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Learn about the husband and wife team that’s bringing tons of fun to your special event with a new business they launched to capture their creativity.


Queen City PhotoBooth brings a fun photobooth experience to Cincinnati area events.

When Marcia Espinola’s husband Ken Henderson approached her about opening up their own business, she wasn’t so fond of the idea. But when he brought up the idea of launching a photobooth company, the concept started to grow on her.

Queen City PhotoBooths also brings along props to make your experience event better.

“He thought it would be a way to convince me [to start our own business] as I love photography, graphic design, and most importantly, as a Brazilian native, I love parties,” says Espinola. “And, as he predicted, he was right on the spot.”

Today, the couple owns Queen City PhotoBooths (Q City for short), a company that provides fun for any event including weddings, school functions, corporate events, and so much more.

“We bring out booths and props, people just need to bring their smiles and creativity,” says Espinola.

Following each photo session, event attendees receive a copy of their pictures on a 2×6 photo strip. Additionally, says Espinola, the photos are also posted on the Q City website and Facebook page.

The booths from Q City are very different from the photo booths you see at the mall. “We utilize top-quality equipment, such as our camera and printer,” says Espinola. “We have an enclosed version of our booth that can comfortably fit four people as well as an open version, which allows for larger groups.”

The services from Q City are fully customized. Henderson and Espinola do not work with pre-made templates for their photo strips. “Instead, we start every single one of them from scratch and try to make them exactly how our customer’s envision them,” she says.

Queen City PhotoBooths prints out photo strips and gives a USB individual photos you can print yourself.

They can also customize their green screen to include monograms, logos, etc. “As an added bonus to our customers, we also take pictures from the outside of the booth, capturing the whole photo booth experience,” says Espinola.

To learn more, visit Queen City PhotoBooths at or like them on Facebook.


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Ready to take your kids on a learning adventure? See why this Dayton hotspot is the place to go for a day of learning, fun, and so much more!


The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is a children’s museum dedicated to natural science and technology.

Cincy Chic: What’s is the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery?
Dawn Kirchner, Vice President of Education at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery: The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is a children’s museum, science and technology center, and zoo that focuses on science and natural history.

Cincy Chic: What’s the mission behind the Museum?
Kirchner: The mission of the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is to be the premier regional provider of interactive science learning experiences which enrich the lives of children and adults, enhance the quality of life in our community, and promote a broad understanding of the world. To preserve, protect, and enhance the Museum’s anthropology, geology, paleontology, and biology collections, and to make these collections available for exhibition, education, and research purposes.

The Boonschoft Museum of Discovery helps kids explore science and technology.

Cincy Chic: When did the museum open?
Kirchner: The Dayton Museum of Natural History began in 1893 as a part of the Dayton Public Library and Museum. Over the years, collections gathered by prominent Dayton citizens on their trips around the world were contributed to the museum. Local natural history collections were also contributed. In 1952, a group of citizens organized the Dayton Society of Natural History which took responsibility for the collections and transformed them into the Dayton Museum of Natural History. In 1958, the Museum of Natural History’s main building on Ridge Avenue was completed. In 1991, a new planetarium and expanded collection and exhibit space were added. The Society remained committed to the ideal of inspiring children to enthusiastically embrace science as a vital aspect of their lives through exhibits and programs that were both entertaining and educational.

Meanwhile, in 1993 a group of interested community leaders formed a steering committee to explore the idea of creating the Children’s Museum of Dayton. This group believed that a children’s museum could reach children ages two through twelve and instill in them a lifelong love of learning as well as an appreciation for the world around them. To this end, the group formed a governing board, launched a mobile outreach program, displayed model exhibits, and began planning for a permanent home in downtown Dayton.

As the Children’s Museum movement gained visibility, the similarity between its philosophy and the Museum of Natural History’s mission became very clear. In the summer of 1995, the Children’s Museum Board and Board of the Dayton Society of Natural History began discussing ways to collaborate. By January, 1996, these talks resulted in an enthusiastic agreement to fully merge boards under the umbrella of the Dayton Society of Natural History. As a result of the merger, the Dayton Museum of Discovery was born and assumed all public, educational and programming functions previously associated with the Dayton Museum of Natural History.

