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Read on to see how this local business has been making a dirty job a jolly business for more than two decades.

When you think of plumbing issues, “jolly” might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But Brady Jolly, CEO of Jolly Plumbing, hopes to change that.

“We’re a commercial and residential service plumbing company who specializes in emergency service and repair,” he explains. 

Jolly Plumbing is located in Wilder, Kentucky, but they serve all around the Greater Cincinnati area. Currently, there are 40 people helping with plumbing and there are 12 people who are working for the sister companies. 

The Jolly Plumbing staff enjoying their in-house basketball court during a “Little Plumbers” event for the community

The inspiration behind starting the business started with Brady’s father. “My father, Barry Jolly, started the company in 1979 with a mission of taking care of customers at all costs,” Brady says. “When people have plumbing issues, it’s a stressful time, but he wanted to do whatever he could to make the situation as seamless as possible. We still run our business with these same principles.”

According to Brady, Jolly Plumbing offers a wide variety of plumbing services, including sewer line repair, drain cleaning, water line repair, gas line repair, service plumbing, hydro jetting of sewer lines, septic system installation, sewer scoping/cameraing, septic system cleansing, and anything related to the repair or replacement of plumbing in a residential or commercial building.

Jolly Plumbing defines success by how their customers feel. “We define success by the happiness of our customers,” Brady says. “Our reputation is very important to us and we go to great lengths to insure that we maintain a good reputation.”

The Jolly Plumbing staff during a “Little Plumbers” event for the community

Brady’s favorite part of working for the business is that the employees are like family. “We have good camaraderie between employees,” he says. “We have an innovative office that includes a basketball court. We’re able to keep things fun while still getting our work done.”

The business has been such an important part of the Greater Cincinnati area for over 20 years. “Jolly Plumbing is a staple in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati community. When many people think plumbing, Jolly is the first company that comes to mind,” he says. “We’ve woven ourselves into the fabric of the community over the years by continuing to make customers happy by handling their issues like we would handle our own.”

Brady says good customer service and community events, such as their kid-focused “Little Plumbers” event, get the business engrained in the community. Plus, he says, they have a great team of people. ” I love how the people I work with strive to live out the mission of the company on a consistent basis to help better the company,” he adds.

Keep up with what Jolly Plumbing is doing by following them on FacebookTwitter, and their website.  

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Learn about a local lady who launched a new therapy practice to help her clients move past issues holding them back and truly thrive.

Jennifer M. Simpson, Licensed Independent Social Worker and Owner of Thrive Therapy, Inc.

There’s a new local practice that helps people process through traumatic events and thrive in life again.

“Thrive Therapy, Inc. is my private therapy practice. I have been treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder since 2007, primarily serving combat veterans, first responders, sexual assault survivors and child abuse survivors,” says Jennifer M. Simpson, Licensed Independent Social Worker and Owner of Thrive Therapy, Inc.. “Earlier this year, I decided I needed more flexibility than I had in my current position, so I decided to open my own practice.”

Simpson opened Thrive Therapy, Inc. in March 2018, and began seeing patients in June 2018. Her practice is located in Mariemont Square. 

The inspiration behind starting Thrive Therapy, Inc. came from her kids and her husband. “I’ve worked in a specialty clinic in a hospital for 11 years, and I’ve learned, grown and evolved as a therapist. I love my work and my coworkers. However, one thing my hospital work cannot provide is flexibility,” Simpson says. “I’m a mother of four, so being home in the evenings and prioritizing my kids is very important, as they won’t quit growing (despite me asking them to)! Being able to set my own hours is a top priority at this phase of my life, so I had to get creative and create my own practice with my family being what drives my business decisions.”

The name of the business came from writing down words that represented her therapy style. “I kept coming back to this word “thrive,” as that is my hope for each and every person that I meet,” she says. “I wanted a short name that evokes a sense of hope and optimism, which often times patients may lack prior to getting rid of their PTSD symptoms. They are welcome to borrow my hope for them until they develop their own.”

The practice uses two different methods of therapy: Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure. She also provides  Individual Therapy and will be adding Group Therapy in the future. “Anything I offer is evidence-based and considered a top treatment for PTSD,” Simpson says. 

Simspon defines success by seeing her clients live their lives without PTSD controlling them. “I define success in my business as becoming a trusted source in our community to provide good, solid and effective PTSD treatment,” she says.

