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    It’s the year of the woman and one local entrepreneur is helping women in business across the world unite through community and her curated collection of female apparel and accessories.

    Today’s women in business are here to empower and encourage each other. One local business owner is outfitting that movement with her curated shop, Girl Boss Collection. 

    “Girl Boss Collection is a curated shop to empower, equip, and encourage female entrepreneurs worldwide,” says Girl Boss Collection Founder Audrey Bryant. 

    Girl Boss Collection arose from Bryant’s passion for entrepreneurship. 

    “I saw there was a lack of gender diversity in the fields I was freelancing in, and when I did my research, I found there were many more fields with this same issue.”

    Bryant says that she wants to see women not only encouraged to build their own empires, but to become extremely successful with them. 

    “More than 11.6 milllion businesses are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating over $1.7 trillion in sales,” she explains. “My passion is to see these numbers grow.”

    Although Bryant says she knows her collection isn’t going to change the world, she knows that the women who wear pieces from her collection will. “I have been so inspired by all the girl bosses I have met in my life, and wish to see more fulfilling their own dreams,” she says.  

    Bryant launched Girl Boss Collection in March 2019, as she was between jobs and doing freelance work. The cat mom and entrepreneur at heart says that she was looking for ways to make her own impact on the world and inspire other women when she came up with Girl Boss Collection to help her achieve those dreams. 

    At Girl Boss Collection, you will find apparel and accessories that range from sweatshirts and t-shirts to jewelry and fanny packs. 

    “Girl Boss Collection exclusively works with a female designer who creates designs you will not find anywhere else,” says Bryant. “Between my ideas, and her talent, we have curated Girl Boss Collection to be the No. 1 store for female entrepreneurs.” 

    As she looks ahead to the new year, Bryant says that she hopes to focus on growth while inspiring the community to female entrepreneurs she gets to work with. 

    To learn more about Girl Boss Collection, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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    This Indian Hill home features luxury living on a quiet lot. Click here to see this week's Listing of the Week!

    This Indian Hill home features high-end finishes throughout including a designer kitchen with SubZero, Viking, and Bosh appliances. The luxurious master bedroom has a bathroom and amazing closet. There is a laundry room/mudroom on the first floor that are open and bright. The lower level walk-out has a wet bar, movie theater, rec room, wine cellar, bedroom, and full bathroom. The outdoor living area features a pavilion pool house with a kitchen, a pool, and a hot tub. There is new landscaping, a treehouse with electric, and a fire pit. The 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom home boasts 8,278 square feet and is listed at $2.495 million.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    Learn about a local skincare and eyelash studio with customized facials, waxing, sunless tanning, and eyelash enhancements.

    Pure Skin by Elizabeth Ashley offers a wide variety of skin services that are fully customized to meet the needs and wants of clients. 

    “We are a skin care and eyelash studio offering customized facials, waxing, sunless tanning, and a variety of eyelash enhancements such as extensions and tinting,” says founder and owner Elizabeth Crank. 

    Crank’s inspiration for launching her own business comes from years of experience in the beauty and spa industry as an esthetician. 

    “My love for skin care and cultivating relationships with my clients has been a life-long passion,” she says. “I have been so lucky to have worked in a variety of spa and skin care clinics, and have taken the best of everything I’ve learned to create the perfect space for my clients to relax, unwind, and allow me to help their pure beauty shine through.”

    Crank says that she stands behind every product and service she offers, so much so that she named the business after herself.

    Elizabeth Crank, Founder of Pure Skin by Elizabeth Ashley. Photo: Emma McMahan Photography

    “There is no better feeling than when my clients open their eyes after a service and love the person looking back at them in the mirror,” she says. “Hearing my clients say, ‘I love the way I look,’ is the greatest feeling. I know I’m using my talents and gifts to give them what they deserve, to love the skin they’re in.”

    All services offered at Pure Skin by Elizabeth Ashley are customized based on clients and their skin care goals – from anti-aging to acne. 

    “Since becoming certified in eyelash extensions, I have seen women’s self-confidence flourish,” she says. “It’s definitely the most instantly gratifying service for both me and my clients.”