There’s also a zoo at the Museum.

The board commissioned a professionally-developed exhibits master plan that would take into account all of the resources and potential brought to the table by both organizations and by May 1999 Phases I and II of an extensive exhibits master plan had been completed.The name change to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery occurred in January, 1999 in recognition of Oscar Boonshoft, one of the Museum’s most dedicated friends.

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us more about the Museum’s exhibits?
Kirchner: The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery’s Featured Exhibits are designed to mix engaging educational experiences with entertaining interactions. Visitors of all ages enjoy innovative subject matter that is easy to grasp, fun to explore, and allows visitors to discover their inner scientist, archaeologist, zoologist, and more!

The Museum’s Featured Exhibits are carefully selected by the Dayton Society of Natural History’s Exhibit Committee; ensuring the selected exhibitions come from a wide range of educational and scientific disciplines, in addition to staying relevant in light of societal trends and educational needs.

There are currently 13 exhibits in the Museum including our Tidal Pool, Science on a Sphere, Hall of the Universe, and the Bieser Discovery Center to name a few.

Cincy Chic: Where is the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery located?
Kirchner: You can find us at 2600 DeWeese Parkway in Dayton.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about the Museum and plan a visit?
Kirchner: Visit to learn more about the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery or to purchase tickets. Or you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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Good-vs-evil storytelling meets Stephen King in an adaptation of The Dark Tower. Read on to see what our movie critic has to say about it!


“Who told me they didn’t like ‘Throw Ya Gunz’ by Onyx?! WHO SAID IT?!” Roland (Idris Elba) engages in a shootout in a scene in director Nikolaj Arcel’s adaptation of Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER. Credit: Courtesy of Sony Pictures © 2017 CTMG, Inc. All rights reserved. 


KEY CAST MEMBERS: Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor, Claudia Kim, Fran Kranz, Abbey Lee, Katheryn Winnick, Nicholas Paulding and Jackie Earle Haley

WRITER(S): Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinker, Anders Thomas Jensen and Nikolaj Arcel (screenplay); Stephen King (based on the novels by) 

DIRECTOR(S): Nikolaj Arcel 

WEB SITE:’S THE STORY: Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) keeps having nightmares of a world where a mysterious man in black looms in a threatening manner while a man styled like a Wild West gunslinger tries to stop him … All while a tall, dark tower stands constantly under attack.

While Jake’s mom (Claudia Kim) and stepdad (Nicholas Paulding) think whatever Jake is seeing is made up, Jake himself quickly learns that it is not once he sees people from his vision in his home that are supposedly from a clinic designed to help kids like him. Fast-forward a bit and Jake then realizes that the man in black is Walter (Matthew McConaughey), a sorcerer who is determined to collapse the dark tower from his dreams. Jake also discovers that the gunslinger is named Roland (Idris Elba), a man who is the last of his kind and determined to stop Walter. 

(On a personal note, Roland is also seeking revenge against Walter for what he did to his father – Dennis Haysbert – but you’ll learn more about that as the story goes on.) 

And as Jake is soon about to discover, his role in either saving or destroying not only his world but all of those in existence is a critical one indeed …

WHO WILL LIKE THIS FILM THE MOST? McConaughey fans; people who like basic sci-fi stories; anyone who will enjoy all of Easter eggs connecting the film to other works of Stephen King; those who want a Cliff Notes®-style overview of the book series

WHO WON’T (OR SHOULDN’T) LIKE THIS MOVIE? People who hate films that feel like Cliff Notes®/watered-down versions of larger, deeper stories; anyone who loves King’s books but feels that most of the film adaptations lose the spirit of the story; anyone looking for something with a definitive quality to the storytelling and/or its presentation; movie watchers who, if they start pointing out flaws in a film, can’t stop once they do; Idris Elba fans 

SO, IS IT GOOD, BAD OR ABSOLUTELY AWFUL? The cinematic equivalent to a frozen version of your favorite restaurant chain’s food in your local grocery store, The Dark Tower is a fast and loose adaptation of what is the introduction to what is the Stephen King Universe (literally) that needs to be slower, steadier and more serious than it is. 

