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    It’s not always easy to find time for friends, shopping and fun. That’s why a local DAAP graduate launched a concept that brings it all under one roof… Yours! Read on for all the fashionable details.

    The team behind Up2Tempo.

    As a busy mom, but a fashionista at heart, Deanna Hotchkiss knew there had to be an easier way to maximize her limited time for friends, shopping and fun. That’s what inspired her to launch Up2Tempo, a Cincinnati-based company that allows you to shop affordable and comfortable fashion pieces through a no-pressure trunk show with a personal stylist, while enjoying fun and refreshments with friends.

    “Up2Tempo is a unique clothing company where you can buy hand-picked items by a personal stylist on our website,” explains Hotchkiss, “or you can have a girls night where a personal stylist brings an entire store to your house where you and your friends can shop.”

    Hotchkiss says Up2Tempo personal stylists help you put together one-of-a-kind outfits or simply provide outfits for you to find on and take home that night – looks that match your personality and your style. “It’s a safe environment with no pressure, just fun,” she says. “We suggest that you only buy it if you love and look great wearing it.”

    While the idea of someone else dressing you can feel a little daunting at first, Hotchkiss and her team are there to help you try on clothes with your girlfriends and seeing what different outfits look like on different people.”

    Deanna Hotchkiss is the founder of Up2Tempo.

    When she launched Up2Tempo, Hotchkiss wanted to create a fun environment where you can have a girls night in with your closest friends while enjoy fun, food, and fashion.

    “The Up2Tempo trunk show gives women time with their friends, feedback from their friends, and their very own personal stylist,” she adds. “Everyone has to wear clothes, so why not take something we have to do and make it fun and easy.”

    Hotchkiss graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s school of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a degree in fashion design and product development.

    Her career has spanned different areas of the fashion industry, including retail sales, fashion merchandising, and fashion design – she event spent time herself as a personal shopper at Neiman Marcus in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she style everyone, including several celebrities. Her credentials don’t stop there, however, as she’s also been head wardrobe stylist for a movie and a fashion stylist for many photo shoots.

    Up2Tempo made its debut in Fall 2014, but clothing recently became available for purchasing in the online store in this spring. Hotchkiss says that not only are the products from Up2Tempo comfortable and fashionable, they’re also affordable. “All of the clothing is purchased with those three things in mind,” she says.

    What makes it unique, she says, is that they bring the merchandise to you and send a personal stylist along as well. “How many companies do that,” she says.

    Hotchkiss is always searching for ways to make Up2Tempo a household name for fashion. She’s interested in bringing on more personal stylists to help clients and the launch of the online shop is one of the most exciting things she’s looking forward to this year.

    “Right now we are just really excited about the growth of the business and the home parties,” she adds.

    To learn more, visit or call 513-227-0474.

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    A new event planning service, which will launch in March, seeks to get to know clients to build elegant events with a unique twist. Read on to learn more.

    Crystal Corbin is no stranger to planning events. For five years, she worked as an event manager and marketing manager for various nonprofits, planning design and execute fundraisers as well as helping them with their social media presences.

    Her love affair with planning weddings began five years ago with the first wedding she planned. In 2016 she decided to branch out to planning events on her own, and on March 11, her Fairfield, Ohio-based party planning and designing business, The Crystal Collection, will officially launch. The Crystal Collection will primarily work in Ohio, southern Michigan, and northern Kentucky, as well as destination events.

    Anastasia Gentry Photography

    The Crystal Collection plans and designs weddings, showers, “sophisticated” birthdays, and photo shoots. Corbin describes the feel of events planned by The Crystal Collection as “sensual” and “sexy,” explaining that the events have an aura that “align with intimacy and sensuality,” blending those aspects with sophistication and femininity. “We love all things burgundy, lace, and floral! Lots of floral!”

    As the owner and lead designer of The Crystal Collection, Corbin hopes that potential clients understand the importance of having a planner, especially a good one who can execute your vision well. Planning an event is an enormous undertaking, and it can be stressful to organize every aspect, especially for someone untrained in event planning. Corbin knows that many people think event and wedding planners are expensive and not important enough to justify the cost, but that the work planners do is vital to any well-executed event. The Crystal Collection aims to provide customers with the feeling of planning their wedding with someone who wants to get to know them personally so they can have a unique event experience.