Thrive Therapy, Inc. is so important for the community of Cincinnati because there are trauma survivors, including firefighters, paramedics, veterans, sexual assault survivors, police, etc. “I think this business is important to Cincinnati because helping people get rid of PTSD and be able to live happier, more productive lives is good for not only the individual, but their families, friends, and community as a whole.”

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Thrive Therapy, Inc., check out their websiteFacebook, and Instagram. “Most importantly, if you think you may need help, please know that hope is here and recovery is possible,” Simpson says.  

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Learn about a forthcoming wellness retreat that aims to help people improve their mind, body and soul.

Tanya’s Wellness Farm and Spa will offer a holistic wellness approach to those suffering from depression and anxiety.

Ever wish you could get away from the hustle and bustle of life and work on you for a bit? The forthcoming Tanya’s Wellness Farm and Spa may be just what you’re looking for.

“The farm/spa is going to be a holistic wellness approach to help those suffering from depression and anxiety,” says owner Tanya Tieman Equine, who is also the owner of Tanya’s Wellness & Image Salon on Hyde Park Square. “Tanya’s Wellness Farm and Spa is a 501c3 nonprofit that is currently raising funds to get the rest of the down payment for a loan to build the infrastructure.”

The farm will be used for a variety of methods to help with depression and anxiety, including yoga, guided meditation, Equine Assisted Coaching, and even fora facial massage, wigs, weddings, or if you just want to experience nature. “We will have a coffee shop with healthy snacks and smoothies for those that want to come and relax awhile,” Equine adds.

While the facility is still in the planning phases and hasn’t been built yet, those interested in supporting the concept can go to the website to make donations. “We don’t want to have to always be asking for money for the nonprofit, so our goal is to have a for-profit part of the farm for corporate events, team building and weddings,” she says. ”This can help fund the upkeep of the animals and the land itself.”

Equine says Tanya’s Wellness Farm and Spa is important for the community because there are so many people dealing with depression, stress and anxiety. “We can teach our community to unplug, get back to nature and learn strategies to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression,” she explains. “The end result will be happier people, better relationships, less loneliness and less drug and alcohol abuse.”

When people attend Tanya’s Wellness Farm and Spa, Equine wants people to forget the stress of their busy lives and reconnect with their real selves. She refers to this as a ‘retreat project.’ “I have sold my rental property to raise capital for this project, but we need more funds to get it going,” she says. 

If you want to keep up with what’s happening with the project, go to the

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From elite athlete to a major struggle with weight gain, see how a personal experience inspired one local trainer to open a boutique gym that changes lives one rep at a time.

1 More Rep encourages locals to reach their fitness goals.

Looking for a welcoming and encouraging environment to reach your fitness goals? 1 More Rep may be just what you’re looking for.

“1 More Rep is a no frills boutique gym, all fitness levels are welcomed. I take pride in the fact that all of our clients are welcoming, friendly and non-judgmental. We have a large range of age 62 being the oldest person,” says Dwayne Wilson, Owner and a Trainer at 1 More Rep. “We also have a wide range of abilities, people just starting out to clients who are training for a marathon or a mud run. We mostly have women clients, but we also have a few guys and a few couples who work out together. Everyone does the same workout, but you move along at your own pace. You start where you are fitness wise and we can modify anything.” 

Located just a few minutes from Kenwood Towne Center, 1 More Rep opened its doors in November of 2010. “I partnered with Cincinnati TaeKwonDo Academy to share space, which we still do,” he says.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a struggle with weight that Wilson experienced. He is a former collegiate athlete at Xavier University, from 1988-1993, but he was injured before his first year of playing and gained 30 pounds in seven weeks

“All during college, I struggled and was never able to drop back to my playing weight of 225. I was made fun of. Today, it would be called, ‘bullied,’ but no one ever helped me with eating, portion control or extra workouts,” Wilson says. “Fast forward to 2008, he was assigned to the Police Academy. When I was assigned to the academy. I was sent to become a Police Instructor, Defense Tactics Instructor, as well as a Physical Fitness Instructor.” Currently, he is a Police Sergeant for the City of Cincinnati, and has been working for the PD since 1996.

2008 was also the year that Wilson got certified in Crossfit. “Crossfit was really going mainstream, so I attended the Crossfit Level 1 Certification as well,” he recalls. “After developing group fitness plans for our academy class and helping them not only lose weight, but pass the state Peace Officer Fitness Test, I thought I could help others with their fitness and health and started 1 More Rep.”

