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Learn about a creative choral community for a cause, that melodically blends music, entertainment and fundraising.


Fluidity performs at events that benefit various social causes.

Fluidity, a Creative Choral Community for a Cause, combines beautiful music with philanthropy by performing at events benefitting various social causes. Fluidity is not just a choral group but “creative doers supporting the needs in our community” by holding event-concerts fundraisers to benefit partner non-profit organizations, says artistic director and founder Rhonda Juliano.

Fluidity is not Juliano’s first foray into using a chorus for social causes; in 2002, she founded Diverse Harmony in Seattle, a choir for LGTBQ youth. Officially founded in October 2016, Fluidity was inspired by Juliano’s love of community and doing good for others. “I like to put tangible meaning behind what we sing,” Juliano explains. “Introducing non-profits that support our community is a win/win as we can help promote, support and introduce these organizations to members of a larger community by involving others in a social event.”

Fluidity starts its process by selecting a nonprofit, picking music that matches the nonprofit’s theme, then build an enlightening and supporting concert event that includes education about the nonprofit’s mission, drinks, and dinner. “What a great way to promote and support one another!” Juliano says. “Joining an event with a themed concert is a unique and meaningful way to pay it forward, while making a real difference.”

Although Fluidity has only been around less than a year, it’s already busy and well-staffed. “We currently have 34 singers, an accompanist, an event director, a social media director and myself,” Juliano says. Fluidity is “fluid in song, community and voice parts,” meaning that Fluidity avoids stereotypes in assigning voice parts. “We have females singing tenor and a female identified individual singing bass.”

Fluidity recently wrapped up an event at the Cincinnati Zoo, benefitting Groundworks Cincinnati-Mill Creek, a nonprofit that works to restore natural waterways and the environment for clean drinking water and wildlife. Their full season is already planned, and upcoming events include one supporting CircleTail, a nonprofit that trains guide dogs at no charge, and Upspring, a nonprofit that supports homeless kids with academic support in tutoring, camps, and more.

Juliano hopes that Fluidity will “grow and become well known in our community as an excellent choral group that does good for our community.  We want to be recognized by name and have people think of us as an awesome organization that loves to pay it forward!” she says, “It’s about the music making and giving back that’s important to us as an organization.”

To learn more, visit

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A group of local creative entrepreneurs is breathing life into Cincinnati’s music, arts, and culture scene. Read on for the breath-taking details.


Cincy Chic: What is INHAILER?
Ray Ball, Director of Marketing and PR: INHAILER is a collective of creative entrepreneurs working together to build a community broadcast platform designed for social activation.

Cincy Chic: What inspired INHAILER?
Ball: Coran, the founder, wanted to fill a void with WNKU leaving and wanted to ensure that the community was still able to have access to a broadcast channel that is community operated and funded.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Ball: The man with the plan is Coran Stetter (he’s also the frontman of the band MultiMagic). The INHAILER team is small but mighty. Followed by Taylor Fox the Broadcast Manager, Steph Ress the Creative Director, and Ray Ball as the Director of Marketing and PR. We produce several shows that air throughout the day and a great technical team.

Cincy Chic: When did INHAILER launch?
Ball: We soft launched May 25 when we opened our doors to the public for a fun filled party with live music (Aziza Love, Psycho, and pizza from Goodfellas). We officially launched our website on June 12, which features our monthly featured artists, write-ups about recent events, and the crown jewel, our 24/7 broadcast station!

Cincy Chic: What do you enjoy the most about INHAILER?
Ball: INHAILER is here to save the culture. Our secondary tagline is people, purpose, passion, and that’s exactly what we aim to do. INHAILER is a saving grace that came about during one of Coran’s toughest times in his life. Out of chaos comes change. We’ve enjoyed all the love, acceptance, and willingness to help that we’ve received from the community.

Cincy Chic: What makes INHAILER unique?
Ball: It’s home grown. INHAILER won’t be covering a ton of “big names,” we’ll be focusing on the DIY music scene, whether it’s rock bands, indie music, hip hop, or street art. The goal is to support the local artisans and community that supports us!

