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Need a fun food option for an event you’re hosting? Check out this recently launched, locally-based, non-profit coalition of food trucks that’s here to help and support local businesses.

The Tri-State Food Truck Coalition supports other local businesses in Greater Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic: What is the Tri-State Food Truck Coalition?
Kristen Bailey, Founder of the Tri-State Food Truck Coalition: The Tri-State Food Truck Coalition is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to unifying and supporting Cincinnati Tri-State food trucks and serving as a resource for them, as well as, local governments, community organizations, and the public. As members, we are united in the common goal to advance our food truck culture, supporting tourism and increasing opportunities for economic growth, stability and longevity. Food truck owners are a diverse crowd of rich and poor and represent all races and genders. Roughly 60% of our TSFTC members represent women or minority-owned businesses.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Bailey: Mike & I have been in business for 5 years and as we continue to grow our food truck business, we were both seeking new opportunities for expansion. We both have a commissary kitchen to support our catering operation and wanted to grow our catering business to 60% of our gross sales. Specifically, we are targeting corporate catering & large scale events. We’ve found a lot of other food truck entrepreneurs are in the same boat after years of running food truck lunches, etc. We’re now one of the veteran food trucks in a growing market with 160+ food trucks in Greater Cincinnati alone. Getting into food truck rallies and other key events is more competitive than it’s ever been. Imagine being one of 160+ foodpreneurs applying to the Taste of Cincinnati, where only 19 food trucks are accepted.We are looking outside the box to create additional opportunities for our members, while supporting areas where street food options aren’t available. There’s a high demand for supporting tourism. Cincinnati is a top 10 destination for conventions across the country. The organizations visiting Cincinnati bring in lots of hungry people, thus our partnership with the Cincinnati CVB emerged. Furthermore, we have a strong emphasis on diversity and our mission aligns well with Vibe Cincinnati. Cincinnati is also home to several Top 100 Businesses and we are working with many of these companies to provide opportunities for our members to vend, in addition to introducing catering leads.We support food truck entrepreneurs and set them up for success; amplifying catering and event opportunities by providing clients with a range of diverse, high quality and high profile street food options.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Bailey: Kristen Bailey, Co-Founder & President Owner of Sweets & Meats BBQ Mike Mandell-Brown, Co-Founder & Vice-President Owner of Hungry Bros & Midwest Meal Prep. You can learn more about the directors here.

Cincy Chic: Do you have any upcoming events?
Bailey: We have multiple events in the works, including a new partnership with Coney Island. We hosted our inaugural TSFTC Food Truck Rally there on April 27th & will host a fall event there as well, in the Land of Oz. Updates will be posted to our Facebook business page and website. We are in the process of organizing an open house event to attract additional members, however we are all very busy during food truck season.

Cincy Chic: What makes the Tri-State Food Truck Coalition unique?
Bailey: We collaborate with the other food truck associations in Cincinnati and are looking to support food truck owners who are seeking to grow their business, with a focus on corporate catering and large scale events. We support all food truck owners, providing educational opportunities, resources & hosting workshops. Our members directly benefit from partnerships with local corporations & our relationship with Vibe Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Bailey: We are amidst a busy food truck season, but will be hosting an Open House where food truck owners van learn more about TSFTC this fall.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Bailey: Our website We also are on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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Dreading bathing suit season again this year? Our life coach columnist explains how to take a different approach to summer -- and your self talk -- this year.

Do you remember Susan Powter who captured our attention in the 90s with her weight-loss informercial, shouting “stop the insanity”? If not, google her and check out her message.

I bring this up because summer has arrived and what a sweet change to see more sunshine and longer days here in Cincy. All the outdoor activities begin – cookouts, swimming, baseball, camping, late night fire pits and such.  All those things you love and enjoy during the summertime.

Yet, there is another side of summer for many. The dreaded summer appearance of the out-of-shape and overweight body after you promised to yourself, once again, you’d be summer ready.  

Yet, the voice screams out, as you look into the mirror, how did I let myself get this way? Why didn’t I do more during the winter to get in shape and drop those pounds?

