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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it has been estimated that 26 million people around the world suffer from substance abuse disorders related to prescription opioid painkillers. If you are worried that a friend or relative could be amongst these millions, then you’re probably already aware that it can be difficult to determine whether or not they have an addiction problem, at least at the beginning. According to the experts, there are many opiate addicts who exhibit no outward signs or symptoms of their addiction, which can cause problems for supportive family members or friends trying to get to the root of the problem so that they can offer help. Of course, the longer somebody struggles with an opioid addiction, the more signs there will likely be. Here are some of the most common symptoms to look out for.

#1. Drowsiness

Since opioids are depressants, a sure sign that somebody is struggling with an addiction to opioid painkillers is extreme drowsiness. If your loved one is sleeping more often than usual and begins to uncontrollably fall asleep in inappropriate situations, for example, during a meal, this could be a cause for concern. Of course, bear in mind that this could simply be a side effect of prescription painkillers, so it’s important to take into consideration how long they have been on the medication. If you’re wondering how long does it take to get addicted to opiates, click the link for more information.

#2. Flu-Like Symptoms

Although everybody gets coughs and colds from time to time and it’s usually no cause for alarm, if your loved one is suffering from persistent flu-like symptoms, especially during warmer times of year, or if the symptoms tend to disappear and then re-appear again, this could be a sign that they are struggling with an addiction to opiates. Flu-like symptoms aren’t a viral infection in the case of an addiction to opioids, but rather symptoms of withdrawal when the user is unable to get enough of the drug.

#3. Change in Sleep Habits

If your friend or relative once slept at the same time each night and rose early in the morning with a good routine, a change in their sleeping habits could be cause for concern. When an individual is struggling with an opioid addiction, it is not uncommon for them to sleep more than normal when using the drug, but then if they run out, it can go to the other extreme with the individual displaying insomnia-like symptoms.

#4. Lack of Personal Hygiene

If your once well-groomed and immaculately put together loved one suddenly stops caring as much about their appearance, this could be a sign that they are struggling with an opioid addiction. Keep your eye out for smaller, physical signs that they could be abusing opiates, for example, shaving less frequently, taking fewer showers or foregoing hair appointments. It’s also important to look out for changes in behavioral habits, for example, overspending or taking more sick days off from work.

These are just some of the main symptoms to be aware of if you are concerned that a loved one is suffering from an opioid addiction. Would you like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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Keeping fit is something a lot of people view as very important and many of us would like to put more effort into. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, have better cardio fitness, bust stress, or all of the above, there is no doubt that most people can benefit from putting more fitness activities into their lives. However, this isn’t always easy. The pressures of work, family life, and having a full schedule can make going to fitness classes or even attending the gym seem like an impossibility, and this means some people forgo the exercise they want to do or rely on less efficient ways of keeping fit, like trying to walk wherever they can.

Because of this, some fitness businesses have spotted a gap in the market for home fitness, and this is an area where there has been a lot of innovation in the last few years.

The Downside of Old-School Home Fitness

While exercising at home is nothing new, in the past, people would purchase a fitness video or DVD and use that. While the workouts could be quite good, the monotony of doing the same exercises every day with the instructor on the video saying the same things soon made even the best-made workout videos boring. As a result, people tended to either abandon the programs or end up buying dozens of the videos just to give themselves enough variety to stay motivated. 

How Online Fitness Gets Around This

Lately, there has been a huge rise in services that offer home fitness videos online, such as Studio SWEAT onDemand spin class videos. These services have the same benefits as the old fitness DVDs in that you can do them at home on your own and fit them around your life, but they also counteract a lot of the drawbacks fitness videos and DVDs have. You gain access to lots of different classes, which means you don’t have to listen to the same instructor saying the same things over and over to get your workout. They also allow you to join communities where lots of other people are training on the same program. People feel more supported and enjoy the sense of being held accountable that you get at a physical gym.

Is Online Fitness Right for You?

Online fitness programs have a lot of advantages and you can find all sorts of classes that can allow you to work out at home effectively, depending on what kind of activity you like doing and what equipment you have (for instance, for spinning you need a stationary bike, but there are plenty of workouts you can do where all you need is a towel and some space, too). These can help you have a structured workout rather than just using whatever fitness gear you have at home on the fly, and can also save you a lot of time and money compared to going to a gym.

It is interesting to see how well online fitness is catching on, and the great results many of its fans are getting.

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The Jewish faith has many important traditions. One of these is eating kosher food. For a Gentile, navigating the complexities of kosher and non-kosher can be something of a minefield. The last thing you want to do is offend your Jewish friends and family by giving them an unsuitable gift, yet following traditions shows that you respect the recipient’s Jewish heritage. 