    Crank says she sees clients from a variety of groups including young girls, stay-at-home moms, and wildly successful working women. “My goal is to provide lashes that are noticeable, but natural,” she says. “A look that allows women to feel comfortable and confident with very little effort, no matter who they are or where they come from.”

    Crank’s business is 10 years in the making, and she’s proud to offer clients something that can help their skin become healthier while they feel better about themselves. 

    She says her business is everything she loves and appreciates about skin care in a studio space that feels like home. “I want my clients to walk into my studio and instantly feel comfortable and relaxed,” she says. “I want them to leave the worries and stress of their busy lives at the door and allow me to help them feel their best. I’m a good listener, lover of laughter, and passionate about helping them feel like the best versions of themselves.”

    As the year moves along, Crank says she will offer a new service called Brow Lamination. “Brow lamination is a great alternative to microblading, which has been a very popular treatment,” she says. “Brow lamination gives your eyebrows a set, uniform shape that can make them look fuller. It’s much less invasive, and much less painful than microblading. I am so excited to offer this treatment.”

    Pure Skin by Elizabeth Ashley is located at 7577 Central Parke Blvd. Suite 217 in Mason. To learn more, follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Learn about a local pop-up mocktail bar helping you enjoy alcohol-free celebrations, connections and community.

    Kristen Domke is no stranger to addiction. She’s battled the addiction of alcohol and has since been sober for nearly 18 months. In the midst of finding her sobriety, she wanted to offer a community for others like her. 

    That’s when she came up with the idea of Gem City SoberBar, a sober bar that’s “popping up” all over Dayton and surrounding areas. 

    “Gem City SoberBar fills the gap between coffee shops and bars,” says Domke. “We exist to bring an atmosphere that no one has ever experienced before that focuses on providing mocktails, music, and so much more. We are open to all genders, ages, races, and religions. We want to be a safe space to go to have a great time and make community through connection.”

    When developing her business idea, Domke says that she wanted to offer something that would encourage connection with human beings, while also being out and about in different atmospheres. As a music lover, she also wanted to create something that incorporated that. “I wanted to encompass not just sobriety, butan artistic, healthy way to create connections while having a blast,” she adds.

    There is nothing quote like Gem City SoberBar in the region. “Our mocktails are crafted to perfection for you, we want to make this an experience you will never forget,” she says.

    Gem City SoberBar currently operates out of Dayton. “As we are a pop-up bar popping up at different locations, we do not have a specific space,” says Domke. “We are always up for being booked for your next baby shower, graduation, party, etc.”

    The goal at Gem City SoberBar is to open a brick-and-mortar location in the next 2-3 years, but before that, Domke wants to help spread the word about the business by booking events, pop-ups, feedback, and securing new partners.

    There are people all over the Dayton area that are helping to make Gem City SoberBar a versatile business in traveling to customers while also offering something for everyone at all of its events.

    The menu at Gem City SoberBar includes mocktails and coffee. 

    “Currently we have our favorite, a spinoff of the Moscow Mule, and our Clean Comfort – sponsored by CLEAN Cause drinks,” she says. “We like to change it up a bit from pop-up to pop-up and from event to event. We want to give customers a sense of wonder, as well as continuing to make our menu grow. We enjoy seeing which mocktails are a hit and which ones maybe we should give a rest.”

    Domke says she’s currently planning a few pop-ups in the coming month. “With those, we are looking for partners, as well as locations and would love to work with anyone on that,” she says. “We are also working to put together a focus group, for feedback and more information on what you, the people, would like to see in the future from Gem City SoberBar.”

    To learn more about Gem City SoberBar, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. You can also send an email at to be put on the mailing list, want added to the focus group, or want information on how Gem City SoberBar is growing and how you can help volunteer at events. 

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    Learn to love your wardrobe again with fashion and style tips from a local fashionista.

    Photo: Emma McMahan Photography

    Throughout the years, Stephanie Sheard has always been there to help her friends look and feel good. Whether it was showing them what to wear, how to style certain pieces, or organizing their closets, she was there. 

    Over time, she decided to take that help she was offering friends and turn it into a much bigger platform to help clients of her own. That’s when she launched StephStyle101, a fashion blog and social media account that’s aimed at providing practical and affordable fashion tips and styling advice that is fitting for any budget.