Sound familiar?

If this is you, get ready to be enlightened to a new way of welcoming summer into your life.

From my own experience I have ridden the up-and-down weight rollercoaster for most my life. But as I continue to age and get wiser, I have learned a few things that I want to share with you that I find to be true:

– If you focus on what you “don’t” want, you’ll get more of that!
– If you continue to tell the same story over and over …from the PAST, you keep it alive.
– If you don’t learn to love yourself as you are in this moment, you’ll fail from lack of love and not willing to change.

So “IF” you are willing to flip the switch from this never-ending merry-go-round and start from where you are, the story will shift, and results will be achieved! 

Start from here:

– allowing yourself to be in this moment and really see yourself in the mirror
– believing and trust that the person today in the mirror isn’t the person from yesterday and won’t be the same person tomorrow.
– open your heart to what you’ve manifested, the body vessel you live in, and say up until now this is where change begins.

Perhaps when you where little, there were rules like clean your plate, and here’s a cookie to make it better. Or as you got older, the gatherings included lots of comfort food and adult beverages. Then, there are those moments when junk food and chocolate just fills that void.

Does this resonate? 

When you know better, you’ll do better said Mia Angelo. And that really is what we are doing every day.  Learning. Listening. Following Others. Doing what they say is BEST.

Stop the Insanity! I invite you in this moment to STOP – give yourself permission to let all that advise, and recommendations go.  Allow yourself to be happy when you chose to eat and don’t criticize yourself afterwards.  If you put it in your body, then be okay with it. Otherwise, make a different choice. It really is that easy.

I coach others around mindfulness because it is one way to really understand how we constantly set ourselves up for failure because we allow the programming to take over instead of cleaning the “memory” and starting with a new programming technique. Much like a computer hard drive, erase and delete that old data and start today with new, powerful, motivating, and joyful programming which begins with being in the moment and that’s okay. 

For additional support register for my upcoming online 3 Day FREE Challenge on Dare to Find Your DRIVE from Stuck to Unstoppable beginning June 3, 2019 at 7PM EST. Registration required and can be done here.

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Is Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin a wish come true or is it an idea up in smoke?


“You’ve got to stand back and let me guide this ship if you want ANY shot at a good box office number, buddy!” The genie (Will Smith) gives some advice to his new master (Mena Massoud) in a scene from director Guy Ritchie’s live-action take on ALADDIN. Credit: Courtesy of Disney Pictures. © 2019 Disney Enterprises Inc. All rights reserved.



KEY CAST MEMBERS: Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari, Nasim Pedrad, Numan Acar and Navid Negahban

DIRECTOR(S): Guy Ritchie 

THE BACK STORY: A live-action remake of the beloved 1992 animation feature film, Aladdin stars Mena Massoud in the title role of as a common street thief who falls in love with Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott), the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah (Navid Negahban). Jasmine, a woman with a heart of gold who greatly cares for the common people of the city, has to marry a prince – which of course makes Aladdin ineligible to win the heart of the lady he inadvertently meets in streets. 

What he doesn’t anticipate, however, is Jafar (Marwan Kenzari). The power hungry head consultant to the Sultan, Jafar convinces Aladdin to unwittingly help him out in a nefarious plot that will help him rise to power. But his plan doesn’t go as well, planned, leaving Aladdin in possession of a lamp that, once rubbed, unleashes a powerful Genie (Will Smith) that grants him three wishes that will forever change his life. 

But, as Aladdin is soon to find out, the old expression “Be careful what you wish for” is about to ring truer to him than it ever has before …

THE REVIEW: “The Fresh Prince of Agrabah …”

It’s rare that you can sum up a movie in one sentence, but if you were looking to tell a friend what to make of the 2019 live action version of Aladdin – a made-for-TV quality movie which is essentially ALL about Will Smithsave for the last 20 minutes – the previous one would be it. For Aladdin lacks any of the spirit of the animated original for the first of its 2 hours and change run time, feeling more like a watered down (from special effects to performances) money grab than attempt at making something substantial.

