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Get ready for breath-taking charm and architectural details as we head to Hyde Park for a peek inside this week’s Listing of the Week.

This stunning home is a Hyde Park classic. It features a spacious beautiful yard with a detached garage house and a circular side driveway. The exquisite glass windows, molding, and details throughout are just what you’re looking for. There is a finished 3rd floor with a game room, 2 bedrooms, and a full bath.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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Due to its healthy business climate, Ohio is now ranked as one of the best states for female entrepreneurs to set up a new business. With a large number of companies owned by women, low living costs and high levels of safety, the state is seen as being particularly welcoming to new businesses. In addition, in Cincinnati, numerous networking groups and events take place all around the city, offering mutual support and encouragement to women. They are a great place to build business by making connections with other female business owners, while, at the same time, reaching out to potential new clients. For the latter, one particular networking group for small businesses, run by a boutique marketing company, offers help with customer experience-focused marketing, including merchandising, copy writing and press releases.

Reaching Out to Customers

Of course, good marketing is vital to both new and established businesses, and an extra personal touch can set a business apart. In a survey on the use of print marketing, 85% of consumers stated a preference for businesses that printed materials such as business cards, signs and flyers. explains that clients like to see tangible evidence of the success of a business, and something as simple as mailing out high quality invitations, flyers and other company material to clients and contacts can ensure a business stands out from the crowd. Keeping in touch personally with loyal customers will help a business stay competitive while at the same time making clients feel valued.

Building up Contacts

Printed business cards are a quick and easy way to pass on contact details and are particularly useful for handing out at networking events. Here is where you might meet some of the leading business women in Cincinnati who have been recognized for building networks, creating strong teams and for mentoring other women in business. As well as sharing ideas and personal experience, business mentors can introduce their colleagues to their wider circle of established contacts, helping entrepreneurs connect with people who can help boost the success of their business.

Following Up on Leads

As networks grow, it’s important to consolidate business relationships and follow up early on any leads or introductions. This is where the personal touch can really make a difference. The power of receiving a handwritten note, thank you letter or invitation by mail shouldn’t be underestimated especially when so many emails go unread, lost in a junk folder. By taking the time to write and send correspondence, business owners can show that they are sincere in wanting to establish a good, solid relationship with their customers.

In a city that already offers opportunities and security for female entrepreneurs, networking groups and events throughout Cincinnati can help make these businesses stronger. Just as the women in Cincinnati meet and support each other by sharing their experience and contacts, so developing personal connections with clients and customers will help their businesses continue to flourish.

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It is probably hard to believe that your precious babies are now tweens and teens. Those little preschoolers who didn’t want you to leave them in class are now loving spending time with friends — and not with their beloved mom — at the mall and the movies.

While your kiddos had some alone time at home every now and then over the years (like when you had to take a package over to a neighbor, for instance) you are now ready to leave them home solo for longer periods of time. To keep them as safe as possible, you want to invest in a home security system. But after reading about the many features that are currently available, you found yourself feeling a tad overwhelmed and unsure of which security camera systems are best.

Let’s break down each feature individually, so they are easier to grasp and understand why they are needed in a security camera system.

Long-range night vision

Traditionally, home security camera systems have done a good job of capturing footage in daylight. But at night, all bets were usually off, with video tapes showing hard-to-make-out people and blurry cars. Now, thanks to a line of nocturnal cameras from Lorex Technology, you can rest assured that if some criminal is casing your home in the evening, the camera will capture crisp footage that you can show the police. Long-range night vision is one of the latest features in security technology, allowing the camera to see farther into the dark than ever before. The nocturnal security camera includes strong infrared lighting that floods the scene in front of each camera in infrared light. While you cannot see this light, the camera can and it will allow it to capture clear images that are up to 350 feet away. If your kids reported hearing some odd noises while you were making an evening run to the supermarket, you can review the footage to see who or what was making the noises. The long-range night vision also delivers color footage that will allow you to see what people were wearing, what color cars they were driving and other important clues.

