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Learn about an upcoming event featuring footwear trends, pampering, refreshments and a style panel featuring a Today Show guest host. 


Dillard’s at Kenwood is hosting an event with Vionic on kerch 31.


Dillard’s in Kenwood mall is kicking off Spring in their shoe department with an event through a partnership with Vionic, a footwear company. This event is going on at Dillard’s March 31 from 1 to 4 pm. 

Vionic is a brand of footwear that cares about the comfort and style using innovated technology for their consumers. Their motto being, “Style, it doesn’t have to hurt.” 

On their website,, they explain more of what the innovative technology is and feature the on-trend styles. Vionic shoes provide essential stability and addictive support. With a contour seamlessly engineered into each shoe, sandal and slipper, Vionic helps support natural alignment from the ground up.”

Dillard’s is a partner with Vionic and through the event at Kenwood, Vionic will bring Dillard’s consumers tips on how to wear Spring trends with their different styles of footwear and also bring a day full of transformation into Spring. 

“We are partnering with Dillard’s to show women how to get their full look for Spring with styles and trends starting with the right choice of shoes that take you in style and comfort into the new season,” says Amy Cunha who does Public Relations for Vionic. “With the Spring/Summer season is upon us, everyone is looking for a fresh look and attendees will pick up tips and be able to ask questions of style experts as we’ll be hosting a fashion presentation and Q&A with our style experts showing how to style Vionic footwear with the key trends for the season.”

There are many different things going on at the event including: a braid bar, makeup bar, 5-look fashion presentation, bites and refreshments, goodie bags and giveaways. Attendees can also try on the shoes and meet Today Show guest style host Jene Luciani“You can walk out with your feel good shoes, your new head to toe look and fresh spring makeup for a refreshed look ready for Spring,” says Cunha.  

If interested in attending this event go to: There will be an option for different events: go to Cincinnati, OH and click RSVP, it’ll redirect you to a new page where you can go register. To learn more about Vionic shoes, go to:

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A local candy store is making Easter a little sweeter this year with their innovative egg hunt ideas. Read on for more.


Galerie Candy and Gifts offers a unique candy selection in the Tri-State as well as unique Easter egg hunt products.

Cincy Chic: Tell us more about Galerie Candy and Gifts!
Emily Edmondson, Sales Director at Galerie Candy and Gifts: Galerie is the brainchild of Richard Ross, a creative entrepreneur with an unparalleled passion for candy. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service while delivering fresh, innovative confectionery gifts of the highest quality and value.

Our products have a unique combination of quality ingredients and materials, creative packaging and design, and an overall value for the consumer. We deliver-to-shelf a wide range of products that include ceramics, plush, sequin, tin, and interactive toy items. Galerie continues to be a design-driven enterprise, bringing more than 1,200 items retailers every year. In addition to the Galerie brand, our licensed product lines include Disney, Star Wars, Hershey, Minions, Trolls, Peppa Pig, Marvel, and Warner Brothers. Our extensive seasonal and everyday offerings are perfect to give and receive.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind Galerie Candy and Gifts?
Edmondson: We feel that every day is a holiday at Galerie, and we want our customers to feel that too.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the business?
Edmondson: Richard Ross, our sole owner, has been selling candy since the sweet age of 16. See here for his bio from the Candy Hall of Fame.

Cincy Chic: What types of candy and gifts do you carry in store?
Edmondson: We pride ourselves on variety, we truly are a category of one. Though we do not manufacture any candy, we work directly with both candy and gift suppliers to create custom items to allow retailers to provide differentiation in aisle. As the fight for space continues, we are focused on delivering innovation and quality at a value.

Cincy Chic: When did Galerie open?
Edmondson: We just celebrated our 27th year selling to retailers.

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us about how you’re making Easter egg hunts more fun?
Edmondson: First, we offer a variety of themes, from sports to sweet treats, zoo babies to Disney Favorites and everything in between. All eggs are filled with candy favorites, and give Mom the option to mix and match in both baskets and outdoor egg hunts.

