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A local business wants to help moms remember how loved and supported they are. See how you can help spread the love one fashionable find at a time.

Brand New Day as expanded its wellness wear, which aims to show mothers how loved they are.

Brand New Day (BND) was created by two Cincinnati sisters as a collective commitment to eliminate the incidence of suicide and relieve the negative stigma associated with mental illness. Their products serve as a physical symbol, a promise to others, to ask for help and help those who ask, and their goal is to help everyone affected see that there’s always a brand new day just around the corner.

“Mom guilt is real and momma bear instincts are strong,” says Mandy Hauer, co-owner of Brand New Day. “Truth be told, being a parent only seems to get scarier as our kids get older. The fear of losing a loved one is, at times, suffocating.”

Mental illness and suicide is a real thing that affects real families, and Hauer says she’s see too many famillies have their lives shattered.

“If you stop and look at the statistics, it is alarming,” Hauer says. “So we started thinking: how can we equip others to navigate life’s highs and lows while making a promise to ourselves? Could we create something that would let people know that they are not alone in this world?”

When Hauer and her sister launched Brand New Day, the idea was to wear a simple bracelet as a reminder to everyone about how loved and cared for they are. But since then, the bracelet has evolved into a significant promise to wearers to ask for help and help those who ask.

“We hope that BND will serve as a physical reminder that everyone is loved, capable, brave, and worthy of life. After all, tomorrow is always a Brand New Day,” says Hauer.

BND offers handcrafted, adjustable macrame bracelets in eight colors, priced at $16 each. The bracelets are packaged on a card with an uplifting message and/or reminder that you are worthy of life.

BND also just recently expanded it wellness wear line. Research on depression, anxiety and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can also help improve mood and reduce anxiety. BND is excited to introduce their Wellness Wear line that encourages exercise while giving back to suicide prevention organizations and programs.

For more information on BND, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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In need of a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day? Check out this one-of-a-kind brunch artfully made with you and mom in mind.

Metropole at 21c Museum Hotel is hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch.

Mother’s Day is just right around the corner! On Sunday, May 12th, the 21c Museum Hotel will host guests and families celebrating mothers for a memorable morning. The venue is unique due to its inviting environment and open doors. “The 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati and Metropole are cultural hubs where all are welcome. It does not matter how you dress, whom you love, or where you’re from, as long as we collectively appreciate the art of self-expression and acceptance,” says Iona Muir, Food and Beverage Director of Metropole.

This special Mother’s Day brunch will be full of love, food, and artwork.

“Guests are invited to peruse 21c’s newest exhibition before or after brunch located in the museum’s galleries, free of charge, open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The exhibit is called ‘Truth or Dare: A Reality Show’. Artwork will be featured addressing the importance of questioning both knowledge and belief, featuring works that utilize illusion to entice, entertain, and explore the terrain between fact and fiction, presence and absence, reality and imagination,” says Muir. 

Not only will attendees experience artwork, they will also partake in a brunch crafted by Executive Chef David Kelsey. “Our main takeaway we want guests to take away is how incredible our new Executive Chef is making out beautiful Metropole experience. David has continued to craft fresh, scrumptious meals that are both artistic and fulfilling. We hope that you come and experience on this very special day,” says Iona.

So what is on the menu? The brunch will consist of two courses, beginnings and entrées. Beginnings will serve light dishes including smoothie bowls, mixed lettuces, and caramelized onion soup, and more. The entrée course will include breakfast burritos, smoked salmon toast, biscuits and gravy and that’s just the beginning. Metropole will do its best to accommodate any dietary restrictions attendees have.

On May 12th, the morning will begin at 9:30am and conclude around 2pm. Each ticket will be $32, not including gratuity. “Reservations are filling up fast so please make sure to call and reserve your spot as soon as possible,” says Iona.

For more information, connect with Metropole on both Facebook and Instagram.

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An eco-and beginner-friendly yoga studio and community is opening soon in the Tri-State area. Keep reading for all the details.

Honor Yoga is making its way to Cincinnati to offer a new yoga experience.

A new yoga studio with a unique concept will open soon in the Cincinnati area.

“Founded in 2013 by health and wellness veteran, Maria Turco and franchising since 2016, Honor Yoga is an eco-and beginner-friendly yoga studio and community that welcomes and nourishes every yogi trough their practice,” says Carey Curran, co-owner of Honor Yoga.

