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A local lady launched this Greek-inspired blog that posts healthy recipes and the inspiration you need to have some fun in the kitchen.

Baked Ambrosia is all about traditional Greek dishes with a healthy twist.

Traditional Greek dishes with a fun and healthy spin is what the Baked Ambrosia blog is all about.

“Baked Ambrosia is a food blog dedicated to inspiring every-day home cooks to get into their kitchens and create delicious food with simple wholesome ingredients,” says founder Angelina Papanikolaou. The name of the blog came from the heart she has for baking. “Although I love to cook, my true passion is baking. ‘Ambrosia’ is the food of the Greek Gods,” she says. “When something is ‘ambrosial,’ it is extremely pleasing to taste or smell. So, I combined my passion with the ‘food of the gods’ and Baked Ambrosia came to life.” 

Baked Ambrosia started in January of 2016. It started as a place for Papanikolaou to share her recipes with her loved ones and anyone who asks her for a recipe.  “Starting a food blog had been something that I was considering for at least a year before I finally decided it was the right time, so I started a blog. I read a lot about it, watched many videos, talked to people who knew about building websites, and then I drove in and did it, “ she says. “To be honest,  I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved every single second of it.” 

The blog consists of healthy recipes and the occasional indulgences, as well as health tips, favorite products and everything in between.

Papanikolaou has many recipes that she wants to make and add to the blog. “These recipes are inspired by literally everything- the seasons,  holidays, my Greek roots, something I ate while traveling, foods I grew up with, new ingredients I see on social media, magazines, cookbooks,” she says. “Having a creative mind, it’s easy to get inspired from pretty much anything.” 

Her blog is so unique because she creates recipes that have a purpose. “Whether it is putting my own spin on a classic recipe, giving my readers a taste of my Greek culture, or creating a healthier version of a decadent food.” 

Papanikolaou’s goal for the blog is “to inspire readers to get into their kitchens and create mouthwatering scratch-made food.”

She loves working on her blog and is passionate about it. “I get to set my own schedule, attend amazing events, make lots of new friends, and I am able to get someone into the kitchen and cook up a delicious meal or batch of cookies,” Papanikolaou says. 

If you want to keep up with what Baked Ambrosia is doing, follow her on TwitterPinterest ,  her website , and Instagram.

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See how a local boy and his foster pup inspired these gourmet treats and the booming business that quickly followed.

Daniel’s Dog Treats sells healthy treats for your pet.

Dog treats can be both nutritious and delicious, says Doris Foley, Owner and CEO of Daniel’s Dog Treats.

“Daniel’s Dog Treats is a small family business named after Daniel,” she explains, “My Grandson, and son of my daughter Christina Harper.”

Foley and Harper have been in business for the past five years. “North College Hill is our official business listing address, however, we sell our products online at, at Findlay Market, Stanbery Park Farmers Market, Fort Thomas Farmers Market, and through a local business in Hamilton, Ohio, called LahVdah,” says Foley.

“Daniel spends time with his Oma [German for Grandma] on a regular basis, so one afternoon, just for fun, they decided to bake doggy cookies for his dogs at home, the dogs at his Oma’s, and especially for Sarge. Now Sarge, a foster dog, was underweight, flee infested and had a severe case of mange when he first arrived,” Harper recalls. “After a few weeks of isolation and extensive treatment, he recovered quite well, however, the years of neglect and presumed abuse did take a toll on his body. Sarge suffers from a heart defect and quite severe arthritis, which required the highest dose of previcox for him to even be semi-comfortable. Even with all this, he showed so much love to Daniel, who wanted to do something nice for Sarge in return.” 

Foley says she didn’t have a specific recipe to make for Sarge, but she had so much knowledge of dogs that she was able to throw different ingredients together, while having fun making dog treats that made the pup so happy.

