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    A local boutique just opened its second location just a year and a half after opening its first storefront. Read more about their Instagram-worthy aesthetic and affordable, trendy clothing.

    The Native One is a chic boutique located in the heart of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The Vine Street boutique offers affordably, trendy women’s fashion and accessories.

    Owner Anna Steffen opened the store at its current located in 2018 at 1421 Vine Street after previously doing pop-up stores and online sales and, more recently, opened a new store in Covington at 326 Scott Street. 

    “The Native One is a one-stop-shop for all things fashion and minimal home decor,” explains Steffen.

    The store offers a neutral aesthetic and all of the items from the store are hand-selected from wholesale vendors in the Los Angeles Fashion District. 

    The second location for The Native One opened last month and was something that Steffen says she knew she wanted to do eventually but didn’t know it would happen so quickly.

    “I didn’t think it was going to happen this soon,” she says. “It was more of a five-year goal but when the opportunity was there I jumped on it. Last year’s sales completely blew any goals that I had out of the water and this year, it’s only gotten busier.”

    Steffen says The Native One’s Covington location will offer a similar aesthetic as the OTR location. 

    “The Covington store has a similar appeal as our OTR location, stuffed with everything from rompers and oversized outerwear to affordable statement footwear and lacy underpinnings,” says Steffen. “You’ll also find accessories, apothecary, and home decor.”

    Steffen she will soon move the OTR location to a new building to better accommodate the new inventory and demand. As growth for The Native One speeds along, Steffen says it’s creativity that fuels her team. In fact, she says she’s currently working on revamping an old auto body shop in Dayton, Kentucky. “It’s going to be a private garage studio space, where the team can process inventory, photograph products, and host events,” she says. “It can be stressful to do everything in the shop because we don’t have a huge back room. So to have a separate space to just work out of and be creative will be really beneficial.”

    To learn more about The Native One, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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    We're heading to Anderson for breathtaking views and spacious living in this week's Listing of the Week!

    Check out this gorgeous 2-story traditional home that boasts architectural details and custom touches. The home features amazing river views from the open, bright interior. There is a gourmet kitchen that opens to breakfast and family rooms. There is a spacious master suite and a lower level that features a media room, bar, and exercise room. The backyard is surrounded by woods. The home is 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms in 6,433 square feet and listed at $995,000.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    The Cincinnati Chamber is preparing to honor local businesses for their contributions to the growth and development of Greater Cincinnati. Read on for more details. 

    The Cincinnati Chamber is hosting its annual Ignite Action awards on Tuesday, November 12 from 5-7pm at Memorial Hall.

    The event recognizes outstanding regional Cincinnati businesses, ranging from start-ups to seasoned veterans, and the contributions they make to the economic development and expansion of Greater Cincinnati.

    “Ignite Action is an evening filled with fun and energy as we recognize businesses in the region doing big things that will make a lasting impact and put Cincinnati on the map in unique ways,” said Jill P. Meyer, president and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

    There are three categories that the finalists are placed into, and from where winners are chosen:

    • Leading With a Bold Voice for Business
    • Expanding the Talent Base
    • Harnessing the Power of the Region’s Unique Offerings

    A total of five businesses for each category were selected as finalists. 

    The meaning behind “Leading with a Bold Voice for Business” means that the companies and organizations have helped to lead a bold change in the community whether through public advocacy, new major investments, or significant strategic and innovative change. 

    For this category, finalists include: the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio, Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Messer Construction Co., Sunrise Treatment Center, and TiER1 Performance Solutions.

    When selecting finalists for the “Expanding the Talent Base” category, the Chamber was in search of businesses and organizations who are passionate about developing and/or attracting talent with the Cincinnati region, or are finding new ways to connect skilled workers to potential employers. These finalists include: CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services, Inc., Cincinnati Music Accelerator, Frisch’s Big Boy, Gilman Partners, and Jostin Construction, Inc. 

