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Need design, home improvement, or party hosting ideas? Cincy Home Chic Home has it all! Click to check out this month's recap!

Here’s a recap of what you can find on our new site, Cincy Home Chic Home, this month!:

Decor Ideas: 
Mirrored Cabinets 
Timeless with a Touch of Pink
Contrasting Elements
Word Art

Real Estate Tips:
Why Does It Take So Long to Build a Home?

Listing of the Week: 
9827 Kensington Lane
422 Stanley


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The best home lighting balances function with form for maximum comfort and style. The key to achieving this is ambient lighting. It provides a room with general lighting and sets the mood. Ambient lighting requires the right fixtures and placement location. With this lighting type, even the darkest room can be turned into a bright and lively space. As long as the proper techniques are implemented, you can create your desired look. 

Choosing Your Lights

Ambient lighting should be soft, warm, and provide enough light to safely navigate a space. This requires multiple light sources. Wall lights are great for ambient lighting. If the fixture is wired into the wall is considered direct-wire and requires electrical experience to install. Wall lights are controlled by either a built-in switch or a separate wall switch. If you’re on a budget or want to avoid the hassle of wiring, then opt for plug-in lights. This less expensive option plugs directly into an existing outlet. However, their exposed cord can be an eyesore. Direct-wire wall lights are best when the fixtures are part of a room’s general lighting. Use plug-in lights if you plan on using the lights on their own.

A wall sconce sits close to the wall and offers many styles that emit light differently. Some shine light upwards to illuminate the space or downward to accent specific areas. Swing-arm wall lights are adjustable space-saving fixtures that extend from the wall. Install them bedside to have task lighting for nighttime reading in bed.

Increase your ambient lighting with table and floor lamps. Make sure table lamps are proportional to the table for best results. The bottom of the lamp shade must be at eye level to protect your eyes from direct light. The shade must be 2/3 the lamp base height and 1 ½ the lamp base width. This is not a hard and fast rule since lamp design will impact measurements. Recessed lighting is commonly used for ambient lighting or to supplement natural light. Space recessed lighting on the ceiling according to its height for evenly distributed lighting.

Bright Lighting

If you have a dimly lit room, take advantage of any natural light. The best lighting is in rooms with south-facing windows. East and west-facing windows provide adequate natural light. Supplemental artificial light sources are required in north-facing rooms. Place mirror across from a window so it reflects the natural light and increases illumination.  

Considers the light reflectance value (LRV) of your wall paint. This measurement shows how much light the paint reflects which helps in determining the best paint hue for the room. This is especially important for windowless rooms or rooms with minimal natural light. The lighter the paint color, the brighter the room. Glossy surfaces and other reflective material will also boost illumination.


So, now that you know how to create ambient lighting, it’s time to control room mood. Fixture position, light output, and bulb type determines the overall look and feel of the room. These factors allow you to personalize your space.

Accent lighting

Use accent lighting as a focal point to create visual interest or direct it towards specific areas. Recessed spotlights, track lights, sconces, uplights, table lamps, and floor lamps are accent lighting options. Light output is 3 times the room’s normal light level. Highlight artwork by pointing lights at a 30 degree angle towards it. Try wall washing and flood the wall with light. Install multiple accent lights in linear fashion on the ceiling 2-3ft from the wall and point them towards the opposite wall. Extend the distance to 3 to 4 ft on higher ceilings. If you want to illuminate textural surfaces, then install a row of track lights or recessed lights 6 to 12 ft opposite the wall you’re accenting.

Color temperature

Your bulb choice depends on the mood you want to create. Bulbs have color temperatures that range from warm to cool light. This is measured in Kelvins where warm temperatures have a yellowish hue, while cool temperatures create a blue lighting effect. The lower the temperature, the warmer the bulb light. A color temperature of 2700K emits soft warm lighting. For a balanced blend of temperatures, use 3500K. Lighting resembling daylight, requires a cool temperature of 4000K. This is ideal for rooms regularly used during the day. Many typically choose color temperatures in the 2900K to 3200K range. The temperature should match your home style. Traditional homes look best with warm colors similar to incandescent or candlelight. Cooler temperatures with whiter light pair complement modern styles. 


Brighter lighting enhances productivity. Increase ambient lighting in task areas, such as the kitchen, living room, and home office. Opt for soft white bulbs over clear or colored. LEDs are best for energy-efficient, bright white light. Plus, they have a long lifespan. Though these bulbs are expensive upfront, they save you money in the long-run. A less expensive option are low-voltage bulbs, followed by the Halogen MR16 bulb. However, if you’re looking for an energy-efficient, cost-effective, bright light source that emits very little heat, fluorescent lights are it. Once considered a light to avoid, advanced technology has substantially improved its performance. These bulbs now come in various styles, not just the long tubing. Consider glare when you choose your bulbs. Lower the wattage if the light is too harsh. 

