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    There’s a new kind of festival in town. See how this civic design celebration is creating a community poised to make a positive impact on local arts and culture, wellness, food and technology.

    Civic Design. It’s not a common cause for celebration, but Steve Ramos created an entire festival for it. Ramos is one of the creative minds behind Good Discovery(s), a civic design festival celebrating people impacting communities for good.

    “It’s a day of brainstorms, panels, and networking to share ideas from artists and creatives making a positive impact in arts and culture, wellness, food and technology,” he explains.

    The founding idea behind Good Discovery(s) is the belief that Cincinnati is a hub for civic design – a design that impacts its communities for the better.

    “We see this from our corporates via Kroger’s social impact plan Zero Hunger Zero Waste,” says Ramos. “We experience civic design via Cincinnati-based agencies like Design Impact, a social innovation

    Steve Ramos, founder of Good Discovery(s)

    nonprofit using creativity to impact change for good and solve complicated social problems. We receive civic design inspiration from entrepreneurs like Jeffrey Miller of Last Mile Food Rescue, a startup dedicated to reducing food waste.”

    The team behind Good Discovery(s) includes Kailah Ware of Sunny Blu Art; Tamia Stinson of Style Sample; Whitney Dixon of Pixxel Designs; Sean C. Davis of Squirrel Stories; and Steve Ramos of SR Media, along with creative contractors Rome Ntukogu and Jeffrey Miller.

    The first Good Discovery(s) festival was held on March 26 at Memorial Hall in OTR. Ramos says the team behind the festival was able to offer quality content, interactive programming, diverse presenters, and a unique venue – all of which makes the team even more excited for Good Discovery(s) 2020.

    “The spirit of discovery driving the Good Discovery(s) Festival is unique,” explains Ramos. “Our name Good Discovery(s) clearly communicates the mission and values driving our creative event. Discovery(s) speak to products and services impacting communities for good that our attendees may be learning about for the first time. Discovery(s) also speak to the bottom-up spirit of our event; sourcing creators and unexpected talent.”

    In addition to the festival, there are three Good Discovery(s) meetups throughout the year. The Good Discovery(s) podcast launches later in 2019.

    Visit to learn more about the 2020 festival and to find more information on the 2019 meetups.

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      See how this mama turned her pipe dream into a new roving boutique that gives the community something new and unique while giving her the work-life balance she craves -- one handmade accessory at a time.

      Megan Fenno is making her dream come true with her new mobile boutique featuring handmade jewelry. The Fenno Fashion Roaming Boutique is a boutique on wheels, and the first of its kind in the Cincinnati area.

      “What I love about the truck is that it’s opened up a lot of new opportunities for the business,” she says. “Including the ability to bring it to private parties and to summer markets and pop-up events without the worry of bad weather damaging the jewelry and tags.”

      While she launched Fenno Fashion over a decade ago, after becoming a mom and battling health issues, Fenno decided to launch the boutique truck concept after spending years in the media industry.

      “While I enjoyed my time working in the field, I couldn’t shake the idea of running Fenno Fashion full-time,” she says. “While it was a side business for over a decade, I felt in my heart it was time to take it to the next level.”

      And take it to the next level she did. Fenno hired a business coach, who also happens to be the owner of the first fashion truck in the United States, and one of the requirements was that Fenno read her book which discussed operating a business in different facets, including a mobile business.

      “While I never had really considered going mobile, I thought the concept was something that could really work for my business, while also helping me take it to the next level,” she says.

      Fenno says she drove down to Nashville and picked up an old 1998 plumbing truck that was partially built out to be a mobile clothing boutique. It was a truck she didn’t want to give up on, though, because she saw so much potential in it.

      “It was the perfect size, had a window, sliding French doors, low mileage, and detailed records of its maintenance,” she says.

      Something that was once a vision was becoming reality for Fenno, and people are loving it, too.

      “Just from experience so far, people are really fascinated with the business model and concept, which draws them in to want to see what it’s all about,” she adds.