Smith fans will love or, depending on if they will find themselves saddened he and Nasim Pedrad – who is very entertaining as Princess Jasmine’s no. 1 handmaiden – are the only things fairly entertaining about the film, loathe – Aladdin as all of his natural charms come shining through. Well, they shine as much as they can in a film where the lead actor feels a bit, there’s no nice way to say it, presented in a fashion to make him acceptable to ALL audiences (the whitewashing controversy surrounding Scott was covered last year by media outlets). Then again, the entire production feels like some executive’s whole pitch was “Bigger! Louder! Will Smith!” and when someone said “What about gripping, nuanced performances with eye-popping visuals?” they were met with a stronger “WILL SMITH!” retort. Smith is the best and worst thing about the movie as you’ll either find him the most engaging thing about it or the most irritating when he becomes bigger than everything – literally and figuratively – around him.

Sadly, the live-action version of Aladdin just doesn’t feel special at all unless you are a die-hard Will Smith fan because the aforementioned effects which only seem to be saved for Smith’s musical numbers, the charisma (which is reserved for Smith and Pedrad) or how Kenzari’s turn as Jafar is as threatening as Massoud’s is underwhelming. Putting Smith in a cast with so many underwhelming performers almost turns the film into a live-action Shrek … With WAY too much focus on Donkey. Be it Massoud’s perfectly coiffed hair and Scott’s “I have a heart of gold; can’t anyone see how much I love everyone?!” routine, Aladdin just feels to be too much of too little to make you buy in as much as you need to enjoy it in full.

The animated version of a movie shouldn’t seem to have more heart and pep than the live-action version, but this – like last year’s “Let’s make another Grinch movie because …. Well … We can!” just feels unnecessary, loud, a bit boorish and save for three musical numbers, overdone to the point of it turning into a meal at Buca Di Beppo that’s intended to serve 3-4 …. But ends up being devoured by one. It’s still filling … But when it causes a stomach ache later, you might be inclined to think if you really needed to stuff yourself with it for the sake of having it available. You can tell everyone tried really hard to make a movie, but you can tell that they are trying – and that makes the ride on this carpet feel far less magical than director Guy Ritchie and company surely hoped it would be.

And that’s a shame – because Aladdin is likely to make you think where is poor Uncle Phil when you need him more than anything else.



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A new project funded by People’s Liberty is helping new and seasoned Cincinnatians enrich their lives with hidden local gems.

The Welcoming Party is a new experiment that connects new Cincinnati residents to seasoned veterans.

Cincy Chic: What is The Welcoming Party?
Jeremy Mosher, Co-Founder of The Welcoming Party: The Welcoming Party is for anyone who likes people and wants to feel more-connected to the Cincinnati community. To be successful, this experiment will need very new residents to make themselves known as they look to find their footing — plus bunches of Cincinnatians who feel like they can help with that. There’s no magic length of residency required to be a “welcomer.” And, in fact, we think people of varying “tenures” will each have something different and valuable to share.

Cincy Chic: How does The Welcoming Party work?
Mosher: Interested parties declare their intention by responding to some survey questions. Based on those responses and expressed areas of interests, we link the recently located with a current Cincinnatian who is likely to have insight into people and parts of local life that will enrich the new resident’s experience here. The connections then meet up to talk about what the new resident might enjoy doing for a group outing with an expanded group – a bourbon tasting, karaoke, a book club, whatever. After the group hangs out a few times we host a party involving everyone who has raised their hand to be involved in the experiment, cross-connecting even more people. It’s kind of like a foil to a “going away” party.

Cincy Chic: How are you reaching out to new residents? 
Mosher: We are counting on word of mouth, personal referrals, and widespread sharing of our project. We would love to hear from the folks involved in corporate hiring and relocation. People in faith communities. Friends, cousins, and friends-of-friends-of-cousins who know someone relocating here. The more local residents who have antennae up for new Cincinnatians who might benefit from this, the more connections we can make.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to fill out the survey?
Mosher: The survey can be found here.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Mosher: Check us out at We’re also on Facebook and Instagram.

