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    There’s no better time than now to focus on your own mental health and wellbeing. Click here to learn about a counseling and coaching business that helps to develop empowered women.

    In today’s world, especially as we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to take care of you. That’s what Galia Collaborative is here for. They want to help empower purpose-driven women to develop their mental wellness through therapy, coaching, and content.

    “We believe that the impact of women will be elevated when they can take charge of their mental health and wellbeing,” says Galia Collaborative Founder Dr. Ashley Solomon. “We provide accessible services and thoughtful content development by women’s mental health experts.”

    Solomon says that she was inspired to launch Galia Collaborative after years of working as a psychologist, business leader, mom, and woman. 

    “I spent years in the trenches of burnout culture and recognized that stress and anxiety were eating away at my wellbeing,” she explains. “Even being in the behavioral healthcare field, no one was talking about how we can sustainably manage our mental health.”

    Soloman didn’t want to offer traditional therapy, which seemed so removed from what she had experienced in her field, and executive coaching wasn’t something that was available to her. 

    Dr. Ashley Solomon, Founder of Galia Collaborative

    “I wanted to take the years that I’d spend developing treatment approaches and programming for women and create a space that addressed the needs of busy professionals in a modern, gender-responsive, and evidence-based way,” she says. “I’ve always been focused on trying to answer how we can elevate the voices and impact of women, and I recognize that empowering women’s mental health is key.”

    Soloman says that she spent her earlier career in the field of eating disorders before she found that those same women who recovered from eating disorders were still lacking the tools they needed to be fully healthy in how they approach both life and work. “This and my own journey led me to thinking about how we can create meaningful services and tools to support women who are going to make a difference,” she adds.

    Solomon is joined in her practice by clinician Jennifer Burns, a licensed counselor with a background in professional comedy. “She specializes with women who have experienced trauma or are navigating other mental health or life challenges,” says Solomon. There’s also Erin McMenamin, a licensed social worker, who recently joined the team and is offering coaching for women making big transitions.

    At Galia Collaborative, you’ll find that the work the team does is action-oriented and designed to create real movement toward the values of clients. “We use evidence-based approaches based on psychological science in both our therapy and coaching work,” she says.

    Therapy services offered at Galia Collaborative are for adolescent and adult women both in-person and online. 

    “We offer professional coaching for women who are ready to elevate their impact in their careers or are navigating challenges in their work,” says Solomon. “We believe that doing so starts from within and moves its way outward, and our coaching is both introspective and actionable.”

    In addition to the services currently offered, Galia Collaborative is in the process of developing talks and workshops for organizations on how to elevate their impact through mental health and wellness.

    Solomon says that later this year Galia Collaborative is launching Thrive Circles, small groups of committed women who are connecting around a particular challenge or interest. 

    “We have two starting early in the year and are accepting registration for those now,” says Solomon. “The first is a mastermind for women service-based business owners, and the other is for your women, ages 23-35, looking to set themselves up for personal and professional success.”

    To learn more about Galia Collaborative, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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    It's a luxuriously updated home in the heart of Indian Hill. Click for a sneak peek inside this week's Listing of the Week!

    Natural light abounds in this sprawling estate on 1+ acre lot. There is an upgraded kitchen with granite island, master suite with an updated bathroom and huge walk-in closets, and a lower level bar, theater, and mudroom. The exterior of the home was painted 2019. It features a new gas fireplace with stone surround. The saltwater pool was resurfaced in 2017 and has new lights, electric, auto-cover, concrete patio, creek, and the home has Grand Valley Park nearby. The 5 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom home is listed at $1,397,000.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    With a passion for fashion and helping other women feel and look their best, a local mompreneur launched a new boutique. Read on for more.

    Aleasha Smith has a passion for fashion and the confidence it gives.

    Originally from the Westside of Cincinnati, Smith now calls Waynesville home.  “I started my women’s clothing boutique because I adore fashion, and I enjoy bringing confidence and happiness to women through clothing,” she says. “My boutique allows me to be home with my family and to also follow my passion, which I am truly grateful for.”

    Smith was staying home with her son full-time when she took on a position with a store that allowed her to work once a week, and get out of the house and follow something she was passionate about. 

