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    Cabin fever have you itching to get out and explore? Read on as we uncover a nearby one-of-a-kind getaway. From yurts to castles, treehouses and tipis, and even a renovated train-turned-cabin, see the adventure that awaits a short drive north.”

    Looking for a getaway without venturing too far from home? Hocking Hills, a region just 40 miles southeast of Columbus, may be just the place to look. 

    There is plenty to see and do in Hocking Hills, whether it’s hiking trails or looking for a breathtaking view. 

    “Travelers can take their adventures to new heights in Ohio’s Hocking Hills by staying in one of its unforgettable treehouses,” Amy Weirick of Weirick Communications. “Perched high above the ground, these one-of-a-kind cabins offer visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the region’s natural beauty from an unmatched viewpoint.”

    Weirick says that when it comes to booking a stay at Hocking Hills, there is a user-friendly lodging search available at to allow them to find the accommodations they’re looking for when it comes to taste, budget, and travel dates. 

    “Each of the stunning structures at Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins creates a centering experience that helps guests relax, reconnect, and recharge,” she says. 

    The treehouses are pet-friendly and boast porch swings, fire pits, and kitchenettes. Each treehouse also has a unique touch – whether it’s a glass-enclosed, circular masters or a secret doorway bunk room.

    Other treehouse experiences can be found in the Maple View Treehouse from Among the Trees Lodging, the Canopy Treehouse at Canopy Ridge Cabins, the Sidney Nook Treehouse with the Corban Cabin Getaways, and the Comfort in the Woods Treehouse. 

    The Boulders Edge Cabin and Tipi Retreat will take you back to the native land of what we now call home. “Experience the magic and tranquility of camping in traditional Sioux Native American tipis, reminiscent of ‘Dances with Wolves,’” says Weirick.

    The Hocking Hills Caboose is a recently renovated, antique train caboose that’s hidden deep in the woods. Weirick says it’s the perfect adventure for families with children, railroad buffs, and anyone who is on the hunt for an unusual escape. 

    “The caboose has been transformed into a fully equipped cabin that sleeps five and features a kitchenette, full bath, and a cozy fire pit just outside the door that overlooks a stunning woodland valley,” she adds.

    Yurts are becoming a popular trend in outdoor adventures, and this unique sleeping arrangement can be found in the Salt Creek Retreats’ Mongolian yurt. “Salt Creek Retreats’ cabins and yurt sits on 60 secluded acres near miles of private trails, a fishing pond, scenic overlook, and a river for swimming,” Weirick says.

    Those looking for the Royal Treatment can find it in the Ravenswood Castle’s Medieval Village, castle rooms, and Fairytale Village Cottages. “The design of Ravenwood Castle was inspired by castles built to defend the border between England and Wales in the 12th and 13th centuries,” says Weirick. 

    While the building is much newer than a 12th century castle, the cottages are decorated the same as you’d find in a medieval town and feature both kitchenettes and whirlpool tubs. There’s also the castle room with medieval flair. 

    In continuing with the royal offerings at Hocking Hills is the Glenlaurel Scottish Inn. This traditional Scottish hamlet is complete with Old World-style crofts and cottages, and aims to send guests to the Scottish hills. 

    Looking for something more romantic? Weirick says The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls recently opened its newest lodging experience in Hocking Hills. More than just cabins, inn rooms, and cottages, there are now yurt accommodations available. 

    “Each of these year-round, raised, and dome-shaped dwellings are 20 feet in diameter and boasts a private deck, a king-size bed, or two twin beds, bathroom with tiled shower, comfortable rocking chairs, a gas-log stove, microwave, and under-counter refrigerator,” says Weirick. 

    If you’re looking to escape more than just your cabin, castle, yurt, or tipi, Hocking Hills boasts hiking trails, parks, and forests. And with 50 ziplines offered, Hocking HIlls is also the zipline capital of the Midwest. Other adventures include gift and antique shops, canoeing, horseback riding, golf, spas, and more. 

    To learn more about Hocking Hills and the adventures it has to offer, visit or call 1-800-463-5464. 