Honor Yoga has been around since 2013, with over 300 people working for the practice. There are also multiple locations in the United States: New Jersey, North Carolina, California, Florida, Indiana and Ohio. In Ohio, they are currently located in Cleveland, but they are looking to open a practice in the Cincinnati area. “No lease has been signed as of yet, but we are eyeing locations in Montgomery, Mason and West Chester,” she says.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a passion “to provide accessible yoga and meditation programs to elevate communities by helping people keep their minds, bodies and selves healthy,” Curran says. The name of the practice came from Honor Yoga’s mission for people to honor their minds, self and bodies. 

The practice offers a variety of services and they include: gentle, roots, calm and strong, slow flow, flow, power flow, aerial, yoga barre and meditation. “Each class is designed to fulfill the five pillars of yogic practice to relax the mind, restore balance and build strength and flexibility,” she says. Honor Yoga also offers retreats, workshops, online streaming yoga classes and hosts a non-profit arm, Honor Yoga Foundation. 

The practice makes an impact in the community through the Honor Yoga Foundation. It “provides grants to all Honor Yoga locations throughout the country to bring yoga programs to those who need it and may not be able to afford it,” Curran says. The practice is unique because it offers services for kids, individuals and families, and they range from classes in aerial to meditation. 

Curran’s favorite part of working for Honor Yoga is the people. She loves “building a community that is supportive, beginner-friendly and accessible to everyone,” she says.

The most memorable moment of Honor Yoga so far has been working with people with brain injuries. “These are people who have been competitive athletes to successful business people. Initially, they feel frustrated with their injury, almost trapped in a twilight zone,” Curran says. “When they are able to progress physically and mentally as a result of their yoga practice, smile, express extreme joy and thank us, there is nothing more rewarding. This is a cause that is very important to us, as John, her husband, suffered a stroke himself ten years ago.”

To keep up with what Honor Yoga is doing, follow them on Facebook.

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From mommin' to her journey with personal and professional development, this Northern Kentucky-based new mom shares it all -- in HD transparency. Keep reading to tune in.

Chelsie Dallas is the Founder of Living Life in HD.

Cincy Chic: What is Living Life in HD?
Chelsie Dallas, Founder of Living Life in HD: Living Life in HD is a Facebook blog that I started in December 2018 in hopes to connect with and relate to others. Writing has always been an outlet that I love and so this blog allows me to not only do just that but also let’s me share this outlet with people who are interested in, and can contribute to, what I have to say.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Dallas: The inspiration behind Living Life in HD is my sweet baby boy Hudson Daniel and how he has completely taken my life by storm in his short 11 months. I want to be transparent in not only being a new mom but in all things life. I want people to know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, people are just hiding their weeds better. I want Hudson, as well as my readers, to know that life it going to be tough but there is always someone who’s been there done that and you will make it through.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Dallas: My name is Chelsie Dallas. I am a 29 year old lifelong resident of Northern Kentucky. I am a wife to my amazing husband of 3 years, Zack, and, of course, a momma to my 11-month old son Hudson. We have two dogs and never a dull moment in our home.

Cincy Chic: What makes Living Life in HD unique?
Dallas: What’s unique about my blog is that it is real and it is raw. I truly write in high definition. I put no holds on what my blogs are about just because I think someone may or may not like it or agree. It is 100% organic and I think that people can appreciate that.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for your blog?
Dallas: I would like to expand my blog into an actual blog spot. Putting it not only on Facebook but also extending it out into another outlet.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Dallas: Readers can ‘LIKE’ and follow my page on Facebook at

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As we reflect on Mother's Day, our life coach columnist explains how to "mother" your path and purpose to go from stuck to unstoppable.

As a mother myself, this time of year is truly a time to reflect on the moment when hearing those words “you are going to be a mother” – an announcement that changes one’s life forever. 

The joy, excitement, anticipation, along with fear, doubt, and all other emotions, swirl endlessly around in the mind. And upon your face a smile that has a magical glow, and a heart so full it couldburst, as this new life begins for both the mother and child!

However, is this announcement always with happiness, delight and joy? Sadly, there are times when a pregnancy isn’t planned, it happens unexpectedly, and changes the course of one’s life forever.