There are certain rules to keep in mind when purchasing gifts for Jewish friends and families. To help you make the right decision and ensure your gift is welcomed with open arms, read on for some helpful advice. 

The Rules of Kosher

“Kosher” means “appropriate” or “fit”. Kosher food may or may not have been blessed by a Rabbi, but if it follows the prescribed practices of Kashrut, it is kosher. 

There are three categories of kosher food: meat, dairy, and pareve, or neutral. Meat and dairy are self-explanatory, but pareve includes, nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, etc. In addition, meat must be slaughtered in a kosher, or more humane, way.

When looking for kosher gifts, you need to remember that meat, dairy, and pareve must not be mixed. This means any gift containing both meat and dairy is not kosher. Manhattan Fruitier offers beautiful kosher gift baskets featuring seasonal fresh fruit, kosher chocolate, babka, nougat, and honey! These baskets are perfect for any occasion.

What are Kosher Gifts?

Kosher gifts are usually identified by special symbols, which makes it easier to ensure you don’t inadvertently buy a non-kosher gift and cause offense. However, if giving a kosher gift for a special holiday, for example, at a Hanukah celebration, you should check whether the meal is dairy-based or meat-based, so you can buy a suitable gift. Otherwise, the recipient must wait six hours to enjoy the gift.

Kosher Holiday Traditions

Jewish holidays such as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah often have their own gift traditions. For example, it is customary to give fruit baskets at Tu B’Shvat and dairy-based gifts such as kosher cheese baskets on Shavuot. Purim is a time for the celebration of kinship, so give your friends some tasty kosher ready-to-eat snacks. 

Ideal Kosher Gifts

You should choose your kosher gifts carefully, but there are some great gift ideas if you’re stuck for what to buy your Jewish friends and family. 

  • Kosher Chocolate – Gourmet kosher chocolate is perfect for a dairy-based celebration. I defy anyone to be disappointed with a box of gourmet chocolate treats!
  • Kosher Candy – Kosher candy is another great choice for anyone with a sweet tooth. Children will love kosher chocolate pretzels, lollipops, and taffy.
  • Kosher baked goods – Look for kosher baked pies and cakes that are dairy-free, so they can be gifted for any celebration. So long as you stick to the kosher guidelines, you can create a tasty chocolate cake that’s dairy-free. 
  • Challah – Traditional Challah braided Challah bread is always welcomed. You can pick up Challah bread from a Jewish bakery or have a go at making your own. 

Other Kosher gift ideas include rugelach pastries, kosher wine, matzah ball soup, and latke crisps.

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Breaking a habit like a drug addiction is a long and difficult process. It is a journey that is incredibly difficult to complete. Consequently, a drug rehabilitation center is the best chance that many people will have in beating their addiction. All addictions are complex, psychologically speaking, and so there is no set of hard and fast rules dictating what the best course of action is. However, it has been repeatedly proven that a specialized drug rehabilitation program is the best hope for the majority of addicts out there. Getting the most out of drug rehabilitation requires individuals to have an understanding of both their illness and the purposes behind the various activities and treatments employed while in rehab.

Don’t Forget Why You Are There

This is possibly the most important piece of advice you can receive. Rehab is, by its nature, difficult, and it requires patients to put into it as much as they expect to get out. It is vital that while you are there, especially when things seem tough, that you remember why you are there and what motivated you to opt for rehab in the first place. 

Ask Questions

If you are unsure about anything during your stay, then ask staff about it. Being in such an unfamiliar environment can bring on feelings of anxiety in a number of people. However, there is nothing to worry about; the staff at the rehab center will be happy to help allay any concerns that you might have about your treatment.

Follow the Rules

Even if you don’t agree with specific points of policy or procedure at the rehab center you use, you should still do everything you can to ensure that you are complying with everything that is expected of you. During withdrawal, it is normal for patients to feel irritable and this might make minor annoyances seem like a big deal. Try to remember, however, that there is a reason for any rules you are required to follow and the people who decided those rules are the same people working to help you overcome your addiction. 

Be Patient

Breaking a drug gambit will require that you are patient with both yourself and with the staff who are helping to treat you. The process of reintegration back to a normal routine after a sustained period of drug addiction can take a long time, longer than most people realize. In fact, while the physical effects of withdrawal are usually over relatively quickly, there is still the psychological aspect to addiction, which can often prove much more difficult to break and is the main cause of relapses further down the line. It will take time and willpower to overcome your addiction. Finding a rehab center near to friends and family can also be helpful. If you live in Georgia, for example, then try searching the web for Georgia Drug Rehab.

