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This local business is making the corporate gift-giving world a little more personal with individualized baskets designed to fit each client’s personality. Read on for more.

Favorites is a gift shop offers personalized gifts for customers of clients in real estate and more.

The next time you’re looking for a gift, let Abby Workman make it personal.

Workman is the Founder and Owner of Favorites, a gift business that’s focused on creating personalized, thoughtful gifts that go beyond the standard food basket or gift card.

“Most of my customers are professionals: real estate agents, attorneys, accountants, and other service-oriented businesses looking for ways to show clients their appreciate and enhance their overall service experience,” says Workman.

Gifts from Favorites are all packaged and ready to give, saving you time, money, and energy, while also helping your gifts to stand out.

Workman’s idea for Favorites goes back to the thought that everyone loves a personalized gift. Whether it’s a monogram, an address, an important date, or the reflection of a hobby, gifts that are personalized can be more impactful and communicate to someone just how much you care.

“I have found that people have the desire to be thoughtful gift-givers, they just lack the time, creativity, and resources,” says Workman. “That’s where I come in. I create thoughtful gifts that allow customers to show their appreciation while focusing on what they do best.”

The one-woman shop gives Workman the independence she needs to be the owner, brainstormer, gift-creator, wrapper, and delivery service all in one. “This allows me to oversee all the aspects of my business to ensure that each gift will be someone’s Favorite,” she adds.

One of the most favorite things customers enjoy the most about Workman’s business is that the store comes to them.

“I meet with them where convenient and learn a little more about their gift recipient and budget before heading out to craft the ideal gift,” she explains. “Being intentional and thoughtful about what to give an important person demonstrates how much you care and can yield much higher returns than a generic, one-size-fits-all solution.”

Gift baskets from Favorites varies depending on what each client wants in them, but most prices range from $75 to $150.

In addition to gift baskets, Favorites also offers a selection of personalized stationery, paper products, cups, and promotional items.

Workman strives to find the personality within each recipient while she creates the gift – making sure to include colors, fonts, types of monograms, and more that will fit a customer’s personality.

“Each gift is packaged with a personalized tag and is ready to give,” she says. “In some cases, the gifts can be delivered directly to the customers’ home or office. Favorites makes gift-giving simple and accessible.”

Workman says that she’s looking forward to 2019 and continuing to find firms and professionals that want to stand out from their competition to wow clients and customers.

To learn more about Favorites, check out the website, follow along on Instagram, or “like” them on Facebook.

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From family-friendly to girls night out, a local botanical boutique offers gardening tips, workshops, and products to give anyone a green thumb.

Thimble Gardens offers a botanical boutique and workshops for customers.

Cincy Chic: What is Thimble Gardens?
Celeste Vanover, Founder of Thimble Gardens: Thimble Gardens is a Botanical Boutique. Family owned and operated. Specializing in small urban garden design and beautiful houseplants. We have successfully be involved in producing custom centerpieces and favors for bridal/baby showers and weddings. Thimble Gardens offers multiple type workshops from family friendly to sip and create gardening for adults. Our customer base knows when they order a custom garden they will receive a very individualized piece full of personalized detail.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Vanover: My love for gardening and combining vintage finds brought on the beginnings of Thimble Gardens. We wanted to bring love for using heirloom pieces and turning them into gardens for others. This expanded into having workshops and special events.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Thimble Gardens?
Vanover: I own Thimble Gardens alongside my four boys: Wyatt 12, Lincoln 11 and Garrett and Gavin twin 9 year olds. I am a nurse during the day and use my time in the evenings and weekends to have open shop hours, workshops and host planting parties.

Cincy Chic: What makes Thimble Gardens unique?
Vanover: What makes us unique is our focus on the individual. We carry items from local artists that our customers may use to make their gardens individualized to their taste or the person they are making the garden for. Even our workshops promote the participants to use their creative juices and they leave with a creation that fits their own personality and love. Do not be surprised when you order a custom garden from us that we will want to know the person that is receiving this item interests and decor style.

Cincy Chic: What kinds of garden products do you carry?
Vanover: Thimble Gardens carries botanicals from family owned and run nurseries and odd and unusual handcrafted botanical gifts. Our focus is on the many variety of houseplants, such as air plants, succulents and the hard to find beautiful plant to add fresh air and proven health benefits to your home.

Cincy Chic: Where is Thimble Gardens located?
Vanover: Thimble Gardens is located in the historic district of Lebanon Ohio- 113 East Mulbery Street.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Vanover: Thimble Gardens will continue to provide access for those interested in learning to add urban gardening to their hobby list. We will continue to add workshops allowing creative time for children and adults. Thimble Gardens has been asked to share this passion with the Master Gardeners of Warren County’s lecture series in 2019, we are very excited to be involved with this elite group.

Our web page will be opening soon allowing our customers to purchase and have delivered unique seasonal miniature garden kits and purchase high quality urban gardens at a reasonable cost.

To learn more about Thimble Gardens, click here<>.

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Our movie critic chats with Kiki Layne about her breakout role in “If Beale Street Could Talk.” Watch for the intriguing interview.

Our movie critic chats with Kiki Layne about her breakout role in “If Beale Street Could Talk.” Watch for the intriguing interview.

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    After two life tragedies, this local cancer survivor and widow just released a memoir about her lessons learned through the process. Keep reading for her moving story and how it can inspire your greatness.

    Kimberly Johnson has endured the unthinkable. She battled and beat breast cancer only to suddenly and unexpectedly lose her husband Devan Johnson in a motorcycle accident two years later.

    That 2016 loss inspired her to launch a memoir chronicling what it looks like to keep going after taking such a blow and how she has chosen to show up, taking readers through a range of emotions. That book, which was launched on October 4, 2016, is called “Walking Without My Cane.”

    “Everyone has a cane,” she says. “My husband was my cane and now I am Walking Without My Cane.”

    The story of Johnson, and her husband, dates back to 2004, when the duo established and launched Incredible Creations Beauty & Barber Salon.

    “It was Cincinnati’s first black owned and operated husband-and-wife team business in Over-the-Rhine,” she explains. “I have since taken the role of salon owner to another level as a platform artist, educator, and mentor. Devan and I worked together each day as one. We were best friends and neither of us had any idea in regards to what we were about to face.”

    Then, 2014 came along and Johnson fought and won her fight with breast cancer, with her husband by her side every step of the way. “He never left me to do it alone and I never thought that I would lose him so suddenly just 2 years later in September 2016.”

    Now, just over 2 years after losing her husband, Johnson is still the owner of the barber shop in Over-the-Rhine, which she considers to be part of her husband’s legacy. She’s also become an author with “Walking Without My Cane” and a motivational speaker – sharing her story of triumph and strength – and life enrichment coach through her business Unleashing The Power of Greatness.

    “I share, motivate, and inspire others to believe that a happy, fulfilling life is possible after facing heartache,” she says. “Life can, and will, go on and it will be amazing despite what the past looks like. I emphasize with my audiences that your past does not have to dictate your future. I strive to role model how to be authentic, walk in truth, live in the movement, and to just be.”

    Kimberly Johnson lost her husband in 2016 in a motorcycle accident

    Johnson’s offerings as a life enrichment coach are all about helping others to see beyond where they are and how they view where they are by changing the lens they’re looking through.

    Johnson says that her belief in God is what motivates her to continue moving forward despite all that he’s thrown her way.

    “My husband’s transition completely rocked my world and I would’ve never imagine this to be my life,” she says. “I was the one who went through all of the things that, according to ‘the world,’ would take you out. Yet, I am healed and my husband is no longer here in the world. My husband was a master of many thing sand riding his motorcycle was one, so again, for him to be gone pushes me to keep going. I understand that I have a created purpose and I have people waiting for me to show up, which motivates me. Because I realize that everything I have been through and everyone I have been assigned to is for others so they can walk in their purpose as well. So god, Devan, and my family motivates me to keep going because it’s so much bigger than me.”

    Johnson is planning her next book for 2019, which she says will be called “Walking Unscripted.” this book helps to wrap up her first book, “Walking Without My Cane.”

    Johnson also offers a podcast called “Unleashing The Power of Greatness” on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud. “Listeners can expect to hear very candid, authentic, intimate conversations,” she says. “Imagine having company over and the setting is wine, cheese, snacks, and good conversation about a plethora of things.

    Additionally, Johnson will add speaking engagements and clients to a growing schedule of life enrichment coaching and starting a book tour.

    Johnson says that she is offering 20% off to anyone who would like to book sessions with her who mentions Cincy Chic. Learn more about her, her business, and her book at You can also follow along on Instagram.


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    Panoramic views, an incredible kitchen, and amazing master suite -- all on The Hill's best street. Get a peek inside with this Listing of the Week!

    This rare Mt. Adams brick townhouse sits on a double lot. The exceptional space features large rooms, a cook’s kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and an amazing master suite. There are moldings throughout the home, intricate details that build its character, and a veranda with a breathtaking view of the Ohio River. The home is located on what’s considered the best street on The Hill and is listed at $1.395 million.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    Inspired by the city, music, and his love for chocolate, a local business owner is offering up handmade, from-scratch products that’ll have your tummy wanting more.

    Chocoholics, unite! If you’re a lover of handmade, from-scratch chocolates and confections then The Jammery is for you.

    Ben Feinberg-Gerner, owner of The Jammery, says that he’s always been interested in chocolate work – so much so that he was the first Culinary Arts student at the Culinary Institute of America to petition to take the Chocolates and Confections course that is part of the separate Baking and Pastry school.

    “After years spent in the restaurant and wine industries, I found myself coming back to chocolatiering over and over,” he explains. “A few years ago, I decided to make chocolate favors as a surprise gift for a college friend’s wedding.”

    From there, he says, things snowballed and before long he found himself quitting his day job and launching The Jammery.

    “As a craftsman, inspiration comes from any and everywhere,” he says when asked about his inspiration for starting a chocolates and confections business. “I really enjoy finding flavor combinations that walk the line between savory and sweet, like a lemon and fennel ganache or a green apple and celery pâte de fruit. Sometimes I look back to the classics and pay my respects to them and sometimes my creative energy is charged by seeing the work of my idols—from internationally known chefs like Francisco Migoya and Cedric Grolet to local mentors/beloveds like Shoshannah Friedman and Summer Genetti.”

    Feinberg-Gerner is the chef, owner, filler of orders, and mail boy for The Jammery, while his partner serves as the unofficial taster-in-chief.

    Sweets from The Jammery includes chocolates with ganache, gianduja, caramel, and fondant fillings. “This winter marked the release of the first pâte de fruit collection with flavors ranging from butternut ginger to pineapple vanilla to plum cardamom,” says Feinberg-Gerner. “Other confectionery work such as marshmallows and gummy candy are in the works for 2019.”

    Although chocolates are a common buy for many people, what you’ll find at The Jammery is unique in every sense of the word. Each collection of chocolate is six flavors built around a theme – with no two collections being the same.

    Feinberg-Gerner says that one collection was inspired by different places in the United States, one was all about the flavors of American childhood, a Valentine’s Day collection was about different forms of love, and one was about flavors associated with colors.

    “With the exception of blood orange caramels and sea salt caramels, my work is ever-changing,” he says. “I want to highlight different flavors and textures in each box.”

    Feinberg-Gerner is also supportive of local businesses and artists.

    “Because chocolate is by its nature a tropical product, ‘local’ isn’t possible,” he says. “Instead, I like to highlight Cincinnati by collaborating with local businesses like Revolution Rotisserie, a recent event host that uses a cinnamon and ancho chile marshmallow in their seasonal cocktail, or by wrapping every product in a band of hand-marbled paper made by an artist here in town.”

    A storefront is a long-term dream for Feinberg-Gerner. However, you can find The Jammery at pop-up events, via caterers like Eat Well, and private orders. You can also find the signature blood orange caramels in dark chocolate at Share Cheesebar in Pleasant Ridge.

    Feinberg-Gerner says The Jammery will come back with a bang in 2019 after taking some time off for personal reasons in 2018.

    “The plan is to once again be a part of the OFF Market and to get into more retail spaces,” he adds.

    To learn more about The Jammery, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s happening in the kitchen, where you can find The Jammery, and what the day-to-day of chocolatiering involves.

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    This Cincinnati-based marketing guru focuses on helping entrepreneurs and solopreneurs analyze and execute the most effective strategies for their small business. Keep reading for more.

    Ashley Anderson offers marketing and strategy solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

    Ashley Anderson is a marketing professional that wants to make a name for herself – literally. Currently, she is the owner of her own, self-named business that focuses on marketing for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and small businesses.

    “I’m working with folks that are ready to take a complete deep-dive into a whole new way of thinking of marketing and see how it can be a major driving force behind their business,” she says. “This includes auditing and updating their current website, laying out a full marketing strategy including content marketing as well as all digital and social aspects of their business, and executing on that strategy to drive revenue and increase their market share.”

    Ashley Anderson

    Anderson’s story of how she got to where she is today is, according to her, rather crazy.

    “I worked in a corporate environment right after graduating college in 2010,” she explains. “While I was able to really advance my career, I didn’t feel I was living the life I wanted to live or able to be taken seriously as a creative but strategic individual. Corporate America gave me safety and stability, a steady paycheck and benefits, but when I turned 29 I knew that I was entering a new decade of my life and I wasn’t happy grinding and working hundreds of hours for companies and people that didn’t appreciate what I was doing and didn’t appreciate something that wasn’t following strict rules books and guidelines. I knew I needed something different.”

    To give herself a breath of fresh air, Anderson used up the last of her vacation days and traveled to Europe. It was there that she decided to give herself 6 months to find something different. “I was going against the grain of everything my family wanted me to do, and I knew it would take a giant leap of faith into the unknown, but I couldn’t spend more of my life in a cube feeling restrained and slowly burning out as each day passed,” she says.

    Eventually, the company she had taken a job with was bought out, which led to changes and layoffs, including Anderson. At that point she knew she didn’t want to go back to working in a cubicle so she took a leap of faith and started freelancing while also building out her own business model that’s seen quick success. “That’s how I’ve launched this business and signed my first clients,” she says.

    Marketing services offered by Anderson include Marketing Strategy, Content Planning, Content Auditing, Content Research & Creation, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation Services, Landing Page building, SEO Services, and Reporting and Analysis.

    When it comes to offering these services, Anderson says that it’s her ability to be an everything-in-one marketing professional is what helps her business stand out.

    “I truly offering a deep dive into analytics, numbers, and revenue goals, while creatively developing content, digital, and social aspects of the clients I’m working with,” says Anderson. “I like to help my clients get organized, streamline their businesses, and watch them grow. I consider myself a part of their team and really enjoy living their brand. I like to consider myself the perfect balance between the analytics, data, and numbers, while creating and driving unique content, imagery, and clear benchmarks/goals.”

    Anderson says that there will be big updates on her website in the horizon. She’ll also be offering up content and information for businesses and entrepreneurs when it comes to different types of marketing as well as many different free resources. The second half of the year includes lots of secrets that you’ll have to stay tuned for.

    Anderson says that not everything with her marketing business is up and running, as she’s heavily focused on her client work. However, you can find her website and on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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    A local counselor helps women create a true work-life balance, rewriting their life stories to include their own personal vision. Read on for more.

    Stephanie Hurley, MA, LPCC-S is the owner and practitioner at Best Life Counseling & Wellness.

    Stephanie Hurley, MA, LPCC-S, is the owner and sole clinical counselor at Best Life Counseling & Wellness, a mental health counseling private practice.

    Located in Mariemont, Best Life Counseling & Wellness is a lifelong passion for Hurley, who has been a mental health counselor for more than 15 years and always wanted to open her own private practice that took a holistic approach to treatment.

    “While conceptualizing the start up, I envisioned what I hope to help my clients develop,” she says. “That inspiration is that they are able to truly live their best lives through developing insight, self-compassion, and resilience.”

    At Best Life Counseling & Wellness, Hurley offers a variety of counseling services, including individual and couples counseling, as well as family psychoeducation to assist those with loved ones who have a new mental health diagnosis.

    When asked what motivates her in a seeming tireless field, she says that it’s seeing her clients overcome obstacles.

    “I am absolutely energized by seeing my clients defeat their old mantras of perfectionism, and in them learning to set healthy boundaries with others to improve their own life satisfaction,” says Hurley. “I truly feel honored to have people share their stories with me, so that I might provide a different kind of non judgmental support and teach them a new way of thriving in their lives. I love nothing more than watching people progress in their journey of self-discovery, and hearing them recognize that they did the work to feel better.”

    Hurley’s niche in counseling is working with women who are trying to do it all, yet feel like they’re barely keeping their heads above water.

    “It can be a real challenge to attempt a true work-life balance, so part of my role is often helping women rewrite their life stories to include their personal vision of who they are as their best selves,” says Hurley. “This often means learning how to ask for help, how to be true and kind to ourselves, and throwing off the burden of believing we aren’t enough as we are in this moment unless we do things perfectly.”

    Much of the work Hurley does is all about helping women realize that they are worthy of love and self-acceptance right now, without the promotion, with the middle-aged weight gain, or in spite of multiple failed relationships.

    “Through mindfulness and acceptance techniques, along with actionable steps, I can help people reclaim that joy and sense of ‘I’ve got this’ when dealing with life’s inevitable challenges,” she adds. “Once we realize we aren’t alone in our struggles and that they’re not due to some personal flaw, a weight is often lifted, opening us up to feeling better and getting back into the driver’s seat of our lives.”

    In addition to her current counseling services, Hurley says that she will soon offer a new option of Walk & Talk Counseling, which allows her to work with individuals outside in the fresh air and sunshine. “This can be a helpful adjunct when treating anxiety or depression as a way to reset, recharge, or to address specific issues in vivo,” she says.

    Best Life Counseling & Wellness just opened its doors in August, which means that just about everything coming up is new for the business. Come mid-January, however, the business will be moving into a larger suite within the same building.

    “This will be a beautiful and comforting space filled with natural light,” says Hurley. “I believe wholeheartedly that the space used in counseling should help elicit feelings of home to create a ‘soft place to land’ that evokes a sense of safety and support.”

    To learn more about Best Life Counseling & Wellness, check her out on Facebook, Instagram, or send an email to Although the website is currently under construction, you can soon learn more at or Hurley says potential clients can contact her for a free 15-minute phone consultation via email or by calling 513-440-3134.

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    Three women are teaming up and launch a new salon and spa in the heart of downtown Maineville. Learn more about this new mecca for all things beauty.

    North Cincy Salon and Spa offers beauty services in a traditionally modern atmosphere.

    Stacey Becker, Jackie Miller, and Jaci Woods are the founders because Maineville’s newest salon and spa North Cincy Salon and Spa. Together the three women have nearly 50 years of experience in the salon and beauty industry to offer clients quality and modern hair, nail, and skin services.

    “We want to be the go-to for women and men for all things beauty in a part of town where this type of service is lacking and much appreciated,” says Co-Owner Jaci Woods.

    Woods say she and her business partners were inspired to launch North Cincy Salon and Spa when they wanted to develop a concept for a salon/spa that would benefit both clients and stylists.

    “We all come from a different background in the beauty industry and have come to learn the benefits of several different salon concepts,” says Woods. “North Cincy Salon and Spa will be a nice compilation of the traditional hair salon and the newer, loft-type forum. We aim to provide a platform for individual nail stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, massage therapists, etc. to grow their own salon themselves.”

    While giving beauty entrepreneurs the chance to build their own brand and business, North Cincy Salon and Spa will also give clients the ability to choose their service providers and deal with them on a personal advantage as well as take advantage of all of the many services offered under one roof.

    “Clients will receive personalized care from their technicians of choice all while enjoying the comfort and amenities of a traditional salon atmosphere,” says Woods. “A great balance for all involved.”

    Currently at North Cincy Salon and Spa you will find a variety of hair services available including the latest trends in cut and color,nail services such as manicures and pedicures, and the most popular new service – microblading.

    “As we expand our space as well as our team over the next 3 months, we will be adding several more hair stylists for even more options and versatility,” says Woods. “We will also be adding facial treatments and skin care solutions, massage therapy, lash services including lifting and extensions, and more.”

    North Cincy Salon and Spa also plans to incorporate as many services as possible in order to help meet the needs of every client that walks through its doors.

    In addition to its passion for providing for all of its clients, North Cincy Salon and Spa is unique in both its concept and quality.

    Considered a “hybrid,” of a typical salon and a loft situation, North Cincy Salon and Spa offers the best of both worlds.

    “The technicians are able to function as independent business owners, creating their own service menus, using and selling the products they choose, setting their own prices and their own schedules,” says Woods. “At the same time, they will reap the benefits of having an ‘umbrella’ company to provide and maintain the space to perform their services as well as the amenities and support they need to be highly successful.”

    Clients at North Cincy Salon and Spa are able to choose who provides their services according to what they need and way, and can rest assured that they will always be taken care of in a welcoming and uplifting environment.

    “The quality of services and products offered at North Cincy Salon and Spa will be a unique and welcome addition to the North Cincy neighborhood of Maineville, which is quite convenient and frankly lacking to many who live in and work in the northern boroughs,” adds Woods.

    Woods says that 2019 is looking very bright for North Cincy Salon and Spa. She says this coming year will focus on growth as the salon and spa takes on nearly 3,000-square-feet of space in addition to the already-established business.

    “We are expanding in every way and look forward to growing our team as well as our wonderful clientele,” she says. “We plan to continue to provide top-notch services and products as we grow as well as strive to impact our local community in a positive way. We are so fortunate for the opportunity to be a part of the growth of Maineville and North Cincy as a whole.”

    To learn more about North Cincy Salon and Spa, visit their website (coming soon!) or check them out on Facebook and Instagram. You can also learn more about North Cincy Microblading on the website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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    A husband-and-wife team launched a boutique in Anderson Township. See how they keep the fresh ideas and inventory flowing and even found a way to keep the men entertained!

    Tammy Milne and her husband Brian are the owners behind Juneberry Boutique.

    An avid lover of boutiques, Milne and her husband always talked about the idea of one day opening a boutique of her own.

    “When Brian retired, he encouraged me to go for it,” says Milne. “I could not have started this journey without him.”

    That encouragement led to the opening of Juneberry Boutique in Anderson Township.

    Milne knew from the very beginning that she wanted her boutique to be different than the others you can find around town. She says that she wants everyone who walks through the doors to feel welcome.

    “I value each and every one of our customers,” she says. “I love talking and sharing stories and getting to know so many wonderful people in and around the community.”

    At Juneberry Boutique, you can find more than just clothing. There are accessories and specialty items as well that Milne says are reasonably priced.

    To help keep things fresh in the store, Milne is always rotating inventory, changing styles, and working hard to find pretty and casual pieces from a variety of companies.

    “With the help of my wonderful friend Jen we love getting to know what our customers are looking for in styles,” she adds.

    At Juneberry Boutique you can find a wall of earrings in addition to specialty items made from “makers.”

    Milne says that at Juneberry Boutique you can find brands like Old Whaling Co., Buffalo Girls Salvage, Piper Lou, Studio Penny Lane, Joy Susan, and Headbands for Hope.

    The boutique isn’t just for the ladies, though. There’s also a “Dude’s Room,” which was Milne’s husband’s idea and has been a huge hit among male customers. “Fellas can watch some television while the ladies shop,” she says.

    There’s a lot on the horizon for Juneberry Boutique as the store continues to grow and continually refreshes its inventory to meet the needs and wants of customers.

    Juneberry Boutique is located at 1971 8 Mile Road. To learn more, visit their Facebook page where you can find new styles as well as upcoming events. Milne says that she soon hopes to offer online sales.