Long life batteries and wireless technology

If you have hesitated to purchase a home security camera system because you were unsure of who you would hire to do all of the wiring, the new wireless technology can help to put your mind at ease. Because they are battery operated and do not require any cables to work, you can install these cameras on your own, where you want them. As a plus, although the cameras do run on batteries, they are designed to work for a long time before you have to replace them; this can help set your mind at ease as a mom, knowing that the security camera system you have purchased is ready and able to protect your home and kids at all times.

4K and large image sensors explained

If you prefer a wired-in security camera, some home security systems feature a number of cool bells and whistles like listen-in audio and 4K technology with a large image sensor. The sensor uses back-illuminated pixel tech to get great footage, even in low light. It will also pass the signal through an analog noise reduction program to get rid of annoying feedback noise. The result is 4K video quality — like the 4K technology found in the latest television sets — that is easy to see and make out, even when the footage was taken at night.

Your kids are growing up, but you can help them stay safe

While your brain tells you your tweens and teens are growing up, your heart remembers them as sweet young kiddos. Fortunately, with the help of some sophisticated home technology, you can keep your children as safe as possible when you are away. Now that you are more familiar with some of the technical terms, you can choose the security camera system that will serve your home and family the best.

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Many Cincinnatians will have visited Corryville Angel Hospital, or know someone who has. What they may not be aware of is the history of the now crucial medical facility, and how women in particular held an influential role in the sale of the $23.5m building. In an industry typically dominated by male bankers and the beneficiaries of inherited wealth, the Cincinnati real estate industry has bucked the trend – and continues to do so today.

The housing market designed for women

The foundation of a female-influenced real estate market lies in the housing stock itself. According to research reported in Biz Journals, Cincinnati is a top 20 market for working woman friendly housing. What’s more, good average house prices – around $225k – are retained long into the lifetime of the house, making equity release realistic and the reverse mortgage more feasible for retired women or those working later in life. Essentially, the market is geared towards empowering women to be able to work independently throughout their career and enjoy their retirement to a greater degree.

Pulling in national interest

This positive backdrop has encouraged female business leaders to become involved in Cincinnati. Last year, Titan Real Estate Group opted to move its operations into Cincinnati, rather than any other location. Now, according to The Enquirer, the company is helping to further enfranchise women in the city by building new and affordable working homes. When a large company opts to relocate to a location because of its female-positive culture, it’s a good sign for all involved.

REIA’s continuing involvement

Underpinning the continued movement towards a female-driven property market is the Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinatti. Vena Jones-Cox, an expert in Ohio real estate and long-time veteran of the industry, is the current chair of the association. Furthermore, they regularly schedule events which look at the role women can play in the city’s real estate industry and how it can continue to improve in the future. Clearly, influential bodies are not content just with a market friendly to women, but want to actively encourage them to take control, too.

Women are playing catch-up in countless areas of the job market and economy. One place and area that isn’t letting women down is Cincinnati’s real estate sector. More than just a positive environment for women, the evidence shows that women in fact run the show.

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Spatial uses advanced technology from social media platforms to help its users navigate areas like a local. See how it can help you.

The premise behind Spatial is to use the information it gathers from social media websites in order to help the people who use it feel empowered to navigate wherever they are in the world like a local. 

Co-founder Lyden Foust says the social intelligence startup, which garnered approximately $2.1 million in seed funding this past October, uses more than 30 sources of social media in order to provide customers with information about places all over the world.

Spatial is a participant with the locally-based OCEAN accelerator in Oakley and that’s where he says the company got its first big break and the ability to connect with other investors who could help them bring their idea to fruition. 

“When Spatial started the OCEAN program in January 2016,” Foust says, “the team began sending out a weekly email to Serra and other potential investors, reporting on their progress and asking for help.

From there, the company was able to get in to the Techstars Mobility Accelerator program, being one of 12 companies selected back in 2016. Then, Spatial seemed to find its ins with other investors, startup programs, and accelerators.

Foust says that Spatial kept its connections up-to-date on progress the company was making, enabling it to be able to get into the programs it did and garner the attention it needed. 