The Dark Tower was once considered to be a project too arduous to possibly film in one take … Looking at the finished result, that coupled with reports of a troubled production make that idea seems to ring truer than ever as just about everything in the film feels truncated even if like (ADMISSION: yours truly) you’ve not read one page of the book. Plot points feel rushed, dialogue is boiled down to the most simplistic of exchanges and – at 91 minutes – and the film has an aforementioned Cliff Notes® feel to it. I can almost imagine this exchange at many offices across the country come next Monday:

Person 1: “I saw The Dark Tower this weekend.”

Person 2: “I read the books but was going to wait – how was it?”

Person 1, who has not read the books: “It was good. I liked how the made everything seem like one big world but didn’t overdo it with too many details to keep the story simple so that the Gunslinger’s final confrontation with The Man in Black was tense.”

Person 2: “What did you think of the connections to The Shining and 1408? How was Stephen King’s character in the movie versus how it was in the books? Did you catch all the high speech references?”

Person 1, feeling flop sweat forming: “Yeah … Oh man – I need coffee.”

Then again, even if you are Person 1 in this scenario, you might realize that the story feels a bit, well, dry, given its reputation as King’s magnum opus work given the generic feel of film. Instead of intense, gripping drama, you get paint-by-numbers “and the bad guy does this and the good guy reacts like this” storytelling with McConaughey playing the cool villain like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in the mid-90s and Elba as the straight-laced (a.k.a. borderline boring) man after him. It’s rare that you want a movie to be longer, but with The Dark Tower, save from Taylor’s pretty stellar turn as young Jake Chambers, you don’t care so much about the story other than seeing what you already just know has to be coming. (And if a Stephen King story feels predictable, that cannot be good, right?) 

Throw in scenes that feel thrown in just to exist, the fact McConaughey’s character seemingly could kill EVERYONE in EVERY universe simply by saying it into reality EXCEPT Roland apparently for reasons that are not clearly detailed and, most important of all, does NOTHING to make itself seem distinct (as so many other King stories have) other than being a distilled good-versus-evil Western and what do you have? 

A rather generic film made from what is supposed to be one of the most distinct stories in an acclaimed writer’s bibliography. The movie is OK, but it’s nothing special – and that’s a shame that when the goal should have clearly been for director Nikolaj Arcel and company to not have forgotten the face of their story’s father.



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An upcoming event is bringing together bourbon and bowties, plus shopping, yummy food, and a fun fashion show for both men and women — all for a great cause!


This year’s Bourbon & Bowties Bash will be held November 10 at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Each year, the Emerging Leaders Council of JDRF Southwest Ohio hosts an annual fall benefit concert. However, according to JDRF Southwest Ohio Executive Director Melissa Newman, the event underwent a refresh and rebranding.

Out of the refresher came an event based on two concepts that were exceptionally popular at the time, bourbon and bowties. From there, the Bourbon & Bowtie Bash was born.

Since its inception, the Bourbon & Bowtie Bash has taken on a life of its own and attendance has doubled every year.

“The Bourbon & Bowtie Bash is Cincinnati’s hottest party, and it’s a night of pure fun benefitting a great cause, JDRF Southwest Ohio,” explains Newman. “The event features bourbon and cocktail samplings, tastings from the area’s coolest restaurants, tunes by DJ E-Trayn, a fashion show, and pop-up boutiques, celebrity bartenders and best bar competition, silent and live bowtie auctions, and so much more.”

This year, the event will be held on Friday, November 10, beginning at 6:30 pm at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Not only has the event moved to a bigger venue, but the 2017 Bourbon & Bowtie Bash will be put on with Cincy Chic, who is working to integrate a full-fledged fashion show and pop-up boutiques at the event.

“We’re also adding Best Bar and Best Restaurant contests to allow our guests to vote on their favorites,” adds Newman. “We are also adding a new VIP area, with an elevated bar and lounge.”

