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    Pushing your passion to create, a local studio offers innovative classes for adults and kids. Read on for more from the city’s largest and oldest existing clay studio, gallery, and supply center focusing on education and creation.

    Queen City Clay offers art workshops and classes for kids and adults.


    Ben Clark believes that humans have an innate impulse to create, and Clark wants to help foster that impulse with his clay studio Queen City Clay.

    “By nurturing the growth of a unique, diverse, encouraging community we make the creative process accessible to all,” explains Retail Director Kirsti Burton. “We believe that the shared experience of creating ideas and objects can and does improve a person’s overall wellbeing.”

    Adult workshops at the studio are between 8 and 12 weeks and work with a variety of mediums.

    The studio, which was originally founded in 1996, is the region’s largest and oldest existing clay studio, gallery, and supply center that focuses on education and promotion of the ceramic arts.

    Although the studio’s history stretches back 20 years, Clark’s history with it only goes back to 2016, when he and Denise Chase purchased the studio and renamed it Queen City Clay.

    When Chase and Clark purchased the studio, they wanted to bring more offerings and collaborations with Cincinnati’s growing creative community, says Burton.

    “We serve a range of skill levels, from clay beginners to professional potters and sculptors, while offering activities for families, schools, corporations, and various groups,” says Burton. “And we play an important role in arts education in the community, supply schools throughout the region with materials and training, offering internships, and an artist-in-residence program.”

    Because education is so important to the team at Queen City Clay, they also put a significant interest in providing art classes to the area’s children and adults.

    “The Art Workshop is Queen City Clay’s kid connection and is located right here in our building,” says Burton. “Offering Art Classes and Summer Camps for ages 4 and up, the Art Workshop has been in Cincinnati for over 25 years.”

    Classes cover different art mediums such as drawing, painting, pottery wheel, sculpting clay, cartooning, and other imaginative subjects. They even host Night at the Museum and Christmas in July camps during the summer.

    “We want to provide kids with the fun and creative experiences that parents are looking for in a day camp and classes,” adds Burton.

    They don’t forget about the adults at Queen City Clay, either. The studio offers eight and twelve week classes in handbuilding, wheel throwing, sculpture, and class for adults 18 and up.

    Aside from its studio, Queen City Clay is also there for the teachers, offering a variety of services and products including a discount on retail purchases, field trip options, a class for graduate credits, CEU opportunities, free workshops, free kiln training, clay delivery to schools, and YouTube videos to help supplement classroom projects.

    Queen City Clay also has a retail store so teachers and artists can purchase supplies.

    The studio’s retail space, which Burton manages, has become a local one-stop shop for ceramic needs.

    “We stock clay, glazes, raw materials, tools, equipment, and accessories,” she says. “We also have a gallery space where handmade pottery and sculpture are available for sale.”

    Queen City Clay is located at 3130 Wasson Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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      A Cincinnati couple designs high-quality leather wristlets that will inspire you with the mantra of “Good Things Are Happening.” Keep reading for all the stylish details about how they’re making the world a better place, one fashionable piece at a time.


      Wish Supply Co. sells high quality leather wristlets and donates a portion of proceeds to local organizations.

      At Wish Supply Co., there’s one simple message behind it all: Good Things Are Happening.

      According to Wish Supply Co. Co-Founder Cullen Travers, the business is an accessories brand specializing in leather goods that are infused with positive energy and an emphasis on giving back.

      The products feature clean, sleep designs combined with 100 percent high-quality leather to create a staple piece for any wardrobe.

      “Every bag is debossed with the Wish Supply Co. message: ‘Good Things Are Happening,’” says Travers.

      When Travers says the company aims to do good in the community, she means it. Travers and her husband, Shawn, were inspired to launch their own business because they wanted to make beautiful products with a meaningful purpose.

      That’s why proceeds of each Wish Supply Co. purchase goes directly to the organization they are highlighting, which, currently, is Art Works Cincinnati. The highlighted organization receives 10 percent of Wish Supply Co.’s profits.

      According to Travers, that means you can enjoy your new bag and join Wish Supply Co. in supporting organizations that make good things happen.

      “We believe in great design and a meaningful purpose behind a product can affect the world in a positive manner,” adds Travers. “We believe that positive thinking leads to a radiant life, and combining that with giving back can make a ripple effect in the world. Energy attracts energy, we are spreading the good stuff!”

      Wish Supply Co. recently launched in June 2017 and currently sells its products online at However, Travers says that they are hoping to get the leather wristlets, which sell for $65, into local boutiques.

      You can look forward to Wish Supply Co. adding more colors to its line throughout the remainder of 2017 that will be available in time for the fall and holiday shopping seasons. Travers says she and her husband also plan to expand their product line, offer new shapes and styles, and get into shops throughout the country.

      To learn more about Wish Supply Co. and to shop the designs, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.


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        A new boutique in Lebanon is catering to all the curvy ladies who love their fashion. Learn about the newest shop to hit Greater Cincinnati, why business is booming with such a unique niche, and where their newest locations will open next!

        Curve and Cloth is a new boutique that carries women’s sizes 12-24.

        When it comes to fashion, it’s about more than just wearing the latest and greatest trends. It’s also about dressing for your personality, no matter your size.

