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Common colds, seasonal allergies, sinus congestions, etc., are minor health problems that we all must deal with throughout our lives and while they are mostly short-term inconveniences that do go away after a few days, those few days are never pleasant. This leads us to the question, is there a way to make sure that germs are unable to get us down as often as they do? While complete immunity against the common cold and other similar diseases are not exactly possible, there are definitely ways we can boost our immune system.

A strong immune system not only keeps diseases at bay but it also makes sure that even if you catch something, recovery is fast. Exercise plays a very important role in boosting immunity, but food is by far the most prominent immunity booster of them all. On that note, let’s now take a look at five foods that have the potential to make people forget what it feels like to catch a common cold.

Green Tea

Most of us know that green tea is rich in antioxidants and that is one of the main reasons why the herb is so highly regarded across the world. However, it’s the antioxidant catechin that makes it a superb immunity booster as well. Catechins are extremely potent in fighting off viral infections and when consumed on a regular basis, it builds up the immune system against most strains of viruses that commonly affect us. Drinking green tea while sick will also escalate the recovery process.


Honey is considered to be one of nature’s super foods for multiple reasons. Apart from strengthening immunity by affecting the white blood cells, honey is also effective in soothing symptoms of a cold such as sore throats and coughs.


Garlic is a scientifically proven deterrent for germs in general and not just viruses, but the allicin content in garlic has been found to be particularly effective against the common cold and flu.

Sweet Potato

A potato is not exactly seen as “healthy” per se, but the sweet potato has some amazing properties. Not only is it rich in vitamin C but the combination of vitamin C and vitamin A makes the root so relevant on this list. The nose and the throat are lined with mucous membranes that are our primary protection against microbes and vitamin A is essential for the membranes to work properly.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae, which has so many essential nutrients in it that it basically makes it a super food by default. Just take a look at the algae’s nutrient list to understand what we are talking about here.

• 60 to 70 percent protein

• Iron

• Magnesium

• Calcium

• Vitamin A

• Vitamin E

• Vitamin K

It reduces inflammation, supplies energy, improves digestion, fights allergies, boosts immunity, and does so much more!

Not only are the foods on this list great for improving immunity but they are also quite effective in helping with recovery once you have been affected by a particular illness. However, if a cold starts to get worse and the patient develops symptoms like strep throat and high fever, a consultation with the physician is necessary. Strep throat treatment is not particularly complicated, but if left untreated it can develop into a very painful situation fast.

A few cups of green tea, mixed with garlic and honey can certainly help alleviate the condition, but you will also need some professional advice if you want to recover fast.

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Fall is fast approaching and those summer nails just won’t cut it anymore. Who wants to be reminded of the sun, sea, and cocktails whilst watching the nights get darker and the weather getting colder? But don’t fret, with each new season comes new nail opportunities and Halloween will also be shortly upon us, with plenty of opportunities for some spooky nails!

Press On Nails

If you haven’t got the time to paint your nails or you just hate having to wait for them to dry, which coincidentally is always the time you need to go pee, then press on nails are a boon. These are an alternative to acrylics that are much cheaper, quicker (stick on in seconds) and much better for your nails because – no glue! There are hundreds of designs and colors to choose at Dashing Diva.

Glitter Wrap Nails

As winter approaches so does the glitter. Christmas time comes and the more sparkle, the better! Why not make your nails look the part for all those Christmas parties with some glitter wraps? These full coverage nails can be applied by anyone at home and are great at finishing off any outfit. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of glitter!

Nail Art

If you’re into something a bit more creative or want some perfectly Instagram-perfect nails there are jewels, stickers, and much more out there! You don’t have to be an artistic genius to do nail art; you can buy stickers that will make people believe you’ve drawn them yourself! If you want to add some personality to your nails, this is definitely the way to do it and is so worth the extra effort.

Halloween Nails

If you love Halloween as much as you did when you were a child (or perhaps even more) then you love to look the part. Finding the perfect outfit and decorating your house is fun, but why not get your nails into the Halloween spirit this Fall? There are many different ideas that you can try yourself with nail polish or you can buy nails that just need stuck on- all the hard work done!

