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The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber has a program for high-potential, goal-oriented women to get ready the next level of their career. Read on for more!

WE Lead is a 10-month executive leadership development experience from the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber for high-potential, goal-oriented women who are actively preparing for the next level of their career. 

Sally Grimes, Director of Advancement at Activities Beyond the Classroom, is a participant of WE Lead who says that the program is so much more than just an executive leadership experience.

“WE Lead is an opportunity to step back, evaluate the path your career has taken, explore places where your career can go, and find the support and courage to move forward, whether that’s on your current path or a different path entirely,” she says. “Most people, but probably especially women, rarely take the time to thoughtfully evaluate where you’ve been and where you want to go, and WE Lead provides that opportunity.”

There are a variety of women who participate in WE Lead who hold a variety of positions and roles from different industries, allowing women to join together in sharing their challenges and opportunities, and to connect through them. 

“No matter who you are professionally or what industry you are in, you will meet people who share similar challenges and opportunities, who can talk your industry’s talk, and who can become a mentor or confidante who understands the world in which you work,” adds Grimes. 

The program is different from other leadership development programs offered by chambers throughout the region because it offers several opportunities for participants to improve and gain new ideas throughout its 10-month course, as opposed to other programs that only offer small nuggets of opportunity at one-time events. 

“The program is also unique in that it attracts such a high-caliber of women leaders in Cincinnati,” says Grimes. “All of the women I’ve interacted with through the program are high performers who care deeply about their professional trajectory, how to balance their work with their home lives, and how to best contribute to Cincinnati.” 

However, the current program for WE Lead hasn’t had an easy go-around. COVID-19 has forced the group to work from their homes and to experience a shift in their priorities. “Trying to wade through such an unknown situation, and in some cases trying to focus on work while teaching children, added tremendous stress for all us,” adds Grimes. “WE Lead program leaders recognized these shifts, quickly set up the next session as virtual, and adjusted the topic to stress management and self-care in times of uncertainty. Plus, a virtual social event was organized during evening hours as a chance for all of us to ‘get together’ to talk about how our lives are being affected by the pandemic.”

So far, Grimes says her favorite part about the program has been getting to know her fellow classmates.

“To be honest, I was incredibly intimidated at first,” she says. “When I read all of the other bios, I kept thinking to myself ‘I don’t belong here. Why did they let me in this program?’ I felt like my bio was peanuts compared to everybody else’s. But as I got to know the other women in the group, I realized just how open they are, and that no matter what industry we are in or what our background is, we all share very similar challenges in our careers. Everybody brings a unique perspective and a willingness to share their stories to help the other women in the group.”

“We hear time and time again that women are so appreciative of WE Lead as it pushes them to enhance their leadership and provides an opportunity to develop life-long relationships with an incredible network of women who will help them advance locally,” says Cincinnati Chamber Leadership Cincinnati & Leadership Action Director Amy Thompson.

There have been more than 750 graduates of the WE Lead program through the Cincinnati Chamber. You can see a list of previous graduates by clicking here.

There is a competitive process to participate in WE Lead, including an application and references. Applications for the upcoming WE Lead program are open now and will close on June 1, 2020. Click here to apply.

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See how a mom of two young children is balancing mom life with her own childhood dream of working in healthcare as a Respiratory Therapist at The Christ Hospital.

Have you known what you wanted to do with your life since you were little? Well, Miranda Triantafilou did. 

“Growing up I always knew I wanted to work in the community changing and saving lives,” she says. “I wasn’t familiar with the respiratory care profession until I was in high school. I learned about the profession through a personal experience when my uncle was sick with lung cancer. I was immediately interested because it was a specialty.”

Today she is a Respiratory Therapist at The Christ Hospital. “We specialize in the treatment, maintenance, and diagnostics of cardiopulmonary disease,” she explains.

The world of respiratory therapy has changed in the last several weeks, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Triantafilou says that things at work have changed in that they are always wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), rather than just in patient rooms. Additionally, the hospital is currently not allowing visitors except in certain, special circumstances.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Triantafilou wants others to discover the importance of healthcare workers. 

“Healthcare professionals really are the center of the community,” she says. “Whether it’s prevention, maintenance, or emergencies, it takes the whole health care system working together to make it effective and beneficial. There isn’t one person who won’t need medical care at least once in their lifetime.” 