And how about the relationship with our mothers? Not always sunshine and rainbows? And for some they don’t even have a relationship. While others are so strong in the connection nothing will tear them apart.

Now, let’s switch gears.  Consider this:

– How are you mothering yourself?

You are the mother of your life’s journey and you have more strengths then you will ever know.  Whether you are physically creating a human life or creating your life by design and on purpose, it all begins from within.  

For me “mothering myself” was when I learned about self-love and self-care practices.  I didn’t realize how much time I was spending taking care of others, until I found myself not taken care of me.  I used alcohol and food to go numb. It allows me to take off the “responsibility” hat and put on the “who cares” cap.

Simple self-care can include quite time alone innature, a spa day, bubble bath, a run/walk in the neighborhood and my favorite watching a series on Netflix all day long in my bed with no guilt or interruptions.

And for self-love take today an honor yourself as the mother of your life – speak with your higher self and be in gratitude with everything that is yours and what you created.

I challenge you to Be the Mother of Your Life providing all the love and care you deeply desire from this moment forward. 

To all the Mothers out there — This time of year,we celebrate YOU, the one who gave us life and those who have taken the role as a motherthrough fostering, adopting, surrogate or blended– a mother is the center of our life source, the heart that beats in rhythm with the soul, and provides unconditional love.  “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had.” —Linda Wooten

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In Dennis Quaid's latest film, a happy couple buys a beautiful home in the country only to find out that the previous owner refuses to leave. Is the flick a flip or flop? Read on to see.


“I love to cosplay – in fact, let me show you my favorite scene from The Shining!” Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid) forces his way into his former home in a scene from director Deon Taylor’s thriller THE INTRUDER. Credit: Serguei Baschlakov. © 2019 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



KEY CAST MEMBERS: Dennis Quaid, Michael Ealy, Meagan Good and Joseph Sikora

DIRECTOR(S): Deon Taylor

THE BACK STORY: Imagine being in love and finding your dream home. Well, that’s what’s happening for Annie (Meagan Good) and Scott Russell (Michael Ealy), which is why they can’t wait to move in once the home’s former owner Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid) is out. Charlie has grown up in the home and as the story develops, it becomes clear that he doesn’t seem to really be ready to no longer be its owner and caretaker, let alone have anyone else fulfill those roles. 

Thus, as Annie and Scott are about to find out, a house is not a home when the previous owner isn’t ready for anyone else to take it over. 

THE REVIEW: Forty-seven minutes in. That’s when I began contemplating should I walk out of The Intruder or not. Which is a problem given that (a) That’s not the thought I’m sure the film’s cast and crew wanted anyone to have watching the movie and because (b) There’s at least another 50 minutes of the movie left from that point.

Let me be brief: The Intruder is bad. Like, really bad. I could spend a long time picking apart all the things wrong The Intruder … And since the filmmakers felt compelled to make to put them all out there for the world to see, I might as well break it all down for the world to see as well in hopes they chose NOT to suffer the same fate I did.

In 2019, any man with any common sense is not going to spend time discussing Megan Good’s appearance as even saying that she is an attractive woman seems like a way to open yourself up to a host of criticism. However, watching The Intruder, her character’s sweet, seeing the good in everyone nature comes off as naïve to the point of being well, stupid or, to put it nicely, about as smart as the average non-ethnic teenager in an 80s horror movie. Is this progress that an African-American lead can come off as smart as a woman running in high heels or doing her best Bryce Dallas Howard impression? I don’t know; what I do know is that Good’s character feels like she was stolen from a bad Lifetime movie. I don’t mean the modern ones, I mean the ones that comedians used to make fun of before Lifetime got hip to its own foibles.

Ealy tries his best to come off as the somewhat smarter of the two – which one could argue makes Good’s character look even worse by comparison since her male counterpart is the one “smart” enough to see what’s happening” – but in doing so he comes off looking like exactly what his character fears: The man who can’t keep his lady safe. In an era where beards and tattoos reign supreme, Ealy’s character’s intellect actually comes off as his potential downfall. But that’s only because of the man who makes The Intruder a horribly bad-yet-so-bad-it’s-borderline-comedic-genius of a movie.

Quaid. Dennis Freakin’ Quaid.

