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Want a Hollywood smile without the celebrity price tag? Learn about West Chester’s Maui Whitening and their unique process that’s effective yet affordable.

Samantha Tino, Owner of Maui Whitening in West Chester
Samantha Tino, Owner of Maui Whitening in West Chester

While a dentist’s teeth whitening procedures could cost thousands, the drugstore products could leave lackluster results. That’s where Maui Whitening in West Chester can help. Owner Samatha Tino says that Maui Whitening professional teeth whitening sessions give you prices and results to smile about.

“We use the same-grade equipment and products used in dental offices across the country,” she explains. “We understand that with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, you need a teeth-whitening salon that fits your schedule and is also affordable.”

Maui Whitening accepts walk-in clients and offers mobile whitening sessions. The system used at Maui Whitening is a fast, effective and safe way to a brighter smile. The upside: it can be done in 20 to 60 minutes.

“Each ‘session’ takes just 20 minutes and most clients choose to do between two and three 20-minute sessions to get their teeth the very whitest,” says Tino.

The time and number of sessions you’ll need depends on the shade of your teeth and how bright you want to go. The process involves applying the whitening gel to the teeth, upper and lower arch, positioning the accelerator light on the mouth and giving customers results in 20 minutes.

“There is a three-step process followed at Maui Whitening including a whitening gel that’s strong enough to deliver the results [clients] want without making the experience unenjoyable,” explains Tino. “We use the most advanced and effective technology on the market. Our lights are the most powerful and effective lights made specifically for teeth whitening.”

According to Tino, white teeth are associated with health and beauty, and having a white smile also boosts your confidence. That’s why, Tino says, Maui Whitening provides affordable teeth whitening treatments at such an affordable cost. “Plus, it also helps to make us more cautious of what we’re putting into our bodies and do for ourselves,” she adds.

A 20-minute session costs $99 while you can purchase a 40-minute session for $149. The most popular session that Tino says renders the best results is 60 minutes and costs $179. “Customers who come back within six months of a session are given a special discounted rate so they can continue maintaining a whiter smile at a lower cost,” she adds.

Tino says that they’re exploring the idea of adding other beauty enhancing services to Maui Whitening’s offerings, so watch for updates soon. Maui Whitening is located at 7967 Cincinnati Dayton Road in West Chester. To learn more about Maui Whitening, call 513-847-6008 or visit You can also check Maui Whitening out on Facebook and Twitter.

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Learn about a local lady’s personal coaching practice, First Day Wellness, that’s helping clients get healthier and happier.

Kate Messer Photography 2014
Niki Pappas, founder of First Day Wellness


Wanting to get healthy is one thing. Actually doing it is another. That’s why Niki Pappas launched her business, First Day Wellness. She works with clients to increase their self-awareness and self-compassion to help them live the healthy life they’ve always desired.

“I provide information that will help them move forward, and I support them with warmth and empathy,” explains Pappas. “Together, we develop strategies they can practice to improve their eating, increase their activity and internalize a healthy mindset.”

Pappas launched First Day Wellness in early 2011, when she was a student in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coaching program. In college and graduate school, she studied psychology and has always loved studying and interacting with people.

“In turned this interest into a 20-year career in Marketing Research, which was challenging and rewarding,” she says. “Over time, though, I realized I wanted to work one-on-one with people on their most important issues – those of health and happiness.”

She adds that she was lucky to be able to change her career path and move into the coaching field. This change also allowed her to improve her ability to take better care of not only her clients but also herself and her loved ones.

Currently, Pappas offers a 12-week program that includes four one-on-one sessions in person or over the phone as well as ongoing email interaction and support between sessions. “The process begins with an initial complimentary consultation when a client shares his or her background and health-related goals and challenges, and we start digging in to increase understanding and develop a couple of initial strategies – small changes that the client can experiment with, that will add up to big results,” Pappas explains.

The 12-week program is $500, but you’ll notice significant weight loss, reduction in cravings and an improved relationship with food as well as better sleep, reduced stress and increased mindfulness and balance overall.

On top of the work she does with clients, Pappas is currently exploring partnerships with companies offering adjacent services to their employees or clients, and she has several company presentations scheduled.

“I enjoy doing lunch and learn talks on health-related topics that are relevant for different organizational or employee groups,” she adds.

To learn more about Pappas and First Day Wellness, visit as well as her blog at

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See how this local lady’s inspiring story is paving the way for a business that puts women’s needs first.


