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A global company headquartered in Cincinnati is hosting an upcoming hiring event. Click here to read more about the positions available.

When it comes to payment technology companies, Worldpay is at the top of its game. The company offers a unique capability to power global integrated omni-commerce with industry-leading scale and an integrated technology platform.

“Worldpay offers clients a comprehensive suite of products and services globally, delivered through a single provider,” the company states. “Worldpay processes over 40 billion transactions annually through more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies.”

With a growing global economy means the need for growth within the company. Worldpay aims to expand into high-growth markets and customer segments including eCommerce, integrated payments, and business-to-business.

To help with its expansion, Worldpay is hiring for jobs in the Cincinnati market. They will hire 30-40 Call Center and Tech Support agents at an onsite hiring event on Thursday, July 11 from 11am to 6 pm. The positions will start in the August 12 new hire classes.

The 2nd shift Associate Customer Service Specialist offers a $1,500 hiring bonus. This position requires employees to deliver quality customer service to customers and partners. Associate Customer Service Specialist typically requires less than 1 year of experience.

The Tech Support agent is responsible for resolving customer and partner issues that often have more complexity. This position needs 2-4 years of related experience.

You can learn more about Worldpay at You can also watch the video below for a glimpse at the company’s culture.

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There’s a collective effort to expand the reach of minority-owned businesses in the Tri-State. Read on to hear the story of one local business owner who’s finding the benefit in the collaborative.

The mission behind the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative is to work to positively impact the growth, development, and success of minority small businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area. 

There are several enterprises that come together to make up the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative, which states that it provides capital and customer readiness support to high-potential minority businesses in the region.

“The collaborative is not a new organization, but a new concept and a new way for existing organizations to work more effectively together to help grow our community’s minority business enterprises,” the website states.

Additionally, the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative provides no-cost programmatic assistance by experienced and industry-specific business coaches and professionals, all of whom help with a wide range of subject matter expertise to help prepare those in the collaborative for raising capital. 

One of those minority-owned businesses working with the CMBC is Michelle Morales-Denisoff, the CEO of Liona Enterprises.

Liona Enterprises is an IT professional services company that prides itself on being a collaborative business partner that offers business, technical, training solutions, and resources to the challenges of helping government and commercial clients become more effective and efficient fulfilling their goals.

“The core values of Liona Enterprises include trust, loyalty, respect, hard work and perseverance,” says Morales-Denisoff. “We help leverage the potential of technology in the workplace by providing comprehensive professional services for our clients (government and commercial). We will find ways to help streamline the acquisition process by offering a wide range of contract vehicles to choose including small business supplier diversity programs, 8a STARS, GSA, and various state contracts. And with the help of our PMP certified project managers, we get your projects completed on time, on budget, and on target.”

Liona Enterprises became involved with the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative through the Chamber of Commerce and a referral from Patrick Griffis, who works at The Accelerator.

Liona Enterprises works with Jilson Daniels and Griffis to expand its outreach in Cincinnati and found that the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative has been an advocate for the company.

“They have helped us a lot in terms of marketing and getting our name out there so companies will know who we are and what we do,” says Morales-Denisoff. “The majority of Liona’s business is coming from the Federal Government (DOD and Non-DOD) so it’s good to have someone like Daniels from CMBC to help promote our company so we can start gaining some traction in the commercial space.”

Morales-Denisoff says that other businesses who want to expand their reach and gain new customers should turn to the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative.

“If you want an organization to help develop your business and advocate for you, CMBC is the right organization to be a part of,” she says. “They provide, at no cost to small businesses like Liona, highly experienced and industry specific business coaches and professionals and most of them have real world success stories to share as small business owners, entrepreneurs, and  corporate executives. Most importantly they help small business in raising capital and providing expert advice that focuses on strategy, operations, infrastructure, and financial planning.”

You can learn more about the Cincinnati Minority Business Collaborative or find additional information about joining the Collaborative at

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A Cincinnati-based couple is giving guests the ultimate glamping experience with their pop-up bed and breakfast. Read on to learn more.

