new hubby. Most of the dresses in the Galina line have little or no train attached and come in both long and short lengths. And because this dress can be worn for several different occasions, even after the wedding, the already reasonable $399-800 price tag is even easier to swallow.

 “These dresses have become very popular for destination weddings or very simple ceremonies,” Tiffany Bamberger says, a receiver at David’s Bridal.0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gif

To streamline a Galina wedding dress, all it takes is a jacket or a wrap and some accessories to spice it up.

And for a shorter style dress, just add a belt to singe the waist, a bright colored jacket with 3/4 length sleeves and a pair of stilettos and you have the perfect cocktail ensemble. For longer dresses, a wrap or a shawl with an elegant high heel sandal is perfect for a fancy date night, which hopefully the newlyweds will have lots of after the big day!


Courtesy of David’s Bridal

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You are unique, beautiful and there’s no one like you in the world! How do your clothes express your inimitable personality? Style is a direct reflection of one’s characteristics and clothes are fun way to tell the world who you are and what you want to say about yourself. Locally owned boutiques are a great way to seek out a unique personalized wardrobe and small additions to a trendy look can transform it further into your own creation. Add some personal spice to the mix. Fads may come and go, but the real you will always be in style!

Local boutiques are a great source to dress your personal best, because they tend to offer one-of-a-kind pieces geared toward a specific clientele. To find out more, we asked a few boutique owners to describe the type of person they envision shopping in their store. Whether you prefer relaxing urban street wear to reflect your creative, laid back individuality or seek out high fashion pieces to show your sophisticated side, there is something to suit every personality right here in Cincinnati.

0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gif The Wardrobe woman is fun and sophisticated. “She has a chic style that is casual but always put together. She cares about high fashion and keeping up with what is current. She loves to wear statement pieces, whether that’s a beautifully printed dress or top or an amazing handbag or necklace, and she loves to always finish her look with a great pair of shoes. Everything in the store is one of a kind, so she knows that she will be the only one wearing it!” says Lesley Hern, owner.


Unheard Of maintains a unique motto: Street pusher of rare goods. “Our audience is a true seeker of personal style that is a reflection of their lifestyle and passions. Its (the store’s) influence is taken from art and design from the streets, a much less formal and authentic influence than the runways of the traditional fashion world. Influenced by the street art and skate scene, Unheard Of has scoured the globe to find hard to come by brands that include Crooks & Castles, Gourmet, The Hundreds, Kidrobot, True Love False Idols and many more. Unheard Of is currently launching its own line of apparel and footwear 0208GIBBERMAN.gifand quickly building a destination for hard to come by brands in the tri-state area,” says Chad Reynolds, owner. Reynolds is also in the works of launching his newest business adventure, Fanattik, LLC, a clothing line of his own designs with the motto, “Agents of Change.” Keep an eye out for more about the Fanattik launch in Cincy Chic‘s upcoming “Fashion Week” issue in the fall.


Click here to see a Webcast tour of Unheard Of. 


Plum Diore‘s client is edgy and sophisticated. She is interested in art and wants to stand out from the crowd. Her closet is full of one-of-a-kind pieces and very colorful. She is a wife, mother and friend. Shopping at Plum Diore is an experience that is relaxing and inviting for our busy clientele,” says Ivy Pitzer, owner.


Mustard Seed Boutique. “Our typical customer’s personality is carefree and expressive. My customers tend to experiment with many different styles, incorporating vintage in with new contemporary pieces. The popular items at my shop are the 071408FASHION3.jpgunique pieces as well as the vintage items. When coming into the shop, it’s great to visit with an open mind,” says Christie Reinshagen-Wallace, owner.

Mastering your personal style involves creating a look that lends an air of confidence to your day, and gives you the freedom to be you. Once you’ve found your key pieces at one of the Queen City’s many unique boutiques, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add your own personal panache. For instance, a flower in your hair will show your romantic side, or a bright scarf will show the world your upbeat, colorful personality.

Mirror your personality through your look, and be the fairest of them all. Keep in mind to look your best is to feel your best. As Reinshagen-Wallace states, “Fashion is 10 percent clothes, 90 percent confidence!”


In case you missed our boutique-extravaganza issue, check it out here.


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: The McAlpin
Model: Nicole Merriweather

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Before you give up on your home decorating endeavors due to a lack of funds or time, here are five techniques to try before you toss in the towel and leave blank walls and drab quarters.


