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    From St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s state-of-the art technology to Wine & Watercolor classes, see how this heavy hitter in local healthcare is enhancing its women’s wellness programs.

    St. Elizabeth events for women include birthing classes, grandparents classes, breastfeeding classes, big brother/big sister classes, mother to daughter classes, mobile mammography and cardiovascular screenings, Take Time for your Heart classes, and Wine & Watercolor classes

    Based in Northern Kentucky, St. Elizabeth Healthcare dates back to 1861 when it was founded as one small hospital. Fast forward to 2017, and St. Elizabeth now operates seven facilities throughout Northern Kentucky to provide medical care and wellness programs to Greater Cincinnati.

    According to Laura Sipple, head of Oncology and Women’s Wellness Marketing, St. Elizabeth’s was recently awarded an “A” for Patient Safety in the Spring 2017 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. Which makes sense, she says, because St. Elizabeth’s mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care that improves the health of the people they serve. This goal is met by using state-of-the-art technology and its personnel, who are dedicated to helping the community, she adds.

    The healthcare provider recently donated $30,000 to four community organizations and athletic trainers in Northern Kentucky to aid in the purchase of at least 20 automated external defibrillators while also bringing in new procedures to the facilities such as total knee replacement robotic surgery.

    St. Elizabeth Healthcare is changing women’s wellness throughout the Tri-State with mobile healthcare, wellness programs, and other healthy events.

    A specific area of focus for St. Elizabeth, though, is women’s health. In fact, it has an entire in-depth program dedicated to women’s wellness. Through these programs and events, Sipple says, St. Elizabeth Healthcare hopes to make it as easy and fun as possible for women take charge of their health.

    This year has been big for the provider’s women’s wellness program, as it was recognized as 2017 Women’s Choice Award winners in Obstetrics, Heart Care, and Patient Safety.

    “St. Elizabeth’s is hosting several events for women in the community, including a variety of birthing classes, grandparents classes, breastfeeding classes, big brother/big sister classes, mother to daughter classes, tours, mobile mammography and cardiovascular options, Take Time for your Heart classes, and Wine & Watercolor classes,” says Sipple.

    On April 26, and again on October 25, St. Elizabeth will host its FORCE Support Group. According to Sipple, these get-togethers are ideal for those who have a family history of breast, ovarian, or a related cancer.

    “[If you’re] considering genetic testing, waiting for results, or have already tested positive for a BRCA mutation or another gene associated with an increased cancer risk,” says Sipple. “These get-togethers are your chance to meet others who know what you’re going through, to ask questions, learn, or just listen in a safe and supportive environment.”

    Sipple says guests can RSVP for the get-togethers by emailing Brandi at or by calling St. Elizabeth Healthcare Hereditary Cancer Genetic Counseling at 859-301-5396.

    According to Sipple, other upcoming events include the March of Dimes March for Babies on April 30, Northern Kentucky Night at the Cincinnati Reds on May 20, and Heartchase Northern Kentucky on May 20.

    To learn more about St. Elizabeth Healthcare, visit You can also follow along on Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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    We got a sneak peak of a Broadway show coming to Cincinnati soon. See why it's a message that'll hit home for everyone, from history buffs and music lovers, to busy mamas trying to balance it all.

    Our Editor-in-Chic got a sneak peek of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” before it hits the stage in Broadway in Cincinnati.

    I have to be honest. I didn’t know much about Carole King when I heard that a Broadway musical about her was coming to town. I had heard the name, knew she was a singer, but didn’t know much more than that.

    Turns out, yes, she’s a singer but she’s a songwriter first and foremost. And not just any songwriter, either. She’s the hugely successful wordsmith behind some of the most famous songs and singers of the 60s and 70s. (Actually, Buzzfeed did this story about some of the chart-topping songs you never knew were written by Carole King)

    So, when I was asked with some local media folks to go to New York City to see the show before it comes to Cincinnati, I jumped at the opportunity, but I had NO idea how much I’d truly enjoy it.

