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See how a former P&G’er recently ventured out on his own to launch a company that the keto community says is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

William Schumacher, a former brand manager at Procter & Gamble, recently decided to venture out on his own. He partnered with Blue Oven Bakery to launch Uprising Food, a company that offers the Keto Kube, a keto bread. 

The trend of ketogenic diets doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon and Schumacher saw it as an opportunity to serve those who follow the diet, in which consumers eat a low amount of carbs and foods high in fats so they burn fat rather than carbohydrates. 

Because the goal of the diet is to consume a lower amount of carbs, that means many of those who follow the keto diet are unable to eat bread. However, Uprising Food and its Keto Kube are changing that. 

“Uprising is a brand who is waging war against poor gut health,” says Schumacher. “We aim to make a dent in the fiber gap affecting 95% of Americans. It’s time to get folks some digestive wins and start turning the tide in favor of our good gut bugs. Our weapon of choice, arguably the world’s best tasting keto bread and possibly the healthiest loaf on the planet.”

Schumacher says that their bread isn’t appealing to just those who follow a keto diet. “The Keto Kube also works for those who want to slim down by avoiding wheat-based loaves, which typically contain refined flour that can cause blood sugar to spike,” he explains. “The Keto Kube is also gluten-free, which can attract people who avoid wheat because of medical conditions.”

Schumacher’s passion for launching something like Uprising Food came from his own passion for fitness. He says he baked more than 200 loaves of keto bread as he experimented with recipes to find what would work for him and the brand he wanted to launch. 

That’s when he got in contact with Mark Frommeyer of Blue Over to help develop the winning recipe, which includes baking powder rather than yeast and has other natural ingredients including egg whites, psyllium husk, flax, apple cider vinegar, salt, and water. 

“The bread produces 160 calories per slice, 6 grams of protein, and 11 grams of fat,” he says. “The loaf is 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep. That yields eight slices, or 1.25 pounds of bread.”

In addition to its loaf, Uprising Food is in the middle of launching a big push for The “Toast” Cleanse, a 3-day gut reset challenge using the Keto Kube. 

Uprising Food officially launched on January 4, 2020 after raising $250,000 from investors. A four-loaf package is $48. 

To learn more about Uprising Food, visit or follow along on Instagram.

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Is running a part of your New Year’s Resolution? Read more about a local race company hosting several 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons throughout the year.

If your plans for 2020 are to get your body moving more, Bodies Race Company – Cincinnati has just what you need. 

“Bodies Race Company – Cincinnati is a race company that produces 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons across the area,” explains Marketing Director Erica Munsinger. 

Part of a franchise business, the mission behind Bodies Race Company and its Cincinnati branch is to help make a healthy impact in all of the major markets across the country. 

The inspiration for offering these races in cities across the country came from Brand and Jen McCleary, of Kansas City, who started their careers in health and fitness. 

“They owned a gym called Bodies and started taking their clients to races for a fun way to exercise without focusing on the scale,” says Munsinger. “After attending races, they found that there was a huge need for a race company in the Kansas City area. They hosted their first event, and the rest was history.”

Now, there are over 200 Bodies Race Company events across the country as well as the management of numerous third party races. “We exist to make a healthy impact in our communities by bringing fun, family, and fitness to every city,” says Munsinger. “Our visit is to exist in every major market in America ,as well as take our mission global.”

When Bodies Race Company – Cincinnati lists their upcoming running events, they do so on Black Friday. This Holiday Series allows participants to sign up for their choice of 8 themed races throughout the year. 

“Ths is part of our mission to make a healthy impact in our communities,” says Munsinger. “In addition, many participants find us unique because of our cutting edge medal and t-shirt designs. We’ve been trendsetters, and out-of-the-box thinkers when it comes to race swag.”

There are currently nine franchisees across the country with 14 locations and a corporate team of 11, with growth expected in the future.

To learn more, visit

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Learn about the woman behind a new zero-waste lifestyle shop in OTR who’s making the earth’s future a little brighter one fun find at a time.

Rachel Felous, founder of Simply Zero

One of today’s biggest topics is that of climate change – which has been attributed to air pollution, overpopulation, and waste. From dirtying the air to filling the oceans with garbage, there are many who are on a mission to help clean up our environment. 