    Then there are companies and organizations that are drawing positive attention to Cincinnati through new products, unique experiences, and inventive business models to comprise the “Harnessing the Power of the Region’s Unique Offerings” category. These finalists include: AGAR, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Cares, LPK, and Revel OTR Urban Winery.

    While Ignite Action is the production of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, other investors include Humana, Gallagher, Spectrum Reach Ad Portal, Meier’s Wine Cellars, Inc., and the Cincinnati Business Courier.

    The event will be an evening filled with networking, light bites, drinks, and entertainment from local artist Mark Robinson. To learn more and to register, click here.  

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    A local mom and entrepreneur is helping trans teens and kids find a wardrobe that’s a perfect fit their identity and shed what’s not.

    Nancy Dawson is the mother of a trans teen, and knows first-hand how expensive it can be to buy a child a new wardrobe. She also knows the time it takes for kids to find their style. 

    So, to help trans kids and teens find a wardrobe that corresponds with their identity – she founded Transform, a free boutique for trans kids and teens to trade in the clothes of their old life and find a new wardrobe that’s a better fit. 

    Dawson founded Transform alongside Tristan Vaught, of Living with Change; Marissa Fine; and Ella Dastillung, Dawson’s daughter. “We are run entirely by donations and have teen volunteers as the stylists,” says Dawson. “We are currently accepting gently used shoes, kid clothes size 5T and up, contemporary teen clothes, jackets and coats, jewelry, and purses.”

    Transform is much more than just a thrift store, however. Dawson says that clients come in the store and fill out a detailed form. This not only allows the stylists to get to know more about their clients, but they can also give a high-end personal shopper experience. 

    And if the shopper pulls something that doesn’t quite go along with a client’s style? Dawson says they can even go back to the store and tweak the wardrobe they’ve taken home. 

    Currently, Transform is located in the back of Dawson’s bridal makeup business brideface (located at 2009 Elm Street), but the store has really taken off in the community and she hopes to have a Transform storefront soon. 

    For now, clients can be seen by appointment only. 

    To learn more about Transform, check out the Facebook page. There you can find donation updates, donation drop-off information, volunteer forms, and client registration forms.

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    Learn about a Montgomery-based dentistry practice that provides unique services in a boutique, concierge setting.

    Eleanor Endres, DMD, Owner and Dentist at Endres Gateway Dentistry

    There is a practice in Old Montgomery that takes a different approach to dentistry. Endres Gateway Dentistry is a “General dentistry practice in a boutique, concierge setting that focuses on family, cosmetic, comprehensive and sleep/snoring dentistry, wellness and facial esthetics,” says Eleanor Endres, DMD-Owner and Dentist at Endres Gateway Dentistry. 

    The practice located in Olde Montgomery, immediately off of Ronald Reagan Highway, has been opened since August of 2007. With the help of six employees and a therapy dog named Finn, Endres Gateway Dentistry offers a wide variety of services. The name of the practice comes from the fact that they are in the Gateway Building of Montogomery. “A Gateway has an obvious analogy to the mouth,” Endres says. “Our motto is: ‘Oral Health is the gateway to healthy living.’”   

    There is a wide variety of services offered through the practice. They offer the traditional dental services, including: fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, hybrid dentures, implants, cleanings, gum treatment, braces, veneers, teeth whitening, sedation and more. 

    They also offer unique services like TMJ Treatments, which include: guards, therapy, massage, trigger point injections and E-stim. There are Facial Esthetic Services: Botox fillers for wrinkles, lips, PRP for dark circles under eyes, Kybella for dissolving fat under the chin, threading to minimize facial scarring, heavy wrinkles and sagging skin, and jaw line enhancement. They also provide snoring appliances and Sleep Apnea appliances. 

    Advanced technology and boutique comfort is what makes Endres Gateway Dentistry unique

    Endres Gateway Dentistry is different from other practices, Endres says, because they have “a boutique environment, large variety of services, ability to treat TMD, comprehensive care — which means we help educate our patients on how the health of their mouth relates to their whole health — and high level of customer service with a gentle touch,” she explains. “We have a therapy dog, Finn, for our patients with dental anxiety. He is a two-year-old Bernedoodle and cute as can be.