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    This week's Doc Talk shares some of the ways you can take better care of your heart through practical steps toward prevention.

    As Greater Cincinnati’s Heart Hospital, it is our responsibility to take care of all the hearts of Cincinnati, even before they are sick. See, even though heart disease is the No. 1 killer of both men and women, it is also very preventable.

    You likely won’t find two cardiologists more passionate about keeping you out of their office than Wojciech Mazur, MD, and Joel Forman, MD, of The Christ Hospital- Heart & Vascular Center.

    Both have dedicated their careers to preventive medicine and truly believe that their patients are in control of their own destinies, and that changing the way one lives can have a huge impact on one’s health.

    We sat down with both to talk about the most important advice they give their patients within these three health-forward categories: Diet, Physical Activity and Emotional Well Being.


    Dr. Mazur says:

    1. It’s not the bad food that will kill you. It’s the LACK of good food that  will kill you. If you incorporate these good foods  everyday, you will live longer and happier:
    2. Fruits: 1 medium sized  fruit (baseball size), 1h cup  juice, or 1h cup of cooked or chopped fruit.
    3. Vegetables: 1 cup of raw vegetables, 1f2 cup of vegetable juice or 1h cup of cooked vegetables.
    4. Grains:1f2 cup of cooked rice,  pasta or cereal, 1 slice  of bread.
    5. Meat: 2 to 3 oz cooked lean meat or fish
    6. Did I mention nuts? Eat Nuts! One handful of any nuts a day can cut risk of stroke by 50%.
    7. The  three beverages I get asked about  the most are water, coffee and alcohol. Here’s some  strong stats on each.
    8. Water. Water is best. It keeps your tem­perature normal, lubricates and cushions joints, protects your spinal cord and oth­er sensitive tissue and gets rid of waste. IOM liberally recommends a total daily water intake of 15 cups for the average male and 11 cups  for the average female.
    9. Coffee: Rejoice! Women who drink 3 or more cups of coffee a day, decrease their risk of death from  heart disease by 22% and stroke by 30%.
    10. Alcohol. No comment. Too many breweries around here.

    Dr. Forman says:

    1. Limit the amount of processed foods you eat.
    2. Make sure you mostly eat  things that come from the earth.
    3. If it didn’t come from the earth, make sure it had a mother that had either feathers or gills.


    Dr. Mazur says:

    1. Stand up. A 2015 analysis concluded that prolonged sitting is associated with higher mortality rates from cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is regardless of activity level!
    2. Add resistance training to your routine. Adding resistance training to a low calorie diet led  to higher weight loss than cutting calories with aerobic exercise.
    3. Get moving! 30 minutes of exercise a day (including household chores) decreases all cause mortality by 39% and  prevents 60% of dementia.

    Dr. Forman says:

    1. Always  strive to sit less.
    2. Tell yourself to “move more.”
    3. Do something for its own sake to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness for 30 minutes at least five times per week.

    How to get started

    Simple lifestyle changes can make a big im­ pact when it comes to heart health. But getting started doesn’t always feel  that simple. That’s why The Christ Hospital Health Network, Dr. Mazur and Dr. Forman have resources to share with you along  every step of the way.


    Dr. Mazur says:

    1. Live with purpose. Higher purpose in life plays an important role in protecting against heart attacks and strokes. Each purpose in life unit increase was associated with a 27% reduction in risk of heart attack.
    2. Get a dog. Owning  a dog reduces the risk of death by 21%, and for  people with  coronary disease, 35%!
    3. Getting mad more than 5 times a day in­creases the risk of heart attack and stroke in a healthy individual by 158 times compared to 4 times for a heavy smoker over a 10 year period. Instead, use one of these relaxation techniques when you feel anger coming on: Tai Chi, meditation, yoga, transcendental meditation, contemplative prayer, and coloring books.

    Dr. Forman says:

    1. Get plenty of sleep and exercise.
    2. Consider taking up meditation, yoga, or practicing mindfulness.
    3. Be with people you enjoy and do things that you love.