There have been plenty of movies that actors have admitted they did for the most ludicrous of reasons. Michael Caine in Jaws 4. Morgan Freeman in London Has Fallen. And the less said about Nicolas Cage’s reported love of dinosaur bones. Hell, Cedric the Entertainer admitted to me in an interview I did for a revered-yet-now-deceased publication that he did the utter-debacle that is The Cleaner because he got to take his family on a nice vacation to Hawaii. While I await the interview where Quaid reveals why in the world he did THIS movie, his performance is so ridiculous that it deserves its own documentary or, at the very least, a mock ESPN 30 for 30.

As it comes to pass in The Intruder, Quaid’s character is given a reason for his bonkers behavior; given the events of the film, one can’t help but wonder if Quaid himself may be suffering from a similar fate for him to be involved with this utter debacle of a film. (Maybe this article could give some possible explanations?) But BOY OH BOY does Quaid go all in as Charlie Peck.

In one of the greatest over-the-top performances not seen since the aforementioned Cage’s turn in that nuclear waste of a remake of The Wicker Man, Quaid’s performance finds him twitching, shaking, clenching his fists … And doing the craziest sexual thing you may ever see him do in a film that could change how his fans see him forever. Let’s just say I’m sure this man approves of a scene that is sure to become a meme or .GIF if not both in the near future. I cannot – repeat, CANNOT – give you enough detail as to how insane Quaid’s performance is. If he’s not a Razzie nominee, he might deserve an Academy Award as he might be the best Marvel villain to never chase after Infinity Stones, Wakanda or try to stop a teenager from thwarting his plans to take over New York City. (You watch the movie and tell me you can’t help but think what Quaid might have done as Venom. Sorry Tom Hardy.)

Throw in a script that could NOT be more predictable with direction that could NOT foreshadow what’s going to happen more unless the director literally told you and The Intruder is the type of film you watch to go talk to the screen. The Intruder‘s best shot for success won’t come in theaters, however, at least not for a while – for director Deon Taylor may have created an experience that, much like Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, needs to be experienced with others to enjoy as you talk, laugh and make fun of it.

If this were an episode of House Hunters, it would definitely be the episode you wouldn’t want to miss. Unfortunately for Good, Ealy and Quaid, it’s supposed to be a thriller – which is why the fact this movie will intrude on audiences’ wallets this weekend is a travesty in and of itself.



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    A recently opened fitness studio located in Covington is perfect for seasoned fitness go-getters and newbies alike. See how they live up to the name “Fitness for All” with group classes that offer a truly personalized approach.

    Nicole Leisen is the founder behind Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness, a personal training and group fitness studio located in the heart of Covington.

    After years of offering in-home personal training, Leisen decided it was time to broaden her horizons and help even more people reach their fitness goals but offering group classes.

    “I know what a huge role a proper and functional fitness routine can play in bettering daily life activities, quality of life, and mental health, and I want to share that,” she says. “In addition to providing more options and convenience for my clients, I wanted to join a community and Covington is the perfect place to be.”

    The training and classes offered by Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness focus on functional training moves that utilize TRX, kettlebells, and pilates. She also has two instructors, Andi and Ashley, to help lead group classes at the studio.

    When you take classes from Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness,  you’ll find that they are exercises and movements you do in your day-to-day life, and they offer results.

    “The main tool we use for personal training and group fitness is TRX suspension training, because it works,” says Leisen. “Over the past 7-plus years as a personal trainer, I’ve seen it play a key role in so many peoples’ fitness journeys. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build lean muscle, run without injury, increase your PR, lower your golf handicap, etc. with consistency, it will help you get there.”

    Leisen emphasizes that TRX training is so important to what she has to offer because it’s a “one-stop-shop” workout. It focuses on the entire body for core work, mobility and flexibility training, and cardio – all in a 50-minute session. Plus, there are enough exercises and formats behind it that the workouts don’t get stagnant.

    Leisen says that at her studio she likes to focus on individuals rather than numbers.

    “The classes are small enough you get individualized attention as a personal training session,” she explains. “This also allows me to monitor the whole room thoroughly to make sure everyone has the correct form to avoid injury and give more individual encouragement to push more or back off, so each member is getting the best results for them.”

    Leisen strives to give each group fitness class a personalized feel for its participants as well as the support and encouragement of other members.

    “Everyone is welcome here,” she adds. “A huge plus of TRX is that most everyone can do it. You are in control of how challenging each exercise is, so this allows someone who has been coming to class for years or a newbie to participate in the same class, while getting the appropriate amount of challenge and modifications needed.”