  1. Paint. Ranging anywhere from $5 to $20, adding a fresh coat of paint to your room of choice can completely transform your living area. “Chocolate brown, grays and deep reds paired up with teal, raspberry or kiwi colored accessories are thee colors this season,” says Sandy Marx, owner of Cincinnati Interior Design. If you want to go bold and chic, choose a warm-colored background with bright accessories. If you are willing to spare a little time and money each season, change your paint colors with the moons. You wouldn’t wear pink floral prints in the dead of winter, so why keep your room looking spring fresh throughout the year? Treat your room of choice like a true fashionista and change its coats from spring to fall. Last but not least, Marx insisted on going monochromatic, using one main color or hue. This color should be the focal point of your room. Whether you choose to use the “it” colors or go in a different direction, don’ go Van Gogh on your walls or accessories. Choose solid colors that mesh well and stand out — the brighter, the better when it comes to accessories.
  2. 0208GIBBERMAN.gif

  3. Choose Your Furniture Wisely. According to Marx, the color of your furniture has a lot to do with how big your room looks. White or light-colored furniture gives a sense of space and openness, making a room appear to be larger and more spacious. On the flip side, dark-colored furniture like a cherry wood finish or black painted end tables fills space and makes a room look smaller than it really is. So if you have the room to spare go dark, but if you are crushed in tight corners, you better lighten up.
  4. Be Creative with Your Accessories. If you are lacking closet space or have a serious shopping problem and can’ leave a store without a handbag, scarf or hat in tote, then your best bet would be to hang them on the walls. Seriously, this strange technique for accessorizing your room with accessories not only saves closet space, but adds flair to your room. Sporadically space out bright colored handbags onto your wall as if it is a canvas and your accessories are the paint. The uniqueness of your purses hanging on the wall will definitely be a conversation starter and a trend that’s sure to start amongst your friends.
  5. Every Living Room Should Come Complete with a Cocktail Table. Check out eBay, a local yard sale or even a flea market for a wonderful cocktail table. Marx insisted the one piece of furniture that will add a sense of chic to your living room is a cocktail table. It doesn’ have to be a rare piece or an expensive name brand, but definitely needs to be in good condition. So if you are willing to set aside extra money for your home, this is the item to splurge on. After you shrink your wallet with your big purchase, head to the dollar store and find some martini and wine glasses. Less is more, so don’ over accessorize your cocktail table. A couple cute colored glasses and a bottle of top shelf wine is all that’s needed.
  6. Add Flair to Your Furniture. Wall paper your furniture. That’s right, wall paper on the coffee table or on the television stand, not your walls, that is so ’90s. Sherwin Williams, 0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gifHome Depot and Lowes sell top-quality wall paper that is affordable and trendy. Make sure you choose classic colors and styles that will last over the years, once you lay on the glue there’s no going back. To make the perfect wall paper covered furniture all you need is spray glue and an Exacto knife to get the perfect look and cut. Click here to check out a few photos of HDTV’s wallpapered furniture masterpieces. If you are not comfortable with the idea of wall papering your furniture, try tiling your furniture instead. This will add a more rugged and artistic feel to your pieces. Buy bright-colored tiles and break them into pieces, then mismatch the different colored tiles together using super glue and make your own tile puzzle top for your tables. Once you have all your tiles glued into place, grout the inside to give it that finishing look.

There you have it, five quick and relatively affordable ways to chic up your home. You don’ have to be rolling in money or hire an interior designer to make your home fun, fabulous or classy. Sometimes the best decorating comes from a creative mind and a couple helpful tips to get you through the process. So head to your local craft and home improvement stores and start thinking outside the box. Just remember, don’ go too crazy. We don’ need another decorating incident like the ’70s. Shag carpet will not be acceptable.

Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: The McAlpin
Model: Emily Schellenbach
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics

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Make a splash this summer by looking chic in your swimwear! Our top picks for an ultimate day-at-the-pool look will have pool boys everywhere sneaking a peak. From head to toe, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take it from the top:


Hot Headwear
A wide-brimmed hat kills two birds with one stone by looking ultra-chic and providing much needed shade from the hot summer sun. Our picks for the season include the J. Crew Wide Brim Beach Hat for just $29.50, available in basic white or flirty fuchsia. Armani Exchange offers the same hat with slightly different styling for $34. The Straw Floppy Hat available at Kohls is about $12 and still manages to look chic while protecting your best asset. When you’re constantly on the go, it’s hard to make time for a quick dip in the pool. Dive on in and keep your hair dry with a swim cap from! They are a perfect swim accessory when you’re on the go, and they provide the ‘50s styling that is in this season! The Petal Swim Cap ($15.99) is adorable and has been featured in Vogue Magazine — an automatic up-shift on the Chic-o-meter.