Rachel Felous is a woman on a mission to do just that through Simply Zero, her business that’s on a mission to create a future with zero waste and low impact living through their products, education, and community activism. 


“I created Simply Zero for those who are seeking to live a mindful and sustainable life,” she says. “Simply Zero was built on the fundamental idea that each one of us has the capability of creating positive change in this world through the choices we make and the dollars we spend.”

Currently, Simply Zero has a pop-up shop in OTR until Jan 5 at 1329 Vine Street.


Simply Zero sells everyday products such as coffee cups, straws, and totes as well as beauty and wellness products including skincare, makeup, and body care products, and even home products including items to use in the kitchen and bathroom as well as cleaning products.


Not only do they sell products but Simply Zero also offers events including workshops to help bring the community together and educate them on zero waste, low impact lifestyles.


Some of these workshops includes Zero Waste for Beginners, Low Impact Spring Cleaning, and Zero Waste Travel.


The point of Simply Zero’s community and product efforts is to help empower others to love the earth, make less waste, and live a life that’s good for themselves and the planet. “That’s why we sell package-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that help you live your best zero waste, low impact lifestyle,” says Felous.

Currently, Simply Zero has a concept pop-up shop set up in Over-the-Rhine for the holiday season and lasting through January 5. You can visit the store at 1329 Vine Street.

To learn more about Simply Zero, visit There you can shop online and even read their blog with tips on how to reduce your waste and make your way toward a zero waste lifestyle.

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Read about a local doctor opened a medical cannabis clinic to provide compassionate, expert care in the field of cannabinoid medicine.

Dr. James Weeks is a firm believer in the power of cannabis as medicine. That’s why he opened One Heart Medical, a locally owned medical cannabis clinic that provides compassionate, expert care in the field of cannabinoid medicine. 

“We provide access to the medical cannabis card, detailed education on all aspects of cannabis, as well as provide follow up care as needed,” explains Weeks. 

The main goal behind this alternative medical practice is to help decrease the stigmata that is associated with cannabis while also improving the quality of life for its patients. 

Weeks himself has extensive experience in the medical field. He trained at The Christ Hospital and is board certified in Internal Medicine. 

“I have been a practicing hospitalist for the last nine years,” he says. “Not only do I run One Heart Medical, but you can also find me teaching medical students and residents as a part-time faculty at a local hospital and volunteering to provide medical services to the underserved in downtown Cincinnati.”

Aside from the work he does to better the community and the lives of his patients through his medical practice, he also feels strongly about education. 

“We provide detailed education in regards to all aspects of cannabis to our patients, including modes of use, impact of various cannabinoids and terpenes, and dosing,” explains Weeks. “We tailor the education to the patient’s individual needs.”

While there are a variety of services offered at One Heart Medical, each treatment plan is individualized to the person receiving those services based on their medical problems, symptoms, and the medications they take.

“We have an open door policy, thus if a patient of ours has any questions they can call us, email us, use our clinics my chart, or come back in to see us,” he says. “We want all our patients to achieve the best results from cannabis.”

One Heart Medical is helping its clinic stand out from other healthcare providers in the quality service it offers patients. Included in the private, non discriminatory, and relaxed environment are 1 hour visits so that each patient gets quality time and education. 

One Heart Medical is located in the historic Lincoln School in Columbia Tusculum at 455 Delta Avenue, Suite 303

To learn more about the practice, visit You can also find news and other updates on their Facebook page.

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Now that we’re coming to the end of the year, it’s nice to look back on all that we’ve achieved. Perhaps you’re the kind of superwoman who sets herself a whole bookful of resolutions and ticks them off throughout the year. (In which case why are you reading?! You’ve got this down already!) If you’re not that kind of woman however, then perhaps it’s time to take some tips on board.

Deciding on a type of exercise that works for you is key to realising your fitness goals

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with a Team Sport

A great way to reach your fitness goals this new year is to sign up for a team sport. Ohio has a pretty great track record with basketball and, although you’re unlikely to be taking part in the battle between the Clippers and the Lakers this time around, having a team around you and the electric atmosphere of the basketball court is a great way to spur you on and keep you motivated.