    “With the Crystal Collection, we hope to provide a unique and intimate experience with planning their special days, whether it’s a birthday celebration or an engagement party,” Corbin says to explain what sets The Crystal Collection apart from other event planning businesses and why potential clients should choose her business. “All events are special. We bring a huge flare of design and appearance that compliments our client’s personality.”

    Though The Crystal Collection won’t officially launch until March, its Instagram account and Facebook fanpage are up and running. To learn more, call (419) 699-9659.

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    Read on to learn about a farm in Mount Healthy that helps nourish you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Tikkun Farm is a non-profit farm that creates spaces and experiences of healing.

    Do you want to experience spiritual healing in your life? Tikkun Farm may be just what you need.

    Tikkun Farm is a 3.5 acre non-profit farm located on a quiet, dead-end street in the Mount Healthy neighborhood of Cincinnati. “It uses its lands and buildings to create spaces and experiences of healing, restoration and repair,” says Mary Laymon, Executive Director of Tikkun Farm. “We have a long term vision to offer integrated healing experiences for people recovering from trauma.”

    Tikkun is a Hebrew word that Laymon’s son heard at a friend’s Bar Mitzvah. “The young Jewish boy celebrating this milestone invited guests to support him in his work of ‘Tikkun Olam,’ which he told us is meant ‘to repair the world,’” she says. “This is how I learned of the Jewish belief that all Jews should commit themselves to partnering with God in the ongoing ‘repair of the world.’”

    Spirituality is at the center of all wholeness and healing. “Healing isn’t complete until we know in the very core of our being that we are the beloved… that no matter what we’ve done, or what has been done to us, we are loved,” she says.

    Tikkun Farm has been an idea growing in Laymon’s heart for 20 years. For a long time she has “nurtured a vision for creating a space of hospitality and healing. When my husband and I bought this farm in 2010, we imagined it could be the setting for this vision,” says Laymon. “We moved to the farm in 2013 and began renovating and repairing the buildings. When we applied for non-profit status for the farm in 2015, I became the Executive Director.”

    The inspiration behind starting Tikkun Farm was from the sexual abuse that she went through when she was a child. “In 40+ years, I have been healing from this trauma. I have learned how many aspects of a person’s life are comprised by traumatic events and how varied and extensive the treatments need to be to restore a person to wholeness,” she says. “Trauma impacts biological, emotional, spiritual and social systems. Our traditional medical model does not offer an integrated healing approach for this multifaceted wound.”

    In Laymon’s role as a pastor and spiritual director, I have worked with people who have gone through traumatic events. “I witness the greatest healing with people who have access to many healing modalities: talk therapy, yoga, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, massage and acupuncture, healing touch, reiki, spiritual direction, Body Talk, etc. I want to offer those seeking wholeness, access to a team of practitioners who work together to help a person recover.”

    Tikkun Farm defines success by people being able to trust the employees of the business with their struggles, wounds, hearts, and allow us to accompany them on their healing journey. “Those with resources trust us to be good stewards of their support offered through their time, their gifts and their financial support.”

    The farm offers a variety of events and services that will help you to pursue healing. Some of these events include: A New Year’s retreat that she leads every year, seasonal Quiet Days and Prayer retreats during Lent, Advent, Easter, and about themes related to the Sabbath, Healing and All Hallow’s Eve; coaching groups that concentrate on Family Systems Theory, book studies, etc.

    Tikkun Farm is located at 7941 Elizabeth Street Cincinnati, OH 45231. To learn more, visit, or follow Tikkun Farm on Facebook.

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    Want to learn about marketing techniques, branding tips, social media marketing, and how to create your content on the go? If so, this upcoming event is for you!

    Social Grind 101 will focus on new techniques for social media and other types of marketing.

    BallR Media is a full service boutique social media and marketing agency that specializes in working with small businesses, creatives, entertainers, and athletes. Founder Ray Ball hopes to expand its audience even more through the agency’s new interactive monthly class called “The Social Grind 101.”

    Ball says the event is available for anyone to attend, whether that be a marketing pro who wants to learn new techniques socially, or a small business owner who is looking to get the most out of marketing. The class itself is centered around being pretty hands on, from worksheets, presentations, and even group activities, BallR Media wants its attendees to make the most of their time together and truly build relationships.