“A few days later, Doris noticed a change in Sarge. At first it was a slight pep in his step, followed by more energy and after a while, he ran and rolled in the grass for the first time since he arrived,” Harper says. “The only change in this routine was the doggy treats, so Doris decided to investigate this further by not giving him his medicine, which is quite costly by the way, and we could hardly believe that the lack of his medicine made no difference. Well, until the Daniel’s Dog Treats ran out. Within days of Daniel’s Dog Treats running out, Sarge began to rapidly decline. Needless to say, a fresh batch was baked immediately and we have not run out since.”

Daniel, Foley and Harper started to bake regularly for Sarge and the rest of the dogs. “Over time, we shared Daniel’s Dog Treats with owners of dogs with ailments and the results were astonishing,” Foley says. “With that, our Blueberry Delights were created, followed by the Calming Treats and Fresh Breath.”

The treats offered at Daniel’s Dog Treats are: Blueberry Delights, Calming Treats, Fresh Breath, Gluten and Wheat Free Blueberry Delights, Peach Paradise (Gluten Free), Strawberry Heaven (Gluten and Wheat Free). 

The mission of the business is to see healthy dogs. “We strive to provide healthy, quality dog treats to our customers,” Foley says. “Our treats have benefited many dogs as described in our testimony section of our website.” 

Daniel’s Dog Treats is unique because they sell healthy dog treats. “We are unique, due to the fact that our treats do have amazing health benefits and are a natural alternative for dog owners and their fur babies,” Foley says. “Our treats do not contain preservatives or additives and are baked fresh weekly by us.” 

This business is important for the community of Cincinnati. “Many of our four legged customers have not only enjoyed our treats,” Foley says, “but are receiving quality treats that help them with issues from pain and anxiety problems, to just be able to enjoy treats that fit in their dietary restrictions.”

Foley says interacting with the customers and hearing the success stories of their products is what she loves best about the business. “Every customer, every success story of a dog feeling better,” she adds. “[I love] the feedback of how well our customers are responding to our treats.”

To learn more about Daniel’s Dog Treats, follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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See how you can get the freshest produce with a fun down-on-the-farm experience too at this Lebanon farm that’s now under new ownership.

At Hidden Valley Orchards, you’ll not only find fresh produce, but you’ll also get a true farm experience.

“For over 60 years, Hidden Valley Orchards has offered homegrown fruits, vegetables and seasonal u-pick crops and fun activities at the farm in Lebanon, Ohio. In early 2018, the Lane Family of Lebanon purchased the Hidden Valley Orchards farm complex,” says Kacey Shaw, Hidden Valley Orchards Events and Operations Director. “The Lanes are excited to carry on the long-standing Hidden Valley traditions, while expanding on the experiential component of the farm visit, creating a premier event venue destination and developing delicious and unique product for customers to enjoy. Hidden Valley Orchards has set its sights on becoming your choice for an authentic farm experience and we look forward for your visit.” 

Seasonally, there are up to 40-50 individuals with 10 year-round employees.

The inspiration behind the business came from a family purchasing beautiful property. “The new owners, Robyn and Randy Lane, Lebanon residents, were first inspired to purchase this property by the beautiful land and setting of the established business and grounds,” she says. “As business owners already, they were excited to expand their business-scape with the opportunity to try something new in the agritourism industry and build a destination location for families to come to celebrate the Fall Harvest season and life’s special occasions.” 

There’s a variety of different services offered at Hidden Valley Orchards, such as: U-pick (seasonal harvests of berries, apples, grapes and pumpkins), Daily Lunch, Historical Hayrides, Pumpkin Patch, Festivals, Education Field Trips, etc. 

Success comes in different forms at Hidden Valley Orchards. “If we can utilize the land in its innate capacity and derive beautiful product from the land, we want to. If HVO can provide a welcoming atmosphere for family and neighbors, where they are learning about the farm, celebrating seasonal crops, making new traditions and memories, then that is a success,” Shaw says. “If we can provide a unique farm market experience by featuring fresh,  local and quality items for our guests to purchase and enjoy: that is success. We understand that our customers are the heart of the organization and appreciate them visiting Hidden Valley Orchards.”

