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    From St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s state-of-the art technology to Wine & Watercolor classes, see how this heavy hitter in local healthcare is enhancing its women’s wellness programs.

    St. Elizabeth events for women include birthing classes, grandparents classes, breastfeeding classes, big brother/big sister classes, mother to daughter classes, mobile mammography and cardiovascular screenings, Take Time for your Heart classes, and Wine & Watercolor classes

    Based in Northern Kentucky, St. Elizabeth Healthcare dates back to 1861 when it was founded as one small hospital. Fast forward to 2017, and St. Elizabeth now operates seven facilities throughout Northern Kentucky to provide medical care and wellness programs to Greater Cincinnati.

    According to Laura Sipple, head of Oncology and Women’s Wellness Marketing, St. Elizabeth’s was recently awarded an “A” for Patient Safety in the Spring 2017 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. Which makes sense, she says, because St. Elizabeth’s mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care that improves the health of the people they serve. This goal is met by using state-of-the-art technology and its personnel, who are dedicated to helping the community, she adds.

    The healthcare provider recently donated $30,000 to four community organizations and athletic trainers in Northern Kentucky to aid in the purchase of at least 20 automated external defibrillators while also bringing in new procedures to the facilities such as total knee replacement robotic surgery.

    St. Elizabeth Healthcare is changing women’s wellness throughout the Tri-State with mobile healthcare, wellness programs, and other healthy events.

    A specific area of focus for St. Elizabeth, though, is women’s health. In fact, it has an entire in-depth program dedicated to women’s wellness. Through these programs and events, Sipple says, St. Elizabeth Healthcare hopes to make it as easy and fun as possible for women take charge of their health.

    This year has been big for the provider’s women’s wellness program, as it was recognized as 2017 Women’s Choice Award winners in Obstetrics, Heart Care, and Patient Safety.

    “St. Elizabeth’s is hosting several events for women in the community, including a variety of birthing classes, grandparents classes, breastfeeding classes, big brother/big sister classes, mother to daughter classes, tours, mobile mammography and cardiovascular options, Take Time for your Heart classes, and Wine & Watercolor classes,” says Sipple.

    On April 26, and again on October 25, St. Elizabeth will host its FORCE Support Group. According to Sipple, these get-togethers are ideal for those who have a family history of breast, ovarian, or a related cancer.

    “[If you’re] considering genetic testing, waiting for results, or have already tested positive for a BRCA mutation or another gene associated with an increased cancer risk,” says Sipple. “These get-togethers are your chance to meet others who know what you’re going through, to ask questions, learn, or just listen in a safe and supportive environment.”

    Sipple says guests can RSVP for the get-togethers by emailing Brandi at or by calling St. Elizabeth Healthcare Hereditary Cancer Genetic Counseling at 859-301-5396.

    According to Sipple, other upcoming events include the March of Dimes March for Babies on April 30, Northern Kentucky Night at the Cincinnati Reds on May 20, and Heartchase Northern Kentucky on May 20.

    To learn more about St. Elizabeth Healthcare, visit You can also follow along on Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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      With a photography business and Etsy shop, she realized she could make dreams come true through her creativity. See how one local woman is making magic happen with personalized props and photography sessions for anyone with an imaginative idea they’d like to bring to life.

      Jess Summers has always been a creative. She thrives on releasing that creativity and turning it into something magical.

      In an effort to make creativity an everyday part of her life, she decided to venture out on her own and start a fine art portrait studio. Say Yes To Jess is a Cincinnati-based studio that specializes in turning out-of-the-box concepts into magical realities.

      “That could mean a transformation into a mermaid, an afternoon meet-and-greet with a unicorn, and anything unique or specific to my clients,” says Summers. “It’s taking a little boy’s dream of being a chef or mad scientist and turning it into a cinematic fine art portrait.”

      When she launched Say Yes To Jess in 2015, Summers was constantly finding inspiration in her passion for being creative. “I’ve always been theatrical and let my imagination take the wheel,” she says. “I have a tendency to get lost in movies like Hook and Alice in Wonderland.”