    I really loved how it was based on a true story, and it told the real history of what was happening in Carole’s personal life, paralleled with what was going on with her professionally, and how that inspired all these huge hits I’ve heard for years. It was like uncovering a treasure trove inside each song, realizing what they were REALLY about.

    What I loved about it is that Carole’s life is so relatable. Even though she ended up being a famous singer in the limelight of fame and fortune, the majority of this show focuses on when she was very much behind the scenes, struggling to balance personal and professional demands… being a loving mom and doting wife while pursuing a career that she felt was her calling. Who can’t relate to some or ALL of that?!

    It was also really interesting to learn about the music business in those days. I always envisioned the groups and singers writing those songs themselves, but through this show, I learned the real story. The science, competition, and drama behind how those lyrics truly came to be, and then matched up with the singers who created the songs we know and love.

    So, as you can imagine, the music was out of this world. Hearing all these songs you know every word to, but now knowing the story behind them, you FEEL them so much more. When you hear those songs, it changes everything now because you’re so connected to the real happiness, heartbreak, and resilience that Carole King was truly experiencing at that time.

    Oh, and the fashion was fabulous too. I loved how just through the wardrobe, you could tell what era you were in, and how much fashion played a role in history, and creating “a look” in the music industry.

    So, no matter if you’re a fashion, music, or history lover, or if you’re like me, a mama just trying to balance it all, hungry for some inspiration and a fun night out… GO SEE THIS SHOW!

    Click here to learn more about it and get your tickets!

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    Microblading is taking the nation - and Tri-State - by storm. Learn about the local expert providing services to Dayton and Cincinnati’s northern neighborhoods.


    Erica Kidder at Dayton Microblading offers microblading services for your eyebrows.

    Erica Kidder, who has worked in the beauty industry since 2008, has focused on hair, waxing, and event style hair do’s. But now, Kidder is shifting her focus, and is making women all over the Tri-State feel beautiful and empowered.

    Kidder started in 2008 at Square One Salon and Spa, in Centerville, Ohio, and has since expanded her horizons. Keeping up with all the new beauty trends, Kidder has decided to open a salon of her own, that holds a focus on microblading as early as May 2. “After five years, I left to explore a career as a small business owner- the past three years I’ve worked within Salon Lofts. Last year, my passion for the industry expanded into permanent makeup, and with the addition of microblading, I quickly outgrew my loft. I made the decision to focus almost exclusively on microblading and I am now leaving Salon Lofts and opening my first salon.”

    Microblading is a newer concept, which is rapidly making its debut to the greater Cincinnati area. “When I discovered microblading, it was only popular in bigger cities,” explains Kidder. “I knew it was only a matter of time before it reached the Midwest. The service fascinated me. I love that there is an alternative to traditional permanent makeup, that typically leaves clients with a solid filled in eyebrow. Microblading offers the most natural result.”

    Erica Kidder of Dayton Microblading

    When someone talks about microblading, it can come off as a foreign concept. Microblading in short, is a non-permanent tattoo that fills and adds shape to one’s eyebrow, and Kidder understands just how important eyebrows are to women. “This luxury of a permanent makeup service replicates hair strokes in the eyebrow, creating fullness, definition and balance,” explains Kidder. “While microblading is deemed ‘semi-permanent,’ it is still in the ‘tattoo’ family. Due to the pigment being placed under the skin more superficially than a traditional tattoo, naturally it fades faster. Fading is considered a positive characteristic in microblading, as it allows for updates in shape, color and provides the ability to work with changes in aging skin.”

    During a microblading appointment, Kidder says, you can expect to spend up to three hours at your initial appointment. During the first part of this session, she collaborates on a shape that is perfect for you. “We will take time to choose the appropriate pigment color based on your skin tone, and existing brow hair,” she says. “Once you approve your template, we will outline the brow and then provide anesthetics for comfort.”

    The microblading is done with a small hand tool with sterile, disposable needles to implant pigment into the skin. The second appointment, which is included in the package price, will take place no sooner than four weeks of your initial appointment, and no later than 12 weeks after. “This is a touch up appointment and is absolutely imperative to your results,” Kidder says. “Without it, your results will not be optimal, as the service is only half done. The touch up corrects any irregularities in the microbladed hair strokes and it finishes the process.”

