Design and Style: The Perfect Children’s Room

Design and Style: The Perfect Children’s Room


It can be one of the most important rooms you decorate. Whether it’s the first baby on the way or that tween who needs a more “mature” look, furnishing and decorating your children’s bedroom can be a daunting task.


As a designer, I ask my clients (besides the sex of their child!) what is the look you and your child want to convey? Whimsical? Romantic? Funky? What types of color(s) is your child drawn to? And so on. From then I get to work.


Here are some design tips and trends from experience to help you create the perfect space for your child.


Measure and layout the room on paper. Knowing what you have to work with when selecting furniture will keep you from guessing and making mistakes.


Make a list of functional priorities. By that I mean, what does you child need to function daily. Changing table, large dresser, desk for homework?


Select furniture that is good quality. Granted, your child may not be taking it to college, but minus the baby phase…you want some of those pieces to transition in to the adolescent phase. Not to mention, it might become a “hand me down” for the next child. Also, you can mix and match pieces rather then having a suite of all matching furniture. It makes for a more interesting look.


Get colorful. Pink is great for girls so blue is for boys….but what about some more off-beat hues like orange, green and purple?…all especially “in”. Introducing a different accent color further customizes the room and helps transition it as they get older. Also, use the size of your child’s room to dictate the lightness and darkness or the color. For example, if his/her room is quite small, paint the walls a lighter shade. A dark shade will make it feel cavernous. Finally, don’t feel like you have to go with a “color”. A neutral tone splashed up with other colors accents works well, too.


Find a great, reasonably priced rug. And you don’t necessary have to find it at a big chain store. Try some more unique web-sites like that have a kid’s section and pieces that you don’t see everywhere. Also, when selecting a rug…go with the largest size that will fit the room. Kids like adults, like to land on something soft in the morning!


Bedding. Similar to rugs, try to find bedding that is unique and not just at the big chain stores. There a many on-line sources for great bedding. Also, mix and match your patterns for interest. Can’t find what you want? Consider a custom duvet, coordinating shams and/or accent pillows…all available through an interior designer.


Don’t forget window treatments! While blinds my be necessary, neglecting the windows of an other wise furnished space can make it look unfinished. Depending upon the window, valances and panel curtains (or even a combination of the two) are excellent options. I always recommend having these custom made as they will fit the space exactly….length and width. It is well worth the extra money!


Invest in a great chandelier. Whether you taste is traditional, transitional, or contemporary, a great fixture sets the mood and look of your child’s space. A great lighting store or interior designer again are great resources.


Don’t leave the walls blank! If you don’t have the budget for original artwork, selecting some nicely framed prints will add dramatically to your space. Find out what interests your child…giraffe’s? flowers? Cars? And use that perhaps as a theme. Also, consider custom framing some of your child’s best artwork. Children’s drawings and paintings make wonderful keep sakes and look great in their space!


Consider wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is back in a big way! Graphics prints, textures, and metallics are all in. If you don’t have the budget for a lot of it….perhaps just use it on an accent wall or under a chair rail.


Faux Finishing. It is amazing what faux finishers can do to walls these days. Whether it is story book scene on an entire wall to custom graphic animal pattern, almost anything is possible. Again, not cheap, but can be well worth the money.


Whether you are up for the task yourself or working with a professional, keep these tips in mind for this ever important project. I’ll never forget the smile on my daughter’s face when unveiled her new room. It was well worth it!