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How much is your fear and hard-wiring holding you back. Read on as Melissa explains how to get in the driver’s seat of your life.


Are you familiar with that voice that speaks inside your head wanting to offer you advise and suggestions to your decision-making process? The one that takes over and has you doubting and fearing what direction or action to take? Or continues to remind you after a decision made and it didn’t go as planned with a reminder of “I knew it was a bad idea.”

Allow me to introduce you to your ego who drives the mind and thrives on fear-based decisions. I like to greet ego/fear with “Hello FEAR I see you!” This is the fastest way to begin opening your thoughts to what is really causing the fear.

Where does this fear come from? Your programming! What’s programming?

When you arrive on the plant you are as pure and innocent as it gets. Your mind is like a new computer with no data except for the hard drive ready to receive input. And that it does.  Programming comes from everyone you encounter and from all the environment you are exposed to. 

As you grow older you begin to weigh your thoughts and ideas against others, and realize you have an intuitiveness (feeling) that supports your decisions best for you and not what others believe.

The ego often wants to steal the show and remind you all about what you should or shouldn’t be doing when you are trying to make the best decision.  This is what becomes that inner struggle.

Fortunately, the magic in all of this is AWARENESS.  When you can really stop in your tracks and say hello fear/ego I see you and ask that it please take the back seat, this allows for you to drop out of the mind and into your heart and gut space.  

This is the place where you’ll find the solutions and answers that releases the struggle and strife and brings the joy and happiness you desire when making decisions.

My journey when I realized how much I was dependent upon what others thought and how making decisions were based on their advice, I knew it didn’t always make me feel happy or joyful with some of my decisions.  I realized over time I often went along with the crowd just to fit in and would struggle with the decision until I made a change using my own intuition of what’s best for me.

When I discovered I could make better decisions by quieting my mind and releasing the voice (aka fear/ego) from the conversation in my head, and drop down into my heart and gut, I was unstoppable.  I was making solid decisions without any hesitation or regret going from stuck to unstoppable. 

So, I challenge you now to get back to your “au natural” state of mind, opening your heart and gut, and listening for the answers and feedback YOU seek – and not what others think!

Begin your practice now to really work on trusting in your own beliefs and thoughts.  From there you can create a life by design because you hold the value and trust from your own knowingness. And those desires of what you want to have, be, and do will come with living joyfully – unapologetically.

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For nearly a decade, this local market has been bringing together indie crafters, designers, artists, DIYers, and other creatives. See how you can get insider info on their next event!

Cincy Chic: What is Crafty Supermarket?
Chris Salley-Davis, Founder of Crafty Supermarket: Crafty Supermarket is Cincinnati’s oldest indie craft fair featuring regional makers from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and beyond. We focus on makers who identify as indie crafters, designers, artists, DIYers and other unconventional makers creating original handmade goods.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?

Salley-Davis: The idea of Crafty Supermarket was hatched nearly ten years ago after seeing other cities with active indie craft and maker scenes. Cincinnati seemed to have a lot of makers but they were not networking in Cincinnati. Big indie craft shows like Renegade Handmade were starting to pop up in cities like NY, San Francisco and Chicago. After touring around the country my musician husband, I wanted to bring makers together in my backyard so I started hatching a store concept that later became Fabricate (now closed) and dreaming of an annual fair.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?

Salley-Davis: I started a maker night called BYOProject to try to find makers in Cincinnati. This is how I came across Alisha Budkie and Grace Dobush who were also thinking about starting an indie craft fair. They were a little further down the indie craft fair path since I was focusing on my shop but we merged forces initially ran Crafty Supermarket together. Budkie left in 2011 to start Rock, Paper, Scissors which later became Indigo Hippo. Grace Dobush left in 2016 when she moved to Germany to work as a freelance writer. We all still stay in touch.

Cincy Chic: When did it launch?
Salley-Davis: Crafty Supermarket launched in November 2009 with just 20 makers at the Northside Tavern.

