Doc Talk: St. Elizabeth Mission Trips

Doc Talk: St. Elizabeth Mission Trips

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St. Elizabeth Physicians General Surgeon, Dr. Magued Khouzam, is working to rally monetary and medical supply support for two medical missions to Ethiopia and Egypt this year. Dr. Khouzam is working with other volunteering medical professionals from around the world as part of the Coptic Medical Mission trips.


The Coptic Medical Mission is a global endeavor to provide healthcare to the needy, and help spread God’s word, sponsored by the Coptic Medical Association of North America. The missions are an extension of the Coptic Church, the largest Christian church in Egypt and the Middle East.


In its first mission, 20 physicians from the U.S. and Canada traveled to Egypt for a week. In that brief time, the team performed 90 surgeries, including cardiac, obstetrical/gynecological, eye, and ear, nose and throat procedures. The volunteer medical team also participated in clinics, lectured and taught staff physicians.


In November 2011, Dr. Khouzam was again among the team that traveled on a second mission trip to Ethiopia, where poverty is rampant and there is currently only about one or two physicians per 100,000 people. Healthcare in Ethiopia is ranked among the worst in the world, with high maternal and fetal mortality.


The team that traveled there in November included 23 physicians and two OR nurses, who completed 80 surgeries during their stay. Dr. Khouzam said he hopes the next two trips this year will be even more successful, but much depends on the generosity of others.


“In 2012, we are planning two missions – one to Ethiopia (May 12-19), and another to Egypt (November 2012),” he said. “We are hoping to raise enough funds to be able to sponsor operating room nurses/technicians from St. Elizabeth Healthcare to join the mission and transfer their expertise to local OR nurses and technicians (working at the mission destinations).


“We wish to have extra money to purchase some medical supplies. We also accept donations in the form of medications, medical supplies, children’s clothing, toys and school supplies.”


Monetary donations will be tax exempt upon request and checks should be made payable to the Coptic Medical Association of North America.


Donations of new or gently used clothes, toys or school supplies can be placed in the designated donation box in the operating room holding areas at St. Elizabeth Edgewood, Florence and Fort Thomas.


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