Newman says that what makes her the most excited about this year’s event is the fashion show.

“This event always seems to attract Cincinnati’s best dressed, so it’s fun this year to more formally add the fashion aspect to the event,” says Newman. “We’ve partnered with Blaine’s Fine Menswear as our exclusive men’s outfitter for the fashion show this year and I can’t wait to see how they style our men, with the bowties, of course, being the focal point.”

Tickets for the event at $50 and sponsorships start at $750 with VIP perks. Newman says that tickets to the event sold out three months in advance last year, so you’re encouraged to get your tickets early!

To purchase tickets and complete event details, visit


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A Northern Kentucky-based photographer is bringing women out from behind the camera and helping them feel beautiful in front of it.

Julie Lubbers, Owner of Teal Gate Studio (Photo: Lucia Harmon Photography)

Cincy Chic: What is Teal Gate Studio?
Julie Lubbers, Owner of Teal Gate Studio: Teal Gate Studio is a contemporary portrait studio located on a beautiful farm in Northern Kentucky, an easy 40-minute drive from downtown Cincinnati. Our specialties are portraits and personal branding for women at every age and stage of their lives.

Cincy Chic: What inspired you to open Teal Gate Studio?
Lubbers: As women, we are often the ones behind the camera making sure everyone else is in the picture. We have hundreds of photos of our kids and very few of ourselves (and those we hate!). Or, we have a picture of ourselves we love from 10-20 years ago and nothing current. We hide from the camera because we are older and our bodies change and we don’t think we even look good in photographs. The purpose of Teal Gate Studio is to show women their beauty throughout their entire journey. Beautiful portraits have the power to transform how we see ourselves. We start loving ourselves more, and in turn, have more love to give. It is truly an amazing thing to witness!

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the studio?
Lubbers: I am! My name is Julie Lubbers, owner and photographer at Teal Gate Studio. I fell in love with photography in 2008 and haven’t looked back! I live on a beautiful farm in North Pendleton County, Kentucky, with my husband, Charlie. He built my studio and is it beautiful! My clients say it is a peaceful retreat from city life! I love photographing women because I love showing them the best version of themselves at every age. I love hearing their stories and designing a portrait session just for them!

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us more about the personal branding and photography services at Teal Gate Studio?
Lubbers: Both personal branding and portrait sessions are individually designers for each client. I want to know how you want to be photographed. Each session includes professional hair and makeup the day of the shoot to get you camera ready and feeling great.

For portrait sessions, you will be photographed in up to five different outfits. Some clients wear evening gowns, some wear jeans. It is all about the style of person you are. This is a magazine-styled photoshoot starring you! I pose and light you in ways that flatter your body. You will relax and have fun in front of the camera, I promise! This can be a solo experience, or you may share a session with a girlfriend, family member, etc.
Personal branding sessions are focused on putting your best face forward in the business world. They can be highly stylized or very corporate depending on your needs. Do you need website photos, Facebook banners, or photos for press releases? I can design those for you. You can bring different outfits for different if you wish. I believe personal can be both beautiful and professional!

Finally, my philosophy is you only buy what you love! My job is to take such beautiful portraits of you that you want them all!

Cincy Chic: What do you enjoy the most about running your own business?
Lubbers: My favorite thing is to be able to impact the lives of women in such a positive way. We get way too many “not good enough” messages in the world. It is an honor to be able to show my clients that they are just perfect as they are now!

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Teal Gate Studio?
Lubbers: I just started offering handcrafted folio boxes for my portrait collections from Graphstudio in Italy! Their craftsmanship is superb! I offer a leather and non leather option. These boxes will keep your portraits safe for years to come and the leather option even doubles as a stand alone display frame! They are truly beautiful!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Lubbers: You can check out my website at or you can follow along on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. If you want to schedule a session, call me at 859-667-4727.

For a behind-the-scenes look at Teal Gate Studio, watch the video below.

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Charlize Theron plays a stylish spy that heats up the Cold War era. See if our movie critic says it’s worth spying in the theaters.