“Techstars made Spatial visible to the Ford Motor Co., which decided to partner with Spatial to put its technology into Ford’s products,” explains Foust. “That’s why the team splits its time between Cincinnati and Detroit.”

Ford isn’t the only place that gave Spatial its momentum, however. Connetic Ventures got onboard and that meant Serra Ventures wanted in, too.

Foust says that when he talks with potential investors about Spatial, he wants them to feel like they’re hearing from a friend. 

“We’re sharing a vision of what we believe the world is going to be, and what we’re building,” he said. “Spatial’s investors don’t just see a way to get a good return on their money – they truly believe in Spatial’s mission.”

Moving forward, Foust says that Spatial will hire data scientists who specialize in artificial intelligence. 

“We are going to build something absolutely amazing and going to change the way people see and understand the world around them,” says Foust. 

To learn more about Spatial, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on the company.

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Heading out into the world after college or when you leave home is an exciting time in your life. It can also be a bit scary because although on the one hand, a world of possibilities is opening up for you, you’re also taking a major step into independence. 

If you’re thinking about renting your first apartment, you probably feel a mixture of emotions, but the trick to managing this transition period is to plan carefully for your new life. Preparing properly for renting helps you avoid the potential pitfalls and ensure all your legal safeguards are in place, and you’ll be able to move in and enjoy the experience with no nasty surprises waiting for you.

Finding your apartment

Some of the best apartments are the ones you hear about through word of mouth. If you find out anyone you know is planning to move out and they have a nice apartment, don’t be shy about jumping in and enquiring about taking on the apartment yourself. Very often the best places never make it tothe small ads or property websites, so keep your ears alert to any news about what other renters are up to.

As part of your searching, you can use social media channels to ask if anyone knows of a decent place available to rent. However, if you do decide to make it known you’re looking, make sure you safeguard your personal information. Someone who claims to know just the place when they post to your Twitter account could be genuine, or they could have less pleasant motivations, so don’t take any chances with your personal safety.

While you’re waiting to hear about vacancies that may be coming up, it’s sensible to keep a check on all the local sites and papers that advertise apartments for rent. Most might be no good at all – too expensive, wrong area, wrong size; but you never know when you might happen upon the right place at the right time. Scan the listings as soon as they’re published, and register with rental agencies, so you’re first to hear about new apartments.

Budgeting for your first apartment

When you’re planning your move, one of the main considerations will be money. It’s not just the rent to pay;there’ll be rent in advance and a security deposit to cover as well. You might need to furnish your apartment – you can renta furnished space, but that’s usually more expensive. Then you’ll have your regular bills like power, water, food before you even start to think about having any money left over.

It’s essential to sort out your budget in advance of starting your search and to have realistic figures in place for all your expenses. If you have a low credit score and are finding it difficult to raise any credit, talk to a service such as, who’ll be able to advise you on the best ways to repair your credit score and find affordable credit.

Sharing an apartment

Friends very often decide to set up home together, and this can work very well. You do need to bear in mind that being friends isn’t the same as living together, so you need to be confident you’ll be compatible and not fall out. It’s a good idea to set up a few ground rules – nothing too draconian, just enough to prevent arguments about whose turn it is to empty the bins or clean the bathroom. 

You can also advertise for someone to come and share an apartment you’ve found that may stretch your budget, or just to bring in some extra income. Make sure you follow safetyprocedures for meeting prospective sharers, and that you have their full details and references before you go any further. 

Furnishing your apartment

It’s amazing how generous people can be when you’re first setting up home, and you’ll no doubt be offered all sorts of household items for free or at a very low cost to get you started. If you’re on a tight budget or you’re being extra careful, use services like Freecycle to pick up useful items that people are getting rid of, and check out what’s for sale in your local thrift stores. Just be careful with second-hand electricals, because you don’t want to risk having anything in your apartment that could cause a fire.

The day you move into your first apartment will be an occasion you’ll never forget, and if you’ve completed your preparations thoroughly, it will be the first of many happy days to come.



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Winter is the perfect time to travel. You have the Christmas season right in the middle of it, the promise of snow, and all the fun that comes from bundling up warm and eating all the rich foods that you can handle. When you travel during winter, you say no to the winter blues that could otherwise get you down. You go out and have fun, and, by following this easy guide, you can look incredibly stylish while doing it: 


Get Your Gang Together 

Traveling with friends sounds great in theory but can end up being the perfect disaster. So choose who you go with carefully, and lay down some ground rules in advance so you can all enjoy your trip peacefully. You want to vacation with people who enjoy similar things to you, otherwise this can cause issues throughout and even run the fun. 


Choose the Perfect Winter Destination 

The next step once you have the group together is to choose the perfect winter destination. Start first by narrowing down what trip everyone will be happy going on with, and then look at the great suggestions on VacationRenter. Whether you want a snow-capped getaway, an adventure holiday, or some time in some warm sun for a change, they have all the best destinations compiled together and ready to choose from. 


Find a Lovely Home Away from Home 

Once you know where you are going (and presumably when),all that is left is to choose the accommodation. If you all will not fit into one hotel room, remember to look for alternative options. You can get luxurious vacation homes, for example, that will end up costing less per person than if you opted for multiple hotel rooms. 


Pack Smart with These Top Tips 

If you want to be stylish on a trip stop packing everything you own into a suitcase. This will not help you put together the perfect outfit, but just clog up your suitcase and make it more frustrating to travel. Instead, pack a travel capsule wardrobe. To do this all you need to do is plan out what you want to wear in advance, and to choose items that all go together flawlessly. 


Photography Tips for Stunning Fashion Shots 

What’s a stylish trip without some great photos to later post to social media? Great outfits is the first step, a great backdrop a must, but to really nail your stylish getaway you will need to spruce up on your photo-taking skills. There is so much you can do with photography that will improve your photos together, and understanding the basics of what makes great fashion photography will help immensely – plus, it’s a lot of fun to do with your girlfriends! 


Travel before Christmas to have festive fun, and travel after Christmas to keep the winter season fresh and exciting even when most people are doing nothing more than hiding out in their homes, hoping for spring. You will have fewer tourists to contend with, cheaper rates, and of course, all the possibilities in the world to have fun by yourself, with a partner, or with a big group of friends. 



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Dinner parties are a fabulous way to gather friends and family, and enjoy an evening of good food, good drinks and great conversation. But as the host, pulling off a seamless and entertaining evening comes with a lot of preparation and organization. Let’s take a look at a few key details you need to consider when planning your next dinner party.

1. Menu

While your friends and family may come to your dinner party for the great company and entertainment, it’s no secret that everybody’s thinking about the amazing food they get to have. When creating a menu, it’s important to note that you’re hosting many people with different tastes, so it’s always a great idea to stay simple but delicious. You also want to think about your own night as well — do you want to be in the kitchen all night preparing numerous little appetizers and spending time on complicated sides? Stick to meals that can be prepared before your guests arrive, are easy to serve and cater to large groups; pastas, salads and casseroles are always useful suggestions. For dessert, think of something that everyone can dig into like a big cake or tiramisu, rather than individual tarts or something that you’ll have to serve for each person.

2. Decorations

Whether you’re going for a theme or just a traditional evening, placing the right decorations both on your table and around the living area is vital to taking the evening from a regular meal to a celebration. If you’re going for a theme, then the decorations are relatively self-explanatory, but there are a few basic recommendations that should always be included for ambiance. For around the house, fresh flowers are usually nice, along with scented candles.

Make the evening a festivity by putting a real effort into the dining table. Use a full dining set that includes a tablecloth, matching mats and a prominent centerpiece. You could have cutlery for each course, different beer, wine and alcohol glasses for each type of drink, and fold the napkins in a decorative manner.

3. Invitations

With social media such a big part of everyone’s life, invitations are often overlooked and replaced by digital invites or Facebook event requests. But there’s still an opportunity to put some effort into your invitations and successfully set the tone of the event. If you’re looking to stay traditional and send out your invitations through the mail, you can use Adobe Suite to design and create a unique invitation. If you’re sticking to digital, there’s still opportunity to be creative; for example, you could create a short video or design a digital invitation. Either way, make sure the invitation is true to the style of the evening you have planned and provides all the necessary details.

4. Entertainment

While it’s usually an afterthought, the entertainment can make or break a night. When deciding on your entertainment, it’s important to think hard about the kind of evening you’re aiming for. If you’re looking for something a little more formal or fancy, a musician or raffle prizes may be appropriate. If it’s something a little more casual, you may decide to play a few fun games like Catch Phrase or Cards Against Humanity. If socializing and having great conversation is the main focus of the evening, you may just decide to keep it simple and have some background music playing while you enjoy the evening.

Dinner parties may take a little time to organize, but they’re worth the effort. Be sure to read through these few suggestions and take them on board when planning out your next event.

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Is your home in need of a bit of attention? Paintwork looking marked and faded, décor a little tired? Maybe you’re just bored living in the same environment after a few years and feel like a change. Or perhaps you’re considering putting the house up for sale and want to present it at its best. There are many reasons why you might be thinking about home improvement projects, but you need to think carefully about what is important and what you wish to achieve. Home improvements can be a costly business, so prioritizing the work you have in mind and looking for low-cost alternatives is a good place to start.

Selecting your project if you’re thinking of selling

The kind of project you want to take on will depend on what you are looking to achieve. If you’re thinking of boosting the sales potential and asking price of your house, then decorating right through in neutral colors is the best way to begin. Tidying, cleaning, and generally smartening up every room is the best way to maximize your return when you sell. If you’re thinking of major projects like a new kitchen or bathroom, don’t assume that the cost of the work will be reflected in the asking price. Such projects may add value, they may make no difference, or they may cost you a considerable amount without giving any return. You need to ask for some advice from realtors who know the local market as to what projects are worth undertaking.

Selecting your project if you’re not selling

Adding value to your home may not be such a priority as when you are selling, but it’s still something to consider. If your plans are going to cost considerably more than any value they might add, you need to be sure that the benefits to you in other forms will be at a sufficient level to offset any financial losses. If you will improve your lifestyle and the quality of your home life significantly, then the investment is worthwhile. Home improvement projects can take many forms, from simply redecorating and/or furnishing, to changing what a room is used for, or even enlarging and adding rooms. Open plan living areas have many advantages, and if this concept appeals to you, your project will involve an element of demolition and a rethink of the layout to make the new open space work well and look good.

How good are your DIY skills?

When it comes to costing your project, you might be considering doing some or all of the work yourself. This can be a cheaper option than getting tradespeople in, but the savings you make will only be worthwhile if you have the skills required. If you make a mistake when working on your project, you could end up having to get a professional in any way, or at the very least end up with a job that isn’t as well-done as it could have been. There are some tasks that most people can master with a little tuition and practice, such as painting and decorating. You don’t need to be a master craftsman to sand down floorboards or put up shelves for instance. Other tasks are much harder to do well, like plastering walls, and some are potentially dangerous – it’s not a good idea to interfere with your electrical systems if you’re not an electrician for example. 

DIY versus professional

Your best bet is to make an honest appraisal of your skills, and see what you could realistically do within your skill set and the time you have available. Missing out on extra work or overtime because you’re struggling with tiling the bathroom isn’t a very cost-effective approach to home improvement. You could well be better off earning the extra money and paying for a skilled tiler to come in and do the bathroom for you. Once you’ve determined what you are capable of and want to do yourself, you need to draw up an outline plan listing what needs to be done, when and by whom. You can then look at getting quotes for the professional work you need doing, and will be able to give the businesses a better idea of the timeframe and when you will need them. If the cost of employing tradespeople will take you over your available budget, then a home loan could be the answer. You can find out more about loan options for home improvements by searching online for the deals that will work best for your situation.

Making a plan for your project

It’s always best to make a plan before starting work so that you won’t get any surprises along the way. First of all, you need to be decided on what you want the room to look like; the color scheme, the purpose of the room and how that is changing, the layout of the furniture, and whether you want any new items to be added in. There are also practical actions to take into account, for example where you will put the contents of the room you’re making over, and when your tradespeople are able to fit you in. You’ll need to purchase all your materials in preparation, and you may need to book time off work – or at least check your diary to see what availability you have, so you can accurately predict how long the project will take. 

Completing the project

The plan you’ve made should include a realistic time schedule, which you should try and stick to and revise if necessary as you progress. Sometimes projects can be started with great enthusiasm, only for work to tail off for various reasons. The room then doesn’t get finished, and you will be trying to work around the disarray engendered by the start of the project. Get all the family members involved and lending a hand, in any way that suits them. The more help you get at the right time, the quicker the project will be completed.

Home makeovers can be a lot of fun if you stick to these golden rules and get everything ready before you start your project.

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Dr. Colville

With summer just around the corner, countless women are focused on slimming down and looking their best. While nothing can replace traditional diet and exercise, there are a few treatments and procedures that can help you get the body you’ve always wanted just in time to start wearing your summer wardrobe as the weather heats up.

Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation is the number 1 cosmetic procedure in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 300,000 breast augmentations were performed in 2017 alone, which is understandable because of its many benefits. Some of the most notable results of breast augmentation include:

Creating asymmetry: All women have some degree of asymmetry in their breasts. For some women, the size or shape difference is not noticeable, but for women with significant size discrepancy, a breast augmentation is a great way to create an even look. For example, women with noticeable asymmetry often have difficulty finding new bathing suits or bras that fit well, which can be disheartening over time. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Colville explains that to correct asymmetry, he carefully selects different size implants for his breast augmentation patients in Toledo. This type of careful attention to detail allows a surgeon to even out the size and enhance the shape of both breasts. 

Add volume: Many women are simply unhappy with the size of their breasts. With a breast augmentation, you can get the figure you’ve always wanted. You’ll finally be able to wear the tops and bikinis that never fit quite right before. During consultation, your plastic surgeon will discuss your desired results and your lifestyle. Then, he or she will evaluate your body type and current breast size so as to recommend an implant that fits your needs. 

Boost confidence: Breast asymmetry or size can cause many women to feel insecure about their physical image. Increasing self-confidence is one of the most common reasons women pursue a breast augmentation, because the procedure has the potential to help you look and feel your best. In fact, according to RealSelf, 97% of breast augmentation patients think the procedure is worth it. However, it is important to remember that this procedure is something you should do only for yourself. It is normal to ask for the opinion of your close friends and family, but it is ultimately your decision.  


For women who have tried strict diets and frequent exercise and are still left with stubborn pockets of fat, liposuction provides a way to achieve their aesthetic goals. Liposuction removes excess fat through tiny suction tubes called cannulas. It is important to note that liposuction is not a weight loss measure and is particularly effective when used as a finishing touch to an already healthy lifestyle. This versatile procedure can enhance a number of areas, including: 

  • Abdomen 
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Upper arms
  • Upper back
  • Neck and jawline 

Liposuction is a good option for patients who want to get their bodies ready for summer because it leaves minimal scarring. For example, modern techniques usually result in scars that are only a few millimeters in length and are made in discreet locations. With good post-treatment care, liposuction scars can fade and become nearly indiscernible. 


One reason this non-surgical body contouring option is so popular is that it does not require downtime. Additionally, CoolSculpting does not use anesthetic, incisions, or needles, which are all major selling points for people who do not want to undergo surgery. This procedure uses precise cooling temperatures to eliminate pinchable areas of fat on places such as the abdomen, double chin, flanks, and thighs. 

During a treatment session, the CoolSculpting device gently pulls the treatment area between 2 cooling panels that freeze the fat. Patients describe the feeling as an intense cold sensation that quickly subsides once the area becomes numb. Patients often read, check email, or even nap during their appointments. CoolSculpting is great for busy moms who don’t have time for surgery, especially with the kids out of school during summer. There is no long recovery period, and the treatment itself only lasts about an hour.

The results develop over the course of 3 months following the procedure. Most patients are happy with the results after just one treatment, but some opt for follow-up sessions to reach optimal results. 

If you are interested with any of these procedures, contact your local board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.