        At Curve and Cloth, a local, family-owned women’s boutique, offers a style of clothing to fit anyone’s personality.

        “Our sizes range from 12-24 and accommodates all ages,” explains Store Manager Rebecca Hunt. “We also have a wide selection of jewelry, purses, footwear, lotions, and candles.”

        Curve and Cloth was born out of customer requests at its sister store Rose & Remington. Hunt says that customers wanted additional sizes that weren’t readily available in the Rose & Remington stores so the team decided to design a store for fashion forward women who don’t fall into the typical small, medium, and large styles of sizing.

        Curve and Cloth not only wants to dress you for your size but also for your personality.

        “We had a vision of what we wanted to create within the walls of such a store with a unique, trendy, romantic, edgy, classic, bohemian, all within one location, outside the curves of the small, medium, and large size female,” says Hunt.

        According to Hunt, it was important to the team at Rose & Remington to bring a store to Cincinnati that meets the needs and wants of the curvaceous woman. “As with all of our stores, sizing doesn’t matter but happiness does,” she adds.

        Curve and Cloth carries sizes from 12 to 24 and accommodates all ages. In addition to apparel, they also carry jewelry, purses, footwear, lotions, and candles.

        The clothing lines at Curve and Cloth are very similar in style, quality, and flair that you’ll find at Rose & Remington, so anyone from a young professional to an empty nester will find something they love at Curve and Cloth.

        In addition to being a Cincinnati-based store that accommodates to sizes 12-24, Curve and Cloth makes customer service its No. 1 priority. “We love building relationships with our guests,” says Hunt. “Our stylists are awesome at product knowledge, warm and welcoming. We strive to be your No. 1 shopping destination.”

        There’s a lot on the horizon for the Rose & Remington family’s expansion, as the store will be opening a new location in Florence. They also recently opened Burlap & Birch Home Store, which is a few doors down from the Fields Ertel location of Rose & Remington.

        You can check out Curve and Cloth and Rose & Remington at the Holiday Marketing in downtown Cincinnati in November.

        Curve and Cloth is located at 110 South Broadway Street in Lebanon. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm and from 12pm to 5pm on Sundays.

        Hunt encourages you to experience Curve and Cloth in person and check out the store.

        To learn more about Curve and Cloth, visit You can also visit them on Facebook and Instagram.


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          One local mom created a chore chart to keep her house and busy family of six organized, which forever changed her life for the better. See how it inspired her to launch what’s now a thriving business, taking her to local markets, boutique shows, and a new brick-and-mortar location, offering art classes, DIY nights, and so much more. Read on for all the artsy details.


          Tabitha McClung and her husband, Todd, owners of Purposefully Restored.

          It’s not too often that you hear of chores turning you toward your passion. For Tabitha McClung, her business Purposefully Restored started with a chore chart back in 2014.

          McClung, who has four children with her husband and Purposefully Restored co-owner Tom, admits that when you have a house full of children you can always be a little more organized.

          “I posted the finished chore chart on social media – you know, a mom-pride moment,” says McClung. “My friends loved it and several people asked me to make one, or something similar, for their home.”

          From there, McClung began search everywhere for old frames that she could turn into something amazing for her friends and family. From there, those chore charts grew into calendars, memo boards, menus, art pieces, and so much more.

          Today, Purposefully Restored is a small, handmade business she McClung and her husband run together. “We offer upcycled home decor, custom planning and organizational pieces, eco-friendly chalk paints and waxes, hand-screened apparel, and custom gifts,” says McClung.

          McClung uses a green approach to her business, and it’s something she enjoys. “I love taking something ugly and discarded, and turning it into something truly beautiful and useful again,” she says.

          Shortly after launching Purposefully Restored, McClung got so busy that she had to have her husband join her one-lady team in order to keep up with demand.

          McClung will soon open her own brick-and-mortar location at McHarper Manor.

          Now, they’re doing local shows, have an Etsy store, and over the last 3.5 years she’s been able to expand her offerings to include much more than just chore charts in old frames to include organizational pieces, fun art, home decor, gifts, and even her own line of eco-friendly chalk paints and waxes.

          “Most recently, we started ‘Rags & Co.’ and have had huge success with screen printing some of our designs on apparel,” says McClung. “Our ‘Drink Local – Brewery Map’ t-shirt has been a huge hit and includes all 33 of the licensed breweries in the Greater Cincinnati area.”

          McClung says that her family item from her store is the family calendar. “I know how useful it is for our family, and I love making something that will be used by my customer every single day for years to come,” she adds.

          It isn’t just its upcycling that makes Purposefully Restored unique. Every piece the store sells is handmade and thoughtful, according to McClung.

          “In my life, I don’t have a lot of space for ‘things,’ says McClung. “With four kids and a busy family, clutter builds quickly around here. I like to offer something that people can find useful and beautiful. If you can make it personal and multi-purpose, you’ve knocked it out of the park!”

          Find unique gifts and upcycled home decor products from Purposefully Restored.

          Price points for items from Purposefully Restored range from $40 to family calendars and organizational pieces to $25 for adult hand-screened tees and tanks and $20 for kids’ clothing.

