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The weather is getting cooler, and it’s getting darker earlier. We tend to get inside more during this time. But just because it’s dark outside at six o’clock doesn’t mean the fun has to end.

Instead, use the cold fall and winter months to get out there, meet new people and learn some new skills. Our city has great opportunities to try something new, so give taking a class a whirl!

Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl…Actually, her name is Rhea, and she owns the CopaCabanna. Never heard of it? Well, you probably aren’t looking in the right place. The CopaCabanna is located in Cincinnati Mills (Entrance two, level two, to be exact). Rhea and her staff teach Ballroom, Swing, Salsa, Tango and Social Dance. They have group and private lessons. Prices and times vary according to class, but there is usually something going on every night of the week. And there are exciting plans in the works for young ones, as well as etiquette classes and the like. Check it all out at

However, if you’ve already conquered those, then you might want to travel to Egypt, or at least to Sharonville, and try another form of dance: belly dancing.

In an all-woman environment, you and your friends can learn the art of Belly Dancing at The Nile Gallery. There, the gallery features a private room that allows you to express yourself without worry of onlookers, as well as helps you get some exercise. The great thing about that is that no one is looking in, like they can (and do) at the gym. The Nile Gallery also teaches Mediterranean cooking, has a book club and hosts Girls Night Out parties. And speaking of…

Why don’t you and your girlfriends get together Dec. 14 at Crackpots Pottery on Montgomery Road? Co-Owner Helen Gentry is hosting a Girls Night Out where there will be food, a movie and a fun time painting your own pottery. Prices vary according to the piece(s) you choose to paint. This would definitely add your own personal touch to a Christmas present. Crackpots also offers classes during the week. “Technique Tuesdays” teach you different styles of painting and decorating; or for a very small fee, you can reserve time for a mini, one-on-one lesson with a knowledgeable Crack Pot! How fun it must be to work there!!

Another option in the “make-your-own” category would be to take a jewelry class at World of Beads. Located in Tri-County as well as Hyde Park, you can take classes in beading, long handknotting and even make bracelets using Swarovski Crystal. World of Beads offers parties, as well as private classes and bridal consultations.

Now, if you are going to get a consultation, you have two amazing opportunities here in this area. The first, instead of taking a class, is scheduling a private lesson with Jill Haney. Haney is an image consultant who will turn your look and style into more than you’ve ever thought possible. Find Haney at, and see what she can do for you. A session with her is fun, educational and enlightening.

And speaking of educational and enlightening, you have no idea what you don't know about make-up, but Jocelyn Sparks does. Sparks is the owner/creator of Zoë Custom Cosmetics. You can go to Sparks for a one-on-one make-up consultation or you can host her at your home where she will meet one on one with you and several of your girlfriends. They are called “Palette Parties,” and your night will be filled with makeup tips, demonstrations and time with Sparks to determine what makeup and style is right for you. Contact Jocelyn about all her services at

So go explore, be creative and have fun! Remember to stay warm and stay classy!

Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Vicki Gianfagna (left), Regan Coomer (right)

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Cincy Chic: What did you both do pre-Forever Cheeky?
Sarina Newstead and Barb Dougherty:
Pre-Forever Cheeky we were moms, housewives (we prefer the term "domestic divas") and working outside the home. Sarina had her own interior decorating business "Whimsical Interiors" and Barb sold nutritional supplements for a direct marketing company. We both had corporate backgrounds: Sarina primarily in Human Resources and Barb in Customer Service and Operations.

Cincy Chic: What's the Forever Cheeky Philosophy and how did you come up with it?
Newstead and Dougherty:
The Forever Cheeky philosophy is to greet each day as a new adventure. There are a lot of things that happen in life and while we may not always get it "right," we don’t focus on the past; rather, we move forward. That is where the tag line "Cheeky Never Looks Back" comes from. We encourage women to go out and flaunt their cheeky side, which we have coined to mean "fun, feisty and fearless."

Cincy Chic: What's the "cheekiest" thing you've ever done/experienced?
Newstead and Dougherty:
So many cheeky moments, how do we choose just one? There is a story we posted on our Web site where Sarina was at an authentic Chinese restaurant where the dishes of food keep coming to the table. Somewhere during the course of the evening a little bowl of hot water and a slice of lemon appear. She thinks to herself, “how lovely” I can refresh my palette between the courses. She takes a few delicate sips from the bowl, and pats her lips with her napkin. The person next to her gives her a nudge and gently tells her she just drank from the finger bowl and she was not the first guest to use it.