    Since this new concept can generate many questions for the client, Kidder offers one-on-one consultations for $25. “During a consultation, I will cover every question a guest has, but most importantly I address expectations,” says Kidder. “We will talk shape, color, healing, pre-and post care, etc.”

    Since microblading isn’t a permanent tattoo, it does require regular touch ups, fill ins, and a bit of TLC from the client after the session is finished. “For a tattoo,” says Kidder. “A machine is used to implant the pigment deep into the skin, versus microblading, a disposable manual hand tool with sterile one-time use needles is used to deposit pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin. This superficial placement allows for natural fading with the exfoliation of skin.”

    Depending on skin type, lifestyle, aftercare, and environmental factors, every guest will retain pigment differently, according to Kidder. For example, she says, if you have oily skin, you are a smoker, or you swim, or tan regularly, you will require more touch ups. “Some guests however will require more sessions without any of these factors applying to them,” she adds. “If you want to maintain your brow, you must touch them up. They are designed to fade. Yearly touch ups are typical, and are $250. I offer a ‘perfecting session’ for guests who want to supplement their initial two appointments for $150. If you don’t need a third visit, a yearly touch up is sufficient.”

    Kidder has an appreciation for microblading for many reasons, but her favorite is the empowerment the women have when they leave her salon. “Having the power to improve someone’s self-confidence is by far the most rewarding part of microblading,” says Kidder. “At the end of every service when I show my guest their new brows, I feel overwhelmed with the same amount of joy that they do. It’s truly incredible to see someone smile ear to ear because of something you did. Last October, breast cancer awareness month, I had a very eye opening experience. I chose to do a giveaway on social media for breast cancer survivors who lost their brow hair due to treatment. I chose four winners during the month. The time I was able to spend with each survivor was incredible, and it proved to me that microblading is so much more than aesthetic. It’s life changing. To give back a part of someone’s womanhood is truly a humbling experience. To this day, I still think about how thankful I am to be able to add to their stories.”

    Kidder says she is thankful for her business growing quicker than she can keep up with, as she is booking clients into August. “I’m happy to see this service is gaining exposure.” says Kidder. Currently, Kidder is with Salon Lofts in Washington Park Plaza, and her microblading sessions are $500. Her first available opening is at the end of July.

    To find out more about Kidder, or to book an appointment, click here.

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    A local stylist launches a new golden opportunity retainer program. Read on to get all the dazzling details.


    Ivy Costa launched a retainer program called IVY Gold.

    After owning a boutique and then managing a local store of an internationally-known brand, Ivy Costa now runs her own styling business: Ivy Costa LLC.

    Through this business, which launched five years ago, she provides a variety of services to help you improve your wardrobe. “[I love] the idea of working one on one with clients to achieve their fashion and image goals,” she explains. “I loved the idea of positively impacting my clients on a daily basis and helping them put their best fashion step forward. I love to see their confidence shine through!”

    Her clients always come first. “I take myself out of the equation and make sure that I am focused on who they are and their needs,” Costa says. “I would never push my own style onto someone.”

    And building on her focus to meet client needs, she recently launched a new service called IVY Gold. It’s essentially a retainer program where, for $200/month, she provides priority fashion needs for clients she works with regularly. This package includes priority access to Costa, preferential appointment setting, rapid response time for unexpected fashion advice and last minute personal consults. It also includes a reserved spot on her “‘fashion radar’ for your ongoing fashion needs [such as] shopping, trends, etc.,” Costa explains. “If you have recurring needs of me like routine emailing/texting questions, last minute personal shopping and wardrobe requests, Ivy Gold is the perfect program for you. I love nothing more than to research and shop for my clients.”

    Costa’s other services include:

    -Wardrobe Consulting: She meets with clients at their homes to freshen their closet and help them define their style. “It’s always about the body shape first, then I move onto personality and lifestyle needs,” Costa says. “I make a follow up plan for shopping to replace or fill in needs of their wardrobe.”

