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    In a world where there's an increasing demand on moms to be parent, teacher, coach and all the other things, one Ohio-based business is here to help.

    Juggle LLC was founded by two sets of sisters, from left: CEO Annie Kentris Arthur; Amber Lear Nolan, chief recruiting officer; COO Ashlee Lear Giannetti; and Emily Kentris Music, chief communications officer

    In a COVID-19 world, moms throughout the country have been tasked with working from home, teaching from home, cleaning (even more than usual), and a plethora of other duties that have only been heightened as stay-at-home orders and quarantines seem never-ending. 

    To help alleviate the struggle many moms are facing, pre- and post-COVID, there’s one mobile childcare app that’s here to help: Juggle. 

    “We offer childcare, pet care, and homeschool help,” explains Juggle Co-Founder Amber Nolan. “Juggle connects local families to college students, recent grads, and young professionals who have been recruited, vetted, and interviewed by a mom.”

    The Juggle app and website allows you to see who their friends have used and reviewed, acting as an instant friend referral. Juggle allows families to look, book, and pay through the app.

    “We strive to make finding reliable and trusted childcare easy for families,” she adds.

    The inspiration for Juggle came from four Ohio moms: Amber Nolan, Ashlee Giannetti, Annie Arthur, and Emily Music. They are two sets of sisters and best friends who all ran into the same childcare problem and decided to find a solution together.

    The four founders behind Juggle all grew up in a small town in Northwest Ohio. 

    “Raised by four hard working parents and entrepreneurs themselves, they taught us that we could do anything if we put our minds to it,” says Nolan. “That is exactly what we did!”

    The four of them say that without the support of their parents and the rest of their family and friends, they wouldn’t have been able to launch Juggle and make it what it is today. 

    While Juggle prides itself on helping to alleviate the childcare problems encountered by many moms, the organization also offers support to the communities it’s a part of.

    “We love to be a part of school, church, and community philanthropies and events,” says Nolan. “We are a female-founded company and love to partner with other female founded companies to share our passions.” 

    To help with the increased demand on parents this year, Juggle has adapted its services to accommodate those needs.

    “When the pandemic hit in early March, Juggle had to pivot,” explains Nolan. “We considered ourselves a date night app but quickly adapted and evolved into a service to essential workers for childcare and homeschool help. We formed corporate partnerships with hospital systems to help their families during this time. The need and demand for consistent care increased as well as the demand for homeschool help with so many schools shifting to hybrid and virtual.”

    As the New Year approaches, the team at Juggle says they’re looking forward to a healthier 2021 for all Juggle users and expanding to more markets to help even more busy families.

    To learn more about Juggle, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.


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    It's a Georgian Estate combined with the quality of new construction on a 6-acre wooded lot! Get a peek inside this breathtaking Listing of the Week!

    This absolute gem is quietly nestled among mature trees. Enjoy the warm appeal of a Georgian Estate combined with the quality of new construction. Revel in the thoughtfully designed venues for gracious entertaining & simple everyday pleasure. The home sits on a 6-acre wooded lot. The gated entry diverges down a long private drive before it opens to the circular drive way. This 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom home is listed at $3.2 million.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.



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    See how this annual event (virtual this year) brings together business and community executives for best practices in inclusion, an inspiring keynote, and an update on how the region is becoming more diverse by design and inclusive by intention.

    The community’s largest annual business gathering focused on inclusion, the Fifth Third Bank Diversity Leadership Symposium hosted by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, is coming up Dec. 10. This year, it’ll look much different than usual, but event organizers consider that a good thing.

    “Before this, the conversations were happening, the room was full, and we still weren’t reaching everyone we needed to. More people are raising their hands now. Because of COVID-19 and George Floyd along with many others, we have greater awareness coupled with a business community that says we’re going to come out of this COVID depression and emerge a better version of ourselves,” says Jill Meyer, president and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. “Hearts have been changed, awareness has been lifted, and we’re putting tools in the hands of those who will rebuild differently. It’s an opportunity we didn’t ask for but it’s our reality. It’s an opportunity to build things the right away. My excitement is how quickly, and robustly a diverse the group of participants – and not just our usual suspects in these conversations – are coming to participate now.”

