Agricola Redesign: Beat the Winter Blues with Decorating

Agricola Redesign: Beat the Winter Blues with Decorating

Decorate to beat the winter blues.

No, you’re not imagining it. Lots of people feel sad at this time of the year. For centuries, poets have described a sense of sadness, loss or lethargy with a direct link to the shortening of the days of fall and winter.


Some people even experience an exaggerated form of these symptoms; this is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.


For those of us with milder “Winter Blues” some treatment options could be…
• Outdoor light even when the sky is overcast
• Taking a one-hour daily walk outside
• Diet and exercise


To “Beat the Winter Blues with Decorating,” I recommend looking around your favorite rooms in your home and think cozy.
• Pull furniture into groupings, one could be for conversation the other for playing board games or scrap booking or even needlework.
• Place the seating group to take full advantage of a fireplace if you have one
• To help warm up your new grouping consider bringing a rug into your arrangement. An area rug can go on top of wall to wall for the effect.
• Use family mementos around to give your room a warm feeling.


Think Texture when cozying up your home for the winter
• Add throws and pillows made from chenille, chunky yarns or velvet o sofas and chairs
• Add area rugs to the kitchen work area for warmer appearance
• Pull in darker colors or heavier texture in the window coverings


Warm up your scenes:
• Gather pinecones and add cinnamon sticks to a bowl and use on coffee tables or entry tables, looks great smells better
• Spicy smells will also warm up your space, so go for the ginger and clove scents when selecting candles for your home
• Bring candles into your bedroom and baths, the scents and arrangements will calm and relax you
• Place small mirrors or pieces of frosted glass under candles to increase the “Wattage” and to remind you of winter snow and how it sparkles


Embrace winter white:
• Bring the outdoors in by adding touches of white birch logs or branches
• Use the soft whites, pinks and grays of seashells. Mix them with white candles and greens
• Change colored lamp shades to white to allow more light into your spaces


The winter can seem so long to many of us, but when you start focusing attention to the details in your homes décor, time will fly by. Enjoy your home and create memorable moments with friends and family as they cozy up in your home.