      The history of Fenno Fashion dates back to 2007 when she launched her own business following her graduation from the Savannah College of Art & Design.

      “It’s evolved a lot over the years, but one thing that’s never changed is my passion for designing jewelry,” she says.

      FENNOfashion sells handcrafted jewelry made by owner Megan Fenno.

      With the help of her husband, the two have put in over 500 hours renovating the truck before they finally stopped counting.

      “John, my husband, also designed the vinyl wrap for the exterior of the truck and designed and modeled out the inside of it so we’d know exactly what it’d look like before we even took our first trip to the hardware store,” she says.

      Fenno also gets help from her parents at events, and friends who help out with everything from social media to putting stickers with the Fenno Fashion logo on thousands of boxes.

      The Fenno Fashion Roaming Boutique isn’t like anything else you’ll find in Cincinnati. “I said from the beginning since no one else is doing this – it’s either a really great idea and/or a really bad idea,” she says. “So far it’s been great, but surely keeps me busy since I also have to create everything that goes inside of the truck.”

      Inside the truck, you’ll find statement necklaces, longer pendant necklaces, dainty pendant necklaces, dangly earrings, stud earrings, bracelets, and bangles.

      “Also, because I work a lot on custom orders, I have examples of some of my more popular custom pieces – such as Remembrance Jewelry and the Momma Bird necklaces I create,” she adds.

      You can also find all of the Jewelry from Fenno Fashion online at Fenno says that those interested in learning more about Remembrance Jewelry and Momma Bird necklace online.

      Everything from Fenno Fashion is under $70. Stud Earrings are usually between $14.50 to $16.50. The dainty necklaces range from $26.50 to $28.50, and the most expensive items are statement necklaces and custom pieces.

      You can also order, but not purchase in the truck a Remembrance Rosary for $68.50.

      Fenno says that she’s excited about the future of the truck, which includes participating in the upcoming Barre on the Bridge with Pure Barre as well as several fundraisers. Those fundraisers will include giving back part of her proceeds to the organization in which the fundraiser is benefitting.

      She’s also planning the future of her jewelry designs. “I’m always trying to stretch and learn,” she says. “I just purchased an engraver so I can start engraving metal, which is something I’ve always wanted to offer. Moms love jewelry with their children’s names on it!”

      To learn more about Fenno Fashion, visit There you can find all of the information you need from shopping for new designs to information on how to place a custom order as well as a calendar with all of the truck’s upcoming events.

      You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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        A recently opened fitness studio located in Covington is perfect for seasoned fitness go-getters and newbies alike. See how they live up to the name “Fitness for All” with group classes that offer a truly personalized approach.

        Nicole Leisen is the founder behind Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness, a personal training and group fitness studio located in the heart of Covington.

        After years of offering in-home personal training, Leisen decided it was time to broaden her horizons and help even more people reach their fitness goals but offering group classes.

        “I know what a huge role a proper and functional fitness routine can play in bettering daily life activities, quality of life, and mental health, and I want to share that,” she says. “In addition to providing more options and convenience for my clients, I wanted to join a community and Covington is the perfect place to be.”

        The training and classes offered by Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness focus on functional training moves that utilize TRX, kettlebells, and pilates. She also has two instructors, Andi and Ashley, to help lead group classes at the studio.

        When you take classes from Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness,  you’ll find that they are exercises and movements you do in your day-to-day life, and they offer results.

        “The main tool we use for personal training and group fitness is TRX suspension training, because it works,” says Leisen. “Over the past 7-plus years as a personal trainer, I’ve seen it play a key role in so many peoples’ fitness journeys. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build lean muscle, run without injury, increase your PR, lower your golf handicap, etc. with consistency, it will help you get there.”

        Leisen emphasizes that TRX training is so important to what she has to offer because it’s a “one-stop-shop” workout. It focuses on the entire body for core work, mobility and flexibility training, and cardio – all in a 50-minute session. Plus, there are enough exercises and formats behind it that the workouts don’t get stagnant.