 Bathing Suit Bliss
Satisfy your sweet tooth with a bathing suit from Kandi Swim! Available at Snap Boutique in Hyde Park, these sexy, tasty, conversation pieces are available in cupcake, milkshake, ice cream sundae or smoothie. Who says you can’t indulge during bathing suit season? The Ice Cream Sundae suit has feminine flirty ruffles atop dripping chocolate reminiscent of your favorite guilty pleasure. Oh, and don’t forget the 0208GIBBERMAN.gifcherries on top!  Not in the mood for sweets? Let’s try some sassy. Ed Hardy heats up summer 2008 with a new, vintage tattoo swimwear line.  This bad-ass beachwear is bright, sexy and edgy all in one. The Love Kills Slowly cut out one piece ($169) brings out your inner rock star with tattoo inspired graphics. The Light Red String Bikini ($218) is colorful and filled with rhinestones and koi fish. Multiple styles and variations are available, and ready to rock the beach.


Colorful Cover-ups
A bathing suit isn’t always the main feature. A carefully chosen cover-up can easily take you straight from the beach to a night of piña coladas with the girls. Victoria’s Secret has an abundance of sexy dress styles that can easily translate from beach cover-up to eveningwear. We love their terry smocked maxi dress (sale $79) in lively grapefruit, or their shorter, playful version in eye-catching summer orange (on sale $35). Bring sexy back to the beach with the Deep Plunge Cover up Tunic ($38), and enhance your suit with style. 


Sexy Swim Shoes
Classic rubber flip-flops are the perfect choice for the beach or pool this summer. The Kendall rubber Flip-Flops (sale $38.50), have the charming detail that only Juicy Couture can deliver. Tory Burch has added her special touch to this standard shoe by creating the lovebird flip-flop ($45). Perfect for the beach, they are rubber with a metal logo medallion for flair. The jelly shoe is back and stylish as ever, thanks to Marc Jacobs! Check out where you’ll find The Surf Jelly Sandal in multiple styles. One has a peep toe with a simple slip on style ($59.99), and the other is closed toe with a removable ankle strap ($62.99). Just remember to leave your jelly bracelets at home.


It’s in the Bag
Take a trip to the beach with a beach bag that doubles as a mat! MM6, by Maison Martin Margiela created a unique convertible beach bag. Unzip the sides and you’re ready to sunbathe in comfort! For a more practical option, carry all your summer essentials in the chic Michael Kors Malibu Zebra-print shoulder bag ($198). For additional storage, Michael created a cosmetic bag ($48) that matches perfectly. Lastly, we fell in love with the C&C California Reversible Beach Bag ($88). Reminiscent of their casual, yet chic clothing line, this bag is all you need for a laid-back day at the beach. Bring out your inner beach babe and dress the part from head to toe. But don’t forget your SPF!



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If opening your closet is an embarrassment or closing it is impossible, it’s time to clean it out! Get in there and throw out all those clothes that haven’t fit since ’03. Let’s face it ladies, some fads just are not going to come back in style. Maybe it’s just time to get rid of some of those clothes you just don’t like anymore or just never wear even though there’s really nothing wrong with them.

“But what should I do with all these clothes?” you ask. Donate them! There are several places around town that are always looking for donations. Here are just a few to get you started!

The Salvation Army
You can support worldwide aid by donating to the Salvation Army. Much like Goodwill, The Salvation Army accepts donations of any kind at each of its locations. The organization works with other international relief agencies to provide help to the needy around the world. It also supports youth and adult ministries, emergency disaster services and rehabilitations centers.

0208GIBBERMAN.gif For a list of thrift store locations, click here. For information about volunteering to help The Salvation Army, click here.


Dress for Success
This organization is where you want to turn to get rid of any slightly used professional outfits. Dress for Success helps women find jobs by preparing them for interviews and giving them appropriate attire to wear. The organization is supported partly by their shop on West Fourth Street downtown, where you can shop for designer clothing at thrift shop prices!
Northern Kentucky has a one-stop volunteer shop service. This new Web site lists volunteering opportunities for local organizations that are looking for goods and charity events in Northern Kentucky.

Check out a comprehensive list of volunteering opportunities here.