    -Personal Shopping: Costa has a list of items that are important to filling a client’s wardrobe. “It’s about buying the right items, not shopping in excess,” she says. “Creating a well working wardrobe is like putting together a big puzzle. I love it!”

    -Outfitting/Look Book: “This is where clients really get a bang with their buck with me,” says Costa. “I take what you own (either before or after personal shopping) and create looks that my clients would not have thought about styling together,” she says. “This is where I teach my clients about maximizing what you own and refresh in small ways.” Costa also teaches her clients about improving the wardrobe that they already own and makes look books for her clients. “They can wake up and reference a look I’ve put together and get dressed quickly with no stress,” she says.

    Costa says that being a stylist has taught her how to stay relevant in a quickly changing field. “Change can be difficult but the challenges have made me grow as a business woman in ways that I never would have expected,” she says.

    You can learn more about Costa and her business by checking out her website, following along on her blog or calling 513-470-2358. Or, you can “like” her on Facebook, Instagram, or follow along on Twitter.



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    Ready to change your life for the better? A local gym is focused on inspiring a positive lifestyle change while you work on your fitness.


    Transform U Fitness inspires you to change your lifestyle for the better through group and semi-private training.

    Mike Seta has spent the last decade building an understanding and love for the fitness industry.

    “Healthy living has always been exceedingly important to me personally,” he says.

    That’s why he launched Transform U Fitness, a gym that aims to create an environment of acceptance and encouragement. “I want our clients to come into Transform U Fitness and feel understood and supported so they feel prepared to run confidently toward their goals,” he says.

    Seta says that launching Transform U Fitness has not only allowed him to share his knowledge of health and fitness with clients, but it has allowed him to take his passion to the next level and pursue his calling as both an instructor and a motivator.

    “My main focus is inspiring a positive lifestyle change in my clients and working with them to develop real world skills to sustain their success, whether it be in body building, weight loss, or overall health,” he says. “I love what I do and I feel grateful to be in a profession that allows me to help people on their journey toward fitness and strength.”

    At Transform U Fitness, clients can choose from team training and semi-private personal training.

    Team training is ideal for clients who have always wanted their own personal trainer but didn’t want to have to confront the costs of it. The fitness program at Transform U can be adapted to all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. “By delivering our distinctive personal training program in a group, we help our clients do complete transformations ranging from weight loss to wedding day makeovers,” says Seta.

    If you’re looking for a more personal approach to your fitness regimen, you may want to consider the semi-private training sessions. These 60-minute sessions are built custom to fit each individual’s needs. “You will get a program created for your personal goals while training within a small group of 1-3 clients,” says Seta. “By training with a friend or in a group, you will push and motivate each other to get the most out of each quality workout, plus you’ll have lots of fun!”

    For those who are dedicated to changing their lifestyle and fitness, Transform U Fitness offers a free 14-day trial, which you can sign up for here. According to Seta, the program includes personal training and help with accountability, daily nutrition guidance, goal setting, measurement racking, and overall lifestyle changing.

    To learn more about Transform U Fitness, visit You can also like them on Facebook.


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    Learn about a local boutique that specializes in high-quality wares and showcasing local artists while donating to local charities.


    The Gifted Shop sells home decor and accessories that are unique to Cincinnati.

    Inspired by charity, the benefits of face-to-face interactions with customers, and the uniqueness of local artists, The Gifted shop describes itself as “the Heart of Giving.” Gretchen Meyer, the owner of the small boutique in Hyde Park, says that the slogan refers to “the care and attention that a truly wonderful gift can convey. It also speaks directly to the fact that while we talk much about gifts and giving. Our charitable gifting is always something we want to keep in the forefront of people’s minds.”

    “I believe that gifts, the truly special ones, communicate to someone that you ‘see them,’” Meyer explains. “That you notice what they love or want to do something for them they might not do for themselves.  We love helping people find those gifts for others, or perhaps something for themselves.”