The facility is a unique business in Lebanon, Shaw says. The people who work for Hidden Valley Orchards are unique because they love the building, appreciate the farm’s history and the product and services are purveying. The atmosphere of the farm is welcoming and there is rich history. 

“HVO crops feature 17 varieties of apples, rows of peach trees, other u-pick crops are blueberries, strawberries, Concord and other table grapes and of course, pumpkins. This season, HVO grew and featured kale, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini and more from our market. HVO is certainly unique in that we press fresh apple cider for the market weekly, beginning the first week of September,” she says. “HVO is truly a gem in the heart of Warren County, where people seem to be stopping in for an Apple Cider Donut and staying for hours exploring the grounds or enjoying spending time in the Market Gathering room, visiting our HVO farm friends and sampling our farm fresh lunch and awesome conversation.”

Shaw says the scenery still takes her breath away when she arrives to work. “Daily, I arrive to a beautiful sunrise cresting the top of our berry crops. The people I work with are passionate about the product and vision and working to create a wonderful experience for all our guests. I enjoy being able to offer exemplary customer service, knowing that I have quality product to support that service,” Shaw says. “Most especially, taking the journey as an event coordinator to be part of many special occasions that build memories, foster community and sometimes start new family tradition. It’s always a good work day when at Hidden Valley Orchards.”

To learn more about Hidden Valley Orchards, follow along on FacebookInstagram or theiwebsite.

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Read on to learn about a fitness facility that helps their clients grow in all aspects of their life.

Aloha Yoga Center wants to see people improve their well being.

There is a fitness facility in the Cincinnati area that wants to see people improve their well being. “Aloha Yoga Center, LLC is a yoga and wellness center located on the Eastside of Cincinnati,” says Danielle Marie and Ryan Earl Toft, Owners of Aloha Yoga Center. “We are about promoting health and wellness (mind, body and spirit) for everybody!” 

Aloha Yoga Center opened in January of 2018 and its name came from a desire to have the spirit of Hawaii in Ohio. “We love the word, Aloha (love), and want to make sure that you feel that when you walk in the door. You are welcome to show up exactly who you are,” Danielle says.

The inspiration behind starting Aloha Yoga Center came from the Tofts living in Hawaii when they first got married because her husband, Ryan, was in the Navy. “During the course of our marriage, we kept talking about returning to Hawaii. In 2016, we packed up our three kids, sold everything and moved to Hawaii. My husband received a transfer from his job as a mail carrier and we made the move. It was absolutely amazing. We loved it and what an adventure,” Danielle says. 

While the five of them were in Hawaii, Danielle and Ryan started talking about having their own fitness facility, but it was too expensive to do it in Hawaii. “We continued to talk about opening up a place and what the name would be and after a series of events, we found ourselves moving back to Cincinnati. We decided to throw everything we had into our business and making huge sacrifices. We don’t come from money and we didn’t have a huge bank account,” Danielle says. “Aloha Yoga Center, LLC was hatched from a need to serve the community. Our intention when opening the place has always been: Serve. Serve the community, love with a huge open heart and be honest about what you are wanting to do. Each time I roll out my mat, I say to myself, ‘Let this place/practice help whomever it needs to help and serve whomever it needs to serve.’ This place has turned out to be bigger than just Ryan and I wanting to open a yoga studio. It’s taken on a life of its own.”

People come to Aloha Yoga Center, not just to get in shape, the Tofts say, as they come and learn about themselves. “They discover a similar message that I did, that ‘Everything you need is already inside of you.’ So many people come in the doors and confide that they are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and real life issues. They have been able to find peace on the mat, that is huge! A few of our teachers are Trauma Sensitive and we create a space for survivors of trauma to heal at their own personal level,” Danielle says. 

The center has a class for everybody. “The hardest part is walking through the doors. We have a range of classes for truly everyone,” she says. The classes offered are: Basic Yoga, Restorative Yoga/Meditation, Mana Power Flow, All Levels Vinyasa Class, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Kettlebell Fusion Class, BUTI Yoga, and Old Skool Adult Hip Hop Class.