    Leisen says she just opened the studio in November 2018 and is focused on growing as a small business, improving peoples’ quality of life, and becoming a bigger part of the Covington community.

    Nicole Leisen PT & Fitness is located to 118 W. Pike Street on the second floor in Covington. To learn more, visit here. You can also send an email, follow along on Instagram, or call 513-328-4110.

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    Enjoy a peek inside this brand new home in Anderson Township for this week's Listing of the Week!

    This Anderson Township home is perfect for any family who loves to entertain! This Zicka homes construction is a Custom Potomac III plan in the new Parkside Estates at Coldstream community. It features a gourmet kitchen, open family room, and stairs to a finished lower leve. There’s also a dining room with a fireplace!

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    See how a local organization is leveraging members’ skills and networks to improve the community.

    Skills are key in any career. So are the connections you have. When you use your skills and your network to help better the world around you, you can make a huge impact.


    The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Influence Cincinnati initiative wants to encourage those connections and skills to make the city we all call “home” even better.


    “Influence Cincinnati is an initiative designed to identify ways that participants can harness the influence they already have – in their jobs, communities, and spheres of influence – to create a future we all want to call home,” explains the Chamber’s Government Affairs Coordinator Hannah Boone. “Influence Cincinnati invites experienced and emerging leaders across the region and all Chamber members interested in shaping civic decisions and conversations to meet throughout the year to have candid conversations about civic engagement, advocacy, public policy, and politics with experts and key decision makers.”


    The inspiration behind Influence Cincinnati comes from the Chamber’s desire to get members deeply involved in the work everyone is doing to make the region better.


    “Influence Cincinnati is a place for people of all professional backgrounds who have a passion for moving our region forward,” adds Boone. “There are so many individuals who want to harness their influence to raise the profile of our region but they don’t know where to start – that’s where Influence Cincinnati comes in.”


    There’s is no one-way street behind the movement and organization of Influence Cincinnati. Boone says the initiative aims to be engaging for members as well as a place to have two-conversations with business and community leaders, elected officials, policy makers, and thought-leaders in the region.


    Boone says the kickoff for Influence Cincinnati is planned for June 18 from 3-4:30 pm at the University of Cincinnati’s 1819 Innovation Hub. Then, meetings will be held on a regular basis, Boone says, every other month.


    You can sign up to become a member of Influence Cincinnati on the Chamber’s website.

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    Learn about this local booty-sculpting guru and see how she helps clients see a perkier posterior and improved wellbeing - inside and out.

    Not only are glam glutes en vouge, (thanks, Kardashians) but they also keep the body stabilized, relieve lower back tension, and protect you from injury in daily activities.

    That’s why Tawnia Justice launched Glute Girl, “a program designed to strengthen the Glutes and posterior chain, back of legs and glutes” Justice explains, “as well as shaping the Glutes to look their best at any age.”

    Justice currently has a gym in the small suburban village of Madeira and has been doing personal and small group training for 38 years. 

    The inspiration behind starting Glute Girl came from her lifestyle. “I am a mother of seven, having had all of them within nine years. With that and the fact that I am now 57 years young, I have always felt the back side is not trained hard enough, frequently enough and more importantly, properly,” she says.

    Justice offers a variety of different services through Glute Girl. “At the present time, I do one-on-one training at the gym and in people’s homes,” she says. “In the very near future, my website will be up and running- where you will be able to purchase training sessions monthly, with fitness and nutritional advice given as well. Justice’s mission for Glute Girl is “to open people’s minds to let them see and know their full potential and experience their personal best!”

    Glute Girl is different from other businesses because Justice has lived out what her clients are going through. “I know how it works and I’m not 24 years old; my age and life experiences have taught me a lot, way more than any textbook can,” Justice says. “Also, I want to teach clients how to use their body and the equipment in a way that works for their unique body and for the look they want to achieve, not what someone else thinks they need.”

    Success with the business is determined by her clients. “For me, success is being on that path that is taking you to better places, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually,” she says. “It is taking a focused, personal interest in your life and health and investing in you!”

    Justice loves to inspire her clients and make a difference in their lives. Justice loves “inspiring people to see the better side of themselves and the potential they have with,” she says.

    To learn more about Glute Girl, follow along on Facebook