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    A social butterfly fashionista and her pilot husband launched a blog that features unique date night ideas, fun local experiences, and adventures together around the world. Read on for their story that'll inspire you to make it a date.

    Lydia Jenkins wanted to launched a blog where she could create curated date night ideas together – that’s why she launched The Date Night Collection.

    As the wife of a pilot, finding time for date nights is important to Jenkins. She wanted to find a way to spend time with her husband while he was home, or while they were traveling together, and thought that a blog featuring curated date night ideas was the perfect way to not only document their time together but also showcase date night ideas for followers.

    “My goal is to always be up to date on the latest and greatest happenings around the city,” says Jenkins. “My passion for travel, good food, and amazing cocktails has my calendar filled with new places to explore weekly.”

    These collections featured on the blog include outings to local restaurants and events as well as photos from their travels abroad to destinations like Spain where they ventured through cities like Barcelona, Sevilla, and Valencia.

    “My husband Fred and I have been married for six years and have never stopped dating,” says Jenkins. “We’re always looking for new date night adventures.”

    In addition to The Date Night Collection section on the blog, there are also sections for travel, shopping, and entertainment.

    Jenkins is a self-proclaimed fashionista and loves sharing her favorite shopping spots and fashionable finds with followers. The same goes for her entertainment finds, whether it’s an event, a restaurant, or a local spot that she thinks others would enjoy experiencing as well. 

    To learn more about The Date Night Collection, visit the newly launched website at You can also follow along on Instagram and “like” them on Facebook.

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      A passion for shopping local inspired the idea behind this Glendale-based shop that carries everything from paintings, pottery, jewelry and accessories, to artisan bread, local coffee, fresh eggs, and locally-made beer. Read on to learn more about the store, all the fun things you’ll find inside, and their events like pottery classes, guitar sessions and full moon Girl Parties.

      Local Yokel Mercantile focuses on locally-made products in its general store.

      If you’re looking for a little bit of everything in a gift store, Local Yokel Mercantile is the place for you. Owned by Darcie Davis, Local Yokel Mercantile is a general store, full of a little bit of it all, with a focus on locally-made products.

      Ever since the California transplant landed in Glendale in 2002, Davis has had a vision for running her own business – believing that her “some day” would arrive.

      And it did, in 2017.

      “I’m a believer in stars aligning, good timing, and things happening for a reason,” says Davis. “Everyday since moving from California to Glendale, I said to my family as we drove by the little brick building at 220 E Sharon Road, ‘There’s my store one day!’ One day was February 28, 2017.”

      “The tiny brick building that the store occupies was built in 1860, according to one of the brickson the east wall,” says Davis. “It started out as a tine roof and slate company. You can still see the lettering of the original sign across the front. It’s been many businesses over the years – a dress store, shoe store, interior design store, a flower shop, and, after many years of sitting empty, it became Local Yokel Organic Food store.”

      That’s when Davis stepped in – quite literally.

      “I came in with my pottery, I’m a potter, and asked Tyler, the owner, If i could display it in the windows,” she recalls.

      Local Yokel Mercantile sells a variety of products from groceries to artwork.

      From there, a conversation sparked that ended with Davis having a part-time job at the store. A few months later, the owner announced he was selling the store and Davis decided she was going to buy it.

      “After a few tweaks, Local Yokel Mercantile was born,” says Davis. 

      “Most of the artwork is made by local artists,” says Davis. “That includes carved wooden jewelry, stamped metal art, paintings, cards, pottery, wooden furniture, quilts, turquoise inlaid pipes, and more.”

      In addition to artwork, the store also carries artisan bread, local coffee, fresh eggs and chicken, and local beer.

      “We carry artisan bread by Crackling Crust, locally roasted coffee from Deeper Roots, fresh eggs and chicken from Boehm Farms, Madisano’s Gelato & Sorbet, and a huge refrigerator full of local beer,” adds Davis. “We have monthly beer tastings to get our customers caught up on all the great beer made here in Cincinnati, and a few outside of Cincinnati.”

      The store also offers pottery classes, something that has been a big hit with the kids. “Kids love our Clay Camp and adults love the flexible schedule,” she says. “Paint-a-Pot parties are a fun way to enjoy time with family and friends.”