Cincy Chic: What’s on the horizon for INHAILER in 2017?
Ball: We have several projects in the works:

  1. Final Friday events (either in-house at HQ or local venues)
  2. Launching our street team (folks who love supporting the culture and want to be a part of a team)
  3. Low-cost ad spots on INHAILER radio to tie local businesses to a new, yet supportive audience

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about INHAILER and follow along?
Ball: They can sign up to be a member on our website and follow us for updates on our shows or events on our Facebook page. Lastly, continue to help us breathe new life into Cincinnati’s music, arts, and culture scene! #BeINHAILER

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Scarlett Johannson and company turn up the funny in the ensemble comedy Rough Night. Click to see what our movie critic has to say.


“The untold story of Destiny’s stepchildren is a tragic one, indeed …” Alice (Jillian Bell, second from left in blue dress) takes center stage while her best friends Jess (Scarlett Johansson), Blair (Zoë Kravitz) and Frankie (Ilana Glazer) strut their stuff in a scene from ROUGH NIGHT. Credit: Macall Polay © 2016 CTMG Inc. All rights reserved.  


KEY CAST MEMBERS: Scarlett Johansson, Jillian Bell, Zoë Kravitz, Illena Glazer, Paul W. Downs, Ryan Cooper, Dean Winters, Enrique Muriano, Colton Haynes, Bo Burnham, Demi Moore and Ty Burrell 

WRITER(S): Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs

DIRECTOR(S): Lucia Aniello

WEB SITE:’S THE STORY: Jess (Scarlett Johansson), Alice (Jillian Bell), Frankie (Ilana Glaser) and Blair (Zoë Kravitz) were the best of friends in college. But now, they’re grown up and dealing with their own problems which is why Jess’ upcoming marriage to Peter (Paul W. Downs) are a perfect opportunity for the four of them to reunite and blow off some steam down in Miami. After all, Frankie is an unemployed activist, Blair is going through a rough patch of her own and Alice is, well Alice seems to enjoy her job as an elementary school teacher.

So, once the foursome meets up Jess’ other best friend, peppy Australian Pippa (played with Kate McKinnon with the right amount of authenticity and audacity), the group looks to have the makings of a perfect weekend. 

Then the stripper (Ryan Cooper) Blair hires shows up … and there’s an incident. (If you watch the trailer, you’ll know what it is.) What follows is more than enough to live up to the movie’s title – and the new champion of the craziest comedy of 2017 thus far. 

WHO WILL LIKE THIS FILM THE MOST? Anyone who liked the movie Bridesmaids; fans of Broad City; Kate McKinnon fans

WHO WON’T (OR SHOULDN’T) LIKE THIS MOVIE? People who will be uncomfortable with the lesbian subject matter; those who hate watching women behave badly; 

SO, IS IT GOOD, BAD OR ABSOLUTELY AWFUL? Women can be and are funny. If you are still having that dumb debate in your head and/or stuck on all the controversy with Kathy Griffin or Amy Schumer, hopefully you will get your mind right and stop having that idiotic notion run through your head.And if that doesn’t do, how about this – Rough Night is the funniest female ensemble cast movie since Bridesmaids (if not more so) and possibly the best comedy (thus far) of 2017. 

Rough Night hits all the beats one needs to hit in modern comedy: the characters are not one-dimensional, they play the wacky moments as if they were serious moments and play off each other perfectly. Likewise, the jokes are sharp, exploits each characters’ foibles expertly and the inherent silliness forces you to become vested in the story and its outcome. 

The thing that separates the film from the pack, however, is the clever nature of the writing combined with the snappy, fully committed timing of the cast. Throw in the slight role reversal shown by Downs (who co-wrote the script with director Lucia Aniello) and his male counterparts – to say more would put a damper on watching the performance – and the film is as sharp a comedy to release this year. McKinnon, in keeping up with her usual track record, steals the show (this time by playing things more straight – no pun intended – than usual) while Bell shows she can be less in-your-face with a character that is more human than her recent work. Johannson might be the biggest winner, however, for the woman who has convincingly played both strong, sexy super heroes and enigmas proves her comedic chops as a normal, stressed out person just trying to live her life. 