      When she got into photography and photo editing, she found that she was also looking to incorporate the craziest of edits possible, which led her to fall into the rabbit hole of composites.

      “I knew building my life around photography was going to make me happy, but only if the photos allowed me to create nonsensical things and add a sense of whimsy to it,” she adds.

      Summers photography business hasn’t always been focused on the whimsical, however. When she first got started on the professional level, she was photographing anything that came her way and quickly found herself in the wedding scene.

      “I started building my business around that and it was going very well, I even had a full wedding stationery,” she says. “However, as much as I tried it just didn’t feel right.”

      She always felt like she was going after something that didn’t quite light the spark she was aiming to ignite. Summers then took some time to do a lot of research and speak with those she refers to as her “business besties” and other friends to discover it was time for her to make a drastic change.

      It was then that she took her blog public and called it quits on the wedding industry – with her sights set on fine art photography.

      “It was a little rock of a start, as most things are when you completely shift what you’ve been building for over a year, but it’s been a fun ride and I’m excited to see how it all comes together from here on out,” she says.

      Currently, Summers offers three session types that are based off the amount of styling or creativity that goes into them. They are: Dream Sessions, Styled Sessions, and Classic Sessions.

      The Dream Sessions are an over-the-top package with magic, full costume, hair, and makeup, and a custom design set extravaganza. The Styled Sessions are a little more low-key in comparison and are lightly curated. They are great for themes like a “romantic date night.” Classic Sessions are what you would typically expect when you go to a photography studio.

      When talking about the Classic Sessions, Summers says she wanted to make sure that she offered clients something that would work for everyone who didn’t want a Dream Session.

      Summers says she plans to spend the remainder of 2017 getting to know the community a little better while hosting several events this summer. She’s currently planning a Mother’s Day Brunch, a Princesses Only! Tea Party, and an End of Summer Party.

      “I’m really excited about them all and hope to meet some of you there,” she adds.

      To learn more about Say Yes to Jess, visit You can also follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat (@Jsummersphoto).


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        One local lady is helping others connect through the healing powers of water. Keep reading to learn more about her inspiration, watershed results, and the wowing locations she plans to take retreat attendees this year.


        Circle the Center Retreats aims to help people find their inner selves while connecting them to sacred bodies of water.

        Seleka Behrs is inspired by the water and the way it moves.

        “The ripples, the whirlpools, the waves, the stagnant water – all are metaphors for our emotions and thoughts,” she says.

        The movement of water and the desire to connect others with their inner selves inspired Behrs to open Circle the Center Retreats, a place that connects participants to Mother Earth’s healing waters of hot springs, oceans, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls all over the world.

        “These adventures build and reinforce harmonious connections of the body, mind, and soul,” says Behrs. “Circle the Center Retreats exists to assist participants in practices of self-care, self-love, and self-governance.”

        Behrs believes that as people, we can all relate to our inner selves through the healing, elemental powers of water. “We recognize circling the center is expressed in the symbolism of spirals, labyrinths, mandalas, and the infinity sign and aim to incorporate those symbols into our work.”

        Behrs serves as the Director for Circle the Center and is also the local Chapter President of the Holistic Chamber of commerce. Her formal education and personal development led her to offer workshops and retreats that draw from a broad base of holistic health modalities. She’s also passionate about collaboration with others and that drives her to seek complementary practitioners and healing artists as facilitators and vision creators.

        Seleka Behrs, founder of Circle the Center Retreats

        While the concept behind Circle the Center is unique in itself, the Center’s dedication to promoting local entrepreneurs, increasing awareness of non-profit charities in the area, and supporting eco-tourism to help heal the community and the planet are second to none.

        “We collaborate with local guides, holistic helpers, and talented artists to offer retreat participants diverse opportunities to learn, grow, and heal with a local’s touch,” says Behrs. “Every retreat is rooted near sacred waters.”

        Behrs says that her favorite part of directing Circle the Center is introducing people to treasures they may not have otherwise found.

        “Adventuring out in the local world, and diving deep into the inner world, are the polarities that get me going,” she says. “Guiding and supporting others in their own adventures brings warmth to my heart and excitement to my eyes.”

