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Want to tighten up some troublesome skin? We chat with board certified Dr. Magdalena Kerschner about an advanced technology she recommends.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and starts to develop wrinkles, fine lines, and areas that aren’t quite as tight as they used to be. Victory Wellness & Medspa wants to help you get rid of those troublesome areas with their skin tightening treatments. 

Currently, Victory Wellness offers two options: radio frequency skin tightening and laser skin tightening.

According to Victory Wellness Owner Dr. Kerschner, these treatments work by heating up your skin upwards of 43 degrees. When the treatments do this, they’re working to increase collagen and elastin production in your body. 

Dr. Kerschner says these treatments are a great option for treating fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, where your skin is extra susceptible to developing aging issues. You can also use radio frequency and/or laser treatments to tighten up your neck, arms, legs, and any parts of the body that has loose skin that can’t be treated by surgery, because there isn’t enough skin to treat. 

The radio frequency treatment takes approximately 45 minutes while the laser treatment lasts about a half hour. Dr. Kerschner says you can see results within 30 days and can see maximum results in six months. “You typically need three treatments to start with and then one treatment once a year to maintain your results,” she adds.

To see your skin tightening options, learn which treatments are right for you, or to find more information on Victory Wellness & Medspa, visit

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A local woman launched a caters an urban cuisine with a variety of culturally inspired and traditional dishes, with a twist! Read on for all the delicious details.


Salimah Abdul-Hakim, Owner of L. Mari Catering

It’s urban, but also organic, locally sourced, and grass fed. It’s traditional and culturally inspired, but also with a twist. It’s L. Mari Catering.

“L. Mari Catering specializes in delicious urban cuisine through our catering services, weekly meal preparation, and specialty events, Salimah Abdul-Hakim, Chef and Owner of L. Mari Catering, LLC. “We created urban cuisine as a good concept that engulfs a variety of culturally inspired and traditional dishes, sometimes with a twist!”

Mari Catering is primarily located out of Findlay Kitchen in Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio, and launched in October 2016. “This has been an exciting and busy year for us as we celebrate year one serving the community,” she says.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a vision she had. “I had a vision of being able to select entrees and dishes that either are not available anywhere else, or not available all on one menu,” Abdul-Hakim says. “Whether it’s jerk chicken, an Indian-inspired dish, a vegan item, or baked Ziti; I wanted to be able to provide food to a wide variety of people.”

There are a variety of events that L. Mari Catering covers for its clients. “We provide catering services; whether it’s an intimate affair for ten people, a corporate luncheon, or a larger scale event of 300 people-we are able to accommodate you,” she says. “We also provide weekly meal preparation to clients who may find it easier to free up sometime and allow us to cook their meals for the week! Lastly, we have hosted events and have done many pop-up events, along with festivals!” Some of the foods that L. Mari Catering offers is butter chicken, blackened salmon, spiced Hennessy wings, seafood pasta, Cajun shrimp and pepper medley, Halal options, vegan black bean chili and more.

The business defines success by growth. “We’ve learned a lot in year one and look forward to the years to come! The business is growing rapidly, our next mission is to purchase a food truck and eventually a storefront location,” Abdul-Hakim says. “Growth is being able to offer more menu items, serve more customers and hire more people.”

She believes that L. Mari Catering is important for the community of Cincinnati. “We believe that the food we ingest plays a role with our overall health mobility. Many of our menu items are organic, locally sourced, and meats are grass fed,” Abdul-Hakim says. “We’re also working on our hiring plan for 2018 and looking to recruit interns from local colleges and universities, along with high school students learning the value in cooking and the why’s behind the health benefits.” She is passionate about her job. “I love cooking and creating new dishes, but I also love interacting with new and returning clients and customers.”

If you want to keep up with what L. Mari Catering is doing, follow them on their website, email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Feel like you've tried every diet trick in the book without success? We chat with Dr. Kerschner to see why her testing and customized weight loss plans are working for clients when nothing else does.

Struggling with weight issues? Victory Wellness & Medpsa offers weight loss programs to help you get rid of pesky pounds that aren’t going away with dieting. 