Outside of her job, Triantafilou is a mother to two young children, ages 3 years and 7 months. 

“I am always aiming to maintain that work-life balance,” she says. “I strive to always be fully present when I’m at work so I do the same when I’m home with my family. Along with the further precautions the hospital has put in place I’ve been taking added precautions at home such as changing my clothes prior to coming home as well to allow for more of a safeguard.” 

Triantafilou says that when it comes to staying safe and healthy she recommends that others refrain from living in fear, but move forward with caution. 

“Frequent handwashing is key and the No. 1 way to prevent the spread of any infectious disease,” she adds. “With the economy opening and businesses starting back up it is important to be courteous as well by not going to public places if you are sick.”

Editor’s Note: This feature is part of a special “Hearts to Heroes” issue dedicated to individuals across the Tri-State working on the front lines to provide for our community. Readers nominated and our editorial board selected those included in this week’s issue. Everyone featured is also receiving a heart-filled care package of self-care products, yummy treats, and gift cards to several local shops and restaurants. Many thanks to AT&T and Leslie Young, Vice President, EVER Skincare, Stella & Dot Family of Brands for making this effort possible.

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Get a peek inside the world of this Emergency Department Nurse Manager as she innovates ways to bring teamwork and heart to her employees as they weather this storm together.

Tiffany Frazier pours her heart and soul into her position as the Emergency Department Nurse Manager at Mercy Anderson. “I have an amazing Emergency Department family and a very supportive leadership team,” she says. “We lean on each other and we are constantly checking in on one another.”

Being a part of a supportive team has never been more important than it is right now. As Frontline Heroes take center stage in the COVID-19 pandemic, she knows that the safety of her staff and their families is one of the most important aspects of her job. 

“We know first-hand that we are not immune to COVID-19,” she says. 

Not only is the physical health of her employees important to her, but she also wants to make sure they’re staying mentally healthy as well. 

Frazier checks in with her employees, and the team has continued to support each other throughout the last several weeks – as healthcare workers have been some of the most impacted professions during this trying time. 

However, Frazier not only has to worry about the health of her team members at work, but her husband as well who works as an Emergency Department nurse across the river in Kentucky. 

“I have a wonderful support system at home,” Frazier adds. 

To help keep on top of all the latest COVID-19 developments, she leans on the same teamwork she provides her employees. “I have relied on the guidance of upper management and other Emergency Department managers in the ministry,” she explains.

As for the future, Frazier says she will continue offering the same support to her team as they further navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Editor’s Note: This feature is part of a special “Hearts to Heroes” issue dedicated to individuals across the Tri-State working on the front lines to provide for our community. Readers nominated and our editorial board selected those included in this week’s issue. Everyone featured is also receiving a heart-filled care package of self-care products, yummy treats, and gift cards to several local shops and restaurants. Many thanks to AT&T and Leslie Young, Vice President, EVER Skincare, Stella & Dot Family of Brands for making this effort possible.

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It isn’t easy to maintain a restaurant, advocate for small businesses, and give back to your community. But for this local woman, it’s simply another day on the job. Read on for more.

For the past several years, Sweets & Meats BBQ has been serving the Cincinnati community with their family recipes and true passion for helping those around them. 

The idea for the company started when founder and CEO Kristen Bailey and her partner, Anton, began hosting backyard cookouts in 2010. “He (Anton) has always been an incredible cook and his food and BBQ kept getting better and better. I could see his passion for making really good BBQ and I loved hosting and entertaining our guests. We complement each other very well,” says Bailey. “For Anton’s 40th birthday, I created a business plan, filed an LLC, and had a custom smoker built in Georgia shipped to our home. We launched the business together that week!”

Sweets & Meats BBQ makes everything from scratch daily using family recipes and focusing on the entire BBQ experience. In every outlet of their franchise, you can find six smoked meats, eight homemade sides, two desserts and an excellent customer service experience on a daily basis, according to Bailey. “Every day is Thanksgiving at Sweets & Meats BBQ,” she laughs.