If donations are more your thing, check out the Goods and Services Board. And if you are looking for a good time for a good cause, look for a Northern Kentucky fundraiser.
On the other side of the river, has a page dedicated to Giving Back all its own. On this thread, you can get information about some Cincinnati charities and what volunteers and supplies they need. You also can post a notice asking for help here if you know of an organization or family that is in need of something.

Community Support at Arbonne

Local Arbonne representative Erin Meyer has set up a community involvement page on her Web site. Look chic with Arbonne’s completely natural beauty products and get some information about ways to give back to your community at the same time.

Whether you’re trying to get rid of some clothes or just looking for a good deal, Goodwill is the place to be. Like the Salvation Army, they will take donations of just about anything at any of their locations. Goodwill also has weekly sales and specials. For more information about donating to Goodwill, click here.

Kenzie’s Closet
Have a cocktail dress or bridesmaid dress you’ll never wear again? Donate it to Kenzie’s Closet. They are in need of gently worn dresses, wraps, jewelry, new shoes and other accessories.

Economically disadvantaged girls from select schools who are referred to Kenzie’s Closet by a principal, counselor or social service agency. These girls can set up an appointment to “shop” for the dress, shoes and accessories of their dreams at the Kenzie’s Closet boutique – all free of charge.

Donations are gratefully accepted from October through February by appointment only at Kenzie’s Cloest, 2010 Madison Road. Please call them at 513-533-PROM to make an appointment to drop off your donated items. You can also drop off your donation to any Appearance Plus Cleaners location.


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: The McAlpin
Model: Shari Baum
Makeup Artistry: Cecily Claytor, Zoë Custom Cosmetics

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Packing for travel can be a daunting task, particularly for women. Outfits, shoes, purses, makeup, hair accessories — the list goes on and on. Combine our natural sense to be chic with our impeccable urge to overpack and you might end up with a fashion disaster. With a little planning and tweaking your travel wardrobe, you can pack a suitcase and leave your worries at the boarding gate.

Pack Like a Man
Yes, step outside of our estrogen realm and think like a man. Look at what a man puts in his suitcase and compare to yours. They pack the necessities, not for, “Well, it might be cold at night and warm during the day,” or, “I might look jet lagged in this.” Face it girls, men just might have the upper hand on how to pack a light load.
Brent Jones, a Harrison native, who travels two weeks of the month for his work, says that he packs one matching color. “Its either black or brown. Pants, shoes, belt — just choose one and stick with it.” That means for us ladies, try to stick with one color scheme for the entire trip as opposed to each day. Jones points out that when you are traveling for business, you often don’t see the same people each day; therefore you don’t need to have something drastically different to impress.

 Jones also suggests wearing dress pants two times. “Most of the time you are inside. You aren’t doing anything to get them dirty.” Jeans always fit better the second time, why not those black pants that make your legs look long and lean? Another tip from Jones, who meets with many clients during the day, “Remember, a suit jacket covers a lot!” Of course we can put our feminine touch to it. Try packing a couple of light weight, colorful, sleeveless tops and use a black suit jacket to make the outfit professional without looking wrinkled.

Plan, Plan, Plan
Just as you do with any trip, check the weather. Try searching for the actual zip code you will be staying in rather than gauging with a local stations report for national weather conditions. Pack only what you will need for the weather there and how much you will be outside.

Jones suggests checking with the hotel you will be staying at for provided appliances, complimentary items and toiletries. Being able to leave your hairdryer at home saves packing space, and having an iron available gives you the freedom to pack items that tend to wrinkle.

Also, don’t wait for the last minute to pack. This is when you tend to just start throwing things in your bag and then can’t get it zipped. Take your time. Pick out some outfits and the accessories for the ensemble, and then try taking a few pieces away. Finally, when you have your travel wardrobe picked out, try everything on exactly how you plan to wear it. This way you know what it looks like on you at that given time and you won’t have that feeling that your outfit looks horrible once your are 500 miles away from your closet in Cincinnati.
Get Creative
Going out of town doesn’t have to be a production as big as Broadway. Using tools around the house or taking alternative routes can save a lot of space and keep your clothes neat. Here are a few more tips from Jones:


  • If you have a rental car, hang up your wrinkle prone items as soon as you get it. This gives your clothes a little more hang time and postpones any unwanted creases.
  • Ship some of your items to the hotel. With airlines charging now to check in bags, you can save time and money by using a carry on bag and a courier service to ship a box via ground to where you are staying.
  • Get to the airport early, and try to get seats that board first. You have more room to put your carry on in the overhead compartment rather than cramming your bag and possibly having something leak all over your clothes.
  • Use a book or atlas to cover your clothes before strapping them down for added wrinkle prevention.
  • Like women need an excuse to shop — try hitting up a local mall or boutique and buy a nice shirt or dress if you feel the need to have something different.