    “We’ll be teaching marketing techniques, branding tips, social media marketing, and even how to create your content on the go! We’ll also be going over the top social media platforms, how to find the right voice to speak to your demographic, and creation of social ads,” Ball explains.

    Anyone who attends the event can expect all those helpful tips and techniques plus a light brunch followed by a mimosa bar and two guest speakers; Danielle Morris, a social expert, and Josh Kelly of The ¥€$ Life whom will discuss social media trends and compelling content in even more detail.

    “I want students to leave feeling empowered so there will plenty of open dialogue. At the end we’d love for people to network and see how they can help each other’s businesses,” Ball says.

    The Social Grind 101 takes place in Cincinnati on Sunday, March 5 from 12pm-2pm at Prenuer in OTR, located at 1333 Walnut Street in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit

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    Learn how one local lady was inspired to launch a new style blog after losing 50 pounds and gaining a new sense of confidence.

    EverythingWithEmily is a blog that focuses on making readers feel supported and inspired.

    EverythingWithEmily isn’t your typical style blog. Emily Robbin’s New Year’s Resolution was to create a space where people feel supported and inspired. She got a head start on this goal by launching her blog not in January, but in December of 2016.

    “I want EverythingWithEmily to promote self confidence in other girls. That will come out a lot more once launches and I share more about my personal story,” says Robbin. She recently lost over 50 pounds, and this blog has been a way to help her gain the confidence she has been missing for years.

    Although her stylish photos are already creating a following, Robbin says EverythingWithEmily is still a work in progress. “My story is unique because I love style and blogging, but I am also focused on my career. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with an MBA in 2015 and began a career in automotive manufacturing, so you could say that I’m trying to bring a little more style to the corporate world,” says Robbin. will go live this spring.

    Her inspiration is found in everyday occurrences and in the people she meets day to day. While browsing through stores, Robbin enjoys spending as much time “people-watching” as she does looking at the clothes. “Everyone has their own style and it is always fun to combine other ideas and trends into my personal style,” she says.

    Robbin posts photos featuring many designer pieces set against iconic Cincinnati scenes. “My favorite photo shoots are in or around Mt. Adams. The architecture and views are so gorgeous and the residents are so friendly. Anytime I can get great sunshine and a good view of Cincy in my photos, I consider it a win!” says Robbin. She mentions and tags the designers featured in the looks so any curious fashionista knows who she is wearing and from where she purchased the piece.

    Follow along with Robbin’s fashion on Instagram.

    This spring, look out for to go live. Robbin hopes to use the website as an outlet for others to communicate, support each other and gain self-confidence while learning more about her own journey. “Not only have I recently lost weight through diet and exercise, I have picked up new hobbies, joined a new company, and have gotten more comfortable sharing my personal style with others. I want young girls to know that you can work a corporate job and have great style without sacrificing who you are,” she says.

    For now, you can keep with Robbin’s style tips by following EverythingWithEmily on Instagram.

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    A local makeup artist is launching a new makeup class series and is kicking it off with confidence. Read on for all the details.

    Kelly Neaves is hosting a serious of makeup classes called “Makeup of a Confident Woman.”

    Kelly Neaves, a Professional Makeup Artist and founder of Cincimakeup, is helping women look and feel their best through expert makeup techniques. So much so, she’s teaching clients how to apply her techniques at home so they can always look and feel their best.

    “I like to teach the more realistic everyday makeup,” says Neaves.

    Cincimakeup is one of three event vendors based in the 915 Monmouth Street Studios in Newport. This venue functions as an office space for Cincimakeup, Five Dot Design, and Marti Heard Designs, and also a unique event and meeting space. While Neaves is an “on location” makeup artist for weddings and other venues, she enjoys hosting events in the 915 Monmouth Street studio space. In fact, she will be launching a new Master Class event series, where women can book appointments to learn tips and tricks by professional makeup artists while enjoying refreshments and friends.

    The first in the series will get started on March 16, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., with a “Makeup of a Confident Woman” theme. Neaves is taking bookings for eight women total at $45 per person, which includes your makeup lessons, drinks, food, and a free gift.

    “Special classes with smaller groups like this is much more effective,” says Neaves. For example, Neaves says, the artists will be able to teach women how to apply liquid eyeliner to their specific eye shape, match foundation to their skin tone, how to contour, and use under eye brightening tools.