Cincy Chic: What makes Galerie unique?
Edmondson: Galerie is an all-in-one company, from Marketing to Sourcing, Design to Fulfillment, we deliver solutions to customers around the country and around the world.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for 2018?
Edmondson: Named Toy of the Year for 2017, LOL Surprise is emerging as the hottest girl’s property on the market. We have just secured the exclusive rights to candy and gifts beginning with Christmas 2018.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Edmondson: Our website,, on Facebook at Galerie Candy & Gifts, and Instagram.

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Alicia Vinkander shines in Tomb Raider, but does the movie match her effort? Click to see what our movie critic has to say.


“This … Was … NOT … What … I … Took … A … Crossfit … Class FOR!” Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) hangs on for dear life in a scene from TOMB RAIDER. Photo credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. All rights reserved. 


KEY CAST MEMBERS: Alicia Vikander, Walton Goggins, Dominic West, Daniel Wu, Kristin Scott Thomas and Nick Frost

WRITER(S): Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair Siddons (screenplay by); Evan Daugherty and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (story by)

DIRECTOR(S): Roar Uthaug

WEB SITE:’S THE STORY: Taking elements from the 2013 reboot of the long-standing video game series, the 2018 Warner Bros.’ take on Tomb Raider stars Academy Award®-winner Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. A different Lara than seen in the Angelina Jolie years, this Croft has traded in her high education for work as a courier with daddy issues since her rich father Richard (Dominic West) disappeared 7 years ago when she was a young woman. 

Finally ready to sign the papers that will give her control of the Croft empire (and declare her father officially dead), Lara drops everything when she discovers a clue in a box given to her right before she closes the deal – leading her to naturally head to Hong Kong. It is there she encounters Lu Ren (Daniel Wu), son of the man Lara’s dad tried to buy a boat from …

Fast-forward a few scenes later and Lara and Lu Ren find themselves on a remote island off the coast of Japan. But they are not alone. For while Lara (and an in-it-for-the-money Lu Ren) are there to find their fathers, it seems someone has found them first: Matthias (Walton Goggins), the on-island leader for a mysterious group known only as Trinity. And why is Trinity on this island that Lara’s father tried to go to in the first place? To find the lost tomb of Himiko, a.k.a. the Queen of Death. For as Richard would tell Lara – while instructed her to burn all of his research in the event of his death – it is believed that her supernatural powers will help Trinity take over the world. 

But not if Lara can stop them first …

WHO WILL LIKE THIS FILM THE MOST? Alicia Vikander fans; those who enjoy movies where the heroine is the best thing about the movie; Nick Frost fans

WHO WON’T (OR SHOULDN’T) LIKE THIS MOVIE? Angelina Jolie fans; fans of the Tomb Raider video games; those who hate action movies with familiar tropes

SO IS IT GOOD, BAD OR JUST AWFUL? March, as many sports fans know, is college basketball season. One team that gathered attention this year is the Oklahoma Sooners men’s basketball team – not because the team itself was that great, but because it had one star by the name of Trae Young that was CLEARLY the best thing the team had going for it. Even when he made a bunch of turnovers, he could deliver one electric play that could seemingly make the audience forget about the previous mistakes as his play was just that dynamic, dazzling and must-see. But ultimately, while his team did make this year’s NCAA tournament, they exited quickly with a first round defeat – called by yours truly in the two bracket pools he entered, by the way – to the little-regarded Rhode Island Rams.

If you haven’t figured out where I’m going with this, you will should you choose to watch Trae Young Alicia Vikander take on the role of Lara Croft in Warner Bros.’ reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise – because she is far and wide the BEST thing about the entire experience.

If you were to take away the Tomb Raider name from the movie, what you would be left with is, for the most part, a basic action movie. Likewise, the story is told in such a easy-to-predict foretelling fashion that the story itself – save for some standard-yet-still-interesting Indiana Jones/Mummy movie-series style traps – is ONLY interesting because Vikander is compelling as Croft. Her male counterparts, however, not so much.

