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Our life coach columnist explains how today's new deep clean way of life can go for mental wellness, too.

Go GREEN! An environmental decision to “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Have you ever stopped to consider that your thoughts, actions, and past could go green? There is a technique I have been using for a long time myself and with my clients and I want to share it with you. Want to play?

I know it sounds like a big stretch so consider this:

If you think about how you tell a story over-and-over again it becomes repetitive, and when it’s a good story there’s no problem. But what happens when you have those stories that keep haunting you because what happen isn’t what you expected or even desired.  Then you find yourself playing it over and over like a broken record hoping there is a silver lining – when there’s not.

Those haunting stories can now be reduce, reuse or recycle into time and space.

Let’s Play:

Close your eyes and think about the event, situation or circumstance that you no longer want to haunt you.  With your eyes close, imagine a bubble out in front of you.  It may be gold, pink, white, whatever color you like best. 

Then allow the bubble to move towards you to the point you are inside the bubble. This is your protective gear for when you begin the “go green” process.

While in the protective bubble, recall what you want to release, have it clearly in your mind, take a deep breath and then breathe out with force for the air to penetrate through and outside the bubble through a small hole.  As the air releases through bubble say:

“I now release “this story” to the Universe to be reduced, reused, and recycled over time and space. The story no longer serves me, and I am willing to release it with ease. I am safe.”

Repeat the process until you feel you are no longer haunted by the event, situation, or circumstance. Note this may take some additional practice but as you become more aware of how to release what no longer serves you the process will become easier and easier.

Once you feel you are complete with the process, seal up the hold in the bubble and go about your day.  When the thoughts come back up know the bubble has you protected, and you can say “I am safe”. 

Sending you Love and Light,


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Learn more about this one-of-a-kind couple who travels the globe to film love stories, one couple at a time.

For the past 10 years, Mike and Ali Kamper have filmed hundreds of weddings coast to coast, in over 15 states, and even internationally. 

Happy Kamper Films is a husband and wife videography team who creates commercial and wedding films. The business was born 10 years ago when Alison bought a camera to take pictures of her handmade jewelry. Not long after, requests began to file in for her to take pictures of their families. The photography business grew and grew, and Happy Kamper Films was born.  

“(The inspiration behind the company) comes from our love to tell stories, whether they are for small businesses or for couples getting married. Our inspiration comes from the ones we are working with and our own vision as we interact,” says Mike, adding that since each film is centered around a wedding, the emotion and memory behind the shots are the true motivation. “(When it comes to film), emotion comes much easier. Movement and sound add so much more depth. When you add music and audio, you can retell an amazing story with emotion.”

Happy Kamper Films is based out of Ohio, but for majority of the year, you can find Mike and Ali traveling across the US in their cozy camper. “Wedding films have taken us to two countries and over 15 states,” says Mike. “We have traveled through many more states in our RV as we adventure around the US.” 

In 2020, their travel schedule on their website entails places such as Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, Italy and Louisiana…in just the first 5 months! According to their website, “At Happy Kamper Films, we truly love having great adventures, meeting new people, experiencing life, getting to work in a really fun way and most importantly, going just about anywhere to film your love story.”

Interested in having Happy Kamper Films play a part in your big day? “The first step those interested can do is to connect with our work and style from the films on our website,” they say. “Once you have determined that we are available on the couple’s date, it’s a simple process of signing a contract and paying a retainer. As we get closer to the wedding, we will send a questionnaire that will help us determine who and what is important to them on their big day.”

To stay up to date with Happy Kamper Films, connect and follow them on the following platforms:

WebsiteHappy Kamper InstagramHappy Kamper Travel InstagramAli’s Jewlery, Wild Roots Handmade JewelryWild Roots Creative Instagram

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A passion for celebrating life inspired this unique photo booth rental company. See how she can help you capture special moments on your big day.

Cincy Chic: What is Rivertown Photo Booths?
Hannah Shelton, Founder of Rivertown Photo Booths: Rivertown Photo Booths is a woman-owned and operated Photo Booth Rental company serving up some of the coolest photo activations in the tri-state area! We have sleek and modern photo and video booths as well as event photography that cater to weddings, social events, and brand activations. 

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind Rivertown Photo Booths?
Shelton: Honestly, I’m just really passionate about celebrating life! I’ve always had a love for photography as a hobby, and I knew as we grew our family that I needed a flexible career that would allow me to be there for my kids. I love the atmosphere of family weddings, I love helping brands engage with their clients, and I REALLY love taking photos of people who are just relaxed and having fun! And to be able to do what I love for a living… It’s like a dream come true! 