        There is definitely no shortage when it comes to adventures. Behrs says that she currently has various types of trips in the works, with the first retreat in Ohio being offered April 21-23 at East Fork Lake State Park. “It’s a camping retreat with yoga, hiking, emotional empowerment workshops, a nature scavenger hunt, campfire music and story time, and a cacao ceremony,” says Behrs.

        This summer, Circle the Center will offer a canine companion-centered retreat at a state park where there is an unleashed dog park facility. To complete this trip, the Center is collaborating with a canine trainer to develop yoga sequences and workshops geared to encourage the bonds of human-to-dog and vice versa. The trip will be held over the 3-day course of a full moon.

        Then, in October, Circle the Center is hosting a retreat in the Los Angeles area. “We are in collaboration with some other Holistic Chamber of Commerce chapters/members and look forward to revealing more details as they are solidified,” she adds.

        Retreats will head out of the country from December through February and venture to Rincon, Puerto Rico. The first retreat is scheduled for the second week of December and is titled Creativity for Chocolate Lovers. “This retreat is located in an upscale hostel set in the hills overlooking the ocean,” says Behrs. “We will tour an organic cacao farm, have fun with community art and painting, and experience yoga on the beach. There will also be healthy chocolate cooking classes throughout the week.”

        Aside from pre-planned retreats, Circle the Center offers made-to-order retreats for small businesses looking to develop teamwork through personal development for their staff. “I meet with the business owner to discuss their price point, location preference, menu ideas, and goals for the workshops,” says Behrs. “From the beginning, it is a collaboration tailored to their specific group.”

        Behrs spent 2015 and 2016 contemplating and scout locations across the United States, Central America, and Puerto Rico. This year is the first year the retreats become a reality that others can share, starting at home base near Cincinnati.

        To learn more about Circle the Center, visit You can also like them on Facebook.

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          One stylish step at a time, the Cancer Support Community is raising funds for their cause with a fun and fashionable night out. Keep reading for their inspiring message and how they’re helping those impacted by cancer through this upcoming event that every wino and fashionista will want to attend!


          Wine, Women & Shoes will be held May 18 at the Kenwood Country Club and benefit the Cancer Support Community.

          Mark your calendars for May 12 for the 2017 Wine, Women & Shoes event takes place at the Kenwood Country Club from 6:30 to 10:30 pm.

          Benefitting the Cancer Support Community, Wine, Women & Shoes brings a night of fashion and philanthropy to the city, aiming to bring support to a local organization.

          “This evening of fashion and compassion is a smart, sophisticated event featuring wine tasting, silent and live auctions, a fashion show, and a shopping marketplace that will engage and entertain our expected 300 plus guests,” explains Cancer Support Community Executive Director Michelle Johnson.

          The event aims to raise funds and further the mission of the CSC.

          The Cancer Support Community was established in 1990, a few years after Lynn Stern watched an episode of the Phil Donahue Show in which the show discussed The Wellness Community (TWC) with special guest Dr. Harold Benjamin, who founded TWC.

          Dr. Benjamin put out a call-to-action to anyone who wanted to start a wellness community of their own. Stern jumped at the chance as she was a cancer survivor herself.

          “As an ovarian cancer survivor and moved by his mission of providing education, hope, and community to those impacted by cancer, Stern picked up the phone and immediately contact Dr. Benjamin,” says Johnson.

          After spending time in Santa Monica, California, learning more about the organization, Stern knew she wanted to bring the organization to Cincinnati, thanks to its philosophy, approach, and impact on people affected by cancer.

          “Today, the Cancer Support Community brings support, education, and hope to the thousands of people who are impacted by cancer in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky regions,” says Johnson.

          Event entertainment, wine, and other fun activities are planned for Wine, Women & Shoes.

          According to Johnson, the mission at the Cancer Support Community is to ensure that all those who are impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by the community.

          To bring even greater awareness of the Cancer Support Community and to raise funds for its mission, the organization is teaming up with Wine, Women & Shoes. Founded by Elaine Honig, Wine, Women & Shoes hosts events in cities around the country to help organizations raise money for their causes.