Goggins, who has played his share of great villains in his day, is pretty much a standard issue crime boss in Tomb Raider from snarl to actions alike. Likewise, West’s “loving” father routine plays out a bit too syrupy at times as Lara’s father – sometimes to an uncomfortable, near-incestuous level. Wu is somewhat the male standout as Lu Ren in his limited scenes, in which he fortunately strikes a good balance between bravado and common sense.

Then again, the actions of just about every other male character either (1) don’t make sense or (2) almost undo the motif of the story. Since this review stays spoiler-free, let’s just say some things require a grand suspension of disbelief even within the world the movie establishes, which is saying something. (The games have more believable storylines than the movie does, right down to the twist at the end I figured out 8 minutes before it was revealed to the rest of the audience.)

Don’t get me wrong, the movie is not bad; it’s just that in an age of movies where Wonder Woman and Black Panther have set a higher standard for female superhero characters, Tomb Raider makes progress in a bad way by putting a great woman in a mediocre movie. Then again, given that March is women’s history month, maybe it’s fitting Tomb Raider proves a strong woman can outdo her male counterparts.

It’s just a shame she has to in every scene to make her journey try to reach the heights it should have naturally.



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A local produce and flower market is open year-round and offers fun classes to help you grow at home! Read on for all the dirt-diggin' details!


Pipkin’s Market has an indoor produce area for grocery shopping as well as a garden center.

Pipkin’s Market opened in 1983 after Steve Pipkin was inspired from working in a similar market in Louisville, Kentucky. He encouraged his brother, Ben Pipkin, to join him in the business endeavor of starting a market in Cincinnati. The two bothers – Steve and Ben are co-owners of the market. 

The market started out with just fresh produce, and then three years later, they added flowers to their market

Ben shares the many things that can be found within Pipkin’s market: “Fresh fruits and vegetables, we get a lot of stuff from local people when available in the spring, summer, and fall.” 

Unlike some other markets, Pipkin’s is open year-round. There’s also an inside of the market where customers can buy groceries. 

Another aspect that Pipkin’s Market has is their garden center. “We also have a garden center which is extremely busy in May. We have bedding plants for flowers and vegetables for gardens and some trees and shrubs and pottery and fall décor, says Ben. 

Pipkin’s Market also offers gardening classes for customers.

Pipkin’s not only sells produce and flowers but, also teaches local customers in the garden center. The class schedules for 2018 are not yet available but when they are there’s many different classes one can go to. 

“There are some classes in the garden center. Those can be found on our website,” says Ben. “Different classes on different aspects of planting, growing, designing garden, landscapes. It changes every week, so there’s always a different class.”

Ben talks about the Spring and what it brings to Pipkin’s Market: “The store is full of good stuff in the spring. Lots and lots and lots of varieties of plants for sale. Then were starting to get in local stuff like local asparagus starts to show up and late April/May and that’s the kick off for local produce. But, the exciting thing really are people are excited about seeing the flowers.” 

According to Pipkin’s Facebook page they just got in some pansies for the spring. They also announced they have a selection of ranunculus, primrose and hellebores. 

Ben encourages people to, “come in and see what we got. Pipkin’s Market is located at 5035 Cooper Road in Cincinnati, or you can check out their website.

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A local design and build firm offers a one-stop-shop for residential and commercial projects to meet environmental standards and LEED certifications.


Zobrist Design Group designs and builds LEED-certified homes and buildings in Cincinnati. Photo: Zobrist Design Group

Cincy Chic: What is Zobrist Design Group?
Kurt Zobrist, President of Zobrist Design Group: Zobrist Design Group is a design & build firm specializing in high end residential projects, multifamily, and commercial projects. We offer a “one stop” approach to our clients where we can coordinate every aspect of their project including the architecture, interior design, landscape design, master planning, construction, and even marketing if need be. We are able to understand and approach a project from an owner, contractor, or developer’s perspective while at the same time producing great designs. We provide a wide range of services on a variety of project types, and see those projects through from initial concept, to design, all the way to the finished product.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Zobrist: The inspiration behind ZDG really comes from the true talent and love that I have for architecture and design.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Zobrist: Kurt Zobrist is the President of ZDG. He started the company after collage and has grown it over the years to produce high end residential renovations and homes along with commercial projects. We have several employees that makes our process seamless; from Interior Designers and Architects, to Project Supervisors.