        Leisen says that at her studio she likes to focus on individuals rather than numbers.

        “The classes are small enough you get individualized attention as a personal training session,” she explains. “This also allows me to monitor the whole room thoroughly to make sure everyone has the correct form to avoid injury and give more individual encouragement to push more or back off, so each member is getting the best results for them.”

        Leisen strives to give each group fitness class a personalized feel for its participants as well as the support and encouragement of other members.

        “Everyone is welcome here,” she adds. “A huge plus of TRX is that most everyone can do it. You are in control of how challenging each exercise is, so this allows someone who has been coming to class for years or a newbie to participate in the same class, while getting the appropriate amount of challenge and modifications needed.”

        Leisen says she just opened the studio in November 2018 and is focused on growing as a small business, improving peoples’ quality of life, and becoming a bigger part of the Covington community.

        Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness is located to 118 W. Pike Street on the second floor in Covington. To learn more, visit here. You can also send an email, follow along on Instagram, or call 513-328-4110.

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          Now that tax day is behind us, we chat with a local money maven who helps clients - especially women - live a financially healthier life through budgeting, financial planning and credit restoration. Read on to see how she turns money misconceptions into peace of mind.

          Emerald Sparks (Photo: Aaron Paschal; Makeup: Tori Monique’)


          Money makes the world go ‘round, but for many, money management is not a strong suit.


          While it comes easy to Emerald Sparks — a locally-based financial planner, speaker and author — she believes money management can be learned and wants to give everyone a chance to understand how money works.


          “I want to help people stop making money mistakes that they didn’t even know they were making,” she says. “I have always loved money and don’t think it’s something we should have to struggle with in our day to day lives.”


          Sparks is the founder of Emerald Sparks LTD, a personal and business finance consulting firm helping individuals solve their misconceptions about money for their peace of mind.


          “We specialize in helping women solopreneurs in the service-based industry pay themselves a salary, manage their cash flow, and maximize their profits through strategic tax and bookkeeping strategies.”


          Sparks also aims to help people make better financial decisions that allow them to live a financially healthier life through budget and financial planning and credit restoration.


          Those who want to better their financial situation can turn to Sparks for personal financial coaching, taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, financial statement creation, credit repair, budgeting, and debt repayment plans.


          Sparks says her business is unique because she isn’t like most accountants. “I make the topic of money very approachable and fun,” she says. “You will never catch me in a suit.”


          There’s a lot on the horizon for Sparks, including a book about her life. She is also planning to launch a new company, although she says, that’s all she can share for now.


          You can learn more about Sparks and her business, or join her mailing list on her website. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.


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            For our annual “entrepreneur” issue, we chat with a local exec who recently launched her own concept that helps growing businesses bridge the gap between where they want to go and how to get there.

            Jane Schulte is the founder of COO On Call.

            Downsizing, upsizing and rightsizing – these are a few of Jane Schulte’s favorite things.  Not only has she been a COO for the past 15 years, but she also launched a Northern Kentucky- based regional title and closing company, taking it from zero revenue to a $10 million-dollar company in a two-year period of time. She then grew the company from regional to national a year later. 

            In the past 15 years, Schulte says she’s learned a lot. Whether it’s solving problems with financials or with the “community” aspect of a business, she knows where things can be improved. That need for improvement is what inspired her to launch her business COO On Call.

            “COO On Call is an outsourcing/co-sourcing business model whereby small to mid-sized businesses can reap the benefits of having a Chief Operating Officer on an as-needed basis versus employing a full-time COO, which is oftentimes not feasible from a financial standpoint.”

            Running a business is hard work, and Schulte knows that. “There is often a skill gap between the business owner and their highest-level employee,” she says. “I am able to work independently or with current employees to accomplish a wide variety of COO-level initiatives when a business owner finds themselves in a situation where they cannot solve a problem with current resources, or they are in growth or expansion mode and all resources are tied up with other responsibilities.”

            Schulte says she was inspired to launch COO On Call after finding a need in the business community for owners to take advantage of higher-level services that they previously did not have access to.