      In addition to the pottery classes, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the store mean acoustic guitar lessons. “Guitars are hanging on the walls just in case a customer is overcome with the need to make music. Almost every beer delivery man that’s come to this store has played one of these guitars,” she laughs.

      The “maker” part of Local Yokel Mercantile doesn’t include only pottery classes and guitar lessons. Davis says that she hopes to soon offer sip-n-paint parties, fiber art classes, and basic sewing classes in the near future.

      In addition, Davis says that once a month, as close to the full moon as they can get, a Girl Party is held. “Women get together for conversation, an art project, maybe a tarot card reading, and, of course, howling at the moon,” she says. “These evenings have been a great way for ladies to relax and feel supported and encouraged by each other.”

      Davis says that all in all, Local Yokel Mercantile is a convenient place to shop for food staples, beer, gifts, and to learn about art. “It has become a comfortable place for customers, friends, and neighbors to gather, talk, and really connect,” she says.

      To learn more about Local Yokel Mercantile, visit You can also “like” them on Facebook. On Facebook is where you can find out about new arrivals, upcoming events, and more.

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        Inspired by the exciting city she lives in, this local lady launched a blog that covers all the fun she has making her way through the Queen City. Keep reading for all the details.

        Michelle Jones at Via Vite downtown (Photo: Amy Elisabeth Spasoff)

        With so much to do, see, and enjoy in Cincinnati, Michelle Jones wanted to give people a space they could go and find those things to do.

        “Hey, Michelle is a blog that serves as a way to keep up with all things fun and great in Cincinnati and on my travels,” she says.

        Jones originally launched Hey, Michelle because she had friends texting her to ask where to eat, where to throw a party, what there was to do over the weekends, and more. “So I thought I might as well start writing about what I love,” she adds.

        Jones launched Hey, Michelle in September 2016 and is the writer behind it all, which gives her the opportunity to cover what she wants as she sees fit.

        That means she gets to write about anything she likes and thinks that people should do while they’re in Cincinnati.

        “We have great things going on all the time and the restaurant and bar scene gets better everyday,” she says. “So I try to stay on top of what is new and the great old spots, too.”

        Michelle Jones, Founder of the blog Hey, Michelle

        When asked what she enjoys most about running Hey, Michelle, she says it’s meeting people.

        “Everyone has a great story, from the restaurant and bar owners to the people behind our fantastic arts,” she says. “People are very passionate about what they do and love to tell you about their journey to where they are today. I always leave with a smile on my face after talking with people.”

        In nearly two years, Jones says that her favorite posts thus far are the ones where she’s chatting with the owners behind local establishments and businesses and while they’re telling their story they reveal why they are following their passion. “I relate to that very well,” adds Jones.

        According to Jones, she is always trying to take things up a lever on her blog. She wants to explore new categories and expand her geography as she travels more and the city continues to grow.

        “I could literally write about something everyday, so using different platforms daily is my new thing so I can share things more often,” she says.

        To learn more about Hey, Michelle, visit There you can sign up for her weekly email and find more information. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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          Inspired to help others soar and reach their goals, one local lady is launching a new scholarship for women pursuing careers in aviation. Read on for all the high-flyin’ details.

          Natalie Kelley, pilot and Founder of flyGIRL Kelley

          Natalie Kelley is putting wind beneath the wings of fellow women interested in aviation.

          Just over two years ago, Kelley herself was training to become a pilot. “It was apparent that there are very few women who pursue aviation, either as a hobby or a career,” she explains. “Aviation has many benefits, especially as a career because there is such high demand for pilots right now.”

          So, Kelley finished her training to become a pilot, as she soaked in both the confidence and empowerment from her new career. She immediately wanted this feeling for other women, to show them that they too could enter this fun, yet male-dominated field.

          “I wanted to put myself out there on social media and demonstrate what I was doing to hopefully push other women to pursue avenues that are typically male-dominated,” she says.

          That’s when she decided to launch flyGIRL Kelley, a brand that empowers women, in particular those in aviation.