Looking for the unique products and individualized attention you don’t find at the big box stores? Busom Buds, a privately owned woman’s boutique, offers a wide variety of unique inventory to give you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Coming up with the name, “Busom Buds” was a no-brainer for owner Emily Smith. “My mom has always been my best friend, and her nickname for me growing up was ‘Bud’ or ‘Buddy,’” she says. “I was my mom’s buddy and we were always together. The ‘Busom’ part came from my mom’s breast, which was affected by breast cancer.”

1465860_588043451274674_1849746854_o“The way she was treated during her treatment was cruel and no other woman should ever have to be treated like that,” Smith continues. “This is why I decided to open my own store. I wanted to make sure that woman are treated the way they deserve to be treated.”

This endeavor ended up being a perfect fit for Smith and her mother. “My mom went through the cancer, but not alone,” says Smith. “I was right there with her the entire time. Our experience proved that we both can relate to the other women in need.”

Smith went on to start her business in an office space in 2006, later expanding to a storefront in 2008, and then finally moving to their new location in 2012. “I am proud to say that we even have an online store now, which allows us to go worldwide.”

Busom Buds carries bras sizes A28 to 56N, underwire and non-underwire, nursing bras from A-I, post surgical camisoles, mastectomy bras, Nite Sweatz for ladies going through menopause, jewelry, Big Buddha purses and they also specialize in breast cancer prosthesis.

According to Smith, what truly makes Busom Buds unique is that they care about each and every person that walks through the door. “All the products we carry are also very unique, such as Spanx, Poo-Pourri, Sonoma Lavender, WubbaNub, Foxers and several more,” she says. “Our story is simple. We are different and actually care about our customers.”

As for Smith’s goals for the boutique, it’s all about getting her name out there so she can continue educating women. “Since 90 percent of women are currently in the wrong bra size, I would ultimately like to reduce that by 50 percent within the year,” says Smith. “I would also like to educate women and let them know that we’re not just a breast-cancer store, but that we also handle every day needs for ladies.”

Smith hopes to someday launch a new store in another state, listing Florida, Texas or Arizona as potential possibilities. Until then, she plans on continuing to hold events at the boutique as a way to create awareness and inform women

To learn more about Busom Buds has to offer, visit or call (513) 870-0074. You can also stop in at the boutique Monday thru Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. or Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. located at 7558 Voice of America Centre Drive in West Chester.

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Learn more about the new Revolution Workshops that’ll bring your fitness full circle with wowing results while having fun.

DEFINE body & mind just launched its Revolution Workshop to give you a total body workout.
DEFINE body & mind just launched its Revolution Workshop to give you a total body workout.

Looking for an exercise studio that offers variety and results in a fun environment? DEFINE body & mind may be just what you’re looking for.

According to co-owner Mikel Quast, the Oakley-based studio specializes in balanced fitness as well as excellent customer service to help you reach your fitness goals.

Henry Richardson developed and founded DEFINE body & mind in 2009. The former All-American and National Team Member for Springboard and Platform Diving found that after retiring from the sport and becoming a teacher in New York City, many of his injuries suffered while diving were still causing him discomfort and even affected his ability to enjoy his new career.

“With the encouragement of a friend, Henry began taking his first pilates/yoga/ballet hybrid class, Core Fusion,” explains Quast. “Six months later he taught his very first Core Fusion class, and within one year he was helping open locations across the country.”

After completing his teaching duties with Teach for America, Richardson moved back to Houston where he began his MBA at Rice University. Since then, he’s put a lot of thought and effort into bringing transforming exercise classes to those who want to define their bodies, minds and balance in order to look, feel and be at their best.

DEFINE Oakley is the eighth location and the first one outside the state of Texas. Quast co-owns the studio with Tallie Neltner. They wanted to bring DEFINE to the area with the goal of creating an atmosphere that inspires results and fosters community so they can help others achieve their maximum happiness.

The studio opened on April 2, 2014, and now, its latest classes – Revolution Workshops – are, pardon the pun, revolutionizing workouts. The Revolution Workshops are between 45 minutes and one hour long. During the classes, according to Quast, guests experience the ultra-effectiveness of the DEFINE body class into the bike combined with the principles of isometrics from cardio blasting and high-intensity fun. “For 45 minutes, DEFINE Revolution features choreographed movements to high-energy music on a stationary bike for a full body workout,” he adds.