    “Fashion has always been so much fun to me,” she explains. “It can literally change the way you feel, and give you confidence.”

    While at work, Smith was seeing the impact that shopping and fashion had on customers, and the relationships she was able to build with them through her skills with styling. 

    Aleasha Smith, Founder of Boutique Bellini

    “I would get to know my customers and their stories would touch my heart,” she says. “There were familiar stories that would hti home, such as the new mom who had just given birth to a new baby. She didn’t have any clothes that fit her anymore and was shopping for new pieces. By listening to her I would get a sense of her lifestyle and what her fashion needs were. It made me feel grateful to see how amazing she felt walking out of the store. This was only one of many stories.”

    To Smith, fashion can heal. “It can make an impact on the person trying on clothes as well as the person styling them,” she says. 

    And with those years of experience in retail management, styling, merchandising, and connecting with her clientele, the launch of a new boutique was the next logical step. She launched Boutique Bellini back in 2018 with the goal of providing both a superior customer service and an individualized experience. 

    You can purchase tops, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and accessories from Boutique Bellini. Prices range from about $20 to more than $100, ensuring that there is something for everyone. 

    Smith says that she hopes to launch her fashion truck soon, as the economy begins to reopen. “I can’t wait to go mobile and serve customers in an entirely different way,” she adds. 

    To learn more about Boutique Bellini, visit

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    It’s a time of great change in the economy and that may mean a career transition. Click here to read about a local collab that’s helping you find success in a post-COVID-19 world.

    Tamara Schwarting, the founder and CEO of 1628 Ltd., and Julie Bauke of The Bauke Group have teamed up to launch Project Launch Pad, a collaboration that’s aiming to jumpstart the region’s recovery by providing resources to displaced professionals who want to get back to work as quickly as possible following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    The dynamic duo behind the project have been professional colleagues for years. They’re also passionate about the Cincinnati community and wanted to find a way that the both of them could work together to give back to the region through their expertise and resources. 

    The Bauke Group is a premier career coaching firm in the region, while 1628 Ltd. is an innovative workspace that is currently offering resources to participants at no cost. 

    “I [Bauke] am the region’s most recognized career expert with a weekly segment on both 700WLW and Fox19,” explains Bauke. “Tamara is a highly accomplished executive who has herself made several very successful career pivots.”

    Through Project Launch Pad, participants are taught life skills – the process of how to think, plan, and execute on a job search that will help them find the right job. “And those who complete the program will receive three months of free coworking at 1628 to execute their career search plan,” says Bauke. “While at 1628, there will also be the opportunity for participants to continue with additional training and to connect with mentors.” 

    This three-part training program is focused on giving participants what they need to be successful in the post-COVID-19 economy as well as the remainder of their careers. “Leveraging times of great shift to evaluate and ensure a career is on track may seem counterintuitive but it’s very necessary,” says Bauke. “This is an excellent time to take an action-oriented approach to a career transition.”

    Those who are interested in participating in Project Launch Pad will need to submit their registration by June 1. Bauke adds that the program is limited to 100 participants. You can apply to the program by clicking here

    To learn more about Project Launch Pad, click here. You can also learn more about The Bauke Group at and 1628 Ltd. at

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    Read on to learn about a woman who wants to blend natural food and creativity together in her cooking. 

    An unhealthy relationship with food inspired one local woman to launch a service that brings nutrition to both table and life.

    Trinidad Earth Food Chef is “A healthy and healing food biz that provides nourishment for your mind, body and soul to people,” says Trinidad Mac-Auliffe, Professional Chef and Nutritional Healing Coach. “Based on my experience as a certified raw vegan chef, my experience working in Mediterranean style restaurants and working as a food and healing coach for private clients. I created Trinidad Earth Food Chef as a way to bring balance and nutrition to your table and therefore to your life.”

    Mac-Auliffe started her business in 2012 and it was called Raw Intervention. It “focused on high end raw food and vegan meals and did lots of educational programs,” she says. “Over the years, it has evolved. I have explored different ways of being a chef and coach. I have created different services; some remain and some not. It has been an evolution.” Mac-Auliffe currently works by herself at her home in the Eden Park area of Cincinnati. “It is best practice during lockdown because I keep the place with all regulations and restaurant standards and there are no people coming in and out,” she says.

