Agricola Redesign: 12 Spring Decorating Tips

Agricola Redesign: 12 Spring Decorating Tips




Decorating tips for spring.


For as long as I can remember I have loved the beginning of spring. I lived in the east coast growing up and we really were ready for the little signs of warmer weather.


As an adult I lived for 16 years in charming Glendale, Ohio were the entire garden club community will get together and make the village a more beautiful place with fresh mulch surrounding their blooming bulbs and freshly planted pansies.


This spring my design firm celebrates 12 years in business and I am so excited to watch the new season start and share fun easy ideas to make memorable spring


12 spring decorating tips: • Purchase inexpensive round basket material chargers to place on your dining table under your dishes, use white plates and then add colorful different spring colored napkins on each plate. Tie the napkins with raffia or ribbon for finishing touch
• Create a centerpiece using green moss and colorful dishes. Place on long serving platter or tray add a ceramic bunny or spring blooms
• Remove heavy comforters and dress your beds with cream or white coverlets add fun colorful pillows the give a pop of color
• Consider reupholstering dining chairs with floral spring pattern, remove cushion from chair place on fabric (usually ½ yard to cover one dining chair) staple over old fabric, reattach to dining chair
• Look at your family photos throughout your home, do you have outdated photos or winter photos, change to spring and summer photos
• Give yourself the gift of fresh flowers, the aroma is as wonderful as the color
• Change out the throw pillows on your family room furniture, out with the dark in with lighter brighter fabrics
• Dress your front door with a new welcome mat, wash the light fixture, add a pot of pansies and a fresh coat of paint on the door
• De clutter your laundry area, purchase glass jars with lids for the necessities in the room, store away or throw away anything that you haven’t used or don’t need going into spring


I hope you are feeling inspired to do some lighting and brightening in your home for the spring, if you are like many you have a hard time getting started, the best advice I can give to you is to plan a date to have some friends or family over. Giving yourself a deadline is always the best motivator to get things organized, redesigned and freshened up. Happy Decorating