    The event’s exclusive conversations will be headlined by Greg Carmichael, President & CEO of Fifth Third Bank and David Taylor, President & CEO of The Procter & Gamble Co. Participants will hear directly from these top leaders of the importance of having intentional, committed focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and how the business community can have profound impact on meaningful progress. Additional programing will include panel discussions and breakout sessions. 

    Jill Meyer, president and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

    “We are kicking off the conversation with how they have been tackling this, producing results, and how we can all learn from one another,” says Meyer. “Normally, we bring in a national speaker, who’s on the circuit, and usually has written a book about the issues we’re focusing on. This year, we’re focused on Black talent, and hearing from businesses based right here in Cincinnati instead.”

    Meyer says that while there’s work to do, there are many good things happening in our businesses – with measurable results – and the Chamber is thrilled to highlight that work to inspire even more. “Things that people can learn from and replicate,” Meyer adds. “What’s happening and going well that people can learn from? Who are our local leaders and resources that can help others lean in and think creatively?” 

    This focus on inclusivity, Meyer says, isn’t new for the Chamber. “The work we’ve been doing at the Chamber for more than five years has been centered on the commitment to model inclusion in everything we do,” she explains. “We see the data that says not everyone is participating in our economic momentum and the rise of the community. There’s a big population in this region not participating, not because they don’t want to, it’s because they can’t break through or navigate some of the systems that are in place.”  

    Meyer says she’s confident in our collective ability to build differently going forward because it’s in the DNA of this region. “It’s the Cincinnati way. Maybe sometimes we’re too humble. But it’s the willingness to roll up our sleeves and really dig in. There’s a lot of that happening now on the diversity, equity and inclusion front,” she says. “To think about the Cincinnati we knew in February –there was a lot of good stuff happening then. But the Cincinnati that emerges from this is going to be far more vibrant, with an even more lively energy …because there’s an imperative that we must do better. More people are taking ownership of inclusion in an intentional and committed way. It absolutely will bring the community to life in a way it hasn’t in the past.”

    Due to ongoing health concerns of public gatherings, this event – which typically sells out with over 800 attendees – will be held virtually. “We see this as an opportunity to reach even more people with a message that’s more important and needed than ever,” says Meyer. The event will take place from 8am-12pm. Click here to learn more and RSVP:

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    Real-life superheroes saved this local woman's life thanks to their blood donations.

    “You don’t have to be rich, well-educated, virtuous, or famous to literally save someone’s life: just GIVE BLOOD and become someone’s hero!”

    When a crisis strikes, it is crucial that local hospitals have the blood they need on the shelf and ready to go at a moment’s notice—for a patient undergoing an emergency surgery, their survival can depend on the availability of blood products.

    Amy Alexander learned this firsthand after losing almost all of her blood volume following an otherwise routine surgery.

    “Three weeks after a hysterectomy in the spring of 2015, I was preparing to return to work as a sixth grade teacher,” Amy recalled. “I went to the doctor for my final check and had no issues, except for a little low back pain that I assumed had developed due to required inactivity following surgery.”

    Within a few days, however, that minor pain turned into a life-threatening emergency. Just 36 hours after her follow-up, she woke up in the middle of the night to a true nightmare: She was hemorrhaging blood. 

    “I woke up in a bed full of blood, and it was flowing from me like someone had turned on a faucet,” she said.

    Fortunately, Amy was able to call 911 from her bed and was transported to the hospital by ambulance, where EMTs frantically tried to prevent her from bleeding to death. ER doctors were able to stop the bleeding temporarily, but the hemorrhage started up again a few hours later.

    “The doctors determined that I had developed an infection from the surgery and that was causing the back pain,” she explained. “They surmised that inflammation had caused an artery to rupture somewhere inside me, which triggered the hemorrhaging. My own doctor arrived and performed surgery to locate the artery but couldn’t, so I was taken to the recovery room while the team discussed next steps.”