The next DEFINE Revolution workshop will take place on February 13 with a 1-hour Couples Ride in honor of Valentine’s Day. The studio will host another workshop on February 28 with a 1-hour Diva Revolution Workshop. You can find more information here.

Quast says the cost of a class varies depending on the length of the workshop, but they typically start at $25. Other packages and pricing options are listed on their website.

To learn more, visit or download the free studio app to your smartphone.

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Want to improve heart health while supporting a great cause? See why the American Heart Association has a special place in their heart for CycleBar Cincinnati.

CycleBar Cincinnati is the Official Cross Training Program of the American Heart Association.
CycleBar Cincinnati is the Official Cross Training Program of the American Heart Association.

CycleBar Cincinnati is a boutique indoor cycling studio, and it’s the first of its kind in the Tri-State. According to CycleBar Cincinnati Owner Vince Czepukaitis, the studio focuses all of its energy on the rider experience and is dedicated to indoor cycling.

There are no contracts or memberships with CycleBar Cincinnati and riders can even reserve a specific bike up to one week in advance. “Shoes, water bottles, fruit and other amenities are always free,” says Czepukaitis.

However, he says, the real magic begins once a rider enters the CycleTheatre. It’s a concert theatre experience as much as it’s a workout. There are CycleStar instructors that lead the class and the CycleStats performance metrics on the bikes tell riders how they’re each doing – during class and in an email afterward.

The studio’s state-of-the-art system provides CycleBeats playlists to each rider every class. “There are also video concert rides, DJ rides and playlists that change every time, so you don’t have to worry about listening to the same old playlist, you’re just as entertained and exhilarated each class as you are challenged,” says Czepukaitis.

Riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace, even on the more challenging rides. To help newbies acclimate, CycleBar Cincinnati offers free introductory rides on each Saturday to help those who are new to CycleBar – or cycling in general – familiarize themselves with the bikes, how CycleStats work and how to be successful on a ride.

The rides at CycleBar Cincinnati provide 50 minutes of high-intensity cycling including what the American Heart Association recommends for maintaining overall cardiovascular health. The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least five a day per week or at least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity at least three days per week in addition to moderate- to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity at least twice per week. The American Heart Association also recommends that individuals who want to lower their blood pressure or cholesterol also get an average of 40 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity three or four times per week.

Just recently, CycleBar was named the Official Cross Training Program of the American Heart Association. “CycleBar has made a commitment to give back to the community,” explains Czepukaitis. CycleBar hosts charity rides for many causes and this year they decided to name the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women the primary charity. “As part of our commitment, we are sponsoring a Go Red Ride every month where 100 percent of your $25 donation goes to Go Red for Women,” he adds.

But that’s not all. CycleBar Cincinnati is also now the Official Cross Training Program of the Heart Mini. This means that riders who want to join the CycleBar team get five free rides as well as private training rides, a CycleBar race shirt and other perks. According to Czepukaitis, as of January 29, CycleBar Cincinnati had the most riders on their team and was in fifth place for team fundraising.

“With a shared mission to encourage heart health through physical activity, CycleBar and the American Heart Association are working together to foster a culture of health in Greater Cincinnati,” explains Jenni Grammar, director of Go Red for Women. “In addition to raising awareness that heart disease is the number one killer of women, CycleBar is raising funds for the AHA through monthly Go Red rides. Thanks to supporters like CycleBar, we will make huge strides in the cardiovascular health of Tri-State women.”

There are plenty of new things on the horizon for CycleBar Cincinnati. The indoor cycling studio plans to launch into the franchise market and expect to have more Cincinnati locations soon, as well as many as 25 new cities (in addition to the Detroit and Boston legacy studios) by 2016.

Czepukaitis says they’re adding a heart monitor program as part of the Performance Rides in February. “This is a great way for us to further our commitment to heart-based health,” he adds.

CycleBar Cincinnati is located in Rookwood Commons, near Whole Foods and DSW, at 2713 Edmondson Road in Cincinnati. To learn more about CycleBar Cincinnati, click here. You can also like them on Facebook and follow along on Twitter.

“Stop by the studio and check it out,” says Czepukaitis. “It is unlike any other cycling offering in this region.”

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The newest dinner series at Great Parks of Hamilton County offers fun themes and promises to bring the family closer together. Read on for more.