    “My goal, through StephStyle101, is for women to look and feel their best, without the need to take out a second mortgage,” she says. “When a woman is confident in her clothes, everything changes – attitude, posture, and self-esteem.”

    Sheard says she was always happy to help her friends, and enjoyed the joy they felt themselves when she was able to help them dig through closets and find new ways to wear their clothes, and continues to help others find that same joy in their closets. 

    Sheard is the one-woman show behind StephStyle101. As a one-person team, it took a lot of courage to launch StephStyle 101, an idea that came about several years ago but didn’t come to fruition until nearly 3 years ago, when she really started pouring her energy into growing her brand through Facebook and Instagram.

    Through StephStyle101, Sheard offers closet cleansing, personal shopping, and style inspiration services. 

    “Prices vary depending on what is requested, but my fees are very reasonable, and my clients are always pleased with the results,” says Sheard. 

    Not only do you get fashion and styling services from StephStyle101, but you’ll also find someone who really cares about you and the way you see yourself. 

    “I do not push my clients or followers on social media to constantly feel like they need to be spending all their hard-earned cash,” says Sheard. “It’s so easy to get trapped into the idea of buying all the brand new seasonal-released fashions that most retailers promote.”

    Sheard encourages her clients to utilize their current wardrobes to help recreate a style that they enjoy, way before she takes them to any stores. “Oftentimes, similar items exist in their closets and not a dime is spent,” she says. “But, through StephStyle101, I promote and teach individuals how to shop sustainable fashion – consignment stores, retail-resale, and yes, even thrift stores.”

    While she continues to help clients, Sheard says that she’s been working to expand her business through public speaking engagements, where she shares her expertise on closet cleansing and shopping in a fiscally responsible manner. 

    “I also cover where to snag the best deals, and talk about some of my favorite, budget-friendly purchases,” she adds. “Most individuals, I have discovered, are not even sure how to navigate a thrift or consignment store, so I share my tips for success, where others can learn to find those hidden fashion gems.”

    To learn more about StephStyle101 at You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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    Quick, healthy and tasty meals are hard to come by, let alone make every day. One local business aims to change that.

    A local business makes it easy for parents to put healthy meals that kids love on the table. 

    “First Bites is dedicated to helping parents feed their kids in a way that works for them,” Grace Shea, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, says. “I help moms of kids with all ages find solutions to nourish their families and provide healthy recipes the whole family will love.”

    The inspiration behind First Bites Nutrition came from her son, Hudson. “Even though I’ve been an RDN working in the pediatric field since 2012, educating families on the topics you’ll see in my blog, I had a distinct “a-ha” moment when it came time to start feeding solid foods with Hudson,” she says. “I became overwhelmed and faced the exact same questions all parents do- What do I feed him? When? How? etc. I wanted to take the nutrition knowledge I have and personal experience and share it with other parents.”

    The name “First Bites” came from the desire to have a business that’s all about kids. “I’d mix and match these words, some seeming too similar to other business out there, but ultimately landed on First Bites. First Bites can mean from the very first bite a child takes or even a first bite of a new food,” Shea says. 

    Based in Cincinnati, First Bites Nutrition has been around for four months now. The business provides different service andproducts that parents will need to make food for their children:

    ▪ Shea’s Blog: “Offers recipes and articles dedicated to kids’ nutrition,” she says. “Each recipe is family-friendly and spans all age groups. I offer ways to modify the same meal to make it age appropriate- one meal for the whole family.”
    ▪ Meal Plan Bundle: “The free bundle contains everything you need to get inspired, organized and plan meals with ease,” Shea says. “Plus, you’ll get six weeks’ worth of meal plans to get you going. You can grab it on the website-”
    ▪ “I do one-on-one coaching with moms and kids and collaborate with companies in multiple different ways,” she says. “As the company grows, I have big goals of education programs and membership opportunities.”

    This company is different from other nutrition companies because of the community. “Although it’s only been four months, it’s amazing how many moms have reached out to me. I rely on the interaction with the community to serve their needs. My experience as a pediatric dietitian, personal experience in feeding a child and, the experiences of my community help provide tons of perspectives that ultimately help other moms,” she says. 