Some crowd favorites on their menu are brisket, baby back ribs, macaroni & cheese, sweet potato casserole, sweet cornbread, collard greens, and banana pudding. It’s those crowd favorites and Bailey’s dedication that have won Sweets & Meats BBQ 12 awards and counting since opening in 2014. Most recently, they won the 2019 Ohio Business Person of the Year (U.S. SBA), 2019 1st Place Entrée – Rib Tips (Taste of Cincinnati), and 2019 Equity Award (MORTAR Cincinnati).

“My favorite part about Sweets & Meats BBQ is that I get to do what I love with the person I love most, every single day. We are building a life and a legacy together. We have poured everything we have into our business, it’s deeply personal. We will always do everything we can to keep moving forward,” says Bailey.

Enter, COVID-19. The pandemic has been difficult for many small businesses, especially those in the food industry. For Sweets & Meats BBQ, Bailey says they are determined to see it as an opportunity to do the most with what they can with where they are. “We are constantly pivoting and have been more proactive versus reactive,” says Bailey. “Through our partnership with Kroger, we are stocking a 6-foot cold case with our items, setting up food truck pop-ups in different neighborhoods, experimenting with new menu items (new partnership with Queen City Sausage), serving free meals at rest stops, and are focusing heavily on online ordering with contactless payment and offering curbside pick-up.”

Not only are they serving customers ordering food, they are also serving those around them in the community. “I feel Sweets & Meats BBQ has been a really big advocate for other small businesses and helping them navigate during a really difficult and unprecedented time. We remain open and have always been a resource for our peer entrepreneurs. We have been assisting families in our neighborhood who are food insecure, purchasing produce boxes for our team’s families, serving truckers complimentary meals at rest stops, and preparing meals for first responders each week,” says Bailey. “We continue to persevere, and I think we do our neighborhoods proud by being good stewards and finding success. We want to bring joy!”

Want to help in your community, but not sure where to start? Take Bailey’s advice and follow your heart. Ask yourself what you are passionate about. When in doubt, turn to a non-profit whose mission aligns with your passion, Bailey suggests.

Sweets & Meats BBQ carry out restaurant is located in Mount Washington at 2249 Beechmont Avenue, open Wednesday – Sunday. Their food truck has an active schedule popping up around the Tri-State. To learn more, locate their food truck, or order online, visit You can also connect with them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

Editor’s Note: This feature is part of a special “Hearts to Heroes” issue dedicated to individuals across the Tri-State working on the front lines to provide for our community. Readers nominated and our editorial board selected those included in this week’s issue. Everyone featured is also receiving a heart-filled care package of self-care products, yummy treats, and gift cards to several local shops and restaurants. Many thanks to AT&T and Leslie Young, Vice President, EVER Skincare, Stella & Dot Family of Brands for making this effort possible.

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Learn about a local woman who helps children and the homeless through her career, and fosters animals in her spare time.

Elizabeth Crable-Means and her son.

Elizabeth Crable-Means works for the Cincinnati Health Department and works as a Public Health Nurse in the School and Adolescent Health division. 

“We support the Cincinnati Public School system by managing the health care needs of the students throughout the school day. This includes: helping set up appointments, manage chronic health conditions, daily medications, minor injuries, etc.,” Crable-Means explains. “Since COVID 19, we have been repurposed to help serve the city better and I am now working with the homeless population. I also work for UC Hospital, PRN in Psychiatry.” She has been working in school systems for nine years.

When Crable-Means first heard about the COVID 19 virus, “I was concerned simply because we did not have enough knowledge about the virus, so anything new can be concerning, but I felt confident we could take necessary precautions to help manage whatever was thrown at us,” she says. 

The most difficult part of being a Public Health Nurse during this time has been the unknown. “We have to be very flexible at this time. Policy and protocol changes quickly, so we have to be ready for whatever comes next,” she says. “I worry about all the untreated illnesses due to the shutdown and for the rise in other issues like abuse and domestic violence and naturally the stability of the economy.”

Her experience in the medical field has helped her to handle the pandemic more effectively. “Being a nurse is an amazing career, I love helping people and being there for them, often when they are most vulnerable,” Crable-Means says. “Compassion is key in nursing, skills are of course necessary, but compassion and being able to ease your patients’ worries is the priority.”

