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    Coffee drinkers unite! The largest coffee festival in the Midwest is coming to town soon and it'll be full of music, shopping, tastings, demonstrations, and of course coffee. Learn more about the event and its important fundraiser that makes local water cleaner one drip at a time.

    Mark your calendars for October 11-13 when the Ohio River Foundation hosts the Cincinnati Coffee Festival, a premier coffee event and the largest coffee festival in the Midwest. 

    According to Rich Cogen, Executive Director of the Ohio River Foundation, the Cincinnati Coffee Festival is a major fundraiser for the Ohio River Foundation, which aims to protect and improve water quality in the Ohio River Watershed. 

    “Water quality is important to all of us,” he says. “From the water that goes into growing our food, to the water we use to make our coffee, you can’t have great coffee without great water.”

    To help raise funds for the Foundation, the Cincinnati Coffee Festival will be held October 11-13 at the Grand Ballroom of the Duke Energy Convention Center. October 11 is trade day for coffee shop owners, baristas, and people interested in getting into the coffee business. Then, on October 12-13, the event is open to the public. 

    “The Cincinnati Coffee Festival is a celebration of artisan coffee, fine teas, chocolates, pastries, and baked goods,” says Cogen.

    Attendees to the event will have the opportunity to taste from 60 vendors from around the region and beyond, while also enjoying live music, demonstrations, and the chance to discover and purchase new products. 

    “”A highlight during the last two events has been the Latte Art Throwdown, where baristas vie for the title of top latte artist,” says Cogen. “That will return at 2pm on Saturday. Also back this year is Latte Art in Action for the general public. 

    New to this year’s event is the Coffee Olympics. This activity allows attendees to cheer on their favorite coffee shops in fun competitions. Also new is Campfire coffee, a casual presentation and conversation space. “We’re also introducing a coffee-themed silent auction,” adds Cogen. “Lastly, we will add a limited-seating film booth area for guests to watch short, engaging environmental films. Finally, we’re expanding The Art of Coffee, which features works in a variety of media, and we’ll even be offering some of those works for purchase.”

    The event, Cogen says, is a unique blend of specialty coffee, tea, food, live music, engaging activities, and environmental responsibility. “Not only do vendors offer compostable cups, but we are also asking attendees to bring their own coffee cups and mugs as we endeavor to make this festival the greenest one in the nation,” says Cogen. “Funds raised will help support Ohio River Foundation’s education and restoration programs, so you’re making a difference while you have fun.” 

    Tickets for the event range from $12.50 to $40 for VIP. Advance tickets are available for purchase at

    To learn more about the Cincinnati Coffee Festival, visit their website. You can also “like” the Ohio River Foundation’s Facebook page for the latest updates on the festival. 

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      An emerging fundraising-through-fashion event is now in three Ohio cities and looking at opportunities to expand. See how they’re encouraging independent designers to work together to support non-profit organizations and their missions.

      LUXE Gives Back wants to make a difference in its small part of the world through its new event LUXE, a marquee fashion fundraising event. 

      The events put on by LUXE Gives Back benefit non-profit organizations and each event features a theme with three key elements, according to Founders Lisa Robin Adkinson and Valerie Jones.

      Each event features a runway show with merchandise from a group of independent fashion and accessories designers. “We use volunteer models, often involved with our non-profit partner, that are diverse women representing the local community,” says Adkinson. 

      LUXE also features a pop-up marketplace that designers from the runway show set up to allow attendees to shop. “LUXE curates regional, indie designers to deliver truly unique merchandize,” she explains. What makes this pop-up experience unique, she adds, is that participation is by invitation only. 

      In addition to the pop-ups and runway shows, LUXE Magazine is a publication that goes out in conjunction with each event. “The magazine is designed with beautiful fashion spreads and feature articles about some of the amazing people supporting LUXE events alongside regular columns on style, beauty, business, arts, and inspiration,” says Adkinson.