    Neaves says attendees of these classes will get a personalized experience because they’ll not only learn specific tips and tricks, but will also get to address any specific makeup concerns during their one-on-one time with their makeup artist.

    “Every woman has their own concerns,” says Neaves. “That’s why the Master Class is made up of smaller groups- it’s more intimate, and much more fun.”

    While Neaves works with a variety of high-end makeup brands, experts from Trish McEvoy will be on-hand at the March 16 event to work with the women one-on-one. “Trish McEvoy comes in a few hours early to set everything up for that night, and I set up the wine and champagne,” says Neaves. “Once the class shows up, we will hang out with some drinks, talk about what we want to achieve, and get started.”

    Neaves not only offers pre-scheduled sessions, but customized ones as well. “If someone wants to bring a group of 6-8 people in, and can set a date and time for everyone to be here, I am more than happy to work with them,” says Neaves. “Customized classes, as well as pre-scheduled classes are $45.”

    To learn more about Cincimakeup, or to book a class, click here.

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    Love cats and coffee? There’s a new cat cafe where you can grab a cup of organic coffee and enjoy it with adoptable cats. Read on for the purrr-fect details!

    The Kitty Brew Cat Cafe will bring coffee and cats to the Tri-State.

    Cincy Chic: Tell us more about the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe!
    Jenni Barrett, Co-Owner and Founder of Kitty Brew Cat Cafe: Kitty Brew is Southwestern Ohio’s first cat cafe. We will provide premium cafe drinks made from organic, fair trade coffee beans. We will serve some sandwiches, soups, and salads. We will also have a variety of sweets including cookies and muffins.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the cafe?
    Barrett: I have been rescuing cats and kittens for a few years and always felt like I could do more to raise awareness. One evening my family and I were watching Shark Tank and a woman pitched her idea (cat cafe) to the sharks. After the show, I did a lot of research and fell in love with the idea. Ken and I have worked very hard pursuing our dream of owning such a cool business.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe?
    Barrett: My boyfriend and I are the owners of the business!

    Cincy Chic: When will you launch Kitty Brew Cat Cafe?
    Barrett: We formally announced our business on Facebook in March 2016. We anticipate opening in late February or early March.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Kitty Brew Cat Cafe unique?
    Barrett: We’re unique because we offer great customer service, amazing drinks, and adoptable cats and kittens. It doesn’t get much better than that!

    Cincy Chic: Why is Kitty Brew the perfect place to visit with girlfriends?
    Barrett: Kitty Brew is the best place to visit with friends because we offer a great menu and a great experience at the same time. You and your friends can be entertained by our quirky cat companions in our super comfortable cat lounge!

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along with Kitty Brew Cat Cafe?
    Barrett: Readers can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or We also have a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for our startup costs!

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    Cincinnati Art Museum’s Curator of Asian Art Hou-mei Sung, Ph.D., takes visitors inside Japanese samurai culture and arts in the new exhibition Dressed to Kill: Japanese Arms and Armor.

    Dressed to Kill:Japanese Arms and Armor is a new exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

    What’s on View?
    With 11 full suits of Japanese armor and a wide variety of arms from both the Cincinnati Art Museum’s collection and the private local collection of Gary Grose, the exhibition is one of the most exciting assemblies of Samurai suits and related materials ever shown. The weapons on view include swords, polearms, guns, pistols, and hidden weapons.

    The exhibition will also showcase related Japanese artworks from the museum’s permanent collection, including battle prints, paintings, metal crafts, banners, and costumes, most of which have never been on display before.

    What is a Samurai?
    The Japanese word “Samurai” describes the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class in Japan from 1185 to 1868. These warriors were trained as officers in military tactics and strategy, and they followed a set of rules and ethical principles that later came to be known as the bushidō (the way of the warrior).

    Not only were the Samurai warriors the ruling power, their code of behavior, based on the principles of loyalty and honor, continues to play a significant role in Japanese aesthetics and culture today.

    A Child’s Suit of Armor
    Among the eight suits of armor from Gary Grose’s collection is an example made for a boy about 13 years old.

    Armor constructed for boys’ coming of age are rare and were crafted with the same degree of precision as adult armor. Often the children of Samurai were forbidden from participating in battle. Some, however, were required to partake in battle from a young age to gain experience and earn loyalty and respect.