    The Gifted, which opened in November 2016, sells home décor such as clocks, pillows, and serving pieces, as well as accessories such as jewelry, handbags, and scarves. All items are “carefully selected for high quality craftsmanship,” Meyer says, and The Gifted focuses on items that are “unique to the Cincinnati shopping scene,” featuring local artists and artisans. “I also have such incredible respect for artists and artisans,” Meyer says. “The shop is a way of acknowledging their gifts and helping showcase their work.”

    The Gifted also focuses on charity. In addition to looking for vendors that are philanthropic themselves, The Gifted pairs with a different local charity every quarter, and during that period, a portion of the sales is “gifted” to that charity. Meyer explains that “having a charitable component to the shop was part of the founding inspiration.”

    The final important component of The Gifted is the emphasis on face-to-face interactions. Meyer says, “I believe that even though so much of our lives are based electronically, there is still a place for incredible customer service and attention.  People still respond to that type of care. I also believe that some things, especially those that are unique or higher quality, truly need to be experienced in person.”

    The Gifted will be involved in two upcoming trunk shows. The first one, on the 27 and 28, will be with Heet, a brand of statement-making jewelry. All pieces in The Gifted’s collection will be made by highly-trained artisans with only the finest materials, such as genuine Swarovski crystal elements and premium natural leathers, suede, and other textiles. On May 3, The Gifted will be featured in a trunk show with ExVoto Vintage, a collection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry created from antique and vintage elements. A portion of sales from this trunk show will go toward The Cure Starts Now Foundation for pediatric brain cancer research.

    The Gifted Shop is located at 3443 Edwards Road in Hyde Park. To learn more, visit their website, give them a call (513) 918-5304 or like them on Facebook.


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    A local fitness studio has given itself a new image to help clients reach their health goals through one-on-one training, personal training, and a specialty bootcamp. Read on for more!


    Cincy Chic: Tell us more about FitZone!
    Chris Witbrodt, Owner of FitZone: FitZone is a private personal training studio in Cincinnati Ohio. We specialize in creating efficient, individualized programming for 1 person, in a small group setting. Our sessions have between 1 and 4 clients per session and each person has their own program, and 1 coach.

    Cincy Chic: What inspired you to open FitZone?
    Witbrodt: FitZone’s inspiration is based on the poor direction the fitness industry has taken. People need real help with what to do, how often to do it and how to do it, with the intensity required to actually make a change. Large group fitness provides little direction and only way to workout, 1 on 1 personal training can be very expensive and large gyms with $10 a month dues only care about the transaction, not the client.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the studio?
    Witbrodt: I’m the trainer behind FitZone. I have 15 years experience, 20,000 hours logged worth of transformations, methodology for adherence, and programming for busy men and women looking to go back 10 years.

    Cincy Chic: When did you launch FitZone?
    Witbrodt: FitZone has been here for one year but with little direction or culture. The change is now though. May 8th FitZone will host its first 21-day challenge. FitZone now has a leader, a direction, and a culture that is here to stay.

    Cincy Chic: What types of classes do you offer clients?
    Witbrodt: FitZone offers personal training, 1-on-1 training, and a specialty bootcamp that only last 45 minutes. FitZone’s bootcamp is created by an NFL strength coach and has not only a great metabolic conditioning component but an efficient workout for busy professionals looking to burn max calories.

    Cincy Chic: What makes FitZone unique?
    Witbrodt: FitZone uses MyZone technology with their bootcamps and training. MyZone is a heart rate monitor based training made popular by OrangeTheory Fitness, but not exclusive to them. The FitZone leader board is very unique. Every client has a defined goal and that goal is recognized publicly. The client’s percentage to goal is monitored and given a number, and is annotated on the client leader board for other clients to see who is in the lead each week.

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for FitZone in 2017?
    Witbrodt: Everything from the paint, the energy, and the unparalleled interaction with your trainer. May 8th starts our 21-Day Belly Buster Challenge and we’re also hosting an upcoming Charity Bootcamp that will benefit veterans.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along with FitZone?
    Witbrodt: Check out our Facebook page, follow along with our blog, or visit


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    Wish you could get yourself on a budget, but don’t know where to start? Our financial expert shares the three steps for getting started and sticking to it.