    Don’t forget, throughout the month of February, we are part­nering with gyms and studios around the Tristate to provide free pop-up cardio fitness classes – so there’s something for everyone! Join us for one or all the classes:

    Monday, Feb. 24,6:30-8:30 p.m.

    The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center -get your groove on at the Cardia Party-0**, an event that’s one-part workout and one part dance party, led by Curvy Cardia owner Morgan Owens, and everybody’s favorite celebrity deejay, DJ Etrayn!

    Friday, Feb. 28, 10 a.m.- noon

    North College Hill Rec Center- join heart survivor and instruc­tor Nancy Wilkins  for a fun and upbeat line dancing class that willbe sure to get that heart rate going.

    We also we encourage you to participate in this years Heart Mini Marathon Walk on Sunday,  March 22, 2020! For any pa­tients who would like to join The Christ Hospital team, please email for a patient discount code to use at registration.

    About the doctors:

    Wojciech Mazur, MD is a second-generation cardiolo­gist and has been in practice with The Christ Hospital Physicians- Heart & Vascular since 2002. He specializ­ es in cardiac imaging (echocardiography, nuclear car­ diology, cardiac magnetic resonance, cardiac computed tomography) and clinical cardiology. He has published more than 170 research articles, books, abstracts and book chapters in the field of cardiology. Dr. Mazur sees his patients as people, not as a disease or a problem. He focuses on treating each patient well, and with dignity and respect, while learning their stories and under­ standing how each story ties into their health.

    Joel Forman, MD, FACC, FASPC has been in prac­tice with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Heart & Vascular since 2005. He is originally from the Cleveland area. His practice interests include pre­ventive cardiology, echocardiography, and stress testing. He stresses the importance of a healthlifestyle in the prevention and treatment of car­diovascular disease. His personal interests include his family, fitness, athletics, music and comedy.

    Resource: In 2018, Dr. Mazur and his Re­search Assistant, Stephanie Ambach, created Your Heart Manual, a short book featuring easy-to-understand and  actionable sugges­tions to modify your lifestyle, backed by more than 500 research articles from the past decade. You can  download a free copy online at www.YourHeartManual.Org.

    Resource: Dr. Forman is the medical direc­tor of the Preventive Cardiology Program at The Christ Hospital. Through this  unique program, patients work with a team of car­ diology  specialists to make tailored lifestyle changes that will prevent heart disease or stop  its progression, while improving over­ all wellness. Each preventive cardiology care plan includes a nutritional strategy and focused exercise program-both customized for  your individual needs and goals. Our services also include stress testing and peripheral vascular disease rehabilitation.

    To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call513-206-1320.

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    We're whisking you away to a beautifully built custom home in the heart of Indian Hill for this week's Listing of the Week!

    This beautiful estate has 11,320 square feet of space including 3,500-square-feet in a lower level walk out. The home is listed at $2,099,000 and boasts 6 bedrooms, and 8 bathrooms. This custom home has 3 private acres at the end of Camargo Pines. There are marble floors, arched doorways, and spacious rooms. There is also a big kitchen with a balcony overlooking the grand pool and hot tub. There is a first floor master wing with a new master bathroom. There is also a guest bedroom on the first floor, 3 bedrooms on the second floor, and an additional guest room in the walkout lower level.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    Get your beads ready! Learn about the biggest Mardi Gras party in town and how it supports our community’s most vulnerable children!

    It’s been 29 years since four homeless children perished in a garage fire. Although the years have passed, the memory of it hasn’t. To help the memory of those lost live on, the Northern Kentucky Restaurant Association (NKRA), led by Chairman Gordy Snyder, launched Mardi Gras for Homeless Children to help fight against homelessness in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region.

    “The NKRA member restaurants and businesses donate their food and time to raise much needed funds to support the food budgets for Bethany House Services, Brighton Center, and Welcome House,” explains Barbara Gurren, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the Commonwealth Hotel Collection.

    Mardi Gras for Homeless Children offers guests a culinary experience that benefits Bethany House Services, Brighton Center, and Welcome House, all local agencies that help feed the region’s homeless children.