Cincy Chic: What do you want your clients to get out of your products/philosophy?
Newstead and Dougherty:
We want our clients to feel their cheeky spirit come through whenever they wear, use or carry one of our products. The fun part of the message is that laughing is better than the alternative – and healthier, too. Get out there and enjoy life. The feisty part is to not be so concerned about being judged. Go ahead and be cheeky. Just be your best self. Set good intentions and know that your strength, confidence and real beauty comes from within. The fearless part is about taking the leap and pursuing your passion. One person can make a difference and it is never too late to follow your dreams.

Cincy Chic: There's also a philanthropic side to your company. Tell us about that…
Newstead and Dougherty:
From the very beginning we have said that whatever we do, we have to give back in some way to the community. We are especially interested in helping women and children. A portion of the profit from our sales goes to various organizations that we care about. We are also encouraging cheeky women’s groups where other women can join in and raise awareness for organizations that they are interested in. With the women that get involved, we suddenly have a huge network of people "paying it forward."

Cincy Chic: What's your favorite thing to do in Cincinnati?
Newstead and Dougherty:
We love to do anything outdoorsy in Cincinnati. We have the incredible Loveland bike trail, the scenic Ohio River and a fun downtown area. We also enjoy exploring all the quaint little towns around the area. Great retail therapy!


Editor's Note: The Forever Cheeky ladies were a sponsor of our recent "Bras with Flair on the Square" event. Cincy Chic extends a sincere thanks to their support, which was so very important to making the first annual event a huge success… and for reminding us to stay "cheeky" despite the rain!


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Dan in Real Life
Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, Dane Cook, Diane Wiest, John Mahoney, Marlene Lawston, Amy Fields, Emily Blunt

“Dan in Real Life” is a statement meant to convey how an advice columnist can dispense counsel to readers, yet his own life may be far removed from the advice he confidently gives others. “Dan in Real Life” is also the name of this delightful movie about family, parenthood and admitting that even an advice columnist may not know everything.

Steve Carell plays Dan Burns, the widowed father of three precocious daughters. His life consists of many roles. He is son to two proud and doting parents. He is sibling to a sister and two brothers. He is uncle to several young nieces and nephews.

Then he is confused and caught off guard when he meets a woman at a bookstore who joins him for an impromptu cup of tea. Smitten, with the woman’s phone number in his pocket; Dan plays all his roles simultaneously as he is greeted by his extended family.

Every autumn he packs the three girls up and goes on a Burns Family weekend trip. As families do, they sense a happiness within Dan and ask him what’s going on. Sheepishly he tells them he met a woman and he thinks he is going to call her. Encouragement and a good bit of sibling ribbing abound. Being a single parent has filled the void of missing his departed wife. This is the first time in a while he has shown any interest in dating.

For anyone who has been out of the dating pool for an extended period of time, Carell’s performance as a kindhearted, middle aged “nonswinging” single person is endearing. We feel for the guy and understand his hesitation. Matching his ineptitude in knowing the “smooth” way to behave in an unexpected situation is Juliette Binoche as the woman of interest. The problem is Dan isn’t the only one interested in Marie (Juliette Binoche).

Strong performances by comic Dane Cook and old favorites Diane Wiest and John Mahoney serve to make us feel like we are part of this loving family.

Warning: there is no nudity, no crude language, no objectifying women and no violent chainsaw scenes. All in all it is a likable movie. It’s not necessarily a film about a grand love story it’s more a film about a life story — one that includes a lot of love all the way through it.

Rating: Four Chic Stars

Jan’s Movie Rating System:
5 – Top notch entertainment
4 – Compelling, Heartwarming, Thrilling, Comical
3 – The a) story b) actors c) special effects saved/made this movie.
2 – If you are bored watch it, or wait for DVD
1 – Don’t bother. Too morose, too violent, too blasé, an enigma.

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Color, texture and design will help others see, feel and understand you as you want to be seen and heard. Showcase your personal strengths through color and design and you and others will feel welcome and comfortable.

Don't know what your aura color is? Click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).

RED – Make sure you show your passion, strength and resourcefulness through the use of bold blocks of color. Use primary pallets of Yellow, Green and of course, Red in accent wall color and/or cushions on your furniture. Sturdy furniture of dark wood and/or leather will welcome trust and solidarity, adding a tall sculpture of Black Obsidian will say “I am empowered” to succeed and prosper. Black and Red will be your primary success colors that draw on luck and fame.

ORANGE – You may want to down play your risky nature and yet show your passion for adventure and strong emotion. Use bright colored frames of Red, and Green to showcase places and events you have attended with others – and make sure your bright smile is always in the center of any framed pictures – which will inspire conversation and positive connection. Choose furniture that is not overly stuffed – yet framed with some Black and Gold to inspire emotion and energy.