Kelly Emilianowicz and her husband Andy are living the dream of traveling the country in a renovated motorhome. As full-time roadtrippers they wanted to give others the same experience they have every day so they launched The Pop Up BNB.

The Pop Up BNB is a luxury glamping experience that procures stylish and fully furnished pop-up accommodations for unique events, getaways, and backyard campouts.

Since they’re always traveling, the Emilianowicz’s pop-up is 100 percent mobile.

“Right now our business travels with us as we travel the country,” she explains. ”We setup, or ’pop-up,’ in a new location every few months. We call these short time periods ’seasons.’ Once we establish an area to operate for a particular season we open up that distance to a 60 mile radius, give or take. Sometimes people contact us wanting to charter our glamping services in a specific area, maybe a future vacation spot they’ve been wanting to discover, and that can sometimes determine our route and location as well.  We are completely bespoke and customize these experiences based on the needs and locations of our guests.”

When you stay with The Pop Up BNB you’ll get a luxurious experience, according to Emilianowicz.

“Included in every stay is a full-service pop-up and tear down of the fully furnished tent,” she says. ”Guests can expect to see luxurious and stylish furnishings as well as many camping items stocked for use during their stay. Each tent setup is completely customizable and items provided depends on the needs and specifications of our guests. While we do have  a plethora of ‘add-on’ items such as a welcome grazing board setup upon arrival or a fun outdoor movie night for the family to enjoy under the stars, we always provide a complimentary breakfast delivered tentside each morning. Which, of course, features hot coffee.”

Emilianowicz says that what makes The Pop Up BNB so unique is that the business is both completely mobile and completely customizable to suit the wants and needs of all their guests.

“If someone is wanting to be setup in a killer location for a family reunion next summer near Yosemite or this fall for a wedding near the ocean, we can feasibly do it,” she says. 

The couple says they love to travel and only need some advance notice to work out the details of a stay for guests.

The pop-up also offers backyard experiences, quite literally.

“We can setup at private residences for people who need the extra space to house out of town guests or people looking for a fun camping experience for the family in their own backyard,” Emilianowicz adds. “There is no one size fits all scenario for our tents, in fact there is not one single size that would fit because every guest is unique and their experiences should be likewise.”

To learn more about The Pop Up BNB, follow along on Instagram. To book a stay, send a direct message on Instagram or check out their Airbnb listing.

“There is no glamping experience too small or too big for us, just reach out and inquire,” she says. “We would love to illustrate your glamping vision.”

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Learn about a fun new event that’s building unity across the Tri-State one tea dance at a time. 


A fun new event spreads unity within the Tri-State’s LGBTQ+ community. Tea Dance is “a magical mixture of fun, accepting people in a cool space with great music and delicious cocktails. We welcome the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community and our supporters at tea dance,” Richard John Cooke, Chief Fun Time Officer at Tea Dance Cinci, says. “Old friends reunite and new friendships are created. Our goal is to ensure tea dances are welcoming, inclusive and fun.” The event also includes DJs around the Cincinnati area that play house and dance music. “Tea always starts at 4pm and the dancing is usually by 5pm. We usually wrap up the evening by 7pm with the last dance’,’” he saysThe Tea Dances happen once or twice a month and always happens at different locations. 


The event has been around for two years, officially in Cincinnati, but “tea dances go as far back as the 1940s after WWII where tea rooms were places to meet people,” Cooke says.


The inspiration behind starting the event came from a desire Cooke had to bring his friends and other people of the LGBTQ+ community together. “We used to meet at Neon’s on a Sunday afternoon and when that closed, we didn’t have a place to consistently and reliably meet up and hang out,” he says. “There really aren’t that many places for the LGBTQ+ community to call a gathering spot of their own in the city anymore, especially during the day.” The mission of the event is “to bring the LGBTQ+ community and our supporters together on a Sunday afternoon using dance to catalyze connections so people feel welcome and included,” Cooke says.