          With over three years of business under their belts, the McClungs are focusing on continued growth and will continue to be available on both Etsy and at local markets including the City Flea, O.F.F. Market, and boutique shows. McClung says Purposefully Restored will have a permanent location located inside McHarper Manor in Milford.

          As someone who has been teaching art since she was 17, McClung says she’s excited to be opening McHarper Manor, a place for art classes, craft parties, DIY nights, themed birthday parties, showers, and private events with items from Purposefully Restored available for purchase in the front section of the studio.

          To learn more about Purposefully Restore, visit their Etsy shop, follow along on Facebook or Instagram, or visit the McHarpor Manor website.

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            A star-studded local entrepreneur just penned a new book that will empower modern women with wild dreams and full plates to connect with the same feeling of ease and certainty she's found along the way. Read on for all the page-turning details.


            Jocelyn Cates is an ambitious woman who aims to help other modern mommas find balance through her new book “Easy Now.”

            Jocelyn Cates is a long-time entrepreneur with a variety of experiences. From raising venture capital to running several businesses and even planning celebrity events featured in People Magazine and People Style, she’s always been a highly-driven, ambitious woman.

            While ambition runs through her veins, she has another reason for all that she does: her family.

            “At the heart of everything I do is my family,” she says. “I’m about as family-centric as you can possibly get.”

            While she’s had a number of professional experiences, there’s one thing that kept calling her – writing a book. As someone who believes in doing what you feel compelled to do, Cates knew she needed to put pen to paper and empower other women.

            When it came to writing her book, “Easy Now,” Cates says that she was inspired by “a sense of knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and that every experience, good or had, has purpose.” It’s this, she says, that is the essence of “Easy Now.”

            “It’s my purpose to share with as many women as possible that we can make big things happen,” says Cates. “We can make our impact on the world. And we can do all this while being 100 percent committed to raising a deeply connected family.”

            “Easy Now” will release on August 8.

            Cates says that she hopes “Easy Now” will not only empower modern mothers with wild dreams and full plates, but that she can also help them connect with the same feeling of ease and certainty that has inspired her life.

            “Easy Now” is a unique book that was written in two parts and is all about reflecting on your purpose while also finding your flow and raising a connected family.

            “In Part One, we focus on mini-meditations for personal reflection, digging deep into what’s next, and inner-work that empowers you to honor your purpose and live with meaning,” says Cates. “In Part Two, we focus on all things connection at home, practice for our children to embrace, being intentional with our family time, and learning to let is be easy. Sometimes I think we all need a reminder that life doesn’t have to feel so hard.”

            To complement her book, Cates also has her Easy Now Tribe. It’s a free, private Facebook group of like-minded women that want to live their best lives without sacrificing their sanity or their wellbeing.

            “In this group, I’ll be offering personal guidance, mini-meditations, advanced excerpts of ‘Easy Now,’ and exclusive book bonuses prior to release,” says Cates. “It’s all about reflection, connection, and flow in this blossoming community.”

            “Easy Now” will officially release on August 8, and Cates couldn’t be more excited. “This book release is one of my wildest dreams come true,” she says. “What excites me most is not that this dream of mine has been realized, but that I know ‘Easy Now’ will impact lives. I’ve used and adapted the tools and practices in this book for the past 20 years and I know them all to be incredibly transformational. And that’s really what matters most!”

            You can learn more about Cates at There, you can also connect with her on social media or via her Easy Now Tribe. To order her book, “Easy Now,” visit her website.


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              Who says those with food sensitivities can’t enjoy baked goods? One local lady is on a mouth-watering mission to change that, opening bakery locations in Columbus and and one soon in Cincinnati. Read on for all the delicious details!

              Cherbourg Cyprus will offer Cincinnatians a place to find baked goods for those with food allergies and sensitivities.

              For those with food sensitivities, baked goods are a distant memory (so sad!). Geri Peacock knows that all too well, but her sweet tooth wasn’t going down without a fight.

              Peacock set out on a mission to create delicious, yet gluten-free, sweets. Inspired by classically French pastries and warm hospitality, she took what she saw as a need in the community and brought it to life with Cherbourg Bakery in Columbus in 2009.

              Today, Cherbourg Bakery is a 100 percent dedicated gluten- and nut-free bakery. “We are passionate about using great ingredients,” says Peacock. “We feel that less is more, and therefore, our gluten- and nut-free baked goods are the least processed that you can find.”

              And while there are many more gluten free options these days than before, Peacock says Cherbourg Bakery is different. “Although you can find many gluten-free baked goods, they are normally full of fillers and are heavily processed,” she explains. “So, in our bakery, we only use two flours, we use local butter, local eggs, and as many other local ingredients we can muster.”

              Geri Peacock is the founder of Columbus-based Cherbourg Bakery and Cincinnati’s new Cherbourg Cyprus.

              Her business model took off and she decided to open another location in Cincinnati called Cherbourg Cyprus. Offering a warm and friendly atmosphere, Peacock says she wanted to give Cincinnati a safe place for people to enjoy and relax.

              In Columbus, Cherbourg Bakery is located at 541 S Drexel Avenue, and the Cincinnati location will soon open in Over-the-Rhine at 1804 Race Street.