          FlyGIRL Kelley launched more than a year and a half ago, when Kelley decided that there was a lack of support for females in aviation. She created t-shirts, caps, totes, and more to help raise the awareness that women can be pilots while also raising money to fund scholarships for women interested in pursuing aviation.

          “100 percent of the proceeds of flyGIRL products goes directly to funding scholarships,” says Kelley. “I recently awarded my first scholarship for $5,000 to a local pilot-in-training, Megan Gerding.”

          It’s not only the support of a scholarship and empowerment of women in aviation that makes flyGIRL Kelley unique. “I’m passionate about giving women confidence to go after their dreams, whether it’s aviation or not,” she says. “And I’m passionate about women supporting women. It’s a tough world and people face criticism everywhere. On my social media sites, it’s all about acceptance and encouragement. I’m not trying to get rich selling products – the purpose of my products is to be able to give the proceeds away and to help others.”

          As Kelley continues her mission through the flyGIRL brand, she says that she’s also working on creating YouTube videos to share her flying adventures and what’s possible for women in aviation. She’s also planning to use the video platform to share the things she’s learned through her experience and training, as well as the struggles she faced along the way.

          “The purpose is to educate, entertain, and encourage,” she adds.

          To learn more about flyGIRL Kelley, visit There you can sign up for Kelley’s newsletter. You can also follow along and interact with Kelley on social media. “I love seeing what accomplishments other women are reaching as well as sharing where I’m at in my journey,” she says, adding that social media is where she finds a lot of encouragement. You can follow flyGIRL Kelley on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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            Inspired by fellow business-owning women, one local lady is opening a community workspace and venue that caters to women. See how she’s helping to support other local boss ladies and their journey through the world of entrepreneurship.

            The Tupelo House offers workspace opportunities for entrepreneurs.

            Whitney Pelfrey knows the struggle of running your own business – the cost of an office space, the issue of being in a building that you didn’t quite feel inspired in. She wanted to change that with a new creative workspace and venue called The Tupelo House.

            “We are a female-focused creative workspace and venue located in the heart of historical Loveland,” says Pelfrey. “We aesthetically cater to woman-identified freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs as we firmly believe the empowerment of women spurs economic development and community growth and wellbeing.”

            Inspired by women who take the leap into the world of freelance and entrepreneurship, Pelfer wanted to create a space that would be a solid foundation for both men and women who navigate the path of owning their own business.

            Pelfrey is a photographer herself, and has been for the last eight years. “I know the struggle of running a business out of a home,” she says. “Not only could I not afford to own my own office space, but I didn’t want to be in a building that didn’t fill me with creative inspiration and like-minded individuals.”

            Currently, there are two types of memberships available at Tupelo House – the Private Desk Membership and the Drop-In Membership.

            Whitney Pelfrey, Founder of Tupelo House

            “Our dedicated Desk Membership is reserved for women-identified individuals working hard to turn their goals into reality,” says Pelfrey. “Our Drop-In Membership is available for any gender who’s running a mobile business and just wants a place to work from time to time.”

            In addition to office space, Tupelo House also offers space for meeting room rentals for non-members as well as events for non-members. Pelfrey says that with the event rental space she hopes to offer yoga classes, workshops, listening parties, bridal showers, photoshoots, and more.

            “It’s a much needed space with a much appreciated liquor license,” she says.

            The coolest part of Tupelo House, according to Pelfrey, is the big brother business on the building’s main floor called Plaid Room Records. “Plaid Room Records is run by three brothers and serves an amazing partnership to Tupelo House,” she says. “One could not exist without the other. Together we make an amazing team.”

            Although community workspaces are popping up throughout the area, Pelfrey says that what makes Tupelo House unique is that it caters to women specifically.

            “In a world of masculine of even gender-professional workplaces, we are here aesthetically for women,” she says. “We hope all genders can enjoy our space and venue, but we want to give our community a lovely and feminine place they can create, connect, and celebrate.”

            Pelfrey says that she hopes the venue becomes the go-to event space for the community and the weekends are full of parties, celebrations, workshops, and yoga classes.

            Tupelo House is located at 122 West Loveland Avenue in Loveland.

            To learn more about Tupelo House, visit to follow along on Instagram.