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it? 
Shelton: That would be me! My name is Hannah Shelton, I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart, mother to two spunky little girls, and the wearer of all the hats at Rivertown Photo Booths! While my whole family is from Cincinnati, my parents moved to Vevay, Indiana right before I was born, and I’m still here! I love dressing down for everything outdoors – especially kayaking, but I also love dressing up for events! 

Cincy Chic: Do you have different photo booth setups? 
Shelton: You bet! We currently have 6 booths and event photography. We offer mobile portrait studio booths, GIF and boomerang booths, roaming photo booths, slow motion video, and 360 video! All of our photo and video booths can be rented for weddings, social events, and corporate events.

Cincy Chic: How far will you travel for weddings? 
Shelton: My main office is in Vevay, Indiana which is conveniently located smack dab in the middle between Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky. We also service Lexington, Indianapolis, and all those beautiful rural areas in between! Honestly, there’s nowhere we won’t go! 

Cincy Chic: What makes Rivertown Photo Booths unique? 
Shelton: We’re making photo booths modern and trendy! We focus on creating quality output and an aesthetic setup. Especially for weddings, we know how much work is putting in to making the reception look breathtaking, don’t let a clunky photo booth ruin the vibe! Our booths are sleek and sexy with beautiful backgrounds to match.

Also, with my love for photos and experience in event coordination and marketing, I know the pain points that both brides and business owners have for getting their guests engaged. We do all our designs in house so each template is unique to your event, we carefully select interesting and sturdy props (and disinfect them regularly!), and we just simply create an experience that people want to share. 

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Shelton: Actually, yes! We are always looking for the newest booths and trends, and we just recently acquired some new toys! We are SO excited to launch two brand new experiences, the 360 Video Booth and instant delivery event photography! (Still trying to think of a fun name on that one, haha!) 

Our 360 Video is definitely the coolest. We can fit up to three people on a center platform, and our video camera will zoom around you while you dance, do some epic hair flips, blow bubbles, throw confetti, or whatever – and it plays it back in slow motion and with dozens of different effects options! It’s like creating your own personal music video that is ready to share within minutes.

The Instant Event Photography is another incredible feature. One of our photographers will roam your event and capture photos of people, and then using facial recognition technology you can detect your face and enter your cell phone number into our system. After the initial facial recognition, every photo of you taken the rest of the night is saved and put into an online album that is texted right to you! Then of course you can save and share online within seconds. 

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Shelton: You can find us on every social platform by searching our name, but our favorite spaces are Instagram and our website For those interested in learning more right away, please email us at! We can’t wait to meet you!

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Bloopers - any time in life, not just big moments like a wedding - are funny to some, and traumatic to others. Our life coach columnist explains how to work through the pain in precious moments.

Have you ever found yourself watching those videos of wedding receptions “bloopers”? The throwing of the bouquet and everyone is sliding and falling all over, or the drunk relative trying to bust a move on the dance floor. Or what about those wedding cakes that hit the floor before they are ever cut. 

As fun as they are to watch, this stuff really happens, unfortunately, and a memory is created that is shared for a lifetime. 

Much like the memory that is created, some will find it funny while it haunts others. Others may have not given it another thought since the time of the event.

How do you manage memories that bring you an uneasy feeling of “if only” or “why” flood of emotions that you felt in the moment and cannot seem to shake the memory to the point it has a tight grip on your thoughts?

How can you release this memory? Or keep it from haunting you? Consider asking these series of questions:

– Is thinking about this experience serving me?
– When I think about this experience am I uncomfortable and sad?
– What if I could no longer think about this experience?

If you are ready, then begin by recreating the story as if you are writing a chapter in a book and providing all the details related to the moment in time when this happened. Then read the “chapter” like you are seeing it for the first time.  

Imagine being in a movie theater, eating popcorn, and watch the characters play out the story. When it’s over, imagine the movie credits coming up on the screen and when THE END appears, burn the pages! And as you do, laugh and sing releasing it to the Universe to be recycled over space and time, so you no longer carry the memory. (if you have sage you can burn a piece of that with the pages.)

And by the way, the other characters in the story are probably not even thinking about that moment.  It’s you who has kept it alive all this time in your mind and now it’s time to let it go.

Need additional support message me.

Sending Love and Light,


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Disney•Pixar gives this animated, emotional, teenage sibling tale a Weekend at Bernies flair in its latest adventure. Read on to see if it’s worth the watch.


“If this weren’t an animated movie and this were happening, one of us would be on the way to the hospital!” Barley (left, voiced by Chris Pratt) and his brother Ian (right, voiced by Tom Holland) share a dance with their father – or at least half of him – in a scene from Disney/Pixar’s latest adventure ONWARD. Credit: Pixar © 2019 Disney/Pixar. All rights reserved.



