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    How does a local 21-year-old amass an Instagram following of more than 300,000? Read on as we chat with her for our annual blogger issue to find out how she got started, what inspires her, and where she plans to go with it.

    Sophie Kinsey is a Cincinnati-based blogger.

    Amassing more than 300,000 in just a handful of years. The work of a celebrity, marketing agency, or Fortune 500 company?

    No, Cincinnati-based 21-year-old Sophie Kinsey can proudly put that feather in her cap.

    Kinsey enjoys reading, her cats, and plants. But most of all, she loves writing. Everyday, she says, she adds to her growing list of potential captions for future Instagram posts, saves poetry and song lyrics in her Notes app, and works on her movie script.

    “I think my love of writing, even though I don’t consider myself good at it, is why I started my blog,” says Kinsey.

    In addition to her love of writing, she also likes taking photos. “I hoard photos,” she laughs. “I have two 64GB flash drives that are filled with photos from all over many different years. I have so many photos and videos in my phone. I take them all the time, from 10-second clips of waves crashing against rocks in South Carolina to photos of my plants and their growth updates.”

    Today, Kinsey is the owner of an Instagram account with 304,000 followers, an account that has become her little corner of the Internet where she gets to express herself and share the things she loves. “I cover topics that matter to me as well as things I enjoy or have fun with,” she says. “I’ve discussed everything from mental health, addiction, breakups, and other troubles in hopes that it can help as well as relate to others who may be going through similar challenges. Writing is like a therapy for me, a great way for me to let things out and work things out. As well as document the fun things like beach vacations, road trips, and other things in the works.”

    Kinsey shares her adventures with her more than 300,000 Instagram followers.

    Kinsey first learned about Instagram from her uncle at Christmas in 2010, but didn’t start the account that she has now until around 2012, and she didn’t hit 10,000 followers until March 2013.

    While she says she’s not sure how she’s accumulated as many followers as she has, her family and friends say it’s because she’s so relatable to a lot of other girls her age. “I post photos from mini road trips, college parties, the obligatory selfies, pictures with other influencers, and beach vacations,” she says. “I’ve used it as a digital scrapbook to document highlights about my life and it seems like people enjoy virtually flipping through me.”

    When it comes to her favorite Instgram post thus far, Kinsey says that her favorite photos was one she took on 4th Street in Cleveland. “I took it last August when I was up there for a Shawn Mendes concert with my sister and mom,” she explains. “We made a road trip out of it and as we were walking around before the concert I just quickly snapped this photo. I loved it so much I actually made it my laptop skin.”

    Her favorite posts on her blog are any of the ones featuring Kodak film from her trips. She says Kodak film has become a tradition for all of her experiences. “I always bring one camera for myself and one for my road trip partner – or leave one out at parties for people to take photos with of the night,” she says. “I develop them weeks later, then show them to all my friends and family. They are never amazing but I love all the photos dearly because people seem to be more careful about what they take photos of with a Kodak when its film is limited.”

    Kinsey wants to use her Instagram account to continue to share her experiences with her followers. She wants to document her trips to new locations, try new things, and post fun things she has going on in her life. “I also believe our city has so much to offer and I am excited to be discovering more of it as well,” she says. “I’ve lived here all my life but still haven’t covered every corner of Cincinnati.”

    Kinsey says that right now she’s entertaining the idea of taking graphic design classes and marketing in the hopes that she can help others achieve their goals with their social media accounts. “No one really told me what to do and how to get this following, I just used trial and error,” she says. “I’ve been able to help out family and friends with their accounts, so I’d like to be able to help out more people too. I have also rented a small studio space where I am setting up for more upcoming projects, as well as setting up a space in the dining room of my new apartment too”

    To learn more about Kinsey, follow along on her Instagram. There you can see constant stories, posts, and sneak peeks of upcoming projects she’s working on. You can also see new content on her blog at every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. “Plus, that’s where I’ll be announcing any new places you can find me,” she says. “And, if late night laughs and cat videos are your cup of tea, you can add me on Snapchat at SophieKMan.”