Lighting control

Attach dimmers to all lighting fixtures to control light intensity and mood. There are various dimmers styles available, such as toggle, rotary dial, and touch sensitive. Keep in mind, lights must be dimmable. Another option is lamps with three-way bulbs which let you adjust lighting levels. Separate the lighting into different zones so you can control multiple locations individually. Add perimeter lights to a designated zone and put them on a separate circuit. That way, you can adjust light reflection with greater precision.

Customized ambient lighting provides ultimate comfort. Think about factors that impact the amount of light you need, such as age, health, and eye color. If your lights are direct-wire, check building codes first. Consult a lighting expert for help with developing a lighting plan. As long as you apply the tips above you can have your desired atmosphere at any time.

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We're heading to Hyde Park for this week's Listing of the Week! Take a peek inside this custom-built home on a private drive.

This custom-built home is just a short stroll from Hyde Park Square. The 6,000-square-foot home features a private drive, a great room with a stone fireplace, a gourmet eat-in kitchen, first- and second-floor laundry rooms, a large walkout lower level, a game room, media room, and 7th bedroom, plus a 3-car garage.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.



Get ready for breath-taking charm and architectural details as we head to Hyde Park for a peek inside this week’s Listing of the Week.

This stunning home is a Hyde Park classic. It features a spacious beautiful yard with a detached garage house and a circular side driveway. The exquisite glass windows, molding, and details throughout are just what you’re looking for. There is a finished 3rd floor with a game room, 2 bedrooms, and a full bath.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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Perched atop Mt. Adams with breath-taking views and walk-out terraces, a gourmet kitchen, spa-like bathrooms, and two car garage, click for a look inside this urban oasis that's our Listing of the Week.

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic river views from this custom built home perched atop Hill St. in Mt. Adams. It’s an astounding 5,000 SF of high end living space. It features striking architectural details and is rich in amenities including an elevator, custom metal handrails, gourmet kitchen, European bath fixtures, and terrace walkouts on all levels. It has Fiberon decking as well as a heated 2 car garage. This is the ultimate urban estate.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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From a pool and wine cellar, to views, private drive and convenience of Hyde Park living, this dreamy ranch is this week’s Listing of the Week. Click for a peek inside.

Live your best life in this Hyde Park home on a private drive, where the sense of neighborhood is strong, the atmosphere is tranquil, and the views are lush. This charming, ranch home provides the simplicity of hardwood floors throughout and updated features including an outdoor entertaining deck and gunite pool. The home is walkable to Hyde Park Square and there’s an option to add a second level to the already 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.



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A home theater, three-car garage and panoramic views of Kentucky's rolling hills -- all just minutes away from downtown Cincinnati. Click for a sneak peek inside this week's Listing of the Week!

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.
It’s all about location in this week’s Listing of the Week! This home sits on one acre and overlooks the rolling hills of Kentucky. The Anderson Township home was built by Christopher Robin Homes and is close to downtown and shopping. There is a first floor master bedroom, office, and family room, three bedrooms upstairs and two full baths. The lower level has another family room, theater, exercise room, and bedroom/bathroom. 


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It's a marriage of Victorian charm with high-end updates and conveniences, nestled in the heart of Mt. Lookout! Click for a sneak peek inside this Listing of the Week!

This Victorian home is completely remodeled but hasn’t lost its charm. It’s an open-concept home with an eat-in, walk-out kitchen, a formal living room, and dining rooms. The 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom home has hardwood floors, all-new plumbing, 95%+ new electrical, has been structurally improved, has a new roof, and two new HVAC units.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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We’re living the English countryside life in this week’s Listing of the Week!

Live the European country life in this Stunning Italian Renaissance National Register masterpiece. It features luxurious carved millwork, English Wedgwood hardware, and a priceless Rookwood solarium. A dreamy Loggia overlooks cascading fountains and gorgeous park-like grounds. There’s a chauffeur’s apt converted to an exercise studio, a kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, and a zoned HVAC.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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Perched atop the city with a view and rooftop terrace, gourmet kitchen, and luxury master suite with a lavish marble bath -- this is a must-see Listing of the Week!

This stunning Mt. Adams home features a beautiful river view. Inside, there are gorgeous hardwoods throughout. The home was built to entertain with a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Plus, there’s a balcony off the kitchen! The luxury master suite has a cedar closet/dressing room and a lavish marble bath with a double vanity and a balcony! The loft family room features built-ins, wetbar, and walkout to a large patio and private, gated courtyard. The home is 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and is listed at $1,349,900.