    According to Endres, the vision of the practice is “To always be offering the latest and most advanced dental and facial esthetic treatments through evidence-based care,” Endres says. Endres Gateway Dentistry provides joy and education to the community. “Not only do we help people smile and help them enjoy life, we can educate the public on healthy lifestyles,” she says. “That raises the health and happiness of the whole community.”

    Endres loves the field that she is in and is passionate about it. “I really love dentistry and facial esthetics,” she says. “I have always enjoyed a job where I work with my hands, creating a product through an artistic eye that is useful to people.”

    Keeping up with industry is also important to Endres, as she and her team often adapt the practice with new technology, techniques and services. “We want to meet the needs of our patients as the science of dental medicine and facial esthetics advances,” she says. 

    And while she loves the science and artistry of her job, Endres says it’s the people she enjoys the most. “My team and my parents that I see every day allow me the privilege to impact their lives in positive ways,” Endres says. “I love helping people achieve their goals, both personally and professionally.”

    Endres Gateway Dentistry is located at 9380 Montgomery Rd Ste 204, Cincinnati, OH. To learn more, visit on FacebookInstagram or their website

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    From eyelashes and waxing to a hydro vacuum facial and detox sauna therapy, learn about the Tri-State’s newest beauty mecca.

    Jonae Tye, owner of The Beauty Lounge

    Whether you just need a quick pick-me-up last lift or a full-blown spa day, a new local beauty studio offers an array of options.

    “The Beauty Lounge is a full-service salon where upscale meets beauty,” says owner Jonae Tye, adding that her idea behind the concept is to offer every client who walks through its doors a seat in any chair that offers nothing but the best service. 

    “We want clients to unwind and relax while receiving the highest quality of service and indulge in the most up-to-date products that promise glamorous results,” says Tye.

    Hair, skin, and beauty services are available from the Beauty Lounge and range from eyelashes and waxing to microdermabrasion and even a detox sauna therapy.

    “The sauna blanket uses radiant heat to reach fat deposits and break them up,” explains Tye. “Sweating then occurs from the sauna blanket helps remove fatty waste from the body.”

    Tye says that the most effective way to remove fat and cellulite is through diet and exercise, but the sauna blanket is a way to help fat loss occur faster. 

    There are also a variety of eyelash services available from the Beauty Lounge including full sets, mink sets, and hybrid sets. 

    One of the more popular services is the lash lift. “The lash lift is an eyelash procedure that curls, lifts, and shapes natural lashes,” says Tye. “Your lashes are extended upward from root to tip, creating a longer lifted appearance that opens up the eyes if you are lucky enough to have a good number of eyelashes that lengthen easily with mascara. If this is the case, it may be that you don’t actually need lash extensions.”

    Other services include a hydro vacuum facial and extractions to help clear out pores and brighten your skin. 

    In addition to these beauty services, the Beauty Lounge offers classes on microblading and eyelashes. 

    The Beauty Lounge is located at 9880 Springfield Pike in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit You can also check out special offers and last-minute availabilities on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Take a day off and enjoy all the sights, attractions, restaurants, and activities the region has to offer with this new go-to guide.

    Cincy Chic: Tell us about Day Off Cincy!
    Chris Birkmeyer, Founder of Day Off Cincy: Day Off Cincy is focused on making the most out of the limited time hard-working families in Cincinnati have with the people they love! From the featured events, entertainment venues and restaurants all the way down to the writing style of our original content the focus is to maximize value and minimize your time spent finding the information you want.

    Cincy Chic: What inspired Day Off Cincy?
    Birkmeyer: As a parent and a working photographer in Cincinnati I can attest to how the time I spent on assignments in places like the Central Business District and OTR is often disproportionate to how my own family operates. My Cincinnati family isn’t reached by articles posted solely about places we’ve never been but rather by meeting us where we are. The places I have worked for existing publications is vastly different than where I spend time with my wife and especially my daughter. I am inspired by easy-to-read content that highlights people but doesn’t feel like an advertisement. A few of my inspirations are apps like Yarn and Hooked as well as mediums such as “My Next Guest…” and “Between Two Ferns.” On a more personal level I have always been highly inspired by Amy Scalia and her story in building Cincy Chic, who I have worked with for many years!