    The inspiration behind starting the business came from a passion for natural foods. “I am inspired by the beauty of natural food, by the reality that every element in nature has a purpose with its minerals, vitamins, fat content, etc. It’s all wonderfully created by the universe for us to thrive,” Mac-Auliffe says. 

    She was inspired to create the business because of the unhealthy relationship she used to have with food. “I have also battled eating disorders since my teen years, which I believe is an emotional maladjustment to life and it was puzzling for me, the dichotomy between loving to eat healthy and the eating disorder,” Mac-Auliffe says. “I believe that the love I have for health food has saved me. I do my best to eat balanced and honor the earth foods and that is what inspires me to keep growing inside of my biz. I believe that eating healthy without a diet per se that has restrictions is a solution to mental and physical disorders.”

    She calls herself ‘Earth Food Chef’ because she wanted “a way to really just brand myself as a chef that supports earth food practices, as a chef that supports sustainable practices to the best of my abilities and also this is inclusive of elements -both plants and animal, and yes, minerals.”

    Mac-Auliffe provides two different services right now and they are:

    ▪ “Collective Delivery is a plant-based meal delivery service that runs once a week, every Tuesday. You receive a new menu on Thursday evening via email and order by Saturday at noon,” she says. “Food is super, highly nutritious and all items are made in the house, such as quinoa breads, taco shells, herbed dressings, etc. I have awesome photos on my website-site is under construction and it will be ready soon. 
    ▪ Alchemy of Nutrition (Opens Friday, May 29)

    “I am opening a new service for pick up from the kitchen on Fridays and Sundays. Meals are inspired by my Mediterranean food upbringing and they include: meats, fish eggs and eventually some traditional Chilean recipes,” Mac-Auliffe says. Menus for the week will be sent to people’s email inboxes on Mondays and takes orders until Wednesday at noon. 

    “Friday is great for carry out for families and couples wanting to chill and have some super awesome healthy food ready for them and their kids for the weekend.,” she says. “Sunday is great for people to get ready for the week ahead. Pick up some healthy balanced dishes to take to work or have ready when done with work, whether work is at home or office-healthy food always available is a must.”

    The mission of Trinidad Earth Food Chef is creating dishes that “fun, accessible and fill of awesome flavors,” Mac-Auliffe says. Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not just a diet. “I want to break the boundaries between so-called diets and embrace the whole of what the planet has to offer, and hopefully we- the people- can stop judging and creating division between vegan and non-vegans and be supportive of other cultures that are ancients and have a beautiful balance using all the elements from earth foods,” she says. “I hope people have fun eating, free from guilt and shame and can experience health! The truth is that the energy that healthy food brings is undeniable.”

    The business is unique because it concentrates on creativity with creating food. “The meals are very creative and loaded with nutrition, attention to the nutritional value of dishes is evident by the amount of colors, textures and elements in each dish. There is a lot of design that goes on the menus, and flavors are layered with intention. It requires a different kind of approach to cooking, preparing and assembling,” Mac-Auliffe says. “Alchemy of flavors and nutrition cometogether in your plate, good for the senses and health. Of course, some dishes are more successful than others and that’s part of my personal growth as a Chef and Nutritionist.”

    To learn more about Trinidad Earth Home Chef, you can check her out on Facebook and her website.

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    An OTR-based women’s boutique is taking their unique and personal shopping experience to a whole new, virtual level.

    Since COVID-19, many things in our world look different, especially the traditional shopping experience. Idlewild Woman, located in the heart of OTR, is offering private virtual shopping hour sprees with manager, lead stylist and designer, Tessa Clark. 

    Idlewild Woman is a boutique featuring ethical and sustainable clothing for people of all ages and sizes. Their goal is to enhance and empower women to look and feel their very best, while celebrating their bodies and personal style along the way. “Since the pandemic, our goal has been to stay engaged with customers as possible,” says Idlewild’s manager, Tessa Clark. “(Through virtual shopping), we are aiming to continuing building our relationships with current customers and hoping to gain new customers that might live out of state. We are taking a conservative approach to reopening – as we want our customers and employees to stay as safe as possible.”

    How does virtual shopping work?