Crable-Means’ compassion and kindness towards her patients has inspired Theresa Gerhardstein who nominated Crable-Means for this feature as a way to honor her for making a difference during the COVID 19 pandemic.  “I met Liz because she is the aunt of my son’s best friend. I really got to know her when she took her nephew in during a rough period in his life,” Gerhardstein says. “She provided the stability that he needed at that time. I really got to see the type of person that she is during that time and it made me want to do more for others, too.”

Gerhardstein sees Crable-Means as a hero. “She is a hero to me because she stands up for what she believes in and she is a voice for many who don’t have a voice. She fosters dogs for the SAAP and she has so much patience and empathy for these animals who have often suffered abuse and neglect,” she says. “She also makes sure all the people that she loves are cared for and I really think that is what makes her such an amazing nurse.”

Editor’s Note: This feature is part of a special “Hearts to Heroes” issue dedicated to individuals across the Tri-State working on the front lines to provide for our community. Readers nominated and our editorial board selected those included in this week’s issue. Everyone featured is also receiving a heart-filled care package of self-care products, yummy treats, and gift cards to several local shops and restaurants. Many thanks to AT&T and Leslie Young, Vice President, EVER Skincare, Stella & Dot Family of Brands for making this effort possible.

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Check out a recap of the small and local businesses we've featured this week on our new sister page Spend With Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic recently launched a new sister account called Spend With Cincinnati. The goal of Spend With Cincinnati is to share how the public can still support small and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a recap of what we’ve featured this week:

Allez Bakery: Happy Monday everyone and cheers to another week of supporting local! @allezbakery is open for pick-up of their delicious breads, soups, sweets, and more!
PLUS click the link in their bio and find out how you can donate a meal to a healthcare worker for just $10!

Skinny Dip: NEW DROP! Tonight at 6pm is launching this new collection on their website! Check it out for the perfect gift or a little something for yourself🤩

Delwood Cincy: Happy Cinco De Mayo! Celebrate with a delicious marg to go from @delwoodcincy today! Doors open at 2pm so you can let the celebrations begin early 🥳

3 Sweet Girls Cakery: Continuing with the celebrations! How adorable are these Cinco De Mayo sweets from @3sweetgirlscakery? Call to place your delivery or curbside pickup order today!

Pet Wants Cincy: Happy Wednesday! All pets deserve some love and to feel good too! @petwantscincyis an all-natural pet food store here to make sure you pet gets the nutrition they deserve!
Plus they offer FREE shipping and NEXT DAY delivery!

Bailey Family Catering: Mother’s Day is SO SOON! Skip the stress of cooking with @baileyfamilycatering 🤩 swipe to see their Mother’s Day menu and how to order!

Fleurish Grounds: What better time to care for a new plant baby than in quarantine! Find your new pony today with @fleurishgrounds 🌿 local delivery or pickup available!

Co-Op on Camargo: Tie Dye is definitely the new black😍 Get the biggest trend of the summer with @co_op_on_camargo !! DM to order and check out their Paige for other pieces you NEED in your closet this summer!

Lost & Found OTR: Another week of quarantine down and time to celebrate! @lostandfoundotr is here to bring you your favorite drinks for happy hour! Click the link in their bio to place your delivery or pickup order! And be sure to check out their awesome new merch!

Funky’s Catering Events: Mother’s Day is THIS WEEKEND! Treat your favorite mom in your life to a delicious, customizable meal! @funkyscatering is offering curbside pickup meals for brunch or dinner!

Boombox Buns: Buns Buns Buns! Get your Saturday lunch on with @boomboxbuns 😍 They have perfected the bun to bring you a delicious meal right at home! They are now open from 12-8pm for pickup so place your order now!

Rivertown Inkery & Apparel: Show that Cincy pride! @rivertowninkery has thousands of designs dedicated to cincy for you to choose from! Head to their website to find shirts and stickers made right here in the Queen City!

Wyoming Community Coffee: Happy Monday everyone! Grab your Monday pick-me-up today with !! They offer delicious coffee and other treats to-go for you!
Plus starting after 2pm, they are offering delicious cocktails for you! Click the link in their bio to place your order!

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Our life coach columnist explains how diving into something artistic can reduce stress while also helping you discover more creativity, productivity, and fulfillment. 