1 More Rep offers a boot camp, which is a 50 minute workout that always changes. “We use battle ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells, boxes, and sometimes just plain body weight in our workouts,” Wilson says. “We offer boot camp in the mornings at 5-6. and 7AM on MondayTuesdayThursday and Friday. We have evening classes at 8:30PM on MondayWednesday and ThursdaySaturday morning at 7:30AM, we also have a boot camp class.” 

1 More Rep offers group classes, CrossFit, and more.

The facility also offers a CLIMB class. “Clients can expect 30 minutes of high intensity, non-stop climbing. Most clients will climb between 1500 and 4000 feet and burn over 300 calories. This class uses the beat of the music to create the tempo and rhythm of the class. You will not want to go longer than 30 minutes,” he says. “Clients are on a versa climber machine for this class. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday5AM5:45AM, 6:30A, and 7:15AM. Wednesday morning, we have one class at 7AM.Saturday morning, we have CLIMB at 7AM and 8AM.” On Wednesday morning, there is Boxing class at 6AM. “We throw a variety of punching and kicking combinations for this workout,” Wilson says.   

1 More Rep defines success by clients referring someone and happy clients. “We really don’t do any advertising other than social media posts,” he says. “But from the start, clients have been spreading the word with friends, parents, neighbors and co-workers.” 

The business is unique because they offer a class that’s not available anywhere else in the area. “Besides being the only place in Cincinnati to offer a Versa Climber class, our client base makes us very unique,” Wilson says. “Our clients are very welcoming to new people and overall encouraging to each other. Also, I always have a lot of inquiries about having a base fitness level when starting,” he says. “At 1 More Rep, you start at your own fitness level and progress from there.” 

Wilson says the facility’s location has also been a part of his success. “It’s central to a lot of places so clients do not have to travel very far to workout, although we have clients who come from Kentucky and the Loveland/Wards Corner area,” he adds. 

Wilson says they also host fundraisers. In fact, they are working on one now for breast cancer awareness in the fall. “It’s not fully planned at this point, but participants and teams will get donations for the number of feet they climb on the versa climber,” he explains.

Wilson wants people at 1 More Rep to enjoy their life that’s full of physical tasks. “Being able to be active and enjoy life without stress or fear of not being able to handle a physical task,” Wilson says. “Being able to grow older and sustain an active quality of life.”

1 More Rep is located at 7430 Montgomery Road, Silverton, Ohio 45236. To learn more, visit their website or Facebook.

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A local fitness facility specializes in helping you reach the peak of your health and fitness journey. Read on to see how.

Ryan Patrick (left), Owner of Peak Fitness

Everyone has their own unique peak of optimal health and wellness. Peak Fitness is here to help you reach it, according to president Ryan Patrick.

Peak Fitness provides “coaching in fitness, nutrition and physical preparation,” says Patrick. The facility has been around for a total of eight years and is located in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, with a total of five people who work for the business. 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a belief that everyone needs to grow and expand to thrive. “We will approach it from a physical development standpoint,” Patrick explains, adding that the name, Peak Fitness, came from a “mission to maximize every human’s potential.”

There’s a wide variety of coaching services offered through Peak Fitness, and they are: personal training, physical preparation (athletic development for speed, strength and stamina), and nutrition coaching (integrating nutrition into real, chaotic lives), according to Patrick.

Peak Fitness defines healthy by having balance in your life. “Health is more than how much weight is on the bar or what vegetables are on your plate. It’s about balance of fitness and nutrition, relationships, finances and spirituality of faith,” Patrick says. “Someone lacking in one or more areas can have problems in all domains because of it.” 

They work with a variety of different people, including ones under stress, without proper recovery strategies or connection with their loved ones who struggle to maintain health, Patrick explains. “Same goes for someone making poor financial or fitness choices,” he says. “These are all integrated and woven into our entire being.”

For the business, success is seeing their clients reach their goals. “But we differentiate fulfillment from success. I have seen many successful people in weight loss challenges still feel unhappy. Our objective is to help people get on a path to continuous improvement while still practicing gratitude and contentment,” Patrick says. “This is a huge challenge because many of us are wired to ‘compare and despair.’”

Peak Fitness is a unique facility because they coach with a purpose. “Execution is extremely important to us because the details matter,” he says. “But we’re also willing to take time to develop people and ask questions that inspire them to grow and expand.”