If you and your friends are looking for a good way to enjoy living your lives together, seeing Rough Night is a great way to guarantee avoiding one. 



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For the third year in the row, an upcoming event helps moms handle and prepare for every stage of motherhood. Read on for all the details.


The TriHealth Cincinnati Baby & Beyond Expo, described by Jaimi Justice of Hart Productions as “the only show that covers every stage,” will once again take place, from July 29 to July 30 at the Sharonville Convention Center. The event will take place on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Baby & Beyond Expo is in its third year and is “is so unique in the region as it brings service providers, experts and resources to new and seasoned parents in the community,” says Vicki Hart, CEO of Hart Productions. “It’s a great outing for families whether you’re expecting your first child or third.”

More than 140 baby and children’s boutiques will be in attendance. Aspects of motherhood covered will include shopping for baby and mother; toys, books, and on-the-go-gear; breastfeeding; seminars and hands-on demos; healthcare professionals; and self-care. There will be plenty of samples, prizes, and giveaways. The TriHealth Workshop Stage will include presentations by TriHealth experts in obstetrics and pediatrics, covering topics such as fertility, newborn basics, pregnancy and post-baby fitness, and more. There will also be interactive seminars such as Babywearing 101 from Blue Cocoon, Picking the Perfect Stroller from buybuyBaby, Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby from Bright Futures Chiropractic, and more.

Product promotions, giveaways, and contests will begin in the week leading up to the expo. Prizes will include a one-year supply of Pampers diapers and wipes, EvenFlo car seats, breast pumps, clothing, and more. Giveaway announcements and updates can be found on the Cincinnati Baby & Beyond Expo’s Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also visit for more details. There will also be a VIP hour on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. A special ticket will be required for a limited number of VIP diaper bags stuffed with $200 worth of vendor and sponsor product offers, prizes, and promotions.

There will also be special areas for children of all stages. The Pampers Comfort Corner provides a comfortable place for parents to change diapers in a clean environment. Free samples of Pampers diapers and wipes will be provided, along with a cozy changing table and a friendly atmosphere. The Evenflo Breastfeeding Boutique provides a private area with rocking chairs and breastfeeding covers. Kids can burn off energy at the We Build Fun Zone by jumping, bouncing, and swinging on Recreations Outlet’s backyard playground and trampoline sets.

Adult tickets will be $8, and children under 12 will get in free. Attendees can also save $3 by purchasing tickets at any area Kroger location or save $2 by purchasing tickets online. Parking is free. Learn more at



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Two Ohio moms launched an app that helps you search, find, and review sitters and nannies all on your phone. Keep reading for more!


The founders of the babysitting and pet sitting app Juggle.

Cincy Chic: What is Juggle?
Emily Music, CMO of Juggle: Juggle is a mobile app created to provide parents peace of mind and convenience when hiring people to take care of their children and pets. Juggle has created a platform that connects interviewed and mom-approved college students and recent grads with busy families trying hard everyday to live their best lives. For the families, it provides transparency in that they can see who their friends have used and reviewed. They can look, book, and pay, all within the app, and avoid those last-minute trips to the ATM. For the students, it provides the freedom and flexibility they need while trying to balance school with wanting to make money. They can also see who their friends have worked for, and read reviews of the families before accepting a job.

Cincy Chic: What inspired Juggle?
Music: Juggle was inspired by the real pain our founder, Amber Nolan, was experiencing when she had gone back to work after having twins, and found herself with no nanny and a husband traveling. She found herself running in desperation to co-founder, Annie Arthur, who had recruited her own nanny from the Ohio State University. She borrowed Annie’s nanny to bridge the gap until she found a permanent solution. She did so, without having ever met Annie’s nanny, on the premise that if her good friend trust this girl, then she should too. It dawned on her that we could take this logistical experience of sharing nannies and sitters, and put it into the app to help other desperate parents.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the app?
Music: The app was created by four moms, sisters, and best friends who grew up together in small-town Findlay, Ohio. They were busy raising their children together in Central Ohio when the idea for Juggle was born. They left behind careers in pharmaceutical sales and law to turn their idea into a business that is now growing and thriving. Juggle is having a moment!