            “Oftentimes they have a vision or a concept, but have difficulty bringing that to reality,” she says. “My specialty is taking that vision, dream, or concept, and creating a specific action plan and implementing it in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.”

            Schulte is the one-woman show behind COO, and says that she’s often referred to as a Chief Problem Solver.

            “I have always been called upon when crisis ensues, a process needs to be created, or a raw ideas is at play with the daunting task of making that idea come to life with tangible benefits,” says Schulte.

            Jane Schulte has experience as a business owner, COO, and author of multiple books.

            The services offered through COO On Call are essentially whatever a business owner may need. “No job is too small or too big,” says Schulte. “The idea of being on-call is that a business owner can call me for just about anything.”

            When she says a business owner can call her, she means that they can call her for anything. That ranges from vetting a new ideas, talking through an issue or problem, to joining them temporarily to take their business to the next level.

            Schulte says that her business is unlike any other, and is something that no one else is doing.

            “There are companies that offer Chief Financial Officer services, Chief Marketing Officer services, and Chief Information Officer services, but no one else is offering Chief Operating Officer services in the Greater Cincinnati area,” she says. “With the ever-changing and highly competitive landscape of small- to mid-size businesses today, it was important to bring a new concept to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.”

            To learn more about COO On Call, click here.

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              A local fashionista decided to carpe diem and open a new storefront in the city’s Central Business District. Read on to learn more about her inspiration and where you can find her vintage pieces.


              Marcie Hon in her new boutique, Down to Mars Vintage (Image: Twin Spire Photography)

              Marcie Hon has always been complimented on her unique style. Working at a high end costume shop as a costume designer has given her an eye for curating one of a kind looks. Hon is constantly surrounded by ornate gowns, costumes, and a selection of vintage pieces, which inspired her to launch her “Down to Mars Vintage” Etsy Shop, selling high-end vintage clothing.

              Hon has always had a quirky, vintage style, and in the fall of 2016, she launched her Etsy shop. She loves searching for gems and hand chooses each of the garments that are sold, setting her apart from other vintage shopping options. Not only are her pieces high style, but high quality is guaranteed. Her experience in the costume store has made her familiar with vintage cuts and sizes, which greatly differ from those of today. She has an eye for visualizing what a piece on the hanger will look like and knows how to personally style her clients.

              Down to Mars Vintage is located in the Central Business District of downtown Cincinnati (Image: Twin Spire Photography)

              Hon recalls the moment that her love of vintage fashion was solidified. When her grandparents passed, she wanted to keep their clothes. She specifically remembers her grandfather’s “members only” jacket; some may have thought it was ugly but she felt it was special and soulful. That is where her passion for vintage clothing comes from: the memories that are brought to life through the pieces.

              Hon was recently able to take her dream of a fashion brand one step further – the opening of her storefront on Main Street.

              “I was participating as a retailer in Downtown Cincinnati, Inc.’s temporary ‘Downtown Cincy Winter Pop Shop’ program from November 2018 to January 2019 when an older office space randomly opened up only a few blocks from where the Pop Shop was located,” says Hon. “I was intrigued by this new space because of the beautiful, tall storefront windows and an amazing mid-century-inspired light fixture. It seemed like too good of a location, timing, and space alignment to pass up, so I went for it.”

              Hon says she couldn’t have come across a better time to open her own store, as the pop-up shop’s time was coming to an end and she was wondering what she would be doing next. “This opportunity seemed to present itself at the right moment,” she adds.

              Hon then spent the entire month of February and most of March renovating the space into a modern boutique environment.

              With an always-growing downtown sector, Hon says that she’s excited to be located in Cincinnati’s Central Business District.

              Down to Mars Vintage celebrated its Grand Opening on March 22, 2019

              “It is important to me to continue to build upcon Cincinnati’s growing and booming creative small business atmosphere, especially in the downtown area,” she says. “There are not many places to shop in this area of downtown, and I am happy to provide a unique space where customers can shop vintage and gifts.”