              Items on the menu from Cherbourg Cyprus range from quiche to cheesy bites and donuts to scones.

              Peacock says that at Cherbourg Bakery and Cherbourg Cyprus, you’ll experience and allergen-safe environment. “It’s as good as, if not better, than our glutinous counterparts,” she says of her menu items. “Our goal at Cherbourg is to have the best gluten free baked goods and the best customer service,” she adds.

              To learn more about Cherbourg Bakery and Cherbourg Cyprus, visit

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                What would you do with $100,000? See how one local woman is turning a once-in-a-lifetime grant into a fashionable dream come true while influencing the Cincinnati creative scene, one connection at a time.

                Tamia Stinson, Founder of Tether Cincinnati, a new community and resource for Cincinnati’s image-makers.

                Tamia Stinson has an exciting year ahead of her. In the past, you may have come across Stinson’s fashion blog The Style Sample, styling for Cincinnati Magazine, or heard her interviews with local artists on her Creative City podcast.

                Her plans for 2017 are different, however, as she plans to focus on something completely new. After being awarded the Haile Fellowship grant of $100,000 from People’s Liberty, she was able to set her ideas in motion for Tether, a new community and resource for Cincinnati image-makers.

                “The community of image-makers in Cincinnati has grown exponentially in the past few years,” Stinson says. “We needed a way to connect to each other and get found so we can get work.” 

                Tether Cincinnati aims to bring agencies and image-makers together.

                The Ohio State University graduate and Cincinnati native knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful image-maker right here in the Queen City. She says she tries to surround herself with the like, but it’s not always easy. With networking being crucial to this success, she finds that it is often difficult for image-makers and agencies to collaborate while staying local. That’s where she plans to help.

                “Tether is focused on creating an infrastructure that makes it easier for local image-makers to connect to each other and to opportunities for work so they can thrive—and stay—here in Cincinnati,” Stinson says.

                After college, Stinson co-opped in London, and here, she became very familiar with Le Book—an online directory of over 50,000 artists and advertising agencies published in New York, London, Berlin, and Paris.

                This inspired the creation of Tether. The site was launched on April 4, and according to Stinson, we can expect the official site to be up and running by July. Signing up for the email list on her website will ensure you’re the first to know when it’s up.

                Shortly after its launch, Tether held its first event, First Forum. According to Stinson, First Forum was a great way to kick off this project. Not only were over 100 photo shoot concepts submitted for the source book, but it also enabled those in attendance to meet and collaborate with others who will soon be part of the growing Tether community. Furthermore, it allowed Stinson to gather feedback about what people would like to see from Tether in upcoming months.

                Tether is unique in that it brings only Cincinnati creatives and agencies together.

                Tether is unlike any other site because it is a database strictly focusing on Cincinnati artists and agencies. “Image-makers didn’t have a uniting organization or local advocate until now,” Stinson says. “Tether fills that gap by creating events for face-to-face engagement, providing a digital platform that shows what our people can do, and creating a print sourcebook that promotes our community and our work.”

                Tether has two groups of users: creative image-makers, and people and organizations interested in working with creative image-makers. The Tether community is made up of professionals who have worked with some of the best brands in the world.

                “We’re looking for talented creatives who love what they do and know how to hustle,” Stinson says. “The people who work with our community are agencies and brands in need of high-quality imagery for print and digital advertising or editorial. They understand the value of what we provide and want to invest in the people who make Cincinnati great.”

                As for the rest of 2017, Stinson’s incredible fashion sense shouldn’t be the only thing you keep on your radar. You can expect to see a series of events for the style savvy and image-making community, Stinson says, as it’s a digital platform that will make it easier to find local talent, and a sourcebook featuring the Tether community and their work for use as a promotional tool.

                Not only will Tether make finding work so much easier, but also it is completely free of charge. For more information on Tether be sure to visit and follow TetherCincy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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                  You picked ‘em, we chatted with ‘em! They’re sharing their goals, what success means to them, and what they enjoy doing outside of work! Learn more about Cincy Chic’s 2017 Single & Successful selections, and how you can meet them in person soon!

                  Check out our interviews below with the men selected to be part of our 2017 Single & Successful class! You can even meet them at our upcoming Single & Successful event this Thursday, June 29, at Igby’s as we partner with Cincinnati Profile and A-List Introductions! Click here to RSVP!

                  Kash Shaikh, Founder & CEO of Besomebody, Inc.

                  Kash Shaikh, Founder & CEO of Besomebody, Inc.

                  Cincy Chic: What does it mean to you to be “successful?”
                  Shaikh: I believe success is relative, and personal. And success can be measured in a lifetime, or an afternoon, depending on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. For me, being successful mixes in three core components: 1) Making a difference; 2) Loving what you do; 3) Inspiring others to make a difference and love what they do too.

                  The road to success is a different conversation. Because success does not come easy, no matter what measure you’re using or what goal you’re choosing. But, I believe that path is the same for all of us. The first week I started my own company (Besomebody), as I was brimming with excitement, proud of myself for “all I gave up” to chase my dream, someone gave my some sage advice. He said, “Sacrifice is just the first step. After the sacrifice, comes the struggle. After the struggle, comes the suffering… And then, after you suffer, then you’ll succeed. So don’t stop!”