Are you a lover of the Arts? Branches of the arts includes painting, sculpture, and architecture, along with music, theater, film, dance, and other performing arts, as well as literature and other media. What is your interest? You might have to think back a bit to when there was more time and less inhibition to explore the arts.

Music has always been a passion of mine including singing and playing the piano. I played for high school choir, children’s choir for church, and for several weddings many decades ago. My passion faded over time when I began filling my mind with self-help learning and letting music go to the wayside.

Interesting though, since being in quarantine, I am finding myself listening to more music and being back at the piano tickling the ivories as they say. Not playing at the level I once did (practice makes perfect) but just playing for fun and I realizing how much joy and happiness it brings me to play.    

What I realized is music has an impact on the spirit. Listening to music has a magic connection that allows you to be on the frequency of an energetic exchange and vibration that shifts something within, where you will discover more creativity, productivity, and fulfillment. 

From this awareness, I encourage you to set back and tap into a time when you felt so connected and aligned with the magic of the Universe through an art source you would lose time doing that very thing. 

Revisit what that felt and looked like for you. Embrace thosefeelings. Allow what is and all the emotions that are attached to that time and space to come through. Be in gratitude.

Now consider bringing that art form back into your life. Maybe you need to buy some paint and brushes to create that masterpiece or fire up that karaoke machine and sing your heart out, or perhaps you can sign up for acting lessons.  Whatever moves you in art form, do that — Nothing is off limits.

And as you engage with the frequency, know you are awakening the creative muscle to spark the energy you desire to open to those things that light you up. Bring back the magic through the art form you have let go to the wayside. Isn’t it time to revive that creative muscle and fall back into the gifts you’ve been given?

Sending love and light,


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To honor this special month, we learn how helping foster children and families in need is more important now than ever. Read on for more.

Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) is a child and family nonprofit preserving families and securing futures services that help families and children heal, have hope, and thrive through a model of care that includes therapeutic foster care, adoption, family preservation, behavioral health and supports for older youth. Learn more at

In times of crisis, what’s most inspiring is when ordinary people find ways to help those in need.

Here at SAFY, a nonprofit preserving families and securing futures through therapeutic foster care, we’ve seen the Cincinnati community step up. Offering to watch children for foster parents who aren’t able to work from home. Delivering food. Running errands. Sharing resources for home education. Checking in on older youth who may find themselves unable to work or without a job.

Right now, there is a desperate need to provide foster families and at-risk populations with additional financial support and resources — and individuals around us are responding to this call.

While everyone is affected by this pandemic in some way, children are especially vulnerable because of factors likeabuse, domestic violence, and homelessness.

Sadly, over the past few months, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of children needing foster families. At the start of 2020, there were more than 1,000 children in Hamilton County needing foster care. Since March 1, SAFY of Cincinnati has had a 17% increase in referrals for placements, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As COVID-19 ravages our world, home is not always the safest place for kids to be. This is an unfair burden for youth who have already experienced trauma, through no fault of their own.

We are responding urgently to ensure the safety and stability of children and their families through this uncertain time. Our team of social workers, clinicians, and family therapists are continvvuing to serve in innovative ways, using telehealth and other technologies to reach people. And, thanks to virtual training sessions, SAFY is providing opportunities for caring families to start the process of becoming licensed foster parents — so, once it is safe, a pipeline of foster parents will be available.

Together, we will get through this. In the meantime, if you’re looking for ways to become the helpers and the heroes, please visit or call 513-771-7239.

This National Foster Care Month, you can be the difference.

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    This Mother’s Day, moms deserve a little extra pampering. Read on as we chat with the mother-daughter team behind locally-based Kate Ryan Skincare who developed a product line to bring together the best of nature and science -- with a dash of mother knows best -- to make skincare feel like a gift that keeps giving.

    Erica Finnan is more than a nurse. She is also a mother to four young children and part of the mother-daughter business representing three generations of women called Kate Ryan Skincare. 

    While its namesake, Kate is just nine years old, potential customers often call and ask to speak to Kate Ryan. “We think it’s cute,” Finnan laughs. “What I want to say is that Kate would love to take your call but she’s busy on the soccer field with her friends living her best life – ha!”

    Although Kate is young, the business that would be named after her first started 10 years ago around a kitchen island, when babies were being bounced in one arm and coffee in another. 