When it comes to folding items, try using a clipboard as a template for shirt folding. Everything will be the same uniform size and you can fit more in your bag. Try Space Saver® bags too. You can buy an eight-piece set for less than $20, plus they are reusable.

Keep your jewelry in a plastic baggie to keep snags at bay and use gallon size plastic bags to put all liquids in to prevent leaks. Also, try using plastic grocery bags to wrap your shoes in to keep the dirt off your clothes.

Packing less doesn’t mean you have to have a dull wardrobe; it just takes a little more time and effort to pull off your polished look. Next time you travel, remember these tips and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is if your plane is leaving on time!


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Gateway Quarter
Model: Denise Dal Vera
Makeup Artistry: Cecily Claytor, Zoë Custom Cosmetics

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Have you ever believed flushed alligators roam the sewers or casinos pump out oxygen? If so, you’re not alone! Many of us have fallen for urban legends since childhood. Unfortunately, the fashion world is no exception to tall tales and myths!  It’s time to dispel style stories that have kept cautious consumers guessing for years.

Side note: Pop Rocks and soda are not included, so luckily your stomach won’t explode!


Myth 1: Don’t wear white after Labor Day
It’s time to set the record straight and solve the biggest fashion quandary of all time! White clothing is appropriate for any season, if done correctly! Wear heavier fabrics (wool or corduroy for example) during cooler months, and lighter fabrics (such as linen and soft knits) during warmer months. Wear your white duds with weather appropriate shoes and you’re ready to paint the town white any time of the year!

Myth 2: Don’t wear open-toed shoes with socks or tights
Celebrity style stars have quickly changed our view of tights and open toed shoes. We think this look is not only quirky chic, but also daring in a “red dress at a cocktail party” kind of way. Create this look with peep toe pumps
060908FASHION2.jpg or thick, strappy heels like the cross over sandal by ASOS. The best part? Your favorite shoes can easily become seasonless.

Myth 3: Short women can’t wear long dresses
If this were true, short brides everywhere would be sporting mini dresses. Long day dresses (maxi dresses) are a huge trend this season, and can be enjoyed by style mavens of all heights! Try Old Navy’s Maxi Tube Dress (on sale for $14.49) with sleek flats like the “Caralie” sandal by Jessica Simpson, or add some height with the popular tall wedge “Heech” from Nine West. Whether you opt for flats or heels, wearing a maxi dress this season will always leave you standing tall.

Myth 4: Horizontal stripes make you look big
Wear stripes correctly and the only thing looking larger will be your taste for nautical style. Mix solids with stripes, and consider adding these lovely lines to areas of the body you consider smaller. For example, the Kimchi and Blue Highlighter Dress is perfect for a smaller chest and thighs (areas where horizontal stripes are located). The Southern Belle Maxi Dress reduces the look of a larger bust with a solid white top and draws the eye down to the lower bold stripes. If you want stripes for your overall look, go with thinner lines like Splendid’s French Stripe Long V Neck Tunic to avoid crossing the line to an over dramatic look.

0608TRINA.gif Myth 5: Sparkle is only for nighttime
The only sparkle designated for nighttime comes from the stars in the sky. Now we don’t mean a sequin dress is appropriate for work, or the Bedazzler must alter your daywear. Subtle is the key to add shine to the perfect daytime look. Wear a top with a hint of glimmer like the Erato Jeweled Neckline Tank. Just add a black blazer and trousers and you have the perfect office look. Go for a more casual glowing style by adding embellished flats with a tank and wide legs jeans or add a belt with shine to lend more pizzazz to the same outfit.


Myth 6: Black is slimming
Ok, black really can be slimming, but so can color! Rest assured knowing the right style, no matter what the shade, can have the same slimming results! An A-Line dress like the S. Sung Yellow Shirtdress draws in your waist with a fresh and bright geometric print. Add a brown or white belt for an even more dramatic waist-trimming affect. Wear a longer, more fitted top for a slimming day look, like Plum Diore’s Fred Perry Pop Plush Knit top in a pretty pink hue. Bright colors are in this season, so prepare to pop in slimming styles!

Myth 7: It’s ok to wear white to a wedding
Unless you want the cake smashed inyour face, avoid wearing white to a wedding! Let the bride shine as the only vision in white on her special day. There are so many attention-grabbing colors (orange, blue and yellow for example) on trend this season, perfect for wedding wear. Chose one and save your wedding day whites for your special day at the altar!

