Agricola Redesign: Five Seasonalizing Tips

Agricola Redesign: Five Seasonalizing Tips

Five seasonalizing tips from Diane Agricola.

Five Seasonalizing Tips


A new season is an indicator to give your home and your decorating style a bit of TLC. Treat your eyes to some quick changes that give your home a “space-lift” without breaking the bank.


Here are five design ideas to inspire you


Branch Out
Nothing says spring more than budding branches and tiny flowers. Take a walk in your yard and cut branches12-36″ long from trees that are showing buds. Cut the bottom of the branch with a few upright slits to maximize their ability to take in water. Give the branches a good soak and then place in a vase and allow them to slowly unfurl their beautiful blossoms. Depending on the time of year, branches will take 1-3 weeks to completely open up but the entire process and sculptural beauty of the branches will be visually pleasing while you wait for the blooms.


Change your Area Rugs
Allow your home a chance to exchange a winter carpet for a lighter textural area rug. Whether it is sisal or a patterned textural carpet, add freshness with a new foundation for your space. Simply roll up the out of season carpet and store it, or take the opportunity to have it professionally cleaned. Sorry to tell you, but winter will be here again.


Drapery Panels
Fabric floating in the breeze is a sure sign spring has arrived. One of the first really nice days in spring will allow everyone to open up windows and air out their homes. One easy and eye pleasing idea to consider is changing out heavy winter panels to lightweight fabrics like sheers, linen or soft cotton. This is a look that certainly says “spring has sprung.”


Add Color in Unexpected Places
One area of our homes that gets neglected on space-lift is bookcases and shelves, consider covering your books with color coordinated papers for a fresh look. Place in color blocks which simply means grouping all the same colors together.


New Generation Wallpaper
Wallpaper can add instant pizzazz to a space or use it in small spaces, like the back of a book shelf for almost instant interest. Wall Decals are a great way to avoid pasting or mess. Decals stick on and off easily and are reusable, simply Google wall decals for a wealth of possibilities.