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Day Off Cincy?
    Birkmeyer: Day Off Cincy’s managing editor is myself. I also own my original company, Twin Spire Photography.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Day Off Cincy unique?
    Birkmeyer: A few things stand out to me that make Day Off Cincy unique. First, our territory is large so as to include all communities and townships in Greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky! Basically, if there is a story or a brand that we want to highlight or cover we can because we don’t limit ourselves to downtown Cincinnati. Second, the writing is truly something anyone can read in just a couple of minutes and with many articles being in interview format, such as this one, readers have the option to find what they want quickly and move on with their day! Lastly, as the editor and primary stakeholder of Day Off Cincy you might expect that my commitment to creative images is extremely high. My goal is for Day Off Cincy to have visuals unlike anything you have ever seen from a family-focused publication.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers find Day Off Cincy? Is it print, digital?
    Birkmeyer: Currently, Day Off Cincy is only available digitally and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and online at!

    Cincy Chic: Where do you see Day Off Cincy in the next year or so?
    Birkmeyer: There are so many exciting possibilities currently being considered however within the next year we certainly plan to add additional writers and photographers, developing relationships with those who will have a continual spot on our content calendars for years to come, and overall making sure that with each month that passes we learn and evolve to meet the needs of our communities and clients.

    Cincy Chic: How are you meshing Day Off Cincy with your photography career? Or are you keeping them separate?
    Birkmeyer: Great question, I believe there are a number of positive crossover opportunities for clients to not only request coverage from Day Off Cincy but also hire a photographer. That said, I have no intention of limiting or preventing those opportunities for the clients or our staff of photographers. 

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Day Off Cincy other than its recent launch?
    Birkmeyer: We are currently recruiting additional writing/experiential contributors with a focus on mothers in the area who would like to join our team to help give their feedback regarding their experience at select events or brands.  If you wish to become a contributor, please apply at

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Birkmeyer: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will feed all information from the website!

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    Too many stumbling blocks thrown on your path? Our life coach columnist explains how to turn them into stepping stones instead.

    Life sure can come with uncertainty. All the out-of-the-blue stumbling blocks that knock you flat are super challenging. Have you experienced stumbling blocks in your life?  They come in many situations including loss of a job, ending a relationship, or even poor health and money issues — nothing is off limits.  

    Yet what happens when the stumbling block seems too big to manage? It’s torn down all your confidence and has emotionally taken you down to your knees, and it seems like there is no way out?  

    If you recall as a child learning to walk you did stumble and fall flat AND you kept getting up and trying again, being encouraged and supported by others. As an adult, you don’t always have that support and encouragement. You navigate the stumbling blocks the best you can with what you know to do.

    The key to overcoming stumbling blocks is to change your perspective and looking at the situation as a stepping stone where opportunities that you may never have known existed become evident.

    By referring to the blocks as stepping stone, knowing it’s a temporary setback moment, ask yourself how you can step over or around in order to get to the next place of new opportunity. Perspective of going over and around a block may look something like this:

    – Health report isn’t good, you don’t have to give up. You can seek answers and solutions.
    – Financial circumstances seem bleak you don’t throw your hands up and quit. You find ways to save and make extra money.
    – Lost connecting in a relationship, someone else will show up who loves you even more.

    The way you manage the stumbling blocks is all based on the decision you make in the moment.  

    Simply ask: “How does this support me in moving ahead?” and start doing what you can to get past the block knowing it is there as a steppingstone, moving you into something better.

    Oh, and by the way, in those moments of the abrupt ending to a job, relationship, or opportunity –remember it can be the Universe’s way of pushing you out of your current circumstances so it can bring you to something better and greater then you ever imagined. Trust in the process!