“Check it – you’ll love my Ronda Rousey circa 2014 impression!” Charlize Theron shows why she is MI6’s most lethal assassin in a scene from ATOMIC BLONDE. Credit: Jonathan Prime © Focus Features. All rights reserved.


KEY CAST MEMBERS: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman, Til Schweiger, Eddie Marsan, Sofia Boutella, James Faulkner, Bill Skarsgärd and Toby Jones

WRITER(S): Kurt Johnstad (screenplay);  Antony Johnston & illustrator Sam Hart (The Coldest City graphic novel on which the movie is based)

DIRECTOR(S): David Leitch

WEB SITE:’S THE STORY: Based on the graphic novel The Coldest City, Atomic Blonde stars Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton, an undercover Mi6 agent being brought in Cold War Berlin in 1989 to go track down who has killed a fellow agent. Lorraine is also tasked with finding out who has the list of agents’ names that led to someone to find her colleague and murder him in the first place, which, given how it could lead to the murder of dozens of agents, is kind of a big deal, too.

So, once Lorraine learns that once she arrives in Berlin, she needs to meet up with David Percival – who has as Eric Gray (Toby Jones) and American CIA represent Emmett Kurzfeld (John Goodman) tell her – has “gone native” (a.ka. potentially gone rogue) while at the same time attempting to protect a man known simply as Spyglass (Eddie Marsan) that has committed the list to memory. Then again, once she actually does arrive in Berlin and several Russian KGB agents try to kill her as soon as she gets in town and an alluring French woman named Delphine (Sofia Boutella) stars following her around, Lorraine isn’t sure who to trust.
(In case you’re lost, the KGB wants the list, the Mi6 wants the list … And why is the CIA there? Who knows …)
But as Lorraine is about to show all those who try to attack her, she is more than up to the task of kicking ass and taking names (especially as it related to her completing her mission of retrieving the names on that list).
WHO WILL LIKE THIS FILM THE MOST? Feminists; people tired of waiting on Marvel to make a female super hero movie; people who liked Wonder Woman but wished it had more of a The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-edge; people who liked The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo; Charlize Theron fans; anyone who enjoys it when James McAvoy plays not-so-upstanding characters; anyone needing fitness motivation.

WHO WON’T (OR SHOULDN’T) LIKE THIS MOVIE? People who will find the plots twists and turns to be twisty and turning for the sake of making the movie more dramatic than need be; anyone who complains about fight sequences in movies not being realistic enough (although this movie is much more realistic by far than nearly every other action movie of the last few years); anyone upset by the lesbian imagery, profanity or bursts of EXTREME violence; those wishing to see Theron stick with more intellectually stimulating roles vs. physical ones 

SO, IS IT GOOD, BAD OR ABSOLUTELY AWFUL? Let me be brief – Atomic Blonde doesn’t feature what could be that original of a story (spies … They do awful things and have to save the world – who knew? Oh that’s right, everybody) … But it delivers exactly what it needs to: A movie with a cool lead character, strong showings from its supporting players and adrenaline-induced sequences that may inspire women nationwide to enroll in some martial arts training thanks to Theron’s all-in performance.   
This is one of those movies that’s all about the lead and Theron doesn’t disappoint as Lorraine – she’s sultry, she’s strong, shes seductive – all while carrying a sense of both vulnerability and a silent sensibility that add nuance to a character that, without it, might just be another Aeon Flux (and it might be fair to assume Theron would like you to forget about that movie). She flexes muscle when needed but also takes a pounding under the direction of David Leitch, who proves he knows just how long to let a sequence – both action and dialogue-heavy – go on to bring you into the character’s world. While you obviously know the fight sequences are heavily choreographed, the intensity of the action found therein makes that fact irrelevant. This is Theron at her best, creating a character that is totally 100% believable in what she does.
This is not to suggest McAvoy doesn’t deliver his usual stellar work, which he does as Percival, a man you’re never quite sure who’s side he is on until the very end. McAvoy plays his role well, giving him a slight bit of both charm and deception to maximize the most of his time on screen. Boutella is fine in her role as well, although there are times where she lays things on just a little too heavy as a would be femme fatale to Theron’s character. 
Save for McAvoy’s character, however, too many of the male characters feel like accessories to the plot/too naive for their own good. While Jones’ is a fine actor and has been down the road of spy movies before, his character – along with that of James Faulkner’s as the big boss behind the one-way glass window – is a standard guy in suit, tie and badge reminding the person he’s interviewing that he’s the guy in charge and he wants answers even though he’s obviously overmatched physically and mentally by his subject. Throw in a little bit of predictability in regards to certain characters and the would-be history lesson regarding the fall of the Berlin Wall (which really doesn’t have a strong connection to the story other than serving as the backdrop for when it takes place) and you end up waiting more for Theron to fight than you do the plot to keep progressing.
Then again, when you have a woman decimating KGB agents to the soundtrack of “99 Luft Balloons,” what more do you really need?