If basketball isn’t rocking your boat, then maybe you need to make your team a bit smaller? Playing doubles tennis or badminton only requires two of you (and of course another team to play with!). It could be a really nice way to spend a bit more quality time with your partner, or it could be a really effective way of getting you and your bestie out of the bar and into your workout gear. Whichever one you opt for, tennis and badminton are both great cardio based workouts.

Making time for the simple things like reading a book can be a great place to start your list of resolutions

Be Realistic With Your Expectations

One of the most important things to remember when making your resolutions is to be realistic with your expectations. Some people just aren’t designed for marathon running, especially if they haven’t left the couch in the last couple of years. Find things that you already enjoy in life, or have some aptitude for and focus on those. If you love nothing more than kicking back with a book, but can’t recall the last time you made it through a whole one, then make it a goal to read 6 books next year. If you achieve it, make it 12 books the next year. Increasing incrementally in this way means you’re far more likely to stick to your goals and eventually achieve what you set out to.

Try to Make Time for ‘Me-Time’

In this busy busy busy modern world, it’s so important to make time for ourselves. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of making all of our New Year’s Resolutions about everyone else. Perhaps it’s to take on more tasks at work or see more of the in-laws, but rarely do we stop to consider ourselves. A really worthwhile resolution this year could be to invest some time into our mental health. Just ten minutes a day spent practicing meditation could make a whole world of difference to our energy levels and concentration. Similarly factoring a little yoga into our exercise routine is a great way to leave yourself feeling relaxed and grounded (not to mention a great workout in itself!). 


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Every year we go through a similar routine. We get to December after 12 months of hard work and decide that we’re going to go all-out over the holidays, celebrating the good times while we can. Then, as the first week of January hits, the realization dawns that we’ve put on ten pounds in weight. Only the most drastic of New Year’s resolutions will save us!

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions, however, is trickier than you might think. Yes, people want to lose weight and tone up, but they often need help doing it. 

What are the top 5 New Year’s resolutions?

The top five near years resolutions are: 

  1. To eat healthier or go on a diet
  2. To exercise more
  3. To lose weight
  4. To save money and spend less
  5. To learn a new skill or hobby

How do you set goals for New Year’s resolutions? 

Setting goals for your New Year’s resolutions is easy. Just follow these easy steps: 

  • Write down your goals and then check back with them periodically to make sure that you still want to follow them
  • Set goals for different areas of your life, whether financial, health or quality-of-life related
  • Create goals that you can measure, such as losing a certain amount of weight before a particular date
  • Include your partner or significant other in your goal setting decisions

Why are New Year’s resolutions important? 

New Year’s resolutions are important because they help clarify your priorities. They help you focus on the things that you most want from life. 

What gifts can help people keep their resolutions?

Are you wondering which gifts can help people keep their New Year’s resolutions? If so, you’re in luck. Take a look at these personalized gifts for him and gifts for her. 

A Wall Grid

A wall grid is a little bit like a personalised planner but for everyone to see. It’s essentially a frame that you put on the wall that allows you to hang post-it notes reminding you what you need to do next. It’s like a calendar, but a bit more flexible. 

A Gym Bag

Is there a person in your life who wants to improve his or her fitness in the new year? If so, a gym bag might be just the thing that they need to give them that extra push to go out and train.

Gym bags have come a long way in recent years. They’re no longer giant duffel bags with vulgar branding scrawled all over them. Instead, they are elegant, stylish, and help the recipient look their best whenever they rock up to the gym. 

A Personalised Planner

Anyone who wants to make a significant lifestyle change needs a personalized planner – a vital piece of kit for writing down what they plan to achieve their resolutions for the new year.

A Personalized, Framed To-Do List

People who have great routines tend to have great lives. While exercising, eating well, and working hard are all difficult in the short term, they pay off massively over the decades. A person who does everything right from age twenty-five to age fifty-five can look forward to a relaxing retirement, freedom, and a much-reduced risk of adverse health problems.

