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News flash: moms love pictures. The resulting living room décor is pictures from EVERY one of Tommy and Kate’s soccer games for the past SEVEN years. This display of personal affects isn’t going to help sell your house. The perfect compromise? Photograph wall collages. Interior design meets memory lane with this stylish new trend in displaying family photos.


Black and white photos are great for a collage because they keep it looking simple and chic. Photos can be arranged symmetrically or in a scattered arrangement – get creative!



If you’re looking for a few pops of color, don’t be afraid to add in different artistic pieces including monograms, quotes, greeting cards, or even invitations and programs from previous events.


Use your home to enjoy memories and build new ones…just keep it clean, uncluttered, and utterly fabulous!


To get started with your design ideas check out the video below for a DIY tutorial from HGTV and send your name and mailing address to to receive 10% off coupons to Lowes!



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Does your home need a house doctor? Regardless of whether you are considering selling your home or plan to stay there for a long time, there are certain regular check-ups that you need to do to keep your home happy and your life a little more hassle-free! Here is a simple to-do list for every spring and fall to help keep your home in tip-top shape:

• Clean Gutters and be sure all downspouts take water away from your foundation.
• Keep all vegetation growth away from the foundation and roof of the home.
• Do not put wood piles near your home. Termite inspectors will call a “foul” and state that the home may have damaging bugs (wood piles almost always show termite, carpenter ant or boring bee activity)
• Be sure you have a chimney cap/screen or its equivalent to keep out rain and critters. It’s also a good idea to have a chimney sweep pay your home a visit!


• Check all faucets in home for leaks, replace washers or faucets as necessary – don’t forget the hose bibs.
• Check for leaks under sinks.
• Does your sump pump run properly? Do you have a battery backup? Is it in good working order?
• Be sure that your toilets do not constantly run. The cost of the parts is under $10 but your water bill can quickly exceed that if not corrected.
• Clean bath/shower caulk, remove and replace as necessary.


Those little things we forget to think of…
• Clean dryer vent to prevent fires.
• Have your Heating and Air Conditioning serviced twice a year. Be sure to change filters regularly
• Clean the coils of your refrigerator/freezer gently with a vacuum brush.
• Replace/repair all screens in windows and doors.
• Double check your attic for critter intrusion. Repair any entrance points and set a have a heart (live) trap. Be sure to check trap twice a day until you are sure no animals were trapped in the attic after the repair. Don’t be cruel and forget to check the trap leaving the animal to die of thirst/starvation.


Best bang for your buck? Consider having all windows washed- nothing looks better than looking out sparkling windows on a sunny day! It’s a luxury for some but to have your home professionally cleaned twice a year really helps with the forgotten places like baseboards, behind toilets, under the fronts of cabinets etc. After all, happy home = happy life.


If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, consider a pre-home inspection. This will be a huge help to know what you need to repair before you have a buyer under contract and have to renegotiate price or repairs to sell your home.