The facility is unique because it’s open to everyone. “The one thing I felt when I was attending classes at a yoga studio was that everyone had to be fit and a size 0. We want people to feel that they belong here,” Danielle explains. “They are our Ohana. We want to be a part of your journey wellness (mind, body and spirit).”

The business is important for the community because it helps organizations in the area. “Each month our studio picks an organization that is in need and we help by giving donations,” Danielle says. 

Toft loves doing what she believes in. “I see the value in what we are putting out into the world and there is so much to be said for that,” she says, adding that her favorite thing about running the studio is seeing people walk out of Aloha Yoga Center feeling better. “The thing this is so amazing to me is when people walk in the studio and leave feeling ‘lighter,’ and they have a twinkle in their eyes,” Danielle adds. “They shine from the inside out. It’s absolutely amazing.”

Aloha Yoga Center is located at: 834 Ohio Pike, Suite 318, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245. To learn more, follow along on Facebook and their website.

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A local business is bringing people in workplace environments together one bite at a time. Read on for all the delicious details.

Eat In works to connect employers in large buildings with local food providers.
A new local business is hungry to connect large businesses with local food options. 
“Eat In is a brand new Cincinnati-founded company that connects large employers and large buildings with fantastic local food providers (restaurants, food trucks, and catering services) to offer memorable breakfasts, lunches and afternoon treats right in your office’s break room or parking lot,” says a company representative of Eat In, who asked to remain anonymous
Eat In has been in business since June of 2018 and operates in the Greater Cincinnati area. “We are very much in start-up mode,” he says.
The inspiration behind starting Eat In came from the job market in the Cincinnati area. “In the job market, employers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves while increasing employee morale. Eat In is typically no cost to the employer, but allows employees to be excited about lunch in their own building,” he explains. “The average employee gets 30-45 minutes for lunch. That, coupled with how much needs to get done during the work day, we saw a need to bring lunches to employees versus the other way around.”
The business offers different services for their clients. “Eat In schedules food service providers on site at medium and large businesses around the Greater Cincinnati area to serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon treats. We also help market food service vendors so they can have successful events,” he says. 
The mission of Eat In is “to serve the business community and deliver value to employers, employees and business owners alike,” he says. 
Eat In is a unique business venture because “Eat In is a full service partner to large employers that allows employers the benefit of having on site food without the cost and big contractual agreements,” he explains.
“Eat In is also mindful to promote great local food providers! We do our due diligence to pick the right food providers who not only offer great service, but who want to promote and grow their company.”
The business of Eat In defines success by “if we are able to continually provide value in the market and to employers while helping local food business increase revenue. Of course, Eat In has growth aspirations, but at our core is the ‘why’ behind the growth,” he says. “Our ‘why’ will always be helping food vendors drive revenue while offering seamless service to employers and buildings.”
The company representative’s favorite part of working for the business is helping local food providers. “[I love] building a business that helps local food providers add to their bottom line all while making the work day a little better for employees around Cincinnati,” he says. 
If you want to keep up with what Eat In is doing, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website. Email if you’re interested in having Eat In at your place of work or would like to be a food provider.

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A local yoga studio is now offering a new practice that purrfectly combines yoga with adoptable cats.