KEY CAST MEMBERS: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Mel Rodriguez, Lena Waithe and Ali WongDIRECTOR(S): Dan Scanlon

THE BACK STORY: Once upon a time, the world in which elf brothers Barley (Chris Pratt) and Ian (Tom Holland) Lightfoot now live was full of magic. But then innovation in the form of technology took over, leaving magic to fade into the point of almost existing as nothing more than folklore. And for Barley, that’s something he misses greatly as magic and lore is his favorite thing in the world. In contrast, Ian doesn’t really know what his favorite thing yet as his shy, awkward nature often keeps him from socializing – which is a problem since he’s about to celebrate his 16th birthday. His mom Laurel (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) just wants the best for both her sons, even though there’s something she knows that Ian misses his father Wilden something awful. Passing away during Ian’s youth, Wilden is an enigma to his youngest son who wishes he could just get the chance to spend some quality time with him.

Then, Laurel reveals a gift from Wilden that changes everything … If they are able to complete a magical quest like the ones Barley has been training for his entire life. Now, it’s up to both boys – despite all the colorful characters they’ll meet along the way – to make their wish to see their father again come true.

And to do so, they must move onward …

THE REVIEW: At this point, Disney•Pixar has pretty much perfected the way it makes movies to a science: (1) Insert cutesy scenario with characters that at first seem nice and whimsical; (2) Add emotional depth to the story by making the most non-human characters as human as possible with a variety of emotional struggles; (3) Add enough depth to make them relatable to the struggles of young people while at the same time making them palatable to adults – or in the case of Up, reverse the formula and (4) Bring the story to an emotional, action-packed climax with the occasional twist, turn and dose of comedy that everyone has come to love.Onward, which begins with a more serious, straightforward tone than many Disney•Pixar ventures, does all four of these things to deliver the quality entertainment for three decades-plus.

Adolescence is a popular movie staple for a simple reason: It’s a time period that so many struggle with yet shapes us all in so many long-lasting yet unique to us all ways that you can seemingly never run out of means to do so. With Onward, Disney•Pixar explores sibling rivalry, the path to self-discovery and the importance of a parental figure/mentor in a child’s life – all with the humor, conflict and heartwarming resolution audiences love. Holland, essentially channeling all of his Peter Parker energy into Ian, delivers a solid performance that gets to the heart of his character’s issues, which makes his eventual outcome all the more worthwhile. Pratt for his part plays a great second banana to steer Holland’s character through his journey. Likewise, Waithe adds a much-needed dose of playful enthusiasm as The Manticore, a legendary creature who has fallen victim to the convenience of the modern world and director Dan Scanlon’s Weekend at Bernie’s-like usage of the boys’ father.

It all adds up to an entertaining package which should inspire audience to march onward to the theater to enjoy another (near) perfect Disney•Pixar entertaining, family-friendly adventure.



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The ultimate wine weekend stars 20,000 bottles of wine, from 18 different countries, all while benefitting local charities. Read on to drink up all the details.

Since 1991, wine-lovers from near and far have gathered in Cincinnati to celebrate the wine industry while benefitting over 35 Greater Cincinnati arts, education, and health and human services charities, raising just over $6 million. This year, the Cincinnati International Wine Festival will be held on March 12-14th. The Cincinnati International Wine Festival is one of the largest of its kind in the country, hosting just over 5,000 guests last year alone, and expecting even more this year for the 30th anniversary celebration.

The event itself features many different aspects so attendees, both wine connoisseurs and newcomers alike, can enjoy their ultimate wine weekend with over 700 wines from over 200 wineries.

At the wine festival, there will be grand tastings, education sessions to learn about various types of wine and wine-making, gourmet dining, a charity auction, a NEW collectors tasting room, and more. 

Who will attend the event? Cincinnati natives, out-of-town relatives, wine lovers from over the nation, and guests from 18 different countries. This year, 7 new countries will be in attendance, including Austria, Bolivia, Georgia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Uruguay, according to Wine Festival’s media contact, Candice Terrell.

“This festival is truly the ‘ultimate wine weekend’ and has something for everyone… from intrigued beginners, to foodies, to wine experts, to collectors,” says Terrell. “Whether you’re looking for a girls’ night out, a fun couple’s weekend, or an intimate date night, the wine festival has it all and it’s all for a great cause. The wine festival benefits 35 local charities, so you’re drinking wine and having a good time, all while giving back to the community. Plus you get a FREE keepsake Riedel wine glass, valued at $15, with your ticket purchase… winning all around!”