    Virtual shopping is available every Wednesday through Saturday at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. Customers can book their appointment on Idlewild Woman’s website, similar to booking a hair or nail appointment. Tessa will contact the customerabout which platform to use and a Zoom link or Facetime call will be with them shortly after that. Before the call, the customer is encouraged to peruse Idlewild’s website so they can have an idea of what questions to ask Tessa. The customer can expect a video call from Tessa a few minutes before the scheduled appointment. Tessa will be in store video chatting with the customer, showing any garments, jewelry, or shows the customer may want to see for an hour. At the end of the call, the customer can choose to pay by phone or invoice via email after the call.

    “Virtual shopping has many benefits,” says Clark. “You get personalized time to shop with me, while practicing social distancing, easier online shopping benefits, you can schedule the appointment from anywhere, and you have the ability to add three friends on the call to shop with you virtually from all over the country!” 

    Why shop local during this time? Small retailers and local business need your support now more than ever. “If you love your community, think about what makes it up,” says Clark. “It is proven that more money actually stays within your community when you shop small versus big box.”

    For more information on virtual shopping or to schedule your session, visit

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    A local photographer and author launched a photography book project back to help the city’s vulnerable pets. Read on for all the tail-wagging details.

    Photo: Tails of Cincinnati

    Cincy Chic: What is Tails of Cincinnati?

    Susannah Maynard, Owner of Pet Love Photography and Author of Tails of Cincinnati: Tails of Cincinnati is a fundraising pet photography book project from Pet Love Photography to benefit the SPCA Cincinnati. It is going to be a hardcover, coffee table book featuring the pets of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky photographed around the wonderful locations our region has to offer. For just $95 your pet is guaranteed to have a 2-page spread in the book.


    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it? 

    Maynard: The inspiration behind it is my dog Lola, who was adopted from the SPCA in October 2018. She is an adorable little chug (chihuahua/pug) that has been a great addition to the family. Additionally, as a pet lover and pet photographer, part of my mission is to give back to the local pet community and this project is the perfect way to do that.


    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
    Maynard: Me! I’m the owner of pet photography studio Pet Love Photography and founder and publisher of CincyPet Magazine, Greater Cincinnati’s only dedicated pet magazine.  Susannah is a Cincinnati native and lifelong animal lover. My previously published works are “Rescue Dogs: Portraits and Stories,” “Rescue Cats: Portraits and Stories,” and “Rescue Rabbits: Portraits & Stories of Bunnies Finding Happy Homes.”


    Cincy Chic: Where or how can readers purchase?
    Maynard: Right now you can pre-order the book on our website The book is being featured at a special pre-order price of $79.95. It will be a full-color, hardcover, coffee table book with a minimum of 128 pages (the more pets we photograph, the more pages!) 


    Cincy Chic: What makes this project unique?
    Maynard: Tails of Cincinnati is a fun and unique way to get your pet photographed by a professional photographer and featured in a book with their own 2-page spread. It’s also a great way to give back at the same time by supporting area homeless pets.


    Cincy Chic: How will the SPCA Cincinnati benefit from this project?
    Maynard: Half of the Official Tails of Cincinnati Session booking fee will be donated to the SPCA, as well as a portion of the book sales. The more pets we photograph and the more books we sell, the more money we will raise for the SPCA!


    Cincy Chic: Is there any additional info about the project you’d like to share?
    Maynard: Sessions for Tails of Cincinnati will take place from June 1 through October 31 of this year and the book is scheduled for publication in early 2021. Sessions are only $95 for one pet (additional pets can be added for $25 each) and clients can even add on a guaranteed session extension if they want to be in pictures with their pets ($150). It’s a great time to include family portraits with your pet’s session. We’ve already started booking sessions, so book now to guarantee a spot for your pet in the book!


    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
    Maynard: They can learn more by visiting our dedicated website or they can give me a call at 513-288-1650.

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    As we ease into life with the new normal, our life coach columnist shares three tips to begin your next chapter.

    Today we pause for the American holiday Memorial Day a time for remembering and honoring the men and women who died while serving in U.S. military. Many Americans visit cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades on this day. And, unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season.