060908FASHION3.jpg Myth 8: Everyone can wear skinny jeans
Newsflash, skinny jeans enhance what your momma gave ‘ya. Yes, they are a fun trend and look super hot with a long tunic and gladiator sandals, but skinny jeans are not for everyone! It’s OK, there many styles to choose from like the even more stylish flare and wide leg pant. For a great affordable option, check out Forever 21 for a great wide leg selection. Leave the skinny’s for Kate Moss-look-a-likes that wish they had some junk in the trunk!

Myth 9: Your shoes should always match your bag
This is as true as saying Milli Vanilli really sang “Blame it on the Rain.” There is no problem matching the two, but it is nowhere near a necessity. As long as they match your whole ensemble, any combination will do. It’s the overall look you’re going for. Accessories like shoes and handbags are tools to make a fashion play on their own turf.

Myth 10: I am always the same size, no matter what
I must confess, even I have fallen prey to this one. Going a size down is never an issue, but if a certain style begs for the opposite, we tend to have a panic attack! It’s important to remember, not all designers and styling have the same fit. Going up a half shoe size does not mean your feet grew, going up a pant size doesn’t necessarily mean your rear end grew.  Don’t squeeze into shoes or clothing too small for you. Let go of the number and remember what you’re looking for: a fabulous overall look!

The truth has been revealed! Now, style yourself fabulous knowing the facts behind fashion’s top 10 Urban Myths!




Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Gateway Quarter
Model: Christine Brunner
Makeup Artistry: Cecily Claytor, Zoë Custom Cosmetics

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Local boutiques offer a unique flair, fashion forward designs and unparalleled customer service to fashion fiends everywhere. Lucky for us, Cincinnati is crawling with hip and happening boutiques waiting for your business! That’s right, the style bus did not skip over our great city. It parked right here in our local neighborhoods and brought designers from New York, Los Angeles and beyond to our fashion-friendly fingertips! Find the right boutique for all your shopping desires and enjoy our picks for the best local boutiques.

“Best Contemporary Daywear Boutique”

Snap Boutique
2732 Erie Avenue
(513) 871-8333
Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

0208GIBBERMAN.gif We were happy to stumble upon this cute, innovative boutique, a welcomed addition to Hyde Park Square! Their flirty and fun contemporary collections are perfect to dress up your day and can easily transition to the evening with the right accessories. Casual day dresses from young hip designers like Alice & Olivia, Sweetees, and celebrity favorite LaRok, fill the racks. Fabulous flats grace the shoe wall and are the perfect pair with their abundant easy to wear styling. Even better? Many items are affordable while remaining fashion forward! Look for our personal in-store favorite, Big Buddha bags. They come in bright colors, various sizes and won’t clean out your pocketbook. Make turning another year older a little less painful but signing up at the register and receive a 20 percent off coupon in the mail for your birthday!

“Best Denim Boutique”

Denim Boutique
3212 Madison Road
(513) 321-1892
Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
The name says it all! Find your favorite wardrobe staple at Oakley Square’s Denim Boutique. The fresh, clean and open atmosphere allows urban chic styling to take center stage. Here you’ll find brand favorites like Rock & Republic, Goldsign and they always make your cheeks look chic, True Religion jeans! Pair your favorite denim find with urban streetwear from local love Nati Evolvement, retro casual designs from Rebel Yell, or rock a vintage Tee from local T-shirt maker Homage. Check out their handy online denim fit guide, and enjoy free shipping and returns. You deserve it.

“Best Go-Green Boutique”

Park + Vine
1109 Vine Street
(513) 721-7275
Monday though Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Leave a smaller, more fashionable footprint on the planet by shopping for clothing, shoes, home furnishings and personal care products at Park + Vine in Over the Rhine. All products are environmentally friendly, ecologically minded and will surely be your ticket to heaven! Fun and fashionable apparel from designers like Nati Evolvement, and Suutra ensure going green is not going without. Learn how to make the world an even better place by logging on to their useful and educational Web site. Lend a hand in making this a brighter, more beautiful planet and support our favorite go-green boutique today.