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      She’s a local news reporter who also writes romance novels. Keep reading to learn more about Sara Celi, her growing series of romance novels, and an upcoming release that will leave you wanting more.

      Sara Celi is a news reporter at Fox19 by day, and a romance novelist by night.

      Celi says it’s a pairing that just comes natural because she’s always loved telling and reading stories. In fact, she says, the first phrase she ever spoke was “Read book!”

      “I’ve always loved being taken away to distant worlds, and the transition from reader to writer seemed natural,” she explains.

      Celi enjoys writing young adult and contemporary romance novels because she says that both give her the opportunity to tell her readers a creative and entertaining story.

      And entertaining is something that we could use a little more of in today’s world, Celi says, adding that she tries to keep her books light and effervescent, for the most part.

      “There is so much darkness and despair in the world right now, so I want to give my readers an escape from that,” she says.

      So far, Celia has had a total of nine books published including: “The Undesirable,” “The Palms,” “Natural Love,” “Prince Charming,” “Hollywood Nights,” Vote for Love – “Primary Season” & “Primary Flip,” “Spellbound,” “Lusting for Luke,” and “Acquiring Ainsley.”

      Although she says she can’t quite choose a favorite book of her own (it’s kind of like choosing a favorite child, she laughs), there are books written by other authors that she considers to be “favorites.” These include “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald and “The Blind Assassin” by Margaret Atwood.

      Celi isn’t just an author, she’s also a news reporter at Fox19. She says that the best thing about working as a journalist is that it allows her to meet people from all walks of life. “That has helped me mold some of my best characters,” she says.

      The inspiration she finds from her work helps her switch from news writer to romance writer. “Honestly, I don’t think it’s too hard to change from news writer to romance writer,” she says. “The only limit is my imagination.”

      Celi says that she’s currently working on a chick-lit romance that will be out in December 2018. “It’s called #SoBasic,” she says. “I hope readers enjoy it! The main character is a total mess, and she’s a lot of fun.”

      To learn more about Celi or to purchase her novels, visit You can also find her books on Amazon.

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        A local lady's four legged friend inspired her to launch a line of microwaveable dog treats you can make at home. Now, she's styling pup parties for the rich and famous. Read on for all the tail-wagging details.

        Melinda Kirk, CEO of Lucky Paws, LLC, and creator of PetCakes and YumYum Bones.

        A love for her pets is what inspired Cincinnati-based Melinda Kirk, the CEO of Lucky Paws, LLC, to launch PetCakes and YumYum Bones, healthy homemade cakes and ice cream for dogs and cats.

        “PetCakes are organic, microwavable treats for dogs and cats that you can make at home in minutes – all you have to do is add water,” says Kirk. “Each kit comes with a reusable pan and a mix. It’s so simple, just add water to the mix, pour the batter into pan, and after only two minutes in the microwave, your furry friends can enjoy a soft, warm, cake-like treat.”

        There are three kits and more than four refill flavors to choose from – helping you make every one of your pet’s days a special one.

        There are also YumYum Bones, the first-ever healthy frozen yogurt ice cream that has collagen for hip and joint care. And just like PetCakes, all you have to do is add water.

        Kirk says that what inspired her to launch brands like PetCakes and YumYum Bones has always been her four-legged friends and wanting to provide them with the most healthy food and treats. But treats aren’t the only thing she’s serving up these days – she’s also doing pet parties.

        “Then, I realized healthy doesn’t have to mean boring and I started creating fun pet parties with my cakes and ice cream,” she says.

        The idea behind pet parties is leading to other opportunities for Kirk as well. “I am currently working with an agent in Los Angeles to pitch a reality TV show in which I host high-end pet parties to the rich and famous and their pampered pets,” she says.

        In fact, Kirk will be featured on Season 2 of Animal Cribs, where she serves as a pet party planner for the host Antonio Bellatore and creates an elaborate pet party for his animals.

        Additionally, Kirk is working on on a cookbook called “Date Night, Dog Night,” where she gives readers recipes to create a healthy dinner and dessert for their fur babies using the PetCakes and YumYum Bones mixes.