    But the medical team didn’t have much time to plan, as Amy continued to lose precious blood. “It quickly became evident that the surgery caused the bleeding to resume even worse than before, so for a second time in one day, I underwent surgery to try to find the source of the gushing blood,” Amy recalled. “The doctor said I nearly died on the operating table due to catastrophic hemorrhaging.”

    Although Amy’s surgeon was finally able to locate the source of the bleeding and repair the damage, she had lost much of her own blood—which, for the average woman, can be 9 to 10 pints. Her survival and recovery depended on the availability of blood from volunteer blood donors.

    “During surgery and in the following days, I received lifesaving transfusions—four units of packed red blood cells. My doctor told my family that they were what kept me alive,” Amy said. “He said, ‘You were very lucky to live close to a hospital. In most parts of the world you would have died. You owe your life to blood donors. You would not have survived if we hadn’t been able to access large amounts of donated blood very quickly.’”

    Pulled back from the brink of death by her medical team and donated blood, Amy had a long recovery ahead of her. However, throughout the process, she was inspired and motivated by the thought of the donors who saved her.

    “I survived a very traumatic episode with what has been a long, challenging recovery; however, my lingering thoughts focus not on that but on the blood donors – the people who voluntarily shared their own life’s blood with me,” she said. “I will never be able to repay the debt that I owe my heroes, but I will do my best to raise awareness for blood donation and will do everything I can to encourage those who are able to DONATE BLOOD! You don’t have to be rich, well-educated, virtuous, or famous to literally save someone’s life: just GIVE BLOOD and become someone’s hero!” 

    Written by: Cara Nicolas, Associate Director Public Relations, Hoxworth Blood Center

    Here is a list of upcoming Hoxworth Blood Drives: 


    12/2/20 – Signature Air (Lunken)

    12/10/20 –  Main Library drive, downtown

    12/21/20 –  Downtown Mobile

    12/22/20 – Deer Park Library                             

    12/23/20 – Mariemont Theater        

    12/31/20 – Starbucks on 4th Street, downtown

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    A cancelled summertime event made way for a holiday virtual event to support Cincinnati artists. Click here for more.


    Bag by Jessica Joy of Bellefontaine, Ohio


    Things are different this year but that doesn’t mean everything is cancelled. Local organizations and businesses are adapting to changing times and Summerfair Cincinnati is no exception.

    This year, Summerfair Cincinnati is hosting its Holiday Virtual Event to connect with some of the artists who would have been in Summerfair 2020 with art lovers in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

    “Artists have lost the ability to sell their creations at the many art shows around the country,” says Summerfair Cincinnati’s Managing Director Jayne Utter. “We wanted to give them an outlet to sell their work to the patrons who come to Summerfair each year to buy real art, add to their collections, or to fill their gift lists. It’s a win-win!”

    Summerfair Cincinnati has taken up the task of offering this opportunity to all the artists who would have ventured to Cincinnati over the summer. 

    Put together for a very small administration fee, Summerfair Cincinnati wants to showcase their love for the artists who join them every year and help their businesses survive and come back to the main showcase June 4-6, 2021. “We will take no commissions,” adds Utter. 

    Traditionally, Summerfair Cincinnati is always held the weekend after Memorial Day. “We did support the art event Blink in its first year, with a fall fair,” says Utter. “We have never offered a virtual event, so like many things this year, it’s been a learning experience.” 

    The event opened on Thanksgiving Day and will last through December. During this virtual event attendees will have the opportunity to explore each of the artists and their one-of-a-kind work. Utter adds that this is not the time to let something you fall in love with slip away, as many of these items are not available in multiples. 

    You can visit the Holiday Virtual Event by going to There you are taken to the event page and can visit each artist’s square (there are 45 total). The artists are grouped in categories that highlight a piece of their artwork and their name. Utter says you can click on the square to open a new window. 

    “There you will see more images of the artists’ work plus how to navigate to their sales platform,” explains Utter. “Purchase from them before moving on or make a list, leave the page open, and explore more options. The main page will stay open making it easy to go back and explore more artwork.”