Great Parks of Hamilton County just launched its newest Dinner Series to bring families together.
Great Parks of Hamilton County just launched its newest Dinner Series to bring families together.

Cincy Chic: What is Great Parks of Hamilton County?
Kinberly Whitton, Marketing Communication Coordinator: Great Parks of Hamilton County was created in 1930 with the mission to protect local natural resources and to provide outdoor recreation and education for area residents. Great Parks of Hamilton County is a separate political subdivision of the State of Ohio, governed by a Board of Park Commissioners.

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us more about the new dinner series?
Whitton: The new series offers three different types of themed dinners, Adventure, Mystery and Family, so to cater to different interests of our park guests. The series kicks off January 31 with an Adventure Dinner called “Alaskan Adventure.” All Adventure Dinners are made possible by a partnership with Roads Rivers and Trails (RRT), a local outfitter, and are themed around outdoor travels. The Family Dinners are for all ages and offer more fun, kid-friendly topics. The Mystery Dinners are for those 18 and up and offer interactive adult-humor.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the new Great Parks Dinner Series?
Whitton: The new Great Parks Dinner Series is a revamp of the former Mystery Dinner Series we have offered in the past. We decided that providing dinner options for all ages allowed for more park guests to enjoy the events.

Cincy Chic: How is it bringing people together and helping them stay healthy?
Whitton: The Great Parks Dinner Series is a great way to connect people to each other. It helps with social wellness by encouraging interaction to establish and maintain positive relationships with family and friends.

Cincy Chic: How much does it cost to attend?
Whitton: Advance ticket purchase is required. Tickets are $29.95–$35/adult and $14.95/child ages 2–12 (plus tax).

Cincy Chic: Where does the dinner series take place?
Whitton: At The Mill Race Banquet Center in Winton Woods (overlooks The Mill Golf Course).

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Great Parks?
Whitton:There always is! We encourage everyone to visit, check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date information on happenings in Great Parks!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more or purchase a dinner series ticket?
Whitton: Advance ticket purchase is required. Go to for tickets and more information about each dinner.

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Our "Editor in Chic" launches a new column that shares notes she's writing to her newborn about lessons learned from life as a new family. Read on as she starts with the most important topic of all.

Lola and my husband, Pete

You were born a beautiful, perfect, and healthy baby. For that, I will be eternally grateful and will never, ever take it for granted.

For years, health is something I took for granted, though. I didn’t think twice about being able to jump out of bed, pop into the kitchen to make a quick breakfast, throw on some clothes, and go about my day. I didn’t do anything horrible to damage my health – ate generally healthy things and exercised when I could – but it wasn’t something I fought for.

Today, we’re fighting for your daddy’s health. We have been for a while now, and we will for a while longer (after double hip replacements last year, we just learned he’s going to need double knee replacements next week). So, there’s no jumping, popping, throwing or doing anything quickly in his life right now. That will change, though, and we’re going to see to it, so he can be an active part of your life and chase you around… which is going to happen very soon, because you’re starting to stand already! Ack!

That’s the thing about health. Without it, everything else becomes just out of reach. You’re trapped. Right now, your daddy has to watch life happen from a chair or a bed, and that’s no way to live. I know he wants to run into the other room when he hears you cry, take you places, perform again (he’s a GREAT musician!), and do everything else he enjoys in life.

Seeing him like this, and helping him through it, has changed me in many ways. I genuinely feel grateful when my feet hit the ground every morning and I don’t feel pain to make that happen like your daddy does. I no longer look at food as something to make hunger go away. It’s a tool I use to give my body what it needs to do its job and fuel my day. And, my most recent epiphany: I no longer see exercising as a chore.

Especially as a woman, you hear about working out to “get your bikini body,” “lose that muffin top,” or “finally fit into skinny jeans.” Exercise is SO much more than how it makes you look. Sure, that’s a benefit, but – like many things in life – it’s what’s inside that counts. Your body is your one and only vehicle through life. Being physically fit is how you keep your engine strong, your parts from getting rusty, and drive to all the destinations you want to go on your journey of life.

When daddy started to get sick, and then I got pregnant, I was either too tired or didn’t have time to exercise like I once did frequently. But then I started to have joint pain, too. When standing up, getting out of bed and going up stairs started to hurt, it scared me. You couldn’t have two parents with sick bodies.