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              For our annual Men's issue, we take a peek inside a local multi-generational menswear and tailoring shop dawning a new era. Read on to learn more about its new ownership, new brands, and a new campaign to offer custom-made bespoke tailored women’s jackets while steadfast in the style and service that made them a Cincinnati staple.

              A well-dressed man. That’s been the goal since 1968 for Romualdo Bespoke Tailoring, now a fashion staple for menswear in Cincinnati.

              The multi-generational store draws in the city’s stylistically inclined and features authentic menswear, bespoke garments, and old world tailoring.“The garments at Romualdo are uniquely tailored, lifestyle-focused, and have a technicality and personal flair to them,” says owner Chris Berre.

              The store gets its name from founder Romualdo Pelle, an Italian immigrant and one of the last master tailors in the world. He opened the store in 1968, in the same location that it’s in today. “With Romualdo’s unparalleled skill set, he brings an invaluable level of experience that clientele would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere,” says Berre.

              Tim Brock, Romualdo’s co-owner

              Berre and his business partner Tim Brock purchased the store a year ago. While they are fairly new to ownership, they consider themselves to be veterans in the fashion and retail industry who each play a major role in the day-to-day operations of the store.

              “It was because of Romualdo that we fell in love with men’s fashion and aim to maintain and carry on that legacy,” says Berre. “It was actually through an interesting turn of events that we ended up in the fashion industry.”

              Berre is a former attorney, but always had a passion for men’s style. So much so, he says, that while attending law school, he started a neckwear line with a friend called Artfully Disheveled.

              “It was distributed to a variety of small specialty stores, but I had an urge to get to know the business better and began working nights and weekends at Romualdo,” he explains. “It was not long before I fell in love with it, decided to depart from my background in law to pursue men’s fashion full-time.”

              Brock has worked at Romualdo’s for 17 years and is a true veteran of the shop. Currently, Brock is responsible for all revenue generation processes as well as leading and growing the sales network, establishing connections with new brands, setting and implementing client strategies, and more.

              Romualdo Bespoke Tailoring is launching a women’s campaign.

              When asked what inspired them to purchase Romualdo’s when they had the opportunity, Berre says that is was the charismatic and diligent presence of Romualdo Pelle that made them jump at the chance to take over ownership.

              “The legacy of Romualdo is important to us, and we aspire for our ownership to stand the test of time,” adds Berre, “continuing to produce the same quality suits.”

              Since Berre and Brock purchased Romualdo, they’ve brought about several changes to the store, including a redesign of the store that’s slated to be finished in September. This redesign includes extensive construction to redefine the store’s space and also aid with the brand’s new identity.

              “The brand’s evolution will include new brands and selections that will tie us back to our roots while engaging our rights on the future of contemporary collections,” says Berre. “These collections include those of the acclaimed Billy Reid, a fashion designer based in Florence, Alabama, who self-describes his brand as ‘lived-in luxury.’”

              The store also plans to add Private White V.C., which is, according to Berre, a British luxury outerwear brand that opened its doors in 1853 and now has the last remaining clothing factory in the world’s first industrial city of Manchester, England.

              In addition to these new offerings, Romualdo’s now offers custom-made bespoke tailored women’s jackets that coincide with a campaign called “If These Sleeves Could Talk.”

              Chris Berre, Romualdo’s co-owner

              “The initiative features five powerful women who were fitted for jackets, and through it, current and potential clientele will be privy to a glimpse at the quality of the fine attire and the viewpoints of these local, influential women,” says Berre.

              These new changes aren’t all that you’ll see at the store. Berre says that their new ownership of the store means that the brand will continually evolve along with the changes you see in retail and fashion while also staying true to Romualdo’s roots and upholding premier quality.

              Then there are things that will stay the same. Like the fact that 60 percent of Romualdo’s clothing is custom-made. “We offer a unique set of wardrobe staples that flow seamlessly from day to night, so clients can be assured that no matter what the event may be, their investment will be well-spend and heavily used,” says Berre.

              Berre and Brock want to maintain the legacy of Romualdo and remain dedicated to seeing the store succeed, and also continue to produce garments of the highest quality.