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Learn about a local company that helps you learn a new artistic skill while making a new custom décor piece and having fun with friends.


AR Workshop offers hands-on classes for creating custom home decor.

Want to learn a new artistic skill, need a custom home décor piece, or just looking for something unique to do for your next girls night? The AR Workshop may be for you.

Owned by sisters-in-law Katie De Pompei and Karen Loeffler, the AR Workshop is a “a boutique DIY workshop that offers hands-on classes for creating custom home décor in a lounge style atmosphere,” De Pompei explains.

The AR Workshop charming boutique workshop, nestled in the heart of Hyde Park Square, bills itself as the perfect venue for a fun and unique Girl’s Night Out, Corporate Team Building Activity, Birthday Celebration, Date Night, Girls Night Out, Moms Day Out and Kids Parties and Camps. They offer initial classes on how to make items such as customized wood plank or framed signs, lazy susans, wood centerpiece boxes, canvas pillows, and canvas wall hangings. They also have a retail shop that offers a selection of on-trend home décor gifts and accessories.

Sisters-in-law Katie De Pompei and Karen Loeffler own AR Workshop Cincinnati.

The AR Workshop is part of a franchise owned by Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff. Anders and Ruff describe the AR Workshop as an offshoot of their graphic design, party styling, DIY blog and online shop Anders Ruff, as a result of demand from fans and clients to offer hands-on workshops where they could teach their skills to others.

Anders and Ruff say that in founding the AR Workshop, their “dream of coming out from behind the screen to offer mixed media workshops for home decor, parties, design and styling skills is coming true! The vision was to create an inspiring and charming boutique workshop that not only offers classes but sells retail items that [we] use in their styling jobs and photoshoots for magazines and celebrities!” When De Pompei and Loeffler heard about the AR Workshop, they knew they had to bring it to Cincinnati. Their boutique opened in May.

Mainly attracting women, but also offering parties for children, the AR Workshop is “the perfect venue for a fun and unique girl’s night out, corporate team building activity, birthday celebration, date night, family night, mom’s day out, and/or kids’ party,” De Pompei says. “Once at the Workshop, the customer starts with raw wood or canvas and a stencil, and our instructors walk them through the steps to creating charming home decor that they will be proud to display in their homes or give as gifts.” Guests can also bring beer, wine, and snacks to the workshops.

AR Workshop can be used for girls night, team building, birthdays, and more.

De Pompei says that what sets the AR Workshop apart from other, similar workshops are “the atmosphere, the project selection and the people. Our hope is that when someone walks into the Workshop, they feel inspired to create something beautiful, and that they have a wonderful time doing so.” The AR Workshop offers a variety of project options and are always trying out new ones, and the paints they use are eco-friendly and non-toxic. De Pompei also touts staff members that are there to help customers every step of the way.

The AR Workshop is located at 3434 Edwards Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit

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See how two local sisters launched an organization to change the negative stigma of mental illness through a beautiful bracelet you can wear with pride.


Brand New Day aims to eliminate the incidence of suicide and relieve the negative stigma of mental illness.