Peak Fitness is a community between its members and staff. “We have great members we call our PeakFAST fam. They support and challenge each other,” Patrick says. “Despite a rag tag group of men and women at various fitness levels, they all share the core values to continuously improve themselves.”

If you want to keep up with what Peak Fitness is doing, follow them on: FacebookInstagram, and their blog.

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A local lady started a new online talk show that connects the community with helpful wellness information and practitioners in an interactive yet convenient way.

Healthwell Enterprises is hosting online wellness talk shows to give audiences the chance to learn about a topic from their home, or anywhere on the go.

Getting healthier just got a little easier thanks to a local lady who’s launching a wellness talk show that you can watch, and interact with, from the comfort of your home.

“Healthwell Online Wellness Talk Show is a question and answer format presentation online (or on phone) with a wellness practitioner,” says Brenda Raymond-Ball, Owner and Business Director of Healthwell Enterprises. “This gives the audience an opportunity to learn about a topic from their home or car and engage with the practitioner to ask questions.”

The first talk show is happening on Wednesday, July 11, from 8-8:30am Eastern Time. “With busy summer schedules, we thought this would give people a chance to participate without needing to block or schedule time to get some place,” Raymond-Ball says.

The inspiration behind starting the free online talk show came from the events that Healthwell Enterprises has hosted in the past. “It’s really an extension of the wellness events that we host throughout the year,” she says. ”The goal overall is to connect consumers and wellness practitioners and the events give us the opportunity to educate and provide interaction between consumers and practitioners in bite-size pieces.”

The talk show has monthly topics and the July topic is, “How To Refresh Healthy Mind and Body Rhythms During The Summer.” 

“Sue McLaughlin of Inner Source Living will take us back to our roots when we more naturally spent time outside during the warmer months and inside during the winter,” Raymond-Ball says. “She will teach us tips to stimulate different parts of the brain, helping us enjoy our summer even more and prepare to start our fall routines. The online show mainly attracts a demographic of women 40 and over, but the topic is relevant to parents, and would appeal to the younger crowd as well.”

There is a unique aspect to what the talk show does, compared to other broadcasts. “I think the combination of a Q&A format with a host focused on wellness education without pushing sales is not typical and gives participants a risk-free way to engage in learning,” she says. 

Raymond-Ball hopes that the broadcasts enrich the community with education that lead to healthier lifestyles. “Educating even one consumer is a win; although the more participation, the better,” she says. “If we engage more consumers in exploration of wellness options through our talk show, we’re happy.”

Raymond-Ball feels that the online talk show concept is important for the community because it breaks down information without viewers getting overwhelmed. “Consumers interested in wellness often get overwhelmed with all of the information out there,” she says. “Our talk show breaks down a topic into basic questions and easy to digest pieces, helping people figure out where they might fit it.” 

Click here to receive call in information. To learn more about Healthwell Enterprises, “like” them on Facebook. 

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See how women all over Greater Cincinnati are coming together to break a world record while inspiring healthy lifestyles through fitness and fun.

Pure Barre is offering Barre on the Bridge on June 30.

With nearly 1,000 participants attending Barre on the Bridge last year, the team at Pure Barre is partnering with Dress for Success Cincinnati to out-do themselves this year and host a record-breaking day of fitness and fun June 30 on the Purple People Bridge.

For this event, Pure Barre is offering attendees a free Pure Barre class on the bridge alongside local celebrities, Tanya O’Rourke and Ally Kraemer from WCPO – 9 On Your Side and Garret Celek, the San Francisco 49ers Tight End. 

“Barre on the Bridge is the community’s chance to try [barre] out for free while being a part of this incredible world record attempt,” says Candice Terrell, marketing consultant for all five Greater Cincinnati Pure Barre studios. “The Oakley, Kenwood, Mason, Fort Weight and Westside Pure Barre studio owners developed the Barre on the Bridge concept to increase awareness that fitness can be energizing and fun.”

Kendra Northgard, co-owner of Pure Barre Cincinnati Oakley, says barre classes offer a unique fitness experience, as barre focuses on isometric movements, which build and strengthen muscles without impact.

To host an event of this size, Terrell says “[We] chose to partner with Dress for Success Cincinnati because the alignment in their missions to empower and support women, providing tools to help them thrive in their lives.”

Leading up to the event, women’s shoes and accessories will be collected for Dress for Success Cincinnati at the Greater Cincinnati Pure Barre Studios as well as on the Purple People Bridge at the event on June 30. Cash donations will also be accepted at that time.