        Several major retailers carry her products, including Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Pet Wants,, and Amazon. “We also just launched a new PetCakes ‘Party 2 Go’ for six dogs on Amazon – it’s a complete pet party in a bag,” she adds.

        The “Party 2 Go!” kit for dogs is the only complete pet party in a custom gift bag that is reusable, according to Kirk. Each kit contains one DIY frosted birthday cake kit with a party candle for the guest of honor. There is also six DIY bone-shaped cupcakes for guests, DIY frozen yogurt ice cream with sprinkles, six cups with lids, one party hat, one paw print balloon, and a custom PetCakes clear stadium tote.

        “In just three hours, your pet party is ready,” says Kirk. “Your pup will be the talk of the town and your guests will leave with their tails wagging.”

        Learn more about Pet Cakes on their website, “like” them on Facebook, and follow along on Instagram.

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          The end of summer is near, which means it’s time to throw on your favorite fall boots (yay!) and gear up for all the fall and winter holidays! Learn more about an upcoming vintage shopping event, full of curated entertainment, local makers, and fun for the whole family — all for a great cause. 

          Imagine a place packed with one-of-kind pieces for your home with a fun vintage flair, the live entertainment has you tapping your toes as your kids get their face painted, and you smell the yumminess coming from all the food trucks. Those are just a few things you’ll experience at the upcoming Vintage Market Days of Metro Dayton “Home for the Holidays” event – and it’s all for a good cause.

          It’s all taking place November 2-4 at the Greene County Fairground in Xenia, Ohio, and will feature two barns full of vendors showcasing vintage finds, antiques, art, handmade items, seasonal plants, consumable goodies, furniture, children’s items, home decor, boutique clothing, and jewelry.

          “Think HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper’ where older homes with ‘good bones’ are transformed into bright and airy homes and accented with refinished or retro furnishings,” explains Vintage Market Days of Metro Dayton Promoter Tonya Ross. “Think Makers’ Market meets Estate Sales meets Etsy meets your local boutique. You will find something for your family, home, and closet at our event. Something for everyone.”

          Ross believes that one’s home should tell the story of who they are, and that it should be a collection of what they love, and she believes event attendees will be able to find items that do just that at Vintage Market Days of Metro Dayton.

          Ross recalls a story of a customer who attended an event and found a family heirloom. “A customer found a painting of a pink rose at one of our events, after purchasing it for her daughter’s bedroom she discovered it as painted by her husband’s great-grandmother,” she says. “A piece lost by the family, but rediscovered at our Vintage Market Days event.”

          There have also been customers who have purchase their first homes and found furniture and decor they needed – from a dining room set to entryway benches.

          “We’ve had bridal parties attend looking for wedding decor, professional photographers come to find photo props, and many more stories,” she adds.

          Each of the events has a theme and that theme is carried out with vendor tags, entrance decor, staging decoration, and on the photo opportunity walls, which Ross says is a customer favorite.

          “Our theme for November is ‘Home for the Holidays,’ and you will find our decor a mix of farmhouse, Victorian, and traditional,” she says. “So you can start your holiday shopping with us.”

          In addition to shopping, there will also be workshops at the November event. There will be DIY paint demonstrations at 11 am and 1 pm Friday through Sunday and a fresh wreath class on Friday and Saturday at noon.

          Food trucks will be at this event for shoppers to enjoy as they wander through each vendor booth.

          As far as entertainment goes, there’s a lot lined up for the event, Ross says, as coffee house-style musicians will perform all day Friday through Sunday. “There will be a stage with a seating area for shoppers to grab a snack or meal and enjoy,” she explains, adding that face painting will be available for free for children on Saturday from 10 am 1 pm.

          Ross does have a few tips for those who plan to shop at the event. “Wear comfy shoes, bring a wagon or totes to carry your items, and take time to meet the makers at each booth,” she says. “They all have a story behind their business, where they found a piece or their inspiration for their handmade items.”

          Vendors for the event represent not only the local region but also 14 states from throughout the country as well, so you’re bound to find something for you or someone you love at this curated event.

          Event proceeds from the event will go to Circle of Victory, which helps cancer patients and their families on the cancer journey with financial assistance.