The Tea Dance isn’t just important for the LGBTQ+ community, it positively affects the city of Cincinnati. “Tea Dances have become established and well-known in Cincinnati through the word of mouth, social media and the press, certainly in the last year,” he says. “They’re one of many positive signals of a thriving LGBTQ+ community, which speaks to the thriving diversity within our city and this is good for everyone in Cincinnati, including our visitors.” The Tea Dance is an event that has happened throughout history, but it now adds a modern twist. “What is different about Tea Dances today, in Cincinnati, is that we move them to different locations each time and we have the benefit of social media to drive awareness and excitement leading up to the tea dances, during each event and then for people to share their photos and stories of the tea dance they attended.”


Cooke loves to work on every part of the Tea Dances. “It’s so exciting to find a new venue, to work with amazing staff representatives at these venues and to use social media to share details of the venue and the upcoming tea dance there,” he says. “But there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than to greet people coming through the doors each time  to welcome old friends and make new ones. It’s the best feeling!”


Cooke is devoted to making the city of Cincinnati a more welcoming community. “We already scheduled through the end of 2019 and thinking about new venues for 2020,” he says. “There’s no sign of me letting up anytime soon. I love how this has taken off so organically and I love to see people having fun. That’s it. That’s the magic!”


The next event is on July 28 at Lockbox at 21c Museum Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky, from 4-7pm. “This is our first tea outside Cincinnati,” Cooke says. To keep up with the event, follow them on Facebook.

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A company expanding to the Cincinnati market is focused on empowerment and development of women to find their diamonds within. Read to find out more.

Diamond Companies Limited, the parent company to various brands focusing on the empowerment of women, aims to empower and develop women by engaging in acts of community service, self-awareness and networking. Diamond Companies encompasses both for-profit and non-profit sectors.

“Currently, we are focusing on our ‘Ladies Night Out’ initiative where we take the concept of a ladies night and create a space for women from all walks of life where we gather on a set evening with food, conversation, networking, and uplifting,” says Dayona Turner, CEO and Founder of Diamond Companies Limited. Turner has had her focus on the engagement of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. She has a strong passion for building youth and women.

“Motivated by own life experiences and the experiences of others, I developed this brand to serve women in more ways than one,” Turner explains, adding that her educational background is a bachelors in Sociology and Psychology, a Master of Arts in Human Services and she is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

The concept of Diamond Companies came to Turner when she began to reflect on her personal life experiences, and how a Diamond’s journey of development and discovery is similar to her own. 

“When we think of a diamond, we think of the process that it goes through; to the core of a diamond its carbon, the heat is turned up and then there is intense pressure, at the end of the process the diamond rise to the surface to cool,” says Turner. “So is the same with the human experience. We go through life experiencing the heat and intensity of our journey but after that experiences we rise to the surface with more value than what we may have started with.”

The mission of Diamond Companies is to maintain a solutions-oriented enterprise where they empower and develop women by engaging them in acts of self-awareness, community service, and networking. Diamond Companies strives to provide strategic consulting services for individuals, business, corporations, non profits, and more.
“What makes us unique is that when we come together, we solve problems. Our women not only get the chance to network with one another but when we are together, we are strategizing about life, family, and business,” Turner explains, adding that her participants leave with solutions, as they not only address life’s experiences, but also find ways to overcome, enhance, and build on life to become the best individuals they can be.

Turner says she is currently in the process of expanding into creating a staffing agency. “By creating a sound business model for an employment agency, we can develop and grow the economy of our city and providing capable individuals with opportunities for employment,” she explains, adding that the agency will specialize in assisting women and youth, but they will provide opportunities for everyone. 

To learn more, follow along on Facebook or send an email to

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Meet the nurse-turned-aesthetician transforming faces through age-reversing dermatological procedures.

Jennifer Bleser, owner of Skin Esteem LLC in Fort Thomas, KY is not only an aesthetician and entrepreneur, but she also holds the titles of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). 