In addition to three free barre classes offered the morning of the event and the charitable opportunities, food, drink and beauty vendors will also be set up along the bridge.  These vendors include but are not limited to: The Weekly Juicery, Whirlybird Granola, and Paragon Salons, according to Terrell.

Other than Barre on the Bridge, Pure Barre hosts free pop-up classes periodically throughout the year across the city, in addition to daily classes in any one of the Pure Barre studios located around Greater Cincinnati.

When asked if there is anything new on the horizon for Pure Barre, Terrell says new classes are constantly added to the menu at Pure Barre studios. She says there’s a lot of excitement building for their new cardio/weight Pure Barre class format coming into studios soon.

To learn more or sign up for the event, visit the Facebook event here. To register for Barre on the Bridge, visit their Eventbrite page, here. To find a Pure Barre studio near you, visit their website.

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Learn about a local yoga studio with kid-focused classes that help them build confidence, self-esteem, concentration and a sense of calm. 

Modo Yoga Studio is offering Kids Yoga for little ones.

Modo Yoga Studio is teaching a new generation how to live a healthier lifestyle. 

“Kids Yoga is a physical experience that connects children to their breath and body. Kids Yoga helps to develop a child’s confidence and self-esteem while enhancing their concentration and sense of calm. Physically, yoga enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness,” says Ellen Bradley, Studio Owner of Modo Yoga. “Kids Yoga provides a bridge for children to connect more deeply with their inner self and develop an intimate relationship with the world around them when they feel anchored to their own soul. Yoga truly brings the marvelous inner light that we all have to the surface!”

With locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Modo Yoga has been around for 10 years. They have more than 50 teachers, a team of five managers, and seven customer service representatives. 

The inspiration behind starting Kids Yoga was because of her three daughters. “I want my three girls to share in the gift of yoga, just as I have been able to,” Bradley says. “I felt inspired as well to give our community an opportunity to not just touch the lives of parents and adults through yoga, but children of all ages!”

There are a variety of different Kids Yoga classes from when a mom is pregnant to teenage years. Bradley says they offer Prenatal Yoga, Mommy and Me (two months-crawling), Toddler Times (ages one to three), Yoga Play (four to seven), Tween Yoga (ages 9-12), and Teen Yoga (12-16).

There are seven pillars that shape Kids Yoga and Modo Yoga, according to Bradley, and they are: Live green, Reach out, Be peace, Be accessible, Live to Learn, Be Healthy, and Be Community.

“We create a children’s yoga theme each month at Modo that is thread throughout all the classes. These themes are based on the pillars,” she says. “Our intentions, guided meditations, stories, poses and activities are inspired from the theme that month.”

Modo Yoga is unique because it is accessible to everyone. “We offer classes that are mindfully guided to create physical strength, cleanse the body, and ultimately clear the mind so one can feel renewed in mind, body and spirit,” Bradley says. “People ultimately leave feeling more alive and grateful for life. The positive energy is palpable in our studios and it truly begins with our amazing team of compassionate and passionate teachers!”

Bradley defines success by knowing that people’s lives are being impacted. “Success is simply knowing that you have touched one heart, one breath at a time. In changing one heart, we can change the hearts of many,” she says. “Success for me is using my gifts and light to make the world brighter and a better place.” 

To learn more about Modo Yoga, visit or

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Read on to learn about a community event in the Fairfield area that is about community and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Village Green Farmers Market in Fairfield is entering its third summer season.

Village Green Farmers Market in Fairfield, Ohio is bringing food, and a sense of community, to the area. 

“Our market was created to provide a place for our residents to acquire fresh, local foods and goods made close to home, as well as to put them in touch with local farmers and artisans,” says Kari Russo, Farmers Market Manager. “Of course, we also did this to create a space for friends and neighbors to gather, have fun and learn about fresh foods and wellness.” 

The farmers market is about to enter its third summer season, from May 30-October 17, every Wednesday from 4-7pm. The market is located inside Village Green Park  at: 301 Wessel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio, between the Fairfield Community Arts Center and the Fairfield Lane Library.

The inspiration for starting Village Green Farmers Market came from seeing an opportunity to provide for the community of Fairfield. “We are a “Make It, Bake It, Grow It” market model-there are no resellers at our market,” Russo says. “This really gives these local food producers and artisans a place to shine, and our residents a place to gather and make connections.”