Sometimes, though, people need a bit of a nudge in the right direction to help them make the right choices. That’s what’s so wonderful about personalized daily to-do lists. You can personalize a shortlist of perhaps ten things that the recipient should do every day to make their lives better. It could be something like, wake up, drink a cup of green tea, have a green smoothie, go for a 20-minute walk, and so on. Thus, it could be the perfect way to remind them how to live, day after day, if they traditionally struggle to stick with their New Year’s resolution. 

Healthy Chocolate Alternatives

A lot of people resolve to give up eating chocolate for New Year’s. Chocolate not only contains loads of sugar, but it’s packed full of fat from the cocoa bean, too, making it an ideal food for gaining weight. 

Modern health-orientated companies, however, now make a variety of chocolate substitute products made from whole foods that don’t cause weight gain but still taste great. 

Going cold turkey on chocolate is hard. Chocolate contains dozens of feel-good compounds that send genuine chocolate-lovers wild. Most of these compounds, however, are in the defatted cocoa powder, not in the other elements. Cocoa is a health food. Hence, you can now buy a range of chocolate products that do not contain any of the refined ingredients you would typically find in regular chocolate. Instead, the sweetness comes from dates (a whole fruit) and the fat from nuts (like cashews blended into a paste). 

A “More Self Love” Badge

Sometimes people need a gentle reminder to be kinder to themselves. A “More Self Love” badge is the perfect present for anyone who is trying to look after themselves better in the new year. 

A Matcha Brewing Kit

Matcha is ground up green tea leaves. It’s become a popular choice of beverage over recent years because of the extraordinary health benefits of daily green tea consumption. Green tea contains potent compounds that help to improve health at the fundamental level, switching your cells into maintenance mode, making it a vital part of any weight loss plan. 

Making matcha tea, however, isn’t always straightforward. It requires a little know-how. Fortunately, with a Matcha Brewing Kit from companies like Matchelogist, it’s easy. The kit comes with a double-walled glass teapot, a hand whisk made of bamboo, and a bamboo measuring spoon. There are also instructions showing you how to drink this tea like a true Buddhist monk. Just leave it to brew, and you’re all set. 

A Tea Subscription

You can get a subscription for practically anything these days, including, it seems, for tea. A tea subscription is an excellent gift for her because it completely takes care of the drinks side of the diet equation. With an endless supply of healthy teas, she won’t be so tempted to reach for the double cream macchiato. 

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Want to better your health and wellness in the New Year? Learn about a counseling and coaching business that helps to develop empowered women.

In today’s world it’s important to take care of you. That’s what Galia Collaborative is here for. They want to help empower purpose-driven women to develop their mental wellness through therapy, coaching, and content.

“We believe that the impact of women will be elevated when they can take charge of their mental health and wellbeing,” says Galia Collaborative Founder Dr. Ashley Solomon. “We provide accessible services and thoughtful content development by women’s mental health experts.”

Solomon says that she was inspired to launch Galia Collaborative after years of working as a psychologist, business leader, mom, and woman. 

“I spent years in the trenches of burnout culture and recognized that stress and anxiety were eating away at my wellbeing,” she explains. “Even being in the behavioral healthcare field, no one was talking about how we can sustainably manage our mental health.”

Soloman didn’t want to offer traditional therapy, which seemed so removed from what she had experienced in her field, and executive coaching wasn’t something that was available to her. 

“I wanted to take the years that I’d spend developing treatment approaches and programming for women and create a space that addressed the needs of busy professionals in a modern, gender-responsive, and evidence-based way,” she says. “I’ve always been focused on trying to answer how we can elevate the voices and impact of women, and I recognize that empower women’s mental health is key.”

Soloman says that she spent her earlier career in the field of eating disorders before she found that those same women who recovered from eating disorders were still lacking the tools they needed to be fully health in how they approach both life and work. “This and my own journey led me to thinking about how we can create meaningful services and tools to support women who are going to make a difference,” she adds.

Solomon is joined in her practice by clinician Jennifer Burns, a licensed counselor with a background in professional comedy. “She specializes with women who have experienced trauma or are navigating other mental health or life challenges,” says Solomon. There’s also Erin McMenamin, a licensed social worker, who recently joined the team and is offering coaching for women making big transitions.