Cincy Chic: What makes this event unique?
Salley-Davis: There are a lot of great indie maker events around the city like City Flea, Art on Vine, the Off Market and more. We were the first. I’m so glad makers have so many opportunities to reach customers through these events that have grown over the years. I think Fabricate and Crafty Supermarket helped make this scene happen. I don’t think we can take all the credit for sure but I’ve had so many makers tell me that we started their career and made them feel like their dreams of being an artist was possible beyond the traditional gallery or designer track. We focus on makers and strive to give new artists a chance to vend each show, saving plenty of spots for our Cincinnati favorites while bringing a variety of regional makers to our awesome city.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Salley-Davis: Our most recent event was May 11 at Music Hall. Next up is the holiday Crafty Supermarket event. For daily maker teasers, follow us on Instagram and find our event on FB, our website also has a full vendor list.

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A locally owned coworking space just announced its second expansion and other major benefits (pssst that’s a hint).

1628’s Founder and CEO, Tamara Schwarting

Co-working is the office of the future and 1628 Ltd. wants to offer its clients the amenities of a modern office space combined with the backdrop of an inspirational art gallery.

“Our goal is to remove the chaos from the day so members can focus on their work,” explains Founder and CEO Tamara Schwarting. “1628 offers daily, weekly, and monthly passes for individuals who need coworking flexibility, without a long-term commitment.”

There are multiple core offerings from 1628, which include:

●      Private offices, dedicated desks, and communal coworking for individuals and teams

●      Daily, weekly, and monthly access to our coworking space with no long-term commitment

●      6,000 sq/ft available private events and business meetings.  With 8 conference rooms and 2 large-scale rooms with open floor plans, 1628 can accommodate groups of all sizes from 2 to 200.

Here’s an idea of who might be interested in working at 1628:

●      Independent workers and entrepreneurs without a HQ or home office

●      Fortune 100 & 500 companies looking to establish a presence in Cincinnati with the flexibility to scale operations before committing to commercial real estate lease

●      Vendors or clients of companies who need access to a business center to stay productive while in Cincinnati for business

●      Individuals traveling to Cincinnati for business or leisure during the work week who need to plug-in and stay connected

●      Anyone who needs an office oasis to provide inspiration to bring big ideas to life


Schwarting was inspired to launch 1628 Ltd. following a 15-year career at P&G when she opened her own consulting firm. It was then that she quickly learned that there were very few options available to meet with clients, and coffee shops and other public places aren’t always the best place to do business.


“I was familiar with coworking from the East coast, but very few options existed in Cincinnati,” she says. “After doing market research, I decided to open a coworking space that would meet my needs and other independent professionals in a similar situation.”


The concept behind 1628 Ltd. began in late 2015 before 1628 Ltd. was formed 9 months later, and then opened for business in late 2016.


Since it first opened back in 2016, 1628 Ltd. has already expanded twice, with this second expansion expected to be completed in late summer.


The new office is located at 11 Garfield Place in the historic Doctor’s building. 1628 Ltd. currently occupies 13,000 square feet of space on the first and second floors, with the expansion moving up to the third floor.


Schwarting says that the expansion is about more than just offering new space for clients.


“Where you work should work for you and at 1628, we strive to make sure we’re putting our members and guests first as we continue to evolve and meet the needs of a modern workforce,” she says. “We’ll bring the same visual aesthetic to our newest expansion – think posh boutique hotel with all the amenities you expect in a modern office.”

Once the expansion is complete, 1628 Ltd. will offer 25,000 square feet of coworking space. “In addition to this, we just announced this week that we’ll be expanding our members’ services to offer HR benefits through TriNet,” says Schwarting. “The benefits available through this partnership are typically only offered at Fortune 500 companies. We’re excited to bring healthcare and HR benefits to our members, especially as access to quality HR benefits are not often available to small businesses due to cost.”

To learn more about 1628 Ltd., visit or follow along on Instagram<> and Facebook<>.

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Our life coach columnist offers insight on a recent Brene Brown book, the concept of belonging, and how sharing art can transform people.