          VIP tickets for Wine, Women & Shoes are $150 and includes valet parking, a VIP gift, table seating with a dedicated Shoe Guy host, wine tasting, food and beverages, event entertainment, and a swag bag. General admission tickets are $100 and includes valet parking, wine tasting, food and beverages, event entertainment, and a swag bag.

          Learn more about Wine, Women & Shoes or purchase your tickets here.

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            From the greenhouse to the dinner table, what was once just an idea has become a business venture that provides local farmers and gardeners with plants and seedlings to help them get through the coldest months of the year. See how this makes it easier to keep sustainability and localism on your plate.


            CincySprouts allows for vegetables and herbs to be grown in a greenhouse during the winter months.

            Rosa Michaels was working as a farm apprentice for Cultivate! Ohio Valley (formerly Our Harvest Research and Education Institute) in Summer 2015. “I expressed that I would like a more challenging training experience as an apprentice,” explains Michaels. “Ken Stern, coordinator of the apprenticeship program at Cultivate! Ohio Valley, came back that fall with a small grant from the City of Cincinnati’s Urban Agriculture Fund and an idea.”

            That idea was to propagate vegetable plants for local farmers as a way to advance Michaels’ own education as an apprentice, but also as a way to generate income through the winter and early spring.

            Soon, CincySprouts was born. CincySprouts is a vegetable and herb transplant growing business.

            “CincySprouts is a venture started to provide local farmers and gardeners in the Cincinnati area with plants and seedlings grown locally without the use of synthetic chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers,” says Michaels.

            CincySprouts will be in three greenhouses this spring and summer season, helping to grow seeds for local gardeners and farmers.

            However, CincySprouts is much more than just a transplant venture.

            “CincySprouts offers several wholesale possibilities for local growers and customizable retail purchase options for gardeners,” she adds.

            Michaels is just one of the several people behind CincySprouts. Stern is also on the team as well as Charles Griffin of Cincinnati State’s Sustainable Agriculture Program, Anna Haas of Ohio Valley Food Connection, Akshay Ahuja of Green Acres and Cincinnati Magazine, and Stefanie Kremer, who Michaels credits with bringing the idea of CincySprouts to life in the dead of winter and made the project possible during crunch time of spring and summer farming times.

            According to Michaels, what makes CincySprouts unique is that it is the only small-contract grower in Cincinnati. “Farmers or gardeners can select what they want grown from our seed supply and/or they can send us their seeds to propagate for them,” says Michaels. “The prices stay the same either way.”

            CincySprouts aims to be as accommodating as possible and work closely with customers to ensure that they get exactly what they ordered.

            “Handing over your future plant babies is a big ordeal for most full-time growers,” says Michaels. “Transplants are the base of any farming operation, the plans need to be healthy from the beginning to turn into hardy vegetables or herb plants later in the season.”

            CincySprouts is dedicated to sustainability and localism. The soilless mix is organic production approved and purchased from Ohio Earth Foods, the seeds are purchase from small seed companies like High Mowing Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, Ohio Heirloom Seeds, and Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and fertilizers are animal or mineral based and organic production approved.

            CincySprouts has planted seeds in Cultivate’s heated greenhouse in College Hill on the century-old Bahr Farm, and will be located in three greenhouse locations this year. Seeding began in January at Cincinnati State’s greenhouse in Clifton, and then in March everything moved to the homebase greenhouse at Bahr Farm, and in April CincySprouts will be using an additional greenhouse on gorman Heritage Farm off Reading Road.

            “In 2016, CincySprouts grew for Giving Fields, a freestore food bank farm in Melbourne, Kentucky; Gabrield’s Place in Avondale; gorman Heritage Farm in Cincinnati; OTR Home Grown Urban Farm; Mt Washington Urban Farm; Rob Lewis of Turner Farm in Madeira; and St. Francis Community Garden,” says Michaels. She adds that CincySprouts also took small, custom orders from gardeners and sold every Saturday and Sunday at Findlay Market.