Cincy Chic: Tell us about Brand New Day!
Mandy Hauer, Co-Founder of Brand New Day: Brand New Day (BND) was created to form a collective commitment by all to eliminate the incidence of suicide and relieve the negative stigma associated with mental illness. Our products serve as a physical symbol, a promise to ourselves and others, to ask for help and help those who ask. We are dedicated to providing a physical symbol to those who are struggling, as well as partnering with nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against mental illnesses and suicide. Our goal is to help everyone affected see that tomorrow is a Brand New Day.

Cincy Chic: What inspired Brand New Day?
Hauer: Mom guilt is real and momma bear instincts are strong. Truth be told, being a parent only seems to get scarier as our children get older. With six kids and countless nieces, nephews, and friends between us, the fear of losing a loved one is, at times, suffocating. Over the years, we have seen far too many friends and families have their lives shattered by mental illness or suicide. It’s hard to find someone in today’s world that hasn’t been affected, whether directly or indirectly, by suicide. If you stop and look at the statistics, it is alarming. So we started thinking, how can we equip others to navigate life’s highs and lows while making a promise to ourselves? Could we create something that would let people know that they are not alone in this world?

It started with the simple idea of wearing something, a simple bracelet, which would serve as a constant reminder to ourselves and everyone around us that there are people that care. Over the course of its development, the simple bracelet evolved into a significant promise to wearers to ask for help and help those who ask.

Brand New Day was created to remember those we have lost and ensure that we never have to experience such tragic loss again. We hope that Brand New Day will serve as a physical reminder that everyone is loved, capable, brave, and worthy of life. After all, tomorrow is always a Brand New Day.

Cincy Chic: What types of products are you currently offering?
Hauer: At this time, Brand New Day offers handcrafted, adjustable macrame bracelets in eight colors. Each bracelet is sold on a card with an uplifting message and/or reminder that you are worthy of life.

Cincy Chic: How much do the bracelets cost?
Hauer: The bracelets retail for $16 each.

Cincy Chic: What makes Brand New Day unique?
Hauer: Brand New Day bracelets are unisex, appeal to all ages, and represent a promise to ourselves and others, to ask for help and help those who ask. For each bracelet purchased, one is donated to the Surviving the Teens program at Cincinnati Children’s (a local, school-based suicide prevention program). In addition, now thru September 30, 2017, 20 percent of proceeds from bracelet sales will be donated to the 2017 Warrior Run as hosted by Cincinnati 1N5.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon through 2017?
Hauer: We plan to continue our quest to form a collaborative commitment throughout Cincinnati to eliminate the incidence of suicide and relieve the negative stigma associated with mental illness. We are currently establishing our online store and have hopes to extend our trend throughout the entire country, identifying other programs and nonprofit organizations to partner with on a national basis.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Hauer: Visit our Facebook page to find more info and follow along with Brand New Day.


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The Deer Park winery combines small-scale charm, a warm atmosphere, and customized wine. Keep reading for all the delicious details.

Mio Vino Winery produces wine to be sold on a local scale and allows guests to create their own bottle of wine.

Mio Vino Micro Winery in Deer Park is a winery that allows you to add a personal touch.

Mio Vino produces a limited amount of its own wine to be sold on a local scale, so the wine is already a boutique wine with a unique touch. Then, you can also bottle your own.

According to Tim Bryant, owner and winemaker of Mio Vino, Mio Vino imports all of its grapes and processes everything on-site. “We have 25 different types of wine from your traditional reds and whites to our fruit blended wines,” he explains.

Making Mio Vino more unique is their process for teaching patrons to create their own wines. Bryant says, “They come in and do a tasting and decide what type of wine they would like to make. We walk them through step by step on making the wine. After the wine is fermented then we walk them through the process of bottling their wine. This includes all the bottles, corks, foils, and the customer designed their own personal label to go on the bottle.”

Tim Bryant, Owner and Winemake of Mio Vino.