    How symbolic that we are emerging and blossoming out of quarantine at the same time we celebrate the opening of summer. However, the excitement we once felt around this time may have you still concerned about the virus. COVID 19 came in like a wrecking ball and turned the world upside down without any notice for preparation. 

    Summer is the time of year you enjoy the outdoors and sunshine, but since quarantine, fear has taken root because of all things unknown or understood. 

    Many will go with gloves and mask for protection and begin the journey to finding ways to navigate this new way of living in the world while others will wait and watch.

    And although we don’t have clear evidence it’s safe, allow this message to help find some peace to being enjoying without the fear.

    First, avoid all the thoughts and ideas you are concocting in your mind that are the doom and gloom. I know it is not easy, and it is what has served you in the past. If you really think about all the things you worried about over time only a small percentage actually happens, and not in the way you had manifested in your mind’s eye to begin with.

    Next, celebrate in a way that lifts the vibration and energy around being a “good finder” (always striving to find the good), believing there are things to be learned and new ways of living your life. Move forward enthusiastically by shifting out of the fear and into “out of this situation only good will come; I am safe.”

    And, be in nature as much as possible.  Soak up the sun by swimming, boating, glamping, and golfing, or take up gardening or hiking with family and friends.  

    Lastly, set the intention to start with new summer trends and include those traditional ones of backyard barbeques and family gatherings where the memories are being made and traditions start. Think about a world beyond the scarcity. What do you want the story to be and how will it light you up? Meditate on that and it shall become. 

    Sending Love and Light,


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    Wanderlust boiling over? Our travel columnist has 11 helpful tips for taking advantage of recent discounts and planning your next trip for when it’s safe again.

    Sometimes you see travel photos of people going to exotic places, off the beaten path, really getting to experience the culture and activities of the area they are visiting, going beyond the tourist highlights. To me, this is what travel is all about! Of course, it is amazing to see famous landmarks with your own eyes and learn all about what makes them so iconic. Immersion and experience are super important, too. This is where you lose yourself for a while and gain a new understanding of our world. What if you had a local expert guide to show you around? This way you could experience things off the beaten path, but not completely on your own. 

    This is how small group travel works. 

    When many people think of group travel, they think of a coach bus driving for days. They think of 50-100 of your “closest friends” in tight quarters and shuffling from place to place. However, I’m here to tell you that does not have to define group travel experience!

    Here are some great reasons a small group may be the perfect fit for your next adventure!

    1. It is easy to travel solo, but not alone. Small groups are great for those wishing to get out there and explore the world, but do not have anyone they know willing or able to join them. There are opportunities to get out and explore safely by yourself and meet fellow adventurers along the way.
    2. You can also turn it into a private group. Do you have an interest group or just an adventurous group of friends? You can make the tour your own with your personal guide to make your adventure the absolute best!
    3. Small group travel gives you the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world. You may have people in your group from the United States, but chances are, you could very well have travelers in your group that live in many places throughout the world. Even if everyone is from the same area, you still get the chance to make connections in the destination you are visiting.
    4. You get to see what you came to see. You know ahead of time what is on the agenda. You know that everything is arranged, so there is nothing sold out once you arrive. If there is something in the area not on the schedule, there may be an optional add-on. 
    5. The experience is not like what you’d have on your own. You are with an expert local guide. They know the land, the culture, and the people. With them, you get the inside scoop. Even during your down time, they can give you amazing recommendations for things such as amazing local eateries, the best view of the city, or hidden gems only a local would know.
    6. The accommodations and activity levels vary. There are many ways to do adventure travel. For some, this means camping, hiking, extreme sports, etc. There are groups for that. One amazing group is a hiking and camping tour that goes to Machu Picchu. For others, adventure travel means staying somewhere nice, but really immersing in the culture and experiencing things outside the normal tourist areas. There are groups for that, too. Of course there is a lot in between. With activity levels ranging from light walking to hiking mountains and accommodations ranging from camping to 5-star hotels, there are groups to fit your style.
    7. You can experience small groups by land or by sea all around the world. With this kind of travel, you have the opportunity to experience all 7 continents. This includes immersive tours of Italy, sailing to the Galapagos Islands, getting to step foot in Antarctica, or even road trip to highlight the United States in a new light. There is very little out of reach once get started!
    8. Festivals and celebrations get new meaning. How would you like to spend Halloween dancing the night away in Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania? Or maybe you’d like to experience Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or take an iconic trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras? You can experience these holidays in unique ways!
    9. Giving back to the local communities. When you travel with a few of my favorite travel suppliers, a lot of the money you spend stays in the local community. Between the lodging and local experiences, this money goes to help the communities you visit and support the families there instead of going to a corporate office far away. In this way, you are able to truly able to give to the areas you visit.
    10. Small groups often cap out at 15-18 people. With this size, you are able to get into places that would not necessarily be accessible to larger groups. Also, there are many tours that go regardless of number of travelers. This means if you are going alone and you are the only one signed up, the tour still goes and you have a private guide! 
    11. You will come back with a lot of amazing memories, a new sense of self, and probably a few new friends.