Unlike your dad’s rheumatoid arthritis-related pain, my joint pain was more related to weight gain and loosened tendons from pregnancy hormones. So, when I realized my pain was completely reversible if I just took better care of myself, I knew that’s what I had to do.

I’ve been exercising almost every day since and it’s a big part of my life again. Being active is a privilege not everyone has, so it should be embraced. I want you to see that being healthy isn’t about the bathing suit. It’s about maintaining your “vehicle” that will drive you to all the beautiful places this life has to offer.

Your dad and I both look forward to “driving” right alongside you to lots of those places in the future. That is, until you’re a teenager and you want boys to drive you places… you’ll have to talk to your father about that. 😉

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Our life coach columnist pinpoints the one most important building block for a successful career, true friendship, and lasting relationship. Read on for more.

Our life coach shares her insight on integrity.
Coach Shari

Let me just say that I’m not a Patriots fan. I’m not a Seattle Seahawks or Indianapolis Colts fan for that matter either. Therefore, my viewpoint on “Deflategate” is totally objective. I’m an outsider looking in on the controversy surrounding the Indianapolis Colts/New England Patriots game.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, The New England Patriots are being accused of deflating 11 out of 12 footballs in the game against the Colts to win a place at the Super Bowl. Apparently, softer footballs are easier to catch, which, I suppose, would be an advantage in a game. In the game Sunday, the football was intercepted by one of the Colts players, who noticed the difference— and the controversy began.

The Coach and Quarterback, Tom Brady, vehemently denied that the team had deflated any balls. They were incensed that they were even being questioned about the whole situation. I believe that Tom’s quote was, “I have always played within the rules.” The problem with this is that Belichick, the Coach, has been proven to not.

In 2007, Belichick was fined $500,000 dollars, with the team fined $250,000 dollars for videotaping The New York Jets’ signals during a game. A number of other infractions, or bending of the rules, have also been reported. I think we could all agree that this infraction would probably give a team an unfair advantage.

I’m pretty sure that you have come across someone in your life that has bent the rules to achieve their goals. I’m also pretty sure that this experience has happened not only in your personal life, but in your career as well. Have you ever had a boss that used some unsavory methods to get what or where they wanted in the company? Have you ever experienced a co-worker that “finessed a situation” to achieve their goals? How did you feel about them?

Here’s the thing— when someone is caught cheating, scamming or conning to win their prize, you forever put them in a different category in the rolodex in your head. The next time that your boss suggests that you’re next in line for the promotion, you think twice about whether he’s actually giving it to you straight.

You want to believe him, but you have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that he might be conning YOU.

Fair or not, that’s the way it works. Your reputation is the sum of all your actions in life. You can talk about your innocence until you’re blue in the face, but the reality is that actions speak louder than words. Your character, whether you like it or not, is derived from the steps you take and the decisions you make daily in life— not by the story you hope to spin to others. Once you have let others down, it’s a hard road to winning their trust again.

Once you’ve disappointed others, it’s hard to CHANGE their opinion of YOU.

You can read a million books about leadership and you will find lists of all the characteristics needed to become a true leader. However, maybe it’s best to start with the number one quality— integrity. In order to lead, people need to trust and believe in you. They do this because you have proven that you are to be trusted and believed in. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re indignant that you’re not trusted and you want to CHANGE this, you don’t have to look too far to find your answer. Just turn around and take a quick look at the road you just traveled.

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Are you in the market for a new handbag? Already thinking about a spring bag? Our fashion columnist alleviates the baggage of selecting a new purse.

Shopping for a purse reminds me of dating in my single days. I’m looking for a lasting relationship and don’t want to rush into anything. I’d rather prioritize desired characteristics and wait for the right one to come along.

Here are a few ways to help make your selection:


Like it or not, this is the most important factor when selecting a bag. I love monogrammed envelope clutches but my weekends consist more of baby music class and church than going out on the town in stilettos. Try to be practical when selecting the type of bag you will use the most often. Spend more on styles that are a good match for your lifestyle.

As a working mom, I like to find bags that can double as diaper bags and briefcases. However, it’s always fun to add a little statement clutch for girls’ night out or sequins evening bag for weddings.

In order for a purse to fit your lifestyle, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Be sure to check to see if the inside has pockets for your cell phone and keys as well as plenty of room. Avoid bags that create the bottomless black hole where you can never find anything. These are deep and often lack compartments. The lining is also an important factor especially if you are tossing half of your belongings in there on the regular. Make sure the lining is easy to clean.