            While CincySprouts is a fairly new venture, Michaels has already found her happy place with it. Her favorite part is being in the greenhouse working, whether with the team or solo, as she seeds thousands of seeds. “It’s meditative and calming,” she says. “I also love educating folks who may have never grown something before or they are planning their first garden, I’ve been told my enthusiasm is contagious, but I want people to experience the same joy and absolute satisfaction of growing something from a little plant to it becoming a dinner dish. Personally there is nothing more gratifying.”

            CincySprouts will return to Findlay Market for the 2017 season. And Michaels adds that in addition to the normal Findlay Market weekends, CincySprouts will be doing pop-ups shops around Cincinnati, beginning in May. These pop-ups include the Cincinnati Earth Day Event in Blue Ash on April 22 and Sayler Park Sustains event on June 10. The team is also planning for other pop-ups this year as well.  

            CincySprouts merchandise will soon be available, with a redesigned logo. They will be selling everything including buttons, magnets, stickers, and t-shirts, all of which will be available at any of the retail pop-ups and Findlay Market.

            “Cultivate! Ohio Valley also holds workshops about once a month that are geared more towards farmers, but anyone that is interested can attend,” says Michaels of those who are interested in learning more. “Workshops this year included greenhouse building, seeds starting, the ins and outs of organic certification, and successful urban farm business planning.”

            To learn more about Cincy Sprouts, visit You can also send the team an email at or follow along on Instagram and Facebook. You can also learn more about Cultivate! Ohio Valley and the farmer apprenticeship program at and click on the tab “About” then “Farmer Training.”

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              Inspired by the artistic beauty that makes Cincinnati so colorful, two local entrepreneurs set out to highlight and tell the stories of the city’s makers and creators. Learn more about this story-telling dynamic duo, the resource they’ve created, and how they’re now expanding its reach to neighboring cities.


              Five-Dots is an online-based publication that focuses on Cincinnati’s booming arts community.

              While it may not be obvious to everyone, Cincinnati is truly an art destination. To help others realize the density of the arts community, local artist and writer Megan Bickel and photographer Cassandra Zetta Niehaus launched a collaborative, non-profit style, bi-monthly online arts publication called Five-Dots.

              “We started Five-Dots in July 2016 with the intent of opening up the lines of conversation between artists, makers, curators, and the public,” explains Bickel.

              Cassandra Niehaus, Co-Founder of Five-Dots.

              Bickel and Niehaus use their publication to speak with a variety of members from Cincinnati’s creative community. “We speak about their work, process, ideas, concerns about their community, and workspace as a means to discuss greater general topics such as the politics of being a creative entrepreneur, the financial and social risks of taking up non-traditional work paths, and how it affects them for the better and worse,” adds Bickel.

              This dynamic duo was inspired to launch Five-Dots after encounter other online publications such as Two Coats of Pain by Sharon Butler in New York and In-the-Make by Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan in addition to several arts podcasts, and seeing that man people outside the arts community in Cincinnati had no idea just how abundant the arts are in the city.

              “We wanted to create a platform that was engaging, stimulating, and thoughtful without being intimidating,” says Bickel. “We wanted to challenge without being confrontational.”

              Five-Dots started out as a project based out of Cincinnati, however, Bickel says it will continue to grow in the next months to include Louisville, Lexington, and other areas in the region.

              Megan Bickel, Co-Founder of Five-Dots.

              Today, Five-Dots published interviews on artists, printmakers, designers, and curators, thanks to the growth since since launching just over six months ago.

              This unique take on the artistic community in Cincinnati is one of the city’s best kept secrets. “We provide a service to creaties and non-creatives alike in that we bring the lofty, 20th century ideas of what an artist is and we bring it down to earth,” says Bickel. “We want the general public to see that being in the creative industry is like no other. The people we interview are their own product generators, marketers, publishers, shippers, accountants, and in general, badasses that own every single component of their practice.”