          A three-day ticket is $10 and general admission on Saturday and Sunday is $5. All tickets allow for re-entry all weekend with a wristband and all vendors will be indoors, with food trucks located outside.

          You can learn more about Vintage Market Days of Metro Dayton here or follow along on Facebook and Instagram. To check out additional information on the event, click here and purchase your tickets here.

          Watch below for a sneak peek of the upcoming event:

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            This local lady is on a mission to make healthy living easier. Learn about her Liberty Township-based health and wellness shop that offers a variety of all-natural goods, services and educational opportunities to help you live your best life, one bite at a time.

            Sandy’s Health and Wellness is located at Liberty Farm Market.

            Christina Begley says the mission behind Sandy’s Health and Wellness at Liberty Farm Market is to make healthy living easier.

            “Sandy’s Health and Wellness and all of us here at Liberty Farm Market believe Mother Nature is the purest source of healing, providing us with the food to keep us well and the medicine to heal us when we are sick,” she says. “Our mission is to nurture a more sustainable, healthy food supply and harness the power of nature’s medicine to keep our community strong and thriving.”

            And to keep health at the forefront of its mission, the health and wellness shop offers a variety of all-natural goods and services to support the community on their wellness journey.

            Begley says the inspiration behind Sandy’s Health and Wellness comes from the community’s health and wellbeing, not to mention the country’s current healthcare system.

            “Despite spending more on healthcare than any other country, the average life expectancy in the United States sits at the bottom of the list compared to all other high-income countries, coming in at 78.9 years” says Begley. “Our children may be the sickest generation in recorded history; cancer and heart disease rates continue to increase in spite of all the money being flooded into research.”

            Because of that, the goal at Sandy’s Health and Wellness is to bring together the best of ancient and modern medicine in order to offer a more integrative and holistic approach to health and wellness.

            Sandy’s Health and Wellness offers a variety of products for your health and wellbeing.

            “We are on a mission,” says Begley. “We are your wellness warriors. We believe that true wellness can only be achieved by addressing all aspects of a human being: mind, body, and spirit.”

            That’s why, Begley says, Sandy’s Health and Wellness at Liberty Farm Market offers you and your family a path to wellness through healthy products, ongoing education, and a community of people who care.

            You’ll find a plethora of products and services at Sandy’s Health and Wellness, including herbs, vitamins, and minerals, therapeutic-grade essential oils, beauty and skin care, chemical-free household cleaners, Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, teas, tinctures, ionic foot detox, kangen water, high-quality water filters, books, weekly educational seminars and more.

            “And now that we have partnered with these amazing organic farmers such as Grassland Graze and Just Farmin, we are able to offer organic, grass-fed beef, free range chicken, eggs, a wide variety of fresh products, sustainably-grown wine, and much more,” adds Begley.

            While the products are a big focus, there’s another aspect of Sandy’s Health and Wellness that’s also important to its mission: Education.

            “We have quickly become a hub in our community for people to gather together and learn from some of the best holistic health practitioners in our area,” says Begley. “Education is extremely important to us and with all the misinformation and clever marketing out there regarding our food and health care, we feel it is of the utmost importance to give people access to the truth so they can make informed decisions regarding themselves and their families.”

            At Sandy’s Health and Wellness you can also get a crystal healing session, massages, tarot card reading, or join the team for an herb walk around the farm before enjoying a class that teaches you how to make your own salves, tinctures, jellies, and more.

            Sandy’s Health and Wellness was at the same location for more than 35 years before moving to its new store at 5850 Princeton Road in Liberty Township.

            Begley says that there is always something new on the horizon for Sandy’s Health and Wellness. “We are just getting started,” she says. “We plan to offer yoga, dance, artistic expression classes, walking meditations, weekend retreats, mini day-camps for children, and much more so stay tuned!”

            To learn more about Sandy’s Health and Wellness at Liberty Farm Market, visit or You can also like Sandy’s Health and Wellness or Liberty Farm Market.

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              We chat with the local lady behind a growing group that celebrates and supports Girl Bosses in fun new ways. Read on to learn more about them and their upcoming event that’ll help you holiday shop with local, woman-owned businesses.