Gel Nails

If painting your nails isn’t your thing but you don’t want artificial nails on (as, FYI, they will ruin your nail underneath) then gels are your best route. They should be done with a base coat, color, then a top coat for optimal results.Using a gel light can speed up this process significantly, but once they are done they can last as long as three weeks. Gel polish gives nails a much more pristine, smooth finish than normal nail varnish and it is definitely worth the investment.

Painting your nails doesn’t have to be a chore, with so many ideas to choose from and amazing patterned nails you can apply in seconds without having to visit your local salon, you can have beautiful nails every day. All these nail trends and polishes plus much more can be found online and in your favorite beauty store.  

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, almost 60% of households in America own a pet. This is great news because there are many proven benefits of owning a pet for both individuals and families. Studies have found that after a few weeks of caring for either a cat or dog, people who previously didn’t own a pet were able to enjoy lower blood pressure and heart rates, less stress, and even stronger immune systems. We’ve listed some of the best reasons why owning a pet is good for your health.

#1. Improved Mental Health

One of the best things about owning a pet is that they will provide you with unconditional love. Whether it’s your dog wagging their tail at you to welcome you home from work or your cat lovingly rubbing their head against your legs and purring at you, there’s little that compares to the type of love that you can get in return for caring for an animal of your own. In turn, this can help to improve your mental health by boosting your self-esteem, helping you to overcome loneliness, and even giving you somebody at home to talk to when you’re feeling down. Most pets are also always up for cuddles, but if your pet is anxious about human contact, Canna-Pet can help a highly-strung pet to calm down and be more comfortable around you.

#2. Better Physical Fitness

For many pet owners, having a pet at home means that their physical fitness can be improved. This is especially true for those who own a dog; walking your dog on a daily basis will help to improve your fitness levels and ensure that you’re getting the recommended amount of exercise, which will, in turn, have a number of great health benefits such as weight loss, reduced blood pressure, stronger muscles, and reduced risks of serious health conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

#3. More Social Interaction

If you’re feeling a little lonely lately then this could have a negative effect on your mental health. One of the great things about owning a pet is that they can break down all sorts of social barriers; if you’re walking your dog in the park then others are more likely to come over and strike up a conversation with you, or you could develop a better relationship with your neighbours by asking them to feed your cat or rabbit for you whilst you are away. Having a pet could lead to some of the best friendships or relationships of your life!

#4. Stronger Immune System

Many studies have shown that children who are brought up around cats or dogs tend to have a stronger immune system than those who are not; children with pets at home tend to take fewer days off from school sick, whilst the same is true when it comes to adults taking sick days from work. Having a pet at home can not only strengthen your body when it comes to fighting off diseases; it can also help to keep allergies at bay.

Can you think of any more health reasons to get a pet? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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Some people are born with thick, voluminous hair that doesn’t seem to get affected by anything, irrespective of what they do with it. However, most of us are not that lucky and the little volume we do have tends to thin out after just a few coloring and styling experiments. The good news is that there are ways to get thicker hair even if your hair is naturally thin and we will now take a look at how to do exactly that.

Pancake Your Braids

Braids themselves are a good way to make thin hair look thicker but you can add even more thickness to your braids by simply pinching and pulling a bit of each loop on one side. This is known as the pancaking technique and it adds volume to every braiding style out there.

Mousse for Thickness

If you are looking for instant thickness, the mousse will do that for you, but you will need to be careful so that you don’t overdo it. Spray some of the stuff onto your hand and then run your comb through it, instead of directly applying it to your hair. Comb from mid-to-end as you don’t want the mousse near your roots. Also, make sure that your hair is damp (not dripping wet) before applying that comb on your hair. 

Cortex Enlarger Spray

The hair thickener spray from ScalpMed is actually a cortex enlarger, which physically thickens the hair shafts and fibers to make hair not just look fuller but more voluminous in reality as well. All you need to do is spray it directly on your hair in the morning and you are good to go. Whether you style your hair or keep it open after that, it will look fuller and thicker for the rest of the day. This is one of the few solutions out there that actually thickens the hair instead of just making it look thick.