    Budgeting, believe it or not, is the cornerstone to a healthy financial life. I’ve found that most individual either don’t have a budget, don’t know what a budget is, or don’t like the word budget.

    But let’s talk about budgeting. When I say budget, I don’t mean restrictions from all the fun of being a vivant adult. I mean knowing when to say yes and when to say no. More thing everything I want you to enjoy the fruits of your labor BUT I want you to be financially GREAT as well.

    Essentially, all a budget demonstrates is that you are only willing to spend a certain amount for a specific item or service. It’s all about tracking your income and expenses, while making sure your expenses don’t win.

    I want to share three steps for starting your budget.

    Tip #1 Determine your monthly fixed income and expenses.

    This is self-explanatory. For instance, if you receive a salary, your direct deposit or pay stub should reflect the same amount. Usually, fixed expenses include rent, cable, car note, and car insurance, etc. After all fixed items have been determined, consider your variable costs such as groceries, gasoline, electric, and water because these change based on use. You could use more or less in any given month. This same concept applies to income.

    Tip #2 Review your last month’s credit card and debit card statements to understand where you are spending your money.

    Note, this helps when determining variable income and expenses, as well. Limits can be set here. Key statements such as “I am not spending more than $100 on gas a month.” “I am not spending more than “$150 at the grocery store.” Additionally, your bank statements tell you if you are spending a lot on fast food, nightclubs, clothing, etc.

    Tip #3 Always budget with a goal or vision in mind.

    Nothing is more pointless than saving money just to save money because as an adult you are told to do so. How many of us do what we are told to do all the time? Budget or save with a goal in mind. You may not have an emergency fund and want to save $1000 initially. That will be your driving force or your motivating factor. Better yet, you may want to buy a house next year and need a down payment of $3,000. Your budget will show you where you can cutback or if additional income needs to be obtained to meet your goal. Remember a cutback now is not a cutback forever. You can add back your discretionary (wants not needs) once your goal has been obtained.

    Budgeting is all about planning. Ever heard the saying, “Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents Piss Poor Performance – the 7 Ps? You cannot expect to just drop into a better financial situation, you have to put in the work to do so. Just like you plan a trip or night out, you have to plan your financial life for changes to occur. A budget is simply a guide to help you achieve your overall financial goals. So ask yourself, do you want to be in the same financial situation you are a year from now or 5 years from now?

    For more tips on budgeting, check out my eBook Vision. Future Reality: How To Budget Like A Boss, it is available on Amazon Kindle, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble Nook.


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    The Cincinnati Art Museum is welcoming three new curators. Our art guru sat down with each to learn more about them and their big plans for the future.


    The Cincinnati Art Museum has appointed Ainsley M. Cameron as Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art, and Antiquities; Peter Jonathan Bell as Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings; and Nathaniel M. Stein as Associate Curator of Photography.

    “Ainsley, Peter and Nathaniel are exciting scholars who are making significant contributions to their respective fields of study,” said Cameron Kitchin, the museum’s Louis and Louise Dieterle Nippert Director. “I am pleased to welcome them to the museum and to Cincinnati, where they will join a collaborative curatorial practice and interpretation team. In concert with our comprehensive strategic plan, the growth of our curators’ research, exhibitions, collections and teaching benefits the entire community.”

    Ainsley Cameron, Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

    Ainsley M. Cameron, Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities

    Dr. Ainsley Cameron is the Cincinnati Art Museum’s new Curator of South Asian Art, Islamic Art and Antiquities. In this position, she will oversee acquisitions and collections from South Asia (a geographic region that includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka), Nepal and the Himalayan region, as well as Iran and Afghanistan. Through lectures, exhibitions and scholarly publications, Cameron will further research on the museum’s permanent collection, as well as liaise with the community with public programming and teaching. Cameron was most recently the Ira Brind and Stacey Spector Assistant Curator of South Asian Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

    Cameron’s exhibition and catalogue project at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), Drawn from Courtly India: The Conley Harris and Howard Truelove Collection, provided an in-depth foray into the drawing practice at the courts of north India. She was also the curator-in-charge of digital initiatives in the reinstallation and reinterpretation of the PMA’s South Asian art galleries, which opened in October 2016. Previous curatorial appointments included roles at the British Library, the British Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, making Cameron familiar with a wide range of South Asia’s artistic production, especially from the 16th century onwards.