                  That conversation taught me two important things that have kept me going during the darkest of days: 1) It’s going to get harder, before I get where I want to go.  And, 2) Most people stop at the suffering, because it sucks to suffer. It’s painful… So most people stop, never knowing they are just one step away from success. So, I realized that no matter how hard things get, you gotta keep going. Success may only be one step away.

                  Cincy Chic: What do you do professionally?
                  Shaikh: I’m the Founder & CEO of Besomebody, Inc. We give people hands-on skills training for great jobs through our “Besomebody Paths.” We do this by reverse-engineering the typical education model, beginning with employers and then working backwards. We partner with great companies in fast-growing industries that have a lot of job openings to really understand the SKILLS needed to succeed at those jobs. Then, we co-create a curriculum designed to teach people those skills, and bring on industry experts to lead all the instruction. Finally, we open up those Paths to people who are passionate about that industry and/or excited to work for that employer. On average, our Paths are about 10x less expensive and 20x faster than traditional alternatives like community college and for-profit schools. And most importantly, we guaranteed every graduate a job with the endorsing employer (or we give them a full refund on their tuition).

                  We created our Paths because we saw two crises colliding in this country: the student debt crisis and the skilled worker crisis. Last year was a record year of student debt – $1.3 Trillion. And student debt is going to reach $6 Trillion in 6 years. Right now is the most expensive time in history to get a college degree. And on the flip side, after spending all that money and time (an average of 6 years for most college students) on college, 80% of college grads didn’t have a job at graduation last year. And even more importantly, 90% of employers say college grads are NOT ready for the workforce. Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars having to retrain new hires for the job, and lose hundreds of millions of more dollars due to retention and recruiting-related losses. There are nearly 6 million jobs available in America right now, but only 20% of applicants have the skills they need to get those jobs.

                  That is where we believe we can help. We want to bridge those gaps, and make education and employment more accessible, practical and passion-based.

                  Cincy Chic: When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?
                  Shaikh: I am always working because I love what I do, I believe in why I am doing it and I care about whom we are doing it for… I started sharing the “#besomebody” mantra and message over seven years ago while working at Procter & Gamble here in Cincinnati. I started a blog and would create content just to try and inspire people to do what they love and ignite that fire they had inside them. It was a passion project of mine that became my entire life. So I feel blessed for the opportunity to build this company, and grateful for the chance to create this dream.

                  Because my company and me are so intertwined, I have been able to weave in my own passions into it. Some of those include, writing, running and my best friend/dog, “Love”. (Yes, that’s her name, and she is also the official mascot of Besomebody. 🙂

                  Cincy Chic: What inspires you?
                  Shaikh: I am inspired by effort, and hard work, and passion. Witnessing someone pour their heart and soul into something. Building something from nothing. That’s inspiring. Whether you’re building a business, a community, a campaign, a team, a family… whatever it is; the process of going for it, and putting the work in to make it happen – that’s inspiring to watch. And it’s even more inspiring to be a part of.

                  Cincy Chic: What are your biggest turn-ons/turn-offs?
                  Shaikh: Turn-ons: Intelligence, vision, courtesy, work ethic, generosity, eloquence of spoken and written words, class, travel, self-awareness, fitness and a healthy lifestyle, loyalty, compassion and the authentic desire to help people. Oh, and if you love sports, animals and can make great French toast then, at a minimum, we are friends for life. 🙂 Turn-offs: Selfishness, lack of self-awareness, prejudice and discrimination, haters, laziness, all talk and no action.

                  RSVP for our upcoming Single & Successful event at

                  Cincy Chic: What’s something you hope to accomplish this year?
                  Shaikh: Within the next 12 months I want to get at least 100 people jobs through our Besomebody Paths. From unemployed/underemployed to employed, because of the training, inspiration and connections we help provide. That would be freakin awesome.

                  I believe my purpose in life is to help people live their passion. And I really believe Besomebody is the vehicle in which I can best live that purpose. We are starting with education and employment – learning what you love and doing what you love. That’s the foundation. But there’s so much more I want to do, and so much more I know we can and will do. When I first started this company back in 2014, I tried to do it all at once, and I failed. I was writing and speaking at conferences and we were hosting events and selling gear and we created (and sold) an app and we were shooting videos and the list went on and on… and I wasn’t able to dedicate the attention and focus each one of those things deserved. So, while I am writing and creating content from time to time, I am single-mindedly focused on our Paths and helping people get jobs. Once we build that foundation, we’ll expand when and where it makes sense.

                  On a broader note, I believe that for all of us, our purpose has actually nothing to do with us… passion is about you – it’s about what you love. But purpose has NOTHING to do with you. I believe your purpose must start with one of these three words: help, give or serve. You should be able to say, “My purpose is to help/give/serve ______.” A big part of our lives is about figuring out how and what to fill in that blank. But once we do, everything starts to make sense.

                  Giovanni Piccolo, VP of Project Management and Application at Salvagnini America Inc.

                  Giovanni Piccolo, VP of Project Management and Application at Salvagnini America Inc.