Cincy Chic: How are you incorporating LEED design into new projects?
Zobrist: Zobrist Design Group incorporates LEED design from the beginning of the project. When a customer comes to us to design and build their home, we coordinate all the aspects from the beginning to make sure their home meets LEED certification. Zobrist Design Group is dedicated to making the building process “more green.” When our customers decide to build a green home, we work with them to pick environmentally friendly materials. Using these materials, the home becomes more energy and water efficient and exemplifies good indoor air quality with reduced toxins. We also consider reducing the amount of wasted material when ordering building materials and implement ways for these materials to be recycled. The home owners can take the building green process to another level.

Cincy Chic: How many LEED projects have you completed thus far?
Zobrist: We have completed 2 homes with LEED certification. Both are Platinum LEED certified and featured on our website.

Cincy Chic: For those who might not know what LEED is, can you kind of break that down for us?
Zobrist: LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification process that was set up by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to certify green homes. LEED details the code that all architects, builders, developers and subcontractors follow when designing and building a home or structure. There are four levels of LEED certification; Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

When Zobrist Design Group builds your home for LEED certification, we follow the guidelines to attain points throughout the process that add up to one of the four levels of certification. There are nine areas measured by LEED according to the USGBC. They are:

  • Sustainable Sites

  • Water Efficiency

  • Energy and Atmosphere

  • Materials and Resources

  • Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Location and Linkages

  • Awareness and Education

  • Innovation in Design

  • Regional Priority

There are many benefits for building green; environmental, economic, social, and a possible tax abatement in  the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Zobrist this year?
Zobrist: Zobrist Design Group continues to grow with its high demand for construction of residential homes and renovations while incorporating many aspects and benefits of building green.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Zobrist: Please visit our website, our Houzz page, and our Facebook page.

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A local couple bought, remodeled and opened a new bar in the heart of Reading’s Bridal District. Read on for all the details!


Redwine & Co. offers a sit-down eating location in the Reading Bridal District.

Local couple, Lindsey and Seth Redwine, opened their doors for business in the heart of the Reading’s Bridal District as a bar service, Redwine & Co., in October 2017.

The Redwine’s wanted to to be a part of the community and be located in the bridal district. “My husband and I often spoke of our desire to be a part of the revitalization of Reading and, naturally, we were drawn to having a business on Benson St, which is home to Reading’s Bridal District. It really was just a whim- and it has worked thus far,” says Lindsey

The couple had a lot of work to put in before opening, though. “At first, we wanted to simply improve the building and rent it out to a business, but after being approached about several business ideas, we decided to open our bar, Redwine & Co,” says Lindsey. 

She and her husband completed the renovation by themselves. “We essentially gutted the entire property and brought to life the building’s initial characteristics, which focus on industrial and rustic trends. We replaced outdated French doors with garage doors, in addition to painting the building,” says Lindsey. 

Lindsey shares that Redwine & Co. “has over 40 craft beers, domestic beer specials, wine and liquor. We plan on adding a 16-tap draft system that will be complete by Summer 2018.”

Lindsey says their target demographic is to reach both locals and brides. “Our goal is to be the hometown choice for locals, and the destination of choice for Bridal District patrons,” she adds.

Redwine & Co. also has special deals of the day. “We feature open bluegrass jams on Thursdays and have ‘Wine Wednesdays’ where all bottles of wine are 1/2 off and we have specials for Sangria and $4 house wine,” Lindsey explains. “We have $4 mimosas and $5 bloody Mary’s on Saturdays and Sundays. Brunch is starting in the spring.”

Coming soon to Redwine & Co. they are hoping to continue the celebration of brides by giving them a complimentary bottle of champagne if they purchased a dress from a local shop. 