As 43% of Americans are battling obesity, Victory Wellness & Mespa works to get to the root of the issue and get their clients on a path of a sustained, healthy weight and lifestyle.

When you visit the office, you’ll find that Dr. Kerschner and the team at Victory Wellness & Mespa will run a metabolic test to determine if there are any underlying issues that have led to your unsuccessful weight loss in the past, such as thyroid problems, non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease, or other imbalances.

Once these labs come back, Dr. Kerschner reviews the results, talks with you about any issues your body may be having, discusses options for treating them, and then custom-creates a weight loss program designed specifically for you that she monitors along the way.

Weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all solution, Dr. Kerschner says, and that’s why they take this personalized approach to analyzing each client and creating a custom weight loss plan that is optimized to work best for them.

Learn more at or call 513-936-3065. 

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Read on to learn about a Paleo catering service that now offers quick, healthy food options at a new downtown cafe location.

Paleolicious recently opened a new cafe in the Scripps Center lobby.

Wish you had time to make healthy food? Paleolicious might have just the solution for you. 

Paleolicious is a gluten-free and Paleo primal catering service located in the Cincinnati area. They also just opened a new cafe in the Scripps Center lobby to give downtowners quick, easy and healthy food on-the-go. 

The founder, Rebecca Denney, previously worked in the corporate world and was looking for something that made her want to go to work everyday. “One of the things I enjoyed most about having more time was that we didn’t have to eat out so much and I could cook more organic meals. I started shopping more at farmer’s markets and got to know local food artisans and I loved it,” she says. “From a more organic lifestyle, I found Paleo. When I was strictly following a Paleo diet, I lost 30 pounds and felt amazing. My background in food service and my love for entertaining made me certain that I have found my mission.”

Rebecca Denney, Founder of Paleolicious

In an American diet, she adds, there is a bunch of junk that we don’t need to put into our bodies. “Whether food dyes, preservatives or the excess of sugar, it is just a simple and healthy way to eliminate toxins from the body that are causing all kinds of problems in our health,” Denney explains. “I also love that by supporting local business and farmers, there is an opportunity to help your neighbors and city too.”

The name of the business came from a tag line. ‘I kept gunning about the tag line ‘because healthy food should always be delicious,’ so put Paleo and ‘licious’ together. I walked around for days asking people what they thought of the name, for me it stuck,” Denney says. 

Paleolicious offers catering services to any event, from weddings to box lunches, breakfast to dessert. They also offer meal planning services. The Scripps Center location is open is open Monday through Friday, 7:30am-3pm. 

“At Scripps, we offer a full service espresso bar, including bulletproof coffee, frittatas, muffins, donuts, sweets and also, soups, salads and lettuce wrapped sandwiches we call ‘greenwiches. We also have lots of little snack packs and parfaits,” she says. “Some of our items are ‘practically Paleo,’ usually because they include dairy or organic cane sugar, but we mark those so there’s no confusion. All soups, salads and dressings are made from scratch and follow the same guidelines.” 

Find Paleolicious in the Scripps Center lobby in downtown Cincinnati.

The business is trying to stretch into the vegan and vegetarian world, as well. “I made a Morrocan Carrot Soup last week that was vegan, delicious and sold out very quickly,” Denney says. “We have offered dinners for delivery and pick up in the past and are considering offering that at Scripps as well.”

Paleolicious defines success by seeing her customers try something new and love it. 

“The biggest compliment is for someone to say that you don’t have to be Paleo to love our food. Our regular customers who come back again and again make it all worth it,” she says. “When people talk about how they have improved their health and how happy they are to have a place that understands their needs, I know I am doing something worthwhile. Doing this alongside a team who is enjoying what they do everyday is important too.”

If you want to keep up with what Paleolicious is doing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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The Queen Bee Half Marathon is this weekend! Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming festivities!

The Queen Bee Half Marathon is on a mission: to promote the fun of fitness while raising support and funds for local charities that focus on women. Race weekend will include plenty of pampering, swag, and fun — lots of which you’ll find at the Bee-YOU-Tique expo on Oct 6. Cincy Chic is actually styling the fashion shows throughout the day, so don’t miss those at 1, 3 and 6pm!