Cincy Chic: When did you launch Juggle?
Music: Juggle launched in the App Store in October 2016. It will launch on the Android platform before the end of the summer.

Cincy Chic: What types of services can users find on the Juggle app?
Music: At this time, Juggle offers babysitting, pet sitting, party assistance, including weddings and events, and summer nannies. In the near future, we will be integrating tutoring and private sports instructions into our services.

Cincy Chic: Is there a cost to use the app?
Music: There is no cost to download or to use the Juggle app. When a family is ready to book a sitter, there is a $3.99 booking fee. For our power users, we suggest paying our monthly membership fee of $9.99 for unlimited bookings during the month.

Cincy Chic: What makes Juggle unique?
Music: There are many features that Juggle has that set it apart from other care options people are used to. First of all, it’s an app. We live in a society where people are used to getting things on demand – takeout, transportation, groceries. We thought why not apply that concept to finding a sitter, but adding in the additional security that comes with having interviewed each sitter, having available reviews and letting users see who their connections are hiring.  

Another way Juggle is different is that each sitter is interviewed and mom-approved. We are not a site where anyone can go on and create a profile. We have limited our recruiting efforts to college students because they have flexible schedules with more availability, and they are energetic, experienced and educated.  

There are no mandatory membership fees to use Juggle. Many other services charge expensive monthly fees just to see who they have available, then charge high hourly rates on top of that.  We wanted everyone to be able to use Juggle, not just the top 1%. We research each region that we launch in to see what people are used to paying, and come up with a rate we feel is reasonable.  And our rates are standard across the board, you don’t have to spend your time searching profiles for a sitter who fits your family’s needs AND has rates that fit your budget.  

Speaking of money, payment is through the app. When a family creates a profile, they connect a credit card to their account so that at the end of a sit, all they have to do is approve the hours as confirmed on the app by their sitter. No awkward moments of having to calculate hours in your head while the sitter stands there waiting for you to fumble in your junk drawer for your checkbook, or scrounge around for cash. For the sitter, they just see the money show up in their bank account through direct deposit. It really couldn’t be simpler.  

We really pride ourselves on our customer service. A sitter had to cancel once at the last minute, and one of our founders went to fill in. Granted, that was at the beginning when we didn’t have the number of users we have now, but we step in and do whatever we can to ensure every experience is a positive one. One way we’re doing that which we’re really excited about is having mom-bosses in each new market outside of Central Ohio, where we are. In Cincinnati, we have Mandy Hauer, a friend since college, and a total mom with hustle. She is fully committed to bringing Juggle to all corners of Cincinnati and continuing to deliver on our promise of helping busy families live their best lives.  

Finally, and we feel our most important feature, is that users can see who their friends have used and reviewed.  We use existing social media connections and filter sitters in the app based upon those. If you’re connected to your neighbor down the street, you can do a search for a sitter and see that your neighbor hired her two weeks ago and raved about her. You have the thumbs up from the people you trust.  

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Juggle in 2017?
Music: Juggle has lots of exciting things happening this year! We’re expanding to at least 7 other markets by the fall. Our developers are working on Version 2 of the app, which will have bolder notifications, the added ability to post a job for when you’re in a pickle and need someone quickly, in-app messaging, and the option to add in overnight sits. It will make for a more vivid and user-friendly experience. We put these changes in motion based upon user feedback, which we truly value. And getting our app on the Android platform is another priority that we’re working hard on, because we know a lot of users are waiting.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to download and join Juggle?
Music: Readers can download the app by clicking here. The link is located on our website,, and on our Facebook page.  We encourage readers to follow along on our Facebook page where we announce news, have contests, and run promotions. We’re adding a blog to our website to make it a more up-to-date experience. Exciting things are happening, we don’t want our users to miss a thing!


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Learn about a free app that keeps you connected to local businesses, free Wi-Fi hotspots, and savings on things like food, activities and even Cincy Chic events!