    This year’s event is on February 25, Fat Tuesday, at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

    To date, more than $1 million has been raised with the event for the region’s homeless children through organizations that service more than 40,000 needy individuals in the community each year.

    Mardi Gras for Homeless Children features more than 50 booths of food and beverages furnished by members of the NKRA.

    To purchase tickets for Mardi Gras for Homeless Children, visit, or stop by Mercedes Benz of Ft. Mitchell, Bethany House Services, Brighton Center’s Homeward Bound, Welcome House of Northern Kentucky and the 50 participating restaurants.

    To learn more about the event or the organization, click here or call 859-291-NKRA.

    Check out this video for a sneak peek of the upcoming Mardi Gras with Homeless Children:

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    Have an idea that will make the world a better place? Learn about a social enterprise hub and the programs they offer to help make those ideas a reality.

    There are a plethora of entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups in the Queen City. Many of these companies are on a mission to provide solutions to complex social and environmental challenges. Those companies and businesses sometimes turn to support from social enterprise groups like Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub, a capacity-building organization for startups with social impact in the Greater Cincinnati region. 

    “Social entrepreneurs build companies that provide solutions to complex social and environmental challenges, either through the products and services they offer or the populations they employ,” says Josie Dalton, Program Manager at Flywheel. “We support these entrepreneurs through programming, resources, and connections to help them develop sustainable business models and maximize their impact.”

    One of these ways Flywheel offers support is through its flagship program, the 10-week Elevator Social Impact Accelerator, as well as through workshops and coaching opportunities for early-stage social entrepreneurs throughout the year.

    The inspiration behind Flywheel is that they want to help social entrepreneurs find customers, talent, and capital – just as any other entrepreneur needs. 

    “Flywheel recognized these needs, and developed our programs to connect passionate founders with the rich resources and collaborative partners in the StartupCincy community,” says Dalton. “We’ve also identified the particular challenge of access to capital for social impact startup founders. Seeing this wide gap in access to capital has inspired a new element of our mission: catalyzing a community of investors in the Cincinnati region who will use alternative investment models the fuel the growth of startups that generate both profit and positive impact.”

    There are three different ways that the community can get involved with Flywheel: 

    Social entrepreneurs who are looking for help to build and grow their startup can check out these programs: Opt In Social Enterprise Coaching, workshops, and the Elevator Social Impact Accelerator. Check out the events page (and social media channels) or reach out to to learn more. 

    If you’re a professional looking to lend your expertise and experience to rising social entrepreneurs, Flywheel are always on the hunt for volunteer coaches, workshop facilitators, and content contributors. Fill out the volunteer form or reach out to for upcoming opportunities. 

    Flywheel just finished its fourth run of the Elevator Social Impact Accelerator and Dalton says the program went well. 

    “We’re so excited for what’s next,” she says. “Through the spring and summer, we’ll host our programs for early-stage social entrepreneurs including workshops and the Opt In Social Enterprise Coaching on a monthly basis. We’ll also have details to share about the next iteration of the Elevator Accelerator Program and application cycle.”

    “We also look forward to developing more opportunities for rising impact investors to learn more about how they can fund startups in this community that will generate both financial return and social impact,” she adds. “Stay tuned!”

    To learn more about Flywheel, visit If you want to learn more about impact investing, alternative startup financing structures, and how you can be a part of this transformative movement, reach out to

    To keep up with Flywheel on social media, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to hear more about upcoming programs, coaching opportunities, and news from the impact investing space.

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    An activewear brand with local ties launched a year ago and has experienced tremendous growth. Read on for more.

    MEAS got its start back in 2019 when Erin Roddy launched her brand. With a year of accomplishments behind her, she’s looking forward to 2020. 

    “Since March 2019, MEAS was able to raise $30,000 with a Kickstarter campaign to bring the brand to life,” she says. “This success allowed MEAS to go into our first production run on 5 of our staple, performance lead styles including the Evie Sports Bra with front stash pocket, Zola leggings with 5-pocket storage, Naoko Biker short with 3-pocket storage, Flojo run short with 2-pocket storage and inner lining, and the Mary Mesh Tank.”