Elemental Om offers cat yoga to relax clients and help cats find new homes.
A local yoga studio is bringing fun — and four legs — to your next yoga practice.
“Yoga with Cats is a yoga experience featuring adoptable cats who work the room while you practice yoga,” says Pamela Quinn, yoga teacher and CEO of Elemental OM. “Ohio Alleycat Resources has partnered with Elemental OM for the past three years to offer this fun feline event every three months. All proceeds from the yoga event go to support OAR and save the fur babies.”
There are two to four people who lead each event, a yoga teacher, two cat handlers and a photographer. 
According to Quinn, the inspiration behind Yoga with Cats came from wanting to be intentional and impactful for causes that were truly important to her.
“We decided to concentrate our charitable endeavors on a few things close to home where we could be most impactful,” Quinn says. “Each event for OAR raised upwards of $700. We also support the Shelterhouse in Cincinnati and a few other programs.”
Yoga with Cats became a class because it is so much fun, Quinn adds.
“Cat nip is sprinkled on your mat so the kitties are attracted to the nip. Honestly, the cat nip isn’t even needed because cats just love the feel of a yoga mat and will come over to you while you practice and roll around on your mat,” she says. “It’s a great way to meet and interact with the kitties, especially if you are in the market for a new cat. All of the cats are saved from the streets and taken really good care of. Yoga is fun and the community involvement makes you feel so good. We need more yoga and kitties in this world.”
Elemental OM is unique in the world of yoga, Quinn explains. “We cater to those who are newer to yoga and to those who are aging, have situations or truly looking for a spiritually-based yoga practice,” she says. “We have two and soon to be three studios in the fall when Mason opens, so we offer multiple locations for you to find your favorite teachers and styles of yoga.” 
Quinn defines success by seeing people get support as they change physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga with Cata helps to accomplish that, she adds. “Cats are said to be an outward expression of your soul.
Having a pet can be a critical factor in healing. Success of Yoga with Cats is raising money and seeing the babies get a home,” Quinn says. 
A typical class starts out with the class members arriving up to 30 minutes before the class to check in and complete a waiver.
“OAR brings lots of kitty-inspired retail items and you can shop. You are encouraged to roll out your mat and play with the kitties,” Quinn says. “The yoga class is about 60 minutes long and taught for all levels so even if you have never tried yoga, you will be happy. Afterwards, you can mingle and even adopt a cat.”
Elemental OM is located at 9510 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. It’s in the heart of Old Montgomery next to CVS. To keep up with Elemental OM and upcoming Yoga with Cats classes, follow along on Facebook.

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Read on for more about a virtual wellness practice that helps people create and cultivate a healthier version of themselves.

Kristen DeAngelis offers wellness and nutrition services through Kristen DeAngelis Wellness and helps manage Roots Reboot.

What started as a wellness practice in Cincinnati has turned into a successful virtual HIPAA compliant tele-health platform that’s expanded into Chicago.

“Kristen DeAngelis Wellness is a private practice LLC providing nutrition consulting, one-on-one nutrition services, group workshops and seminars and corporate wellness opportunities,” says Kristen DeAngelis, Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Personal Trainer. 

DeAngelis has been a dietitian for four years, nutrition counselor for seven years and she launched her private practice more than three years ago.

Kristen DeAngelis Wellness is partnering with Roots Reboot, LLC to provide more for her clients. “Roots Reboot is a supportive, community practice group of entrepreneurial dietitians, each with their own specialty nutrition focus and in different geographical locations across the country,” she says. 

DeAngelis is the Roots Reboot COO Director of Client Services. “The new partnership has allowed me to grow this business to reach a broader audience, serve more people and also with the option to take on virtual clients and opportunities as well,” she explains. “We have online webinars and giveaways on our social media platform, @RootsReboot, and of course we also use a HIPPA compliant tele-health platform. It ensures that a patient’s information is confidential and not shared.”

While she started the business in Cincinnati, she’s now living and operating her business out of Chicago. “However, I lived and worked in Cincinnati the past three years and just moved to Chicago a few months ago,” she explains. 

Because of a death in the DeAngelis family, she made a drastic move in a short time. “I miss Cincinnati very much and created a tight bond with many of my Registered Dietitian friends and clients! We stay in touch closely and also continue to work together though, which is great,” she says. “Any challenging time in our life always teaches us something, so despite the grief my husband and I have been dealt with, I see it as a positive to relate to the journey many of my clients find themselves in.”

DeAngelis offers a variety of services. “I have a full case of one-on-one nutrition sessions, I currently have workshops and seminars at various locations (dance studios, Orange Theory Fitness locations, fitness/gym franchises, corporate wellness, and even farmers markets. I also provide free webinars on nutrition and holistic wellness,” she says. She also offers group nutrition classes, corporate wellness in-service fairs, in-service events for groups and companies.