Photographer: Lauren Pusateri

Brene Brown’s book Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging” she shares: “Art has the power to share experiences and transform despair into hope... and art has the power to transform something or someone when it is shared. When people share art, it becomes a whisper to that person: “You’re not alone.”


What does this mean for you?

I share this with you because I want to challenge you to look in the past to those things that you enjoyed doing when you were younger that involved a form of art that you no longer do. Then visualize yourself doing the activity and see how the passion or desire may still live within. 

Does it light you up to recall this time and place?

As a young girl, my passion for the arts included painting, photography, calligraphy and playing the piano.

I would watch endless hours of Bob Ross on PBS creating those amazing landscapes, I was the pianist at many recitals, choirs, and weddings, taking pictures endlessly, and writing poems in calligraphy.

When I read Brene’s book, the connection to belong resonated in a way that I didn’t realize.  The power and impact of being able to perform through an art is truly a sense of belonging. I haven’t considered my artistic pastimes in a long time and was intrigued about the rediscovery of my gifts after reading the book.

During my personal work around self-care I started to recall those things that brought me joy and realized I had stopped all those artistic pastimes.

I reactivated my gifts by attending a few local painting classes, pulled out music books and began to tickle the ivories, photographed some amazing sunsets and wrote a poem in calligraphy.

The magic in revisiting these simple tasks, of something I once did endlessly, is now transforming me back to a younger version of myself.

Now I ask — Why did you stop?

Is it that you just didn’t have time? Is it just not as exciting? Maybe you don’t believe you’d like to do it anymore.

From my experience, if you allow those passion for art to resurface, you begin to align your heart with something only you knew to bring you pure joy and happiness.  As Brene says it “art has the power to transform something or someone.”

Self-care can transform you in many ways by resetting your mind, raising your vibration, enhancing your mental attitude, and just simply offering pure joy and happiness.  

Give yourself permission to find things that bring you the same feeling you had when you were younger. This feeling is never lost, just quitted and fads over time, but when you can allow it to rise again, you will discover how passionate you are and the love you hold through art and know “you’re not alone.”

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While the cast is something to cheer about, does this film squander its talented stars on a clichéd comedy that disrespects the demographic it's trying to celebrate? See what our critic has to say.

“All right ladies … Let’s get to the climatic inspiring dance number or we don’t have a movie!” Martha (Diane Keaton, center in the “M”) leads her fellow retirement community friends in a dance routine in a scene from POMS. Credit: Kyle Bono Kaplan © 2019 STX Financing, LLC. All rights reserved.





KEY CAST MEMBERS: Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, Pam Grier, Alisha Boe, Phyllis Somerville, Charlie Tahan, Bruce McGill, Celia Weston and Rhea Perlman 

DIRECTOR(S): Zara Hayes
THE BACK STORY: Martha (Diane Keaton) is a woman coming to grips with her own mortality, which, given her health, makes sense. It’s also why after conducting an estate sale, she’s heading to a seemingly idyllic Sun Springs retirement community in Georgia to spend her final days in peace and quiet.

Then she meets her neighbor Sheryl (Jacki Weaver) and realizes that’s not going to happen.

Forging an unexpected friendship with Sheryl, Martha comes up with an idea – since she’s required to join or create one by her new community’s bylaws – to form a cheerleading club. This leads to Ruby (Carol Sutton), Olive (Pam Grier), Alice (Rhea Perlman), Phyllis (Patricia French), Evelyn (Ginny McCool) and Helen (Phyllis Somerville) joining their aspiring – or is that perspiring? – team, even if it is to the disdain of community activities leader Vicki (Celia Watson). And if Vicki has to pull out Chief Carl (Bruce McGill) to get her way, she will in a heartbeat. 