    The beautifully stenciled doeskin, the gilded iron helmet, and the careful construction indicate this small-scale armor was made for a wealthy Samurai family. The helmet is shaped like an eboshi, a type of headdress worn at the imperial court during the Heian period (794–1185).

    The History of the Museum’s Suits of Armor
    All three suits of armor in the museum’s collection tell interesting tales of women who helped build the Japanese art collection in the late nineteenth century. Although the museum’s suits are among the earliest artworks in its collection, two have not been on display for more than a century.

    The first entered the collection in 1881, five years before the institution opened its doors to the public. It was gifted by Mrs. Enoch T. Carson through the Women’s Art Museum Association of Cincinnati (WAMA), an organization instrumental in founding the museum.

    The other two suits of armor, purchased from Dr. Adeline Kelsey (1844–1931) in 1892, tell a touching tale about a courageous female doctor who served in Japan as a medical missionary. She raised funds to assist two young Japanese women obtain medical training in Cincinnati, who then became pioneering female doctors in their home country.

    Featured alongside Dressed to Kill is Transcending Reality: The Woodcuts of Kōsaka Gajin. Joint tickets allow entry to both special exhibitions.

    All ticketed exhibitions are free for museum members. Non-members may purchase tickets at or at the art museum. $10 ticket for adults; $5 for children ages 6–17 and college students with ID. Other discounts available.

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    We tell our girlfriends everything, right? Almost. Our life coach columnist explains the five ways you can leverage friendships to get your finances on track.

    Initially, as I began to write this article, I wanted to discuss fun, frugal activities for a girl’s night out! However, more than I want us to come together and have a good time, I want us to come together and support each other through our life experiences. I will write about girl’s night out another time because I have a wealth of information to share there. Today, I want to discuss why more women are not having an honest discussion about money with their girlfriends.

    My girlfriends and I are very honest when it comes to money management and investments. We share when we have developed extra streams of income and when we can’t go out to dinner because our money has already been extended. We are not embarrassed by it because it happens to everyone at different points in our life.

    We talk about money and use it as a way to grow our money. The conversation is the same as my girlfriends calling me and dishing about a guy or a date, we call each other and say, “I just spent entirely too much money this weekend?” or “I want to do this as an additional stream of income, how can I incorporate it?”

    There is so much to learn from your girlfriends if we just open up and share. If your friends don’t know your struggles, you may never get the help or encouragement you need to progress, and you could eventually dig yourself into a greater hole by faking it until you make it with people who truly care about you.

    People, in general, are very tight lipped about their personal finances, but you don’t know what you don’t know and there is no shame in that. Information comes in many forms and some of that information is in your closest circles.

    I want to share some money talk approaches that have worked.

    1. Getting Naked
    As a woman, you may have changed a shirt or pants in front of your friends once or twice. Get undressed (not physically but metaphorically) and tell your friends about your money struggles. Your friends won’t know how to help you if they don’t know you need help. Do it over wine.

    2. Stop Faking It
    In so many areas of our lives, we have to act like we have it all together. We have to be the best mom, the best wife, the best cookie baker, in general, the best caregiver to everyone else. If you can tell your friends about an embarrassing moment, you can certainly tell your friends you can’t go to dinner this week and the real why. We are not made perfectly, so why do we feel the pressure to appear perfect. Repeat after me, “I don’t always have it together, but I do the best I can.” Don’t let society make you think everyone is out here in the world oozing perfection.

    3. Open Discussion
    We read articles on money, investments, real estate and we think we have no one to discuss these topics with besides a man. Men don’t know everything about money and get it wrong too. According to many studies, more women control the household budget then men do. It is important for a woman to know where the money is coming from, where it is going, how to invest, what is being invested, how to secure the family in the event of an emergency, etc. If you don’t you may be financially hurt in the future. Ask the questions because the only stupid question is an unasked one.

    4. Hire A Professional
    I said it once, I’ll say it twice. If you invite a stranger into your bikini area, you can invite a stranger into your banking accounts. People instantly feel judged when they talk about the mistakes they made with money. Everyone has made these same mistakes. If they hadn’t the national average credit score wouldn’t have been 640. Just like a doctor that has studied the heart, finance professionals have studied money. Finding the right one is like finding the perfect bikini waxer. The relationship is golden.

