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Applehead City Pet

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See how pet parents can find natural, local, handmade products (and fashions!) that their fur baby will be barking about for days.


Applehead City Pet is a groomery and sells boutique items for the mindful pet parent.

This self-proclaimed conscious groomery plus organic boutique promotes mindful pet parenting.

Applehead City Pet provides everything from crate-less, one-on-one grooming with animal Reiki healer and founder, Desh Rain to organic, vegan “Pup-Kin” Spice Treats, just in time for the fall season. Rain says she believes in providing products and services that heal, give back, and make tails wag.

“If we can offer something that can show love to an animal or show love to a family member, but do it in a way that’s environmentally-friendly and positive while it’s nourishing the animal, then that’s what we want to do,” says Rain, who founded Applehead City Pet after finding her calling inside a pet boutique in Tennessee.

With around 15 different types of dog and cat treats that are good enough for humans to eat, Rain makes sure all the ingredients that go into them benefit a different aspect of the pet’s body. The boutique also offers formaldehyde-free dog shampoo, essential oil pet spray, and Modern Herb cat treats. “Anything that we put into our bodies affects us and it’s the same way with animals,” says Rain.


This boutique doesn’t just stop at pets, they have babies, kids, and adults covered too with their new clothing line. Super soft, lightweight cotton tee shirts can be purchased online. Baby onesies with puppies in the shape of Ohio and Kentucky, Rain says, are the most popular. “Babies and puppies, what’s cuter than that?” laughs Rain. To keep pets stylish, Applehead City Pet sells gingham flannel bandanas and even doggie trench coats as well.

Applehead City Pet gives back to the local community by providing free grooming services for a shelter dog in need in exchange for the purchase one of their #ProjectGroom organic soy and essential oil candles, which are poured into recycled wine bottles. “I love the fact that it brings the mindfulness of choice,” says Rain. “It’s good for the environment, they’re all handmade so you are providing jobs, and you are taking care of the animals. So it’s a layered choice.”

Applehead City Pet sells conscious products for pets and their parents.

Rain’s mission with Applehead City Pet is to change just one person’s mind. “If I can change someone’s perspective and then they change another’s, I’ve done my job,” says Rain.

Applehead City Pet is located in Mainstrasse at 642 Philadelphia St. Check out Applehead City Pet’s clothing line, snacks and more on their website or catch them at the Farmer’s Market at Braxton’s in November. #ProjectGroom candles and treats can also be found at A Village Gift Shop, Craft’s and Vines and Chromo Vino.