              The goal of Five-Dots is to introduce the general community the wonder, freedom, and obligation that comes along with being an artist, maker, and curator.  “Five-Dots hopes to encourage others to dive into what makes them happiest,” adds Bickel. “Because, at the end of the day, you are the biggest contribution to your community when you do what you do best,”

              You can expect to see content from Five-Dots continuing to be published in the coming months. Bickel says the two will launch a few interviews in the coming months with several international online galleries while hoping to open up the question, “what is regional within the context of the Internet?”

              Five-Dots can be found within the blog section of Made in Cincinnati and will soon be found through a co-launching program with AEQAI, in which Five-Dots will share selected relevant content from each other’s publications.

              Bickel adds that Five-Dots is also always taking submissions from creatives in the area, and those who are interested in submitting can visit to fill out the contact form.

              To learn more about Five-Dots, visit The two launches new interviews every first and final Friday of the month. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook for updates on launches and to learn more about the interviewees highlighted.

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                A knack for decorative finishing followed by a love for Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint turned into a booming business for this Ohio couple. Keep reading to hear their story and see how they’re now featuring local artisans in their four stores, warming clients’ hearts and homes.

                Debra Campbell of Fleurish Home with Chip and Joanna Gaines of the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper.

                Rustic home decor has busted back on the home design and decorating scene and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon thanks to a growing popularity to repurpose items and stay green.

                To help locals find the products they were looking for while designing and decorating, husband and wife team Debra and Doug Campbell were inspired to launch their own business, Fleurish Home.

                Fleurish Home is an official retailer of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

                The business was officially born in 2013 to serve an ever-growing demand for Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, but it’s origin story dates back long before Fleurish Home became a physical home decor and gift shop.

                Debra’s professional career has always been in the field of creating all things visual. She started her career in visual merchandising for various retail stores following the completion of her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from Bowling Green State University.

                During her time in the visual merchandising realm, Debra began to fine tune her skills in decorative finishing like gilding, faux finishes, glazes, murals, and Venetian plaster. Decorative finishing was no longer just a hobby for Debra, it was something she knew she wanted to turn into a business when her merchandising career became too difficult after her and Doug started a family.

                Debra’s first business launched in 2000, under the name Wallartistry. “Over the years I was asked to showcase my work in home-a-ramas, model homes, designer show houses, and more,” she explains. “I was commissioned to do hundreds of homes and commercial properties from small, one-room projects to large, 10,000-square-foot residents. I was working for local celebrities and sports figures and doing projects for restaurants and even ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition.”

                All of that hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. Debra has won several national awards for her work and after she saw just how successful she was in the home decorating field she decided to launch her own studio/school to help teach others the field of decorating finishing.

                Fleurish Home is also a gift and decor shop to help you fill your home with unique items.

                “It was here that I was introduced to Chalk Paint by one of my students in the late summer of 2010,” she says. “It was shortly after it landed in the United States and I was instantly hooked.”

                Soon thereafter Debra became a Chalk Paint retailer and traveled all over the state of Ohio, showing retail shops and paint studios the new product she’d encountered.

                Doug has always been Debra’s right-hand-man. His professional career included a journeyman electrician, and when he wasn’t doing that he was helping Debra with large decorating plastering jobs in the evenings and on weeks.

                The two realized they needed a shop with regular hours when they couldn’t keep up with the demand for Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Doug was making daily trips to UPS, setting up at trade-shows and events, and picking up and delivering paint to local retailers.

                “We needed a shop with regular hours, and along with paint, customers had starting asking what other items were available for purchase,” says Debra. “So, we closed our studio and started work on the retail shop.”

                When they committed to the shop, they went all in. Doug took a huge leap of faith and left his day job in order to help get the shop together.

                “We’ve always wanted to work together, so opening the shop was a dream come true for both of us,” says Debra. We are so lucky to work side-by-side everyday and make this our family business.”

                Fleurish Home sells paint supplies including chalk paints, waxes and topcoats, stencils, gilding & metallics, hardware & knobs, Annie Sloan & DIY books, embellishments, and they also carry the Annie Sloan Fabric Collection.

                These DIY items aren’t the only things you can find from Fleurish Home. They also carry botanicals and room decor including objects and accents, wall art, typography, one-of-a-kind items, lantern & candle holders, and other items to decorate your home.