    In addition to launching the brand, MEAS also made their first public appearance at the 2019 Cincinnati Flying Pig Expo to showcase some of the pieces from the line.

    In December 2019, Roddy says the brand launched the collection Lux-leisure, which she says is an assortment of high quality, fashionable pieces like a trendy sherpa jacket and a fleece cape. 

    “These pieces can be used to elevate your activewear look from post-workout to post-brunch,” she says.

    The brand aims to empower women along their health and wellness journey, while also giving back to non-profit organizations with similar missions. “We are a brand owned by women, for women, offering high-quality, fashionable activewear that celebrates and empowers women,” she says.

    As the brand continues to expand, Roddy says she’s excited to launch the newest MEAS Active collection, Studio to Street. “It’s our fashionable, low-impact activewear line,” she says. “This bridges the gap between our original Performance collection that is fashionable, high-function, and run-focused, and fashionable activewear that can be worn from barre class to brunch.”

    The line will be showcased at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Expo in May, Roddy says. 

    To learn more about MEAS Active, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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    Learn about a new program that gives back to select local charities as you enjoy luxurious spa services. Keep reading for all the details.

    The group at The Spa at 21c in downtown Cincinnati is doing its part in giving back to the community. For 2020, they have set out on a mission to partner with local organizations each quarter of the year to build a better Cincinnati. 

    According to Alli Bridgers, a PR rep for 21c, The Spa at 21c is working with Mission2Move, a non-profit that focuses on bringing movement and meditation to students via teacher professional development and school implementation for the first three months of the year. 

    “That means, during the month of February, 10 percent of your spa service benefits Mission2Move,” she says. For Quarter 2 of 2020, The Spa at 21c is partnering with Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, which means during April, May, and June, the organization will receive a portion of proceeds from spa services. 

    The donations for these local organizations come from specific spa services, which you can find online. 

    To learn more about services and treatments available at The Spa at 21c, visit You can also book an appointment online or by calling 513-578-6660.

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    A new boutique yoga studio offers a variety of classes to inspire improvements inside and out. Click for all the details.

    A new fitness studio in the Mason, Ohio area that wants to help people experience the benefits of yoga. “Hi Fi Yoga is a boutique yoga studio offering a variety of styles and levels,” Tommy Moorman, Co-owner of Hi Fi Yoga, says. “Our overall focus is on heated yoga classes (such as Hot Power and Warm Flow), but we also offer non-heated classes and aerial yoga.” 

    The start of the business came from her experience with Lori Allen. “I was a student of Lori Allen’s for many years and we eventually started doing private lessons together to develop and grow my personal practice. During those sessions we’d often talk about different studios, the different elements we liked most or least about the different studios we visited, and eventually those conversations evolved to starting our own studio,” he says. “We came to the conclusion that there was a need for us to create a space that yogis like ourselves would want to practice. From there, we started to develop the idea for the brand and the space, about six months later, Hi Fi Yoga was born.”

    There are a wide variety of classes offered through Hi Fi Yoga and they include: Beginner Yoga, Warm Vinyasa Flow, Hot Power Yoga, Hi Fi Yin, Hi Fi Aerial Yoga and Buti Yoga. “If you are newer to yoga or even newer to heated yoga, I’d recommend starting with a Beginner Yoga class or a Warm Vinyasa Flow- both of these classes spend more time explaining and breaking down poses,” Moorman says. “If you have already been practicing heated yoga, you can jump right in to a hot power class right away.”

    Hi Fi Yoga is different from other practices because they push people to realize their true power. “I see the main difference as pushing people to challenge themselves and discover their true power. Most yoga studios teach at an introductory level and will not encourage students to try inversions or arm balances, for fear of scaring people away,” he says. “We don’t want our students to feel intimidated, but rather to feel inspired by what they see other yogis doing in class and be willing to give it a try.” 