March 12th: The Winery Dinner Series: Cincinnati’s finest restaurants

March 13-14th: Duke Energy Convention Center: Grand Tastings, Education Sessions, NEW Collectors Tasting Room

March 14th: Hilton Netherland Plaza: Charity Auction and Luncheon

For event information and tickets, visit Cincy Wine Fest’s website

To stay up to date with the latest updates and behind-the-scenes of the event, follow the Cincinnati International Wine Festival on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and follow the hashtag #cincywinefest

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The Junior League of Cincinnati is celebrating 100 years in 2020. See how they plan to celebrate in a big way.

Cincy Chic: What is the Junior League of Cincinnati?
Casey Burleigh, Junior League of Cincinnati Member: The Junior League of Cincinnati was founded on March 17, 1920. The Junior League of Cincinnati has a mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Since its inception, thousands of JLC members have proudly helped incubate or accelerate over 120 projects to help our community shine brightly

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us more about the Junior League’s Centennial celebration?
Burleigh: In addition to our internal-focused celebrations, the League has several public events in honor of our Centennial year. We are hosting  the Junior League of Cincinnati Centennial Gala on March 7 at the Music Hall Ballroom. 

Cincy Chic: What can attendees expect at the Gala?
Burleigh: This year’s gala, Gems of the Queen City, will benefit the Junior League of Cincinnati. The event will feature dinner by Eat Well using recipes from past Junior League of Cincinnati cookbooks, music presented by the Sly Band, an open bar, and the Emerald Dance Party afterward to celebrate our 100-year legacy. The fun starts at 6:30pm for guests with a dinner ticket and the doors open to Emerald Dance Party guests at 8:30pm. 

Cincy Chic: When will you be celebrating the Junior League of Cincinnati’s Centennial this year?
Burleigh: We have several upcoming events to celebrate JLC’s Centennial including “The Junior League of Cincinnati: Making a Difference for 100 Years: at the Cincinnati Museum Center that’s on exhibition now through June 14. We also have our “Welcome Home Initiative” that’s ongoing through 2020. The Junior League of Cincinnati is hosting the AJLI 2020 Annual Conference in May. 

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to purchase tickets/learn more?
Burleigh: You can read more about the Junior League of Cincinnati at We’re also on Facebook and Instagram.

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Spring is a time for rebirth, new life and emerging from that winter slumber. Our life coach columnist has five ways to help.

All signs point to spring being on its way. And I don’t know about you, but I am super excited to begin planting seeds both in the ground and in my life.

Last week we spoke about Winter Blues, so this week let’s get ready to release those winter blues and spring into what’s next for you.

Spring is such a powerful awakening in so many ways. Not only for the planet but also for you personally – a perfect time for new growth and new beginnings. The flowers come alive, trees are budding, and the color of brown is now awakening to green. And you are awakening to longer days, warmer temperatures, and infinite possibilities for you and the future.

Take a closer look at what the change of season into spring may offer for you. The opportunity to begin again, have a fresh start, or maybe a do-over. Take a close look at all areas of your life including health, money, relationships, spirituality, and perhaps your career. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stalled in any area this is time to begin again. Think of one area that you really want to focus on and create a “plan” to move forward. Here aresome ideas to spark your focus:

– A new wellness program to begin to reclaim your healthfor longevity and vitality

– A savings plan for home renovations and/or redecorating

– Reaching out to a friend you’d like to reconnect with and catch up

– Hiring an organizer to help you get your office finally out from all those piles of paper and the clutter

– Plan a summer vacation to somewhere you’ve always dreamed about going

Start by taking some form of action because that will bring more opportunities and clarity you may not see in the moment. What better time to begin then in this magical time of spring while excitement, happiness and joy is in the air with another new birth of infinite possibilities.

The time is now for you to step fully into the next best version of yourself — Find Your Own DRIVE and go from stuck to unstoppable.

Sending you love and light,


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An old horror icon gets re-envisioned for the #MeToo era. Keep reading to see if our movie critic says it’s worth a watch.


“Take my hand … And then watch me try to kill you with the other one!” Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) showers while an unbeknownst presence keeps watch in a scene from Saw-alum Leigh Whannell’s THE INVISBLE MAN. Credit: Universal Pictures. © 2020 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.



KEY CAST MEMBERS: Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Harriet Dyer, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Storm Reid and Michael Dorman DIRECTOR(S): Leigh Whannell

THE BACK STORY: Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) is an architect that seemingly has it all given that the house she lives in is nothing short of a multi-million dollar beachfront palatial estate in San Francisco. But that doesn’t explain why Cecilia is attempting to flee in the middle of the night, now does it? No, that answer comes in the form of the abuse Cecilia claims her now ex, Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) has heaped upon her mentally and physically. Barely escaping, Cecilia takes refuge with a childhood friend turned police detective in James (Aldis Hodge) and his daughter Sydney (Storm Reid). 