To learn more about Redwine & Co. check out their Facebook page

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Planning a wedding? A local salon is hosting a bridal event to give you a closer look at their exclusive bridal suite, new organic products, and much more.


Alba Beauty Studio is hosting a Bridal Event this month to give brides-to-be a look at their salon and services. Photo by The Married Photogs

Cincy Chic: We heard you’re hosting a Bridal Event, can you tell us more about it?
Andrea Lauren, Co-Owner of Alba Organic Beauty Studio: The Bridal Event is going to be a smaller more intimate wedding event with different bridal vendors. Guests will also be able to see our space and see if there are interested in using it.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the event?
Lauren: We do a lot of weddings at Alba and we wanted to have an event for all of our brides that are already booked with Alba as well as help support other local wedding vendors.  

Cincy Chic: What will attendees enjoy at the event?
Lauren: We will have local wedding vendors, lite bites, music, and pre-book discounts for future appointments at Alba as well as raffles from us and the other wedding vendors.

Cincy Chic: When are you hosting the event?
Lauren: March 25th from 4pm – 6pm at the studio at 2882 Wasson Road in Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic: What makes this event unique to other wedding events in the area?
Lauren: It’s going to be a smaller event, so more personalized and not as chaotic as bigger bridal shows can be. Also, anyone that has questions about our bridal suite or our hair and makeup questions can come and check out the space and get their questions answered.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about the event and RSVP?
Lauren: Readers can see the Facebook event listing.

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Love Wine? Learn about an upcoming event that brings hundreds of wines from around the world under one roof — all for a good cause, supporting 36 local charities.

The Cincinnati International Wine Festival brings together wine lovers while supporting good causes.

“Giving back one glass at a time,” is the idea behind the Cincinnati International Wine Festival, coming up March 8-10, as a blend of supporting the community and appreciating wine. 

The Cincinnati International Wine Festival, which is approaching its 28th annual event, is a charitable, non-profit organization founded in 1991 to promote the wine industry and raise funds for local charities.

According to executive director, Debbie Dent, the Cincinnati International Wine Festival was started to connect the love of wine and local charities. “It was established to raise funds for local charities through the celebration of the wine industry,” she explains, adding that this year, the event benefits 36 Greater Cincinnati arts, education, and health and human services charities. “It distributed $350,000 in grants to the benefiting charities in 2017.”

There are many events to look forward to over the weekend of the Cincinnati International Wine Festival, Dent says. A few of the highlights include:

  • March 8 at 6:30 PM- 18 Winery Dinners Open for Wine Tasting and Fine Dining
  • March 9 at 6:30-9:30 PM- Grand Tasting at Duke Energy 
  • March 10 at 2:30-9:30 PM- Grand Tasting at Duke Energy (Afternoon and Evening section)
  • March 10 at 9:30 AM- Wine Reception and Silent Auction at Hilton Cincinnati Netherlands Plaza 
  • March 10 at 11 AM- Live Auction and Winery Luncheon at Hilton Cincinnati Netherlands Plaza 

All weekend activities are open for anyone 21 and up, and Dent says, they aim to please a range of patrons.

“There truly is something for everyone here, at nearly every price point. Whether you’re looking to enjoy an exclusive dinner at one of Cincinnati’s finest restaurants, or you want to just taste wines and learn about their origin, you are invited to join us March 8-10,” she says. “Come explore and sample our vast array of wines, all for a great cause. Not only will you have an incredible time, you will be helping us support the charitable needs of our community.”

To learn more, or get tickets, visit Watch the video below for our exclusive chat with Dent about how to make the most of the festival this year and tips for tasting!

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Learn about a new Kenwood Collection home furnishings store that’s all about luxury, customization, sustainability and style.


Cincy Chic: What is Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams?
Jeanne Schupe, General Manager of the Kenwood Collection of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a renowned home furnishings brand offering eco-friendly, US-made upholstery plus tables, storage, lighting and more, sold in a growing chain of Signature Stores, online and in fine home shops nationwide, including The Kenwood Collection at Kenwood Towne Centre.