              Girl Boss Events is hosting a Holiday Pop Up featuring local business owners.

              Girl Boss Events is back and this time they’re hosting a Holiday Pop Up event. Slated for Saturday, November 10, from 11 am to 4 pm, the Holiday Pop Up will take place at Sabin Hall and The Unity Chapel at Liberty Center in Liberty Township.

              According to Girl Boss Events Founder Ashley Lindsey, this event is unique in that all of the businesses who will be attending are owned and run by Cincinnati girl bosses. “You can come sip, shop, and celebrate the season all while shopping small, local, and supporting our city’s girl bosses,” she says.

              Lindsey says the team is still in the process of receiving applications, but she has a goal of selecting 30-40 vendors to attend. “Our main goal is to keep these pop-ups fresh and intimate, but with a party vibe, which is unlike most markets or expos you see in the area,” she adds.

              Currently, some of the businesses attending the event include:

              • OBTLove – hair accessories for girls and bow ties for the guys
              • The Spampy Baby Co. – pacifier clips and teething rings
              • Lulu’s Sweet Bites – cookies, cakes, and cupcakes
              • Game Day Feels – accessories made from baseball glove lace
              • Woodworks + Co – hand lettered home decor and furniture
              • Fenno Fashion – jewelry
              • StyleNmotion – clothing boutique
              • Fresh Garden Goods – kitchen/cooking, home decor, kids goods
              • Trendy Tags Boutique – clothing boutique

              “This is just the start of our vendor selection,” says Lindsey. “There is really something for everyone to come shop for the holidays.”

              To submit your vendor application, click here.

              The event is free to the public, which Lindsey says can expect to have a good time, enjoy an uplifting atmosphere, and do some of the best shopping from local girl boss businesses.

              “There will be complimentary coffee and hot chocolate provided by Cavu Coffee, a photo booth, and more surprises from our amazing community members,” she adds.

              While there are no tickets to purchase for the event, to have an accurate headcount, Lindsey says that they are asking for RSVPs on the Facebook event, which you can find here.

              There are other events around the corner for Girl Boss Events including one at Kendra Scott in Kenwood. “The Girl Boss Events team will be there to mix and mingle, enjoy some refreshments and get 15 percent off with fellow girl bosses in the Cincinnati area,” says Lindsey. The mixers, she says, are for girl bosses who have started ground-up businesses, and an RSVP is a must.

              Lindsey says that they’re also excited about events coming up in 2018 that are centered around health, wellness, and weddings.

              To learn more about Girl Boss Events, their mission, and to keep up to date on mixers and pop-ups, visit

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                A local studio is giving its owner the opportunity to combine her love for handmade plants and unique home decor with planting classes for the community. Read on to learn more and see how her upcoming events can give your green thumb a hand.

                “Bridging design and flora, Fern Studio offers a carefully edited selection of beautiful and unique objects along with a curated assortment of plants,” according to owner Megan Strasser.

                Located in an old gas station in the heart of College Hill, Fern has become a popular plant design studio. The reason behind the shop’s popularity is due to Strasser’s knowledge and expertise in designing and pairing plants with planters.

                When asked about her designs, she says it’s about being thoughtful. “The plant and the pot should have just as much intention as the large furniture pieces you bring into your house,” explains Strasser. “You want to choose a plant that fits your lighting conditions, but you also want to choose a plant and a pot that complement your taste and your home.”

                At Fern, you’ll find that the store, as well as the studio, specializes in custom plant design installations for homes, offices, restaurants, boutiques, and in nearly any place you can put a plant.

                Strasser says she opened Fern because she wanted to create a space that allowed her to combine her love for handmade objects and plants.

                When it comes to choosing your plants, Strasser wants to help customers select one that works for their own personal aesthetic and their home’s style.

                “You want to choose a plant that fits your lighting conditions,” says Strasser. “But you also want to choose a plant and a pot that complement your taste and your home. The plant and planter should also complement each other.”

                In addition to plants and pots, Fern also sells a curated collection of items, including hand-loomed blankets, small-batch candles, hand-woven baskets, and handmade textile wall hangings. Plus, the shop is dedicated to giving back to the community by donating proceeds to a local animal rescue.