                “Many of the shop’s items are from small businesses and/or handmade by themselves or other artisans around the country,” says Debra. “We wanted to help others to ‘fleurish’ in their lives and look beautiful while doing so.”

                There are several physical stores of Fleurish Home throughout southwestern Ohio. Physical locations can be found in Columbus, Springboro, Cincinnati, and Hamilton. To learn more, email or call 937-748-8362. To learn more, visit or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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                  Wedding Season is about to kick into high gear. We chat with a local expert for the best ways to plan for the big day, while still keeping your budget and sanity in check. Read on (and watch an exclusive webcast) for all her helpful hints!

                  Kathy Piech-Lukas, Owner of Your Dream Day (right).

                  Kathy Piech-Lukas spent much of her past “career life” working in corporate marketing and event planning. But she found her passion while planning her own wedding when other professional planners encouraged her to venture out on a wedding planning business of her own.

                  “Fourteen years ago there were no reality shows, so I assumed wedding planners were like those in the movies for wealthy people,” she explains. “I didn’t realize that wedding planners could be so helpful to an average person like me.”

                  Piech-Lukas is the sole owner and planner at Your Dream Day, a wedding planning company that serves brides and grooms in Cincinnati and Dayton.

                  Because everyone is different, wedding planning is also different for each client. “Wedding planning means different things to different people,” she says.

                  But at Your Dream Day, no matter your preferences, you’ll find everything from event design, personalized vendor selection, timeline management, task checklists, rehearsal coordination, and day-of wedding management.

                  Thanks to the wants and needs of brides and grooms across the area, no day is the same for Piech-Lukas at Your Dream Day, and that’s exactly what she loves the most about running her own wedding planning business.

                  “Every story is original and every client is unique,” she adds.

                  Those clients bring their own inspiration for each event, and give Piech-Lukas her own inspiration for their big day as well, so no two weddings are the same.

                  What makes Your Dream Day stand out among other wedding planners is the attention they give each client. “We take pride in our work and develop close relationships with our clients during the planning process,” says Piech-Lukas.

                  To help ensure that couples are happy and doing well, Piech-Lukas likes to stay in touch with the majority of her brides and grooms after the wedding.

                  “Many of my brides think of me like an impartial big sister figure during the planning process, and parents consider me to be a translator, helping their children understand why they may want a certain thing done at a wedding,” she says.

                  You can look forward to more wedding planning from Your Dream Day in 2017. Piech-Lukas says she also plans to give her blog more emphasis this year, featuring nothing but weddings including real wedding vendor stories, real local weddings, wedding planning tips, and pertinent information to planning a wedding in Southwest Ohio.

                  “Planning can get so overwhelming with all the websites and bridal shows, and it’s hard to know what an honest (versus paid) referral is or who truly is the best,” she says. “We want to help brides navigate that process and make wedding planning more fun and less stressful.

                  To learn more about Your Dream Day, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Also, watch the exclusive webcast below as Cincy Chic’s publisher Amy Scalia chats with Lukas about several more helpful wedding planning tips.

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                    Calling all fashionistas! A local stylist is bringing her online boutique to a brick-and-mortar near you! Keep reading to learn more about the new boutique that will showcase her styling skills, on-trend tips, and fashionable finds!

                    Sydney Murdock of UnCommon Things is turning her online boutique into a brick and mortar fashion headquarters in Cincinnati.

                    There’s nothing common about Sydney Murdock. She’s spent the past seven years working as a fashion stylist and has been able to build up a portfolio and small clientele right here in Cincinnati as well as New York City.

                    But her work doesn’t stop at styling. Murdock also launched an online boutique called UnCommon Things. “UnCommon Things started out as an online destination for young women to shop for the pieces that they live for,” she explains. “This includes funky, sexy, and unique pieces that fashion-forward women often have a hard time finding.”

                    Murdock was inspired to launch UnCommon Things through her passion for helping women look and feel good about themselves while also creating a place Cincinnati women could go to find the fashion they’re looking for.