Bryant had dreamed for a while of starting his own winery, and it was brought to fruition when founded in 2013. He and his wife had visited multiple wineries, and he loved and was inspired by the atmosphere. He had been making his own wine for some time, and his family and friends all agreed that he should have been doing something along those lines, so when his wife asked him if he could do something different and Bryant responded that he wanted to open a winery, he had her support and encouragement.

Mio Vino prides itself on being “very welcoming place to come and hang out.” In the fall and winter, Mio Vino has live music on the weekends. They serve light appetizers, and customers are allowed to bring their own food in as well.

Mio Vino also hosts a variety of events. Once a month, they host Plant Nite and Paint Nite. On Plant Nite, you can sip wine and create your own succulent terrarium. They also host Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays. Mio Vino has hosted a number of parties and events, ranging from bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and baby showers to company workshops to rehearsal dinners and even four weddings. Mio Vino was also the only wine provider for Cincinnati Pride this year, and hosted a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital on July 22.

Mio Vino is located at 7908 Blue Ash Rd in Deer Park. To learn more, visit, like them on Facebook, or watch the video below.

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Located in Spring Grove Village, an indoor, urban farm produces pesticide-free crops that are not only better for you but better for the planet, too!


80 Acres Farms is an urban farm located in Spring Grove Village.

Cincy Chic: What is 80 Acres Farms?
Beca Haders, VP of Creative Marketing at 80 Acres Farms: We are an indoor, urban farm located in Spring Grove Village. Our mission is to provide the most flavorful, nutritious, clean and local food to our communities. We grow food where the people are, using far less resources and nearly eliminating food miles. Our crops are free from pesticides and GMOs, picked and delivered within days, not weeks.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the farm?
Haders: We are growing food that is better for you and better for the planet. We harvest our crops at their peak, when they are the most flavorful, aromatic and nutritious. We only deliver our produce locally, so you can know that it is fresh. We grow in a clean environment, without any pesticides, which can contribute to poisoning our soils and waterways, as well as our bodies. We grow hydroponically, in a closed-loop system, using 95% less water than a conventional farm. Plants only take up what they need and the rest is recirculated in the system.To reduce our carbon footprint, we strive to use primary renewable energy sources and travel less miles with our food. The average food on our plates travels over 1,500 miles. Our produce takes a short drive to the local market or restaurant, maybe even a shorter commute that yours.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the Cincinnati 80 Acres Farms?
Haders: Our founders, Mike Zelkind, CEO, and Tisha Livingston, President, formed this company nearly two years ago.They have worked closely over many years in the food business while running large and small companies. They wanted to start something that would make a difference in our own community, to provide affordable, fresh, local food in “food deserts.” Their passion for creating a better food supply solution developed into 80 Acres Farms.They met many farmers and understood the importance of local food. It’s good for the people and it’s good for our economy.

Cincy Chic: What makes 80 Acres Farms unique?
Haders: We grow the tastiest produce anywhere! We are growing where the people are, in a small amount of land, with a yield 100 times greater than a traditional farm. We are growing heirloom varieties, full of color and flavor, unlike most food grown today, that is bred to withstand unpredictable weather patterns and transportation.

Cincy Chic: What foods do you currently grow?
Haders: Today, we grow:

  • Microgreens – (highly nutritious baby plants) – like arugula, peas, dijon mustard
  • Leafy greens – like kale, gourmet lettuces, chard
  • Culinary herbs – like basil, mint, dill
  • Vine Crops – like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants

We are also experimenting with various other crops, like strawberries.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for the farm?
Haders: As our team grows, so do our farms. We have an R&D facility in Daphne, Alabama, where we test new crops and growing techniques. We have an engineering facility in Granite Falls, North Carolina, where we manufacture our growing technology. Our newest farm is in Springdale, Arkansas, where we are focusing on vine crops, like strawberries. We also have plans to open a new farm in downtown Hamilton, Ohio.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more, shop your produce, and follow along?
Haders: You can find our produce at Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton (all three locations), Clifton Market, Jungle Jim’s Market in Fairfield and Eastgate, to name a few. Look for us soon at Whole Foods! Visit our website at, like us on Facebook, and follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.