    You can learn more about the event at The website will also offer more information on how Summerfair Cincinnati gives back to the art community here in Greater Cincinnati, volunteer opportunities, and the organization’s history. 

    “We also have a store where you can find our posters and other merchandise,” adds Utter. “Sales from these items helps us support our mission. As a nonprofit we are dedicated to supporting local arts and artists through scholarships, awards, and exhibitions.”

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    A local nurse practitioner with more than two decades of women’s health experience launched a new cosmetic injectable spa. Read on for details.

    Lisa McMillan spent 23 years in a private practice working as a women’s health nurse practitioner. Then, about a decade ago, she underwent feelings that many women do. She says she didn’t look as young as she felt so she started to do a little research of her own. 

    “At the time, I found it difficult to find someone to do a simple Botox treatment, and it was slightly intimidating going into a plastic surgeon’s office – especially since I didn’t feel like I wanted or needed anything close to plastic surgery,” explains McMillan. “So, I decided to learn how to do these treatments myself, with the idea that having a little something done should not be so intimidating or complicated.”

    From there, McMillan launched Livio MedSpa, a cosmetic injectable spa. 

    “I provide medical grade treatments including Botox, Dysport, fillers, microneedling, and Kybella for body contouring treatments,” she says.

    With seven years in the industry now, McMillan says there are several treatment options available at Livio MedSpa. These including all injectable services such as lip fillers, cheek and mid-face fillers, chin augmentations, Scultpra for the temples and midface, Kybella for permanent fat reduction, microneedling for the face and body, and Sculptra BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). Additionally, Livio MedSpa uses cannula technique as well as sharp needle techniques. 

    McMillan says that what makes her medspa unique is that she offers an entire facial rejuvenation approach.

    “That means when a client comes into my office, I address the entire face rather than just filling in a particular line or continuing to fill a person’s cheeks just because that’s what they ask for,” she explains. “I will not let someone leave my office looking strange or unnatural. I listen very closely to what bothers a client and then we address the reason. It is hard for a client to know why they are looking tired, but they don’t need to know – that’s my job!” 

    You can learn more about Livio MedSpa at There you can find information on all the treatments offered at Livio MedSpa as well as pricing for those treatments. “No one wants to be surprised about cost,” adds McMillan. 

    Livio Medspa is located at 3974 RedBank Road in the Phenix Salon Suite. 

    You can book an appointment with Livio Medspa by clicking here. You can stay up to date with Livio MedSpa on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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    Shop local this holiday season and up your jewelry game with these handcrafted earrings.

    Cincy Chic: What is Coko Clay Co?
    Courtney Kohlhepp, Founder of Coko Clay Co: Coko Clay Co is a local, handmade jewelry business!

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
    Kohlhepp: I have always aspired to be a small business owner, and I love using earrings to easily dress up a look. Coko Clay Co has allowed me to put my MBA in practice while feeding my creative side. I’m so excited to see where this journey goes! 

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
    Kohlhepp: Me, Courtney Kohlhepp – a native Northern Kentucky gal turned Cincinnatian!

    Cincy Chic: What products can customers shop in your store?
    Kohlhepp: You’ll find handmade, lightweight polymer clay earrings (both statement earrings and studs!)

    Cincy Chic: What makes Coko Clay Co unique?
    Kohlhepp: Each piece is handmade personally by me through a labor of love. The earrings are lightweight regardless of size, allowing you to elevate your look in comfort. The earrings are made in small batches – this provides a one-of-a-kind option to match any style.

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
    Kohlhepp: We are always coming out with new shapes, colors and textures – follow along on Instagram to see our latest drops! 

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Kohlhepp: Follow us on Instagram or on Facebook at Coko Clay Co. We’re at local holiday markets in Cincinnati throughout December (peep our Instagram for the schedule!) and can be shopped year-round on Etsy at

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    Check out a recap of the small and local businesses we've featured this week on our new sister page Spend With Cincinnati.

