Decorating Den with Erika Lee

Decorating Den with Erika Lee


Whether you want a home overhaul, to re-work what you have, or a mixture of the two, Erika Lee can help.


Lee runs a successful Cincinnati-based franchise of Decorating Den, which is the world’s largest home based interior design business since 1969.


“We are a full service decorating company. I offer spacial planning, room rearranging, field trips to the Design Center in Longworth Hall, paint color consultations, light staging, settling in services,” says Lee. “Also, I come to my client’s home, which avoids costly mistakes due to lighting, color and size. It also helps to bring down the overhead costs of doing business and I pass along that savings to my client.”


In particular, Lee says she loves helping her clients “twirl” a room. “Women love this,” Lee adds. “It’s basically re-thinking and rearranging a room based on the things already in it, or in another room, the basement or attic. It’s just an afternoon of fun and the client always loves the result.”


New IDD_Logo_Tag_BottomAccording to Lee, the majority of her product sales is generated by custom window treatments, from functional blinds and shades to the dressings that make windows beautiful. “In addition,” she adds, “I have access to over 200 companies for furniture, flooring, lighting, accessories, rugs, bedding, wall coverings and artwork.”


Lee’s consultation rate is $100 per hour, but there is an opportunity to apply that fee to a future purchase. “When my client chooses to purchase product through me the day of their consultation 100% of that rate is applied to their purchase,” she explains. “If they choose to buy something through me in the following 30 days, 50% is applied.”


To learn more or schedule a consultation, visit, call (513)304-9105 or watch the exclusive webcast with Lee and Cincy Chic publisher Amy Scalia below.


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