              In the boutique, you’ll find women’s vintage fashions and accessories from the 1940s through the 1990s including formal and casual pieces.

              “Down to Mars also carries modern accessories and gifts ranging from jewelry, perfume, bar accessories, candles, and much more,” says Hon. “I am passionate about supporting other women-owned businesses from across the United States by carrying their products in my store.”

              Hon says to keep an eye out on her web-store, which will soon launch and feature vintage goods including fashion, accessories, and housewares.

              “Local customers will have the option to pick up the goods in-store or shipped to your home,” explains Hon.

              The web-store will also allow you to browse lookbooks from Down to Mars vintage styled photoshoots and learn more about services such as alterations and repairs on vintage pieces.

              Down To Mars Vintage is located at 621 Main Street in Cincinnati, between 6th and 7th streets. It’s also along the cincinnati Bell Connector line near the Richter & Phillips Station. The store is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm and Friday and Saturday from 11am to 8 pm.

              You can check out the Down To Mars Etsy shop, follow along on Instagram, or give them a “like” on Facebook.

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                The springtime Vintage Market Days of Dayton-Cincinnati is coming soon!  Read on as we get behind the scenes of all the fun new things you can see and do at this year's event!

                Since its first local shopping event last year, Vintage Market Days brings thousands to enjoy a weekend full of shopping, music, food and family fun — and continues to grow with each event. The next one is coming up April 26-28 at the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia, Ohio.

                “Vintage Market Days is an upscale vintage and vintage-inspired indoor/outdoor market featuring original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, handmade treasures, home decor, outdoor furnishings, furniture, seasonal plantings, live music, and food trucks,” explains Vintage Market Days of Dayton and Cincinnati Promoter Tonya Ross.

                The history behind Vintage Market Days goes back to 2012 when it started as an indoor/outdoor Paris flea market-style event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, the events have spread across the country and offer attendees more than a sale.

                Each Vintage Market Days event has its own theme – with the April event’s theme being “Memories.”

                Vintage Market Days is introducing several new vendors alongside past favorites at its upcoming event.

                “We will have an Airstream trailer for photo ops at our entrance, a 40-foot mobile clothing boutique, a vintage camper with vintage goods, and a cattle trailer transformed into a storefront,” says Ross.

                More than 100 small businesses come together for the event that attracts people from throughout the Tri-State and the Dayton Metro area. Due to the success the event has seen in the last year, Ross goes the extra length to ensure that Vintage Market Days is an experience rather than just an event, something that gives those who attend the chance to escape their daily hustle and bustle and enjoy time listening to music, shopping with friends, and meeting the vendors.

                “I love to see the vendor interaction and the shoppers faces when they discover the one piece they have been searching for,” she says. “I love to see couples attend our event and shop for their homes.”

                And it’s more than just couples and friends who shop at Vintage Market Days. The family-friendly event means that the little ones are welcome to join in on the shopping fun as well.

                To learn more about the event or to purchase your tickets, click here. Early Buying tickets, which begin on Friday, are $10, while General Admission tickets for Saturday and Sunday are $5. Once you purchase a ticket you can go in and out of the event as needed. Group discounts are also available by emailing for groups of 10 or more.

                You can catch sneak peeks of the event on Facebook and Instagram.

                Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming event: 


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                  A Cincinnati native is on a mission to provide fashionable athleticwear while supporting a great cause. Read on to hear her inspiring story and see her fab designs.

                  MEAS Active offers fashionable running apparel while doing good in the community.

                  Look good, feel good, and do good. That’s the idea behind MEAS Active, a women’s performance apparel business that supports and celebrates women while also giving back to non-profit organizations, launched by Cincinnati native Erin Roddy.

                  “MEAS Active is for the woman who wants to look good, feel good, and do good while taking care of her own health and wellness,” explains Roddy, a fashion designer now based in NYC. “We are a brand that gives back 10 percent of our profits to organizations that promote the health and wellness of women and young girls.”