    Also, the articles she posts on her blog are evidence-based. “I chose this as a basis of my content because nutrition at its core, is science-based,” Shea says. “Scientific research is always emerging and, I feel; it’s my job to educate moms so they can make the most informed decision that best fits their family.”

    Shea defines success through moms feeling confident. “If I can help at least one person feel confident in feeding their kids and understand how nutrition plays a role in their kids’ lives, that truly is a success for me,” she says.

    The mission of First Bites is to be a guide to parents. “My mission is to guide parents in nourishing their children with whole foods, flexibility and fun by learning the science of nutrition and honoring healthy habits from the very first bite.”

    Shea’s favorite part of her job is “hearing from other moms and creating what they need to support their lives,” she says.

    To learn more about First Bites, follow them on Instagram, their website and through Shea’s blog.

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    This Tony Award-winner performed for three presidents, Princess Diana, and Queen Elizabeth — and she’s coming to Cincinnati soon! Read on for more.

    When it comes to performing, Lea Salonga has been on stage for over 37 years. Over her nearly-four-decade career, she’s built an astounding musical theatre legacy, earning awards such as the Tony, Oliver, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Theatre World Awards. And now, she’s making her way to Cincinnati in two months with two concerts on April 20 and 21.

    At the mere age of seven, Lea performed in the musical The King and I with the Repertory Philippines. Since then, Lea has appeared in productions such as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, and many more. She is also the singing voice of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin and Fa Mulan for Mulan and Mulan II and was the lead role in Miss Saigon.

    Throughout her career, Lea has  broken barriers for the next generation of performers. Lea was the first Asian to play Eponine in the musical Les Misérables on Broadway and returned in 2006 to play Fantine. She also was the first Asian woman to win a Tony Award and sign with an international record label. Lea uses her voice to not just sing, but to truly perform and has impacted millions along the way, including six Philippine presidents, three American Presidents, Princess Diana, Princess of Wales and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

    Lea Salonga will be coming to Cincinnati in April to perform and bring to life classic songs from her albums and roles. “I’m thrilled to be back on the road in North America, and all around the world in 2020,” says Lea. “We’ve got a lot of new music, some old favorites, and a few surprises in store. We had so much fun with our incredible sold-out audiences last year. I can’t wait to perform at these gorgeous venues and connect with fans, new and old, in the months to come.”

    Lea Salonga will be performing two shows in Historic Memorial Hall, right in the heart of the revitalized arts district of Over the Rhine. The shows will be held on April 20 and 21 at 8pm. The show can be enjoyed by all ages, seeing, as her voice is timeless and can be recognized by all ages. Tickets range from $50-$95 and can be purchased here.

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    Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to eco-friendly dinnerware the whole family will love.


    Cincy Chic: What is your plastic-free, stainless steel dinnerware line called?
    Manasa Mantravadi, Founder of Ahimsa: Ahimsa (ah·HIM·suh). It is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning “avoiding harm” and “universal love.” 

    Cincy Chic: What is the inspiration behind Ahimsa?
    Mantravadi: In India, stainless steel dishes have been used for generations. When my children were born, my mother replaced the plastic dinnerware I mistakenly bought for my children with traditional steel dinnerware that I myself used as a child. She was concerned with leaching of chemicals in the plastic with heat. Well, in 2018, The American Academy of Pediatrics released a report on how families can limit their children’s exposure to harmful chemicals, and recommended using glass and stainless steel when possible. This made for the biggest “I told you so” moment in the history of motherhood! Since I had used stainless steel as a child and was only using stainless steel for my own children, I was shocked at the lack of options for parents to follow those recommendations by the AAP. I was also concerned about the effect on the environment as I watched my friends constantly discard and replace stained, melted, and frayed plastic dinnerware.  