At the farmers market for opening day, there are going to be 18 booths, including four farmers and fiver artisans. These vendors sell everything from soups to homemade dog items. “You’ll have to come check them out to see them all,” she says. Also, they are focusing on partnering with the community, such as Butler County Metro Parks, Fairfield Lane Library, and other organizations to provide educational opportunities.

Village Green Farmers Market is going to be unique because there’s going to be fitness classes available, including Tai Chi. 

Also, they are partnering with Butler Tech’s Culinary Institute “to showcase how residents can use the produce available at the market- they’ll be using market produce to create a unique recipe, with samples,” Russo says. “That is very unique. It’s important that we help our residents build relationships with our market vendors and I see this as a great way to help someone try something they may not have before.” 

There will also be wine samples, bottles to enjoy at home, and tips for dinner. There are a bunch or artisans and vendors to check out on May 30.

The market will provide a great place of community and diversity. “The Fairfield Village Green Farmers Market gives a place for you to meet up with neighbors and friends, or meet new ones, for families to spend time unplugged together, and to celebrate and connect with the local farmers who are here to provide fresh foods-some even harvested, baked or created that day,” she says. “It’s a great way to augment your weekly menu, by adding a few locally grown, healthy items. Farmers markets, in general, are great for the local economy, to help those regional food providers and artisans to keep doing what they’re doing, and I’m excited that we offer the opportunity for the residents to make all those connections-neighbors, friends, family, farmers and artisans.”

The success of the market will be defined by the residents, Russo says. “My vision of success is two-fold: The feedback from our residents will be visible when the “green” is full of people enjoying the fitness classes, talking and working with farmers and artisans, and commenting that it was a valuable experience for them and their families that they don’t want to miss week after week. The second is the success of our partnering vendors-where they have good sales as a result of our efforts, that is success.”

To keep up with what’s going on with the Village Green Farmers Market, follow them on Facebook and their website.

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Learn about a new boot camp where the workouts are tough, but with things like on-site childcare and complimentary nutrition guidance, it’s easy to get in the best shape of your life.


Burn Boot Camp is a woman-focused boot camp-style gym.

Burn Boot Camp. Doesn’t sound like a walk in the park, does it? Teryl Greist, Owner and Operator of the Hyde Park-based Burn Boot Camp, says that while their workouts are intense, they try to make everything else easy. 

“Burn Boot Camp is a woman-focused boot camp-style gym. Our mission is to empower women and change their life,” Greist explains. “We offer complimentary child care; we know that can be an obstacle for moms to get to the gym. We also offer complimentary nutrition guidance with our Certified Personal Trainers.” 

The “burn” part of the business comes from a desire of her and her partner. “‘Burn,’ to me means the burning desire that my partner, Tom and I, and all our staff have to change people’s lives,” she says.

The idea behind Burn Boot Camp actually sparked in a parking lot. “[It] started in a parking lot in Huntersville, North Carolina, about five years ago by our fearless leader and CEO Devan Kline and his wife, Morgan Kline,” Greist explains. 

Greist was inspired to start Burn Boot Camp in Cincinnati from a passion for changing the lives of women. “I know for Devan, it was a passion to change the lives of his clients,” she says. “For me, I wanted to open a franchise because ‘Burn’ changed my life, and I wanted to change the lives of other women like me.” 

At Burn Boot Camp, there are many different people who want to change their lives for the better, Greist says. ”At Burn Boot Camp, you will see all types of women, and men, all ages, all athletic abilities. You will see our Head Trainer, Mary, giving one on one attention to our clients,” she adds. “You will see women encouraging each other. You will see a TON of high fives!” The client base of Burn Boot Camp mostly consists of women, but there are two camps offered in the evening that men can attend.

The boot camp is different from other boot camps. “Burn is different because it really does become an addiction. The environment is so different from any other gym you enter,” she says. “There’s a positive atmosphere, and lack of judgment from our members. It’s the best 45 minutes you can ever give yourself in a day.” Burn Boot Camp defines success by “seeing clients change their life, whether it be mental or physical,” she adds. 

The business is a great addition to the community and brings people together, Greist says. “Burn Boot Camp is important to the Cincinnati community, not only for our hope to change the lives of its residents, but also in our philanthropic presence as well,” she adds.

Burn Boot Camp is located at 4325 Red Bank Road, Suite A, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. To learn more, visit or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.