                    “There are fewer and fewer places that cater to the fashion forward ladies within the city who are looking for uniqueness and edge to add to their wardrobe,” she says. “The store has grown quickly over the past few months and will launch with a storefront in the summer.”

                    Sydney Murdock, Owner of UnCommon Things

                    As someone who strives to help women with their clothing, she also wanted a business that was her own and could fully showcase who she is as a stylist, buyer, and fashion enthusiast in the city.

                    “Since there wasn’t a lane, I began working toward creating one,” she says. “UnCommon Things is not only a clothing store, but it will also stand as a fashion haven where women can schedule styling services, closet revamps, and more.”

                    Murdock’s passion also lies in working for herself and pushing the notion of becoming a “girl boss” in her field. “Women are the future, we need to own our own businesses,” she adds.

                    Currently, the boutique is a huge project that Murdock is continuing to develop. “There is a ton of planning, construction, and ordering that has to be done prior to the big reveal,” she says. “We are geared toward opening by June 2017.”

                    While she’s keeping most of the details regarding the project top secret, Murdock says she plans to let Cincy Chic be the first to know more information.

                    As for inventory, Murdock says she plans to carry a variety of products ranging from monochrome sets to thigh high boots and bedazzled chockers. “We will have it all,” she says.

                    To learn more about UnCommon Things, check out the store website at You can also follow Murdock’s blog and Instagram.

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                      It’s not always easy to find time for friends, shopping and fun. That’s why a local DAAP graduate launched a concept that brings it all under one roof… Yours! Read on for all the fashionable details.

                      The team behind Up2Tempo.

                      As a busy mom, but a fashionista at heart, Deanna Hotchkiss knew there had to be an easier way to maximize her limited time for friends, shopping and fun. That’s what inspired her to launch Up2Tempo, a Cincinnati-based company that allows you to shop affordable and comfortable fashion pieces through a no-pressure trunk show with a personal stylist, while enjoying fun and refreshments with friends.

                      “Up2Tempo is a unique clothing company where you can buy hand-picked items by a personal stylist on our website,” explains Hotchkiss, “or you can have a girls night where a personal stylist brings an entire store to your house where you and your friends can shop.”

                      Hotchkiss says Up2Tempo personal stylists help you put together one-of-a-kind outfits or simply provide outfits for you to find on and take home that night – looks that match your personality and your style. “It’s a safe environment with no pressure, just fun,” she says. “We suggest that you only buy it if you love and look great wearing it.”

                      While the idea of someone else dressing you can feel a little daunting at first, Hotchkiss and her team are there to help you try on clothes with your girlfriends and seeing what different outfits look like on different people.”

                      Deanna Hotchkiss is the founder of Up2Tempo.

                      When she launched Up2Tempo, Hotchkiss wanted to create a fun environment where you can have a girls night in with your closest friends while enjoy fun, food, and fashion.

                      “The Up2Tempo trunk show gives women time with their friends, feedback from their friends, and their very own personal stylist,” she adds. “Everyone has to wear clothes, so why not take something we have to do and make it fun and easy.”

                      Hotchkiss graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s school of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a degree in fashion design and product development.

                      Her career has spanned different areas of the fashion industry, including retail sales, fashion merchandising, and fashion design – she event spent time herself as a personal shopper at Neiman Marcus in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she style everyone, including several celebrities. Her credentials don’t stop there, however, as she’s also been head wardrobe stylist for a movie and a fashion stylist for many photo shoots.

                      Up2Tempo made its debut in Fall 2014, but clothing recently became available for purchasing in the online store in this spring. Hotchkiss says that not only are the products from Up2Tempo comfortable and fashionable, they’re also affordable. “All of the clothing is purchased with those three things in mind,” she says.

                      What makes it unique, she says, is that they bring the merchandise to you and send a personal stylist along as well. “How many companies do that,” she says.

                      Hotchkiss is always searching for ways to make Up2Tempo a household name for fashion. She’s interested in bringing on more personal stylists to help clients and the launch of the online shop is one of the most exciting things she’s looking forward to this year.

                      “Right now we are just really excited about the growth of the business and the home parties,” she adds.

                      To learn more, visit or call 513-227-0474.