Then Oct 7 is the big race day! The course goes through some of Cincinnati’s historic and scenic neighborhoods and along the way you’ll be entertained by dozens of bands and DJs and refreshment zones that will ‘bee’ unique to the event.

When you cross the finish line you’ll enjoy special swag, chocolates, massages, the one of a kind Queen Bee medal and an incredible after party!

And what I love about it is that women of all abilities and fitness levels do the Queen Bee. Not quite feeling up to the whole 13.1 miles? No problem. Buzz through Saturday’s 4-mile event through Downtown Cincinnati instead.  You’ll be done in time to meet your half marathoners at the finish.

Learn more about the Queen Bee Half Marathon and events at

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Tired, trouble losing weight, and missing your mojo? Read on and watch as we chat with a local doctor about hormone replacement therapy and its impressive results.


Oftentimes, women find that they are unable to sleep at night, feel extra stressed or tired, are seeing more wrinkles, and gain weight in their midsection. But there’s a way to treat these issues!

While you may blame the issues on your environment and the things around you, the real culprit may be your hormones. As we age, our bodies may have trouble producing the same amount of hormones it did when we were, say, in our 20s.

However, Victory Wellness & Medspa’s Dr. Kerschner can help! When you visit her, she can put a small implant in your backside to help give you a continuous dose of hormones – estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

No more remembering to take a pill or go through a daily hormone treatment. The implant will take care of that for you, all while the hormones take care of your body for you!

Learn more about the hormone replacement therapy offered at Victory Wellness & Medspa at

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Read on to learn about a blog that gives tips and encourages you to live a clean, healthy, simplified lifestyle.


Eat Clean Live Simple is a lifestyle blog dedicated to clean eating, organization, healthy recipes, and tips to living a simple life.

Want to live a clean and simple life, but don’t know where to start?

“Eat Clean Live Simple is a lifestyle blog about eating clean, organization, healthy recipes and tips to living a simple life,” Christy Hannegan, Blogger and Owner of Eat Clean Live Simple. The content for Hannegan’s blog consists of “recipes that use real, whole clean ingredients,” she says. “I can pretty much take any meal and turn it into a clean and healthy recipe, just with modifications.” Her husband, Steve, helps her out with the photography for the blog.

The inspiration for her blog came from her husband. “My husband Steve is a chiropractor and so we really started embracing a fully healthy lifestyle seven years ago and haven’t looked back since,” Hannegan says. “We feel better when we are eating and cooking with real whole foods and ingredients. I wanted to share our passion of health with others through food and other ways to make what can be overwhelming, a simpler solution.”

Christy Hannegan, Founder of the blog Eat Live Clean Simple

To come up with the name of the blog, it just popped in her head one day. “Friends and family were constantly asking for my recipes and tips on eating clean, so I decided to start it to share with them,” Hannegan says. “The name of my blog really is my motto for life, Eat Clean Live Simple.”

When asked how she defines success with her blog, she doesn’t define success. “My blog really is a hobby for me and a way for me to share my passion of food with others. I don’t need to be the biggest blogger in the world or post everyday or week or even month to feel successful,” she says. “If one person reads a post that helps change their life, then I feel successful.”

Hannegan thinks that her blog is important for the community. “I think every woman has felt the pressure of being a perfect housewife, and making sure she is feeding her family a healthy meal,” she says. “Whether you are a stay at home mom or a full time working mom, raising a family and balancing it all is hard. I want to show others that it can be done and there are other easy options than having to run through the drive thru on your way home from work or on the way to soccer practice.”

Her motivation for blogging is helping and educating people. “Just helping others learn about food and educating others on ingredients and the importance of what they are feeding themselves and their families,” Hannegan says. “Knowledge is power and once you start to be awakened by food, it is hard to go back.”

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with the Eat Clean Live Simple blog, follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the website.

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Want that Hollywood glow right here in Cincinnati? Keep watching to learn more about the only medspa in the Queen City that's giving you the glow you've always wanted!