    Manasa Mantravadi, Founder of Ahimsa. Photography: Jessica Strickland Photography

    Cincy Chic: Can you tell us about the journey from pediatrician and how it got you to where you are today? 
    Mantravadi: Ahimsa stemmed from a text message chain with 5 other pediatrician moms who have remained my closest of friends since our residency days. Everyone was baffled on next steps for their own children after the release of that AAP statement. Medicine prepares you to be a lifelong learner, so I was well prepared to embark on this journey to learn about how to devise a solution. I read non-stop about the health related to food-grade stainless steel and the science of allowing metal to take on color without additional chemicals or paint. I wanted to incorporate my experience in counseling children and parents about healthy eating habits into our products; specifically what I learned as my time as an endocrine fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital! Once I figured out those large pieces of the puzzle, I turned around and saw a mountain of pieces I had to navigate through to create an actual business.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Ahimsa unique?
    Mantravadi: We are the world’s first line of colorful stainless steel dinnerware for children. By sharing something tried-and-true from my own roots in India, we aim to redefine mealtime by putting safe, durable, and beautiful steel on the American dining table. Our entire company is based on health and science because that is what I know. However, it is the real-life experience as a parent that drives our mission to be a practical, simple, and lasting solution. From product development to lab testing, every detail is intentional and meticulous as we want parents to be able to focus on the good stuff, like happy, healthy family dinners!

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
    Mantravadi: We are just finishing our pre-launch phase and have had great customer feedback. We’ve listened and have since released separates! We will soon be offering round dinner plates and a cereal bowl with nesting spoon for our older kids. They don’t want their bowls to tip over either! For us, customers will always be at the core of improvements and innovation as we know mother (and father) knows best! Trust me. I listened to my mother … and Ahimsa was born. 

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Mantravadi: Learn more and order at You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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      There’s a new type of dining experience taking over the Queen City. See how a local pedal wagon is now showcasing some of the city’s best eateries for a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

      There’s a new type of dining experience in town, one that is a foodie’s dream and a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

      Stuart Naeny of Pedal Wagon Cincinnati says the new event, called The Progressive Dinner, brings together uniquely Cincinnati restaurants for an appetizer and a main course, followed up by enjoying dessert on the Pedal Wagon. 

      “Hop aboard the Pedal Wagon for a three-hour showcase of Cincinnati’s booming restaurant scene that’s perfect for company outings, celebrations, or a fun night out on the town,” says Naeny. 

      Groups who want to participate in The Progressive Dinner can be picked up at their Central Business District or Over-the-Rhine offices to eat, drink, and work off the treats. 

      “We can pick up the group, experience two different restaurants, enjoy desert onboard, and then drop off the group at a place of their choosing within Over-the-Rhine or the Central Business District,” says Naeny. “Food, drink, and tips are all included, so no need to bring the corporate card.”

      Naeny says the inspiration for The Progressive dinners comes from the desire to feature both new and established bars in town, while also wanting to some off some of the restaurants in the Queen City. 

      “The Progressive Dinner has been such a hit, that we have since added other non-booze-centric options, like the Cincinnati Mural Tour and Pedal-Power Business Lunch, with more offerings on the way,” he says.

      When you choose to venture out on The Progressive Dinner, all food, drink, and tips are included. Guests enjoy an appetizer and drink at a soon-to-be-announced restaurant since Kaze closed at the beginning of the year, an entree and drink at Arnold’s, and desert treats onboard the Wagon from 3 Sweet Girls Cakery. 

      “We also provide an onboard cooler stocked with ice and water, plus the customer can bring your own beer,” says Naeny.

      The Progressive Dinner is $89 per person, or $1,289 for a private outing with 15 people. Those who have a group larger than 15 can contact The Pedal Wagon for more information. 

      The Progressive Dinners are held year-round on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

      You can learn more about The Progressive Dinners by clicking here. You can stay up-to-date on Pedal Wagon happenings on Instagram and Facebook. You can also contact Naeny at or by calling 513-201-7655.

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      One of Hyde Park's most treasured crown jewels is newly renovated and on the market. Click here to see this week's Listing of the Week!

      One of Hyde Park’s Crown Jewels! Highly desirable combination of an A+ location, architectural significance, and a thorough renovation that has embraced the original details of the house. Every improvement carefully selected and implemented. This is a home that exudes elegance without being pretentious. Smart upgrades inside and out! The home is listed at $2,250,000. It features 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in 5,138 square feet.

      This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.