Like being in the know about cool places and events in town? Like saving money? Well, then you need to know about the Connect Cincinnati app! It’s seriously AWESOME! Cincy Chic posts ALL its events there, and a little insider tip, we ALWAYS offer a discount code when you find our events through the Connect Cincinnati app!

We’re just one of TONS of other local businesses doing the same — posting about what’s new and exciting, and offering exclusive discounts and offers to check it out that you can ONLY get through the Connect Cincinnati app!

So, here’s what it is. The Connect Cincinnati app is a free mobile app developed by Cincinnati Bell to connect Greater Cincinnati residents with local businesses, community events, and exclusive offers, deals
and sweepstakes. The Connect Cincinnati app also provides users with access to our network of Fioptics Free Wi-Fi hotspots, which can be found at some of the most popular gathering spaces and major attractions around town, such as Riverbend, Fountain Square, Washington Park, Smale Park, US Bank Arena, and many more. Be sure to download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Learn more here.

FYI: This post is sponsored by Cincinnati Bell, but content and opinions expressed are my own!

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Several exciting new changes are in store as this downtown-based olive oil and wine bar celebrates its first year of business. Read on for all the tasty details.


We Olive & Wine Bar is celebrating its first year of business in savory style.

They’re first, of course, celebrating with food as they launch a new and improved menu. Tasty changes include new cheeses and charcuterie items, as well as a new roasted tomato and basil dip. The new menu will arrive in the coming weeks. They also plan to offer a wine tasting with Hanna Winery, live music, a cocktails class, and more.

Starting June 5, We Olive will participate in Negroni Week. We Olive will also provide many ongoing programs: Live music on Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m.; Sample Saturdays; on Wednesdays, half-price bottles of wine in-house all day, and live music on the patio from 6 to 8 p.m.; $7 off bottles of rosé, all day, on Thursdays this summer; and the Last Thursdays Dinner Series, four-course tasting menu with wine pairings on the last Thursday of every month.

We Olive bills itself as not just a restaurant and wine bar but a “culinary experience,” says Leah Jones, who co-owns We Olive with her husband Cody. We Olive sells gourmet foods and specializes in certified extra virgin olive oil that guests can enjoy in Mediterranean-inspired dishes such as popular cheese and charcuterie plate, bites, salads, Panini, and flatbreads, as well as a “thoughtfully curated list of domestic, boutique-style wines,” Leah says. “As staples of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil and wine are coupling that is traced back into the B.C. era, the true tale as old as time.”

Cody and Leah Jones, Owners of Cincinnati’s We Olive & Wine Bar

Not only can guests enjoy delicious foods and wines at We Olive, but they can “enjoy a guided olive oil tasting with our knowledgeable staff” and “learn about new techniques and recipes,” Leah explains. Guests can buy their favorite products and take them home to replicate We Olive’s recipes.

“Our mission with this menu is to showcase healthy and delicious dishes that our guest can enjoy time and time again with a few outstanding ingredients and simple preparation at home,” Leah adds. Guests can return to We Olive and refill their bottles of any bulk olive oil or balsamic. “Our mission is to make healthy, delicious food accessible to all and to be an inspiration for all skill levels to incorporate high quality olive oil into your favorite recipes so you can feel good about what you eat!”

We Olive & Wine Bar was founded in Paso Robles in 2003, “inspired by a passion for locally sourced, healthy, delicious, artisan extra virgin olive oil,” Leah says, adding that We Olive seeks to increase awareness of delicious, healthful benefits of olive oil and support the domestic olive oil industry.

Cody and Leah Jones, longtime residents, love Cincinnati as much as they do food and wine and wanted to “bring a unique concept to the downtown area that would provide an experience unlike anything else currently offered.”

We Olive & Wine Bar is located at 33 E 6th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202. To learn more, visit

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Johnny Depp returns to franchise (albeit very familiar) form with latest Pirates of the Caribbean film. See if our film critic is on board.


“C’mon boys – they’ve got parts for us at the theme park if we hurry! Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) leads his group of cursed sailors in an attack against Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp, not pictured) in a scene from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. Credit: © Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. 