060208FASHION2.jpg “Most Anticipated Arrival”

The Wardrobe
6904 Miami Ave
(513) 259-1489
Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday by appointment only

Our palms are sweating with anticipation, our eyes are wide with excitement just from browsing all the classic and sophisticated styling available on their Web site! Maybe that’s overreacting, but we’re really excited for the grand opening of Maderia’s new luxury boutique, The Wardrobe. Luckily, their preview store eased our pain May 19 while their main boutique undergoes the last phase of construction next door. The official opening will be in June, but Preview Store will give us a glimpse of what international and traditional designs to expect. The Wardrobe offers private and in-store appointments adding that personal touch to update…well, your wardrobe. Learn more about Lesley Hern, The Wardrobe’s owner here. Click here to see Cincy Chic and The Wardrobe’s interpretations of fashions from the Sex and the City movie, as seen on Fox 19. 

“Best Dressed Boutique”

Plum Diore
6099 Montgomery Road
Pleasant Ridge
(513) 351-7586
Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Look your best for every occasion by shopping the Pleasant Ridge treasure, Plum Diore. Designers, such as Rebecca Beeson grace this trendy boutique with modern versatile fashions and Jenny Hand dresses add bold colors and patterned pieces to the mix. Craving a sneak preview? Log on to Plum Diore’s Web site to watch local models strut their stuff in Spring and Summer designs found in-store. Each piece is on-trend with a fun surprise, like pockets in an evening dress or a surprise extra strap in the back. From casual daywear to fun and innovative eveningwear, you can find it all at Plum Diore.

Nothing to do on a Saturday or Sunday? Grab a friend and spend the day “boutiquing!” Support local businesses and find on-trend high fashion pieces brought here just for you, the local fashion elite! Visit this week’s social story for which boutiques are best experienced with gal pals!



Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Gateway Quarter
Model: Amanda Welch
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics
Second Photo: Amy Storer
Location: The Wardrobe

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Women have a handicap in the underwear game. The cutest women’s wear is tighter, skimpier and lower-cut than all the others. With an inevitable “wardrobe malfunction” looming, we’re constantly tucking, pulling and covering. But that’s no life to live! Here are a few tips to keep your sanity (and undies) in check:

  • Bridge the Gap. Button-down shirts are a staple in the business world. But, due to blouse gaps, they can easily turn into a cheap peep show if you aren’t careful. Stop by your local Victoria’s Secret and pick up a $7 box of Fashion Tape. It’s clear, double-sided apparel tape that’s cut to perfectly fit between the buttons on button-down shirts. Fashion Tape is also good for keeping the girls in check with deep v-cuts and keeping up strapless tops.
  • Start an Evolution Revolution. Let’s face it, visible bra straps are trashy. No one wants to see them, but it’s difficult to find the right bra for all those fab unique tops in your closet. So, invest in one of the most amazing inventions since chocolate: The Evolution Convertible Bra. This bra can be worn in five different ways: two strap, clear two strap, racer back, backless or halter.  No more fussing with “which bra will show less?” Do it right and don’t show them at all.
  • Clear Straps Aren’t in the Clear. Although one of the options for the above-mentioned bra is the “clear strap,” that doesn’t mean you should actually use it. You’re not fooling anyone, we can still see them. Tank tops with thin straps should be worn with strapless bras, period.
  • White Out. It’s finally time to break out those white pants again. But stop right there, ma’am. Don’t think that because your pants are white, you should wear white underwear. That’s just going to scream “HEY, LOOK EVERYONE! I HAVE WHITE UNDERWEAR ON! YES, A TIGHTY WHITEY ON MY HINEY!” No one wants that. Avoid this problem with a pair of nude-hued undies. Find a color that matches your skin tone so that everything under cover is monochromatic, and doesn’t do any screaming.
  • 0208GIBBERMAN.gif

  • Draw the (Panty) Line. The last thing we want is another bulge to remind us of that yummy pint of Graeter’s we indulged on last night. But that’s exactly what old-fashion “granny panties” do. The elastic hits right at the softest part of our tush, which inevitably gives you a lump in your rump. Battle the bulge with a thong! They take a little getting used to, but as long as you get one in your size, they’ll be second skin before long. And then you can enjoy your Graeter’s in peace.
  • Save the Whale Tails. According to Wikipedia, a “Whale Tail” is the affectionately descriptive term for the waistband of a thong when visible above the waistline of a low-rise garment, creating a shape resembling a whale’s tail. Talk about trashy! This is the queen bee of the trash hive. When shopping, put your pants on over your favorite undies and do some squats. If they stick out from under your jeans, I don’t recommend buying 10 pairs. Repeat the same test at home when you buy new bottoms to ensure that your existing drawers won’t come out to play.
  • Just Say No to Commando. With all these rules, regulations and etiquette tips, you may just throw in the towel and decide to go commando. NO! If Britney Spears can teach us any thing, it’s that wearing undergarments when in public is a must. You never know who will be around when you get out of your car, who’s watching when you uncross your legs or if a strong wind will pick up. Hey, think of it this way…If you have everything covered when that air vent kicks on, you can summon your inner Marilyn Monroe!