                  Roddy says she was inspired to launch MEAS Active after combining her passions – fashion design and running.

                  “I found myself unsatisfied with true, fashionable performance apparel,” she says. “There are many trendy brands and many technical brands in the market; however, none that address both.”

                  That’s when she came up with MEAS. “It’s fashionable running apparel that will work as hard as she does,” Roddy explains.

                  Erin Roddy, Founder of MEAS Active

                  The inspiration for donating a portion of proceeds to non-profits comes from the inspiration Roddy finds in the strength of women.

                  “MEAS means ‘gold’ in the Cambodian language, Khmer,” she explains. “I chose this name for the brand after a two-week trip through Cambodia and Thailand with a non-profit organization that helped rescue young girls from sex trafficking.”

                  While Roddy was with the young girls on her trip, she knew that they had been through hell and back, with more pain and suffering than anyone should have to endure in a lifetime. “However, while playing a simple board game with them, the joy, laughter, and hope in their eyes reminded me of how strong a woman really is,” she says.

                  Roddy is a Cincinnati native and graduated from DAAP and the business college at the University of Cincinnati, before heading off to New York City for a fashion career.

                  At MEAS Active, you’ll find running apparel that offers all of the function a female runner wants.

                  “The product assortment includes leggings, sports bras, running shorts, tanks, and more,” says Roddy. “We are looking forward to growing our assortment to be an overall active and lifestyle brand.”

                  To achieve this growth, Roddy is looking to her Kickstarter campaign, a campaign that ends on April 10. The goal is to reach $30,000 to ensure that she can bring MEAS to life and begin the first major production run.

                  According to Roddy, the campaign is currently 53 percent funding with more than two-thirds left in the campaign. “Anyone is able to go to Kickstarter and make a pledge of any amount to help back this brand. In addition, you are able to back MEAS by making a pre-purchase of any of our items.”


                  When asked what makes her brand unique, Roddy says that it’s the combination of true performance technology with fashionable outfitting that can be worn to brunch or for grueling workout or run.

                  You can check out MEAS Active in person at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Expo May 3-4, with the beneficiary of the event being Girls on the Run Cincinnati, who will receive 10 percent of the profits from the weekend.

                  To learn more about MEAS Active, visit or watch the video below. You can also follow along with MEAS Active on Facebook and Instagram.

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                    Read about a local lady who launched an online clothing retail company to showcase hand-selected socially-responsible businesses while educating consumers through fashionable finds.

                    Eco Eden sells sustainable apparel and jewelry from socially responsible brands.

                    Tiffany Shabazz is not only inspired by fashion, but she’s also inspired by servant leadership and empowering other women.

                    In the opportunity to empower women, Shabazz was inspired to launch her own business in which she could do just that. Eco Eden is a socially responsible women’s retailer.

                    “The name Eco Eden is a play on words that reflect natural beauty, femininity, and community,” explains Shabazz. “Our clothing brand aligns with Eco Eden’s identity. Our style is modern, stylishly simplistic, and eco-chic.”

                    And because Eco Eden is a socially responsible business, the mission behind it is to work with women-owned fashion designers who employ and pay women garment makers a living wage.

                    Shabazz is the founder and owner behind Eco Eden, and makes all of the day-to-day decisions as well as the building and evolving of Eco Eden’s future.

                    “I would have to say I’ve been extremely fortunate to learn from and team up with other talented, empowering women,” she says.

                    One of those empowering women, according to Shabazz, is Rebecca Armstrong, the founder and designers of RJS Fashions.

                    There are a variety of items available from Eco Eden, including women’s apparel, jewelry, and accessories.

                    “Shoppers can find unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade apparel, jewelry, and more,” Shabazz adds.

                    The brands offered at Eco Eden, and what makes it unique, is that they are ethically made, fair trade, and socially responsible.

                    Tiffany Shabazz, Founder of Eco Eden.