    5. Have A Money Circle
    People would like to keep money and friendships separate just in case something goes bad you won’t lose a friend over money. I’m not saying go into business with your friends but learn from them. If you have a friend that owns a big house, drives a luxury car, and dresses nicely ask her what financial strategies has she taken with her money. Learn from people who are doing what you want to do. Many people fear rejection and awkward situations, but the worst thing you could ever hear is NO, it won’t be the last time you will hear it either. So get over it already. Don’t let fear stop you from acquiring valuable knowledge.

    Until next time frugal friends

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      After decades in the catering industry, one local lady was inspired to get active in the fight against community hunger. See how she’s turning one man’s trash into another man’s tasty treasure.

      La Soupe aims to bridge the gap between food waste and the food insecure in Cincinnati.

      Did you know that approximately 40 percent of food goes to waste in the U.S. every year? That accounts for approximately 1.3 billion tons of food in the entire world. That’s right – TONS of food is being wasted every year.

      Meanwhile, thousands of families across the country are facing hunger issues. To help curb the gap between food waste and food insecurity, a social enterprise is there – La Soupe.

      “La Soupe is a social enterprise formed to bridge the gap between food waste and the food insecure by transforming rescued produce into soupe to share with both the food insecure and those who support our mission,” explains La Soupe Development Director Jessica Kerr.

      Suzy DeYoung, Founder of La Soupe

      The mission behind La Soupe was inspired by Suzy DeYoung, who spent 30 years in the catering industry before she could no longer handle seeing the amount of good food that was being wasted.

      “In April 2014 she took a leap of faith and opened La Soupe to fulfill her dream of using rescued food to produce gourmet meals for distribution to both retail customers and the food insecure,” adds Kerr.

      When it comes to food insecurity, it really hit home for DeYoung. Cincinnati is ranked No. 2 in the country for childhood poverty, and DeYoung wanted to help, which is why the mission behind La Soupe is so dedicated to bridging the gap between waste and those who struggle with food security.

      “On a weekly basis, perishable food otherwise headed to the landfill is rescued by a host of La Soupe volunteers from three Kroger locations and one Jungle Jim’s and brought to the Newtown location,” says Kerr. She adds that other perishable food items are dropped off by a growing number of local farmers, special event coordinators, bakers, and other producers.

      All of the perishable items that are brought into La Soupe are accepted by La Soupe staff and volunteers, who then organize and weigh those donations.

      “In 2016, these sources provided over 125,000 pounds of rescued food, saving 270-cubic-yards of landfill space,” says Kerr.

      Based on the food that is made available in each week’s rescue, daily soupe production varies. However, to add production capacity and engage Cincinnati’s restaurant community, La Soupe initiated a Bucket Brigade of local chefs to accept a portion of rescued food to transform in their kitchens.

      Approximately 15 percent of the food that is rescued is resold through two retail channels, at La Soupe’s Newtown walk-up counter, open Tuesday through Saturday, and through a limited sandwich, beverage, and dessert menu.

      “The bulk of soupe production, plus other perishable foods, are donated through both a network of 27 organizations feeding the food insecure and directly through relationships with Cincinnati Public Schools,” says Kerr.

      Through these networks in the community, La Soupe is able to bring together the entire chef community in order to help feed the hungry. With more than 15 Bucket Brigade chefs from restaurants including Salazar, Maribelle’s, E+O Kitchen, We Olive, Orchids, and more, La Soupe is the only organization using such a concept in the entire country. “These chefs have helped us donate over 95,000 servings of food,” she says.

      Currently, La Soupe operates out of a 900-square-foot building that they are quickly outgrowing. “We plan to build an expansion onto our current location, which we estimate will double our rescue and share capacity,” says Kerr.

      Plans for the expansion include a storage and kitchen prep area as well as an additional walk-in freezer/refrigerator, which will hopefully become the donation area. The La Soupe team also hopes to reconsilidate soupe production, moving it from its current storage location at Miami Valley Christian Academy. “To this point, we have a grant for the walk-in freezer and we are fundraising to raise the rest of the $200,000,” adds Kerr.

      To learn more about La Soupe, check out their daily updates on Facebook. You can also sign up as a volunteer to learn more about donating to La Soupe’s expansion project at