    Cincy Chic recently launched a new sister account called Spend With Cincinnati. The goal of Spend With Cincinnati is to share how the public can still support small and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a recap of what we’ve featured this week:

    Fork and Pie Bakery: Who else’s favorite part of thanksgiving is the pie 😍 Load up on this delicious tradition with @forkandpiebakery !! They are open today 10-4 and tomorrow 8-7 for some last minute goodies before the big day! Click the link in their bio to pre-order or walk in! 

    Bean and Barley: TOMORROW is thanksgiving! In need of a caffeine pick me up while preparing all day today? @bean.and.barley has you covered! They are open from 7-5 today brining you delicious coffee, baked good, and more!

    PLUS: after the holiday, celebrate with them for happy hour! Grab a cocktail or a local craft beer Monday-Friday 3-5pm! 

    Ilan’s Raw Chocolate: Didn’t get enough sweets in your belly yesterday? @ilansrawchocolate has you covered! Stock up on the perfect holiday gift…chocolate!

    PLUS: today is BLACK FRIDAY! Which means awesome deals for awesome goodies! Enjoy buy 2 get one FREE chocolate boxes all day! Just click the link in their bio to get your order started! 

    Fill More. Waste Less.: STOREFRONT OPENING‼️ @fillmore.wastelessstorefront will be open and ready for you Wednesday! Kickstart the month of December by doing your part for the environment and eliminate you’re waste!

    No matter what point of your zero waste journey you are in, they are here to help! Shop online, in store, or curbside pickup!

    PLUS: now until Monday at 11:59, enjoy 10% off!! and make sure to check out their latest post for a GIVEAWAY they’re having! 

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    Click here for a recap of what was featured on our home design website Cincy Home Chic Home!

    Here’s a recap of what we featured on our home design website, Cincy Home Chic Home:

    Inspection Process 101

    How to Sell Your Home When You Have Children

    Custom Window Treatments

    Z Place for Wine in Montgomery

    Soapstone Countertops

    Favorite Home Exterior – Vote for Your Favorite

    Is Pleasant Ridge Cincinnati’s Hottest Neighborhood?

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    Mommin’ ain’t easy, especially when you have to share your energy and time with your career. Our life coach columnist has a message for those mamas who may need some extra encouragement right now.

    Unexpected illness or situations that has you leaving work early, calling off work, desperately trying to find a sitter, sick kids, all happens more times than you’d like.

    All the emotions that come with being a working mom from “am I doing enough, how can I juggle all of the needs of my family, or how can I show up fully in my greatness”, among other things running rapidly in your mind on a daily basis.

    For my family, I’ve always worked even when I enrolled in college at age 30 to earn my teaching degree, I worked full time, went to school full time, and attended all my boys’ school and sporting events. Challenging and fulfilling because I created a plan so I would be fully emerged in each moment.

    Here’s what allowed me to focus and manage the role as mother, wife, businesswoman, home and finance manager daily:

    Quality Over Quantity

    You know that feeling when you lose track of time because you are so engrossed in the moment that time stands still? Children want that feeling when they are with you. Even if it is for a brief moment be sure to fully engage in the moment as if time stands still.  The other things can wait, promise.

    Schedule Non-Negotiable Time

    You know your work schedule and what needs to be done, so block time in the schedule for the kids including things like play dates, outings, or just sitting in their room reading and playing.Allow them to choose what they want to do and just go with it.Have fun and laugh often.  

    Love Unconditionally by Fill Your Own Cup

    Refuel and rejuvenate your own energy.  Again, plan for time to get that bath, a trip to the spa, out with girlfriends, or taking a nap (when they nap).  Filling your cup brings calmness and love which is spilled over into your child’s life. They just want you to hear them and see them so taking care of you first will open your eyes, ears and heart to be fully connect with them.

    Lastly, remember, no matter how tired and frustrated you feel, this too shall pass.  Time moves quickly and before you know those children are adults and they will only remember how their working mom was there when they needed her most.

    PS – If now one has told you lately — You Rock Working Momma!