      The inspiration for LUXE comes from the desire to help independent designers, especially in the Midwest, grow their customer base and expose them to unique designs and merchandise. 

      “There are plenty of marketplaces and vendor opportunities, but there isn’t one specifically focused on indie designers,” explains Adkinson. “Pop-up shops are extremely popular with shoppers and designers alike. Our inspiration was to bring designers together to work collaboratively to minimize marketing costs and build a viable fashion community. Plus, all of the designers involved also support our mission to give back.”

      There are still some remaining events for LUXE through the end of the year: 

      Saturday, September 14, 2019, LUXE Dayton + YWCA Dayton at the White House Event Center, downtown Dayton.

      Saturday, October 12, 2019, LUXE Cincy + COCA- Council on Child Abuse, an affiliate of Talbert House at Fueled Collective, Rookwood.

      Saturday, October 26, 2019, LUXE Columbus + National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) at Versa Grandview.

      Adkinson says that what makes these LUXE events unique is that they want to engage sponsors and attendees alike, while helping beneficiaries feel supported.

      Adkinson says that 16 months after launching LUXE is now in three cities. “LUXE has filled a niche in the market, and we have received several requests to bring the concept to additional cities,” she says. 

      Currently, LUXE is working on 2020 events now, with LUXE Cincy + YWCA Cincinnati scheduled for March 14, 2020 at Fueled Collective.

      To learn more about LUXE, visit There you can sign up for a complimentary subscription to the LUXE Magazine. Adkinson says those interested in modeling, stylists or hair and makeup, can submit interest here. Volunteers can click here and information on in-kind and paid sponsors is available here.

      To follow along with upcoming events and news, follow LUXE on Facebook and Instagram

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        A local woman is launching a program and community to help women find pleasure in life again through a seven step program called the BARE method. Read on for all the inspiring details.

        Natasha Hazelton doesn’t want to encourage diets, detoxes, or cleanses. She wants to help women acknowledge their beauty both inside and out as a BARE Life Coach.

        Currently, Hazelton is training with Susan Hyatt, founder and author of the book “BARE” and the BARE method.

        “The BARE method is not a cleanse, detox, or diet,” explains Hazelton. “I will be helping women, especially moms, stop dieting and help them with their body image issues.”

        Hazelton says she’s the most passionate about helping women gain more confidence both in their bodies and in their lives.

        “In BARE, you will learn how to manage your emotions (stress, anxiety, boredom, etc.) without turning to food for comfort,” she says. “You’ll learn how to find sources of please and joy that aren’t food-related. You’ll learn how to respect your body and you’ll also learn how to tune into your body and follow your hunger signals, from feeling hungry to feeling full or satisfied.”

        The BARE method, according to Hazelton, is made up of seven steps that range from detoxing your environment to being seen and heard.

        Natasha Hazelton

        “One might think I am a weight loss coach, but I am not,” she adds. “I teach women to love the skin they are in and empower them to be who they are unapologetically.” 

        Confidence issues are one thing that drove Hazelton to pursue the BARE method and to become a coach-in-training. She says she’d always struggled with low confidence and her weight. 

        “While in the BARE program, I realized that I lacked pleasure in my life,” she says. “One of the main components behind BARE is pleasure. Susan says that it’s not more willpower that women need but more pleasure in our lives. And that was me as a new mom.”

        Hazelton says that once she acknowledged that she’d put her own pleasure and happiness to the side that she was able to take control of her life and her weight.

        Currently, Hazelton offers 1:1 coaching and in the fall will launched a group program based on the book “BARE.”

        Her coaching business focuses on moms who have lost their identity and aren’t quite sure how to find themselves again. “I help moms bring more pleasure and joy into their lives so they can be a better and more present mom,” she says. “I want to make ‘momming’ more fun and enjoyable.”

        Many of the blogs featured on Hazelton’s website feature ties to her own child and how she sees life from a different perspective as a mother.