    To Moorman, Hi Fi Yoga is High Fidelity Yoga. “Music is key in motivating our students all while keeping the class fun and light-hearted,” he says.

    Moorman loves his job because he gets to see lives being changed. “I love when my students reach new milestones, like hitting a new pose for the first time,” he says. “It’s incredibly rewarding and inspiring to see others pushing out of their comfort zone and try new things.”

    What gets Moorman to come back to work is the belief that yoga is for everyone. “I believe that everyone can benefit from yoga, either to clear their mind, build strength or gain flexibility,” he says. “Knowing that I’m helping other people reach their goals, both physically and mentally is what drives me each day.”

    If you want to keep up with what Hi Fi Yoga is doing, follow them on FacebookInstagram , their website and you can download the Hi Fi Yoga app.

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    Jump start your path to better well-being at a locally-based, one-stop shop for all things beauty, health, and wellness.

    Cincy Chic: What is Batavia Art of Healing, Beauty & Wellness Center?
    Lisa Taylor of Batavia Art of Healing, Beauty & Wellness Center: At Batavia Wellness Center, we are a network of like-minded practitioners and consultants who are dedicated to help you by providing great quality services with a holistic approach, and a personal touch. Our mission is to provide natural and alternative sources that get back to that true sense of health and vitality from the inside out We all believe that you and your families deserve the very best.

    Cincy Chic: Who is part of the team that makes up the Batavia Art of Healing, Beauty & Wellness Center?
    Taylor: We have Dr. Taylor of Batavia Chiropractic, myself from Main Street Salon in Batavia, Angela Lipps of Serene Ways, Julie Bryant of Soothing Soles, Cathy Liming of Ohio Valley Alternative Allergy Therapeutic, Nicole Jeffries from Hypnotic Wellness Methods, and Lizz Schmitz of Queen City Tan.

    Cincy Chic: What services do you offer? 
    Taylor: We offer chiropractic care and services, reflexology, NADA ear acupuncture (this means no needle), allergy relief, whole food, standard process supplements, health coaching, CPR classes, hypnosis/hypnotherapy, L’anza Healing haircare, essential oils, and an all organic natural spray tan. 

    Cincy Chic: What makes Batavia Art of Healing Wellness Center unique?
    Taylor: Our mission is all encompassing. We want to provide all of our clients with an all-natural, organic, holistic approach to health, beauty, and wellness.

    Cincy Chic: Where is Batavia Art of Healing, Beauty & Wellness Center located?
    Taylor: We can be found at 250 East Main Street in Batavia. 

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Taylor: You can learn more about us and the services we offer at We’re also on Facebook. You can call 513–491-0118 or send us an email at

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    Feeling a little sluggish this season? Read on as our life coach columnist explains why hibernation is essential to rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit.

    If you find yourself being less active this time of year, it’s OK, really. Give yourself permission to be in an inactive state during this time. AND be sure to plan for what’s next so you can actively engage in the planning.

    As a transformation coach I support others to live a life by design because you make it happen. The key part here is YOU make your life happen…by design!

    This time of year, many things are dormant including you. Do you find yourself less engaged in designing and planning, and more in conserving energy, resting, and less active or energized?  

    If so, then what if you take this time to consider being in hibernation of rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit, knowing when spring arrives you will ready and excited to get active in ways to live your life by design?

    Here are a few ways you can utilize the remaining time of winter in preparation for what’s next.

    1. Create a choice list (not a to do list) to discover all the things you desire to be, do, or have for yourself in business and life.
    2. Clean out a closet (or two) and remove anything that no longer serves you. Don’t second guess, let it go. The less you keep of those things that don’t bring you joy the more joy you will hold. 
    3. Map out a year-in-a-glance calendar. List each month and decided what you want to accomplish in each month. For instance, 
    • March – be more active by finding an activity that gets me moving a minimum of 10 minutes per day. 
    • April – launch a new promotion for business to increase sales. 

    This quick glance will set the stage for aligning your desires and how you want to make things happen so you can begin being more active in your life and living by design. You’ve got this!

    Sending you love and light,