    Cameron completed her doctorate at the University of Oxford in 2010. She also holds an MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, and a BA in Archaeology and History from the University of Toronto.

    “This is an opportunity to redefine CAM’s engagement with these collections on a regional, national and international scale, a process I am excited to participate in. I look forward to working with my new colleagues to explore the intricacies of the collection, the institution and this beautiful city,” Cameron said. She begins in Cincinnati in early May.

    Peter Bell, Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture, and Drawings at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

    Peter Jonathan Bell, Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings

    As Associate Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Peter Bell will be responsible for the stewardship and development of the museum’s extensive holdings of European paintings, sculpture and all works on paper excluding prints and photographs. In this role he will lecture and write on art history, curate European art exhibitions and permanent collection galleries, and engage with the community through museum programs and by managing the museum’s Friends of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings group.

    Bell comes to Cincinnati from the Metropolitan Museum of Art where he is Assistant Curator in the department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts. There he has been responsible for Italian and Spanish sculpture, ceramics and glass, and European medals. He has researched and presented these collections, augmented them through acquisition and collaborated on conservation projects.

    At the Met he co-curated the exhibitions Antonio Canova: The Seven Last Works (2014) and Tullio Lombardo’s Adam: A Masterpiece Restored (2015), and recently curated Renaissance Maiolica: Painted Pottery for Shelf and Table (2016–2017). He was lead curator for the design, construction and permanent installation of the Met’s Venetian Sculpture Gallery (2015).

    Bell is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. He received his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College in Ohio and a master’s degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London. He is expected to complete his doctorate from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, this spring.

    “I am thrilled to join the Cincinnati Art Museum and contribute to its impressive record of scholarship, acquisitions and exhibitions. It is particularly exciting to come to this august institution at a time of new growth in exhibitions and programming, and expanding public access and visitor engagement. CAM boasts one of the great collections of European art in the Midwest, one that is known and admired across the world. I look forward to advocating for these paintings, sculptures and drawings—artworks that can be as vital and relevant for Cincinnati today as they were in Europe 500 years ago—and to deepening our understanding of the important traditions they represent.” Bell starts at the end of May.

    Nathaniel Stein, Associate Curator of Photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

    Nathaniel M. Stein, Associate Curator of Photography

    In his role at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Dr. Nathaniel Stein will be responsible for the stewardship, interpretation, and development of the museum’s extensive holdings of photographs. He will curate photography exhibitions, conduct and publish research on works of art in the museum’s permanent collection, engage the community with innovative programming, lead acquisitions and manage the museum’s Friends of Photography group.

    Stein comes to Cincinnati from an appointment as the Horace W. Goldsmith Fellow in Photography at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In Philadelphia he organized exhibitions and wrote on internationally established figures Wolfgang Tillmans and Rineke Dijkstra, emerging African-American and Jamaican artists Andre Bradley and Paul Anthony Smith, and contemporary photographers working in or about South Asia, among many other projects. While his curatorial focus is on contemporary photography, Stein has a deep background in the earlier history of the medium. His doctoral dissertation dealt with photography in 19th-century India.

    Stein holds a master’s degree and doctorate in the History of Art and Architecture from Brown University and a bachelor’s degree in the History of Art from Wesleyan University. Prior to his position at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he held fellowships, lectured, performed curatorial roles, and taught the history of photography at institutions including the Yale Center for British Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, and the Rhode Island School of Design.

    “I’m thrilled that my family has been invited to join the CAM family, and for the opportunity to get to know Cincinnati’s dynamic photography community,” said Stein. “The museum’s photography program already reflects a history of dedicated curators, collectors and supporters. We’re in a strong position now to continue to honor the core traditions of the medium while also thinking openly and creatively about how to engage with a wider world. I think we can seize the moment, and I’m looking forward to getting started.” He will join the museum in late April.