    What are you waiting for? Your adventure is out there! If you have ever thought about trying small group travel or if this article has you considering taking your next adventure, please reach out. I would love to help you find your perfect group experience…once it is safe to travel again, of course! You can even plan ahead for the next year or two and get some great rates!

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    Check out a recap of the small and local businesses we've featured this week on our new sister page Spend With Cincinnati.

    Cincy Chic recently launched a new sister account called Spend With Cincinnati. The goal of Spend With Cincinnati is to share how the public can still support small and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a recap of what we’ve featured this week:

    Coda Co: NOW OPEN! Kelti, owner of has been working all throughout quarantine to revamp her shop for you guys and now it’s finally time to enjoy it!
    At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

    Cue Etta James. The shop can finally re-open tomorrow!! We cannot wait to feel slightly more normal again! We have LOTS of new things to share with you. .

    We plan to open Tues-Sat 11-5pm for the time being & extend hours as we go. We will be sanitizing between customers. We ask that everyone does their best to keep their distance as well as try to limit product touching if it’s not something they are considering purchasing. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces -even if it’s through a mask! .

    For those if you who are not comfortable coming in to shop yet, we feel you & respect that! The shop is always open online & curbside pickups are going to continue to be a thing. We will be adding lots more new treasures to the site this week so keep an eye out & select local pickup at checkout.

    Happy Chicks Bakery: Happy almost memorial weekend! Celebrate with an amazing cake from @happychicksbakery 😍 check out their website to order your custom cake and check out their delicious to-go menu!

    Idlewild Woman: Celebrate memorial weekend with @idlewildwoman having a sale on everything! Yes…EVERYTHING! This weekend starting today until Monday use code “HAPPY25” to get 25% off your entire order!

    Mochiko: Get ready for some delicious Sunday sweets with @mochikocincy 😍 order opens TODAY at 2pm for delivery and curbside pickup! Head to their website to start your order and enjoy some delicious Asian-inspired sweets this weekend!

    Sleepy Bee Cafe: Who could use some pancakes in their life right now 🙋‍♀️ @sleepybeecafe is having a PANCAKE POP-UP! They are offering their delicious pancakes like their apple cakes, nutty bee cakes, blueberry pancakes, and more! (Plus they have a new addition flavor I cannot wait to get my hands on)
    Open For take out:
    Monday-Saturday 8AM-6PM
    Sunday 8AM-3PM

    Bello’s Bike Pops: Get out and enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts) today with @bellosbikepops
    They serve delicious handmade and all natural ice pops of all sorts of yummy flavors! Plus if you order ahead on their Joe App it will be ready for you right when you arrive!

    Awakenings Coffee Roasters: Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy your Sunday coffee today outside with this BEAUTIFUL weather! @awakeningscoffeeroastershas opened their outdoor seating for you! Grab a yummy coffee and get some sunshine.

    Faith Love and Leather: How adorable are these earrings😍 @faithloveandleatheris all handmade leather jewelry made right here in Cincinnati! Click the link in their bio to get your order started! Plus make sure to check out their most recent post for details on a GIVEAWAY!

    West Side Brewing: Happy Memorial Day everyone! It’s another beautiful day to get outside and enjoy some good sun, good company, and good beer! @westsidebrewing is here to bring you delicious drinks to enjoy pool side! Check out their website to see how you can start your delivery order or purchase and E-giftcard!