Mom Maven: The Many Stories of George Ella Lyon

Mom Maven: The Many Stories of George Ella Lyon

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Our house is full of books. We could slap a sign on the front door and starting handing out library cards. I’ve always been an avid reader and grew up in a house that had books on every shelf. It thrills me to see my little girls sitting on the floor, surrounded by their books, and trying to read the words. I can already tell they share my passion for flipping pages. We love trips to The Honey Bee bookstore in Madeira and the Blue Manatee in Oakley.


One of our favorite books right now is The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon. It’s the story of a little girl in kindergarten that suffers from double vision. She has to wear an eye patch for a short time to help fix the problem with her eyesight. It is a wonderful story and easily can be used to start up a conversation about wearing glasses, coping with differences, or overcoming obstacles.


George Ella has actually written several of our favorite reads. When my girls were babies we went through three copies of Trucks Roll. Every night we read that particular book at least twice. The illustrations are bold and colorful. The sentences are short and flow along nicely. “Trucks bring ice cream. / Trucks bring blocks, / books and bulldozers, dolls and clocks.” The girls got great joy out of finding the truck on the page that was carrying the ice cream.


George Ella comes from a small, coal mining town in Eastern Kentucky and is an accomplished poet. You feel all of that in her stories. Her book, SleepSong, just about lulls me to sleep when I’m reading it to the girls at night. It’s a beautiful telling of drifting off to sleep. The illustrations show a family going through their nighttime routine along with animals sleeping in their habitats. This story also includes music and lyrics to the song George Ella wrote to accompany the book.


George Ella’s books aren’t just for the very young. She has written several young adult stories as well as books for adults. Her latest book is Holding On To Zoe. It is a deeply, haunting story of a teenage pregnancy. Mrs. Lyon’s storytelling is truly captivating. I find it fascinating that she can write such light and sweet stories for children and such riveting and sometimes heavy material for the adults.


I encourage you to pick up one or two of George Ella Lyon’s books. Your kids are sure to love her storytelling. Click here to find out more information about George Ella.