Bleser worked as a Registered Nurse for nearly 20 years before becoming a consultant for Rodan and Fields skin products, wherein she discovered her passion for aesthetic dermatological procedures. In September of 2018, she opened Skin Esteem LLC. 

With all of her certifications, Bleser says she knows what her clients want and how to give them the best results. With one clinician at Skin Esteem LLC, Bleser says she “offers a tailored plan for each patient’s individual needs without the concern of getting a different provider each visit,” she explains. “The patient/provider relationship is very important to us here at Skin Esteem.”

This personal one-on-one experience keeps clients loyal to the company and to Bleser. “Follow up is key to having your patients satisfied and returning. Most aesthetic businesses collect their money and send the patient on their way, not knowing if the patient is completely satisfied,” Bleser says. For this reason, Skin Esteem always schedules follow-up consultations/phone calls to ensure patients are happy with the results of their procedure. 

By going out of the way to ensure patients are getting exactly what they want, Bleser says she has built many strong relationships. “By far the most rewarding part of owning Skin Esteem and being the practitioner there is my patients light up when they see their results! I’ve cried with my patients, laughed with them, and even provided somewhat of therapy sessions [for] them,” she explains. 

Personal relationships with your aesthetician, no crowded waiting room, and follow-ups to ensure your satisfaction are just some of the benefits of seeking out Skin Esteem’s services. 

Skin Esteem offers a variety of procedures meant to transform the face and reverse the signs of aging. Some of these procedures include Botoxâ/XeominâJuvedermâBeloteroâRadiesseâKybellaâ, and Sclerotherapy. 

Bleser says that she plans to expand Skin Esteem’s services in the future to include hormone replacement, wholistic pain therapy, and weight loss procedures. 

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or consultation with Bleser, you can do so on Skin Esteem’s website or call (859-957-5916). 

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After giving birth to her daughter, a local mom wanted to help give celebrations to all of life’s big and little moments and milestones. Read on to learn more about her new gathering space.

Cincy Chic: What is the Rose Room?
Beth Russell, Founder of the Rose Room and Dinner to Doorbells: The Rose Room at Dinner to Doorbells is a new event space in O’Bryonville that is perfect for small or medium celebrations, meetings, or gatherings. The space is light, airy, and elegant, featuring a mix of regular seating, high top tables, and bar seating. The Rose Room holds up to 30 people seated, and up to 40 for more casual gatherings. Catering is available in-house with a large variety of brunch, lunch, dinner, and light/heavy appetizer options, along with wine and beer. 

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Russell: The Rose Room is inspired by my daughter, Rosie. Since she was born, officially starting our family, I’ve found so much more meaning in celebrating life’s moments and milestones with family and friends. I also have realized how difficult it can be to plan, create, and cook for these celebrations. Our goal is to take all the stress out of planning, and create an event for you and your family that you will remember forever. 

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Russell: The Rose Room is a concept created by the team behind Dinner to Doorbells, a local meal prep and delivery service. When Dinner to Doorbells opened our storefront in this space for ready-made meal takeout, I knew that the space was just too beautiful not to share it with others! We use the Rose Room for both our meal prep business (during the weekday) and events (at night and on the weekends). 

Cincy Chic: Where is the Rose Room located?
Russell: The Rose Room is located at 3009 O’Bryon St in O’Bryonville. We are right off of Madison Rd, next to The BonBonnerie. Paid parking is available in the lot across the street. 

Cincy Chic: What can readers expect when they visit the Rose Room?
Russell: Whatever you are visiting for, you will walk into a space that is bright, cheerful, and elegant. 

If visiting for a private event, the atmosphere is very warm and inviting. It is a wonderful space to share milestones such as birthdays, graduations, baptisms, baby showers, wedding showers, and anniversary celebrations with friends and family. The menus range from casual to more formal, so you can make your event feel exactly right. 

We also hold team meetings, Happy Hours, and other professional events – if you have something in mind, reach out to us! 