              “The origins of our hard work span over 50 years,” says Berre. “Pelle grew up in poverty in Mussolini’s Italy. His family was homeless and part of his childhood was spent living in a cave. It was his godfather who drove Pelle toward tailoring in his teens, and he has worked to augment his bespoke tailoring mastery to provide flawless fittings ever since. The work ethic that made the store what it is shines through today, and is evident in the finer details that turn a simple, nice outfit into a head-turner. In a world where ‘ready-to-wear’ clothing has become the norm, garments like these that fit the wearer to a tee are sure to stand out anywhere.”

              Romualdo’s is located at 7121 Miami Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45243. To learn more, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

              “The little blue door on Miami Avenue is always open for anyone who is interested to come in, enjoy some bourbon with us, and learn more about the power of bespoke tailoring,” adds Berre.

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                A local mom launched a business that makes cute stationery and planner stickers for the organization-driven people of the planet, and it’s all for a good cause. Read on to learn more about the little boy who inspires her.

                Plan-It Planet sells planner stickers to help keep your busy life organized.
                Between OT, ABA and all the IEPs for her son, who’s on the autism spectrum, Carla Garza needed something to keep her life organized… ASAP.
                That “something” led to launching her business Plan-It Planet, an online, handmade shop dedicated to those who still use paper planners or calendars to keep their lives in order. “As someone that knows all that goes into keeping up with the appointments and the needs of a child on the spectrum, I incorporated stickers specifically geared toward helping to stay on track,” she says.

                Spectrum or not, between appointments, extracurriculars, events, and more, Plan-It Planet helps you keep it all together – in the cutest way. “We provide cute and functional stickers and other accessories to help people stay on track in their busy lives,” says Garza. “Every item is made personally by me and we have nearly 1,000 items to choose from.”

                An advocate of paper planners, and a user since middle school, Garza says that it was just a few years ago that she was inspired to start making her own stickers on pre-cut address labels before eventually moving on to design and cut her own custom stickers for herself and launching an Etsy store in 2015 that overflowed into its own website in 2016.

                Because being organized is so essential as an adult, and especially as a parent, Garza says that her planner is a way for her to relax her mind by having everything written out and organized. “It became even more necessary once I got older and even more so when I had two kids to keep up with as well,” she adds.

                Garza is the one-woman show behind her business and is self-taught in everything that she does – from web design to illustration and all the business stuff in between.

                Her penchant for stickers helped her to create a business that features unique designs as well as high-quality customer service.

                “A lot of my designs are hand drawn and the shop has its own exclusive character, Luna, who is adored by many and is loosely based on my daughter Kaelyn,” explains Garza. “Luna is drawn by me personally and can be found in hundreds of different poses and scenarios, and she’s also featured as the main subject of our autism sheet.”

                Plan-It Planet also sells pinback buttons.

                The autism sheet is a special sheet of stickers that Garza offers every April for Autism Awareness Month. She says that all of the proceeds from the sale of that sheet are donated to the Autism Research Institute.

                “I knew that with the success of my business I wanted to give back to a cause that was close to me and to many others I know,” she adds.

                As her business continues to expand, Garza says that she’s recently recent new sticker albums to help keep your stickers better organized, as well as pinback buttons.

                “I’m also working to branch out and broaden my product line, as well as offering wholesale,” she says. “In the future, I’d like to incorporate my son and his drawings into my shop as a permanent fixture to teach him a bit about what I do and running a business, as well as become a permanent fixture for donating to the Autism Research Institute on his behalf and to help him save up for future needs he may have.”

                To learn more about Plan-It Planet, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and give them a “like” on Facebook.

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                  For our annual kids’ issue, we take a look inside Ohio’s largest indoor play structure. Keep reading to learn about this Blue Ash-based center that focuses on creative and active play so your little ones can bounce, run, jump, and play their way through summer!

                  Summer is here and your kids are bouncing off the walls with energy. That’s where Pogo Play can help.

                  Instead of bouncing off the walls at your house, they can bounce around at this 20,000-square-foot family entertainment center that focuses on creative and active play. Based in Blue Ash, you’ll find that Pogo Play is home to the largest indoor play structure in Ohio, with more than 7,600-square-feet of sliding, climbing, crawling, and two mounted pogo sticks for everyone’s jumping pleasure.