Cincy Chic: How long has the store been around?
Schupe: The original store in Taylorsville, North Carolina, was founded in 1989 and The Kenwood Collection opened March 1, 2017 and features 12,000-square-feet with 35 settings of furniture, dining tables, lighting, rugs, and accessories.

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us about your new spring collection?
Schupe: The spring collection features classic modern and traditional silhouettes in addition to a mix of colors, textures, patterns, and prints. This season we also want to encourage our clients to make our signature style their own with fabrics and leathers. You can find a full range of living, dining, bedroom, and media room furniture, as well as linens, lighting, rugs, and accessories.

Cincy Chic: What makes Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams unique?
Schupe: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams stores are designed with carefully arranged furniture settings and a clean, modern look so customers can visualize the furniture in their own homes. We also have our Comfort Club customer service loyalty program, a free program giving customers 20% savings every time they visit the store. The Comfort Club also sends our members special offers and services including complimentary in-home design.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to check out the collection for themselves?
Schupe: The Kenwood Collection of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is located 5901 E Galbraith Rd in Cincinnati at Kenwood Towne Centre.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Schupe: Readers can visit

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is hosting the 2018 Eco Chic Fashion Show March 23, which features a runway fashion show, refreshments and shopping. It’s free to attend with an item donation to Dress for Success – Cincinnati. Learn more and RSVP at

Watch the video below for a sneak peek of the Spring Collection and a virtual tour through the store:

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Our life coach columnist explains the steps to take when you need an extra dose of confidence to get through a tough spot in life.


There’s a chance that you might be a fairly confident individual. On the majority of occasions, you are able to manifest the needed courage and strength to speak up and say the hard stuff to a room full of strangers. Most times, you have the guts to dive in and take a risk to go for that new demanding position they just posted. 

However, at some point in your life, a situation will occur that requires an extra heaping dose of confidence. Maybe you have just come off a disappointing experience or you’ve become comfortable (a little too comfortable) in life. The point is, when you dig down deep in the well, nothing will come up. And this will scare you.

So, what can you do to boost your confidence?

Let go of that experience when you failed

Everyone has experienced that one epic fail that rocked their world.  You know, the one that made you want to stay in bed for a month and never go back to interacting with humanity. The one that truly devastated you and made you question your worth to society. The majority find a way to move on, make sense of the situation and find meaning in the fail. Some even use the fail as a way to find passion and energy to perform even better in the future. However, there are a few that lug this “fail” around with them wherever they go for the rest of their lives, using this experience to define who they are. If you see yourself in this, recognize that this past fail maybe influencing your present, which then simply becomes part of your future. Make a conscious decision to let go of this experience and move on.

Think back to your most powerful moment

Everyone has at least one experience in their past where they felt confident, strong and powerful. You know, that one time where you were able to say and do exactly the right thing at the right moment. Acknowledge that this experience is proof that you can be the confident person that you aspire to be.  Visualize every detail of that experience and the emotions that you felt from the beginning to end. Play it in your head like a movie that you are watching over and over again. This is your reminder that you are a capable, courageous person.

Say “yes” to challenges

I was having a conversation with a woman the other day about a new exercise she was going to try. It was her friend’s idea to attend this class and she wasn’t looking forward to it. In fact, if her friend wasn’t pushing her, she would not be attending. I reminded her that it’s important to try new things and get outside her comfort zone. You say “no” to new things because the fear of failure is overpowering. The fear of “looking stupid” or “not being the best” influences your decision. Every time you back down and say no to trying something different and new, you take a little chip out of your confidence. Maybe you don’t notice daily, but over time, saying no and giving in to “that uncomfortable feeling” zaps your power. Start saying “yes” and learn how it builds your confidence and makes you feel as if you can tackle just about anything.

View your loss of confidence as a temporary situation. Your brain is wired to easily point out where you have failed, and less good at reminding you of all the many times that you have overcome great odds and soared. Push yourself to focus on the numerous experiences that reveal how courageous you truly are.