                    “Consumer experience is very important to me,” says Shabazz. “I want my family of customers to look good and feel good. Every piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory has a life changing story. The fair trade producers are paid a fair wage, and work in safe environments. Part of the experience I create is educating consumers and showing appreciation for making a thoughtful purchase with a personalized thank you.”

                    Eco Eden is an online-based store, however, the business has been popping up all over town at events and venues. In fact, Eco Eden is the fashion show sponsor at Cincy Chic’s Eco Chic Fashion Show on March 22 at Columbia Plaza.

                    Shabazz says that she knew she had to take the chance at showcasing her products in Cincy Chic’s 2019 Eco Chic Fashion Show after she participated in the event last year as a vendor.

                    “It was one of my first events and I loved every minute of it,” she says. “I am excited to feature Liz Alig, a fashion-forward, fair trade designers.”

                    She’s also excited to be in an event that works to create awareness for people to think beyond how much a shirt costs or finding a high-end bag. “Social change is a good business to be in,” she adds. “Fashion influencers are becoming more conscious and demanding change in the social justice space.”

                    To learn more about the event or to purchase tickets, click here.

                    The coming months at Eco Eden are shaping up to look like more new, unique arrivals. Shabazz plans to continue to offer brands like MAta Traders, Elegantees, Swahili Coast, and Give a Damn Goods.

                    Eco Eden will also continue to participate in pop-up shops around the city. “We’ll announce our permanent location soon with plans to open our doors Summer 2019,” says Shabazz. “I’ve also been in conversations to support organizations mentoring teens and young women this summer. It seems like new opportunities are presenting themselves everyday. I do foresee an Eco Eden private label in the future. I feel really blessed.”

                    To learn more about Eco Eden, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook. Shabazz says that she likes to keep newsletter subscribers informed of new arrivals, promotions, and the world of eco-friendly, ethical fashion.

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                      It’s almost Wedding Season again! For our annual bridal issue, we chat with the founder of a new web series that highlights the pros in the region’s wedding industry.

                      Kathy Piech-Lukas has plenty of experience in the wedding planning industry. She’s planning hundreds of weddings over the years and has more than 20 years of event planning experience.

                      The passion for weddings came from planning her own wedding.

                      “Fourteen years ago there were no reality shows, so I assumed wedding planners were like those in the movies for wealthy people,” she explains. “I didn’t realize that wedding planners could be so helpful to an average person like me.”

                      Piech-Lukas is the sole owner and planner at Your Dream Day, a wedding planning company that serves brides and grooms in Cincinnati and Dayton.

                      But after years in the industry she’s taking on a new branch to her wedding planning services – a new wedding planning web series hosting by Piech-Lukas where you can watch and meet dozens of Cincinnati and Dayton’s top wedding professionals.

                      In her new web series, Piech-Lukas ventures throughout the Cincinnati and Dayton areas to talk with bridal boutiques, venues, florists, and other vendors who are there to help you make the biggest day of your life perfect.

                      So far Piech-Lukas has spoken with locally-based bridal stores, visited other boutiques, and talked about the biggest wedding trends you can expect to see this wedding season.

                      “Every story is original and every vendor is unique,” she says when talking about the businesses she visits to highlight on her web series and sharing the stories they have to offer.

                      Piech-Lukas says that Aisle Do just seemed like the perfect idea when it comes to better serving her clients.

                      Because clients bring their own inspiration for each event, she wanted to be able to showcase venues, vendors, and others who can help to make a bride’s big day even better, because no two weddings are the same.

                      To give followers even more when it comes to connecting with those in the wedding industry, Piech-Lukas says that she will do social media takeovers for the major bridal shows in Cincinnati, including BridalRama, Cincinnati Wedding Showcase, Ohio Wedding Shows, and A Bride’s Mafia.

                      “We go around to each vendor to interview them to get exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage the day of the event,” she says. “Our next takeover is coming up Wednesday at Music Hall!”

                      Learn more about Aisle Do on InstagramFacebook or follow along on the YouTube channel. To learn more about Your Dream Day and the wedding planning services offered, visit here.