                  Pogo Play Owner Susan Mattick says that there are different experience zones at the center, including a basketball court, dramatic play, a LEGO room, a toddler room for ages 3 and under, an interactive floor, and an imagination playground where you can build with life-sized building blocks.

                  One additional experience available at Pogo Play is the inflatables. There are six inflatables open at no additional charge for open jump times. Mattick says the inflatables are also part of the birthday party experience at Pogo Play.

                  “We sport comfortable leather club chairs for parents to take a break, along with free Wi-Fi,” adds Mattick. “Allison’s Cafe provides a variety of healthy options including freshly made salads, paninis, smoothies, frappes, pizza, quesadillas, fresh fruit, pretzel bites, and more with both indoor and outdoor seating.”

                  When asked what inspired her to open such a place in Blue Ash, Mattick says that she wanted to set out and create a safe and fun environment that stimulated minds and encouraged active bodies.

                  “Too many activities for children today are stationary and don’t require a lot of thought and creativity,” she says. “I wanted to create a one-pay admission space without video games or other activities that don’t require children to think about how to use the objects around them in creative ways. After visiting children’s museums around the country, and different business models, Pogo Play was born.”

                  As a single mother who also works full-time, Mattick says that she was not only focused on creating a space that would encourage active minds and bodies, but that was also safe. That’s why everyone who enters the entertainment center receives a coded wristband for safety, so that staff members know which child belongs to which family.

                  In addition to being the largest indoor play structure in the state, Pogo Play is also unique in that everything about it was thought out and designed to support the mission of providing active play for the child inside all of us.

                  “It isn’t simply an ‘add on’ business, but designed specifically for day play and birthday party opportunities,” says Mattick. “Every activity was planned to provide a different experience for our guests. The activities were purposefully selected to provide different sensory and learning opportunities.”

                  And when it comes to birthday parties, there are two options available at Pogo Play. The Pogo Palooza Party is for two party hosts and includes pizza, two unlimited beverage choices, ice cream, paper supplies, 2 hours and 15 minutes of party room access, and 30 minutes of exclusive use of the inflatables. The Pogo Party provides the same as the Palooza Party minus the pizza and drinks. All party guests can also enjoy unlimited play after the party concludes.

                  “There is no tipping as we already include this in our staff’s compensation, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs on your special day,” says Mattick. “We will keep track of gifts and do all the clean up, too.”

                  Mattick says that the next few weeks at Pogo Play will include a sale on branded socks. She adds that the business will also look at new food options for the cafe as well as keeping an eye out for new attractions.

                  Pogo Play is located in Blue Ash at 10870 Kenwood Road, between Creek and Cornell roads.

                  To learn more about Pogo Play, visit their website. You can also “like” them on Facebook.

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                    The Green Store is a pop-up shop that sells sustainable items from local entrepreneurs.

                    Joi Sears is on a mission to change the world. With an impressive CV and passion for enacting social change, she hopes to make a different with her business The Green Store.

                    “The Green Store is a pop-up shop and creative placemaking project which features ethical, eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle products,” explains Sears. “In an effort to promote conscious consumerism, the store offers sustainable alternatives for common household products, tools to help promote a zero-waste lifestyle, and a variety of chic, stylish, and affordable and sustainable clothing.”

                    Sears says that The Green Store is more than just a place to stop. It’s also a place that offers events that are fun, engaging, and educational in the hopes to spread awareness about environmental justice and sustainability while also equipping citizens with the tools they need in order to live a life that supports an eco-conscious lifestyle.

                    According to Sears, the idea for The Green Store is something that came to mind after she was doing research as a fellow at The DO School.

                    “We were working with H&M Germany to design a sustainable packaging solution,” she explains. “In my research, I found that although 9 out of every 10 Millennials say they care about the environment, less than 30% actually put their money where their mouth is when it comes to shopping sustainably. In fact, less than 1% of people admit to buying sustainable fashion on a regular basis.”