        Hazelton plans to host a virtual BARE Book Club in mid-September or early October, where women can purchase the book and be led through the seven steps with support and coaching. There will also be a Facebook group available where participants can engage with her and others as well as the option of coaching on a group call while reviewing concepts in the book.

        To learn more, visit There you’ll find information on coaching services and programs. You can also follow along on Facebook.

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          Every time you shop small, a real person does a happy dance. Click to learn about a new project that will not only help a lot of real people do happy dances, but it’ll help to build a stronger community at the same time. 

          Curated Cincinnati offers a deck of discounts from local, independent businesses.

          Today’s world can often feel too corporate. Between mergers, buyouts and bankruptcies, there seems to be an endless supply of department stores and the same old, same old. 

          Amy Keller wants to change that. With a degree from DAAP and nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, she decided to set out on a quest of her own – Curated Cincinnati.

          Although still in the development phase, Curated Cincinnati strives to connect communities through shared values – while supporting the small business owners in the city’s neighborhoods. The project consists of 50 cards in a “deck” that represents 50 different merchants throughout the city, all of whom offer a 20% discount to encourage customers to continue to “shop small.”

          Because shopping small and independent is so important to Keller, she wanted to carefully curate the businesses she approached about Curated Cincinnati.

          “I really wanted to be selective in who I chose for this curated collection of businesses,” she says. “We chose businesses who have given life to the neighborhood where they’re located, have merged community and art, want to help support other local independents, have a point of view, and offer exemplary customer service.”

          And while big companies are better at selling, it’s the small, independent stores in the city that can do what those companies can’t – spread joy. 

          “I want Curated Cincinnati to encourage people to try new places, try new experiences, and meet new people,” says Keller. “I want to encourage new connections that may not have happened otherwise.” 

          Spread the word about the city’s movers and shakers through Curated Cincinnati will do more than attract locals – it will also bring in those who are visiting the city.

          While explaining the project, Keller says that having Curated Cincinnati in places like real estate offices can encourage those who have just moved to the area to try new places. Having them available in other places frequented by tourists will also help to spread the word about small businesses making an impact on the Queen City.

          The chosen businesses for Curated Cincinnati are making the world a better place in one way or another. 

          “Many merchants create and produce locally with exceptional skill,” she says. “Locally made products are made with love and purpose. Shopping local gives you the opportunity to meet the people who make your products. Supporting our members returns more money to our local economy, keeps our communities unique, and creates jobs. When neighbors support neighbors, communities are stronger.”

          Some of the businesses that you’ll soon be able to find in Curated Cincinnati include Grainwell, Own Lane Shoetique, Alley Boutique, Fern, Silk Road Textiles, and many more.

          Keller encourages readers to keep an eye out for more news to come on Curated Cincinnati, as she plans to start selling her product just before the kick-off of the holiday shopping season. Keep an eye out for the launch of the Curated Cincinnati website.

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            Learn about the one-day conference coming up that provides you with resources to enhance your happiness, freedom, and prosperity through the lens of personal finance.

            The American Dream looks drastically different than it did a few decades ago. That’s the idea that Diania Merriam wanted to explore when she launched EconoMe, a one-day conference that provides attendees with resources to enhance their happiness, freedom, and prosperity through the lens of personal finance.

            “Provocative speakers will explore the idea of a ‘new American Dream,’” Merriam explains.

            With roots in the FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early), the EconoMe Conference has its sights set on helping people join the lifestyle movement of FIRE with the goal of financial freedom.

            “I was motivated to start a conference after the pursuit of FIRE changed my life,” says Merriam. “After I discovered blogs like Mr. Money Mustache and Frugalwoods, as well as books such as Your Money or Your Life and The Simple Path to Wealth, I used my new-found knowledge to get out of $30,000 in debt in 11 months.”

            After getting herself out of debt, Merriam was able to negotiate a remote working relationship with her employer as well as a two-month unpaid sabbatical to walk the Camino de Santiago (a 500-mile trek across northern Spain).