                Fern is hosting an upcoming Terrific Terrariums class with the Taft Museum on August 25. Although the event is sold out, Strasser says you can keep your eye out on the shop’s Facebook page for other upcoming events.

                Fern is located at 6040 Hamilton Avenue in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit, “like” them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram.

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                  Let out your inner artist at this Anderson-based pottery studio. Read on to learn more about the easy process that lets you explore your creativity while enjoying time with friends and family.


                  For nearly two decades, Doodlin’ Pottery Studio has been offering guests the opportunity to create their own piece of art. The studio hosts classes, parties for both kids and adults, custom pottery, and even pottery to help you showcase your love for the Queen City.

                  Opened in 2000, Doodlin’ Pottery Studio has been helping local families create artwork and memories through parties, group events, family gatherings, or just hanging out with friends, says Owner Jacqueline Johnson. “Walk in anytime we are open, or call to reserve a group event. We have experienced artists who are here to help you create a masterpiece to have for years to come,” she adds.

                  According to Johnson, the best part about Doodlin’ Pottery Studio is that you don’t have to be a professional artist to create a masterpiece to keep for years to come. Whether you’re creating a customized gift or something for yourself, choose from a variety of fun and functional pottery pieces, all you have to do is pick the colors you want to use and design your piece.

                  “Doodlin’ Pottery has all the tools you need, including experienced artists who are there to help you from start to finish,” explains Johnson. “And you can stay as long as you’d like until your work is complete.”

                  Once you finish your piece, Doodlin’ Pottery Studio applies the glaze and fires it in the kiln to complete your work of art.

                  You can also purchase ready-made pottery, Johnson says. In fact, she adds, about 70 percent of their pottery is made in the store. She says that it not only helps to keep prices down, but contributes to the local economy and is a better alternative to buying pottery from foreign manufacturers.

                  “We learned how to hand-build and slip cast pottery many years ago in art school and are proud to offer our community handmade ceramics using techniques that have been around for thousands of years,” adds Johnson. “Our nearly 500 plaster, slip cast molds allow us to make unique pieces of pottery that are difficult or are unavailable to purchase from other manufacturers.”

                  If you’re interested in hosting a private party at Doodlin’ Pottery Studio, there’s a space for that. The room can be booked for a night, stress-free night for guests of all ages. It can be for the kids, an organization, business, ladies night out, or even a bridal shower.

                  Other types of parties that can be hosted at Doodlin’ Pottery Studio include Scout events, baby showers, family reunions, bachelorette parties, team building, assisted living activity trips, and preschool/daycare activities.

                  Custom pottery pieces are also available from Doodlin’ Pottery Studio, says Johnson. “Painting your own pottery is not your think but still want an artistic ceramic piece for yourself or to give as a gift? We love painting pottery and can create a one-of-a-kind piece for your needs,” says Johnson. “Our talented artists have done just that for many happy customers. Be inspired, and let us create what you are looking for.”

                  Doodlin Pottery Studio is located at Five Mile Center at 7707 Five Mile Road in Cincinnati.

                  To learn more about Doodlin Pottery Studio, visit You can also “like” them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

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                    Inspired by the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a historic site, and the desire to create a lasting legacy, a Northern Kentucky-based woman is set to open a new craft spirits destination. Read on for all the details about this legend in the making.

                    Three Keys Distillery will soon stand on the same ground as the former J.W. Kite store

                    Jessica Banish is the mind behind Three Keys Distillery, a craft spirits destination that’s set to become part of the Kentucky Craft Bourbon Trail.

                    Located in Burlington, Kentucky, about four miles from Rabbit Hash, the idea behind Three Keys Distillery was born out of a desire to preserve the J.W. Kite store, which is located on the property where the distillery will soon stand.

                    “The store is on the National Register of Historic Places, and we knew we wanted to bring it ‘back to life’ and share it within a rich part of Kentucky history,” explains Banish, founder of Three Keys Distillery.

                    Jessica Banish, Founder of Three Keys Distillery

                    Also on Banish’s mind when launching Three Keys Distillery was her love of bourbon as well as the desire to contribute to Kentucky history in a way that would allow her three sons to carry on the family’s legacy, should they choose to.