KEY CAST MEMBERS: Johnny Depp, Brenton Thwaites, Kaya ScodelarioJavier Bardem, Geoffrey Rush, Kevin R. McNally, David Wenham, Stephen Graham and Golshifteh Farahani

WRITER(S): Jeff Natahanson 

DIRECTOR(S): Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg 

WEB SITE:’S THE STORY: Hey, you remember Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), right? He’s the charismatic swashbuckling pirate who always seems to find a way to weasel his way out of trouble, no matter how much trouble he gets in. What he doesn’t know, however, is why Henry (Brenton Thwaites) is looking for him. Well, Henry is the son of Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), Sparrow’s former associate who is now cursed to life trapped aboard The Flying Dutchman. Looking to break his father’s curse, Henry learns that there is one man who might be able to help him? And who do you think that man is?

Meanwhile, there Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) is getting ready to be tried for witchcraft – being an astronomer is apparently enough to be called a witch at this point in history – trying to find “the map that no man can read” in order to find the most mythical treasure in all the ocean: the trident of Poseidon. You see, Carina is also missing her father and thinks that the trident can help her. 

Unfortunately for all three of them, there is someone else looking for the trident: Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), the cursed anti-pirate ship crusader that Sparrow doomed to a life as a ghost years ago. Killing ships left and right, Captain Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush) knows he is next, unless he can make a deal …

And this is where our story begins …

WHO WILL LIKE THIS FILM THE MOST? Johnny Depp fans; people who enjoyed the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies; people who like summer popcorn action fairy tales

WHO WON’T (OR SHOULDN’T) LIKE THIS MOVIE? People who have never cared about a Pirates of the Caribbean movie; those seeking something other than standard Disney-branded adventure fare

SO, IS IT GOOD, BAD OR ABSOLUTELY AWFUL? Here are two very simple questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether or not to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: [1] Did you like the first two movies and [2] Do you like Johnny Depp? If the answer to those questions is yes, you’ll enjoy this fifth – yes, FIFTH – installment of the franchise.

If you are on the fence otherwise, it might be best to stay on the docks – because while the film offers a return-to-form of sorts for the franchise, there is nothing essentially new going on that you haven’t seen before.

Don’t get me wrong – Dead Men Tell No Tales features some great visuals, a strong villainous performance from Bardem and a more-or-less not too convoluted story that ties up most of its loose ends well … But then again, knowing that MORE sequels are coming, you’ll need a Fast & Furious-level enthusiasm to get excited about Dead Men Tell No Tales because while the franchise shows it still has life in it, it rarely strays from its more-of-the-same nature. Thwaites and Scodelario are essentially Bloom and Kiera Knightley’s characters all over again, there’s still a “I have daddy issues” character (we get two for the price of one ticket here!) … And there are still far too many predictable moments (guess who falls in love???). On a positive note, the film is becoming a more self aware in at least addressing these things … But not enough).

Thus, as Hollywood continues its trend of sequel upon sequel or movies that have connections to other franchises, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales puts enough repair to fix what got very broken in its third and fourth installments … But doesn’t go very far to add anything new like the aforementioned Fast & Furious franchise to make it appeal to a wider/newer audience. In other words, it’s solid, but it’s very familiar. 

At least this time it doesn’t have that “cast overboard” feeling, though, so that’s a victory in and of itself. 



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An upcoming black-tie gala with a “touch of sparkle” will benefit Cincinnati Children’s while promoting health and wellness. Read more about this fashionable affair.

An evening filled with delicious food, fabulous fashion and the best mixing and mingling in town — all while supporting an important local cause. That’s the idea behind the Unleash Your Sparkle fundraiser at the Kenwood Country Club on Saturday, September 16, from 6:30 p.m. to midnight. Hosted by Victory Gives Back, the fundraising arm of Victory Wellness and Medspa, Unleash Your Sparkle will benefit the Division of Integrative Care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Located in Montgomery, Victory Gives Back is spearheaded by Dr. Magdalena Kerschner, President of Victory Wellness and Medspa. Unleash Your Sparkle is Victory Gives Back’s first charity event of many; according to committee member Nancy Stiefvater, the group is already discussing a golf outing next year. “Dr. Kerschner is spearheading this event in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle,” Stiefvater says. “After many years of practicing traditional medicine and treating illness after it has already developed, Dr. Kerschner realized that preventing disease before it starts results in healthier and happier patients.”