            Now she’s planning to the EconoMe Conference on March 7, 2020 at the University of Cincinnati’s Great Hall at Tangeman University Center.

            Those who attend the event can expect a full day of programming that includes two sessions of speakers, an opportunity to screen a new documentary about the FIRE movement calling “Playing with Fire,” and an after party.

            Once the conference is over, Merriam says that she hopes attendees are inspired by the ideas shared through the speakers and leave feeling that they learned something valuable.

            “I also hope the content expands their understanding of what is possible when it comes to their finances and creating more freedom in their lives,” she adds.

            To learn more about the EconoMe Conference, visit Merriam says she is working on getting early bird tickets available for next month, but you can sign up for the mailing list on the website to be notified when tickets go on sale.

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              Learn about a local dietitian who launched a nutrition consulting company to offer in-home assessments, grocery store tours, and one-on-one counseling to help you live your best and healthiest life one bite at a time.

              Working with individuals to improve their quality of life is something that Candace Winterbauer became increasingly interested in after she went from working mom to stay-at-home mom to her children.

              “When I became pregnant with our third child I decided to invest in my career by starting my own company,” she says.

              Since she quit her job as an outpatient dietitian, she noticed that the aspect of helping others was missing, so she launched Winterbauer Nutrition. 

              “Starting my own company allows me to be at home with my family while also following my passion for nutrition,” she says. 

              Winterbauer Nutrition is a nutrition consulting company that offers medical nutrition therapy to clients with one-on-one counseling, family counseling, in-home assessments, grocery store tours, and even offers a specialty in baby-led weaning. 

              Winterbauer herself is the lead lady behind Winterbauer Nutrition, although she also credits her husband for the support he’s provided since she started dreaming of running her own company. She says her children also make appearances when she works with families who are interested in baby-led weaning.

              The services offered by Winterbauer are not solely limited to nutrition, as she is also a personal trainer who holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Physical Performance. 

              “I can offer the full package to clients who want to improve not only their nutrition but also their physical activity levels,” she adds.

              When it comes to the quality of service she offers, Winterbauer says she’s a very laid back person and prides herself on her ability to bring that level of calm to her counseling. 

              “One of the most common compliments I get from my clients is that they felt very comfortable working with me,” Winterbauer says. 

              Thanks in her interest and educational background in nutrition, Winterbauer has gained an additional interested in edible landscaping and gardening after becoming involved in urban gardening and farming during while completing graduate work at Saint Louis University.

              “I saw a lot of success in nutrition goals with individuals who started to either grow their own food or join a community supported agriculture (CSA) program,” she says. “And I would love to start tying these passions into either workshops or individual counseling.” 

              You can learn more about Winterbauer Nutrition by following along on Facebook.

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                A local mecca for designer fashion recently moved to an exciting new location in Montgomery that offers twice the space and retail offerings than before. Read on to learn more about the expansion, where you can find the new space, and all the fashion-lovin' fun they have planned for it.

                Designer Items & More recently re-located from West Chester to the heart of Montgomery. Owner Felisa Insignares says she moved to a new space after listening to clients and their calls for growth and more retail offerings.

                “We’ve got twice as much square footage so twice as many designs and fitting rooms,” she says. “We also have a salon and gift area.”

                Insignares loves to make her clients feel empowered and confident, and putting them in designer clothing is just an added benefit for her. 

                “It gives me so much satisfaction to empower women to feel and be their most confident whether in the boardroom or office, in front of the camera, at a special event or simply living every day moments,” she says.

                The fashionable art at Designer Items & More is more than just clothing on racks, it’s an art form that Insignares loves to showcase to clients in her new location.

                Although they’re in a new location, their services have only expanded. “We still offer our styling appointments and are open to the public,” says Insignares, noting their regular shop hours as well as the ability to schedule private styling and shopping appointments.

