Amy Kirchen Style

Amy Kirchen Style

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From fashion mogul to stay-at-home-mom and back again, one local fashionista’s journey has come full circle with a new styling business. Click for details.

Local designer and fashionista Amy Kirchen launched a new styling business.

Amy Kirchen is no stranger to styling. She’s a former high-end designer and boutique owner before she closed up shop to stay home with her three children. 

Ready to dip her toe into the fashion world again, Kirchen launched Amy Kirchen Style, a styling business that is all about helping you achieve your ultimate style goals. “My goal is to help you feel confident about your style,” she says. “When you look good, you feel good and vice versa!”

Kirchen says she was inspired to launch her business by the women who supported her as a designer and as a boutique owner. 

There are a variety of services available from Amy Kirchen Style including event styling, closet makeovers, capsule collections, personal shopping, and style makeovers.

With a new business comes a lot of excitement, which Kirchen says is overflowing right now. She says that she loves the energy and excitement that is generated when she works with clients. “Fashion runs in my veins so it feels natural to me,” she says. “I’ve realized that my purpose is to be in the fashion world in some way.”

While building her new brand, Kirchen has used her previous experience to ensure that she gives clients the highest-quality service. “I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, so I have an expert eye for style and fit,” she adds.

Kirchen says she’s also helping women to save money through her business. “In about an hour I can create an entire collection of wearable pieces from their existing closet,” she explains. “The amount of money you spend on clothes that don’t work far outweigh my small fee.” 

In addition to her new styling services, Kirchen says she is working on curating a mini collection of exciting pieces to offer to clients. “The pieces will be unique, beautiful, and similar to what I carried in my boutique,” she says. 

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