DeAngelis defines success with her business by seeing her clients succeed. “If I can support someone in making at least one success in their lives, I see that as a success,” she says. “My goals are to continue to help as many people as possible and continue to spread the word about healthy habits.”

Her most memorable moment so far is seeing how she changed a client’s life. “The moment when a client looks me in the eye and says with conviction, ‘You changed my life.’ I cannot stress the power in that,” DeAngelis says. “That is the best moment, the best gift that no one else can give you.”

To keep up with what’s going on with Kristen DeAngelis Wellness, follow her on Instagram at @kdwellness and or

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See how making hand-made granola with fresh, organic ingredients for her child’s birthday party turned into a booming (and delicious) business.

Grandola Granola is gourmet, clustered, small-batch granola.

So long stale, boring, store-bought granola. There’s a new granola in town, hand-made with love and good-for-you ingredients.

“Grandola Granola is gourmet clustered, small batch granola that’s made by hand with local and organic ingredients,” says owner Jamie Coates-Donohue. “[We have] seasonal based names with deep, unique flavor profiles.”

In March of 2018, Grandola Granola turned four years old. “I use a commercial kitchen in Newport through the Incubator Kitchen Collective,” Coates-Donohue says. “It’s hectic, but it works for me right now with future plans being put in place for Grandola’s own kitchen and office space.”

The inspiration behind starting the business came from her daughter, Ella. “Just before her second birthday, I started making granola for her. After looking online and through recipe books, I created my first batch with Ohio maple syrup and organic ingredients I’d gotten in the bulk section at Whole Foods. It seemed moist when it was done baking, so I flipped it and let it sit for a few days,” she says. “When I checked again, it was chunky paradise! I used some of the pan for goodie bags as Ella’s party favors. That lead to making batches for other people. So, within six months, I created the LLC.”

Grandola Granola offers wholesale bags, jars and bulk to restaurants, markets, businesses, event planners and universities, retail bags, jars, sample sets, and bulk to customers at markets and events. “We have four flavors in original and gluten free that are sweetened with Ohio maple syrup. Ella’s favorite was my very first flavor, which has Madagascar vanilla, cherries and cranberries,” Coates-Donohue says. “Summer Time is my favorite, which has blueberries, dates and orange oil. Autumn’s Best shares my love of chai tea spice with apricots and cranberries. Vibrant Winter has cacao powder (raw cocoa), raspberry extract and figs.”

The mission of business is “to create the most natural granola we can, while holding the highest standards and integrity for the product,” she says.

Coates-Donohue says she’s proud of the business, and legacy, she’s creating for herself and family. “Grandola is female owned by a mom, and it gives all generations strength that at any age you can set goals and achieve them. We wouldn’t have the success we’ve had if it weren’t for our community of friends and family who help it grow,” she adds. “From the start, it was crucial to use as many local resources as possible. Our extracts, maple syrup and print work all come from Ohio. Also, being accessible at markets, events and popups keep our brand community-based.”

To keep up with what Grandola Granola is doing, follow along on Facebook,  Instagram, and their website.

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Read on to learn more about a new boutique Pilates and Yoga studio that’s opening soon on the Westside.

PLANK Pilates Yoga will soon open its own location on the city’s Westside.

Plank Pilates Yoga is a boutique Pilates and Yoga studio, soon to open on the Westside.

“The Grand Opening is August 4,” Stacy Horning, Founder and Owner of Plank Pilates Yoga, says. “I am offering a free Pilates Mat class at 11:00am with a reception to follow from 12:15-2pm, with live music, food, drink, and fun giveaways!” 

Right now, Horning is the only teacher, but she’s looking to build her team. “My hope is to create a community of teachers with diverse movement backgrounds and styles,” she says. The studio is located at: 5334 Sidney Road in Cincinnati on the Westside of Cincinnati in Green Township. “Our building is bright blue. You can’t miss it,” she laughs.