                When you shop at Designer Items & More, Insignares says you’ll find brands such as Moschino, Louboutin, Akris, Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more. Designer items are new with tags or gently used and dry cleaned before they’re sold. All items are also checked for flaws and any imperfections are identified as part of the transparency Insignares gives her customers.

                With the expansion of a new, bigger store, Insignares says she hopes to continue is growth and its customer reach. She also have several events in the works, collaborating with other Montgomery-based businesses. Insignares says she will announce event details soon on their Facebook page.

                To learn more about Designer Items and More, visit Designer Items and More is now located at 7791 Cooper Road, Suite E in Cincinnati. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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                  A new lifestyle site is featuring all things real estate and design while also showcasing area homeowners, unique homes, and fun info about local neighborhoods. Read on to learn more.

                  Ron Erdmann is in the business of helping clients buy and sell homes. But to him, the real estate industry is about much more than just buying and selling – it’s about helping people find a real love and appreciation for real estate, design, and architecture. 

                  Inspiring that love for real estate is what encouraged him to launch, a destination site for anyone who finds passion in real estate, interior design ideas, decorating trends, and even what makes each neighborhood unique. “It’s for anyone who has an appreciation for life’s moments spent at their house, in their backyard, or in their neighborhood,” he says. 

                  Home Chic Home aims to tell the story behind every house, going along with the adage, “If the walls could talk,” Erdmann says.

                  “We tell the stories of the people of Cincinnati and about the lives they lead inside their Cincinnati homes,” he adds. “Cincy Home Chic Home is all about precious moments surrounding the real estate and decorating decisions that someone makes in their different life milestones. Whether it’s a story about an empty nester downsizing or finally getting that chef’s kitchen she’s been dreaming of, or a young, single person buying her first home after landing her first ‘real job’ or promotion, or an engaged couple buying their first together and picking out that extra bedroom for their future, out of town guests, and maybe even a little one.”

                  Erdmann is the Branch Manager/Vice President of Mortgage Lending for the Cincinnati office of Guaranteed Rate. He’s also the mortgage broker behind the site alongside his wife Jenny, who has a passion and love for all things real estate and design. 

                  “We are at the age where it seems like people in our lives are experiencing different phases of life: Parents finding and updating their forever home or friends moving into bigger homes to accommodate their growing family and to get into that perfect school district,” says Jenny. “We have friends with babies buying their first home. We have friends moving to take on big jobs in Cincinnati who are searching for that welcoming neighborhood.”

                  The Erdmanns are also working with Cincy Chic Publisher Amy Scalia to publish Cincy Home Chic Home. 

                  “We’re excited to work with Amy Scalia on this project because she brings her expertise of all things ‘cool,’ or dare I say Chic, and all things Cincy. We love her energy and excited about the city,” says Jenny. 

                  On Cincy Home Chic Home, readers will find content that features scenes from the home, such as a house party in the backyard, drinking a mocha on the front porch, or even a new beginning.

                  “We’re also going to feature local prominent people at home,” she adds. “Maybe it’s a new coach, a bar owner, a musician, a local business executive, an entrepreneur, a stay at home mom with great taste, or a millennial sipping craft beer in their minimalist living house.”

                  The couple has big dreams for the site and hopes to include interviews of people talking about their homes, why they bought it, and why they bought the neighborhood. “Cincinnati has too many cool neighborhoods that deserve showcasing,” Jenny adds.

                  To learn more about Cincy Home Chic Home, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

                  “Readers can interact with us by uploading their own photos and their own ideas,” adds Jenny. “They can write a caption about what the photo means to them and what is going on in their life. They can give us suggestions for featured properties or recent renovations. They can tell us who they want us to feature on the next At Home session. They can open the doors of their homes and their lives with us and share what is special.”

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                    A group of local ladies is relaunching with more dedication than ever to forming new friendships, having fun and impacting the community. Read on for all the details!