                  Cincy Chic: What does it mean to you to be “successful?”
                  Piccolo: Being successful means first to be conscious about your talents, then to cultivate them and make good use. Success is also something that can go through thick and thin, therefore you need to persevere and do not give up regardless the odds, in few words the most important success is your peace of mind and self-confidence.

                  Cincy Chic: What do you do professionally?
                  Piccolo: I am the Vice President of Project Management and Application in Salvagnini America Inc. The headquarters is European, in Italy, and I moved to the U.S. in January 2016. Our company supplies high tech machinery to process sheet metal and plates, and we work with some of the most famous corporations in the  States. In the past, I covered many positions, from purely technical ones such as Software Developer, to purely commercial such as Regional Sales Manager for northern Europe. My current position is the perfect mix of both experiences.

                  Cincy Chic: When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?
                  Piccolo: I recently moved the States, therefore my #1 hobby is to enlarge my social links. Being naturally shy, this activity challenges me, but the return is so far incredible. On top of this, I like to swim in the sea and hike. Living in the Midwest, I naturally had to relent the first passion.

                  Cincy Chic: What inspires you?
                  Piccolo: Passion and honesty are my biggest drives and inspiration. I truly admire people who are driven by these values.

                  Cincy Chic: What are your biggest turn-ons/turn-offs?
                  Piccolo: Turn-ons: sense of humor, smiles, good food, and the sea. Turn-offs: violence, greed, selfishness.

                  Cincy Chic: What’s something you hope to accomplish this year?
                  Piccolo: Develop the marketing and the brand of my company in the USA to surpass the target of $100 million sales/year.

                  Cincy Chic: What’s a long-term goal/dream?
                  Piccolo: To become a chef and a rock star! Joking aside, I truly enjoy people and good food, and in my future I can see me running my own restaurant by the sea, where the climate is warm all year around.

                  Terry Lukemire, Director/Editor at Barking Fish Entertainment

                  Cincy Chic: What does it mean to you to be “successful?”
                  Lukemire: I think having freedom and independence is the definition of success for me. I also think that being able to find something that makes you happy and pursuing it because you’re passionate about it and not because it’s a “job” is important. As the old saying goes, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

                  Terry Lukemire, Director/Editor at Barking Fish Entertainment

                  Cincy Chic: What do you do professionally?
                  Lukemire: I am a Director/Editor and Partner at Barking Fish Entertainment telling stories that range from Independent films to commercials and corporate work. I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to make documentaries about the playing career of Pete Rose called “4192: The Crowning of the Hit King” and the 1981 Simon Kentucky Basketball State Championship season, “Rebound: a basketball story”, narrated by Nick Clooney. I’ve also edited films starring James Franco, Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames and for you Oprah fans, “Brothers of the Borderland” at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

                  Cincy Chic: When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?
                  Lukemire: I spend a lot of time with my two year old chocolate lab Sienna hiking and going for rides in my Jeep. I also love playing golf, catching a Reds game and supporting our local micro brews and kickin’ it with friends. Really just about anything outdoors!

                  Cincy Chic: What inspires you?
                  Lukemire: I love meeting “characters” in life who live their life on their own, unique terms. Many of the stories I’ve been able to tell have been inspirational to me.   I have many extremely creative friends whose own work pushes me to want to be better at what I do. Also personally, my Mom and Dad just celebrated their 50th Anniversary last year and they inspire me everyday.

                  Lukemire with actor JK Simmons

                  Cincy Chic: What are your biggest turn-ons/turn-offs?
                  Lukemire: I think smiles are infectious and a fun-loving sense of humor are big time turn-ons.. The word “no” is a huge turn off. Negativity in general. Close-mindedness.

                  Cincy Chic: What’s something you hope to accomplish this year?
                  Lukemire: I’m really wanting to direct a scripted narrative with a decent budget and some star power this year. We’ve been building towards this and definitely ready to put our know how out in front of a big theatrical audience. It’s been great watching all of the Hollywood films coming to Cincinnati, but I think it’s our turn now!

                  Cincy Chic: What’s a long-term goal/dream?
                  Lukemire: I think finding that special someone who I can share a life full of laughs and adventures with. As far as career goals, after all of the years of developing projects, it would be fantastic to see something sold to a Network and ride that wave for awhile.

                  Les Fultz, Valere Studios

                  Les Fultz, Founder of Valere Studios

                  Cincy Chic: What does it mean to you to be “successful?”
                  Fultz: Successful to me does not mean the fanciest cars or a vacation home in Hilton Head. While earning a sustainable income and being happy are key parts of success, it more about the impact my service or work provides the people I serve. I’ll never forget the feedback I received from someone who ended up in an event video I shot for Loveland Canoe and Kayak. Her dog was majestically starring into the river during the Frog Man Race. “May I film your Golden Retriever?” I asked. Without question she replied “yes.”  Shortly after the video was published I received a note thanking me for the work. Not only did her husband win that race, but their dog was not going to be with them for much longer. She was grateful that her dog was featured in the video. Knowing that my work and purpose far exceeds monetary value absolutely defines success to me.  