                    To help increase the number of those who are actually “doing” rather than just “saying,” Sears launched The Green Store. “Our products are intentionally more affordable,” she says. “When it comes to style, we choose things that you would actually want to wear. It’s accessible both online and offline through our pop-up shops. But most importantly, The Green Store is a conversation starter around sustainable consumption.”

                    Sears wants the inhabitants of the planet to sustain life on this planet, since, as she says, there is no Planet B.

                    “We have to make smarter choices when it comes to things we buy,” she adds. “The Green Store is the way of the future. We are redefining the relationship society has with the things that we buy. We put people and the planet at the bottom line.”

                    The Green Store hopes to make the world a better place by selling sustainable fashion.

                    The products sold at The Green Store focus on making a positive impact on the environment while also empowering other social entrepreneurs in the city, helping to bring their ideas to life. “We are reimagining a better, more sustainable future for ourselves, our communities, and future generations,” says Sears.

                    Sears says that she hopes to launch locations of The Green Store throughout the world, not just in pop-ups but also in hotels, restaurants, and community centers — spaces that she considers to be innovative and also focus on building diverse, inclusive, and sustainable communities.

                    For starters, though, The Green Store is collaborating with Downtown Cincinnati Inc. this summer. “Downtown Cincinnati Inc., in partnership with the City of Cincinnati, has developed a pop-up shop program that brings together entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and small businesses with local property owners to fill vacant spaces and activate downtown,” says Sears. “Our pop-up shop brings together four women vendors who are all working to develop sustainable products and businesses – including Urban Blooms, Down to Mars Vintage, and Supernova Soaks.”

                    The Green Store pop-up shop is located at 631 Main Street in Cincinnati. The store is open Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am to 6 pmFriday from 11 am to 8 pmSaturday from 12 pm to 8 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm.

                    To learn more about The Green Store, visit You can also check our Sears’ Free People International project at Follow The Green Store on Facebook and Instagram.

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                      A locally-based artist created a feminist accessory brand that focuses on inclusion, diversity, and everything amazing about the 80s and 90s! Keep reading for all the girl-power details!

                      Working Girls Co. sells trendy clothing and accessories.

                      What began as an art experiment has evolved into something much more than that.

                      Started by Shailah Maynard in 2015, Working Girls Co. is a concept brand that features tongue-in-cheek accessories and clothing items, many of which cater to the growing feminist movement. And to hit on the latest fashion trends, many of these items are inspired by music from the 80s and 90s, film, and pop culture.

                      Maynard always knew that she wanted to start a feminist accessory brand, but she also wanted that brand to be inclusive, as it’s an important part of who she is and something that she is very passionate about.

                      “I attended a progressive liberal arts college, where I studied art,” she told City Beat. “Inclusion and diversity of intrinsic of who I am and is reflected in Working Girls. I choose not to take life seriously. In every product I produce – humor, inclusivity, and diversity are all embodied in every piece.”

                      Shailah Maynard, Owner and Operator at Working Girls Co.

                      Although Working Girls Co. leans feminist, the brand itself doesn’t have any specific requirements on what type of products are made, as long as the team is having fun doing what they do.

                      “I worked in the fashion industry for nine years and got pretty sick of how serious that industry is,” she said. “Have some humility, have fun, and make me laugh. In the words of RuPaul, Working Girls ‘never, ever takes itself too seriously.’”

                      Products sold by Working Girls aren’t just for women, either. “In terms of making product that focuses on women, yes we do that, but I also want to be clear that we are not catering toward just women,” Maynard added. “Our products are and will always be unisex.”

                      Products sold by Working Girls Co. can be found online as well as through stockists around the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

                      In addition to the products sold by Working Girls Co., the company also does art installations.

                      According to Working Girls Co. website, the company’s signature product, Hot Bod Floats, were installed in an art installation called Pool Room.

                      Sweatshirts, accessories, and other items with a feminist touch are available from Working Girls Co.

                      “Pool Room is a site-specific installation series created in conjunction with Working Girls’ signature product, Hot Bod Floats,” according to the Working Girls Co. website. “Pool Room is a large-scale, two-dimensional swimming pool, which shifts its traditional function into a deviated, immersive experience.”

                      Maynard says that Working Girls Co. will continue to be immersed in the art world, whether it’s through its products or art installations.

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