Then Adrian’s brother – and the director of his estate – Tom (Michael Dorman) informs Cecilia and her sister Alice (Harriet Dyer) with bombshell news: Adrian, a tech magnate who built his fortunate in the field of optics, has committed suicide and left her millions to be paid out in increments of $100,00 over the next few years – as long as she doesn’t commit any crimes and lives a generally good life. There’s just one problem …

Cecilia, over the course of a series of rather weird and unfortunate events, becomes convinced Adrian is still alive. And he’s apparently determined to drive her insane – or worse. Thus, Cecilia is forced to answer a question most people would never ponder.

How do you prove someone who is supposed to be dead is very much alive and torturing you when no one – including you – can see them?

THE REVIEW: There are typically two types of movies released in the first few months of a new year: (1) Award contenders/art house endeavors that studios hope get that one last push before the statues are given out and (2) films that the studios greenlighted … But in retrospect probably wish they hadn’t (Fantasy Island, anyone?) But, every once in a while, you get those “‘tweeners:” Movies that have elements that are somewhat enjoyable and fun … Even though you know in your heart you really wouldn’t call it a “good” movie.About one hour into writer/director Leigh Whannell’s (the Saw and Insidious franchises) take on the often forgotten (no pun intended) member of Universal’s monsters, it becomes quite apparent The Invisible Man matches the last description to a “T.”

On the pro-side, Moss delivers enough of an emotional performance to drive The Invisible Man, which is essentially a domestic abuse tale examining what happens to victims at the hands of their accusers. Moss carefully walks the line between movie dramatics and emotionally believability to keep her character’s credence valid, never giving in to the temptation to go bad 80s horror movie scream queen at each abusive turn. She is by far the most interesting character on screen, making her character interesting enough to keep watching the film to its climax. There’s also enough twists and turns to keep you intrigued in what will happen, a must in a film where too much predictably could have been present.

On the con-side, however, the majority of characters that aren’t Moss – Dorman is acceptable as Adrian’s brother – are lackluster in either direction or execution (again, no pun intended). Likewise, most of the scenes where Moss and others are attacked by, well, an invisible assailant just feel cartoonish despite the cast and crew’s best efforts. Thus, you get a mixed bag of push/pull that keep the film from diving too far off the deep end, but a lot of missed opportunities that could have pushed it into groundbreaking territory. However, by focusing on Moss’ character’s pain, The Invisible Man basically becomes a metaphor for all the abuse women have suffered at the hands of men in the #metoo era – and a stern warning to men about what could happen if they refuse to stop it.

All things considered, The Invisible Man isn’t a great movie by any means, but it’s not a completely unwatchable mess, either. It’s more a simple thriller for those seeking a simple thriller, but one that may catch fire due to today’s current socio-political climate. Some people may hate it, some people may love it – and arguments can be made to justify both’s point of view objectively.

Just don’t say you weren’t warned, however, if you come expecting to “see” something more.



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See how the desire to give clients intentional design for all of their event planning, photo styling, and creative direction needs.

Cincy Chic: What is The Crystal Collection Co?
Crystal Swift, Founder of The Crystal Collection Co: The Crystal Collection Co is a design and styling company based in the Greater Cincinnati area! We specialize in intentional design through event planning, photo styling, and creative direction. 

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Swift: The brand was started because we have a heart to serve! Not only do we love serving others, but even more than that, client experience is everything to us. We want you to feel invited into our space and inspired by what we can do together. 

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Swift: The owner and creative director is myself, Crystal Swift (recently married!). I started the business in 2016! In 2018, I couldn’t do it alone. The team is now made up of Crystal, my lead assistant, lead planner, and a lead designer. We are currently looking for day-of assistants to be hands on with current events and projects. 

Crystal Swift, Founder of The Crystal Collection Co.

Cincy Chic: What services do you offer customers?
Swift: Event planning and design as well as creative direction.

Cincy Chic: What makes The Crystal Collection Co unique?
Swift: We are in the business of serving others with intention. None of our events or projects will ever look the same because our focus is on the one we’re serving. Every person, every business has a story, and we use that as our inspiration to create events and projects that are unique and exclusive. 

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Swift: New services are coming! And they will all be geared toward creative entrepreneurs, client experience, and visual storytelling. 

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Swift: You can learn more and follow along on our website, Instagram, and Facebook