The inspiration behind the business came from her traveling to different studios around the Cincinnati area. “I have always been willing to travel to studios all over the city to train a variety of different workouts, including various styles of Yoga and Pilates, Aerial Yoga, dance fitness, Barre, etc. The list could go on and on,” Horning says. “However, I found that most people did not share the same willingness. I wanted to create a space where you could try a variety of classes without having to studio hop. The inspiration is truly to have one space with all of your favorite workout classes in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.”

The name of Horning’s business came from her reputation in the fitness industry. “Over my many years of teaching, I have gained a reputation as the teacher who does lots of planks! I do them in every class I teach, in some form or another,” she says. “When my clients think of me, I promise you, they think of planks. It made perfect sense to name the business Plank Pilates Yoga.”

The different classes that are going to be offered at Plank Pilates Yoga are: Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, Vinyasa Yoga, Buti Yoga, Barre, Restorative Yoga, and they have a Pilates Teacher Training Program coming soon. 

Horning says she defines success by perseverance and power. “The most successful people are not the ones who started out the strongest or the most well-equipped, but the ones who never quit. Perseverance is everything,” she adds.

Plank Pilates Yoga is important for the community because the Westside of Cincinnati doesn’t have a lot of options, Horning says. “In other parts of town, you may see a Yoga and Pilates studio on every block. However, on the Westside, the fitness options are few and far between,” she explains “This is a great opportunity for people in the community to practice Pilates and Yoga without a 30 minute drive.”

Horning loves working out with, and being inspired by, others. “Nothing compares to the exchange of energy you experience when working out in a group setting pushing towards a common goal,” she says. 

Horning says she loves the relationships that she builds with the people she works out with. “I love working out but mostly, I love the people,” she adds. “It’s a blessing when the people you work with and train with become your closest friends. I am truly lucky to be able to do what I love with people I love.”

To learn more about Plank Pilates Yoga, “like” them on Facebook or visit their website.

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Read on to see how this local business has been making a dirty job a jolly business for more than two decades.

When you think of plumbing issues, “jolly” might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But Brady Jolly, CEO of Jolly Plumbing, hopes to change that.

“We’re a commercial and residential service plumbing company who specializes in emergency service and repair,” he explains. 

Jolly Plumbing is located in Wilder, Kentucky, but they serve all around the Greater Cincinnati area. Currently, there are 40 people helping with plumbing and there are 12 people who are working for the sister companies. 

The Jolly Plumbing staff enjoying their in-house basketball court during a “Little Plumbers” event for the community

The inspiration behind starting the business started with Brady’s father. “My father, Barry Jolly, started the company in 1979 with a mission of taking care of customers at all costs,” Brady says. “When people have plumbing issues, it’s a stressful time, but he wanted to do whatever he could to make the situation as seamless as possible. We still run our business with these same principles.”

According to Brady, Jolly Plumbing offers a wide variety of plumbing services, including sewer line repair, drain cleaning, water line repair, gas line repair, service plumbing, hydro jetting of sewer lines, septic system installation, sewer scoping/cameraing, septic system cleansing, and anything related to the repair or replacement of plumbing in a residential or commercial building.

Jolly Plumbing defines success by how their customers feel. “We define success by the happiness of our customers,” Brady says. “Our reputation is very important to us and we go to great lengths to insure that we maintain a good reputation.”

The Jolly Plumbing staff during a “Little Plumbers” event for the community

Brady’s favorite part of working for the business is that the employees are like family. “We have good camaraderie between employees,” he says. “We have an innovative office that includes a basketball court. We’re able to keep things fun while still getting our work done.”

The business has been such an important part of the Greater Cincinnati area for over 20 years. “Jolly Plumbing is a staple in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati community. When many people think plumbing, Jolly is the first company that comes to mind,” he says. “We’ve woven ourselves into the fabric of the community over the years by continuing to make customers happy by handling their issues like we would handle our own.”

Brady says good customer service and community events, such as their kid-focused “Little Plumbers” event, get the business engrained in the community. Plus, he says, they have a great team of people. ” I love how the people I work with strive to live out the mission of the company on a consistent basis to help better the company,” he adds.

Keep up with what Jolly Plumbing is doing by following them on FacebookTwitter, and their website.