If visiting during the weekdays, customers can expect to find a large variety of ready to heat meals, sides, and salads, available for takeout, including our popular Power Pack Meals that focus on healthy eating.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Russell: We are collaborating with several other locally owned food businesses to feature their products for both our catering menus and in-store pickup….lots of fun new products to look forward to!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Rusell: For information on booking The Rose Room for a private event, email for our packages and pricing. To follow our story, follow along on Instagram and Facebook, and visit

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Our life coach columnist talks about over the top behaviors this week and how to make a plan to gain control.

The dreaded negotiations you have with yourself that this time will be different.  I won’t overindulge, overspend, or overconsume – I have total control.

Then it happens.

You’re invited to a dinner.  You plan to limit your food consumption only to realize by the end of the meal you’ve consumed more calories than you had for the entire week.

Or perhaps you go to buy a new sundress for an event, and you end up buying an entire outfit with all the accessories from head to toe, tripling the amount of money you had wanted to spend.

Or one that I am most familiar with from the past is going to a party saying I’m only going to have a couple of drinksto find out later you blacked out and missed half the party.

Ugh! Can you relate?

I refer to this as the dreaded “over-the-top behaviors” that occurs when you mask feelings of scarcity, sadness, guilt, shame and fear.  The conscious mind just wants to go unconscious and numb out to the reality.  

What I have discovered along my journey and in helping others, is to make a plan of action before going into the situation where you tend to get derailed.  

Instead, allow yourself a moment to pause and create a mental image around what you want to receive from the experience –meaning what will you take away afterwardsthe joy, happiness, the laughter, the fun, and how you will remember this evening for weeks to come.  

Then allow a moment to release any troubles or worries from your mind by writing them down on a piece of paper knowing you’ll come back to them but for now you’ll set them aside for the time being.

The intention is to be able to create a plan of action so you can fully engage in the moment without repeating the same “over-the-top behavior.”

Staring from a place of this mindset will release the next day remorse, regret, or self -loathing.  You’ll be glad you took the time to take action prior so you can feel happiness and joy that you controlled a situation that normally controls you.

And from this place of accomplishments and satisfaction you can now go back to the paper that you wrote your troubles and worries and begin to find solutions to those situations and circumstances.  You’ve got this!

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    You’ve heard of caricatures but have you heard of a car-cature? For our annual men’s issue, we chat with a local artist who blends his love for art and everything engine-powered with these supercharged customized cartoons.

    Image: Danny Wise

    Danny Wise is all about cars and art, so when he combined the two into a new creative project he came up with Car-Catures. 

    “Car-Cature, or ‘car’ toons, as they are being called around car shows, are one-of-a-kind works of art,” says Wise. “Caricatures are cartoon versions of you, but Car-Catures are cartoon versions of you car.”

    Wise knows that each car has its own personality and attitude, and that’s exactly what he tries to capture in each piece that he creates for customers.

    “I love cars and I love talking to owners about their rides and the history of the car,” he explains. “The owner and I talk about what kind of background they would like to have and I draw it.”

    And while Wise loves all things cars, he’s not limited to just drawing caricatures of cars,  he will also draw planes, trains, boats, and bikes. “If it’s gasoline powered, or battery powered for that matter, I draw it,” he adds.

    Wise’s art experience goes back to the Art Institute of Colorado, where he graduated from in 2008. Since then he’s worked on project with Big Grin Productions as well as freelance work – including his Car-Catures.

    The supercharged cartoons of cars allow Wise to not only work as an artist but to work around something he loves – cars. 

    To learn more about Wise and his work, visit You can also “like” his Car-Catures Facebook page.

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    We're heading to Hyde Park for a peek at this quintessential English Tudor style home for this week's Listing of the Week!

    This picturesque English Tudor home offers quintessential living in Hyde Park. The home is within close distance to everything you need in Hyde Park while offering gorgeous architectural details through that have recently been brought back to life. The entryway is stunning with a curved staircase featuring wrought iron railing, gleaming hardwood floors throughout, an excellent floor plan, a private pool in the rear, and so much more. It’s a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom home listed at $1.09 million.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.