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      We’re highlighting eight of the 40+ pop-up shops you’ll find at Cincy Chic’s November 16 Seasonably Chic Showcase! Read on to learn about these local businesses, boutiques, and makers!

      Have you been totally blown away by the fact that it’s already November? With the arrival of fall, the turning back of the clocks, and a sudden drop in temps, that can only mean one thing – the holidays are almost here!

      To help you get your holiday shopping started off on the right foot (with a mimosa in-hand), Cincy Chic is hosting its 11th Annual Seasonably Chic Showcase on November 16 from 10am to 2pm at The Phoenix in downtown Cincinnati. 

      There, you’ll have the opportunity to shop local businesses, boutiques, and makers while helping to support a great cause – anyone who brings in a canned good for the Freestore Foodbank will receive free entry, a swag bag, and complimentary gift wrapping. Plus, when you bring the littles along with you they can participate in crafts and princess/superhero photo opportunities. 

      With the event just 12 days away, here’s a sneak peek of the businesses you’ll see:

      Walton Creek Boutique
      Walton Creek Boutique in Anderson Towne Centre is a one-stop gift shop that features an eclectic array of items that range from apparel to home decor items. 

      “Our fashions are very bohemian in style, fun, and flattering,” says Owner Kim Lautman. “Our accessories are mostly handmade, one-of-a-kind items.”

      The store features hand dyed scarves, handmade jewelry, and plenty of other accessories to make an outfit stand out. 

      “Our goal is to bring in as many products locally made and American made as we can,” says Lautman. “Need something ‘artsy’ as a gift or for your wall? We have it all!”

      From jewelry and handbags to soaps, jams and candles, Lautman says she hand-selects a variety of artisan makers to feature in the store.

      Tillage Clothing Co.
      The inspiration behind the comfortable fashion brand Tillage Clothing Co. is to fight back against human trafficking. 

      It was a combination of finding inspiration in textile and the passion to fight sex trafficking that inspired Abby Farr to launch Tillage. “I knew I wanted to start a business that would platform the issue, give back directly to strategic organizations, and educate the consumer on the issue,” she says.

      The crop pants from Tillage Clothing Co. allow customers to be comfortable while also looking fabulous – all while supporting women and children around the world. 

      “It’s my belief that we must give a portion back to women and children who don’t have a voice,” says Farr. “From day one, our goal was and is to inspire women who buy a pair of fancy pants that they can make a difference; there is hope that the freedom they know can be known to the marginalized in society. Every step or sip of coffee our customers have in Tillage speaks. When they wear and use the high quality designs, they are constantly connected to the cause.”

      Foodie Cincy
      Are you a local foodie that can’t get enough of the Cincinnati restaurant scene? Then you don’t want to miss out on the Foodie Cincy deck, it’s a deck of 52 cards that offers special discounts and rewards for dining at the local restaurants named in the deck. 

      “Each restaurant card features all of the restaurant details, including name and contact information with restaurant and cuisine description,” explains Founder Gina Barrera. “The card acts as a $10 off discount at each restaurant.”

      Barrera says that the deck is a fun incentive for users to try new restaurants in the city and for the eateries it’s a unique marketing tool directed specifically toward experiential diners.

      The decks for 2020 will be available at the 2019 Seasonably Chic Showcase on November 16. 

      Gigi’s Cupcakes
      Gigi’s Cupcakes has its roots in Nashville but has a locally-owned home in Cincinnati. The bakery, which features unique and seasonal items, boasts a signature swirl in its icing that you won’t find anywhere else. 

      Amy Jones is the owner of the Kenwood location for Gigis’ Cupcakes and loves being able to offer customers products that aren’t just cute, but also delicious. Jones says they can also customize their sweet treats, which is perfect for a special occasion or holiday order.

      “With a seasonal menu for walk-in guests and custom catering options available, there’s always a sweet treat waiting for you,” says Jones. “Be sure to try a complimentary taste of our cupcakes at the Cincy Chic Seasonably Chic Showcase.”

      Beauty Lounge
      The Beauty Lounge is a full-service salon where upscale meets beauty. 