                    “In fact, that is how Three Keys was named,” says Banish. “I wrote ‘3 KY sons’ on a napkin, and shortened it to ‘3 KYS’ and it was then we knew that Three Keys was the name of our business.”

                    Banish says the atmosphere at Three Keys Distillery is what makes the business unique. “We are truly a destination, as we live on the acreage where we are building our distillery,” she says. “The local history told by and within our J.W. Kite store is something which will transport you back in time to the early 1900s, and our walking trail reveals secrets of the past. Each time we walk the land we discover remnants of the past – recently an old well.”

                    Banish says she loves being reminded of the world that the only family who has ever occupied the land lived in. It’s the family before hers coupled with the modern edge of her own family that she hopes to create in the legacy of Three Keys Distillery.

                    The business launched in 2016, and since then Banish says they’ve completed Moonshine University, navigated startup necessities, attended zoning meetings, developed the brand’s vision, and, for the final stages of startup, Banish joined Aviatra Accelerators (formerly Bad Girl Ventures).

                    “Aviatra has been an absolute kickstart,” says Banish. “The Aviatra network is incredibly diverse, knowledgeable, and giving of time and resources. We honestly would not be as far along without the amazing group, mentors, alumni, and extended network that Aviatra provides.”

                    Three Keys Distillery is one of the only distilleries owned by a woman that also has a female master distiller.

                    With the help from Aviatra in launching her business, this means that Three Keys Distillery will be one of the only distilleries owned by a woman that also has a female master distiller.

                    “We are fortunate to be within the Greater Cincinnati area, and still have this much history and untouched beauty,” she says. “With close proximity to Rabbit Hash and the recently revived Rabbit Hash Ferry – we are in a great place.”

                    Banish says that the biggest thing she’s looking forward to with Three Keys Distillery is breaking ground on the permanent distillery early next year. “We are finalizing details and cannot wait to follow through on our commitment to the Kentucky Distillers’ Association to become part of the Kentucky Craft Bourbon Trail, as well as the Northern Kentucky B-Line, and contribute to this area’s reputation of holding the title of an ‘Official Getaway’ to the Bourbon Trail,” says Banish.

                    To learn more about Three Keys Distillery, visit You can also “like” them on Facebook. Banish says you can check out the Aviatra Launch class to learn more about the upcoming Flight Night on August 30. “I’ll be presenting the Three Keys business plan to the public, and I’d love to talk to you about it,” she says. Details on that will be announced soon, so stay tuned.

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                      A social butterfly fashionista and her pilot husband launched a blog that features unique date night ideas, fun local experiences, and adventures together around the world. Read on for their story that'll inspire you to make it a date.

                      Lydia Jenkins wanted to launched a blog where she could create curated date night ideas together – that’s why she launched The Date Night Collection.

                      As the wife of a pilot, finding time for date nights is important to Jenkins. She wanted to find a way to spend time with her husband while he was home, or while they were traveling together, and thought that a blog featuring curated date night ideas was the perfect way to not only document their time together but also showcase date night ideas for followers.

                      “My goal is to always be up to date on the latest and greatest happenings around the city,” says Jenkins. “My passion for travel, good food, and amazing cocktails has my calendar filled with new places to explore weekly.”

                      These collections featured on the blog include outings to local restaurants and events as well as photos from their travels abroad to destinations like Spain where they ventured through cities like Barcelona, Sevilla, and Valencia.

                      “My husband Fred and I have been married for six years and have never stopped dating,” says Jenkins. “We’re always looking for new date night adventures.”

                      In addition to The Date Night Collection section on the blog, there are also sections for travel, shopping, and entertainment.

                      Jenkins is a self-proclaimed fashionista and loves sharing her favorite shopping spots and fashionable finds with followers. The same goes for her entertainment finds, whether it’s an event, a restaurant, or a local spot that she thinks others would enjoy experiencing as well. 

                      To learn more about The Date Night Collection, visit the newly launched website at You can also follow along on Instagram and “like” them on Facebook.