Looking for that Hollywood glow all the celebs are sporting these days? Look no further when you visit Victory Wellness & Medspa’s Halo. 

According to Dr. Kerschner, owner of Victory Wellness & Medspa, Halo is a different kind of laser. 

“It’s different because it’s a hybrid,” she explains. “The older lasers were either too deep or too shallow for what you needed, sometimes leaving you with a peeling face for a month or two.”

But the Halo laser gives you the glow you’re looking for without all the peeling. “The laser can determine how deep or shallow it needs to be,” says Dr. Kerschner. “We customize it to your skin and take measurements so it already knows the exact depth of your skin and won’t cause any harm.”

Each treatment takes about 15 minutes to do. Dr. Kerschner and her team will put some numbing cream on your face before starting the session. 

Dr. Kerschner says that following a Halo treatment you can expect to look a little sunburnt for as many as 3 days, depending on how deep you go during your treatment. There is minimal discomfort and you can put makeup on your face to cover up some of the redness.

“Your face will look like you went to the beach,” adds Dr. Kerschner. “But by day 5 you can expect to start glowing.”

Victory Wellness & Medspa is the only medspa in Cincinnati that owns Halo. “We definitely welcome you to come by and experience a beautiful face, improved skin, increased collagen, better elasticity, and less wrinkles,” says Dr. Kerschner.

Learn more about Halo by visiting or by calling 513-936-3065.

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Keep reading to learn more about a new treatment that's restoring your pelvis to its youthful days!


Aside from skin care treatments and weight loss programs, Victory Wellness & Medspa also offers a different type of treament – ThermiVa®. 

According to Dr. Kerschner, ThermiVa® is a radiofrequency treatment that came out about two years ago. It aims to improve vaginal and pelvic fitness by gently heating tissue in the pelvis and vaginal areas to heal tissue.

Oftentimes, Dr. Kerschner says, women will visit Victory Wellness & Medspa with issues of incontinence, especially after having several children or when they are post-menopausal. With these cases, ThermiVa® will go in and restore muscle function around the urethra to help improve the issue.

Helping with incontinence isn’t the only benefit of receiving ThermiVa® treatments. The procedure can also aid in restoring vaginal tightness. Women who have gone through multiple childbirths find that they’re feeling a bit “looser” than they once did, but ThermiVa® an help tighten the muscle around the vagina and restore it back to its youthfulness.

ThermiVa® treatments can also help to increase sensitivity and sexual please, Dr. Kerschner says.

Each ThermiVa® treatment is 45 minutes, and Dr. Kerschner says that you’ll need three sessions up front. And then, depending on the severity of the damage, you’ll need a maintenance treatment every 6 months to 1 year. 

This non-invasive procedure also allows you to avoid surgery, which can keep you out of work and life for a while, as it as no downtime. 

Dr. Kerschner adds that ThermiVa® treatments have a 98 percent satisfaction rate nationwide, and 100 percent of her clients are satisfied with their results.

Learn more about ThermiVa® and whether the procedure is right for you by visiting or by calling 513-936-3065.


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Want to treat your age spots in minimal time without missing work or life? Check out the photolaser treatment offered by Victory Wellness & Medspa!

Victory Wellness & Medpsa offers a procedure called the BBL – broadband light. It’s a laster photofacial. The laser infuses light into the skin to target spots, tighten pores, makes skin more reflective, and even changes the genetic makeup of your skin to delay aging. 

According to Dr. Kerschner at Victory Wellness & Medspa, the procedure can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Of course, this depends on what you’re having done. The procedure is great for treating aging spots on your body like your face, neck, or torso.

Another great thing about the BBL treatment is that there is no downtime. As soon as the procedure is finished you can walk right out of the office and go on with your day.

When it comes to using BBL to treat age spots on your body, Dr. Kerschner says you’ll need about 3-5 treatments before you’ll see maximum or desired results. She adds that you’ll also want to get a follow-up treatment every 6 months to 1 year just to maintain your results and the look of your skin.

Learn more about Victory Wellness & Medspa and their treatments at