                  Cincy Chic: What do you do professionally?  
                  Fultz: I’m a digital content producer. The Founder of Valere Studios. Creative at the core. I start with a dream and a purpose and create something that drives business activity for local brands. More recently I’ve made the shift to producing my own content. An editorial style show called “MORE with Les” and “Music Live” produced at our live broadcasting studio in Westwood. When the content I produced was changing the lives the clients I served, I questioned why I wasn’t focused on the same exact format for my own business. We just aired Music Live soon to be recognized by Roland A/V in a nationally published use case due to the success of the programming. I’m overjoyed. I’m officially a Facebook Live Content Producer. I’m proud of that title.

                  Cincy Chic: When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?  
                  Fultz: Spending time outdoors and hanging with my best friend at the dog park. Minnie Cooper. She’s a 4 year old Min Pin. That’s how I de-stress from the adventurous lifestyle as an entrepreneur.  I love the Pacific Northwest.  When I’m able, often between the months of June and August, I get outdoors.  There’s almost nothing like the Cascades.  Majestic waterfalls, rain forests, volcanic moutaintops, and endless out door activities. The seafood in the Northwest is nothing short of amazing.  From Dungeness crab cocktail to sockeye it’s one of my favorite places to escape.  

                  Cincy Chic: What inspires you?  
                  Fultz: Earlier this year I was hired to film Dennis Roady a YouTube personality at Sundance Film Festival.   It was an incredible eye opening experience. Surrounded by film and creative professionals and celebrities. I knew that there is so much opportunity by controlling what I do with a camera. For good. One day I hope to be recognized on one of those stages.

                  Cincy Chic: What are your biggest turn-ons/turn-offs?
                  Fultz: I’d say go getters. Someone with as much hustle and desire to succeed as I do.  Couch potatoes big turn off. Rarely do I sit around contemplating on the future. I make it happen.

                  Cincy Chic: What’s something you hope to accomplish this year?
                  Fultz: Hire additional staff to help grow the company.

                  Cincy Chic: What’s a long-term goal/dream?  
                  Fultz: Long term I’ll probably want to retire in the northwest with a beautiful log home and a boat similar to the Boston Whaler 345 Conquest. Enjoying the peacefulness of the outdoors.

                  Zach Franke, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

                  Zach Franke, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

                  Cincy Chic: What does it mean to you to be “successful?”
                  Franke: To me, being successful is a process, not an event. It’s staying in the ring and being willing to get punched. It’s getting back up when you are knocked down and then having the perseverance to keep on swinging. That said, I’ve learned that a big part of success is not just being willing to stand there and take punishment and being willing to keep on going, but to actually get better and have a real strategy to win long-term! Success really starts to come together when we can learn from those punches, and actively avoid the same ones in the future. One thing that’s abundantly clear to me though, we MUST be in the ring to even have a chance.

                  Cincy Chic: What do you do professionally?
                  Franke: Right now, a little bit of a lot of things! I am a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and have a handful of high-end private clients here locally. I also am the Lead Health Coach at an online Holistic Health company called Rebooted Body. I host a podcast called “Bite-Size Wellness” (check it out on iTunes) and finally, I work part-time as a Chastity Educator for grade schoolers and high schoolers at Pregnancy Center West. Like I said, a little bit of everything!

                  Cincy Chic: When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?
                  Franke: I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, and nurturing the other relationships in my life that are most important. I also love hiking, running, and practicing martial arts with a group of inspiring young men at a local dojo called Aikido Works a few times a week. Last, I am actively involved in several volunteer endeavors that keep me pretty occupied as well!

                  Cincy Chic: What inspires you?
                  Franke: People who are in the ring trying to live out their life while tapping into their fullest potential. People who treat others well and always try to do the right thing even when no one is looking. People who share their failures and fears with others and live out life courageously despite the obstacles they may be facing. People that have had incredible challenges come along and still have found a way to rise above whatever could have easily stopped most of us.

                  Cincy Chic: What are your biggest turn-ons/turn-offs?
                  Franke: My biggest turn-ons are honesty and a willingness to be wrong. My biggest turn-offs are confrontational hypocrites and perpetual complainers.

                  Cincy Chic: What’s something you hope to accomplish this year?
                  Franke: I really want to take the lessons I have learned and the failures that I have experienced from being a health coach over the past four years and transform them into meaningful change that can more efficiently and easily inspire and activate* lifelong health changes in my clients’ lives. Bringing authentic and lasting health transformations to people I’ve learned is NOT easy. I’ve been constantly tweaking my approach through lots of trial and error and I now have some exciting plans to rock out this year that I can’t wait to watch unfold.

                  Cincy Chic: What’s a long-term goal/dream?
                  Franke: My long-term goal is to live a life of lasting meaning to the people I look up to, love, and admire the most. I used to have dreams of “changing the world” and “waking people up” and “becoming enlightened” and all kinds of crazy stuff. No bueno! These days, instead of thinking really “big,” it’s much more about the tiny little daily decisions I make, choosing to do the “right thing” despite not really wanting to a lot of the times, that I feel brings me closer to my accomplishing my dreams every day.


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                    Herbs have the power to bring our bodies and minds into balance. That’s exactly why one Ohio woman created Wild Origins. Through it, she teaches hands-on how-tos through herbal workshops and online courses, plus sells her handmade herbal body care products around the world. Read on for all the all-natural details.


                    Anika Zala started Wild Origins after battling a years-long bout of chronic stomach pain.