At Galia Collaborative, you’ll find that the work the team does is action-oriented and designed to create real movement toward the values of clients. “We use evidence-based approaches based on psychological science in both our therapy and coaching work,” she says.

Therapy services offered at Galia Collaborative are for adolescent and adult women both in-person and online. 

“We offer professional coaching for women who are ready to elevate their impact in their careers or are navigating challenges in their work,” says Solomon. “We believe that doing so starts from within and moves its way outward, and our coaching is both introspective and actionable.”

In addition to the services currently offered, Galia Collaborative is in the process of developing talks and workshops for organizations on how to elevate their impact through mental health and wellness.

Solomon says that in the coming year Galia Collaborative is launching Thrive Circles, small groups of committed women who are connecting around a particular challenge or interest. 

“We have two starting early in the year and are accepting registration for those now,” says Solomon. “The first is a mastermind for women service-based business owners, and the other is for your women, ages 23-35, looking to set themselves up for personal and professional success.”

To learn more about Galia Collaborative, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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One of the first full-service climbing gyms in the Midwest has opened its doors in a new location in Oakley. Keep reading for more.

It’s been 26 years since Climb Time opened its first location in Blue Ash. Now, in 2019, they’re opening their doors at a second location in Oakley.
“Climb Time Oakley is a 45-ft tall facility with lead climbing, top roping, speed climbing, and, of course, bouldering,” says Climb Time President Patty Law. “We are open to beginner intermediate, and advanced climbers, and our pro shop offers climbing gear, clothing, books, and accessories.”
Those who want to get in the rock climbing game or who want to advance their skills can check out the facility that was built from the ground up and features nearly 11,000-square-feet of climbable wall space.
In addition to the climbing offerings at Climb Time, you’ll also find other amenities including a Tension board, a campus board, a rowing machine, kettlebells, and free weights. 
“Yoga classes and fitness clinics are something that we will have in our offerings in the near future,” says Law. “Our location, which is within walking distance of MadTree Brewing, had its grand opening on August 31 and saw a massive turnout with a line of patrons that wrapped outside around the corner.”
Law says that those who want to turn their passion for climbing into a competition can try out the competitions that are held at Climb Time, including the famed circuit America Bouldering Series that was born in Climb Time in the late 90s.
Climb Time Oakley is located at 4460 Orkney Avenue in Cincinnati. 
To learn more about Climb Time, visit You can also follow along on Facebook.

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New skincare services are now available at a spa that specializes in helping women enjoy a luxurious, toxin-free spa experience. 

Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound has a new location in Florence, Kentucky, in addition to its Mason, Ohio location that just celebrated a 15 year anniversary. 

But that’s not the only thing new at Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound. They just launched several new services, expanding the use of the new performance-based, all-natural skincare products line, Pevonia.

The spa isn’t just for those who are expecting, either, says Marnie Gosser, spa manager of Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound. In fact, she adds, because they only use products that are all-natural yet result-oriented, their spa is a regional destination for those who want a toxin-free spa experience. 

All staff receives additional training to cater to their mom and mom-to-be guests as well. “We offer services before you are pregnant, during your pregnancy, and after you deliver your baby,” says Gosser. “We specialize in spa services that are therapeutic, relaxing, and pregnancy-safe.”

The specially trained therapists at Becoming Mom are there to help customers feel pampered with products and techniques that are safe yet performance-based. Gosser says they see dramatic results with issues like acne, swollen feet, dark spots or bags under eyes.

New services now available at Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound include the Glow Facial Plus and the Royal Treatment Facial. 

“The Glow Facial Plus uses three different ancient Chinese tools that help you get the results you’re looking for without all the chemicals and toxins that are out there in the beauty industry,” Gosser says.

The facial boosts collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to even out pigmentation issues you may have with your skin. Specialists also use beauty oils that are customized to your skin type – so whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or acne, the Glow Facial Plus can help your skin.

The Royal Treatment Facial is considered to be the ultimate facial offered at Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound. 

“Our aestheticians use ancient techniques and selected products that address acne, oily, dry, devitalized, or aging skin,” says Gosser. “This exquisite but relaxing treatment includes lymphatic draining to produce radiant, younger looking skin.

Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound has gift cards available for purchase to use for yourself or as a gift for someone for the upcoming holidays. To learn more, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram for pop-up specials and giveaways.

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Read on to learn about a non-profit organization that wants to help support and empower women through their breast and gynecological cancer journeys.

If you need support after being diagnosed with breast and gynecological cancer, there is an organization that‘s here to help. 

“DayOne Matters of Greater Cincinnati is a non-profit organization that provides one-on-one support, trusted resources and generous assistance to breast and gynecological cancer fights, survivors and caregivers,” says Amy Darrah, Co-founder and President. “Through our IMPACT Giving Foundation, we provide Chemo and radiation bags, healthy meals and medical bill assistance to fighters and survivors when they are in need.”

Launched alongside Co-founder Brenda Walton, DayOne Matters began three years ago, but it officially launched last month. “DayOne Matters is volunteer-run and we currently have 13 volunteers and are growing,” says Darrah. 

The inspiration behind starting the organization came from the feeling of Darrah and Walton had during their cancer journeys. “Our inspiration was born out of the isolation and frustration we felt, coupled with the lack of available resources, at the time of our diagnoses and throughout our cancer journeys. Professional programs and products that are specifically needed by women dealing with cancer were not conveniently available to us,” Darrah says. “As we began talking with other women who had dealt with cancer, their stories were quite similar to ours. We decided that we could do better. By empowering women to take charge of their journey, providing trusted resources, caring friendships, consistency and reasons to be positive, we’ve created an organization that is changing how to deal with a cancer diagnosis.”

The name of the organization is so important for the mission of DayOne Matters. “We determined that Cincinnati area women dealing with breast and gynecological cancer, whether a fighter, survivor or caregiver, should be uplifted in a positive, holistic manner and that no matter where they were in their journey, support would start now. This would be their DayOne,” Darrah says.

DayOne Matters provides different services to women going through their cancer journey, so they don’t have to stress. These services include:

• Sol Sisters: “One-on-one support where a fighter is matched with a Sol Sister mentor who shares her same diagnosis, but has attained survivor status. A Sol Sister is a ‘girlfriend who gets it,’” they say. “She is a partner who walks alongside a fighter to support, listen and cheer on her new friend. Sol Sisters are also available for survivors and caregivers who need support and encouragement.”
• Local Resources: “Trusted resources who have been vetted by DayOne Matters. It is a one-stop-shop of professionals, places, classes and products that we feel are sensitive to and can be beneficial to someone dealing with cancer,” they say.
• IMPACT Giving Foundation does the following:
o Chemo and Radiation Bags: “Bags filled with healthy and organic items that are helpful to women during chemo or radiation treatment. Smaller bags are given to local oncology offices for their patients and deluxe bags are given to women in Sol Sister partnerships,” Darrah and Walton say. “People get excited about our bags because they are filled with thoughtful items that make you happy.”
o Healthy Meals: “For women undergoing chemotherapy and who are unable to prepare meals for themselves and/or their families, DayOne Matters provides healthy and delicious meals. Daily optionsare available to choose from and are delivered to homes by our volunteers,” they say. 
o Medical Bill Assistance: DayOne Matters provides financial help for bills related to cancer for fightersand survivors. 

The organization defines success through the support and encouragement felt by the people. “For every woman we empower, support, encourage, uplift, connect and cheer on through any of our programs, we claim success,” Darrah says. “We are women supporting women in every stage of their cancer journey. We build friendships that can last a lifetime.”

DayOne Matters is a unique organization that is authentic and relatable. “We ‘get it’ because each of us has a cancer journey. We know what type of support is truly needed and we have created extremely successful, tailored programs that work,” they say. “We’ve also created extensive lists to serve as a one-stop-shop for positive cancer-related information. From service providers, products and programs, these continually updated lists contain a wealth of information for the woman dealing with cancer.”

The organization is a big part of the community of Madeira because they educate and empower people. “We are the fighters, survivors and caregivers and we are connecting women like us and helping them thrive through adversity because we know that positivity helps heal the mind, body and soul.”

DayOneMatters is located at 6911 Miami Avenue, Madeira, Ohio 45243. To learn more, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website.