MAGENTA – You can either choose to downplay your boisterous, sometimes outrageous and socially inappropriate persona, or just say “what you see is what you get”. If you want outrageous – and that may appeal to some who are encouraging radical change – then go with your wild mix of multiple color and texture and experimental art form. If you want bright and different and “thinking out of the box” without frightening anyone, go with neutrals and small texture, and pale walls so just your magnetic personality stands out.

YELLOW – Your natural high energy, love and joy experiencing all the challenges of life and your ability to get along with others are simply enhanced by your choice of furniture, wall covering, and accessories. You will have a lot of everything; use neutral to yellow based colored, light weight furniture that can easily be moved to accommodate conversational areas, interactive objects to engage in conversation such as books, puzzles, games and nick knacks and always have a large supply of snacks and liquid beverages. You will become part of the team.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – You can show others your ability to plan, direct, and execute with perfection; you are a natural thinker and doer and it shows in your personal space. You will fill your home with functional, sturdy, but minimal amounts of furniture. Your walls may be filled with books and/or maps instead of traditional wall cover of paint or paper. You can add feelings of welcome and comfort to your home by using soft brown leathers and textures in your cushioned furniture and make sure you have lots of green plants which inspire a feeling of family orientation and good health.

You can naturally draw people to your home because of your community activism. You should showcase events, issues, and awards with bright colored frames that will become “talking” points for guests. Furniture should be light colored, textured and colored with light bright colors – Turquoise, Yellow and Green – to enhance a feeling of warmth and acceptance. Keep a door opened to an office area so others can see calendar, desk, computer, etc that shows your ability to organize.

GREEN – You love to showcase your home to others when it suits your needs; you will be a controlling, but perfect host and you will watch people for their reactions and hope they voice their approval of your design choices. You will choose the best of everything and often use the latest professional decorator to carry out your design wishes. Dark woods – mostly antique mixed with the most recent contemporary designs – will be covered with lush, expensive rich colors. Art will be hand picked and important conversational pieces. You will reinforce trust and success.

BLUE – You will want approval for your ideas and choices; your home will reflect family values, care and compassion for others. You will have “stuff” everywhere – and although your space will feel messy or disorganized to others – you will have a wonderful story to share about each piece of furniture, picture or book that is all consuming. Family pictures and slightly worn furniture (do not use any blue coloring on walls or floors or furniture – it will be too oppressive) will add to comfort and trust you emit to others; you are not selfish and only want to help others.

LAVENDER – You have so much creativity and will share that best by filling your home with lovely pastel colored furniture, art and accessories. You should have inviting, roomy, overstuffed furniture that can seat or recline people. You will choose soft, pastel fabrics in pinks, lavenders, grays and silver that shows your artistic nature. You may want some interactive moveable art that your guests can work and talk through – this will showcase your ability to be creative and future think. Watch your daydreaming and unfinished projects – hide those from view so that everyone just feels refreshed in your home.

You are bold and yet independent and protective of your space. You are a deep thinker and planner which should be reflected in your choice of design. Dark woods – well made, sometimes massive will suit your strong minded nature. Colors should include Scarlet Reds, Golds, Purples and Blacks that represent your will, independence, strength and bluntness. Others will know right where you stand. You usually exude confidence and trust which can easily be felt by others. Your floors will be covered with beautiful, often antique, rugs that will reflect your quiet persistence and fortitude.

Multiple groups will vie for your attention because your energy and success precedes you. No one will be disappointed when entering your home; in fact, they will be inspired to perform great achievements and have your input everywhere. Your home is your castle; it is regal with understated beauty of dark wood and antiques of old silver and gold. You use a wonderful blend of dark and light silk fabrics that envelop your guests with sensations of warmth, yet richness. Art may be a blend of old masterpieces or new modern important statements; you will recognize and appreciate the superior wisdom, knowledge and prosperity that envelops you and its impact on others.

You know how to showcase your intellect, independence and spirituality in your home that inspires great confidence by others in all of your abilities. You like clean, sharp lines in your decorating choices – you may use metals, both in furniture and art, mirrors, Lucite, White cloth for furniture covers and carpets – which sometimes may feel to sterile to others, but will feel clean, neat and orderly to you. Your guests will feel your power and intellect when you add Gold and Yellow accents to your White landscape. You really cannot soften who or what you are; you strive for the perfect space for clearing and healing.

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"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."Margaret Meade


Politics is a very passionate subject, so much so that it's considered a taboo topic to bring up in social settings, as it is surely likely to pit people against each other's throats in extremely heated disagreements.

So instead of alienating everyone around you at your next social function, why not channel that overwhelming passion you have about something, whether it is politics, the environment, world peace or poverty, into the socially acceptable art of demonstration.

Finding Your Passion

Merriam Webster describes "demonstration" as "an outward expression or…public display of group feelings toward a person or cause." The term "demonstration" was originally coined during the civil rights movement of the 1950s-1970s, regarding the nonviolent marches, walks and rallies, opposers participated in, as an expression of their disdain for the social injustices of the time.

I have many causes in life that I am passionate about, but besides my love for God, the one thing that I feel most passionate about is animal rights.

I firmly believe that animals are sentient beings, meaning that they have the ability to experience feelings, very similar to the ones humans experience such as happiness, loneliness, but especially pain, thus entitling them to the same rights as humans.

Animals today experience so much unnecessary pain and torture in the name of human "consumption," that I decided to take a personal stand and do something about it. I decided to become a vegan.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has a mission statement that I use as a paraphrased definition of what being an "ethical vegan" means; PETA's mission is that:


I have taken my love for animals and PETA's mission to heart, in not only making a personal change, but also in educating others on how they can do their part in eliminating animal cruelty. (Warning gratuitous self-promotion ahead! – check out my Vegan Eating Guide that I did for Cincy Chic back in June.)

Hitting the Streets

Demonstration plays an integral part in educating people about a particular cause that you are passionate about.

Whether your cause is political, economical or social, you can utilize effective demonstration as a tool in educating people about your cause, on a larger level.

Finding the Right Resources

It's important to do research about your particular cause before you decide to publicly align yourself with anyone's campaign.

Whether it was the death of a family member from cancer that turned you into a champion for finding a cure for breast cancer, or the rape of a friend, which has made you an advocate for tougher "date-rape" sentences, or the discrimination against a certain group of people, that has turned you into a human rights activist, there are numerous organizations out there that you can donate not only your money to, but your time and passion to as well.

Charity Navigator
is a Web site designed as a one-stop place for determining the best, and most reliable, to which one can monetarily donate to U.S. charities. Even though the site is designed from a financial standpoint, I recommend it to people who are looking for a reputable organization they can become involved with not only financially, but also in its local events by checking out the organization's Web site.
102907PETA Logo.jpg
I had heard about PETA through the media, and so naturally it was my first choice in animals rights organizations, but when I realized that it didn't have a local branch or chapter in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, I decided to research what other local organizations were around.

Another vital research tool I recommend is the ubiquitous Google. A quick search for "animal rights groups + Ohio," (in my case) using Google, led me to the organization, Mercy For Animals (MFA), an animal advocacy group based out of Columbus.

102907MFA Logo.jpg I immediately contacted Nathan Runkle, MFA's founder and executive director, about ways I could get involved with the group, and more importantly, how I could use my set of skills (i.e., my journalism degree) in helping get its message out.

After attending a few events, and talking to Runkle about my serious interests of volunteering on a permanent basis, I was appointed as MFA's Cincinnati Regional Coordinator in August 2006, and eventually became contributing editor and writer for MFA's magazine Compassionate Living.

Oiling the Machine

So, you've decided on a cause that you are passionate about, and you've found an organization/group that reflects that cause, and you can't wait to join its rousing demonstration/rally/protest. Now what?

Well for starters, have a (detailed) game plan.

Most organizations typically just need more warm, able bodies in helping getting their message out at demonstrations, but a successful partnership is more like a well-oiled machine.

"Before attending a protest, it is a good idea to contact the individual or group organizing the event (especially if this is your first time working together.) Inquire about the start/end time of the event, exact location, dress code, if signs/banners will be provided and details on the issue being addressed at the demonstration," Runkle advises.

"Well-planned public protests have the potential of reaching millions of consumers and having a true impact," says Runkle.

There's usually a lot of preparation that goes into organizing a demonstration. As Regional Coordinator for MFA, I work closely with Runkle in putting a demonstration/protest together locally, as we did for the June 28, 2007, Kroger Shareholders Meeting demonstration, in Cincinnati, OH.

Since the ultimate goal of a demonstration is to bring awareness to a particular cause, there is no better way to do so than by alerting the media via detailed press releases in hopes of getting as many print, TV and radio outlets to cover the demonstration.

Also key is "guerilla" advertising, such as member email blasts, posting of fliers throughout the city, and rallying local group members to participate.

A media spokesperson is also designated for the demonstration. Runkle typically fills this role for MFA. The media spokesperson ideally should be knowledgeable about the purpose of the demonstration, and be prepared to answer tough media questions with professionalism and grace.

The media spokesperson should also be armed with copies of the press release, literature about the cause behind the demonstration, and BETA tapes of appropriate issue-related footage (such as undercover footage of animal cruelty at a certain company.)


So you have an agenda for the next demonstration you'll be attending, but what really goes on at one of these things?

A typical MFA demonstration/protest involves a dozen members peacefully and silently demonstrating on a weekday, during high traffic times such as lunchtime, in a central location, such as a town square, or outside an establishment that supports animal cruelty (such as KFC, Ringling Bros. Circus, P&G, or a fur salon.)

"Once supporters have arrived we designate roles, including activists to hold the banners, distribute literature, hold signs, and take pictures," says Runkle.

Click here to see how the Mercy For Animals demonstration/protest brought awareness to Kroger's mistreatment of animals in its food production. (Please note that graphics and video footage may be disturbing to some.)

The demonstration usually ends at the designated time, and attendees are free to either go about their merry way or network with other demonstration participants.

Show that Passion!

So if you have a passion, or a cause that you strongly believe in, take advantage of the First Amendment right to be part of a group and organization that shares your belief, and then hit the streets in peaceful demonstration, sharing the passion that burns within you!

"After all, good intentions means little. Action means everything," Runkle believes.

Click the play button below to see a collection of media coverage and interviews chronicling the notoriety and success of Mercy For Animals, presented at its August 31st, 2007 fundraising benefit in Columbus, OH. (Please note that graphics and video may be disturbing to some).



Visit to find other local animal rights organizations and their demonstrations with which to get involved.

Top Photo Credits:
Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Chevonne Chenault

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Bras with Flair on the Square

The Cincy Chic Staff wants to thank everyone who donated a decorated bra, made a monetary donation, or came downtown to support our inaugural "Bras with Flair on the Sqaure" event that promoted breast health and brought awareness to breast cancer.


We also want to give special thanks to all our sponsors/vendors who made the entire event possible:


Arbonne Intn'l by Karen Tracy

Avalon Salon

The Cincinnati Sign Company

Forever Cheeky/Clerisy Press

Havana Martini Club

The Jewish Hospital

Kama Salsa

La Silhouette

The Nile Gallery

Panera Bread
Personal NEWtrition


WKRQ (Q-102)




A special thanks to Sandy Meyer, owner and proprietor of Havana Martini Club, for allowing us to hold the remaining days of our event at Havana, when mother nature rained us out of our original location on Fountain Square, on Monday afternoon.


So what is to become of all those beautifully decorated bras that everyone donated?


All the bras were auctioned off on Friday Nov. 2 at 7p.m. at the Avalon Salon, located in the Hyde Park Plaza in Hyde Park (click here for directions.) Auction proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer fund.


Also, all monetary donations accepted with the bra drop-offs and for the free spa services provided on the Square and Havana Martini Club will be donated to the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer fund. All donations will be earmarked for local breast cancer awareness programs that directly benefit women in Greater Cincinnati women. Cincy Chic has a lofty goal of raising $10,000 for the American Cancer Society, and with Cincinnatians’ generosity, that will be possible!


Cincy Chic Editor, Publisher
Amy Storer



Media Coverage:

"A Minute with… Amy Storer" Enquirer article.



Click here to view a montage of media coverage on the Bras with Flair on the Square event.


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Into The Wild
Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt, Jena Malone, Hal Holbrook, Brian Dierker, Catherine Keener, Kristen Stewart


If you have the time and like movies that stay with you long after they’re over, then “Into the Wild” is the one to take time out of your busy schedule to see. Clocking in at over two hours, this movie features epic vistas and natural beauty as it was filmed on location in Alaska.

“Into the Wild” is a movie based on a book of the same name. It is the true story of a young man, Christopher McCandless, who, after graduating from college, chucks it all to pursue the true meaning of life. Emile Hirsch masterfully brings this character to the screen.

Living purely from the substance of the land, the unsolicited kindness of others and his own disciplined resources, McCandless aspires to experience life in the wilds free from the bondage of commercialism. While pursuing this quest, he manages to endear himself to strangers while cutting all ties with his family. When he leaves them, it is with a clear plan to embark on his independence – thereby forsaking all ties to his devoted younger sister and to the contemptuous state of his parents’ marriage.

Marcia Gay Harden and William Hurt show the disillusionment and pain of parents grieving a child that has left them with no closure. Catherine Keener’s character as half of a free-spirited couple who travels along the Southwest is relevant in asking young McCandless if his parents know where he is. She shares the story of her son who abandoned their life together.

Sean Penn directed and wrote the screenplay for this movie. In an interview in TIME Magazine Sept. 21, Penn admits this film asks the question, “Is Christopher a truth seeker, a defiant brat or some unknowable other?” Penn reserves judgment, preferring to let the audience decide for themselves.

It is in Penn’s capable direction and the fine-tuned performances of the other actors that compel us to wonder if McCandless is a person of great insight or merely an idealistic young man who teetered on the tightrope of brilliance and/or psychotic idealism?

No matter what the outcome, “Into the Wild” is a trip worth taking!


Rating: Five Chic Stars

Jan’s Movie Rating System:
5 – Top notch entertainment
4 – Compelling, Heartwarming, Thrilling, Comical
3 – The a) story b) actors c) special effects saved/made this movie.
2 – If you are bored watch it, or wait for DVD
1 – Don’t bother. Too morose, too violent, too blasé, an enigma.

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We all have intuitive powers, but most of us do not know what we can do to sharpen or tap into our intuitive and psychic abilities. This week I have provided you with suggestions to help tap into your intuition. In many cases, the advice requires you to take action, take control of a private space, and in all cases to take time for yourself. All of the rituals and practices described in this Aurascope* take no more than five minutes a day, and the more your practice them, the more you will benefit.

RED – In order to tap into you psychic ability you should hold something red in your dominant hand – jewelry, a pen with red ink or even a red ball. Alternatively you can wrap yourself an article of red clothing, such as a blanket, coat or sweater. Then focus your will and mind on the task or question at hand. Red will open your mind and help you to visualize the path forward. Meditation while holding the item – preferably in a quiet space painted in a rich red – will also help you to focus. Have the strength to see your ideas through to fruition.

Place orange in front of you and you will feel creativity streaming through your body and mind. Try to close yourself off to other colors. To do this you can fill your computer screen with an orange block of color, or place a large piece of orange construction paper on your desk. Focus on the outcome you desire, and internalize the image. Use this meditation tactic to help you make big decisions or before you go into an important meeting.

MAGENTA – Magenta is a powerful color, and it takes only a very small amount to stimulate your intuitive abilities. Situate yourself in a quiet, neat room that is free of visual, psychical and auditory distractions. Write your question on a piece of magenta paper, or in magenta ink, and put it in front of you while touching it with your dominant hand. You will become centered and open your mind to the true answer.

Yellow is one of the easiest colors to feel and visualize: all you have to do is visualize bright sunlight all around you while closing your eyes and bringing your hands to rest right above your navel. Imagine pulling the sunlight into your body, and repeat this process for three to five minutes. Once you are centered and the warmth of the sunlight is radiating through your body, reflect on the pressing issue at hand. Keep your mind focused and eyes closed, and imaging the sunlight revealing the truth. When you open your eyes you will have the strength to act on your vision.

MENTAL/PHSYICAL TAN – You have always been good at mapping out and predicting the steps in a process, but you sometimes fail to see the roadblocks or unexpected events that can derail or delay your plans. Before you lay out your next plan, surround yourself with warm, rich leather, and using brown or tan ink on stark white, lineless paper, to write out the process you see. Make sure you write out everything that comes to mind – sometimes you omit details that you visualize because you think they are not likely, and then they come true! Trust your senses and put it all down on paper – you will be amazed by what you have the ability to sense and predict.

Okay, this is going to sound a little weird, but trust me and play along. You are very good at helping people move through very difficult situations. Borrow something brown or tan from a friend, and meditate with them for five minutes in a quite, isolated place. Write down what you see with brown or tan ink on white, lineless paper, and hand them the list without saying a word. This technique will produce your best intuitive advice.

GREEN – You are both a planner and a doer. You have a strong ability to see the path to a reward, and can help yourself or others to take the most direct path to success. You feel through numbers, so I suggest that you purchase a small, green pocket calculator. Use it when you are building your financial plans and it will bring out your intuitive abilities.

BLUE – The key for you is focus. There are always many people clamoring your for time and attention, and the only way you can tap into your intuitive and psychic abilities is to retreat to a peaceful, calming environment. Find a place in your home where you can create a “blue” room or space. Paint the walls blue and fill the space with blue furniture, decorations and books. This is your area to retreat and tap into your psychic abilities.

LAVENDER – Fill your desk drawer with lavender pens and keep a lavender journal with you at all times. You are a doodler and a note taker, and you have a lot of ideas that flash before you during the day. However, you are not good at capturing them and acting upon them. Write them down, and at the end of the day pull out a lavender pen and circle, at least 10 times, the ideas that you feel most strongly about. Meditate on those ideas, internalize them, and release them to your intuition. This will give you then strength and focus to follow through and make your dreams come true.

You don’t need help tapping into your intuitive and psychic abilities, but you do need help figuring out which of your ideas is worth your time and energy. Physical activity helps you to focus, and I suggest that you enroll in a Pilates or yoga class. After class retreat to the sauna, whirlpool or steam room, and carry a small indigo colored towel or ball with you. Hold in tightly in your hand as you relax your mind, and this should help give you the clarity you need to focus your energy in the right direction.

You are naturally clairvoyant, and you feel that you can use this to help others. Believe in yourself and your thoughts and visions, and know that others take you seriously and listen to your ideas. You need to learn to trust yourself and your feelings. I suggest that you buy some violet colored candles, and light them while you take a bath. As you are relaxing in the violet glow, pull the energy in and say to yourself, “I am a strong, capable and can bring about change”. If you don’t like that mantra, make one up for yourself…but pick one, and mediate on it for five to ten minutes.

CRYSTAL – You have strong psychic abilities, but you can only tap into them through meditation. I suggest you buy two crystals – make sure they are smooth, and that you can comfortably hold them tightly in your hands for three to five minute intervals. While holding them tightly in your fists, with your palms up, pressed to your ribcage, close your eyes. Focus your mind on a tree made of crystal, with a light shining through and a rainbow bursting out toward your dominant side. Then see yourself entering the vision, see the rainbow entering your body, and feel it open your mind and heart. Hold this position and thought for three to five minutes, and afterward, you should be able to work through a mental block or problem at work with ease.

*If you have not yet had a reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).

In many cases, I have suggested products that will assist you with this process. You can shop for jewelry, fragrances, crystals, pens, paper and candles in the “Products” section of We have partnered with Amazon and Kiss of Bliss to bring you a rich assortment of products to help you tap into your psychic abilities. In addition, Kiss of Bliss is offering you 20% off of its products now through the end of October. Just use the coupon code “aura” when checking out to receive the discount!

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Cincy Chic: Where were you in life when you were diagnosed?
Anne Safdi: When I was diagnosed two and a half years ago, I was 52, a mother of three children and beginning a new phase of life with an empty nest as my youngest had just left for college. I was a special education substitute in Cincinnati public schools. I was a ranked runner and participated in many sports and activities.

Cincy Chic: What was your fight with cancer like?
Safdi: I had a mammogram one month before my cancer was found that showed no evidence of cancer. I thought I was in great health and I was fine for another year. However, when I went to have my routine check up with my breast surgeon, she felt a suspicious lump. (I had my breasts checked once a year because my mother had breast cancer, just as a precaution). I thought it was just another cyst, as I had many. I had my world turned upside down when It was found to be cancer.

Before menopause, breasts can be very dense and hard to read, as in my case, and a self breast exam is very important. I had a lumpectomy and positive lymph nodes were found. It was a frightening world I was now in with so many decisions to make and questions to ask. I was very scared and confused. I went through six months of chemo, six weeks of radiation and now have begun five years of hormonal therapy. Of course, I had days when I felt sick and exhausted and I lost my hair. But I met so many wonderful, brave women through my support group at the Wellness Community, a yoga cancer group, and through introductions from others. They gave me so much strength and support no one understands like someone who has been there. We are there for each other and that gives me great comfort. My oncology nurses and physician were wonderful also. Of course, it's also easier and much less mess with no hair, you just have to find some humor in this.

Cincy Chic: If you had to pick one thing that pulled you through that difficult time, what would it be?
Safdi: It's hard to pick one thing but the love from my family was powerful and life sustaining. They infused me with courage that I didn't know I had in me and gave me hope for the future. I also continued to stay active throughout my entire treatment. I only missed one salsa dance class, which was the week of my lumpectomy. I continued to dance throughout treatment. It was incredibly healing, fun and everyone in class gave me so much support. I ran all through my treatment as well, riding a bike and doing yoga and meditation also. 102207SPOTLIGHT2.jpg

Staying active was a powerful antidepressant. It gave me some control over my life when cancer and treatment is something you can't control. It gave me a feeling of health and well being and helped me achieve a semblance of normality. I feel I was able to tolerate many of the side effects better. Of course, there were days when I was to sick, but I would come right back in a matter of days. One year after the end of treatment, I won the Masters Survivor title in the Race for the Cure. Although I don't quite have the energy I used to, I was still able to go on a women's hiking trip with my daughter, climb Mt. Fuji in Japan with my family as well as participate in many other races and activities in the two years since finishing treatment.

Cincy Chic: How are you different since you were diagnosed?
Safdi: I know it must sound like a cliche, but I do appreciate each day so much more. I know what a gift life is and you can't take it for granted. There is life after cancer and you can move on. There are no guarantees so you have to enjoy the best of every day and not worry so much over small things that are just not that important. Family, friends, faith, community, health and happiness are keys to a meaningful life to me now. I think it's also so very important to be proactive about your health and to know you body. Self breast exams as well as mammograms are essential parts of a women's healthcare. Being a survivor, I know how important it is for me to be there for those diagnosed with breast or any other cancer.

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Just as with all holidays, Halloween has its many traditions. Trick or treating, carving pumpkins or dressing up in crazy costumes come to mind, but Cincinnati also brings us some awesome haunted haunts! Whether you are looking to get scared to death or just have a good time with friends, get out before it’s too late to these spooky sites suggested by our readers and staff!


CIncy Chic Staff and Reader Picks

USS Nightmare

101 Riverboat Row
Newport, KY 4107

(859) 392-7568


Jesse Hanson of Highland Heights, KY., likes the USS Nightmare in Newport, KY., and not just because she works there — she apparently shares the opinion of others. Hanson passed on the scoop that the USS Nightmare is one of the top 20 scariest haunted houses in the country!

“It's a lot of fun to work, and you can tell people are getting their money's worth by the crazy screams coming from every direction every night,” Hanson says.

Cincy Chic Editor and Publisher, Amy Storer also likes this haunted riverboat. “It's a unique idea and they change it each year. Plus it's in a great location so you can eat and watch a scary movie afterwards,” she says.


Land of Illusion

8762 Thomas Rd.

Middletown, OH 45052

(513) 423-9960


Beth Back and Jill Walsman of Cincinnati, and Cincy Chic's Public Relations Specialist Dana Wiskur all raved about The Middletown Haunted Trail (Land of Illusion). This place is known for its multiple trails and its frightfulness. You can pay for individual trails or get a package deal, but this writer has gathered that it’s best to splurge — it’s well worth the money. Walsman gives a helpful tip: get there early. The lines get longer throughout the night, but as she says, “They were worth the wait,” Wiskur remembers from her trip a year ago. “[Middletown Haunted Trail]…is awesome though! I went there last year, it’s freaking crazy. It’s on something like 10 acres and you walk in the dark with only tiki lights so you couldn’t see before the trail even started!”


Haunted Village

(Inside Sharon Woods Park)

1450 Lebanon Pike

Sharonville, OH 45241

(513) 563-9484


Cincy Chic's Online Editor and Writer Maureen Jacob of Florence, KY., gets spooked by things of a different nature — literally. Her thriller is the Haunted Village at Heritage Village Museum, located inside of Sharon Woods Park.

“There is definitely something sinister about being in the middle of the woods, on a crisp fall night, under a glowing moon that no movie-mask-wearing-dude-whirring-a-chainsaw can match,” Jacob says.

Getting shivers up your spine yet? “You go walking through this village from the 19th Century that has been preserved, and there's something just creepy about traipsing around the trees and leave-strewn paths, as you go from house to house to hear frightful tales of what life must've been like years back,” she adds. It actually reminds me of "The Village," the 2004 movie by M. Night Shayamalan and "The Blair Witch Project

“I think with an active imagination, a love of the eeriness of nature and a historical appreciation, you too might find the creepy charm of this venue,” Jacob says.


The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45248

(513) 598-4600

Diedra Brunicardi of Dayton loved the Haunted Schoolhouse in Dent, which is officially sponsored by the radio station 102.7WEBN, when she lived in the Cincinnati area. “The tunnel that spins at the end was a blast! It felt like the bridge was moving and that you were going to fall right over the rail,” she says. I agree. Thinking fondly back to my last visit, I did go over the rail, only to be pulled back over by my friends! Brunicardi’s only setback? The dreaded clowns. “There is something just creepy about them!”

Tom's Corn Maze

4677 Germantown-Liberty Road

Germantown, OH 45327

(937) 866-2777


Want something not so scary, but just as fun? Roy Withrow of Hamilton is crazy about Tom’s Corn Maze in Germantown. “It’s so amazing; I want to go again this year,” he says. This 8 acre maze just isn’t a labyrinth. You actually have to solve pieces of a puzzle to make your way through the walls of corn.

“It’s better to go at night when you use flashlights to make your way through the maze. Plus it’s really fun to go with people who are afraid of the dark,” Withrow says. Another bonus about Tom’s is it offers party packs for large groups. When you get done Tom’s sets up a bonfire for your group to sit back and reminisce over.

Other popular Cincinnati ghoulish places include Paramount Kings Island's Halloween Haunt (formerly known as Fearfest) and the Cincinnati Zoo's HallZOOween, both free with admission, as well as the historic Loveland Castle, where you are sure to have a ghostly “knight” (permission to groan Wink).

Five Fun Fright Night Tips

  • Unless you want to kiss a goodnight’s sleep goodbye ‘til Christmas, leave the youngsters at home.
  • Wear appropriate clothes. Stiletto boots — probably not a good idea.
  • Know how much the cost is before leaving. You might end up having to lead the pack if your friends have to cover for you, and let’s admit it, nobody wants to go first.
  • If you tend to “cling,” clips those nails before you claw up the arm of the person next to you.
  • Most important: Go to the bathroom BEFORE getting in line. Being so scared you almost peed your pants is way different than actually doing it.