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Applehead City Pet

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A local pet boutique and conscious groomery is now hosting pet parent happy hours. See how you can get in on all the four-legged fun.

Applehead City Pet is all about mindful pet parenting at their conscious groomery and organic boutique, which inspired their newest services and products. 

Recently, Applehead City Pet announced a popular 2-in-1 pet shampoo and conditioner they use in the groomery is now available to the public. “It’s a special blend we have only, until now, used in our Conscious Groomery for our pets that have dry skin or are bathed frequently,” explains Founder Desh Rain. “It’s the absolute best for getting a dog spa bath results in a short amount of time. We also now have cat blends in our Modern Herb Pet spa line.”

This new line of shampoo and conditioner isn’t the only thing making its debut at Applehead City Pet. The pet-friendly shop is also offering Mindful Pet Parent happy hour events. 

These events include the opportunity for pet parents to come into the boutique to learn special grooming techniques as well as grooming behavior therapy to help ease anxiety in animals that have had bad experiences at previous groomers. 

“We have decided to open up our space to invite our pet parent community in for grooming and training tips – basically, you drink your coffee or mimosas while we teach,” says Rain. “Dogs are welcome, but this is for the parents!”

Upcoming Mindful Pet Parent events are coming up on October 20 and October 28, and are being co-hosted by positive reinforcement dog trainer Lisa Desatnik, founder of So Much PETential. To learn more about the events, click here

Rain says that the products and services offered at Applehead City Pet are what make the store so unique to the community. “We are the only all-organic pet brand and dog grooming spa in the Greater Cincinnati area and one of the first in the entire country,” says Rain. “We are also the only grooming spa locally that grooms senior dogs, big dogs, use only organic products and no creates or cage dryers.”

The Conscious Groomery is open by appointment only and is located in Mainstrasse, Kentucky. The studio is in Essex near Walnut Hills and is open to the public for events and once a month for public shopping. 

Rain says the best place to stay up to date with Applehead City Pet is on Instagram. “Our products are available online, special events and in stores, visit our website for more info on finding our products,” she adds.