      “After thousands of new clientele returning to the salon with smiles on their faces, we are very proud to be able to say we have formed a family,” says owner Jonae Tye. “Our goal is to offer every client that has a seat in any of our talented stylists’ chairs nothing but the best.”

      The Beauty Lounge wants its customers to come in, unwind, and relax while they receive high-quality services that range from hair to skin and body. 

      Whether you want to pick up some products for a loved one or purchase a gift card for future use, you can do just that at the Seasonably Chic Showcase. 

      Eileen Fleming Pattern Design
      Eileen Fleming of Eileen Fleming Pattern Design offers her customers products that enhance visual appeal and communicate messages or feelings. 

      “My passion for pattern design started with my love of fabrics, sewing, and quilting,” she says. “I have considered myself an artist from my earliest memories. My love of art and sewing naturally transitioned into this niche field of design.”

      While she has a broad background, Fleming has chosen to offer products to her customers that are focused on surface and pattern design. Products from her lines can be used in homes and even shipped to shoppers themselves. 

      DeGroot Handbags
      Handbag designer Missy DeGroot of DeGroot Handbags will be at Cincy Chic’s 2019 Seasonably Chic Showcase. With a newly relaunched branding of her business, DeGroot will be offering her different silhouettes in more than 20 different leathers and fabrications. The pieces from DeGroot are chic and timeless – so they’ll look great for years after being purchase.

      Greenfeather Homestead
      Looking for an herbal or homeopathic solution to improving your health and wellness? “We focused on diet, homeopathics, herbs, emotional wellness, and bodywork,” explains Greenfeather Homestead Founder Lindsay Hastings. “We found this to be highly beneficial and as people who love education and teaching others it was a natural fit to become a practitioner myself and then an herbalist.”

      Products from Greenfeather Homestead include tinctures, balms, salves, and flower essence blends; personal adornment in the form of gemstone therapy jewelry and hand-crocheted items.

      To RSVP for the event, click here

      Check out more details on Cincy Chic’s Seasonably Chic Showcase below:

      2019 Seasonably Chic Showcase

      Sat., Nov. 16, 10am-2pm

      The Phoenix, 812 Race St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

      Learn more and RSVP at:

      Shop for everyone on your “nice list” as you browse some of the best local businesses, boutiques and makers. Bring the kiddos for crafts and princess/superhero photo opps! Bring a canned good for the Freestore Foodbank for free entry, swag bag and complimentary gift wrapping by The Wraperie. $2 parking available at Garfield Garage located next door on 9th St.

      Sponsored by: 

      Supporting Sponsors: Performance Lexus RiverCenter, Guaranteed Rate with Ron Erdmann

      Photobooth Sponsor: The Dermatology, Laser & Vein Center of Cincinnati

      Pop-up Shop Sponsors: Walton Creek Boutique, Gigi’s Kitchen, Bruetta, DeGroot Handbags, Slate & Vine, Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound, Gigi’s Cupcakes Kenwood, Paparazzi by Anna Forte, Scentsy with Lacey Perkins, Lipsense Suzanne Goodpaster, Ever Skincare with Leslie Young, Beautycounter with Kate Flaig, Renewal by Andersen, UC Health, Beauty Lounge, My Body Snatcher, Colored by Gina, Nail Envy by EJ, Curated, Eileen Fleming Pattern Design, Green Feather Homestead, Relax Mom, Tillage Clothing Co., Foodie Cincy, Monarch Enterprises, Green Bee Ohio, and more!

      Cocktail Sponsor: Diverse Events

      “Shop ’till You Drop” Mini Massages provided by: Gateway Emerge

      Photographer: Twin Spire Photography

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      It's modern, chic and completely upgraded, but secluded, cozy and dream-home-worthy. Keep reading as we take you inside this week's Listing of the Week!

      This stunning 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom California-contemporary home underwent a top-to-bottom remodel in 2017. It has a private/wooden Grandin Gold Coast location. The walls of glass bring the outdoors in. The kitchen is everyone homeowners dream and every room is the home is just as beautiful as the last. 

      This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.