                    Aniko Zala started on her path to being an herbalist after a years-long bout of chronic stomach pain. As she explains, “I was at the mercy of impersonal doctors and fruitless tests for a long time before someone suggested trying a peppermint tincture.” Just a few drops unexpectedly brought powerful relief for Zala.   

                    After that she couldn’t stop studying how to use plants for health and balance. In 2015, she started more formal learning under local herbalist and ethnobotanist Dawn Combs. And in 2016, she launched Wild Origins.

                    “I was ready to start sharing what I had been learning with others,” Zala says. “Learning about and incorporating herbs into my own life is empowering and has made me healthier and more balanced than I have even been. Wild Origins is a fun and fulfilling way for me to help other people do the same.” 

                    Zala describes herself as an herbalist, teacher, and maker with an interest in the intersection between nature, self empowerment, and self care.  Wild Origins is how she can help others find the power that herbs have to bring our bodies and minds into balance.

                    Zala teaches hands-on herbal workshops around Columbus and sells handmade herbal body care products.

                    Through Wild Origins Zala teaches hands-on herbal workshops around Columbus and sells handmade herbal body care products. Her herbal body care products are focused on use for health, beauty, and ritual.  

                    Her most popular products are ones that require you to slow down for some ritual self care, like the herbal body cream, the salt scrub, the face wash, the dream balm, and the rose+mugwort body oil.

                    If you’re looking for ways to add self care and herbal treatments (especially as part of your New Year Resolutions or Intentions), Zala has some advice. She suggests starting with at least one plant or nature based self care ritual. 

                    Adding, “use an herbal body oil for self massage. Or make yourself a relaxing and nourishing herbal tea to drink every evening (I love mixing lavender, rose, and lemon balm). Or be and breathe in nature – take a long walk in one of the metro parks at least once a week, no matter the temperature.  You can even buy an essential oil diffuser and turn it on every evening when you get home.” 

                    Zala has in-person workshops and online courses you can take to learn her herbal tips and tricks. Workshops range in price from free to $35. Online courses are $89 per person, or a discounted rate of $160 for two people.

                    You can keep up-to-date with all of Wild Origins and Aniko Zala’s workshops and products by visiting them online at and following along on Instagram at @wildorigins

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                      Think of it as the Uber for babysitting, but with background checks on both the family and the sitter to ensure a safe environment for all. For our annual parenting issue, learn about the locally launched business and app that’s taking the nation by storm one family at a time.


                      SaferSit was founded by Francie Ruppert and Laura Borsky.

                      Being a full-time mom is chaotic, between packing lunches, planning play dates, cheering at games, and running everyone here and there (not to mention food, groceries, cleaning, oh my!).

                      When it’s time to wave the white flag and enjoy a night out with friends or the hubs (or just a shopping trip to Target alone), the stress of finding a dependable sitter shouldn’t get in the way, but it often does.

                      That is, until now. Thanks to Cincinnati natives, Francie Ruppert, a junior in UC’s Linder Honors PLUS Program, and Laura Borsky, a mother of two, finding a sitter you can count on is now the least of your worries.

                      Borsky and Ruppert founded SaferSit in May of 2016. Together, they created a local company that connects families looking for babysitters with responsible college and high school students. Not only is it a way for mothers to build relationships with students they can count on, but it is also a great way for high school and college students to build their network and make money along the way.

                      Although the official launch date of SaferSit was only a little over a year ago, the idea has been brewing for quite some time. Just four years ago, Ruppert started a club, Babysitters R Us, while she was a student at St. Ursula Academy. Through Babysitters R Us, she connected her friends with local babysitting jobs in the Anderson and Hyde Park Areas. Borsky was an avid user of Babysitters R Us and by the time Ruppert graduated high school, Borsky approached her with the hopes of expanding the brilliant idea.

                      Ruppert’s babysitting club was the main inspiration for SaferSit, and in order to take it to the next level, the duo pulled ideas and inspiration from other apps to build their current business model. “I saw a way to take this great idea Francie had and turn it into an Uber style model and make it easier and safer for both families and sitters,” says Borsky.

                      SaferSit provides users with the best of both worlds when searching for a sitter or while searching for a babysitting gig. Borsky can tend and adjust the businesses’ needs to fix the wants of mothers, while Ruppert communicates with students and educates them on how to provide the best care.

                      “SaferSit will be the first babysitting company to background check both the sitters and the families,” Ruppert says. “This ensures a safe environment for everyone involved.”

                      The site is defined by its unique way of providing care locally, and since its launch SaferSit has received glowing reviews. In March they won the UC IQUE pitch competition and in May they were featured on Local 12 News. “We have grown from 30 sitters a year ago to 340 sitters to date,” said Borsky. “SaferSit has also helped over 350 Cincy families find sitters and has booked over 2,000 jobs.”

                      As for the rest of 2017, Ruppert and Borsky are excited to announce the launch of their mobile web app, which should be available by the end of the summer.

                      SaferSit rates are affordable and range from $10 an hour to $14 an hour, prices varying by the number of children needing care.

                      SaferSit currently serves Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. To learn more about SaferSit, visit You can also follow along with SaferSit on Instagram and Facebook.