The Unleash Your Sparkle event, described by Stiefvater as a black-tie gala with an optional “touch of sparkle,” will focus on highlighting health and wellness. “We chose this title for our fundraiser because when we truly do love ourselves and feel our best, then our sparkle is shiny and bright and people can see us shine,” Stiefvater explains. The focus of the event is to highlight health and wellness. The event will feature a cocktail reception, a silent auction, a sit-down dinner, a keynote speaker, and dancing with the Fun Size Band. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Stephen Brewer, medical director of the Canyon Ranch Resort in Tucson, Arizona, a “recognized leader for its comprehensive holistic approach to wellness.”

The Cincinnati Children’s Division of Integrative Care goes beyond traditional treatments to care for children in body, mind, and spirit. Methods include massage therapy, music therapy, art therapy, energy therapies, yoga instruction, and various additional holistic modalities to help children “optimize their recovery from complex and chronic illnesses” and reach “their goals for optimal health,” Stiefvater explains. With help from the Unleash Your Sparkle event, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will be able to provide to patients and their families receiving care in the inpatient unit wellness sessions that will feature integrative health therapy such as yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, or stress reduction education as well as interactive workshops that highlight healthy eating, creative arts therapies, and other wellness topics, to help families learn and engage in healthy and fun experiences and connect with each other.

For more information, go to the Victory Gives Back website or the Facebook page.


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In an age of weight loss gimmicks, one local author published a helpful guide to help you hit your happy size and STAY there! Read on to get the skinny on her book.


Cincy Chic: Tell us more about your new book, Diets Are Fattening!
Meg Meranus, Author of Diets Are Fattening: My first book explains in common sense terms, why dieting leads to being more and more overweight over time. I review the diet industry from an “insider’s point of view,” (I managed a Nutrisystem Store back when Nutrisystem had retail outlets, and I taught in the fitness industry as a trainer and a fitness class teacher for 20 years). My follow-up book takes people through the first 12 weeks of ditching their diet mentality in favor of a healthy thin mentality, which leads to permanent, harmonious, and non-traumatic weight loss.

Cincy Chic: What inspired you to write this book?
Meranus: There were two things. First, my own journey away from a diet mentality to a joyful, healthy thin mentality and the life-altering benefits of this 180-degree perspective shift. Second, my desire to help others understand that the diet, exercise, and nutrition industries are overwhelmingly motivated by money to make new programs, gadgets, and promises in order to keep you coming back for more.

Cincy Chic: What makes Diets Are Fattening unique?
Meranus: Other authors may hold similar views of the diet industry, but frequently they advise people to just accept being overweight. While I would never fat shame anyone, and I fully believe that beauty comes in all sizes, I know that they are many people – including me – who would only stop dieting if a valid alternative that would keep them at their happy weight existed.

Cincy Chic: Why should readers pick up your book?
Meranus: People should read my book and do the exercises in my workbook to transition away from the torment of food rules, yo-yo weight loss, and a preoccupation with eating toward a life where food is a joy, and your body is at your happy size.

Cincy Chic: What’s your favorite part of the book?
Meranus: The dozens of Health Thin Mentality Mantras at the back of my workbook are my favorite part, because very brief sentences sum up the beauty, wisdom, and joy of reconnecting hunger with eating, which is the essence of a Healthy Thin Mentality (HTM).

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to purchase your book?
Meranus: The book is available at and on Amazon Kindle.

Cincy Chic: Are there any other projects on the horizon for you this year?
Meranus: I am ramping up my YouTube channel – I have a large Facebook presence (44k followers) and I am trying to get my message out on YouTube as well. I’m also on Instagram and recently began a private Facebook group so people can have private discussions.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about you and your books?
Meranus: Visit where there are over 200 blogs. These blogs will give you a feel for what my message is and how it could help you, along with a little more info regarding me.