    “At the time, I had taken a break from working as an ICU/organ transplant coordinator and was filling in doing medical facial treatments at a local office,” explains Finnan. “Part of what I did was educate clients on the benefits of after care, following an in-office treatment.”

    Although she was not on the clock to care for those patients, she was looking up scientific research journals because if she was going to recommend products to them, she was going to find them something that truly worked.

    “I really wanted to know the why and how behind the products, not just regurgitate marketing claims on the bottles, which may or may not be true,” she explains. “What I found was that No. 1: Many of the formulas were incredibly overpriced – there were maybe 3-4 beneficial activities, the rest was filler and junk, and a lot of those were chemicals.” 

    These were high profit, low benefit products. She says that some of the bottles were over $100 and, although people were happy to purchase them, that was crazy to her. However, she also acknowledged that people don’t really have the time to research products and ingredients that were really long and may be written in a way that the typical consumer couldn’t understand. 

    Finnan says that all of her searching felt like a search to the end of Google, and she couldn’t find a skincare formula that fit her criteria of safe and healthy and an advanced formula with quality active ingredients.

    Finnan wanted to offer her customers a formula that combined science and nature, and something that was effective and felt good on the skin. 

    “Being a nurse, the long-term health of the skin and body was most important to me,” she explains. “there are so many ‘quick-fix’ products out there that may give you the results you are looking for in a short amount of time but also do lasting damage to the skin.”

    From there, Finnan created an exhaustive list of “Yes!” active ingredients and how they function and have purpose and a longer list of “No!” ingredients. 

    Determined to have the best of nature and science, Finnan partnered with her mother, Bev, an advocate for skin concerns of women in their 60s and beyond, to develop a line of skincare products that delivers transformative beauty benefits for women of all ages. Combining their personal objectives and research, and in collaboration with like-minded scientists, Finnan and Bev proudly launched Kate Ryan Skincare, named after Finnan‘s daughter, Kate Ryan.

    Today, the company offers honest formulas that are safe, affordable, cruelty-free, and family-owned and operated. 

    Ultimately, the mission through this business is to make skincare feel like a gift.

    “We consider self-care a gift you give yourself,” says Finnan. “When a Kate Ryan Sincare product shows up at your doorstep, that’s how we want it to feel! And seriously, isn’t having a package dropped on your doorstep just the best, especially now?! So often clients tell us, it’s too pretty to open, or I love ordering from you because it feels so good when I open the package! We also ship very fast – usually the same day unless the order comes in late in the day. We know people are excited to get their products and we try very hard to deliver quickly!”

    With Mother’s Day being less than a week away, Kate Ryan Skincare is offering a thoughtfully curated gift box to make it easy. “We understand it’s difficult to get olut to shop this year,” says Finnan. “This is our first year doing this because of COVID-19, we usually offer a gift card for Mother’s Day, but the gift box can be found on our website. We can also create custom gift boxes, wrapped and shipped.”

    COVID-19 has been something completely different for Finnan, a former nurse, and Kate Ryan Skincare. “To be honest I’ve really been wrestling with this personally, feeling like I should be out there with many friends who are still in the ICU, ERs, etc.,” she says. “As hard of a job as it was, I absolutely loved my years in the ICU. I know now with my family home and a business to manage, that I cannot help in the way that I would like.” 

    Kate Ryan Skincare did create a caregiver gift/thank you/self-care package, and she plans on doing a giveaway with some of those items.

    “Anyone visiting our website will have an opportunity to read our blog articles on a variety of skincare topics and check out frequently asked questions,” says Finnan. “Joining our mailing list keeps our clients up-to-date on new articles and promos, and provides a 15% discount on their first order.”

    To learn more about Kate Ryan Skincare, visit Kate Ryan Skincare is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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    This Anderson Township home has all the amenities you need to entertain family and friends! Click here to see the Listing of the Week!

    This beautiful Anderson Township home has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and is listed at $850,000. It’s a custom transitional home. The kitchen has been updated with custom white cabinets. The home also boasts tall ceilings, upscale amenities, a first floor master bedroom, a finish lower level with media room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, theater room, and walk-out. This home is situated on a private lot in a desirable neighborhood. It’s perfect for family and entertaining.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.