Velcro Rollers

Roll two or three Velcro rollers all the way to the top of your head and blow some warm air onto the rollers for half a minute. Now, let the rollers cool for about 10 minutes before taking them out of your hair. Remember to do this only when your hair is dry. If you manage to do it right, your hair should look full, voluminous and fluffy.

Dry Shampoo

An unusual but effective way to increase your hair’s volume is by using dry shampoo in it at night before going to bed. By the time you wake up in the morning, the dry shampoo will have absorbed the oil from your hair, in addition to giving it a much fuller look. Strangely enough, you can also use baby powder for the same effect.

None of these techniques are really hard, but they all work. You can try any or all of them over the course of time. However, taking care of your hair at the root level should always be your priority over styling because the healthier your hair is, the thicker it will look naturally, making any hair thickening method you use all the more effective.

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Though the prospect of having to go through a divorce isn’t one that most women entertain when they get married, the risk is always there. Indeed, Ohio couples who have reached the age of 50 or over arechoosing to divorce more and more frequently, with divorce increasing by a factor of three in Ohio couples over the age of 65. While further analysis reveals that divorce rates in Ohio have fallen in younger couples, most young women are waiting longer before choosing to marry; a factor that clearly affects the context of the data.

More findings of interest relate to divorce and pregnancy in Cincinnati. According to aScottsdale divorce lawyer,“an integral component of any divorce with children is a court enforceable joint parenting plan”.While Ohio law doesn’t officially give any judge the authority to refuse a divorce on the basis of pregnancy, it seems that the system isreluctant to allow couples to divorcewhile the wife is pregnant to ensure that child support will be established and to save the parents from going through a second court action to establish parental responsibility in the future.

Although Ohio is by no means leading the way in terms of high divorce rates – with that present title going to Detroit in Michigan –  it still ranks fairly highup on the list. With this in mind, we’ve decided to share some of the basic features of Ohio Divorce Law with you in this post. Hopefully, it will help to orient you a little during what is bound to be a troubling time full of change.

1. Fault-based divorce

Ohio remains one of the few states in the U.S. that still allows fault-based divorces. This is when either you or your partner chooses to file for a divorce due to the actions of the other. In Cincinnati and across the state, grounds for fault-based divorce can include the following: adultery, extreme cruelty, gross neglect, imprisonment, drunkenness and willful absence which has lasted more than a year. When a fault-based divorce is granted it can impact on property division, alimony and child custody.

2. Collaborative law

Collaborative law simply offers you and your divorcing spouse the means of reaching an amicable agreement outside of court. It’s a process during which you will both work closely alongside your respective lawyers, which meanschoosing a good divorce lawyer is keyand is one of the options available to you when divorcing in Cincinnati.

3. Will I have to go to court?

Divorces that remain amicable significantly reduce the need to attend court, as lawyers are then able to attend court on their clients’ behalf. However, even if you are in the middle of a no-fault divorce, you will eventually need to appear before the judge and testify to confirm that you are in agreement with the outcome as laid out. If your divorce is less than amicable, however, you may have to attend various court hearings and even be prepared to go all the way to trial.

4. Am I eligible to file for divorce in Ohio?

If you are legally married and you’vebeen living in the Cincinnati area or elsewhere in the state for at least six months, you are eligible to file for a divorce under Ohio state law. These rules equally apply to couples in same-sex marriages, following the Obergefell / Hodges U.S. Supreme Court’s case.

5. Equitable distribution

Under Ohio state law, marital property and assets are divided according to equitable distribution rules. It’s important to clarify that “equitable” doesn’t always mean “equal”. A number of factors are taken into consideration – including financial loss due to gambling, or marital funds that were spent on an affair – before the judge can make a fair decision as to how funds, assets and property gains are to be shared.

6. Children and sole custody

In general, Ohio state law favors joint custody over sole custody. Most courts lean towards offering both parents some share in the parental rights and responsibilities of all children involved. However, sole custody can be awarded to one of the parties if it can be unequivocally proven that this would be in the best interests of the children.

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How to pull off being a great mom and look fabulous while doing it!

You hit your teens wearing the new tight skinny jeans that are all the rage. You hit your 20s, looking fit and fab and finally meet the man of your dreams – well, almost! He may not be 6 foot 5, be in perfect shape, dark and handsome, looking like Marcus Schenkenberg, but he treats you well, proposes, and boom bang, you’re married with three kids.

Now, we all know what being a mom is about – snotty noses, dirty diapers, accidents in public and all the rest that doesn’t need spelling out. I will never forget the episode in “Sex and the City” where Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is in the kitchen and her beautiful daughter places chocolate-smeared hands on her mother’s gorgeous white skirt and she simply explodes. You get the picture! 

It’s simply not easy to pull off looking gorgeous when there is so much playdough, flour everywhere in the kitchen, chocolate and mud-smeared children’s clothes for you to wash. Just running around the house picking up clothes and running around after your toddlers takes its toll on the body and it’s strenuous. It also just makes better sense to jump into a pair of tracksuit pants, loose T-shirt and flip flops to get everything done. What’s the point of wearing your best clothes when you know they’ll get ruined?

But then, wait a minute. What about you? What about the vivacious woman that existed before giving birth who enjoyed shopping for clothes with friends and following the latest trends – or not. What about all those makeup tips and tricks you learned to make you feel pretty. 

This should not be lost just because you’re a mom.

So what to do?

  • If your hair is driving you crazy and all it ends up looking like is a bird’s nest everyday go treat yourself. Get a serious cut that you know you will enjoy wearing. Get a color shampoo, a Keratin treatment and blow-wave, it will automatically make you feel like a million bucks and your hair will be easier to manage. If you notice your hair has fallen out since having children Research Verified’s Hair Growth and  Hair Growth Biotin was made just for you!
  • Don’t stop wearing makeup! There will be many times during the day that you will be looking at your reflection – like all the million times wash your hands in the bathroom peering at yourself in the mirror.  Be proud of the woman that is staring right back at you. Feel good about the way you present yourself to the world – even if it is just to your exceptionally non-judgmental (bless them) children and your husband. Of course you want to keep that spark alive and feeling more beautiful will lead to more confidence. If you feel like your skin is looking dull and needs added assistance looking younger, take a Phytoceramides supplement. This Research Verified review will give you more insight into this. 
  • Forget about the dull grey tracksuit pants and go invest in some gorgeous leggings. There are multitudes of different brands and colors out there. Choose a bunch of your favorite and match with a nice fitting T-shirt. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just nice fitting and makes you look great! 
  • For shoes comfort is key. All the major brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Puma have such gorgeous choices of footwear these days. Bright pinks and luminous yellows cascading the shelves of sports shops. And if not a sport shoe go for ballerina pumps. If you have to do with flip flops you can buy stylish ones with sparkly, fake diamonds on the straps and sandals reminiscent of Roman times. 

At the end of the day you will feel better about yourself if you make sure you are not totally forgotten. And while it may not be quite like it once was, there are some things you shouldn’t’ let slip – afterall, you are so worth it! You give and you give and you give. You give so much sometimes you get lost in your giving and forget about yourself. You’re a mom, in fact a “Wonder Mom”, you are proud of your children and make sure they look great everyday. Why not invest time in yourself and make sure you look and feel beautiful, too?

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Starting a YouTube channel is easy. In essence, all it takes is an email address to get your account up and running, while content can be created with any prepackaged video editing software. However, running a YouTube channel that is successful is a whole different story. 

Why is it so difficult to turn a YouTube account into a profitable venture? Well, research from 2015 suggested that there are over 17,000 creators possessing at least 100,000 subscribers. This is a number that is constantly on the rise, and these creators are covering every subject you could think of – from travel vlogs to hydraulic presses crushing random objects. In summary, YouTube is saturated. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t break out and triumph on the platform. One way of doing so is by making your YouTube channel more professional, and the following five steps will help in that regard.

1. Use professional equipment

If you’re producing content with obsolete video recording equipment and a microphone which came with your laptop, you are doing a disservice to your videos. Not only will they look amateurish, but it will also impact the number of people that will subscribe and watch your content. So with that in mind, purchase quality video producing equipment. This doesn’t mean spending loads of cash – a current iPhone video camera will do the job, while effective lighting and audio solutions can also be purchased on the cheap. 

2. Invest in high-quality video editing software 

Alongside the aforementioned first-rate equipment, you should also invest in professional-grade video editing software. By invest, this doesn’t mean just purchasing the software either. Read plenty of guides and practice new editing techniques – implementing such techniques will significantly help add that finishing touch to your content. 

3. Enhance your visual imagery

Away from your actual video content, there should be a particular focus on other visual imagery. By visual imagery, that means the likes of your logo and video thumbnails. Even if you’re not the most artistically gifted, there are tools available to help. For instance, a YouTube banner creator will assist in producing a slick, contemporary banner – which is another important part of developing your visual imagery. 

4. Cut out grammar mistakes  

An engaging headline and info-packed description is a great way to add value to your videos. To keep up the professionalism, all of your written words should be error-free. If you really struggle with knowing what words to capitalize in a title, when to use full stops and the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, do not worry: there are professional grammar tools like Grammarly that will correct any mistakes made. 

5. Upload regularly 

For many YouTube creators, the biggest stumbling block is producing and uploading regular videos. This is especially an issue when success doesn’t arrive immediately – which is highly common – because it leaves self-doubt about whether your content is actually any good or not. Make sure to stick at it during those tough early times, upload high-quality videos consistently on a set schedule, and you should benefit in the long-run with a significant increase in views and subscribers. 

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A Good Sleep: Why You Need It & How To Get It

It’s something we’ve been told since we were kids: Getting a good night’s rest is important. But with our busy schedules and long list of responsibilities, getting eight hours of restful slumber can be difficult. So why is it so important to get good sleep? And how can we ensure that we do get a good rest? Let’s check it out.

Why Is a Good Sleep Important?

While one night here and there of bad sleep can’t be avoided, regular unrest can see numerous consequences for both your health and beauty.

In a recent study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that less than seven hours of sleep a night on an ongoing basis increases an individual’s risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and various mental illnesses. As your body has not been given the chance to adequately rest and restore itself, your cognitive and physical functions are severely impaired, leading to lack of focus, constant tiredness and higher risk of accidents.

Not only does lack of sleep affect your body, but it can impact on your beauty, too — especially your skin. Without the chance to restore itself, the moisture and pH levels in your skin reduce, causing you to lose that glow and youthfulness in your face. Dark circles are another big side effect of lack of sleep, as well as dry, flaky and acne-prone breakouts due to your body being tired and not performing at its optimum capabilities.

How Do You Get a Good Sleep?

Now that you’re convinced that a good sleep is essential to your health and beauty, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help you get a consistently good rest. There are a few things you can do, some big and some small, to encourage a deep sleep:

Buy a Good Mattress

Having a mattress that caters to your specific sleeping style and support needs is essential to ensuring your body is relaxed, comfortable and well rested. Consider the mattress type and the size that is appropriate, and if you’re struggling to identify what is right for you, try visiting a mattress store website to do some research.

Establish a Sleep Schedule

By going to sleep at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning, you will be able to regulate your body’s internal clock. After a while, your body will become accustomed to this schedule and you will no longer find it difficult to fall asleep and wake up.

Have a Good Bedtime Ritual

By preparing your body for sleep a couple of hours before bed, you will find that it is easier to fall asleep. Establish a bedtime routine that involves keeping your body relaxed by avoiding bright lights from televisions, computer screens and phones, as well as anything that will stimulate your body, such as large meals and loud music.

Be Active

In order to sleep through the night, your body has to be tired. Therefore, remaining active during the day through adequate exercise and avoiding daytime naps is a great way to make sure your body is tired enough to crash at night.

Good sleep is essential to maintaining your health and beauty. Be aware of the consequences of inadequate rest and try and follow these few simple steps to help you sleep well every night.