Mom Maven: Best for Babies

Mom Maven: Best for Babies

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Sydney Tasner and Lizzie Levin

I don’t know about you but I needed serious help when it came to planning my nursery décor and putting together my baby registry. There are some women that have that stuff all figured out before they even get a positive pregnancy test, but that so was not me. Fortunately, there is a full service boutique in Cincinnati that can help with all of the details for baby (and big kids too).


Best for Babies and Big Kids Too is located just a few minutes away from Kenwood Mall on Montgomery Road. Opened in late 2008 by Sydney Tasner, the store (then known simply as Best for Babies) focused on baby gifts, basic gear and décor. Sydney’s motivation for opening the store was to offer women a place to shop where they could receive excellent customer service along with expert advice on baby products. In 2010, Lizzie Levin partnered with Sydney and since then the store has blossomed into a full service Nursery and Youth bedroom design and furnishings outfitter. Essentially, you can waltz into Best for Babies and Big Kids Too and put together a complete plan for your nursery or kid’s room. They will help you pick out everything from the perfect stroller to the perfect bedding.


Sydney and Lizzie work with each client to put together the perfect elements for a beautiful nursery. They have endless options for furniture, fabric and other accent pieces. Whether you know exactly what you want or don’t even have a color scheme picked out, these two ladies can help. The Doodlefish Kids Custom bedding and Alexander & Co. custom prints are just a few of the wonderful items to choose from while planning your nursery.


It is such a pleasant experience to shop at Best for Babies and Big Kids Too. It is nice to talk to people who are experts in their field, especially when putting together your baby registry. With their expertise and guidance you add the items you really need and, of course, a few “wants” as well. One of Sydney’s must-have items is The TummyTub. She mentioned her son would get fussy but the minute she placed him in this tub he was a happy camper. A couple of Lizzie’s favorite items are MD Moms Baby Silk Daily Skin Protection and Delicate Skin Comfort. These products help avoid stretchmarks, itchiness and general skin sensitivities. I love that Sydney and Lizzie are moms and know their products inside and out.


The absolute best part about creating a registry at Best for Babies and Big Kids Too is that a portion of every purchase from your registry goes to charity! Along with giving a portion of their yearly proceeds to support Pediatric Cancer Research, Sydney and Lizzie also give each registrant the opportunity to select their own charity. A donation is made to your charity of choice in honor of the birth of your new baby. This was reason enough for me to create a registry at their store. What an amazing and generous idea!


Whether you are shopping for a baby gift, baby clothing, a chic diaper bag, toys, crib, stroller or other baby gear, Best for Babies and Big Kids Too can help. They will assist you in designing and furnishing the nursery or kid’s room of your dreams. Now that my nursery days are behind me, it is fantastic to know that I can turn to Sydney and Lizzie to help create the big kid rooms for my home.


I asked Sydney and Lizzie to share a comment about their store for this article and received a wonderful quote back: “We operate our store with sincerity and complete integrity based on our family values and friendship. We carry some very unique products, but also those that you’ll find in many stores. A big misconception is that shopping in local stores means paying higher prices. This is absolutely not the case. Our prices are exactly the same as in all other stores. We just offer additional customer service that goes beyond the cash register. We put strollers together. We craft registries specific to your needs. We offer complementary nursery design within every budget and more. There is no reason when you are preparing for baby, that you need to sacrifice customer service. When you support our store, you will receive endless support from us.”