Agricola Redesign: Making a Room Memorable

Agricola Redesign: Making a Room Memorable


 Before and after of a living room space, designed by Agricola Redesign

Have you ever noticed when you walk into a room, it is the creative touches that it memorable? Your core pieces of furniture may establish the functionality of a space, but it is the creativity that makes each room a one of a kind space. In fact, one of my favorite phrases is, “I never would have thought of that.” Sometimes the most difficult aspect of creating a beautiful room is finding the inspiration for just those elements. Here are three creative ideas guaranteed to make your room a one of a kind space.


1. Incorporate your past – Accent your rooms with elements that have a story. A vase from Grandma, a table you bought when first married, or art created by your children you took the time to frame will all fit the bill.


2. Handmade anything – Even if you are missing the crafty or sewing gene, find inspiration at sites like Pinterest, Houzz, or Etsy. Make it yourself or have a talented artist create it for you.


3. Shake it up – Rearrange your furniture, accessories or event the purpose of the space to create a room composition that feels unique and interesting.


Looking for more ideas, give a professional designer a call to help you create the home you deserve. A beautiful home isn’t necessarily abut spending lots of money; it is about incorporating creativity, color, and personality into a home. Professional designers are masters at doing exactly that and would love to help you. In the interim, enjoy design magazines to give you a bit of inspiration.


Above is an example of a before and after done by me and my staff at Agricola Redesign.