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Women have the most eclectic, outrageous and widest variety of fashion options, but that makes it all the more difficult to wade through and find the best outfits for your particular body type. From your height to  your best angles and favorite curves, no two are women are shaped the same.

According to Janet Behmer and Shirley Pierce, authors of the Web site Dressmenow, there are five different female body types:


  1. Wide on the Bottom – Venus de Milo
  2. Wide on the Top – Cleopatra
  3. Hourglass – Eve
  4. Slender – Diana
  5. Wide from Top to Bottom – Catherine the Great

Even with all the clothing options we have, it still gets rather frustrating trying to find that perfect workfit, socialfit and datefit, these are all different aspects of our life we have to look great for. Whether you want to admit it or not, first impressions mean a lot and most first impressions are based on appearance alone. If your pants are too tight and show off every little lump or your breasts are bursting out of your shirt, you are not going to be taken seriously.

A tight, black cocktail dress may look fabulous on a woman with a modest hourglass figure, but it won’t be particularly flattering on a woman who has a small top and wide bottom. The key to dressing to impress is accentuating your best assets. That doesn’t mean flaunting your chest every chance you get. However, it does mean that if you have a small waist and a larger bottom, wear a dress that hugs in at the waist and flows out at the hips. 0208GIBBERMAN.gif

If your problem is large shoulders or a big chest, the best way to camouflage them is to get the focus of the outfit away from them. A little cleavage is usually acceptable, but keep the girls in their place. A large belt around a cute top that flows away from your body will even out the proportions of your body and force others to look straight up and down.

 It has been perceived for centuries that women with hourglass figures have the perfect body type. But you heard it here first: There is no perfect body type. All women have some difficulty finding clothes. We’ve all been at the mall, seen an amazing pair of pants on a mannequin, but not able to find the perfect fit on you after hours of trying on all the sizes. Women with hourglass figures are no different. They have to be careful when it comes to clothing, especially pants because they tend to have wide hips and slender legs. Finding a pair of pants with the right waist and leg size is incredibly difficult. It takes a lot of effort and many hours in the dressing room and maybe even time with a tailor to make your pants look good.

Women with hourglass figures may be perceived as the perfect body type, but we’ve all seen a slender women walk by and wished we had her body. Skinny jeans, tight tanks, perfect A-line dresses and pencil skirts – slender women can generally pull off all these fashions pretty well. But they050508NEWBEGINNINGS.jpg don’t have it that easy, either. If you have a slender body type, you had better have a tailor on speed dial. Dress pants, dresses and tops are usually very difficult to find that lay perfectly on a slender body. Unless you won the body lottery or had some kind of enhancement, most women with slender bodies don’t have a very big chest and a many cute tops require a little something to fill them out. Just remember if you have a slender frame, you don’t want to look like a noodle draped in cloth, make sure your clothes don’t stick to every part of your body. Free flowing tops help add dimension and make it look like you have some curves. Large belts around the waist help accentuate your hips and break up your body. High-waisted pants will definitely look phenomenal paired with a collared, tucked-in top.

 Full-figured women may find dressing particularly hard. Trying those skinny jeans and tank tops won’t work like they do on the slender women and pants and tops don’t always fit like they should. Giving up is the easiest option – but don’t do it! Most women try wearing baggy pants or long sweat shirts or tops to cover their top and bottom. This is the exact opposite of what you want to do. Wearing baggy clothing only makes you look bigger than you really are and it never looks flattering. Investing in a tailor is a good idea for you as well. You may have bought a pair0408OAKLEY.gif of pants that fits your waist amazingly, but are too long or wide in the legs. In that case, you will have to have a tailor take the legs in and shorten them.

Making sure your body looks in proportion is the most important key of dressing well. For example, if you have wide hips and a wide top, make sure to wear a flowing top and don’t squeeze yourself into the tightest pair of jeans you can find.

 Comfort is important and possible while wearing a head-turning outfit. People who say dressing up is uncomfortable are probably wearing the wrong size.  Dressing for your body type is difficult for every woman, but as long as you have patience, understanding of how to proportion out your body and a good tailor, you’ll find yourself dressing well – no matter what the trend du jour.



Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Gateway Quarter
Model: Oksana Wagner

Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics