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Learn about a new boot camp where the workouts are tough, but with things like on-site childcare and complimentary nutrition guidance, it’s easy to get in the best shape of your life.


Burn Boot Camp is a woman-focused boot camp-style gym.

Burn Boot Camp. Doesn’t sound like a walk in the park, does it? Teryl Greist, Owner and Operator of the Hyde Park-based Burn Boot Camp, says that while their workouts are intense, they try to make everything else easy. 

“Burn Boot Camp is a woman-focused boot camp-style gym. Our mission is to empower women and change their life,” Greist explains. “We offer complimentary child care; we know that can be an obstacle for moms to get to the gym. We also offer complimentary nutrition guidance with our Certified Personal Trainers.” 

The “burn” part of the business comes from a desire of her and her partner. “‘Burn,’ to me means the burning desire that my partner, Tom and I, and all our staff have to change people’s lives,” she says.

The idea behind Burn Boot Camp actually sparked in a parking lot. “[It] started in a parking lot in Huntersville, North Carolina, about five years ago by our fearless leader and CEO Devan Kline and his wife, Morgan Kline,” Greist explains. 

Greist was inspired to start Burn Boot Camp in Cincinnati from a passion for changing the lives of women. “I know for Devan, it was a passion to change the lives of his clients,” she says. “For me, I wanted to open a franchise because ‘Burn’ changed my life, and I wanted to change the lives of other women like me.” 

At Burn Boot Camp, there are many different people who want to change their lives for the better, Greist says. ”At Burn Boot Camp, you will see all types of women, and men, all ages, all athletic abilities. You will see our Head Trainer, Mary, giving one on one attention to our clients,” she adds. “You will see women encouraging each other. You will see a TON of high fives!” The client base of Burn Boot Camp mostly consists of women, but there are two camps offered in the evening that men can attend.

The boot camp is different from other boot camps. “Burn is different because it really does become an addiction. The environment is so different from any other gym you enter,” she says. “There’s a positive atmosphere, and lack of judgment from our members. It’s the best 45 minutes you can ever give yourself in a day.” Burn Boot Camp defines success by “seeing clients change their life, whether it be mental or physical,” she adds. 

The business is a great addition to the community and brings people together, Greist says. “Burn Boot Camp is important to the Cincinnati community, not only for our hope to change the lives of its residents, but also in our philanthropic presence as well,” she adds.

Burn Boot Camp is located at 4325 Red Bank Road, Suite A, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. To learn more, visit or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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Read on to learn about a Cincinnati-based salsa manufacturer that’s all about flavor and all-natural ingredients.

While Cincinnati is known for its chili and pork products, there’s a new food making its mark in the Queen City thanks to a new local business. 

“La Verde Fresh offers an alternative taste to the salsa market. Our company has been established to offer a high quality fresh made salsa with all-natural ingredients. The salsa offers a new, authentic flavor twist to the current salsa market,” Karla Boldery, Founder of La Verde Fresh, says. “It is our promise that our products will be manufactured without preservatives and with the most fresh and high quality ingredients.”

Starting in the August of 2016, La Verde Fresh has been working through market and consumer research, packaging and production. We are currently manufacturing at the Findlay Kitchen, 1719 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202,” Boldery says. “We are looking for healthy conscious locations that would like to carry our product.”

La Verde Fresh is a family owned business. “It is me and my three children: Carlos, Issac, and Kael, and we also get support of amazing friends to support us while we are trying to put our brand and products to the market. Thank you to Cecilia Magill and Rachel Jones for being part of this process!”

The inspiration for the business came from a desire to start her own business, and she thought it should be related to food. “I believe it is a way to connect back to my roots and my culture and to find items that I cannot easily find here,” she says. Boldery wasn’t interested in owning a restaurant because of past experience with supporting Hispanic owned businesses, so she decided to manufacture salsa. “The idea has been for years in the back of my mind, but I always waited for the right combination of factors to be aligned. It wasn’t until I facilitated the Latina Entrepreneur Academy Cincinnati in 2017 that realized that the perfect alignment will never come and that if I really wanted to go for it, now was the time to do it,” she says. “I would say the infectious energy that surrounded me with the amazing group was what made me take the decision to finally start.”

La Verde Fresh is unique because of the quality and authentic flavor of their salsa. “Our salsa has no preservatives so you know that you are eating fresh from the first bite and we are your only green fresh salsa in the market,” Boldery says. Also, she wants the salsa to bring people together. “It looks like a table gathering with great conversations and memorable times around the a great meal while enjoying La Verde Fresh. The business defines ‘fresh’ by always using natural ingredients. “Tomatillos, Coriander, Onion, Garlic are bought fresh, unpackaged, never frozen,” she says. 

Boldery loves the uncertainty of the job. “I love the thrill to plan, change and repeat dynamic of small businesses,” she says. “I love to analyze problems and find solutions to tackle these problems. 

If you want to keep up with what La Verde Fresh is doing, you can follow them on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and sign up on their website to be notified on where to find salsa!

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See how a personal battle to get healthy inspired a new business in Blue Ash area that specializes in gluten free and dairy free juices and smoothies


The Green Farm Juicery is a raw cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar located in Blue Ash.

There’s a new Blue Ash-based business serving up juices and smoothies that aren’t just yummy, but also dairy free, gluten free — and the owners say — the key to better health. 

“The Green Farm Juicery is a raw cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar located in Blue Ash, Ohio. We are firm believers that food is medicine and as such, we only use organic, non-processed ingredients,” says Amanda Bottleson and Mara Boord, owners of Green Farm Juicery.

They press their juices and almond milk in their own homes. “Our juices are raw, and up to four pounds of our produce goes into one of our juices,” Bottleson and Boord says. “Our house-made almond milk is creamy and delicious, and we use it in our smoothies and smoothie bowls, which makes them so yummy!”

The juice bar, which opened in November 2017 during the week before Thanksgiving, currently employs about 30 people. The inspiration behind starting the business came from a friendship that started over eight years ago. Bottleson and Boord have gone through pregnancies, loss of both of their mothers, Mara’s best friend, Amanda’s dad, Mara’s sister, and Amanda’s sister. 

“We navigated those losses by holding each other up and sharing a passion for yoga, faith and a journey into wellness by studying food and nutrition. Mara was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases, the most prominent Celiac. Eventually we found ourselves talking about recipes, inflammation, fasting, preventing disease and raising healthful children all the time,” they said. “We starting juicing and became frustrated with the long process it entails! We read up and studied juicing combinations and each benefit for the body and realized our little juicers could not keep up making enough for our daily habits.”

Juicing is a great way to provide people with nutrients. “We think of it as a daily vitamin –pure liquid nourishment that rebuilds cells from the inside out, boosts the immune system and simply will make you feel amazing,” Bottleson and Boord says.

Juicing allows us to get the vitamins and minerals we need without needing to eat a lot of produce. “Heating or pasteurizing juice destroys nutrients and healthful enzymes. Since all of our products are raw (and never pasteurized), we can provide our customers with a more nutritious and delicious juice than what they could buy at a grocery store,” Bottleson and Boord say. This preserves all the great things our bodies need to boost immunity, improve energy, and to be less susceptible to disease. 

Green Farm Juicery sells a variety of cold-pressed juices and smoothies that are nutritious and delicious and green. “We believe it is so important to eat green, live green and drink green! What’s good for the earth is good for your body,” they say. “From the organic produce, nuts, seeds and super foods we use in our juices and smoothies to our compostable packaging and even our waste (we compost and recycle), doing what’s right for the world around us is always a priority. Hence the name The Green Farm Juicery!”

Green farm Juicery is so unique because of the high level of quality of their products. “We have developed a number of unique recipes and flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.” Their favorite part of working at the business is the amount of people who are interested in learning about juicing and people discovering the benefits of juicing, “We already have many regular customers and we truly love getting to know them and we feel so lucky to be in an environment every day talking about juicing and health and raising healthy kids,” Bottleson and Boord says.

The Green Farm Juicery is located at: 9514 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242. To learn more, follow along on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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Learn about a new business that performs in-home pregnancy ultrasounds for baby showers, gender reveal parties, and more.


A new local business is now the only mobile ultrasound service in this region. 

“Reveal Ultra is a mobile pregnancy ultrasound service. We perform pregnancy ultrasounds for baby showers, reveal parties, or simply to allow the expecting couple or mother to introduce their baby to family and friends,” Marilyn Wilson, Marketing and Social Media Director of Reveal Ultra, says. “We have 2D and 3D/4D technology. 3D/4D images allow for visualization of facial features.”

Reveal Ultra launched locally in February 2018, but since they are a mobile service, they do not have a storefront location. “We go to the customer to provide the ultimate pregnancy ultrasound experience,” she says. This is all possible with the help of three registered ultrasound technicians who have nearly 50 years of combined experience.

The inspiration behind starting Reveal Ultra came from understanding that pregnancy is a major life moment. “We wanted to provide a unique way to include loved ones in this celebration of life by providing live visual imagery of the baby via ultrasound in the comfort of the home or party facility,” Wilson says. “We wanted to help mothers and fathers ‘reveal’ their baby, the ‘Ultra Way.’” 

Wilson explains that the “Ultra Way” is more about making the celebration of life even more memorable. “It is not just about revealing the gender, although that is a part of what we do. It is a celebration of bringing new life into the world,” she adds. “The mission of Reveal Ultra is to provide a quality mobile sonography service by creating the ultimate visual imagery experience for expecting mothers or fathers.”

Wilson says Reveal Ultra is a unique business concept in the Cincinnati area. “It is unique because we bring the ultimate ultrasound experience to you. There is no other mobile ultrasound service in this region,” she explains. “There is no limit on the number of people with whom the expecting parent can share this experience.”

Wilson says it’s important to have the option for these unique services. “It provides another dimension to the pregnancy experience. It is a unique business, unlike any other in this region,” she adds. “To have this unique service available in Cincinnati is creating a significant interest in the experience we provide.” 

To learn more about Reveal Ultra, follow them through FacebookTwitterInstagram, and their website or contact them via email.

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Learn about a fitness facility in Westwood that offers personally guided workouts based on your unique abilities.


Training Personally encourages those in all stages of their fitness journey to keep going.

A local fitness facility invites everyone to keep trekking on their fitness journey, regardless of age or fitness level. “Training Personally is a gym in Westwood that welcomes everyone who has a desire to be the healthy person they were created to be,” Peggy Edwards, Personal Trainer and Owner of Training Personally, says. “It is a gym where clients are encouraged and celebrated for every success, no matter how big or small. It is a gym where you are personally guided through a workout based on your abilities.”

Edwards hasn’t always been into fitness. She started working out regularly in her late 30s. At the time she started working out, she had four children and her body was changing. 

This encouraged her to join a YMCA and started to attend resistance classes twice a week. “I was getting healthier and it was fun because I started to get to know the regulars in the class and I felt I was part of a family,” Edwards says. “If I didn’t show up for a class, everyone wanted to know why. It was great for accountability.”

She began teaching classes at the YMCA in 2002, and received her personal training certificate from the American Council on Exercise in 2008 and started training her family and friends. 

“Then, in 2012, I got a very strong feeling that I should open a gym so I could help more people in my community be the healthy humans God created them to be,” Edwards says. “The idea seemed crazy. I had a full-time job as a church administrative assistant and I still taught classes at the YMCA. I knew I would not be able to quit my day job, so where was the time? I prayed for direction, and the idea kept feeling like a ‘calling.’ Finally in January 2016, the gym opened with my husband’s support. It took him a while to warm up to the idea. I retired from my day job in October 2017.”

Training Personally became a LLC in October of 2015, and her gym opened on January 4, 2016. There are a variety of services offered at Training Personally, and they are: open times for circuit training, personal training, and you can get a fitness assessment done. 

Training Personally defines success by the achievements of Edwards’ clients who have never exercised before. One example she shares: “Her first success story was about how she could kneel down to tie her shoe and get back up without help,” Edwards says. “She has had many other little successes that have added up to stronger muscles, bones, better balance and a trimmer shape.”

Edwards offers another success story of a man who had a total knee replacement surgery: “I had a client who has had a total knee replacement. His leg is moving in ways he never thought possible,” she says. “I also have a young lady who has lost 70lbs. Every time someone tells me they can now move in a way they haven’t been able to is a success. We want to be able to move so we can do the things God created us to do.”

The gym is so important for the Cincinnati community. “I have clients coming from all over, but my heart is for the West Side,” Edwards says, adding that her business brings people of all shapes, sizes, and color together with two like-minded goals:

1. They want to exercise consistently in a challenging, friendly, fun and safe environment where they feel welcome and not judged.
2. They want to support local business.

Training Personally is located at 3634 Boudinot Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. To learn more, follow them on Facebook.

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See how one local fitness studio lights a fire for their clients to get transformations from the inside out.

A local fitness studio works to light a fire inside of you to get red-hot results.

“Trufyr is both a concept and concrete strategy for finding that inner fire that is always simmering inside of us, and bringing to life the transformation of life, through mood, energy and mindset that you have through lifestyle design,” says Tracey Palmer, Owner and Founder of Trufyr Fitness.

Tracey Palmer, Founder and Owner of Trufyr Fitness

The business opened in January 2016 and is located at 5604 Wooster Pike, Fairfax, Ohio 45227. Palmer prudes herself on running Trufyr Fitness on her own. The inspiration behind starting the business came from her own fitness journey and transformation. “Learning from mistakes and having the knowledge through my nursing background about how the body truly works, whether against us or for us,” she says. 

The name Trufyr for her business is personal for her. “My philosophy is about finding your true, authentic, real. Tru – is just for that, this is about you and I work with my clients to dig and find that true, because that is the basis of transformation,” Palmer says. “Fyr – is about my heritage and family background.”

There are a variety of different services offered at Trufyr Fitness. They include: one on one coaching, group training sessions, assisted stretching, nutritional education along with innovative ideas, including lifestyle design. 
Trufyr Fitness is unique because the business inspires people to transform their lives and be healthy. “It’s not about the biggest bicep or most repetitions, it’s about personal luxury and all that it entails. Bringing you up to your best,” Palmer says. “It’s about lifestyle and wonder and seeing more than just pounds, but embracing your own power.”

Trufyr Fitness wants to create a new mentality for the community. “A new mindset for the community, one that is remarkably innovative that permits us to develop our own unique “flow” or structure,” she says. “One that is guiding you always upwards.”

Palmer loves to see the success for her clients. “Success is seeing that fire lit up in my clients,” she says. “Watching them transform not only in a physical sense, but also in perception and mood and watching their energy soar.”

Palmer says she’s passionate about the work she does at the studio. “I love what I do! I am privileged to do what I am passionate about and very honored to work with my community,” she adds. 

Trufyr Fitness is located at 9891 Montgomery Road, Suite 114 Cincinnati, OH 45242. To learn more visit their WebsiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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A unique yoga studio in Loveland is helping clients become the best version of themselves, inside and out.


Loveland Yoga and Wellness offers yoga and alternative healing practices.

Yoga isn’t just a form of exercise; it can be a lifestyle and gateway to wellness. That’s the idea behind one local yoga studio.

“Loveland Yoga and Wellness is a small boutique, yoga and wellness studio offering alternative healing practices,” says Linda Becker, Owner of Loveland Yoga and Wellness.

Becker opened the studio in June 2014, who is also the massage therapist there. Loveland Yoga and Wellness is located in Old Loveland, near the Little Miami Bike Trail at 429 West Loveland Avenue.

The inspiration for the business came from having experience in the yoga industry for eight years. “Many students came to take classes, but could not find appropriate classes for their needs. Few options were available for older beginners, students with limited mobility, etc. I was becoming more interested in yoga accessible for everyone,” Becker says. “Thus I entered training to become a certified yoga therapist. I wanted to open a yoga wellness center offering several healing modalities. I wanted to reach people who were intimidated by typical yoga studios and didn’t think yoga was for them.”

There are a variety of services offered at the studio. These services include:

• Urban Zen Integrative Therapy: “Integrates the healing modalities of gentle yoga, essential oils and Reiki to lessen most symptoms of the modern day lifestyle: pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation, exhaustion, and sadness,” she says. “Meant to complement modern medicine. Urban Zen is a self-care practice to bring balance to the body.”
• Reiki: “Reiki is a Japanese healing practice that is associated with the benefits of deep relaxation, stress reduction, more restful sleep, and enhanced immune functioning,” Becker says.
• Aromatherapy: “Aromatherapy uses essential oils made from plant materials to promote relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety, and to lessen symptoms from acute and chronic health conditions,” she says.
• Raindrop Technique: “The oils are layered on the neck, back, and feet bringing about balance and electrical alignment,” she says.

Loveland Yoga and Wellness is for anybody to enjoy. “It’s real yoga for real people. We believe that every person- no matter the age, health condition, experience or life stage, can benefit from the calming and healing benefits of yoga,” Becker says. “We offer private instruction and small classes for all stages of life- stressed out, overworked, injured, joint/back/neck pain, seniors and more. Each class is tailored to the specific needs of the group.” The space “provides a local space for the community to come together and support each other on their wellness journey,” she says.

To learn more about Loveland Yoga and Wellness, follow them on Facebook or their website.

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See how one local fitness studio encourages and empowers their clients to live better lives from the inside out.


Rooks Fitness helps empower people to reclaim their health.

One local fitness facility wants to see you grow personally, in addition to seeing results in the mirror.

“Rooks Fitness is a place where people are empowered to reclaim their health, love themselves and live their best years,” Erica Rooks, Owner of Rooks Fitness and Personal Trainer, says. 

Rooks Fitness was born in 2015, but their first actual location opened in the summer of 2017. Today, they have six employees, hundreds of happy client testimonials, and a concept that continues to grow.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from Rooks going to gyms and working in corporate gyms where people didn’t care about the success of their clients and members, “ she says. “In fact, their model thrives on thousands of members that pay monthly dues and never use the facility at all! This was a truly devastating discovery for me. Embarking on the journey to reclaim your health, improve self-esteem, move and feel better, etc, is scary as hell,” Rooks says. “I wanted to create a place that people felt welcome , supported, and comfortable enough to keep coming, (and even look forward to coming), so that they can achieve all the goals that brought them through our doors in the first place. Our clients are real people, with real lives, real struggles, real triumphs… families, jobs, and lives outside of our walls. We help them navigate their own journey in realistic and sustainable ways to realize long-term success. That is something a big box gym simply cannot compete with.”

Rooks Fitness offers a variety of services that include: 

  • Personal Training 
  • Functional Fitness Classes 
  • Yoga Classes

Rooks says the Functional Fitness classes have a maximum of 12 people. “This means  everyone still benefits from the time and attention of our trainers (form correction, motivation, modification, etc.),” she explains. “No two classes are the same! We love keeping things fun and interesting, so one day you may play Exercise Monopoly and another you may be participating in partner drills.”

Their yoga classes are also very effective and popular, Rooks says.  “Adrienne, our resident licensed massage therapist, is certified in many modalities, including CranioSacral, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Prenatal, and other Swedish modalities,” she adds. “She is passionate about helping people facilitate healing and improve bodily function through massage.”

According to Rooks, Rooks Fitness is a unique business that uses a holistic approach – mind, body and spirit – and it is evident through every interaction. “We promote taking extraordinary care of ourselves, and that is much more than just exercise,” she explains. “To help support that mission, every year I take my clients on a healthy retreat, coming up in mid-April, where we work on personal development, goal setting, and other important activities to ensure our clients can reach their full potential.”

Rooks says the business is important for the community because they provide education, support and empowerment to people. “As we continue to settle into Blue Ash, we look forward to working with other local businesses and organizations to create a positive impact on our community and its culture,” she explains. 

Rooks Fitness is located at Summit Park, 4460 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 224, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242. To learn more, visit their Facebook, Instagram and website

You’ve heard of, and probably been to, Findlay Market before. But our wellness columnists uncovered five fun facts about Findlay Market that’ll make your next visit even more special.


Image: Findlay Market

When I moved to Cincinnati from Columbus, I visited Findlay Market with Molly. When I told Molly that Findlay was just like the North Market in Columbus she was quick to inform me that actually the North Market was modeled after Findlay. Findlay Market is Ohio’s oldest surviving municipal market house, and a Cincinnati staple. While many frequent the market, a surprising amount of natives don’t know much about this local gem. Here are some little known facts, beyond how amazing the merchants and food are: 

Findlay is a historical landmark with rich history: 

In the 19th and early 20th century there were nine public markets operating in Cincinnati. Findlay Market is the only one still in operation. Findlay was built on land donated by General James Findlay (1770 – 1835) and Jane Irwin Findlay (1769 – 1851), and was one of the first markets in the nation to use iron frame construction. In 1972, the Market was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In the early 1800s, merchants stored their food in deep cellars beneath the city’s nearby breweries.  

Findlay has a business incubator: 

business incubator is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space. In April of 2016, Findlay Market launched its own business incubator, Findlay Kitchen. Findlay Kitchen is a commercial kitchen that rents space to local food entrepreneurs looking to start, scale and grow their businesses. They also provide mentorship, training, and resources to entrepreneurs to help them succeed. They host a ton of community classes and events in the space featuring local food businesses, including one this week on fried chicken and champagne. Check out the class listings here.

You can take a tour of Findlay Market

Findlay offers bi-monthly public tours of the market. The tours are free, and last about 30 minutes. You’ll learn more about the history of the market, and some of the amazing vendors. The tours are on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month and start at 10AM. Meet at the Market Center which is across from the Taste of Belgium. First 20 people accepted. You can register in advance here, and check out other tour options here.

Findlay has a Biergarten 

Located at the Elm Street (West) end of Findlay Market is an outdoor biergarten. There is a rotating tap of local breweries, and a few other non beer options. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday live musicians setup and play for drinkers and shoppers. The biergarten is open Tuesday-Thursday, 4-8PM, Friday-Saturday, 11AM-8PM and Sunday, 11AM-4PM May-October. 

The Market is constantly hosting events: 

There is literally always something going on at Findlay. This summer Findlay will offer fitness classes in the Biergarten. The classes will be taught by a rotating roster of local instructors so Cincinnatians can experience new workouts, studios, and instructors. For $10, participants not only get a workout, but a beer as well afterward. Perfect combo. 

Findlay is just another reason we’re lucky to call Cincinnati home. Let us know your favorite little known facts about the market!

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Silent… disco… yoga… you read that right. Keep reading to learn about this unique yogi experience you won’t want to miss. 

Silent… disco… yoga… Yes, these three things you wouldn’t necessarily think pair together well are joining forces for a yogi experience like no other.

With the help of the 21c Hotel, Sound Off Yoga has been able to happen in the Cincinnati.

“Our practice is called ‘Sound Off Yoga.’ However, our company started at festivals doing silent discos, which is basically a headphone dance party where guests get to party using headphones in a place of amplified sound,” Phillip Galaviz, Sound Off Colorado partner, says. “With our technology, we can have three different DJs play at the same time and the user gets to pick which music they want to listen to by switching channels on the headphones and controlling their own volume. We took this headphone experience and applied it to yoga, then coined the name, ‘Silent Disco Yoga,’ so people would get the gist of yoga with headphones.”

The inspiration behind the event comes from a desire to make yoga accessible to the people who feel self-conscious or people who can’t hear the cues or instruction happening during a class. “With Sound Off headphones, every person gets crystal clear sound wherever they are in the room. It also gives you a very personalized experience, as if the instructor is speaking directly in your ear, which also helps to keep out distractions and stay focused on practice while still feeling a sense of connection with the people practicing next to you. It’s amazing,” Galaviz says

The silent part isn’t just for the users or students, but there is not any amplified sound for people to be distracted by. “It allows us to do pop up classes in cool public spaces without creating any noise violations,” he says.

Jennifer Lynn, Owner of Fit Philosophie LLC, holds the event in the Cincinnati area and is passionate about creating an enjoyable experience for the people coming to each of the events. “Success is providing a unique, memorable, and joyful experience to our participants, We want them to experience how in a crowd of 500 people, you can simultaneously have a connection to community while turning inward by isolating the sound! It’s quite wondrous,” she says. “It’s uplifting and the ‘feel good’ is contagious.”

Lynn’s most memorable moment of working on the event so far has been having a call with Singapore, New York City, Denver and Cincinnati all at once. “This call made me certain that Sound Off is a company with a big heart and they are open to expanding their giving impacts by working with me (a B1G1 partner) and by doing so, changing the world one impact at a time.”

If you want to keep up with what is happening with the events, follow them on Facebook and Instagram