Quitting drugs is a long and difficult process and in order to be successful, it requires the patient to engage and to use as much willpower as they can muster.

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Watching somebody that you love and care about go through an addiction problem is never an easy experience. However, it’s important to bear in mind that even after you have encouraged them to reach out for help and perhaps even arranged a rehabilitation period for them, along with medical and psychological treatment, being there for them and supporting them does not stop there. For many people who are recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the recovery process goes on for months or even years after they leave the rehabilitation center; for some, it is a lifelong process of working to avoid relapsing back into old habits and routines. Here are some effective things that you can do to support your loved one on their recovery journey. 

#1. Trust Them

First and foremost, it’s important that you try and trust your loved one to look after themselves and stay sober if they have told you that they will. Although you cannot guarantee that this will happen, it’s vital that you give them space and trust that they need to carry on with a journey that is very personal to them. Of course, it can be easy to become overprotective when you are concerned about a loved one. However, this can often have the opposite effect, as they could feel that they have let you down, which can contribute to self-esteem problems. Check in with them regularly, but be sure that you are not overbearing or too protective of them – let them figure it out for themselves and step in if you feel it is necessary. 

#2. Do Fun Things Together

One of the main pieces of advice given to recovering addicts is to find new, healthier habits and hobbies to replace the old routines of taking drugs or drinking alcohol. This is certainly something that you can help your loved one with, and trying out new hobbies and activities with them can also be a lot of fun for you. You can do simple yet fun things together, such as taking your dogs for a walk, going shopping for new outfits, re-decorating a room, taking art classes, cooking together, or even learning a new sport – all of this can help to reintegrate them back into a substance-free lifestyle, boost their self-esteem, and improve their relationship with you too. 

#3. Actively Listen

Keep in mind that after coming out of a rehabilitation program, there may be a lot that your loved one will want to talk about, whether it’s their hopes and dreams for the future, or sharing their experiences of heroin withdrawal with you. As a supportive friend or relative, it’s important that you are there to actively listen to them. Be aware that they may not always expect you to do something to help, but rather just need a listening and understanding ear. Communicate openly with your loved one and ask them if there is anything that you can do to make their journey easier for them. 

With your help, your loved one can enjoy a successful recovery journey to a fulfilling, life of sobriety. 

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Common colds, seasonal allergies, sinus congestions, etc., are minor health problems that we all must deal with throughout our lives and while they are mostly short-term inconveniences that do go away after a few days, those few days are never pleasant. This leads us to the question, is there a way to make sure that germs are unable to get us down as often as they do? While complete immunity against the common cold and other similar diseases are not exactly possible, there are definitely ways we can boost our immune system.

A strong immune system not only keeps diseases at bay but it also makes sure that even if you catch something, recovery is fast. Exercise plays a very important role in boosting immunity, but food is by far the most prominent immunity booster of them all. On that note, let’s now take a look at five foods that have the potential to make people forget what it feels like to catch a common cold.

Green Tea

Most of us know that green tea is rich in antioxidants and that is one of the main reasons why the herb is so highly regarded across the world. However, it’s the antioxidant catechin that makes it a superb immunity booster as well. Catechins are extremely potent in fighting off viral infections and when consumed on a regular basis, it builds up the immune system against most strains of viruses that commonly affect us. Drinking green tea while sick will also escalate the recovery process.


Honey is considered to be one of nature’s super foods for multiple reasons. Apart from strengthening immunity by affecting the white blood cells, honey is also effective in soothing symptoms of a cold such as sore throats and coughs.


Garlic is a scientifically proven deterrent for germs in general and not just viruses, but the allicin content in garlic has been found to be particularly effective against the common cold and flu.

Sweet Potato

A potato is not exactly seen as “healthy” per se, but the sweet potato has some amazing properties. Not only is it rich in vitamin C but the combination of vitamin C and vitamin A makes the root so relevant on this list. The nose and the throat are lined with mucous membranes that are our primary protection against microbes and vitamin A is essential for the membranes to work properly.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae, which has so many essential nutrients in it that it basically makes it a super food by default. Just take a look at the algae’s nutrient list to understand what we are talking about here.

• 60 to 70 percent protein

• Iron

• Magnesium

• Calcium

• Vitamin A

• Vitamin E

• Vitamin K

It reduces inflammation, supplies energy, improves digestion, fights allergies, boosts immunity, and does so much more!

Not only are the foods on this list great for improving immunity but they are also quite effective in helping with recovery once you have been affected by a particular illness. However, if a cold starts to get worse and the patient develops symptoms like strep throat and high fever, a consultation with the physician is necessary. Strep throat treatment is not particularly complicated, but if left untreated it can develop into a very painful situation fast.

A few cups of green tea, mixed with garlic and honey can certainly help alleviate the condition, but you will also need some professional advice if you want to recover fast.

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Fall is fast approaching and those summer nails just won’t cut it anymore. Who wants to be reminded of the sun, sea, and cocktails whilst watching the nights get darker and the weather getting colder? But don’t fret, with each new season comes new nail opportunities and Halloween will also be shortly upon us, with plenty of opportunities for some spooky nails!

Press On Nails

If you haven’t got the time to paint your nails or you just hate having to wait for them to dry, which coincidentally is always the time you need to go pee, then press on nails are a boon. These are an alternative to acrylics that are much cheaper, quicker (stick on in seconds) and much better for your nails because – no glue! There are hundreds of designs and colors to choose at Dashing Diva.

Glitter Wrap Nails

As winter approaches so does the glitter. Christmas time comes and the more sparkle, the better! Why not make your nails look the part for all those Christmas parties with some glitter wraps? These full coverage nails can be applied by anyone at home and are great at finishing off any outfit. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of glitter!

Nail Art

If you’re into something a bit more creative or want some perfectly Instagram-perfect nails there are jewels, stickers, and much more out there! You don’t have to be an artistic genius to do nail art; you can buy stickers that will make people believe you’ve drawn them yourself! If you want to add some personality to your nails, this is definitely the way to do it and is so worth the extra effort.

Halloween Nails

If you love Halloween as much as you did when you were a child (or perhaps even more) then you love to look the part. Finding the perfect outfit and decorating your house is fun, but why not get your nails into the Halloween spirit this Fall? There are many different ideas that you can try yourself with nail polish or you can buy nails that just need stuck on- all the hard work done!

Gel Nails

If painting your nails isn’t your thing but you don’t want artificial nails on (as, FYI, they will ruin your nail underneath) then gels are your best route. They should be done with a base coat, color, then a top coat for optimal results.Using a gel light can speed up this process significantly, but once they are done they can last as long as three weeks. Gel polish gives nails a much more pristine, smooth finish than normal nail varnish and it is definitely worth the investment.

Painting your nails doesn’t have to be a chore, with so many ideas to choose from and amazing patterned nails you can apply in seconds without having to visit your local salon, you can have beautiful nails every day. All these nail trends and polishes plus much more can be found online and in your favorite beauty store.  

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, almost 60% of households in America own a pet. This is great news because there are many proven benefits of owning a pet for both individuals and families. Studies have found that after a few weeks of caring for either a cat or dog, people who previously didn’t own a pet were able to enjoy lower blood pressure and heart rates, less stress, and even stronger immune systems. We’ve listed some of the best reasons why owning a pet is good for your health.

#1. Improved Mental Health

One of the best things about owning a pet is that they will provide you with unconditional love. Whether it’s your dog wagging their tail at you to welcome you home from work or your cat lovingly rubbing their head against your legs and purring at you, there’s little that compares to the type of love that you can get in return for caring for an animal of your own. In turn, this can help to improve your mental health by boosting your self-esteem, helping you to overcome loneliness, and even giving you somebody at home to talk to when you’re feeling down. Most pets are also always up for cuddles, but if your pet is anxious about human contact, Canna-Pet can help a highly-strung pet to calm down and be more comfortable around you.

#2. Better Physical Fitness

For many pet owners, having a pet at home means that their physical fitness can be improved. This is especially true for those who own a dog; walking your dog on a daily basis will help to improve your fitness levels and ensure that you’re getting the recommended amount of exercise, which will, in turn, have a number of great health benefits such as weight loss, reduced blood pressure, stronger muscles, and reduced risks of serious health conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

#3. More Social Interaction

If you’re feeling a little lonely lately then this could have a negative effect on your mental health. One of the great things about owning a pet is that they can break down all sorts of social barriers; if you’re walking your dog in the park then others are more likely to come over and strike up a conversation with you, or you could develop a better relationship with your neighbours by asking them to feed your cat or rabbit for you whilst you are away. Having a pet could lead to some of the best friendships or relationships of your life!

#4. Stronger Immune System

Many studies have shown that children who are brought up around cats or dogs tend to have a stronger immune system than those who are not; children with pets at home tend to take fewer days off from school sick, whilst the same is true when it comes to adults taking sick days from work. Having a pet at home can not only strengthen your body when it comes to fighting off diseases; it can also help to keep allergies at bay.

Can you think of any more health reasons to get a pet? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.