                    Sometimes, busy lives and schedules leads to a falling out among friends. It’s not uncommon for women to feel as though they no longer connect with the other women around them.

                    That’s how Andrea Khoury, founder of Housewives in the City, felt after she graduated college. She no longer had her group of girlfriends and felt that there was a need for adult women to have a social group.

                    What started in 2011 has since expanded to more than 30 cities across the country – including the Cincinnati Housewives in the City. 

                    The group hosts monthly happy hour-style events that take place at local restaurants, bars, or spas while also featuring local businesses. 

                    “Housewives in the City offers women opportunities to support each other both online and at our free monthly meet-ups,” says Cincinnati Housewives in the City’s new Director Sash Thoen. “You’ll find an amazing group of women to connect with that you’ll soon call friends.”

                    The group is currently in relaunch mode, after hosting their official relaunch at the beginning of July. 

                    Thoen says that she wanted to connect with the recruiting team for Housewives in the City after moving back to the Tri-State from the Carolinas in April.

                    “I’m taking this new opportunity to get out there and meet new people and help grow a community of women who support each other,” she says.

                    Thoen says that what makes the group unique is that it’s able to bring together the community at monthly Ladies Night Out events and Networking Socials while also supporting great causes including local non-profits. Additionally, the group gets to shine the spotlight on locally-owned businesses and thrives to be the go-to social media spot to find out what’s going on in and around Cincinnati. 

                    Currently, Thoen says, the focus for the Cincinnati Housewives in the City chapter is to grow the community. 

                    “I have two ladies night out events scheduled. One on August 20 at Ameriano Burger Bar called ‘Rompers and Cocktails’<> and another on September 12 called ‘Red Hot Party’<> at Fire at Rivercenter.”

                    To learn more about Housewives in the City, check them out here<> or on Facebook<> or Instagram<@cinhousewives >.

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                      Read about a local farm that’s hosting a fundraising dinner that’ll take you out of city life for a night and down on the farm for food and fun!

                      Gorman Heritage Farm is hosting its annual Row by Row dinner to raise funds for its educational programs.

                      Gorman Heritage Farm host an annual event to support their mission of offering education about agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment. Called Row by Row, the fundraising dinner highlights the bounty of the farm while giving guests the chance to learn more about it while also having a great time. 

                      “The 2019 dinner is August 24, beginning at 6pm at Gorman Heritage Farm,” says Tricia Watts, Executive Director at Gorman Heritage Farm.

                      When you purchase a ticket for Row by Row you’ll receive a dinner made with food that was grown and raised on the farm, beers from MadTree, a variety of wines, live music, and the chance to bid on silent and live auction items.

                      “VIP tickets also include our happy half hour with live music, specialty cocktails, appetizers, and the chance to meet some of our favorite farm animals,” Watts adds.

                      Tricia Watts, Executive Director at Gorman Heritage Farm

                      Watts says that what makes this event unique is that the food featured in the dinner is grown and raised on the farm. “The dinner takes place in a beautiful setting to benefit our nonprofit farm’s educational programs,” she says. 

                      In addition to its annual dinner, Gorman Heritage Farm is bringing new programs to the farm to help with educating guests. 

                      “We are super excited about our new Farm to Classroom program,” she says. “For schools that can’t make it to the farm for various reasons, we take the farm to them.”

                      Additionally, the Farm has upcoming adult and family classes and programs for the public to participate in to learn more about agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment, which can be found on their website and Facebook page.

                      You can be a part of the fundraising for Row by Row Dinner by participating in the event, sponsoring a table, or by making a donation of cash, goods, or services for the silent and live auctions. 

                      “We also love hosting events on the farm, like birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, civic groups, and corporate events,” adds Watts. 

                      To learn more about Row by Row Dinner or Gorman Heritage Farm, visit or “like” them on Facebook. You can also contact Watts directly via email with any questions or to be added to the farm’s mailing list.