But after a video of Martha’s makeshift squad goes viral, they are faced with a choice: Give up on their dreams or prove that you’re never too old to show your spirit.
THE REVIEW: Poms isn’t a good movie, per se; it’s a sweet movie with a good heart and a few chuckles along the way. At 91 minutes, it’s short enough to sit through without feeling a strong urge to leave the theater, but it’s nothing you’re going to revel in. It’s nowhere near raunchy by any means to steer into ribald comedy territory, but it has enough anatomy related jokes that will be dirty enough for anyone who regularly dines at an Old Country Buffet or Cracker Barrel. Likewise, the movie’s pacing and story feels like a mix of a too tame for The Golden Girls but too hardcore for Lifetime or CBS, which, given all the sadness it shows in regards to getting older before attempting to salvage a genuinely uplifting, “nice” finale, Poms doesn’t seem to have a specific enough focus to make you feel the way you should.Then again, Poms isn’t really for anyone under the senior circuit – and that’s not a bad thing. It’s perfect palatable celluloid for daughters to take their mothers to or for seniors to enjoy as the characters (especially Weaver as the film’s resident sexpot/free spirit) are exactly like the members of your mom’s bridge or book club that may or may not exist. Poms isn’t trying to re-invent the wheel; it’s just putting a fresh batch of grease on the wheel to give it one last ride.

Weaver steals the show in Poms; Keaton is more or less the straight woman who serves to keep the movie moving forward. Her character mopes, suffers through bouts of vomiting and feels like she’s just a lady you feel sad for and sad to be around for the first half of the film; problem is, once things get going, you don’t care about her as much as you do how she will get the rest of her squad going as they are inherently more interesting … Even though your interest may never peak with a paint-by-numbers script saved only by the cast’s genuine enthusiasm for each other’s company. Alisha Boe and Charlie Tahan add some youthful exuberance to as Martha’s high school cheerleader rival turned coach and Sheryl’s awkward grandson add some much needed youthful exuberance (to the somewhat stale script, NOT the cast), but only in the way a grandparent is proud of them graduating high school.

And ultimately, that’s the main thing that hinders Poms: Instead of going for its full potential with a game-changing break from the routine, it gives you a safe one sure to please audiences who enjoy a nice, simple one they are used to. Poms will occasionally rub your funny bone, but you definitely won’t fall over laughing and will be able to get up and leave the theater easily once it’s done.



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In need of a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day? Check out this one-of-a-kind brunch artfully made with you and mom in mind.

Metropole at 21c Museum Hotel is hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch.

Mother’s Day is just right around the corner! On Sunday, May 12th, the 21c Museum Hotel will host guests and families celebrating mothers for a memorable morning. The venue is unique due to its inviting environment and open doors. “The 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati and Metropole are cultural hubs where all are welcome. It does not matter how you dress, whom you love, or where you’re from, as long as we collectively appreciate the art of self-expression and acceptance,” says Iona Muir, Food and Beverage Director of Metropole.

This special Mother’s Day brunch will be full of love, food, and artwork.

“Guests are invited to peruse 21c’s newest exhibition before or after brunch located in the museum’s galleries, free of charge, open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The exhibit is called ‘Truth or Dare: A Reality Show’. Artwork will be featured addressing the importance of questioning both knowledge and belief, featuring works that utilize illusion to entice, entertain, and explore the terrain between fact and fiction, presence and absence, reality and imagination,” says Muir. 

Not only will attendees experience artwork, they will also partake in a brunch crafted by Executive Chef David Kelsey. “Our main takeaway we want guests to take away is how incredible our new Executive Chef is making out beautiful Metropole experience. David has continued to craft fresh, scrumptious meals that are both artistic and fulfilling. We hope that you come and experience on this very special day,” says Iona.

So what is on the menu? The brunch will consist of two courses, beginnings and entrées. Beginnings will serve light dishes including smoothie bowls, mixed lettuces, and caramelized onion soup, and more. The entrée course will include breakfast burritos, smoked salmon toast, biscuits and gravy and that’s just the beginning. Metropole will do its best to accommodate any dietary restrictions attendees have.

On May 12th, the morning will begin at 9:30am and conclude around 2pm. Each ticket will be $32, not including gratuity. “Reservations are filling up fast so please make sure to call and reserve your spot as soon as possible,” says Iona.

For more information, connect with Metropole on both Facebook and Instagram.