Remember when you wanted a purse to match every outfit? Now it’s better to buy fewer, nicer bags than have a dozen inexpensive options. Regardless of your budget, go for quality over quantity.

From Target to Tory Burch, look for durable materials, sturdy hardware and a structured shape. When setting a price point for a new purse, consider that a higher end bag with nice leather will last longer than a discount one. It’s worth spending a little more and vowing to carry it for a year or two without changing it out frequently.

Want the look for less? Take a day trip up to the Jeffersonville outlets. They have a Kate Spade store that often offers 60% off the already discounted price. They also have a Michael Kors and Coach.

If you promise not to bid against me, I’ll also suggest shopping ebay for luxury purses you love. Be a cautious buyer by checking seller ratings, ensuring authenticity and making sure they accept returns. This is a great way to get a gently used or brand new designer bag.


Yes, we all agree that having a nice black bag is as essential to your wardrobe as a LBD. Don’t be afraid to branch out with color and style. Brights can be as neutral as beiges and blacks if you worry less about coordinating. I’d suggest having a colorful and classic option to choose from for every season.

Look for variety when it comes to how you carry the bag. Having the option for a cross-body and shoulder is beneficial. Anyone else hoping backpacks come back in style?

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A local lady made her dreams of teaching and owning her own art studio a reality. See how she can help you learn a fun new skill while hosting your next girls night!

Robin Ewers, owner of Dogwood Art Studio
Robin Ewers, owner of Dogwood Art Studio

Looking for a cozy place to create, fun date night, or a unique activity for you and friends to enjoy? Check out Dogwood Art Studio. The business, owned by Robin Ewers, is a place for art education, customized for your needs and occasion – from birthday celebrations and bachelorette parties to team-building experiences and earning Girl Scout badges.

“The inspiration behind Dogwood Art Studio was that I wanted a public place where art and people of all ages and skill levels can live harmoniously,” explains Ewers. “I’ve always wanted to teach, and I’ve always wanted to own my own business, so I decided to put the two together and voila!”

Ewers loves that she’s able to inspire people of any age, but has a special place in her heart for impacting youth. “I love showing young artists that you really can do what you love and follow your dreams and be successful, too,” Ewers explains.

Currently, the Wine+Paint parties are Ewers’ most popular offering. These parties are $30 per guest and include a 16×20 canvas, the use of studio paints, brushes, easels, palettes and aprons. “These parties allow participants to create fun works of art with the guidance of an artist – no experience necessary,” Ewers says. “Unlike other studios, we cater specifically to private parties so you’re only painting with the people you know.”

Birthday party pricing varies from $15-$30 per person depending on the age range of participants and selected canvas size. Ewers says she offers a 10 percent discount for all active and retired members of the Armed Forces.

Parties can be scheduled weeknights from 6:30pm-8:30pm or 7-9pm. Saturdays are also available with the first spot opening at 11am up until 5pm. “Our parties last anywhere from and hour and a half to two hours long,” Ewers adds. “Also, the studio can fit up to 10 people at a time, but 6-8 people will ensure your comfort in the studio.”

If you’re more interested in a one-on-one art class, Ewers offers that as well. “That way I can spend more time working with a student to really give them the attention they need and deserve,” she adds.

Students who take art classes at Dogwood Art Studio are given a specialized curriculum that’s been laid out so that it’s specific to their interests. Pencils, charcoal, watercolors, markers, oils and acrylics are all available for use in the classes. “I hope to eventually add group art classes,” she explains.

There are also seasonal events Ewers puts on throughout the year. “Open-House type painting events for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more,” she says.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, she’s hosting Valentine’s Paint Date event on February 14, which you can learn more about on Facebook. Additionally, Ewers says she plans to introduce new painting options for parties and more art classes revolving around charcoals and watercolor mediums. People of all ages and skill levels can look forward to new crafty, fun classes soon to be released. Also, in the future, Ewers hopes to implement after-school art programs for students in the area who are interested in taking their art to a new level or even just need a space to create with guidance from an artist.

Dogwood Art Studio is located at 4426 Brazee Street, Unit 1O, Cincinnati, OH 45208. The studio is inside Brazee Street Studios and can be found on the first floor of the main building. To learn more about Dogwood Art Studio, visit, “like” them on Facebook, or watch the exclusive webcast below.